Loreen Bannis-Roberts responds to accusation of selfishness

Loreen Bannis-Roberts is Dominica’s ambassador to the UN

“Selfishness is absolutely not part of my DNA”, says Dominica’s Ambassador to the UN, Loreen Bannis-Roberts, in response to a statement by UWP candidate for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Ernie Lawrence-Jno Finn.

At the UWP Eastern Zone Rally held at La Plaine recently, Lawrence Jno-Finn described the crossing over of Loreen Bannis-Roberts from the UWP camp to the DLP camp in 2000 as a “selfish” act that cost her constituency greatly.

“Like you, that selfish crossing over cost me, my family and community a lot, while it benefited one person and her family, tremendously,” She told UWP supporters at the rally.

Loreen Bannis-Roberts was elected as a UWP parliamentary representative for that constituency in 2000 taking over from her uncle Romanus Bannis, who, Dominica News Online (DNO) understands, handpicked her to succeed him as parliamentary representative for Castle Bruce.

But Bannis-Roberts is firing back, telling DNO news,  “I come from a hard working family who knows how to give back to community. Our record of service is impeccable. I shall continue to serve my community and country well”.

Ambassador Bannis-Roberts invited Lawrence-Jno Finn to “check my (Loreen’s) immediate family background “ and cautioned the UWP candidate to stay in her lane.

“Ale soukwe sak ou, la ou vann chebon ou (go shake your bag where you sell your coal),” Bannis – Roberts advised Jno Finn.

Ernie Lawrence Jno-Finn at the UWP Eastern Zonal Rally

Lawrence Jno-Finn has promised that the Castle Bruce Constituency will “shine, when you vote me into office”.   She believes that her constituency is greatly underutilized and said it must be corrected.

However, Bannis-Roberts points out that Lawrence-Jno Finn was asked to serve on more than one occasion and she refused because “she was all about herself.”  The politician/diplomat says she believes that Lawrence-Jno Finn will be rejected in the polls “because, is Labour we seeing, so is Labour we voting”.

“She (Jno Finn)  is only now running  because she wants a retirement job. That’s all! She does not care about the people of the constituency. It is all about Ernie!” Bannis-Roberts insists. “She said no to her party on more than one occasion. Now, the people will show her at the polls, the meaning of no”.

The Ambassador believes that Jno Finn is bad news for the constituency.

“She has no energy, no plans, no vision,” Bannis-Roberts argues.

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  1. Giving
    December 27, 2019

    That is how UWP supporters a d members are they feel they can say anything nasty about DLP members and when they get the response from DLP they can’t take it, if u think I am lieing listen to Q 95 and hear the kind of things that are being said. That is why we can not get the change we need, because UWP is like the sand in the bottom of a back of coals it blacken anywhere u put it and that is why they can’t help Dominica with real change. Please note UWP

  2. Castlebrucegirl
    July 29, 2019

    That’s the utterance of an Angry Ambassador. I wonder why she is so angry after enjoying the benefits of the votes of the people and then betrayed their trust. I guess her conscience is beating her. All the money and so called good life beating her, because she know is greed and selfishness that brought her there.

  3. dissident
    July 28, 2019

    now that is some language coming from our Ambassador to the UN?
    i remember another female talking this language on a DLP platform before she was elected to be secretary general of the commonwealth…..right now Dominican’s don’t remember when last we heard de baroness voice because she got silenced for her selfishness!

    loreen too shall pass……..blowing in de wind

  4. Joan
    July 28, 2019

    Mrs Bannis Roberts, don’t stoop down to the level as your other. Counterparts of the labour party. You sound just like Tony and the rest. You should have kept your mouth shut because what Teacher Ernie said is the truth.

  5. Ibo france
    July 27, 2019

    There’s a scheme here designed to lure the unsuspecting electors to vote for the Deceiving Lazy Parasites (DLP). Close to a general election, the overseas ambassadors creep out of their places of hibernation, return home and indulge in their propaganda of deception. Do they engage the electorate or children at any other time? No! The people weren’t be fooled this time around. We’ve been down this long and winding road of deceit too many times. Twenty years of inaction and nothingness is enough. Time for a change. Time for relief from this unrelenting economic misery.

