JUST DENNIS: We Shall Not Be Moved

Dennis Joseph
Dennis Joseph

There is power in a voice gifted by God, it is fear of that power that causes kings and queens, and in-betweens to rush to stifle, degrade and even destroy the one so gifted. It was fear of the effects of the voice of Jesus that caused the leaders of the Jewish temple to call him a fraud, the bastard son of Mary, the Devil’s handiwork and a blasphemer so that they could find an excuse to kill him.

On a day during a Labour Party rally, I heard the party leader Roosevelt Skerrit call out like this,” Ian Douglas, where’s Ian? Ian come and sing the party song.”  Ian responded meekly to this command and climbed on the platform opened his mouth and sang in keyless exuberance what was claimed as the party song titled, “We shall not be moved.” However, that song was not made as the Labour Party song and claiming it as such means that the Labour Party has stolen a song or has it? The song existed way back in the 19th Century and no one knows who wrote it but in the 1930’s the unions adopted it as a union protest song and changed the title from I Shall Not Be Moved to We Shall Not Be Moved. Decades later when the Labour Party was formed, one of its founders Christopher Loblack, the leader of a union introduced the song to the party members who have used it ever since, but the words signify a protest against oppression rather than an upliftment of any political party program. If the civil service were to strike for more pay it might very well be that General Secretary Mr. Letang would be singing the same song Mr. Skerrit and Ian would be singing which in effect would mean no deal.

I decided to listen to the  grand meeting of the Labour Party held in flaming Technicolor on Thursday night Sept 11 because clearly, their frantic activities indicate an election poll sooner than later. I expected then to hear this ruling party lay out its plans for our future in Waitukubuli and to give we the people plausible reasons why they should be re-elected, but alas not so. The Labour Party seems to be hardwired into massive efforts at distraction. Under the confusing and rather ridiculous slogan of ‘Dominica needs better Lennox must go’, it was all about Lennox Linton and the usual “elections are very soon” stuck record an indication that they are trying hard to run away from serious debate. It may be the very first time in our politics that a ruling party has gathered its forces and orchestrated a rally of its supporters just for the pre-advertised and stated purpose of a full frontal attack on one man because they accuse him of copying parts of another person’s speech. Turns out that the other person shows up to inform we the people that this is not so at all. The strategy seems to be rather than creating certainty among us about their tenure and re-election bid they think that creating uncertainty about Linton is the way to go. This is of course motivated by naked fear; fear of his voice, ideas and in history there are recorded significant times when new ideas to change things have been met by the status quo with fear of voices. To them in high positions it is easier to crucify the man than debate the message.

The volcano erupted big time as is typical with the DLP rallies nowadays, with language going further south to include, “bastard” “fraudster” and other fiery barbs in reference to Linton. The PM at his turn on the microphone went out of his way to prove he is the reigning king of the volcano. The voice of the PM is supposed to bring some light to the nation but not that night in Lagon.  Then embarrassment for the Labour Party when after the Lagon eruption we the people find out that Skerrit himself is being accused of plagiarizing and anyone listening to the tapes supporter or not will find it difficult not to agree.

There is no one in the PM’s camp that will try to stop this incendiary campaign style. Indeed they encourage it and when the PM said on a radio program, “Let not your heart be troubled I will deal with dem fellas, “his boom-fly supporter hosting the program acted the part of cheerleader, “It’s a long time I have been waiting for you to say that PM.” Indeed with such friends who needs enemies? They all are in this for something and the devils take the rest. They fear offending him in any way just to protect their own bleeper, but should take a lesson from the fall of 16th Century Cardinal Wolsey. Shakespeare writes in his play about the life of Henry VIII, a soliloquy, a meditative talk with his spirit, by Holy Church Cardinal Wolsey the once all powerful political super advisor to King Henry, ‘Farewell, a long farewell to all my greatness……O how wretched is the poor man who hangs on the prince’s favours…when he falls he falls like Lucifer never to hope again.”. On his deathbed, Wolsey is reported to have said, “If I had served God as diligently as I served the king, He would not have abandoned me in my grey hairs”. Skerrit captures support by lifting to the top a bunch of incompetents paying scant attention to talent that abounds in this land. He can easily kick their bleepers out just because he feels like it.

