Linton demands full disclosure of government agreement with RUSM

Oppoisition leader Lennox Linton

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, has called for full disclosure of the 25-year agreement that allowed Ross University School of Medicine to relocate without breaching the agreement.

He said, in a statement, that the people of Dominica have a right to know what are the unmet government obligations under the agreement.

“After 40 years of serving as a major engine of economic activity in Dominica, Ross University decided to leave and the Prime Minister found it impossible to negotiate even a phased withdrawal that would give the country at least 12 months to cushion the devastating blow and prepare for adjustments. What exactly does the agreement provide?” Linton asked.

“The circumstances of the termination allow us to conclude that the prime minister failed to deliver on the investment support and public infrastructure improvements that had to be addressed satisfactorily within the context of the agreement to facilitate the return of Ross,” the UWP leader stated.

He also raised the matter of accreditation as another issue pointing out that under the watch of the Prime Minister who made himself directly responsible for Ross, there has been no determination, for more than 10 years, that accreditation standards in Dominica are comparable to those of the United States.

“This determination of comparability of accreditation standards,” he said, “is an eligibility requirement for foreign medical schools to participate in the US government’s student financial assistance program and is therefore extremely important to the RUSM.”

According to the Opposition leader, “instead of coming clean with the people of Dominica to facilitate learning the lessons that will avert a similar catastrophe in the future, the Prime Minister is busy confusing the issue and creating distractions.”

Prime Minister Skerrit recently called on Dominicans, including his supporters, to “cease and desist from the unwarranted verbal attacks on the Government and Prime Minister of Barbados and by extension on all Barbadians,” after Mottley came under scathing criticism from her own Barbadian people and some across the region, for “poaching” RUSM from Dominica.

Linton put the blame for the criticism of Mia Mottley squarely on the shoulders of Skerrit’s  media operatives and Labour Party supporters and credits those he referred to as the prime minister’s Bridgetown advisers for convincing him to call for peace and step up as an advocate for Barbados and the Barbados leader.

“Now, he says, it’s time to move on while he blames his war on others and stands tall as the single biggest impediment to moving on,” the UWP leader declared. “Indeed, Dominica cannot move on successfully from the devastating, sudden exit of Ross University after 40 years, under the leadership of a Prime Minister who persistently elevates personal interests above the national interest and slavishly carries out the orders of self-serving foreign advisors.”

Linton maintained that only Barbados is benefiting from this glaring conflict of interest in which the same political and economic advisers serve masters in Bridgetown and Roseau.

“A Barbadian company was among the first major beneficiaries of Dominica’s devastation by Hurricane Maria with a no-bid contract to build 1000 homes,” he explained. “That same Barbadian is company is among the same major beneficiaries of the location of Ross from Dominica to Barbados with utilization of its previously floundering housing project.”

The Opposition leader insisted that there must be an inquiry into the matter.

“There must be an inquiry… there will be an inquiry into what looms before us as a conspiracy of conflicted advisors making a complete mockery of the Prime Minister and inflicting serious injury on the national interest of Dominica.The chips will fall where the chips have to fall. And the people will get justice,” Linton declared.

The full text of a statement from the UWP on the matter is posted below.

Download (DOCX, 114KB)

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  1. Common sense
    August 15, 2018

    First of all. Let’s use our common sense people. Politicians all play a game of keeping up public face. A truly honest politician WOULD NEVER WIN AN ELECTION ! Seriously I don’t know why people act surprised by polticians making calculated statements. When a man is campaigning for a constituency do you think he really wants to sit and play dominoes in every bar in the village ??? Of course not. But he does it anyway because it’s good PR.

    So…even if Skerrit feels hurt and betrayed by Mia Mottley’s decision….HE OBVIOUSLY CANNOT SAY THAT PUBLICLY !!! DUH????? It’s politics 101.

    It’s not that Skerrit does not feel betrayed by Mia Mottley. It’s that he can’t say it. Imagine if Skerrit were to make a statement saying that Barbados has betrayed Dominica.

    That would be like declaring war ? Can you imagine such an irresponsible statement ??

    • Anony
      August 17, 2018

      He can’t say it because she most likely didn’t do it deliberately, they gambled with their attitude towards Ross and the CEO had enuff. You said ‘like declaring war’, just consider that Dominica levy duties/high taxes of 40 to 160% on goods, cars etc from many countries and no one has declared war on Dominica in response.