  6. Ojno
    July 27, 2019

    I hate what is going on in Dominica 🇩🇲 it’s very s 😥 extremely 😥SAD…

  7. Bwa-Banday
    July 27, 2019

    Oh noooo Loreen did not deny her selfishness :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . The nerve of her :twisted: .

    I have always looked at Loreen’s brothers especially Ada as a very hard worker but to say the Hon. Ambassador is a hard worker would be folly. She is the poster child of greed, dishonesty and selfishness. My mother had a saying “money makes the mare fly like a bullet” and in hindsight I truly believe she was actually referring to Loreen. Betraying the trust of your constituents by crossing the floor is the ultimate insult and highest degree of selfishness.

    Thank you teacher Ernie for having the guts to remind the people of Castle Bruce Constituency of the gross betrayal by Hon. Ambassador Selfish (her new name). Teacher Ernie, I heard you have the KEY to the victory box hidden somewhere already so keep on rocking. You have entered the field of politics at the best time to rescue your people. To Loreen I say…………shhhhhhhhhhh. STOP UR DORTY WAYS Ambassador Selfish.

  8. citizensmith
    July 27, 2019

    Loreen crossed the floor because she realized she would lose with UWP and the DLP gave her an ‘incentive’ to do so. She then moved on to New York where her family now lives comfortably, where her kids go to school, where she shops, where she enjoys the perks of her job, and where she and her family have citizenship. Castle Bruce is a mess, broken homes, broken people. Loreen took advantage of a situation and exploited it for personal gain. If she lost her job tomorrow and ended up working in a store, it would not matter, for she has used the people of Castle Bruce to get out and become an American. Job done. And unless the people of Dominica open their eyes to the way their ‘leaders’ are exploiting and using them, this kind of thing will just go on and on.

  9. July 26, 2019

    Wowwwwwww! that was a mouthful from Loreen Bannis Roberts be careful lady “it’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” mom always told me that “Stupidity and Ignorance are first cousins” and add “Selfishness the aunty; madame if I were you I’d leave your family out of it; they are indeed hard working people but as the saying goes “is only when you play with dog you get flees” whatever that means.

    • Gow
      July 27, 2019

      I have nothing against ERNIE she deserves to be loved but if she is appreciated by the Jno finn family which she joined by her own free will i think she should keep her politics at the door and run her campaign without personally attacking our family cause she’s proudly posing in a photograph with Malcolm and everything and everybody in Dominica knows his Reputation so save me the argument my mother always told me SHOW ME YOUR COMPANION AND I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU 👀

      • shaben
        July 29, 2019

        keep malcolm out of it check your back yard first cow go eat some grass

  10. Genre good hope
    July 26, 2019

    You could have been a real Queen if you had stuck by principles of honesty. Even if you would have had to sit as an opposition member in parliament we would have recognized and treated you as a queen because you would have respected you for being true and honest. You know what bothers me the most? It’s that after all these years you have never apologized to the people whose trust you betrayed. You have never accepted that what you did was more detrimental to the constituency than anything that you did or tried to do in terms of development. And you know it’s true because even after 19 years people are still broken by what you did. And if you are not remorseful, though matter what you do for the people they will never trust you. Simple as that. You may become the highest ambassador in the land but every time you look at yourself in the mirror your self praise is short- lived because here in this mirror are the tears of broken hearts, trusts, loyalty of the good hope people. Jah…

    • Joan
      July 28, 2019

      And I say she is still the selfish greedy person that she has always been

  11. Boutros Boutros Ghali
    July 26, 2019

    And yes teacher Ernie is right you crossed the floor for your own selfish gain. When them two fellas came with the money that the man from pagua sponsored you could not resist. You never even knew who paid for you. You forgot all the little poor people who sacrificed time and resources to help you on the political pedestal. You crossed and you never studied them again. Instead you gave your allegiance to the very people who use to call you greedy and volēh, you remember that, can you?
    You helped them, built their houses, gave them scholarships, while you victimized the poor ones who voted you in on the UWP ticket. Up to this present day some of these people are still living in sub standard conditions. While you were helping your one time opponents you were same time victimizing those of them who didn’t cross the floor with you.