The song made me think of the struggle of Christopher Loblack, Edward Leblanc, Phyllis Shand Alfrey and the people of the original Labour Party to take away the shackles that for so long had imprisoned the minds of our people allowing the rich to step on their heads. The voices of these stirred a revolution of the spirit of the common people who then made the decision to start an exodus from the suppression of those times. It was the voice of Patrick John the son of an ordinary woman from Lagon who in his remarkable Salisbury Declaration lifted us from the acceptance of colonialism to walk on water toward an independent and free Waitukubuli. Then 30 years later the voice of this juvenile-like Prime Minister dumped ice water on our heads with the statement in the House of Assembly, “Madame Speaker this country is too free.”

Honour seems to be an old fashioned idea and today it appears that politics in the world is not about freedom of ideas,  dignity and fighting for what is right, true and just but all about profit. In Waitukubuli it is especially so, for how else could we have re-elected a Prime Minister who just a few days before the 2009 General Elections voiced his masterpiece, “No law not even the Constitution can stop me Roosevelt Skerrit?” Far from asking him to resign, the voters gave him a reward a month later of nearly 90% of the seats in the House (18-3). The rest of the world cannot understand this level of selectiveness and lack of resolve in confronting what is wrong and which only opens the way for the bad apples to take over the barrel.

Perhaps at last we the people seek better and that is why when the voice of Lennox Linton was heard there was a rush to embrace what is hoped will be a new day and a new style of politics. It is only to be expected that those who profit differently will be in a panic over the way the voice is accepted by the people and will spew filth, make mountains out of molehills, and knock themselves out trying to win by the hook of money and handouts or by the crook of an enormously tainted voters list. In this election campaign, we must listen carefully to the cacophony of voices that will come from every corner and all around us. We cannot just vote as usual because the world including our land is not the same as usual. Everything has changed and we cannot be left behind. We the people have work to do because this should not be another strictly “sewo” ride and also those who want this election campaign to be just the usual ‘mepwi fest’ must be given a rude awakening. We must make it clear to all who come seeking our votes that we cannot be mentally enslaved any longer, we cannot like sheep go wherever without knowing whatever, and the time has come when we as a people must weigh and consider our real options and act in our best interest not that of the politician. So Madame and Mister Politician of all political parties this time on the matter of voting in our best interests we too shall not be moved.

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  1. PARIS
    September 19, 2014

    Dennis enjoy your retirement and stop signing from one side of your mouth. When the Ministers of the DLP Government we said to be prostituting young women in the country you were silent. For goodness sake please remain silent, because you are not making any head way on DNO. Dominicans Please read this book get some knowledge concerning these articles. BOOK….. “BAYOU of PIGS”

  2. 100% Dominican
    September 18, 2014

    I heard this morning that there was trouble at the Red Clinic in Roseau as money was not dispersed to the lines of persons waiting. But what worried me even more was the suggestion that the same had taken place at the RED CLINIC in Viellecase!!! Is there in fact a Red Clinic in that village? Is that village not the village in which the PM resides and is it not part of his constituency? If this is so, why is there a Red Clinic there and no where else other than the capital, Roseau? Is this not CONFLICT OF INTEREST?? Is this not illegal?? Who has the responsibility of bringing money from the tax payer out to Viellecase and where in the village are these funds distributed from?? My goodness……..what madness!!!! How can this be?? Wake up my people……..wake up!!!!

