Dear Editor,

In his whirlwind tour around the world after Hurricane Maria, Roosevelt Skerrit visited at least two university campuses and made contact with several others around the world where Dominicans are studying.
The firm commitment from Mr Skerrit during those visits is that no Dominican would be allowed to leave school due to unpaid fees resulting from the displacement after the storm.
Mr Skerrit reaffirmed that commitment in at least two post-maria news conferences.
I am aware that dozens of students including myself applied based on the established mechanisms.
We have not heard back from Mr Skerrit nor the people he has assisting him with this.
Its not for a lack of trying. Skerrit himself is virtually impossible to reach by phone or email despite confirmation that he has received and read the correspondence. The people assisting him have not been replying to students who are requesting an update on their applications.
This is why I asked whether Mr Skerrit lied to the students and gave us false up after Maria.
The reality Mr Editor is that all universities are approaching exams. Some Dominican students have already been de-registered and others won’t be able to sit their final exams when it comes around in under a month.
Wasn’t this embarrassment what Mr Skerrit was trying to avoid?
We appreciate the offer of assistance but such things are time sensitive and promises must be backed up with action. Firm and decisive action.
Many of us are left broke and to wonder whether Mr Skerrit lied to us. Did he make a promise out of the blue? Did he know where the money was coming from for such a grand announcement? Is that how the prime minister always operates?
At this stage, we’d have been better off with no promise. We are seeking an immediate statement from Mr Skerrit, an apology is not too much to ask and the truth wouldn’t hurt.
Dominican student abroad

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  1. April 24, 2018

    I am so sorry to read that and to answer one of your questions: yes, that is how he operates! I wish you luck.

  2. Family Member
    April 23, 2018

    Some students HAVE received financial assistance from the government since Maria, and that was also following promises made by the Prime Minister. I am not a fan of anything which is partisan politics, but fact is fact.

  3. nng1332
    April 23, 2018

    All you want too much…well its not all you fault, that’s the PM who created this monster. NO one can rely on him/herself. everyone wants a handout…everyone is dependent.

    April 23, 2018

    Matt always complain that Dominica is always pregnant with issues. Issues that he and his supporters create with no home-work done. This letter should be investigated a little further. A letter with no signatures, yet it says Dominica student board.
    Matt, Dominica is pregnant with issues according to you….
    But… YOU ARE THE FATHER… of all those isses, Matt.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 23, 2018

      Hey Kid, baby Boy, stop creating unnecessary issues in Dominica please, you are not making sense. Get off the Block and go to the library or your old school and read a book…..on ood governance ad how not to corrupt a poor island like Dominica.

  5. Neville
    April 23, 2018

    But Dominicans keep on loving their PM. So you all take what you get. By now you all should know that the man is nothing but an institutional lier and a fraud.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 23, 2018

      Amen,,, I second the motion. For real.

  6. Labourite no more.... abandoning ship
    April 23, 2018

    The answer to your problem:

    You should VOTE him out at the next general election!!!!

    The man is a PATHOLOGICAL liar who tells lies frequently, with no rational motive for doing so. He govern his life by
    a chronic behaviour of habitually or compulsively telling of lies. He lies for no apparent reason or personal gain. In fact, his chronic lying is a pointless habit that is incredibly frustrating for Dominicans – you and alike the remaining students.

  7. Toto
    April 22, 2018

    Yes, Yes Roosevelt, one gradatie in everything household. You said that, you made that promised, remember. And still our poor people believing you. Well I myself believe you are a big fake.

  8. April 22, 2018

    Hehehe, continue to believe Skerrit’s promises and lies still, that’s all he got for D/ca :-D :-D

  9. Yes I
    April 22, 2018

    Now why am I not surprised? :(

  10. To be fair
    April 22, 2018

    While I understand your frustration and sympathize with you and the other ‘dozen’ that have not received assistance. I do believe that the gesture and the commitment made by the Hon. Prime Minister was genuine. I think that it is unfair to him and the persons assisting him that the tone of your letter creates a blanket generalization that no student received assistance, and the promise was left completely unfulfilled. I am currently a student abroad, and my university was one which the Hon. Prime Minister visited and the said promise was also made. Several of us if not all the Dominicans at my university did apply in accordance to the stipulated method; and I can testify that in January numerous students, myself included, did receive assistance from the government. I cannot comment on the circumstances why you and the others have not received assistance, but I needed to share some light on the situation, that his promise was kept on our side.

    • Labourite no more.... abandoning ship
      April 23, 2018

      Either the PM or people assisting him must have got wind that the students in need of grant funding are from an Opposition Party household.