  12. Casio
    July 26, 2019

    maybe she thought the timing wasnt right. maybe she had a lot dealing with in her personal life. maybe she sees that REAL change is absolutely necessary right now and is stepping up to the plate. Maybe Laureen Bannis is just mad that Teacher Ernie chose to represent the opposition and not the DLP. It seems that maybe the DLP has approached her on numerous occasions. Laureen, go and sit down in your little part of the world, wherever it is that Skerrit sent you to and shut up.

  13. Casio
    July 26, 2019

    she self is another spineless snake. As she join them, she start to build her house morne daniel. Greed.

  14. Pas de cobine
    July 26, 2019

    Well Queen Loreen you have real guts to respond to accusations that are sooo very true. Even as a UWP candidate I never trusted you. Is a good thing you mentioned DNA because you know deep down in your soul you are greedy, arrogant, vindictive,divisive and deceptive. And that’s what’s really mapped out in your DNA. You practically accomplished nothing in your constituency for your ten years in office and even now as ambassador not even lil market opportunities you can get for your favorite Good Hope farmers. The only thing that happened under your tenure was the new health centre. I’m not even counting the reunion centre because that in itself was a bloody eye- saw right at the entrance of the village. I’m so thankful to God for his sea blast that took care of that! For ten years you fooled the people from Petite Soufriere telling them that the Rosalie link road will be done. You left and Jono whom you endorsed as your replacement it’s almost ten years into his tenure still no…

  15. Vrai Den
    July 26, 2019

    All this back and forth, I don’t like. Ms. Ernie and the other UWP members please refrain from going on platform and talking about folks on the other side, especially their past. It just creates more chaos. Don’t stoop to their level.
    Go out there and tell us what are your plans for your constituency, and Dominica by extension. Motivate us by your energy to serve honestly and with integrity and transparency. Bannis-Roberts move was “selfish” because she neglected and went against the people who elected her. Let us rise above all this and focus on winning to take back our beloved country.

  16. Lin clown
    July 26, 2019

    Dr.Emanuel Finn was born Emanuel Jno Finn.He changed to FINN because of EDUCATED FOOLS like that lady.

    • Finn
      July 27, 2019

      @Lin Clown- Hey man keep me out of your clownish crap and ‘cormese’. I dont want to be in your circus. The fact of the matter is my late dad was Teacher Ernie’s husband (George) grand uncle. FYI I am a proud member of the Jno Finn clan. The only difference here is my dad hailed from Castle Bruce and I am from La Plaine. One other thing Clown, I support Teacher Ernie 100%.

    • Gow
      July 27, 2019

      He not the only one who did that many of my family members did it and it had nothing to do with politics we have our family history and I’m quite certain it’s not public knowledge so please don’t associate us with this

  17. Ibo france
    July 26, 2019

    This lady, Loreen Bannis-Roberts, has compromised her dignity, morals and reputation by abandoning her too trusting constituents and hooking up with crooks and accomplished liars. Compromising herself seems to be easy for her. It is, as if, her conscience has been surgically removed. The love of money will make some people do unthinkable things to support their lavish lifestyles. Even curse like a deranged woman in public.

  18. Jonathan Y St Jean
    July 26, 2019

    That response from Loreen sounds much like the baronmess Scotland who told Dominicans to go and suck salt. Where is the decorum from the ambassador to the UN? Now she is throwing her family under the bus when accusations are being made against her. Even if you come from a family, each family member makes his own independent decisions and judgments and as such should stand out and be counted individually. Don’t throw your family out there like that for your own personal decisions. The issue was not what your family did or didn’t do it’s about what you have allegedly done or not done.

  19. Kebish
    July 26, 2019

    No need to dignify Loreen’s comments. She should be leaving up to an Amb. level. …not that low

  20. Kalinago Justice
    July 26, 2019

    :?: The crooked crook of the likes of judas escariot king of the crooks, has the gutts to talk about vision! :?: The so-called vision of deceased Roosie Douglas that you and your one-man rogue regime no more talks about,died with Roosie, hence the terrible state of Castle Bruce and the entire island by extension!!!