  2. Joseph John
    August 14, 2018

    I am not a lawyer or even a business major, but don’t the “laws of contract ” both public and private prevent this kind of disclosure ?. Can Francis and Gabriel and the lawyers that Linton have at his command throw some light on this? Don’t contracts, even verbal ones, enjoy a type of privileged protection?
    If Linton idea is legit can’t he just demand that his lawyers take this matter to court.
    Can RUSM take Linton to court……libel ?

    • Charlie Rose
      August 15, 2018

      I hope Linton listens and will listen to advice because on his team there are knowledgeable ppl, those you mentioned to include Crispin. If he’d display likeliness he’d listen to them they get my vote next election.

  3. WeNiceMan
    August 14, 2018

    Honestly I don’t beleive the PM is being played by the Bajans. He is a willing and active participant.

    • August 14, 2018

      Active participant in what?
      You sound ridiculous
      I wish DNO would omit the comment section because it would relieve foolishness and anxiety.
      You guys are inspector gadget. Always looking for who dunnit.

  4. LifeandDeath
    August 14, 2018

    Dominicans are not accustomed to receive very much. It is tough to fight for a man who doesn’t know his rights and as a result has no dignity.
    Lennox has been fighting for Dominicans for a long time now, he has paid personally but he continues to make the sacrifices..and to see some of the comments here from so called Dominicans is disheartening. Blinded only by Political preference.
    People Dominicans have a right to know these things..don’t think too little of yourselves to accept constant disregard from our Gov’t. Dominica’s biggest problem is a lack of self pride..Shame on all those who think that the Gov’t can do anything they want and not answer to citizens.

    • A_DAMassive
      August 14, 2018

      Yup, in the parliamentary form of government, the opposition represents the voice of the people. And like it or not, Linton is representing that voice most effectively as an opposition should. He is not and ally of Labour, he is the opposition. It is his job to hold the government accountable, thereby forcing it to disclose how it governs the country, and what type of service they are providing to the people.

      • Barbara Saunders
        August 16, 2018

        Agree 100%
        Ask all the questions, hold them accountable, but I also believe if he is a Prime Minister in waiting, there is a certain level patriotism and nationalism which must be evident in his speech and action.

        Tell me how if you were an investor like Ross or a donor country or organisation would you want anything to do with Dominica if every day you hear:
        – Dominica is the worst country in the hemisphere;
        – the government is the most corrupt in christendom(except perhaps South Sudan);
        – all we do is KNOWINGLY sell passports to crooks and vagabonds;
        – Ministers are rapists;
        – young women prostitute themselves for favours from officials
        – we have the worst unemployment in the Caribbean;
        – we don’t have to pay attention to Police, we can have meetings how we want and when we want;
        – we can damage other people’s reputation with impunity, facts or no facts, because as monarchs of all we survey, we are acting in the public interest etc. etc.?

    • August 14, 2018

      You mention Lennox has been fighting for Dominica and Dominicans. Are you delusional. When has that occurred?
      Can you tell me one thing Lennox has done for Dominica? Just one? in case I may have missed it.
      You can support who you want and so can I but please be honest with yourselves

      • LifeandDeath
        August 15, 2018

        You must either be living under a Rock or mind blocked…All that money Lennox made Skerrit pay back to the Treasury for dodging Land Tax and all the Bin/Fertilizer Bobol, then the ultimate personal sacrifice of paying KPB for fighting a case for Dominica…where is Lennox personal benefit in this?
        @”truth be told”, for real all only pretend to love your country. You’re a Cynic.

  5. viewsexpressed
    August 14, 2018

    Forward we go to change nd decency

  6. Man bites dogs
    August 14, 2018

    Lennox Linton, Stop making stupid noises and move on don’t pretend that you care it’s all propaganda and political noises you going on with just like your supporters they as bad as you are, Ross Uni has gone none of us cannot do anything about it now. And Linton my advice to you is find yourself a Job very soon you will be out of a job and getting on in life. Next year Dominica freedom party will surely be in opposition Mr. Kent will be a much better opposition leader than you are Linton, It’s time to Go Go Go teeway. ?

