Joshua Francis as political leader is not in the works says APP

Joshua Francis – former UWP Deputy Political Leader and former parliamentary representative for Roseau South

The Alternative People’s Party (APP) has shot down rumours that the party contacted former United Workers Party (UWP) Deputy Political Leader and former Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency, attorney Joshua Francis, to present himself as a possible leader of the party.

A reliable source told Dominica News Online (DNO) that the APP had approached Francis. However, when we tried to confirm that report, a source, who is very familiar with the operations of the party, categorically denied that the newly-formed APP had made any such move.

“As much as he’s admired as a wonderful political actor, there has been no discussion, either way, with Joshua Francis as to leadership or involvement in the movement,” the source told DNO.”…”In fact, that leadership matter will be settled at the first national convention of the political party on May 16, 2021.”

The source insisted that so far, there has been no communication with Francis “as to his involvement, advice, and or talks about leadership in any way shape or form.”

DNO was eventually able to reach the APP’s Interim President, Tahira Blanchard, who confirmed the information provided by our source.

“I have not contacted Joshua Francis to be the member of the APP and no other member has contacted him,” Blanchard said.

Francis declined to comment on the matter when DNO reached out to him on Tuesday.

Francis, who represented the Roseau South Constituency in parliament from 2014, lost to Cherika Lockhart- Hypolite of the Dominica Labour Party in 2019.

In February 2020, he announced that he was stepping down as Deputy Political Leader of the United Workers Party and from the political arena altogether, to “get out of the noise to go into a season of peace and quiet for self-restoration, self-repair and self-development.”

However, Francis left an opening for his possible return, “but not in the immediate future” to give political service to the people, “should it be God’s will.”  And although he stated that he would continue to have a close relationship with the Roseau South Constituency, he said he had no intention to be a candidate in the next general election.

The Alternative People’s Party was formed in December 2019, with its mission being to marshal forces together into a strong coalition which will work together for the good of the entire Dominican community at home and abroad.

Its aim is to be that bridge which connects the people to their government, and APP has pledged “to always be that alternative force for good, for growth, and for the preservation of the people’s promise.”

“Moreover” the party states in its mission statement,” APP intends to hold on to our fundamental principles, both in and out of government, as the party which is always going to be positively different.”

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  1. Bwa-Banday
    May 16, 2020

    Knowing what I and many others know now, I would like the said interim President of the APP to show how open and honest they intend to be by publicly declaring their relationship with Zed (the NY based militant loud mouth) and pollster Alex Bruno.

    Just be honest and give us answers on these two individuals so we the people can get a feel for your honesty. You now have the chance to win me over or lost me for good. Every Dcan has the god given right to partake in Dcan politics but we expect honesty from our so called aspiring leaders so ladies put on you big undies and tell us about Zed (Z) and Alex for a start please. I am patiently waiting :) :)

  2. BMB
    May 15, 2020

    For a party undergoing formation, it’s a bit to secretive for my liking. Just think, if we can HARDLY GET A WORD out of you till 2021, should you ever attain political office, we will get from you then?

  3. May 14, 2020

    What a bad start they are to much in a rush. They should have all their ducks in a row first then come out and make an announcement. Instead you have 4 women forming a party then looking for a president. That is not a good start
    it is failure before lunching now May 16 you having a convention. What is the secret in the rest of the members. You should have at lease enough people to represent the country how are you planning this APP. Not ready yet.

  4. My little take
    May 13, 2020

    Honestly speaking Joshua Francis would have been an ideal person to lead any of the established political parties by in Dominica, let alone the new APP. Joshua is smart, down to earth, loves people, fears God, visionary, unselfish and all the good qualities a country would need from their leader. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have areas he needs to work on like most of us but his good qualities far outweighs his weaknesses. Unfortunately Skerrit and those legal sharks of the labour party destroyed the young man so we did get to see what we had in Joshua Francis. In fact even lawyers that supported UWP didn’t like Joshua Francis simply because he spoke his mind regardless of who.
    But I hope for Dominica’s sake that the Lord will soon bruise the enemies of good men like Joshua Francis and Lennox Linton, who stand for righteousness and for a better Dominica. Joshua I keep you in my prayers and one day, we will see how the stone the builder rejected will become the chief corner stone

  5. Elmond
    May 13, 2020

    But how can DNO say that mr Francis is the pal rep for Roseau South, please correct that

    ADMIN: It is correct to say “…former UWP Deputy Political Leader and Parliamentary Representative for Roseau South” meaning he formerly held both positions.