    • Sisserou
      April 23, 2018

      *To Be Fair – I call you on that statement! I don’t believe a word of it and am sure you are a member of the government who wrote that comment. Put your money where your mouth is and please divulge the names of the Uni’s and the students that got assistance. Then, and only then, can this statement actually be believed. I am awaiting a response containing proof!

    • A
      April 23, 2018

      But isn’t that the point. That it’s not fair. To promise all and only give to some?

    • viewsexpressed
      April 23, 2018

      Read this nonsensical blind patriotic BS from a very blind loyalist.” I do believe that the gesture and the commitment made by the Hon. Prime Minister was genuine.”

      Skerrit and his silly loyalists are ignorant and playing games , silly political games with vulnerable students. all those clowns who go in DBS, like that Joseph guy and the clowns on Kairi re so blind to what is happening and all they do is try to promote Skerrit, but the more they open they silly dirty political mouth they more they expose Skerrit and failure and to provide and the more the expose bobol and poor governance in thee open. Its Hon Linton and his UWP team, ably supported by the Dominican people that they are scared of. Skerrit and his corrupt regime must go

    • badbaje
      April 23, 2018

      This letter, like the one to which it is responding, is in my opinion without merit. It is without merit for the same reason as the original letter. No signature, on identification of the university which “TO BE FAIR” is attending.
      Both letters could have been honest factual reports. On the other hand, both could be mare “ploys”. The first in an attempt to “shame and discredit” the prime minister and the government. The second could be an attempt to discredit the first.
      Facts, facts, facts, facts, something missing and unsubstantiated in both letters.

    • My Take
      April 23, 2018

      As also a student abroad, I feel that your comment just outlines the irregularities with this government. I am without permanent housing for next year because the govt won’t pay a simple $950 deposit and I will have to work to cover costs for rentals far away from campus. I received this on merit which includes housing expenses but they consider the deposit as not part of the yearly expenses because we need to pay it in the summer. So it isn’t unfair to tell it like it is – promises aren’t kept and mine has a contract attached not some verbal half hearted conversation.

    April 22, 2018

    Take what you all get! You all voted for him based on what personal benefits is there to gain!

  12. Jordan
    April 22, 2018

    Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Did I mention Shame?!?! This is truly a sad, sad state of affairs.

  13. Zandoli
    April 22, 2018

    There is nothing in it for Skerrit. This man and the rest of his cabinet are only interested in what they can skim off the country. Skerrit pretends to care, but he only cares about power and the benefits thereof.

  14. Lang Mama
    April 22, 2018

    I sympathize with these student. Students at this time should be worrying about upcoming exam schedule and not about tuition.
    It is way too late in the con game for Skerrit to demonstrate forthrightness or sincerity. Skerrit cant bring himsf to tell the people the truth about the country’s financial status. He continues to send mix signals

  15. Advisor
    April 22, 2018

    A Dominica National Student Loan should be implemented, with probably a grant percentage etc.. This free money idea is dumb and provides zero long term benefit to nation. It only serves as a vote purchase and loyalty grabbing mechanism.

    Dominica need a better scholarship and university level student aid system/program which should not be directly supervised by the PM. The PM should be concerned with the larger picture, not these daily operational issues.
    This culture of free money is now a plague in DA. Well Done Mr PM.

  16. Ibo France
    April 22, 2018

    Skerrit is notorious for his adversarial relationship with the truth. Both are eternal enemies. The Skerrit’s government has long become delinquent, failing to deliver on its promises. My heart bleeds for these hapless students who have invested so much time, effort and money to pursue their dreams only to have them nuked by one man’s mendacity .and inaction. Most governments focus almost single-mindedly on the development of their young. One would often hear this refrain, “The youths are the future of our nation.” This, seemingly, does not apply to Dominica. The PM and his submissive disciples are all light-weight thinkers who cannot see further than their eyelashes. Their failure to lend support to the students would do irreparable damage to Dominica’s future. More and more time is exposing the inadequacies , insensitivity, and total ineptitude of this kakistocratic regime.

  17. Cara
    April 22, 2018

    So much foolishness in this country. Why is it necessary to get in touch with the prime Minister on matters of Education? Dominicans, we have encourages thus foolishness for too long. How many students or scholarship holders are there of past generations who never spoke a word with the Prime Minister or even the Minister of Education. There are so many people below the level of the Minister who can oversee students or scholarships. Time to end the business of being beholden to one man. Foolishness man!!!

  18. Leah
    April 22, 2018

    Oh! But J-I gets paiddd, with a whole new ministry created for him!