    July 26, 2019

    Is Teacher Ernie really serious calling people selfish?
    This is unbelievable!
    Teacher Ernie after Hurricane Maria, YOU sold, and others can attest to that, 1(ONE) FINGER(grain) of banana for one($1.00) dollar. Today you have the gust to call people selfish?
    You saying you care for people? Shame on you Ernie! You know what you after.

    • viewsexpressed
      July 26, 2019

      Teacher, please ignore this on going fake Kid (Childish) on the Block. He has nowhere going and he is stuck on the block due to his limited knowledge of the current situation and bad governance taking place in our Domininca through this failed so called Odd Minister referred to as Skerrit. There is no substance in Skerrit to elevate our people. He has failed us and he must Go. He appears politically limited and ignorance and goes about with a fanfare that is a fake and false. This man Skerrit must Go and soon to. Get out, get Lost, you have failed us, you and your blind loyalist, supporters.
      We welcome Hon Lennox Linton and his highly professional UWP Team, who will be in government soon, as soon as election is called and the people of Dominica kick Skerrit and failed government out. It is time to go. Skerrit and his corrupt Labour Government has failed us, reduced or eople to beggars and poverty. We need decency in government. Skerrit had 20 years to make a difference, he failed.

    • mystikal
      July 26, 2019

      I really dunno why DA/cans are so dumb; let’s look at the economics of this; Bananas were scarce (very scarce at it) after Hurricane Maria. Had she sold 5 grains of bananas for $1.00, the supply would have dwindled significantly in a short space of time. But by selling at $1 a grain, ensured survival of the supply chain to ensure the banana was around for a longer period so people could get to eat.
      Everything should not be about politics, but about common sense instead. This act from Ernie, clearly showed that she has a vision to ensure that the banana would be around for a longer period during this drought period of basic food supply. That’s leading with the future of the people in mind. Anyone who thinks this is being selfish, well alas…. You all need to wake up. Wake up to reality. Wake up to common sense. Wake up to an independent frame of mind.

    • Ibo france
      July 26, 2019

      Nonsense and triviality as usual. You remind me of a toothless dog that barks at every passerby. Nothing substantive to offer, only frivolities. That party (DLP) is for traitors, crooks, liars and con artists. DLP is a namby-pamby party. No wonder Dominica lags hundreds of years behind all others in the sub region.

        July 27, 2019

        Ibo MALAPROP France, I’ll repeat to you once again. I am not there to write comments to please you . You are the least I could be bothered about. You are an enemy to the truth, a traitor and an enemy to the state.

    • Cement on de Block
      July 27, 2019

      When you go to market and they weight it for you, how much you paying for a grain? After a disaster when items are scarce they tend to be very expensive. Even if there is no disaster and the item is scarce it will be expensive. Why don’t you ask yourself ‘why Dominica did not have enough fig (produce/agriculture) so that a person would not sell one grain for a dollar?’ That is the question. Was that selfish? A matter of opinion. Was it survival? Definitely!!

  22. Cbboys
    July 26, 2019

    Weather she sold a fig for a dallar after hurricane Maria at least the people could afford to pay for it. They are hard working not lazy.

  23. bayfront
    July 26, 2019

    is it true that the DLP candidate for the castle bruce constituency don’t want you on her team madam ambassador?

  24. bayfront
    July 26, 2019

    bannis Roberts this election is not about you so stay out of it. its about our future and so teacher ernie all the way. no party paid teacher ernie to represent them at the upcoming election unlike your candidate.

    • viewsexpressed
      July 26, 2019

      Ernie, hey, how are you. Please go for it. We need this corrupt Labour government out of our Castle Bruce, Tranto, San Sauveur, Pte . Soufriere. Skerrit has corrupted our government with failed projects, to have poor people, who he has impoverished to come to him as beggars at the Financial Centre. What A shame Skerrit. , and y silly blind Labour people condone this thievery and Bobol.
      We have had enough of this political thievery and we will do an audit to se where that happened, how it happened and wh benefited from it., while our people are unemployed, no food, no uniforms for school and we have loose immature clown running our nature isle. Skerrit, Out, time to Go., You and Melissa (My God…what is this for us nuh) must Go. Get Skerrit and Melissa out of our clean politics. Skerrit, this failure, must Get Lost, please \go. the worse incompetent Prime Minister we have had. This man Skerrit is a political clown. Go away, leave us alone, Go mind your funky dirty bool business.

