Isaac must choose a side when sitting in parliament says former Independent MP

Baron says Isaac will have to sit on the opposition side or the government side

A former member of parliament, Frederick Baron, is suggesting that a request by Roseau MP Joseph Isaac for an independent seat in the parliament which is not affiliated to either the government or the opposition, is not as straightforward as he might think.

Isaac, who announced on Wednesday, that he was severing ties with the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), said he would advise the Speaker of The House of Assembly to make provisions for him to be seated in parliament as an independent member.

However,  Baron, who served as an independent member of parliament after the 2000 general election, said that based on his experience, Isaac should expect to be given two options – a seat on the opposition side of the House or a seat on the government side.

“When I wrote to the Speaker informing her ……….. the Speaker’s response to me was ‘you either on the government side or on the opposition side’ and I’m sure Joseph Isaac didn’t just do that without asking …he knows full well that when parliament next meets, he has a decision that he and only he can make, which is, do I remain on the opposition or do I go to the government?” Baron explained. “And .. usually you find people gravitating towards the government because they greedy; they not concerned about their constituents; they concerned about themselves.”

Baron took issue with what he characterized as a complaining attitude by Isaac about the sacrifice he made and how much money he could be making.

“Well, yeah,” Baron exclaimed, “politics is about service, my brother. It’s not about how much money you can make. You should have known that; that if you not part of government, you wouldn’t get the salary of a minister.”

Baron represented the Soufriere Constituency in parliament, having won the seat on a Dominica Freedom Party ticket. He pointed out that when he requested independence in parliament, he did not leave the Freedom Party.

“I remained a member of the Freedom Party up to today but I requested independence in the parliament because the Freedom Party was in a coalition arrangement with the Labour Party which is the biggest mistake that they ever did and I had warned them but they didn’t listen,” the former parliamentarian explained.

Isaac contends that as an independent member of Parliament, he will have the freedom “to vote for and against policies of the government consistent with my philosophical belief and the impact of such policies on the people I serve.”

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  1. Memory
    April 9, 2018

    Those of you who post your comments should do the following. 1) read your comments before posting, 2) learn to spell or let the computer help you spell.3) listen to the topics and understand what is the issue before you write. Ok? Do not just go to the computer because you have one, or because you are a supporter of a particular party and want to show it no, what you say should make sense. Some of you are intelligent people but will use bad phares to mislead others. There is a saying “Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut and let people THINK that you are a FOOL, than open it and remove all DOUBT.” You know what I mean?. You political parasites.

  2. Dominican
    April 8, 2018

    I think that when a parliamentary representatieve decides he or she can no longer represent the constuency on the ticket they were elected there should be a by-election and the P.R. Should not automatically be allowed to continue sitting in parliament. Crossing the floor or sit as an independent is akin to misrepresentation or presentaties under false pretences and I can understand why people get upset over this.

    • Gary
      April 9, 2018

      Why are you misrepresenting the action taken by Joseph Isaac. Joseph Issac left his party UWP because he thinks the party was not giving proper representation to the people. Joseph Isaac did not say he could no longer represent his constituency. Joseph Isaac is still a member of Parliament, there is no evidence to suggest that he has crossover, it is all speculative. If you do not understand something why write such nonsense.

    • mine
      April 9, 2018

      If you know so much why can’t you ask Joshua to resign.

  3. Memory
    April 8, 2018

    I knew this was coming, in the begining of March Matt had an interview with this Issac guy , during which Matt asked him (Issac) if he thought the Prime Minister was corrupt; he the Issac said no I cannot say the man is corrupt, looking from the side I cannot say that. He went on to say he have not got anything from the government. When I heard this interview I said to myself, this guy is either confused or is singing for something.
    Now that I heard that he left the UWP I said I was right, he is looking for something from the government or he was given the assurance of receiving something or have received it already. This is sad for after saying so much about a person, now you are going to eat from their plate, that person can poison you, fool.
    I would like Matt to replay that interview for the Nation and the world to hear the thinking of Joseph Issac.

    • Toto
      April 8, 2018

      Obviously Matt thought that Skerrit was corrupt and was ready to have Skerrit testify before the court when Skerrit try and schare Matt by suing him. It was Skerrit who made a settlement with Matt not to procedé with the case the day before the trial. To this day I wonder Why Skerrit withdrew and what offer was made to Matt to settlement out of court. I wish Matt would have gone ahead with that case and perhaps we would not still be lumbered with that Skerrit character more than ten years later.

