July 28 is Budget Day in Dominica

Prime Minister Skerrit in 2018 making his way to parliament to deliver the National Budget

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced Tuesday 28th July 2020 as Budget Day in Dominica.

“Budget day 2020 is set for July 28th 2020. The 2020/2021 Budget Address will be delivered to the nation…,” the prime minister revealed said during his weekly Anou Palay Programme on Sunday.

He said the Budget will be presented in the context of all of the challenges which the world is experiencing with Covid-19.

“We never had this in our life with our country’s borders completely closed, the entire world borders closed, hotels shutdown, restaurants shutdown, barbershops, churches,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated. “This has affected every citizen.”

He told the public to expect some very exciting things in the Budget notwithstanding the challenges, “because in every challenge, in every crisis we have to look for the opportunity and this is what we are seeking to do in this year’s Budget.”

The Prime Minister said one has to appreciate that a Budget is a plan for 12 months.

“You implement the projects that can benefit the country in years to come,” he stated.

He said the government intends to launch a major initiative to provide financing for small and medium size businesses.

“Because many small and medium size businesses keep complaining that they do not have access to financing and those who do it’s expensive,” he stated. “And small and medium size businesses are critical to the continued survival of the economy and creation of jobs.”

He continued, “We are going to be launching a three-year programme of financing to small businesses, that will also include the passage of legislation to create the legal framework for the operation of small businesses where concessions are concerned, physical incentives are concerned and recognition to the small business sector in our country.”

Prime Minister Skerrit went on to say his government will be launching a 3 year $30 million initiative for the small businesses in Dominica.

He said the funds will be managed by the AID Bank and lent to the small business owners at 1 percent.


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  1. Truth Be Told
    July 23, 2020

    Here comes the international airport, again!

  2. BigBoxOfCornflakes
    July 22, 2020

    We love our PM and our PM loves his people and his country!toufay toufay toufay! Can’t wait to see my Gucci Mel outfit and fascinator :mrgreen:

  3. Ibo France
    July 22, 2020

    I’ve read Elizabeth and JJ’s comments and laughed uncontrollably. For these two to even mention God’s name is sacrilegious.
    Let me say this as clearly as I can. Nobody who loves God will support a ‘leader’ who lives in unimaginable affluence while many thousands of his countrymen have no idea where their next meal is coming from.
    No God fearing person will ever prop up a menace in government who tries to jail law abiding citizens on bogus charges.
    No follower of Jesus will ever give succor to a compulsive, pathological and congenital LIAR.
    I’m not impressed by those who quote scriptures . Impress me by your action of practising biblical teachings.

  4. Ibo France
    July 22, 2020

    Every time I hear Mr. Skerrit tries to expound on anything, it sends chills through me. The man is just a dishonest verbal contortionist. He is allergic to the truth. I often wonder aloud, how such a compulsive, boldfaced LIAR, an apex ignoramus, an insatiable hoarder of public resources, a global pariah became the prime minister of Dominica. It’s just mind boggling!
    His sycophants are after me but this will not deter me from exposing his character flaws, missteps, lies, wrongdoings and his fookery.
    If one were to juxtapose the strengths and weaknesses of Mr. Linton with that of Mr. Skerrit, Mr. Linton is by far the more superior person in intelligence, articulation of ideas, honesty and humbleness.
    Mr. Skerrit is a real existential threat to the livelihood of the masses in Dominica.
    I’m courageous and fearless. No foolish noise from the rabid DLP supporters can quake me. Don’t even try.

  5. 72nations72elements
    July 22, 2020

    all now so those woman like Gucci mel and the one that always have a mop on her head busy online shopping for their outfit and ugly hat to match. Supposedly, the country doesnt have money eh people. remember that. So lets listen to what was spent last fiscal year. Let us hear what will be spent on in the coming 12 months and listen keenly. Pay careful attention to the CBI section on how many passports sold and revenue of such, since cbi is not our bread and butter. if you can get your hands on a copy of the budget even better. question the government, dont just sit back and accept what they give. question the opposition, they have to provide alternate solutions also.

  6. Left the mourn
    July 21, 2020

    I just hope Judas Iscarrot will allow Hon. Linton to ask Skerrit questions that the nation needs answers for. Dominica is pregnant with questions according to Karessa and sadly no answers. I just hope Judas Iscarrot will not use his office to defend Skerrit like Daryl doing on that Anou palay sort or Anou matie program of Skerrit

  7. July 21, 2020

    “in every challenge, in every crisis, we have to look for the opportunity”

    Naturally, we call it challenges and crisis, but spiritual it God’s discipline and training to us, His people, to teach us to get into our acts in our ways of Life with Him. The other two words are rebuke and chastening

    To the Nations of the World, Corvid-19 is one great way of discipline and training from God, and especially for the Governing bodies, because His authority to the Nations starts with them.

    Two of the greatest lessons that God wants us to learn, through Corvid-19, are obedience and humility; and the harder we try to stand against that character and virtue, the harder we will fall.