  25. disappointed
    July 26, 2019

    I am extremely disappointed at the response of the Ambassador. Even if the accusations are not true (which they very well might be) you do not need to respond to everything that is said Loreen. take the higher road.

    When will we see some Michelle Obama behavior coming from our women?!

    If they go low, go high! Come on man, you are a sitting ambassador. Act like it!

    • Ibo france
      July 26, 2019

      The accusations leveled at the ambassador were solidly accurate. The lady is untrustworthy. She might have inspired Joseph ‘Modern Day Judas’ Isaac to do like her. She’s just riding on the sore backs of the poor. She used the people to get elected then immediately discarded them. Just the manner she retorted to the truth gives you a clear indication of her character. The DLP is fully loaded with people of thuggish character. They are mostly thugs in red, the color of danger and splattered blood.

    • JP
      July 26, 2019

      @ disappointed, I dont see nothing wrong in her response. She is not Michelle Obama. We all give a response when we are called out. Ask Trump.

  26. Cbboys
    July 26, 2019

    Madam ambassador is it true that you said so many negative things about Austel Lockhart your good friend that’s why he’s no longer the DLP candidate?

    • viewsexpressed
      July 26, 2019

      This young man with potential has hang about as boom boom fly, with Skerrit and others in Bruce where no one is gong anywhere and castle Bruce is now this dead Village with nothing to show for it, but Skerrit boom boom Flies in Castle Bruce are the ones attempting to raise his profile, which he has lost. The names above mentioned have been pampering their failed Skerrit now for years. What they get out of it, this past 19 years, no one knows. Just a blind loyalty to a failed immature dunce politician

  27. Marie
    July 26, 2019

    Well let me tell it both these women are trouble. I have personally had dealing with them both and was let down everytime. Loreen is correct teacher Ernie has showed me numerous times she’s all about herself. However, Loreen herself has been accused of on numerous occasions of being selfish by manipulating programs and projects to appear as though she was spear heading them she self. I don’t care for either of these two women! And lastly, as a high ranking government official why is Loreen speaking as such in this manner, within this platform, so you see what we have to work with in the country? Nothing good to choose from.

    • Pas de cobine
      July 26, 2019

      But the point is you were personally let down by both of these women but when I e individual betrays the votes of the people can you really compare that to your personal disappointment with these two ladies?

  28. mark
    July 26, 2019

    Wow- “Ale soukwe sak ou, la ou vann chebon ou -the ‘highly professional and diplomatic’ language of Dominica’s ‘most distinguished’ UN Ambassador Loreen Bannis. The fact is anyone who has dealt with Ms. Bannis knows that her expertise is not diplomacy, respect or any of these. She is quick to give anyone who disagrees with her some serious ‘Maypie. She is not nice and is indeed a very selfish person. The question for you Loreen is it true that the mission in NYC is now a way station for the orchestration of brining down voters like you did in the VIs? Loreen is bad news and is not nice and is indeed a very selfish person.
    Thanks Ms. Jno-Finn for having the courage to say that publicly.

  29. bayfront
    July 26, 2019

    Bannis Roberts during your reign as pal rep. A basic necessity like pipe borne water in tranto , good hope and dipax was done by Bernard Wiltshire. can you remember that.

    • Me
      July 26, 2019

      Bernard Wiltshire’s contribution to the country is what is keeping tourism alive! He should be recognised for his contributions with the trail and more. He is one of the great Dominicans that will go down in history even if not fully recognised in current times.

  30. Zandoli
    July 26, 2019

    I did not see any defences against the accusation of selfishness. All I saw was she attacking the UWP candidate.