  3. Lang Mama
    September 18, 2014

    They say if you tie grass in the shape of a cross and you put it on te road Soukoyan come to a halt – engine break down . Well if you put thse words anywhere Skerrit and his imbeciles getting fal fwet, laka Gwen , sweet couche and Tonyitist. Her are the words or the labor tie grass
    Corruption- their tongue dare not mention the word
    All shall eat- not mentioned any more
    Debate- the devil fraid holy water
    Integrity in office- ous fu. Taste lie lie and acid to them
    Next Level- the bus to next level land broe down right ext to te villas

  4. Watcher
    September 18, 2014

    Denis spent his time and writing skills putting “blows” on the DLP and its erstwhile leader – PM Skerrit. He accepted wholesale the UWP’s allegation that the PM plagiarized works of his peers, knowing fully well that the information contained in the UWP’s allegation is a loose response to an established fact that Linton his leader plagiarized the work of Allen Chastenet – even if Chastenet himself said he saw nothing wrong with Linton using his work. After all they are friends and share similar views on development issues in the Caribbean. I call Chastenet’s response sheer balderdash. So Denis with his flare for words and absolute writing skills failed miserably to even comment on the great wrong that Linton is guilty of. After all, Denis could have referred to Linton’s sin, comment one way or the other and then go on to either justify (in Denis Case) justify Linton for plagiarism. Can you imagine in Dominica’s “civilized world” a clear wrong doing (plagiarism) is heralded as not being wrong because of perceived allegations of a wrong doing by those who rang the bell on plagiarism in the first place? A wrong is a wrong. If PM Skerrit plagiarized the work of his colleagues – it is wrong. It cannot justify the wrong (plagiarism) that Lennox did – never. When Lennox spoke at Castle Bruce, he did not tell the crowd of supporters and other inquisitive attendees that he borrowed a “few lines” form his colleague in St. Lucia. He presented the speech as though it was his own in its entirety. All Lennox had to was to give credit to Allen Chastenet for the “few lines” he said he used from Chastenet’s speech. In his writings, Denis has quoted other people’s work and given the originator of the work, their due credit. Nothing is wrong with that. Denis shed the hate you have of the DLP. You are sounding foolish each time because your writings is devoid of all objectivity. You are guilty of the same “wrong’ you are accusing others of.

    But keep writing. You write very well indeed – even when you write absolute trash. No one can take that from you.

  5. Anonymous
    September 18, 2014

    That’s words of wisdom. I have never voted in my life I live all about but this election I will VOTE them out. Tiwe yo

  6. For Love Of DA
    September 18, 2014

    I do like the article apart from the fact that it is coated with a huge taint of blue.
    My sincere prayer for our beloved Waitukubuli is that some day we will be blessed with a leader who is wise enough to put country and people first. A leader who is sincerely willing to embrace all regardless of their ‘colour’ and mould a united DA.
    Let’s put the reds, blues and greens in one pot and mix it up… generate a new colour for DA. I’m certain that we’ll be much better off under that united colour. I pray for that day when we will have that ‘united colour of Dominica’, and that it happens in my lifetime.
    Too many of our great minds, whom I believe are highly capable of turning this young nation of ours into one which is the envy of the rest of the caribbean and the wider world, are being sidelined, despised or ridiculed because it’s all along party lines.
    I think it’s about time we become trendsetters DA people and look to scrapping this Westminster style of Government. A system which time and again appears to keep us divided as a people. A people divided can never, will never be able to built a prosperous nation. Pas la!!!
    It is time we devise our own system, a system that will be most beneficial to us as a nation… as a people. A system in which all our great minds, home and abroad, are encouraged, afforded the opportunity to partake in, and contribute meaningfully towards what I believe we all dream of… a great and prosperous Waitukubuli. A nation in which all shall be proud, and enjoy the fruits of its prosperity. Jah!!!!
    We keep embracing a system adopted from/given to us by the ‘slavemasters’, whose sole intention it was and still is to keep us divided and dependant on their handouts, lest we unite and become strong and progressive.
    It may be a dream, but what is the purpose of it all if we do not have dreams. I dream of a united DA. A country in which we are all singing from the same sheet.
    Remember my people, a nation “… in which everyone rejoices, ALL FOR EACH AND EACH FOR ALL”.