      • April 9, 2018

        If Matt was so confident and Skeritt was scared, why did Matt not have his day in court? If what you are suggesting is correct whatever settlement(if any) Matt received was a bribe to shut him up so if Skeritt is corupt Matt and his group are equally corupt.

    • Anonymous
      April 9, 2018

      Yes, with hindsight the guy was hedging his bets and did not want to cook his goose before time.

  4. lolol
    April 8, 2018

    Parliament has a Government side and an Opposition side.

    Every Parliamentarian has the right to decide on which side he or she wants to sit, whether it is on the government side or on the opposition side.

    When it comes to debating and voting in Parliament, every Parliamentarian has a right to debate and vote on every matter being debated in Parliament and vote for or against such matters when put to a vote.

    Now that Honorable Joseph Isaac has resigned as a member of the United Workers Party (UWP), he must decide if he is going to remain in the opposition benches as an independent member of Parliament or whether he is going to move to the Government benches..

    Whether he sits on the Opposition benches or in the Government benches… he still has the power to vote for, vote against or abstain.

    I my humble opinion I believe that this is the end of the political career of the Honorable Joseph Isaac in the foreseeable future :lol: :lol: :lol:

  5. To Garcin
    April 8, 2018

    Frederick Baron has guts wh! The man was one of those veey promising politician at the turn of the cwntuey. He was presented to the people of the Soufriere Scotts Head Pointe Mitchwl constituency and he won the Parliamentary seat. Within a short time, gave notice that “this parliamentary thing is not for him” and did not seek re-election in 2005. What therefore does he have to offer people? Go make your money boy and leave people alone. In the Linton/KPB mattee you showed up as an expert witness on finace. You were found wanting. It’s in the court records.

  6. Roseau central will never vote labour!!
    April 7, 2018

    While Isaac is saying we need a nationalistic approach and we need to come together and work together for Dominica he choose to be independent. He said now is not the time for black or white but he has added a new colour which is grey. A man with so much potential has self destruct because of greed. I was really hoping you would be Prime minister one day, because of what you told me when we played football together.

  7. Dalit
    April 7, 2018

    Baron is irrelevant until events like this happen.

    • Dominican
      April 9, 2018

      Every man,woman or child is relevant on this planet. It is a pity that some of our politicians forget that when they start believing that only they themselves are relevant.

  8. The one and only.
    April 7, 2018

    Uwp = nasty set of people

  9. Dave Bertrand
    April 7, 2018

    Issac has three choices. Join the DLP, remain a member of the UWP (he should not be readmitted ) or resign and vacate his seat as an elected MP.

    • mine
      April 8, 2018

      tell that to Joshua he is the one to vacate his seat.

  10. The one and only.
    April 7, 2018

    Issac!!! At the end of the day, you need to do what best for u and your family
    If the labor is benefiting then go for it! If UWP benefits you more then support them!
    At the end of your day you go to your family! Put yourself first, sometimes you need to be selfish in life! Look at how so many ppl turn on you!
    The hell with them!

  11. Africo
    April 7, 2018

    Is anyone on this DNO site old enough to remember in 1974 when Ronald Armour decided to sit as an independent and neither Patrick John’s DLP government nor Eugenia Charles’ DFP opposition wanted Armour to sit on their side? So Armour took his chair and sat in the middle of the House between the two sides!?

    That was when the House of Assembly was upstairs the Ministry and the chairs could move but in this renovated House of Assembly I believe that they are anchored into one place or the other!

  12. Roseau UWP supporter
    April 7, 2018

    Frederick Baron you are in St. Kitts enjoying your big money but you want Joseph Isaac to sit with Lennox Linton in Opposition to continue to fight the government plan for recovery post Maria. I voted UWP in Roseau and I was upset when Isaac crossed but the way you and the rest of the UWP vilified Isaac I think was crass and disrespectful. You all should learn to say good riddance and move on. Isaac my parl rep I endorse your move and do all you can to get development for Roseau. Roseau needs recovery Post Maria not cheap political gimmickry.

    • Me
      April 8, 2018

      Mr. Baron was never a member of the UWP.

      • April 9, 2018

        He is not a member of the UWP only a very blind supporter.