  31. I still Red
    July 26, 2019

    A greedy, shameless and selfish who has been a about self from day one. She stole my vote then she ran to the USVI and now to the US. She and Vince are two of a kind. They have shown no love or allegiance to community or country except to feed on our daily bread while we stay hungry. I still RED but not their kind of selfish greedy red

  32. LifeandDeath
    July 26, 2019

    Wow Loreen, are u serious?..Where is your defense? You have not presented any evidence to contradict Ernie’s claim.
    You simply resorted to bashing Ernie. Dominica is at it’s lowest ebb. The worse characters hold high office in that country. DA can do much better. These people have no morals.
    Look at the state of the entire countryside (including Castle Bruce), how the economic livlihoods have deteriorated under the DLP reign. C’mon Loreen..You all have no consciences.

    • viewsexpressed
      July 26, 2019

      That’s what happens when desperate people embrace failed immature Skerrit and after the embrace their is nothing of value in this activity. It is just nice t be seen hanging about Skerrit. these so called Skerrit`s confidantes are just blind followers. Guess there is something to earn or benefitted from it. But surely it is not our Dominica or our people who has or will benefit. the clang of happy go easy Skerrit alliances has nothing to do with Dominica`s development. Look at the hell of Castle Bruce and after 20 years tel us what Skerrit or Lorraine etc has done for castle Bruce to elevate it to that higher level. Caste Bruce is village with an abundance of intellectual nd are role models and Skerrit and bind followers, Lorraine etc has not done anything of substance for Castle Bruce, a promising village. Shame on Skerrit and his blind loyalists.
      Skerrit must go and we had enough of his immaturity and failures.
      We welcome Hon. Linton as PM and his highly professional UWP Team.

  33. Cbboys
    July 26, 2019

    Teacher Ernie has always been a selfless individual so she chose to remain as an educator to impact children’s lives instead. What legacy have you left behind? Bannis Roberts will always be remembered as an individual who betrayed her people and that’s the truth. The truth will only offend those who live outside of it. She will also be remembered as a manipulative individual who assisted in the downfall of Hon Drigo because he no longer wished to have her as his puppeteer. Accomplishment? An incomplete reunion center, netball stadium and housing project. The difference is clear. The ambassador entered politics because she wanted a job, teacher Ernie entered because she saw a need for proper representation.

    • Marie
      July 26, 2019

      Let her tell it she helped bring back the fishing culture dere in CB.

  34. Ibo france
    July 26, 2019

    I have no respect, absolutely none, for people who betray poor people who invest their time and confidence in them. This lady is a renegade who wraps herself in expensive clothes and packages self as a decent human being. She cares only about self and her immediate family, Deception is her favorite tool of choice and money is her religion. You have to be a dishonest, roguish and dirty minded person to beg unsuspecting, vulnerable people to vote for you then immediately after they do, and, you win, you switch political party strictly for cash and opportunities. No wonder the DLP is comprised of just notorious liars, queers and mental invalids. This group of peculiar reprobates attracts the WORST that Dominica has to offer – the unruly, abusive, ignorant, unlettered, lazy, greedy and the morally and ethically challenged. They richly earned our collective scorn for the ubiquitous corruption, high unemployment and abysmal standard of living they have manufactured. OUT WITH THEM!!!!

  35. Greedy Loreen
    July 26, 2019

    Loreen Bannis. Shhh. Hush. You have the guts trying to defend your actions, after what you did? You’re a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself. You and Joseph Isaac are OPPORTUNISTS, users, con artists, scammers, hood winkers. You are home now, you belong with Skerrit. You’re birds 🐦 of a feather.

  36. Shaka zulu
    July 26, 2019

    Ms Bannis you full of …. and the resen you responded is because you know what Jno Finn said is true. Your response is so childish and fibble. Why did you not high light what castle bruce benifited from your service and your switch. It is quite obvious you did great so it is certainly clear that who is about self. Jno Finn was asked to serve before obviously she had qualities that made her desirable then. She is ready now because Dominica is a mess and those qualities are needed. Dont come and talk about she does not have vision now. In your response above nothing is mentioned about how your service improved castle bruce and the life of the people. I know in 4.5 years UWP built castle bruce secondary school and developed playing field and agriculture was booming. That you cannot deny. In labour tenure you the only one that seems to reach higher highs so save your breath. By your fruits and actions we know who you are and jno Finn is right.