  7. Views Expressed
    September 17, 2014

    My God, brilliant article…worth reading twice. These guys on the LABOUR TEAM would not be able to write, comprehend, analyse, construct like this,,,,,,,they will obviously plagiarised, even that of this author and the “We Shall Not be Moved” article. McMarie…, please look out for us, likely thieves about without thoughts of their own..


  8. September 17, 2014

    Anonymous,if you want to talk about who is guy.let us have a real talk.and you better have facts and proof.cause for one can mention name after name.cause I cleaned up after their mess.bring it on I awaits.they will have to suit me in the U.S.

  9. September 17, 2014

    Dennis dnt waste your time with these DLP people they are being fooled with a few dollars and empty promises their heads are stock in the dirt.They the same ones who always begg.You are an amazing guy and thanks for being brave and standing up for your people.Dnt let kno one stop you.People will bring up the past but i do hope they take a look at what going on in Dominica and who is bringing the country to the gutter.

  10. Dominica
    September 17, 2014

    We shall not be moved.

    LAYBA is working!!!

  11. Clock
    September 17, 2014

    The silence of Dennis is very loud when his dear leader Lennox refers to people as prostitutes and rapist, another essay by dennis that lacks balance.

    • check yourself
      September 17, 2014

      What type of clock u using hopefully it’s one that bigger than your brain to continue to say lennox referred to our people as prostitutes let it go he did no say that, it’s folks like u who condone such immoral behaviors that never seem to have a problem with it, u weak

    • September 18, 2014

      Lennox Never said that, the Labor party said he said that.. so why would dennis take on the DLP propagnda as truth? Really? Really?

    • .
      September 18, 2014

      And also on the Thomson fontaine saga. The same guy his party has chosen to be their minister of finance. Dennis should tell us, sometime, what he thinks of the inclusion of Mr. fontaine into his party and what he thinks about his role in the demise of the DAAS as it pertains to money transfers and land transfers so that he can at least have some semblance of credibility in some of the things he is saying.

  12. TRUE
    September 17, 2014

    Dennis as usual writing rubbish!!!

    • check yourself
      September 17, 2014


  13. me myself & I
    September 17, 2014

    Very good article.

  14. Dre
    September 17, 2014

    Tell those in the diaspora donot accept any tickets from any political party to come down here and vote. If they come for independence vote for a better Dominica, vote for change.

  15. Sandy
    September 17, 2014

    Real Posse, what you don’t know is that they both are….so with Thompson telling Joshua come and speak on Economics, that was indeed a very good move. Do your home work.

  16. watchman
    September 17, 2014

    why cant these people who only see RED understand that the UWP is not about a single individual but about a team; every member of that team allowed to input in these discussion;

    • Watcher
      September 18, 2014

      You did not say you see blue and red either. What team you talking about? You must be living in a “cocoon”. You mean Lennox Linton is a team player? A man who had nothing good to say about his own people. The fact that elections are around the corner, is the reason why we have not seen an eruption in the UWP. Lennox keep embarrassing what you refer to as a “team”. Why does he make so many mistakes on the eve of such an important election? You think his mistakes should be ignored because he has a “team” mantra all in a veil attempt at rebranding the UWP of 1995-2000 fame? What a shameful performance in government.

  17. Anonymous
    September 17, 2014

    Here goes Dennis again! But I liked that part:
    “The rest of the world cannot understand this level of selectiveness and lack of resolve in confronting what is wrong and which only opens the way for the bad apples to take over the barrel.”
    Yes Dennis, I too can’t understand why people like you cannot come out and openly tell a guy who didn’t finish high school, plagiarises and keeps on insulting everyone at any opportunity he gets, that he DOESN’T have what it takes to be PM of this blessed land! Yet you continue to openly advocate for this BAD APPLE to take over the Dominican barrel! No way, Dennis! No way!!!!