    However, to make it even more clear we have changed it to “…former UWP Deputy Political Leader and former Parliamentary Representative for Roseau South”

  6. D/can to d bone
    May 13, 2020

    Tooo show too flam. I waiting

    • Toto
      May 14, 2020

      You cannot be a Dominican. The expression is too cho from our patio the french chaud , meaning too hot although better still that should be trop cho I think.

      • May 15, 2020

        If you’re going to criticise other people’s spelling, maybe you shouldn’t call it “patio”.

        • Toto
          May 15, 2020

          You are right Steve, my mistake also. Sorry, I must check before posting my message.

  7. Bob Denis
    May 13, 2020

    The old Dictum says that Politics is a Man’ domain and also Corruption. There is always Intrigue, when Women as a group make their way up any ladder, in other words, they must know their place, but, where is that place?. Today, Women outlearn, out Earn the Males on all streets and avenues, and certainly does’nt need a Man to say what is to be said on her behalf. Say what you may, Women Power is REAL, and Males in time, will have no other choice but accept her fortitude, is it not already happening in the Home? APP deserves to be in the MELEE, “A Woman’ hand is always welcomed” Isn’t Mama the first pronounce word? Dominica’ women are active in all the major Professions, why not?

  8. Viewsexpressed
    May 13, 2020

    Joshua and the AAP must understand that the APP is a small, not well known to the public. Our ailing Dominica does not need new political parties. We already have established Political Parties with the exception of This AAP that we have concerns of, and also that of this failed incompetent Bobolistic Labour Party government. They that incompetent Labour government have failed us, insulted our Dominica with numerous Bobolistic behaviour on going for years making them not credible to be in government. Thanks to Hon. Lennox Linton of UWP who exposed the Bin Bobol Fertilizer Bobol Red Clinic Bobol of by this failed incompetent Labour government. We are saddened by this behaviour of DLP lead by this inmature, childish Skerrit, politically known for his failure as Prime (Odd) Minister.
    We need to have a decent professional UWP Team under the leadership of Hon. Linton. Good luck Team UWP. People, wake-up and get rid of Skerrit and his Failed incompetent Labour government. DLP go away. Out!

  9. Goodweed
    May 13, 2020

    Wherever there is smoke there’s fire! So… from Feminism to a ………? Super confusing. Not quite the alternative I was expecting. I was expecting them to say legalize it. Welp definitely not my vote.

    Your thoughts?

  10. Ibo France
    May 13, 2020

    Politics in Dominica is particularly divisive. Too many people view politics as a quick and easy avenue from rags to riches. The present PM is a perfect example of elevating himself from pauper to aristocrat in the shortest time once entering government. Politics is a rough and tumble game. Are these young ladies willing to subject themselves to relentless insults, baseless accusations, character assassination and all the negatives that are associated with politics in Dominica? Good luck! Sometimes more is less. The more political parties, the less unity – the more and deeper divisions and cracks in the country. What Dominica needs more than ever is an educated electorate: a fiercely independent media and business sector; visionary leadership; a fair electoral system and an impartial justice system. The country needs prolonged and serious activism from influential groups and individuals.

  11. foreign observer
    May 13, 2020

    The APP introduced itself, officially, yesterday. They have stated, publicly, that they will be holding their first convention this coming weekend, at which time the issue of leadership “will be settled”. Meanwhile, there is a clearly identified “interim” President, Ms. Blanchard.

    I fail to understand exactly what is so secretive about all of the above. Yes, the four members currently identified obviously have been meeting to establish their mission statement, and perhaps with others who are not yet prepared to be identified in the public domain. Given the immediate backlash, badmouthing, and gossip which has occurred in the past 24 hours, who can possibly blame them?

    For all those who have commented about how one needs experience to run a government, have you failed to note that this group originally came together two weeks after last December’s election? And that there are at least four years before the next election?

    Let’s wait and see what happens this weekend,…

    • May 13, 2020

      “They have stated, publicly, that they will be holding their first convention this coming weekend”

      They said 2021, not 2020. That’s a year from now.

      • foreign observer
        May 14, 2020

        I stand corrected! My apologies to all for pointing this out!

        Nonetheless, given the polarisation between the current political parties maybe you should give them a chance?

    • thinking idiot
      May 13, 2020

      their first convention is actually in 2021. there is nothing happening with them anytime soon guessing because of corona perhaps? just a thought.

    • Neverson St jean
      May 13, 2020

      The convention is in may 2021 according to the news article

    • Calibishie Warrior
      May 14, 2020

      the year quoted is 2021 … not 2020 .. i took that to mean they were going to take a year to set themselves up before leadership elections

  12. LAURA
    May 13, 2020

    Yea. Too much speculation. Too much secrecy. Not a good start.

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