  13. Eddie
    April 7, 2018

    Mr.Baron while I saw u as a man that would be the prime minister of dominica heading the dominica freedom party back then I see no difference in u you isack,Julius and bannis I lost all respect for u when I heard u calling for challo to resign from the Labour party while u hold the position of deputy speaker correct me if I’m wrong isn’t deputy speaker a political job if yes u have no difference from those who cross the floor because I remember clearly asking myself why he asking chalo to resign and he is not?

  14. April 6, 2018

    The UWP never fails to amaze me. They have no evidence but yet they have started to spread the narrative that Isaac was paid by Skeritt to leave the UWP. But again that is the mo of the UWP lies and character assassination.

  15. The Evangelist?
    April 6, 2018

    Here’s an unbelievable comparison between Judas Iscariot and Joseph Isaac:
    1. Judas betrayed Jesus and Joseph betrayed his leader Linton
    2. Both individuals have Bible names as first as well as last name. 3. Both initials are JI
    4. Both loved money
    5. Jacob Iscariot got 30 pieces of silver, equivalent to
    $EC122,260 whereas $ 71,000 plus $51, 000 =$122,000.
    6 Both betrayals took place around the Holy week, during Easter

    • Me
      April 8, 2018

      Youssef your comparison is unbelievable ergo, it can not be believed.

    April 6, 2018

    The manner some UWPites commenting it’s like the end of Isaac’s life because he left the UWP. Why can’t they accept the man’s decision!? The man gave his reasons for leaving yet Matt takes that and running his mouth morning, noon and night on Q95. Matt, why can’t you respect people and stop your …… politics. You are trying your utmost to see Skerrit’s downfall but you shall fail. Why are you so one sided? You pretend to have no affiliation with any political party but Steven Wonder could see where you stand. Your action speaks louder than your words. One thing I notice of you is the biasness when callers call your program- Talk On The Block. When callers call to give Skerrit or the government blows you take pleasure in having them to speak as long as they wish but the moment any caller calls to say anything negative about Lennox or the UWP YOU either try to put words in their mouth or cut them off prematurely or instantly. Is that being balanced? You need to come better than…

    • Valley
      April 7, 2018

      Either side you leave to put country first is a right choice,simple. Once it’s sincere.
      To much emotions into this. I agree when he said UWP needs to change their strategy,
      Most of the radio shows are about story mainly bout passport and Skerrit or Linton and stuff that pertains them. I need consistent education of a clear vision to transform the country if you want to start Convincing young people. And yes though there is room for improvement I find the government
      Very capable.If LP doing the job I’m good if UWP doing the job I’m good.Dca first so let the man leave
      and do his work mn!

    • viewsexpressed
      April 7, 2018

      Kid on the Block, exhibits the mind & the thinking of child: For your information-“the man’s decision is his own….”….and that’s his choice. Matt is a journalist and there is a wide audience out there. I find you want to see this matter closed now and shut everybody up who are like you going through the process in attempting to put some perspective and sense to this weird decision and one of the reason is, he does not now where he should sit or wants to in this political melee HE has created. Why didn’t he think of the implications of this move before. Go talk to Issac and counsel him think logical before he embraces this corrupt Labour government who appears to be blind follower.
      Issac is desperate for something and the worse person he can go to his Skerrit. Poor fella. While many have tuned down Skerrit money to join his corrupt regime, Issac appears blind and lost. Good luck to him, a man who appears much more educated and logical than Skerrit. Skerrit a failed PM. He…

    • Ibo France
      April 8, 2018

      Kid on the Block, in all seriousness, give me two compelling reasons why Skerrit deserves another term. Obviously, you are a passionate supporter of the DLP. Can you kindly articulate the philosophy of this party? Every important institution in Dominica is immorally and unethically tainted with politics. Our every discourse is colored with blind political tribalism. Good governance has eluded us since the reign of Skerrit and his loyal disciples. Community love and togetherness is non-existent. The government puts self before country. What is presently practised today is Plantation Politics. This government ‘s legacy would be the production and distribution of misery. Surely, to continue with this government would be a grave mistake of epic proportion. It’s imperative , next elections, to kick this government to the curb.

      • Man bites dogs
        April 9, 2018

        lbo France, you playing to be a smart… give me one reason that loonytic workers idiotic party leader should be prime minister of any government let alone Dominica.