    • A_DAMassive
      August 14, 2018

      Man bites dogs… :twisted:
      You sound so angry, and consequently is disrespecting anyone who express an opinion contrary to Labour; you make it sound like there would a personal loss for you if Skerrow were to go.

      Just chill and respond with some dignity. Please read how @Point disagrees without being as disrespectful and insulting. Anyone who begins a sentence with ‘And’ as you did, is a very intelligent person as your excellent punctuation but trying to mask yourself as local. You are very capable and you can express your views without being so flippant.

      • Man bites dogs
        August 15, 2018

        @ Mr. Ms Mrs A_DAMassive, I’m not an angry person and have nothing personal to gain from Dr.Skerrit, My life and family is fulfilling. I just don’t like the way that other guy Linton and his calamity sidekicks and supporters hellbent trying to sabotage our country Dominica, that is why i don’t want those tyrant and cockroaches contaminating Dominica.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 15, 2018

        Man bit Dog, why do you keep referring to Roosevelt that idiot as Dr. Skerrit?

        Doctor of what!

        Can you tell my what scientific discipline Roosevelt studied; took an exam, passed the examination to earn his doctorate! 

        Now don’t tell me he graduated from the non-accredited university of Punjab where we saw him paid almost a hundred thousand dollars for a piece of that worth nothing, with his name written on it!

        the poor Indian who grab the money him to go and buy food for the hungry poor standing looking on said Roosevelt earned that piece paper because of the length of time he is in politics.

        Mr. Stupid carnivore man nyam dag; that stinking piece of paper cannot help Roosevelt get a job if his life depended on it.

        He cannot even sign his name on anything as ” Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit.”  Ask him why, remember he is also Sir Knight you know!

        I know a man in Dominica name Ali Baba too.


      • Man bites dogs
        August 16, 2018

        @ Francisco, Why on earth you don’t stop making yourself sound stupid like you do, keep taking the tablets for that old ticker. I want you to see Linton, in third place next election after that the start of the new Resilient International Airport in Dominica, stick around don’t go away.

  7. Ask Trump
    August 14, 2018

    You only hide information from the people when you know you lying and you are at fault ask president Trump.

  8. It's my damn business
    August 14, 2018

    I wonder how many of those criticizing and hating Linton for demanding full disclosure of Ross are hoping that Mr. Mueller comes out with the truth in his investigation of the 2017 US presidential election and that Mr. Trump is exposed? But how can we claim to be a people of truth when in the US we want Trump exposed but in Dominica we want to help hide Skerrit and his lies? You guys are so damn ignorant in this country man

  9. Man bites dogs
    August 14, 2018

    Shut your mouth Linton, you and your criminal so-called party are in decomposition right now as i speak demands what, you are in no position to disclose any information with you. When you go begging over seas do you comeback and disclose any thing to us? Old man just behave yourself okay!

  10. August 14, 2018

    Linton and his guys are just empty vessels make the most noise. Skerrit should just ignore Linton and his garbage. Demanding full disclosure of agreement, my foot. Linton needs to go and pay Pinard for the money he owes the man. He is dreaming that if he becomes PM, the first thing he will do is to pay Pinard from CBI money. Worthless Linton. They are dressed in sheep clothing but are nothing but wolves.

    • I want to know
      August 14, 2018

      Are you not ashamed of yourself @DS? Remember the whole world is reading your comment and must be saying they did not know the world still had foolish people. By the way what does DS stand for? Is it Damn Stupid? I am just simply asking because I want to know

      • Man bites dogs
        August 14, 2018

        I want to know, you are the wicked and stupid one to follow a fool and 5 Rabbits that walks backwards dressed in black like funeral directors in hot sun :lol:

  11. Dominica
    August 14, 2018

    Mr Linton continue to fight for your country. They may hate you but trust me the Lord is on your side, for you speak for what is right and this is the lords way. The same ones who hate you today, tomorrow you will be there saviour. One of those day victory will come, it maybe long but it must come. The days of this government fooling people are coming to an end.

    • Man bites dogs
      August 14, 2018

      @ Dominica, Ya man we will see about that keep on dreaming and don’t wake up screaming.

