Isaac encourages private sector leadership in major development projects

Joseph Isaac. File photo

Minister for Urban Renewal, Joseph Issac is calling on the private sector to take the lead in key projects that will soon be developed in Dominica.

Issac spoke at the Dominica Business Forum (DBF) Inc. 2019 Pre-Budget Discussion  at Fort Young Hotel on Wednesday July 10th.

“I wanted to point out some key opportunities that the Prime Minister and myself have been discussing for several months now in which he wants to encourage the private sector to take the lead ……”, Isaac said.

“The marina development in Dominica, whether it is in the north or down in the south west, that’s in Roseau. Another initiative… is issue of parking where the private sector can take a lead on and have some proposal where the government and private sector can work together, the minister suggested. “Also an area, not just the prime minister but the cabinet, have been discussing is the issue of the opportunities that have lend itself in regards to the entire hotel development in Dominica.”

Issac said the government is encouraged that development of hotels can reposition a lot of local private sector businesses that have been involved in traditional sub sectors specifically in the area of agriculture and new technology within agriculture, adding that agriculture with new technology is capital intensive and requires people with strong businesses to plan and implement.

Issac further stated that urban renewal is looking at issues of poverty and crime on island.

“We are also looking at urban renewal in the context of poverty alleviation and not just infrastructure, urban renewal in terms of reduction of crime, in regards to giving our people on the block the opportunity to get involved in urban agriculture,” he stated.

The minister said that issues concerning beautification and cleanliness will also be addressed.

He said the government cannot do it alone and is seeking help from the private sector, churches, families and communities to work together to ensure that the vision of becoming the first climate-resistant country becomes a reality.

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  1. Omg
    July 15, 2019

    Just look at the facial expression of these people in the background There is no hope for this country under the goverance of this ragime
    It has been 20 long long years and look at the state of the country. Unemployment is at an all high. Never ending poverty (NEP) is the only way but can’t go to the bank and can’t ever feed their families
    What a shame.
    They can’t even increase the mimimun.
    Still asking for 5 more years. OMG

  2. Local indigenous Investor
    July 15, 2019

    Dominica provides the ideal environment for students studying psychiatry!

  3. Annomyous
    July 14, 2019

    The institutions (architects society engineers association) which are needed for such an initiative are but nonfunctional. Public space management is governed by the village councils and city councils where are their capacity to deal with such levels? These are issues which should be addressed by architects and planners but how many of them have been engaged? Plus there is no willingness by this administration to have a functioning architects board and or society. So it’s work which will most likely be done by foreigners or people without the adequate knowledge to provide proper solutions, which has become the norm here

  4. July 14, 2019

    Think big and have two marinas one in the North and one in the south it can work. Think big.

  5. Braindamage
    July 14, 2019

    That Judas there, how on earth you expect your ex-disciples and friends to trust you again?

  6. Ibo france
    July 14, 2019

    This fickle defector, trying to be relevant. Neither DLP nor UWP supporters should embrace you. When a person can switch allegiance with the wink of an eye, he should never again be trusted. You, modern day Judas, lied to the media, your colleagues, your constituents, in fact, the whole world about your sinister intention to join a nakedly corrupt, tyrannical aristocracy. Your days, as a Minister of government, are sorely numbered. No one now buys your buffoonery. Go back to your failed bakery.

  7. Bread man
    July 13, 2019

    When comes to help is everybody when comes to share is for laborites only

  8. July 13, 2019

    So what are you saying about the international it hgonna be included bin the budget.

  9. %
    July 13, 2019

    I thought that JI the crook had a brain …Where is the private sector getting the money for those investments .Is it because you have abandoned your constituency of Roseau Central that you just cannot see the struggles of the private sector? You think that money obtained at the Red Clinic can sustain the private sector? People are not working, they cannot spend.

  10. little yout
    July 13, 2019

    Who is boyfriend and girlfriend in private sector? is maridom private sector enough to invest?

  11. Willeb
    July 13, 2019

    Workers by heart Labor by financed.

  12. Labourrrrr
    July 13, 2019

    Labourites, let’s talk. I am hearing many of you saying that you will not vote. I am here to tell you that you must vote. You must vote your own party out of power. Why? Because you are suffering. We are all suffering here. DLP policies have forced lots of businesses to either close down our leave our shores. Dominica has become a bad place to do business. So we lost your jobs. Then they have mass imported Haitians to compete with us for the meagre salaries that are left. Haitians will always accept less than us. How low are you willing to go? So what are we left with. Nothing. You cannot tell me you are more loyal to a party than to your our pocket, than your own wellbeing or that of your family ūüĎ™, think of your children. You cannot love a PM that much when he doesn’t even know your name. Whether you like Lennox or not, you must vote. Vote for UWP.

    • Explain
      July 14, 2019

      Everywhere I walk in Roseau I am seeing 3 and 4 Haitians just walking around, talking on their phone. Sometimes I even see groups of them just chilling by the roadside. Reginald Austrie said the Haitians are here to work? Was he telling the truth? Why must we send for Haitians to lime or hang out on the block? Don’t we have enough of our own young men doing that? If there is not enough work for them, why are they here? Who is making these asinine decisions? That person should be fired!

  13. Kalinago Justice
    July 13, 2019

    :?: When are these rogues going to stop giving lip service talk :?: Your one-man rogue regime prime mistake has singlehandedly run the entire regime, giving all Capital Projects to foreigners without any public bidding so that the Private Sector or anyone on Island can get a chance to help build the Island! :?: Now that elections is nigh and you all are going to be kicked out by the populace,you ji is being used to talk gibberish! :?: Can you not see by the facial expressions and body language of some of the people in your forum that you are not being taken seriously! :?: Man, enjoy the few remaining days of your position, cause your politrickal career is dead and over!!!