  37. HMM
    July 26, 2019

    Loreen, ay ay you responding. What Teacher Ernie said must have really shake you. the truth offends, CRAB!!!! what you don’t want to see you will surely see. You had no accomplishments as a minister back then under Labour and definitely not now as ambassador. Woman you sell your flag long time shut your mouth, you in the United States of America living the good life on the backs of Dominicans while we here suffering under Labour Party and Roosevelt Skerrit. Girl give Teacher Ernie a break. Selfishness is the damn right word !!!!!!

  38. Frank N Stein
    July 26, 2019

    Lorraine nothing you say can erase the fact that you are selfish. All now you are still benefiting from your self agenda and soon you will find yourself in a bag of coals. You are using a quote what is totally out of context anyway, ,sot. Whatever benefit you are referring to that the family of Ms Jno Finn got is more confirmation of your selfishness. The thing with Skerit followers, they say things that expose them without even knowing because they are so quick to defend. Ms Jno finn was correct so you had better ask your selfish self a question.

  39. jamie
    July 26, 2019

    Loreen you are selfish woman,you back stabbing,and grow up,so tired of your childish ways.

  40. Castle Bruce Massive
    July 26, 2019

    Is that the same lady that was selling fig to us for a dollar a fig after hurricane Maria? Well she have some nerves calling people selfish. I really don’t think she is calling Loreen Bannis selfish. The same Loreen Bannis that takes her money and buy people in the area things. This is one person I can say did not forget where she came from. Castle Bruce is in Loreen’s blood, I am not sure Ernie Lawrence Jno-Finn knows loreen because she would not have made such a comment. I am not blue, red or pink i am from Castle Bruce and right is right truth is truth. Do your campaigning but if you living in a glass house don’t throw stones.

    • Kalinago Justice
      July 26, 2019

      Whatever money Loreen may have spent in Castle Bruce does not belong to her! Where has she gotten such wealth to be able to distribute :?:

    • Who feels it knows it
      July 26, 2019

      Nothing is wrong with the lady selling her green bananas after hurricane maria, she is not currently in government committing fraud, and compulsive corruption.
      that’s what you all need to take heed of. These so called Ambassadors come on the labour party platform and make all kinds of derogatory statements about people, now Teacher Ernie spoke and some are angry. But, angry about what the honest truth. Loreen your are a selfish individual, take that !!!!!!!!!

    • Possie Direct
      July 26, 2019

      But 2 years after Maria I buying a ripe banana in Portsmouth for a dollar and the person is a Chritian, pastors wife and laborite. So I don’t get your point @ castle Bruce massive

  41. Made in China
    July 26, 2019

    She is bad for the constituency, has no energy, no plans, no vision but she was asked several times to run? I don’t get it. On the one hand you make it seem like she was sought after on the other you make it seem like she’s not a good candidate. Not a very good argument.

    Also it’s telling that she barely says anything about the accusation of selfishness. Floor crossings are almost inherently selfish because you go against the wishes of the people who voted you into power. If there is ever a case that someone wants to cross the floor it should go back to a public vote again with the person taking up their position with the party they are going to cross over to. Simple as that.

  42. MWEN
    July 26, 2019

    Laureen, you really upset me. Look at the state of the constituency… you come talk about plans and vision? After so many years the people are worst off than you guys met them. The people have no clue where they are going… All the kids dream of is to which country the can go when they are out of school… and you come talk about plans and vision? Anything is better than what labour has shown us.
    You should be ashamed of where you and labour have taken us. Laureen, please stay in the states. Stay out of our affairs. We all know that our incoming park rep is right.