  12. The truth will make you free
    August 14, 2018

    I don’t usually agree with Linton and UWP but for the sake of Dominica, I feel compelled to put politics aside and seek truth instead. As a Christian Jesus told us that it is the knowledge of truth that will set us free John 8:32. On August 2 Mr. Austrie convinced us that it was letters sent by UWP that would cause Ross to leave. I jumped on Linton and saw him as a traitor, only to find out a day later PM Skerrit informed the nation that it was Erica and Maria that caused Ross to go. I again believed the PM until I saw a letter he wrote to Ross in July, stating that they were ahead of schedule and Ross to the point that Ross could reopen sooner. He made it clear that Maria wasn’t the problem . Then after I listened to Tony and Hubert Volney blast PM Mottley for litterally stilling Ross from us, I too joined them only to hear PM say. Ms. Mottley is not at fault as well as Ross. So who then? Is not Maria, not Ross, not Mottley, not uwp so who? We need a full disclosure man

    • The truth will make you free
      August 14, 2018

      I meant ‘stealing’ and not “stilling” as seen in my previous text. But once again let me make it abundantly clear that I agree this time with Linton that we need full disclosure of the Ross saga so we could see the facts. It is not about taking political sides but about knowing the truth so the truth could set us free. We are too confused at this time with the many reasons given for the departure of Ross to Bados. I know it’s a done deal and nothing we can do or say that can cause them to comeback, but we need to know the truth so that we could learn from our failure to keep Ross and, to ensure it doesn’t happen to us again whether it is with ‘All Saints’ or another foreign business. It cannot be a secret that only PM knows about and at one time blame UWP, blame Maria and Erica, blame Mia Mottley only to hear PM say is not Ms. Mottley fault and is not Ross fault. So whose fault? We need to know the truth and right now we need all supportive documents to see the facts. Not PM…

    • August 15, 2018

      THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE…….. sorry to inform you … you are never going to get the truth form this man the PM so why ask 18 years.. no it`s almost 20 don`t ask you are not going to get. Be careful he might tell you to mine your dam business.

  13. Ibo France
    August 14, 2018

    No government is better than the people who composed it. This government is composed of dishonest, selfish, greedy, secretive, grossly incompetent people with foul-mouthed Astaphan as the de facto leader. This administration rules it does not govern. Too many people of influence in Dominica have turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption, the blatant victimization and the debilitating inadequacies of this despotic regime for far too long. Don’t expect evil to do the right thing. Banish the evildoers from office with your votes and allow prosperity to reach those who have been pushed to the margin of society by this ultra selfish, sadistic regime.

  14. zandoli
    August 14, 2018

    Lennox talks like that because he has no clue as to how businesses operate.

    • Liz M
      August 14, 2018

      Are you kidding me? So YOU would just walk away and move on?

      • zandoli
        August 14, 2018

        My career has been in business making business decisions. I can tell you this much: all what Linton is asking for would not even be considered except words to soothe people’s minds and a PR stunt.

        Business make decisions that are in the interest of their shareholders. They worry about government only if those decisions will hurt them if they don’t obey the law. Everything else is just fluff.

      • Liz M
        August 15, 2018

        @zandoli, I am also in business decision making myself and I can tell you this much, any business that looses a significant chunk of its accounts unexpectedly and overnight does inquiry, people step down or demoted and….heads roll. Most governments are no different, except this one? They should feel it at the polls if the electorate is intelligent enuff, though I suspect they’re not.

  15. Me One
    August 14, 2018

    YOU are a nuance. The letters that were written by the UWP to the US Consulate in Barbados that’s where we should start. History will judge you as the most ruthless opposition leader.

    • %
      August 14, 2018

      Stop getting so petulant and irritable. This business (Ross) contributed 30% of our GDP
      Didn’t you know? This incompetent,dunce lazy,PM needs to come clean with you first,and to all of us.Honourable patriot Linton has to ask those questions for you sir.
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go Now

  16. Paul Rossnof
    August 14, 2018

    Lennox, I agree. However, we need other inquiries and disclosures, i.e. the missing US$100 Mio. from PetroCaribe, how Skerrit can afford his lavish lifestyle in New York on PM wages and the distribution of Aid items and money to DLP operatives, to name but three.