  17. As for Me?
    April 6, 2018

    But what I cannot understand is, how is that Skerrit not getting money to help build back Dominica but he has enough money to buy Judas Iscariot? Can anyone tell us how much we get from president Bill Clinton? According to a reputable online news agency, it seems that we have gotten is a commitment to plant 750,000 trees. In fact here is a quote ” Participants announced eight Commitments to Action – solutions that are new, specific, and measurable – focusing on a wide range of issues, including training for 5,000 mental health workers in Puerto Rico; deploying nurses to the US Virgin Islands to conduct vision, hearing, and dental screenings for 9,000 schoolchildren; a comprehensive reforestation and habitat program that will plant 750,000 trees; a new agency in Dominica providing funding for resiliency projects; and solarizing 12 primary health clinics in Puerto Rico.” Boy they don’t seem to be even trusting us with money so the best they can do is put a money agency in place?…

  18. Sister Maria's Godson in B/dos
    April 6, 2018

    saac contends that as an independent member of Parliament, he will have the freedom “to vote for and against policies of the government consistent with my philosophical belief and the impact of such policies on the people I serve.”
    Issacs Cox or Johnson it have that nuh in today’s politics? I know you suffered as a young Buccaneer by the same Roseau river so you taking ur seat on the sails of the financial center that seats on the bank of the same roseau River, like a pirate that you are. where does a pirate belong? On the right side of MoneyGod’s grandson.

  19. Ibo France
    April 6, 2018

    Politics should be about service to the country. To help to advance the country in leaps and bounds so that all citizens and legal residents would become the beneficiaries of the politicians’ unswerving hard work, dedication and loyalty to the country. The life of a Caribbean politician in opposition is particularly rough. You and your family would be subjected to vicious verbal attacks, would be deprived of employment and access to privileges of the State. Mr. Isaac is not prepared to suffer any longer with the loyal opposition. He has succumbed, in my honest opinion, to the trinkets Skerrit has dangled before him. Mr. Isaac has completely and utterly betrayed his constituents. He didn’t even have the courtesy to alert many of his constituents about his decision to quit the party. Very disrespectful to them! His days of an independent parliamentarian would be short lived.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 7, 2018

      I could not agree with you more: “Mr. Isaac is not prepared to suffer any longer with the loyal opposition. He has succumbed, in my honest opinion, to the trinkets Skerrit has dangled before him.”

      This is where we are today…with a questionable inept leader and a failed government, Red Clinic insults on our poor people.. Has ignored and insulted the professionals in executing their work and has comical fools like Kid on the Block talking nonsense. Well what do you expect from a chid, from a lost Kid. Real Blind loyalists n denial by telling us “Something is happening”. Yu asked them where they bavaying. Talk is cheap, the evidence is there of a failed state created by Skerrit and his corrupt labour government. So it is said, so it is of evidence.

      • Ibo France
        April 8, 2018

        @viewsexpressed. I concur with every word that you have written. The evidence of a failed State is glaringly conspicuous. All these are in shambles in Dominica: Economy, National Security, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Education, Agriculture, Housing, Sports. This is by far the WORST performing government in the OECS. DBS has been reduced to a useless propaganda instrument. Only Ministers and foot soldiers of the government are invited on to cover up their fallacies in public life. For having the country in a state of malaise, most of the members of government should be shown the exit door.

  20. The Cheating Cobinet
    April 6, 2018

    Mr. Baron the man has chosen Evil instead Good, WRONG instead of Right, Corruption over honesty, MONEY over service and darkness over light. After Judas betrayed Jesus did you ever see him sitting with the 12 disciples again? let him sit where he belongs but I will remind him though of Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the person who does not follow the advice of wicked people, take the path of sinners,or join the company of mockers- GOD’S WORD TRASLATION.
    You find the best thing to do is to go and sit with mockers like Skerrit, Tony, Simmeon and savarin man? They will mock you and make a mockery out of you my friend.

    • April 6, 2018

      The UWP supporters knows everyone that is corrupt, one day they will look in a mirror and they will see the corrupt ones looking back at them.

  21. mine
    April 6, 2018

    Why are you all so wicked. Some quit from a party why make it such a big deal. Who knows maybe God directed him to leave. Sam spoke the truth you all said that he was bought, Isaac left its the same story.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 7, 2018

      Isn`t that the truth. I know people who has been offered big money to join this corrupt Labour government and they got told off because they said no to this immature Pm in office killing our island softly and quickly. Which professional wants to be around this political clown with questionable bool activities??.