  19. JBaptiste
    April 22, 2018

    If a student has to contact a PM directly for paying school fees then it’s no surprise Dominica is where it is. I blame you the student. A man has been making unfulfilled promises for near 20 years and you believing him? Don’t you read DNO? Here’s a tip, type in *international airport* in DNO search engine and read them all. When you’re done type *geothermal* when you’re
    done type *limkokwing university* then *Roseau enhancement* . Do you see the correlation of all the above? They never happened. However the coming election campaign will be about promises and excuses. Maria did this Maria did that as if Dominica was some paradise prior to Maria . The saddest thing is that you still going to believe them.

  20. viewsexpressed
    April 22, 2018

    This is disgusting and disturbing news. Skerrit just does not represent all Dominicans, ether here in Dominica those overseas trying hard studying and working hard to excel in their studies to return home to Dominica to rebuild this island that Skerrit ad his rogue government has destroyed and reduced to begging and poverty. Parents, family members and other relations and relatives, note what is happening. Our children are suffering….get rid of Skerrit, Issac, McIntyre and the incompetent gang
    This corrupt Labour government s very dangerous , clueless of development and how to build and develop our ailing island and its economy. Dominica please kick out this rogue PM and his corrupt government.

  21. Après Bondie, C'est La Ter
    April 22, 2018

    This is very embarrassing. Why can’t they just respond to this student??, even if its not what the students want to hear. Maria was many months ago. The children are the future and they deserve a response!

  22. badbaje
    April 22, 2018

    I am not a very trusting person of late, due personal experiences and observations of the experiences of others. For that and other reasons I am almost always weary of letters or documents which are not signed with the name or names of the authors.
    A letter like this should be signed by the author, and the claims investigated. If they are substantiated then those who are not living up to their responsibilities and pledges should be asked to give an account of themselves their actions, or lack of actions.
    However blind accusations such as these cannot get my support, because I would like to be fair in all things.

    • Sisserou
      April 23, 2018

      I am leary of the comment made by TO BE FAIR that they and other students did get assistance for their University in January. Let’s have the name of the Uni and the students that received their aid. Until then, I believe a member of the government or one of the cabol wrote that comment. Show me proof please.

    • South City
      April 23, 2018

      Agreed ! Motion Seconded !

    • viewsexpressed
      April 23, 2018

      Blind accusations………are you for real or are yo just a “Badbaje”, what ever that means..??????

      You promise students, young people in a foreign country money for studies and they have to be begging you to keep InTouch and delays in getting their money. In the meantime handouts are being given to scouts to run about the country dishing cash in hand to supporters. Where is So called Auditor Clarence Christian to intervene and sanction Skerrit i thi matter s true.
      Shame of this inept M and his corrupt labour Government.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 23, 2018

      Badbaje…..I take your point , but to remind you that we live in Dominica and this is Dominica and this is the most corrupt regime to exit in Dominica. State funds has been abused for over 15 years now under this corrupt Labour regime with an incompetent PM in office. Have you heard of the Red Clinic and the Bin Bool…and the Fertilizer Bobol. There is massive corruption taking place in Dominica under this corrupt Labour government.
      When you have retired Director of Audit has not completed and failed to this day to submit the states audit report and to add insult to injury has been brought back to the department as a consultant to prepared this same report and paid to be there and to this day after 5 years is unable to submit, but waste states time and money calling the radio talking nonsense and promoting the failed PM Skerrit, what else can you expect from these rogues. Skerrit must go…that’s when Dominica will be free.
      Skerrit and his corrupt Government Must Go. Join us.

  23. “Wasn’t this embarrassment what Mr Skerrit was trying to avoid?
    We appreciate the offer of assistance but such things are time sensitive and promises must be backed up with action. Firm and decisive action.”
    Well, one way or the other, those of you who are praising God for Skerrit, and  wish to give him fifty more years in power might just be beginning to discover the true nature of the beast!
    Roosevelt do not care about Dominica and people like you: Skerrit did not (could not ) take his final exam as an English Major; he did not graduate college, so what make you believe he cares whether or not any of you graduate?
    I do not know what college or  university you attend, what I do know is some universities, and collages sometimes provides part time jobs for people like you with such issues. At least some universities in America affords that opportunity!
    You all will get some money and free ticket to go home to vote for him this election.
    Fifty more years oui

  24. GeorgeO
    April 22, 2018

    My sympathies that you have been left hanging in this way. On island we are well accustomed to empty promises, never fulfilled. I sincerely hope your case is different and that, for once, the PM follows through on a promise.

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