  14. Good people
    July 12, 2019

    old dog you don’t know what to say again you have lost all respect!! Not even skerrit respects a traitor! Your time is up as well as the calypsonian
    Cool out money soon done!! 0

  15. Estelle
    July 12, 2019

    Fishermen in Roseau be aware! The Roseau fisheries market will be turned into a Marinor. The Nassiefs have been asking the government for years! Standby

    • Toto
      July 15, 2019

      Marinor belonging to Astaphan, not Nassief, check your facts.

    July 12, 2019

    Issac, God bless that day you saw the light and made that decisive move to get out of that dumpster you were try to clean.
    Welcome to the Labor family. I am sure you feel very contented and happy having associated yourself with real men and women rather than those radicals you were associated with.
    Bro, sit back and reflect for a moment. Had you remain in that USELESS WICKED PARTY(UWP) what your future would be like today. A party that thieves on LIES and PROPAGANDA. A party with a leader who thinks he knows it all ,yet knows nothing. An arrogant and ignorant man.With His forever ANGRY TONE of voice he thinks like he is the Alpha and the Omega. He speaks with a rage that the devil itself cannot tolerate.
    Bro, don’t you realize that good thinking people don’t stay in that Party? Think of the many, including yourself who have left the party because of the policies of those desperate POWER HUNGRY jobless desperadoes.
    Keep your head above the waters and keep on the good works.

    • Ibo france
      July 14, 2019

      You’re speaking loud and lengthy but saying absolutely nothing. Only a fool will trust a traitor. Once a traitor always a traitor. He told the world he wanted to be independent only a few seconds afterwards he joined forces with the most CORRUPT group of bandits. You can forgive a fool but you can never forgive or trust a traitor. His reputation and character has been forever sullied by his insatiable appetite for a two year salary. Modern Day Judas will find himself on the unemployment line after the next general election. He shifts like a sail in the wind.

    • You're Fired!
      July 15, 2019

      Kid, you and Joseph Isaac are waste of time #1 and waste of time #2.
      You’re Fired! ( in my Donald Trump voice)

  17. Gouvelma
    July 12, 2019

    Isaac did Skerritt have a dream or vision this morning and sent you to interpret it to the people? Hasnt skerritt been the PM for fifteen years? Did thoae ideas just got swollen in his head last night and he called you this morning and ordered you to bring his message to the people? If that’s how it unfolded you have to report back to him. Right message, wrong messenger! Your expertise is in running successfully businesses I to the ground. You have the distinction of running a once thriving and profitable bakery into the ground. With that reputation how could Skerritt chose you to bring a message of encouragement to the people? Under the leadership of Skerritt and worsened since you joined the government Dominica has turned into an economic cemetery. Small businesses have disappeared. Dominica’s main income earner migrated under the watch of Skerritt. Where was that advice before then. So as the elections draw nearer and nearer you and Skerritt are teaming up to dream and…

  18. little yout
    July 12, 2019

    What, private sector? Boy you forget who run things in Dominica man, before de fake doctor get rid of you, best you shut up. And by de way you can never win an election anywhere in Dominica again.

  19. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    July 12, 2019

    Boy, shut up, you little turn coat son of Satan!

    You sold your sole for a fist full of dollars; if you cannot manage a baker shop; which failed how can the nonsense you are disgorging going to help anyone?

    You talk with Roosevelt  what; who the hell is Roosevelt?

    He might be your god; nevertheless, not for the host of those who are against him right now!

    Since you are the resilience minister of the world we have a situation at this very moment in New Orleans, and elsewhere; where we see some destructive floods doing damage to roads and buildings; do you mind disseminating  some information to the Federal, State and City Government of the United States of how to build an resilient America.

    Hence, America will become the second to Dominica resilient country  in the world?

    So, last week in California we had two devastating earthquakes, also felt in Las Vegas, and Arizona, tell me what could I have done to prevent my house from shaking!

  20. Ibo france
    July 12, 2019

    When someone shows you who he is, believe him. Joseph Isaac shows us he has no scruples, he goes to the highest bidder. This man has sold his soul for two years of a monthly paycheck. His reputation has been soiled, his character permanently tarnished and his soul decimated. This unscrupulous money grabber deserves our collective scorn. He changes his mind when he sees money like a chameleon changes its color to blend into its environment.

  21. Chupes
    July 12, 2019

    Help you to do what? The private sector doh have money because people not spending. People not spending because the salaries are ridiculously low. Those that not getting salary might be red clinic, that $1000 have to stretch till next month. The rest are broke. The only thing in the country that’s doing well is passport sales. So collect the passport money and develop the place.

  22. Ibo france
    July 12, 2019

    Your actions are so loud I can’t even hear you when you talk. Mr. Isaac, you have zero credibility with the citizenry. You betrayed, back stabbed and totally abandoned your constituents. Any political leader will be a fool to trust you. This is a reminder. You stated emphatically that you wanted to be independent. Then the very next day you arm in arm with a group of bandits who falsely arrested you and some of your former colleagues. How do you reconcile that? For the LOVE of money you abandoned your party, your constituents and most of all your DIGNITY. The Labourites do not trust you. They see you as an opportunist that can easily be bought once the price is right. Mr. Isaac, you know that you did nothing to be arrested for just like Mr. Linton and the others. How can you now sit , laugh, eat and drink with these outlaws knowing what they are doing to your former colleagues is despicable? Where is your conscience? Is there no Godliness inside of you? How can you be silent? WOW!

    • Soc Raties
      July 13, 2019

      Read Machiavelli, he warns, if someone was your enemy and becomes your friend, don’t trust them.

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