      Skerrit must Go

      • April 9, 2018

        More propaganda! Why should Skeritt pay people to join his government when he has a majority? It is from the UWP people are running

  22. Gallileo
    April 6, 2018

    He has chosen Frederick. You all look for every opportunity to be in the media. Six in one half a doesn’t in the other. A country of showoffs and we wonder why the progress in the country is described as minimal or non existant.

    • zandoli
      April 6, 2018

      “Six in one half a doesn’t in the other.”….did you create that phrase on your own? Do you know what the saying means?

      • Gallileo
        April 6, 2018

        I explained it but I realize you need everything spelt out to you. Great choice of a name. I am not in you all party factions and tribalism. Opposition or government members and some of you; a bunch of showboats.

      • Amarossa
        April 6, 2018

        I know right!
        Just coming on DNO writing foolishness and DNO still have the guts to publish it! smh.

    • Me
      April 7, 2018

      The expression is: “six of one and half a dozen of the other”.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 7, 2018

      “……we wonder why the progress in the country is described as minimal or non existent….” Because your labour government is corrupt, thievery…inexperience PM. waste of time….lots of boom boom flies and blind loyalists like you talking crap as if it is Kindergarten children al yo talking to . Get this Kid, childlike Pm out of office. He is a failure with political clowns around him. He cannot stand on his own. He is not analytical.

  23. da will be back
    April 6, 2018

    look jokes papa so you were greedy too lol

    • no name
      April 7, 2018

      love that comment. he was more than greedy. figure it out.

    • lolol
      April 8, 2018

      He was not greedy. He remained on the opposition side but Isaac trying a move to the Government side because his eyes is on money :lol: :lol: :lol:

  24. Barbara Saunders
    April 6, 2018

    I would need to do some research on that one. I can’t see how the Parliament could force someone to choose a party side when that person has decided to remove himself from being identified with a specific party.

    There have been independent candidates before Baron so there must be some history that can inform people like me who have never been in the Parliament. I will await that information.

    • Barbara, I do not believe it is mandatory for him chose a side; I don’t  of any paragraph where it states in the nations’ constitution that an independent member of the House must chose a side. What I do know is that assuming the party in power tabled a law, or decides to do something which involves spending the tax payers money.

      As an independent member of the House he can decide to support either the government by agreeing to the proposal, or he can also side with the opposition and oppose the proposition! 

      He also may have the privilege to propose something, bit building a road, or suggesting a raise in pay for politicians of civil servants, or even building a hospital. The reality the ruling government could simply ignore whatever he suggest or propose!

      A review of our political history will revel the late Pat Stevens of Marigot as an independent candidate elect,  if memory serves me correctly spent two terms in parliament as an independent member of the House never…

    • Cont:

      Yes, for his total duration in the House, he was unable to get anything done. I can also tell you about the late Tim Hector of Antigua, the mother of my former Antigua wife was his aunt.

      Tim with all of his flamboyance served in the Parliament as an independent member, but we do not remember him accomplishing anything except giving a good argument; opposing; nevertheless, was never able to block a bill, or prevent the ruling party from doing whatever they wished!   

      Let me take you to America: You perhaps heard of Bernie Saunders; Independent Senator, most of the time he votes with the democrats, and maybe 90-100% of the time he votes against the republicans proposals, he is not legally obligated to vote with any side, he can “abstain” from voting, and so Isaac can do the same in Dominica.

      But watch it; he is going to become a turn coat puppet to Roosevelt to be in his cabal, its all about money and “what I can get!”

      • reeducation of Bars
        April 7, 2018

        Excellent precedents FET. To those who critic you 90-100% of the times here is something to think about. Wasn’t it Malcom who said : A people without knowledge of it’s history is like a trunk not a tree.” I thought sanders was more politically competent but obviously her cousin Huckabee gives precedence to being a simpleton. One has to have a basic knowledge of ur political history more so when one wants to come on DNO and take sides. Know how 101 for saunders. e prepared sister with basics more so.

      • Barbara Saunders
        April 7, 2018

        Franciso thanks for your opinion.

        My logic suggested what you were saying in your first post but I could not recall at the time, any of the parliamentarians who were independents and where they sat. That being so, I hesitated to comment on something about which I was not sure.

      • Barbara Saunders
        April 10, 2018

        I’d rather confess that I don’t know something than play smart alec like some of you and embarass myself repeatedly when what I have said is analysed with some intelligence. We had some classic examples last weekend and this week.
        Note well that I thanked FET for his “opinion”.