  17. Pragmatik
    August 14, 2018

    Wait is what he’s saying about that Barbadian company true? That the same company who scored the bid for the 1000 homes is the one that’s going to be doing housing for Ross. While in a small island like Barbados that is not an unlikely coincidence it still seems a bit fishy to me if that is true. Some time of under the table deal was worked out here or what

  18. Channel 1
    August 14, 2018

    Absolutely brilliant piece. This press release should be sent to all media in the Caribbean especially those in Barbados. DNO, please pin this story for the rest of the week at the top of the DNO website.

    Lennox, don’t forgot there’s another one of these Skerrit-Motley ‘hydra’ of advisors around ie Charles Jong. Is he still employed with the government of Dominica?

    Reminder y’all –

    Folks, something ain’t write here with this Ross relocation debacle and it stinks. Have we unearthed a conspiracy of epic scale here?

    Stay tuned…

    • %
      August 14, 2018

      Let’s keep it burning . We the citizens of Dominica need answers.
      Thank you patriot Linton for service to country, and your astutenees.
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go Now

  19. Bush man
    August 14, 2018

    I am beginning to love this man
    ,he is fighting for country

  20. Pathetic
    August 14, 2018

    Maybe you all should STOP acting all pathetic. It’s over with Ross. Move on. All this disgruntled attitude only makes you guys look weak and worth not having to invest in the country.

  21. I want to know
    August 14, 2018

    This is not about politics; it’s about our intelligence as a people. It’s our right to know because the government works for us and not for their personal business. I am quite sure that if Parry Bellot or any business firm hires a manager to run there firm they would demand that the manager discusses with them either before or after a decision is made. How could our government just gave away or cause us to Ross after 40 years here and for Skerrit to just come and give us his cocomakak story?

  22. %
    August 14, 2018

    To me RUSM did not breach any clause,because neither the PM nor his Misleaders and spin doctors have mentioned the term “breach”.But the 25year agreement has been breached,and therefore questions have to be asked.
    The more his spin doctors talk, the more questions we have to ask. One thing for sure though, Skerrit is lazy, incompetent and inept.A very bad leader.He has to be blamed Remember how Gonzales of St Vincent tricked him?
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go Now……Mia Motley is a Good Leader

  23. August 14, 2018

    How will this help? Ross has already left and there is no turning back, we can publish and read the agreement as much as we want in continuation of the blame game but it is what it is. The UWP in this letter seems to know all the reasons why Ross left yet they are still searching for answers. I would like to look at the agreement but only from a historical perspective. The UWP opposition should be using this opportunity to look forward not bacwards, unfortunately they are stuck in the world of media breaking news.

    • waypapa
      August 14, 2018

      how will this help Point? You mean if you wife left you after 40years you would not want to know why so you could protect yourself in the future? Stop flashing the badge of ignorance in public. The reason why Ross left is the same reason why we may never attract another FDI. Put politics aside and use the brain God gave you, then come back and ask how will this help. What are you afraid of, that it will confirm the incompetence and lackadaisical attitude of Skerrit and his government? Its ok we already know, it will help us improve so embrace it.

    • %
      August 14, 2018

      How will this help? This is the most preosterous question of the century .It will help because other governments will avoid the blatant and /or the deliberate attemptd to decieve,as used by this PM and his MISLEADERS.
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go Now

    • August 14, 2018

      @waypapa, if you you did not notice this letter by your leader is political. It is infested with political propaganda baseless allegations and conclusions that are not supported by evidence. But for geniuses like you anything uttered by the opposition is true and anyone who does not accept it or offers a different opinion is ignorant. If that is your position you lack basic education so I will excuse your stupidity.

    • moi
      August 14, 2018

      You must be kidding. What if Ross breached some clause? What if government breached? At least the people will get answers

      • August 14, 2018

        Good luck on your fishing expedition. Ross is a US registered company that operated in Dominica. Like any international company Ross has the right to pull up it sign and plant it in a more favorable location. American companies move from America to countries with cheaper labor and more favorable tax laws. What difference does it make, you all are so bias it is laughable, you all have already put all the blame on Skeritt for the departure of Ross, as if tropical storm Erica and hurricane Maria never happened.

    • Charles Andrew
      August 14, 2018

      You so right on point (point).what sense does it make to disclose any deal when he Linton already say exactly what it is..good lord this man making a fool of himself a real papyshow

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