    PM Skerrit, Sir, I believe that you are paying attention to God’s guidance, in your work, through sincere obedience and humility, for that is the only way His plans for our country, through you, will come to pass. Let His Will be done as He has planned for us,

    • Joseph John
      July 22, 2020

      Liz, Can I add that Jesus warned us that there will always be trials and tribulations for those who trust in him. You have added challenges. But He promised that he can overcome the world.
      From Mathew, Erica, Maria, opposition forces and Covid virus Dr Dr Skeritt has faced many trials and challenges and blessed with coping skills he has overcome. He ha carried his many crosses and followed Jesus by taking care of the people. He could have easily backed his bag and leave.
      Opposition forces with all their accusations are constantly putting him to the test by fire, but he comes up smelling like a rose. All their trials impose on him makes him stronger in the Lord who is inspiring him with the right solutions. We have to keep praying for him.

      • July 23, 2020

        Brother Joseph, I am with you

        It is true that JESUS warned us through His disciples, He told them: “In this World, you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the World”

        This is JESUS’ language of the Spirit speaking for human understanding, but how many of us can understand Him without the mind of the Spirit? That is where the problem lies

        We fail to accept the authority and strength of God, through His servants on Earth; rudeness, and disrespect to them is the norm of the day, there is no humility, no obedience

        But our God of Spirit in LOVE and HOLINESS has assured us saying:

        “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land”

        I will continue to maintain the hope that through PM Skerrit God is hearing the cries of the humble & innocent; He is healing our Land.

      • Batibou River
        July 23, 2020

        All these DLP/Skerrit supporters are hypocrites as the comments of Xavier and John show. Day in day out they come on here with their nonsense and Skerrit worship.

  8. Viewsexpressed
    July 21, 2020

    Skerrit, Bull ….,…”Go to Hell, Go to Hell”, it is our Damn business.
    Skerrit is a political nuisance and a damn failure with idiotic followers like Saffire and others of no Knowledge to Socio-economic that This inmature clown Skerrit has killed our economy and our people and our Dominica.
    With Skerrit clients and 🤡 clowns running all over the place Only in the interest of be failed incompetent Skerrit and his failed questionable Labour government. They, under ridiculous Skerrit has failed our people and reduced our people to begging. Thus Labour government in 2020 is a faked Government where inmature clown Skerrit is part of. Skerrit go to hell yes, go to hell,bits not our damn business. You are a damn failure, go to hell Skerrit, you gave failed us.
    To hell with their Safyfire be and other Brutal Labour government who has done nothing for our people products and revenue Skerrit go to hell, go to hell. You’re none of our Damn business. We don’t need you in our Government.

  9. Truth Be Told
    July 21, 2020

    20 Years of all showmanship and no substance! Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, Prime Minister Rosie Douglas, or any other Prime Minister did not need a hollow show to go to the House of Assembly to present a budget, but since this one who comes from poverty, he is the most materialistic showoff while Dominica economy goes to zero percent, 0% but we love our PM! The country is an underdeveloped dump but five more years!

  10. Ibo France
    July 21, 2020

    Mr. Skerrit’s budget addresses are an exercise in futility. He over promises and under delivers. It is just painful listening to his long, meandering, pedestrian budget presentations. These are deliberately intentioned to create talking points for his diehard surrogates and enablers to propagate.
    With each budget, the misfit (PM) promises more job opportunities. Unsurprisingly, the employment situation only exacerbates.
    Instead of getting full transparency and accountability as to how the public funds are being spent, the country gets a lesson in voodoo mathematics.
    Dominica is being governed like a ship without a rudder. The country can be likened to a shipwreck. It is presently being battered with powerful waves of corruption; mismanagement; nepotism; cronyism; greed; selfishness and incompetence.
    The country is going to the abyss with Skerrit’s misadventures.

  11. Joseph John
    July 21, 2020

    Let us hope that the opposition will ask the Minister of Finance to account for the 2.2 billion dollars that he claim is missing. He can ask a question and then a supplementary question. He has sufficient time and notice to put his question on the House agenda. All Dominican’s are interesting in the where about of this “missing money.” This would be the Parliamentary way to help us to decide if a crime took place. As Chairman of the Public Account Committee he should be placing a report on the table. This report should contain facts and evidence to expose any dishonesty in our financial managements. A quick study of the Financial and Store Rules should help him. Also he must familiarize himself with the rules, procedures and process for members to conduct themselves in the house. We need peace in the Legislative body. This is 2020. Good behavior is required if we are to progress. Remember the world is watching.

  12. Ibo France
    July 21, 2020

    Let’s all be brutally honest. Skerrit’s budgets have all been an exercise in futility. He habitually over promises and under delivers. The economy remains relentlessly anemic despite the PM’s vainglorious claims. Everyday in Dominica, more and more locals are slipping below the poverty line as employment is deteriorating by the minute.
    An effective and efficient government always has its national statistics and data up to date and available for all to peruse. In Dominica, public information is kept in guarded secrecy.
    *What is the percentage of Dominicans living below the poverty line?
    * What is the unemployment rate?
    * How much money is raked into the government coffers annually from the sales of Dominican passports?
    * How much money has been saved, so far, from the airport fund?
    * Can the gov’t apprise the country with the names of all the country’s diplomats?
    *What’s going on with the national birds that were secretively exported to Germany?
    Many more questions…

  13. Batibou River
    July 21, 2020

    I don’t call it Budget but rather Uncle Roosevelt’s story time. Possibly he will give the citizens a few scraps financed by that private CBI account. Why don’t the citizens of Dominica ask their PM to account for that missing CBI as well as the missing PetroCaribe money. It’s our money not his!

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