  18. BogoRoy
    September 17, 2014

    If we are talking about plagiarism in songs, we don’t have to go far back as 1930 or a few years ago in the case of Ian and Skeritt. On that infamous Thursday night at lagoon, the labor party supporters sang to the tune of the Swedish group ABBA, I have a dream, which was plagiarized by De. Ghost, when he sang, Red, Red, Red, labor Red.

  19. winston warrington
    September 17, 2014

    This was well written Denis. Anyone who knows the history of the labor party must be aware that each leader brings his own brand to the fore; and much of what you have written is both true and applicable to the contender as well. Labor will not be moved because even if it loses elections, its mission as enshrined in its constitution is about the achievement of universal egalitarianism. There is no reason Skeritt must be held responsible for our individual failings and neither should anyone deny Lennox the opportunity to provide us with excuses.

  20. Anonymous
    September 17, 2014

    Well Denis you on Q, couldn’t say it better. It is evident that the PM is fearful of Mr. Linton, how else can you explain this outburst. Till next time. What is he waiting for, call the election.

    • real possie
      September 17, 2014

      HAHAHAHAHA you guess right he’s on Q not only Q he’s Q95 LOLOLOLOLOL.

      • check yourself
        September 17, 2014

        Real possie im not a rude person but if u cant comment and debate with some sense of abnormality or some sense of reasoning then I think u should use ure already collapse brain to do what ever God has put u hear to do, but leave these decisions yo right thinking folks.

    • Concord
      September 17, 2014

      @Anonymous, when is election due? The result of the election will tell us who is fearful of who.

    • Watcher
      September 18, 2014

      Not when you or the UWP want. There are many other skeletons to be uncovered within the UWP – Team Dominica.

  21. September 17, 2014


  22. Forever Amber
    September 17, 2014

    “We must make it clear to all who come seeking our votes that we cannot be mentally enslaved any longer, we cannot like sheep go wherever without knowing whatever, and the time has come when we as a people must weigh and consider our real options and act in our best interest not that of the politician.” (Dennis Joseph)

    Unless we heed this admonition, we are doomed to repeat the same mistake we made in 2009 at the last election and vote in a bunch of incompetent Skerrit broomsticks, which have brought our Dominica to a standstill.

    • B.E.B
      September 17, 2014

      I hope that u do not say that the DLP stole the votes, when ever the next election is called

  23. real possie
    September 17, 2014

    Like clock work, every time hoof goes in mouth I can expect you not to far away, could not read that long halleluiah I stopped at where you said he told Ian to come to sing. I rather he doing that cause that was humor, rather than Thompson telling Joshua to come speak on economics when he Thompson is the economist who worked for the IMF, I hope you spoke of that above? LOLOLOLOLOL.

    • For Real
      September 17, 2014

      Real Posie,
      Are you really serious.. You will stop at nothing to defend evil over good. What is it you have received from ‘masa’ or what are you waiting for, Do you think it is worth the misery of another five years under this administration? Do you have kids and family in this economy? You seem hell bent on your defense, Remember when hell comes we all are going to pay.

    • check yourself
      September 17, 2014

      He u slow human being what don’t u understand Joshua has a degree in economics as well can u find some sense of purpose with reason for emergency at a future so in need of prosperity, help me so I can help u see the light and the truth separate yourself from idiocracy, change should be a must if u do all of the above, u ain’t no real possie, u real skreet and it’s a dawn shame.

    • Forever Amber
      September 17, 2014

      Obviously, in your haste to play RED, you forgot that Joshua is an economist as well. This is team work in action.

      • .
        September 18, 2014

        Thomson is the minister of finance PHD and economist from the IMF he should have answered the question and not pass it to Joshua. He clearly could not answer the question.

    • icepop
      September 18, 2014

      But Tony says he speaks on anything and everything on behalf of Skerrit – so whats your beef Real Possie- tell Skerrit to come out to debate Lennox if he man.

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