  43. KaliNeg
    July 26, 2019

    :?: Whether Teacher Ernie has energy, plans and vision or not Loreen; tell us what did your crossing and betrayal of the people’s trust to the one-man rogue regime done for the constituency of Castle Bruce :?: Who benefitted other than yourself :?: First of all you didn’t work hard in winning that constituency;it was given to you by your uncle who gained the people’s trust and favour! This is why when it comes to elections and voting for a candidate, we the people should look at the person presented to us as to whether they will serve we the people and not because of who’s related to them :?: This is why we’re in such calamity on island, the masses vote for a candidate because of one-man! Once again Loreen, tell the people of Castle Bruce how better off they are because of you and your one-man rogue regime after 20 years :?:

    • bwa neg
      July 26, 2019

      She didn’t even try to offer the declared DLP candidate as a good option.. Shame on her.

  44. Ibo france
    July 26, 2019

    Mrs. Ambassador (Bannis-Roberts) is nothing more than an uncouth, undisciplined, money-grabbing, ultra selfish , uncaring , arrogant egomaniac. She and Joseph Isaac should be treated with the utmost contempt. They are scabs. Traitors, hypocrites and imposters are the scum of the earth. So is this ego driven lady. She has been handsomely rewarded (monetarily) for her traitorous action but has lost her dignity and corrupted her soul in the process. Her soul is eternally dark. These ambassadorial positions are awarded to Skerrit’s most diehard bootlickers. Their time of basking in their haughty positions is soon to be ended.

  45. LEE
    July 26, 2019

    These Labour folks act like only they can say whatever they want about people, but the minute you call them out, they all in their feelings.

    Loreen you need to realize that you have not been forgiven or forgotten for that nasty self-serving move. For the record you cannot see where Ernie passing when it comes to service to community.


  46. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    July 26, 2019

    Selfishness is not in your DNA: that’s a foolish sentiments; how can selfishness be in a persons DNA; you heard the term not understanding the concept you applying it to your ego!
    You could have simply said egocentrism, introversion, self-seeking, or self -serving is not in your nature, which would be a lie!
    Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid of complex molecular structure occurring in cell nuclei as the basic structure of the genes; deoxyribonucleic acid is present in all body cells of every species, including unicellular organisms, and DNA viruses.
    DNA molecules are linear polymers of small molecules called nucleotides, each of which consists of one molecule of the five-carbon sugar deoxyribose bonded to a phosphate group, and to one of four heterocyclic nitrogenous compounds referred to as bases.
    A single strand of DNA is made by linking the nucleotides together in a chain with bonds between the sugar, and phosphate.
    People should not use terms in the wrong…

    • Braindamage
      July 26, 2019

      Looked like you smoke sumting…..

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 26, 2019

      You are  using terminologies, not knowing when you are using them wrong!

      Any first year biology major student, or anyone majoring in Health Science, talking about one aspiring a profession in medicine; nurse, PA, and medical doctors must become familiar with DNA; which is actually the blueprint to human life.

      So, whereas your wig shines, we remember you stabbed Edison James and the UWP in the back.The only thing you have contributed to Dominica, is drinking your belly full of beer in the virgin island, before you were posted to where you are drinking the blood of our nation.

      We remember another contribution you made, while in the coalition party, when you said “you sat all night working frivolously to get the price of rum low so that Dominican can buy their rum cheap to drink  more rum.”

      An inebriated nation cannot see what is taking place around them, get the people drunk, give them the music while then nation die!

      Crawl back into your hole!

  47. Braindamage
    July 26, 2019

    Yes traitor, you will soon be packing your bag.

  48. Gouvelma
    July 26, 2019

    Bannis-Roberts a man or woman of principle stand by her principles, lives by it and dies for her principles. Teacher Ernie refused to sell her soul. You on the other hand betrayed your uncle and the constituency for a few dollars more. Who then has more scruples? Your only concern is you and your family and how much hou can suck out of Dominica. Don’t worry! Elections soon come. You will be pulled out of that offixe not is not a lifetime post. Teacher Ernie will be victorious. I have advised the incoming PM that people like you who betrayed the trust of your constituency must not receive a pension until you cry publicly. Your immediate family is filthy rich while the rest of the constituency live in poverty. Thats how people who drink red coolaid behave. It’s all about me and my family and to hell with everyone else. Teacher Ernie doesn’t belief in that. For her, all must eat. That’s why she has refused to drink out of the labor bitter cup. Change is a must. Victory for Teacher…

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