    • Roger Burnett
      April 7, 2018

      As we tend to follow the Westminster model, I checked with my in-family parliamentary expert in the UK.

      He tells me that it is customary for Independents to sit on the Opposition benches. You will note: “benches” not chairs and individual desks! Even at that, out of 650 MPs there is only room for 430 to sit down.

      • Barbara Saunders
        April 10, 2018

        Roger Burnett
        Glad to see that as a responsible person you also had to verify the information through some research before blasting off. Thanks for joining me in doing something sadly lacking in Dominica.

  25. kingman
    April 6, 2018

    the “watch dog” he claim to be, jack…..!!!!

  26. Sams
    April 6, 2018

    That’s all u problem 8months sense Maria da not that big and no lights in checkhall that’s all I need now please I’m tired with noise in my head

    • indira Ghandi
      April 6, 2018

      Alas,poor Dominica.
      It is a shame.
      No loyalty any more.
      No commitment any more.
      No one cares about country any more.
      No one cares about right or wrong any more.
      It has got to the stage where every man/woman is looking for himself/herself.
      Now that they know Skerrit has all the money and relief supplies from Hurrican Maria relief,everybody will be running to him.
      Traitors on board.
      Examine their horns.
      May the Almighty God deliver Dominica from greedy,wicked and corrupt men./women

  27. mine
    April 6, 2018

    Sir your case and Isaac is totally different, he is out of the UWP whereas you were a Freedomite.

    • Ordinary Dumb outside the can
      April 6, 2018

      On the Money Mine good job! See dem guys claim to be educated and everytime they open their mouth I say they studiated. There are so many AHs around the island it’s sickening. Thhe biggest problem is they in key position and have $ they parents left for them or they stole & stealing

  28. Poor my country
    April 6, 2018

    I wish this is true and if it is true I really want him to cross let him loose his dam sit!!!. No independent candidate just go ahead and cross over!. If uwp takes you back with them then they self have no dam shame!!!. Go ahead and cross! Both u Mr Issac and the ministers in government I would just put allu in a room with a g-string on allu and Chucky jaison and fready cooker to give allu some real good time!

    • ” I really want him to cross let him loose his dam sit!!!. ”

      How can he loose hit “sit?”

      If we are dealing with Cambridge, American, or in general Universal English, I believe the word is “seat.” one can only sit on a seat, such as a chair, bench or a rock; or perhaps a log of wood!

      In any event the word is seat, not sit!

    • Script writers club
      April 7, 2018

      Poor My country : Tim Tim the G-string lover is coming back sub-ing Roseau North for central after all Tim was born in Roseau central by the same Roseau River Arlington been writing about. Look out for Tim the man from Roseau River’s banks next to the House that Johnson built in his thongs this time no G-string necessary. The plot thickens. Where is Alwin Bully when we need him most? Ruler in Hiroona was great in the 70’s Gregory Issacs alias Mouso Pie’s son( who Tim knew very well) competes with Skerrit’s new Gate Keeper Nurse as the (Aaron fly)

      • Script writers club
        April 7, 2018

        Alo is coming back too? hahahahaha He and Cox nephew Issac are best of buddys now with Tim re entering the UWP his old girlfriend( He like most guys think they can always wok their old girls hahahahaha Tim is no exception. A by-election would be very interesting . Close/b4 a national election. Alo was purchased 10 plus yrs ago & sources have it still on the payroll & around Roseau just making rounds of Kubuli, for every and anyone it’s gonna e hotter climate wise I may stop for a cold one when in Roseau so they purchase our votes right?

  29. Toto
    April 6, 2018

    Frederick I hear you but to me Mr. Isaac has chosen, for himself, just like Roosevelt Skerrit but I’m sure he will be the little boy in this contest.

  30. jihan
    April 6, 2018

    Isaac was bought,and he knows it,but he will regret in due time.

    • Vibes
      April 7, 2018

      He should stay and just oppose progress. Guess what people like you should support Isaac’s move because Dominica cannot afford to fail on its bid to recovery. If Roosevelt Skerrit fails we all fail. Time for all hands on deck. Time for a unity of purpose. Put Dominica first. Lennox should make himself available to assist to he could be a good information minister at this time. UWP wake up Dominicans will be very harsh on you all in the poll

    • Anonymous
      April 8, 2018

      Don’t worry, hè has a good P.R. Agent, his sister!

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