Ministerial and technical committee set up to oversee international airport project

Prime Minister Skerrit speaking during his Anou Palay talk show

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said that his government has put in place a ministerial and technical committee to oversee the international airport project.

The prime minister said recently on his weekly radio talk show that while the project is a costly one, Dominica is in need of an international airport.

“What we have also done is we have put in place a ministerial committee to oversee this airport project and also a technical committee to oversee the airport,” he stated. “For now, the technical committee is with public officers. We intend to extend it to the private sector and other interest groups in the next week or two so that there is a greater involvement of the whole of the country in respect to the airport.”

He mentioned also that property owners in Wesley created a ‘Property Owners Committee’ “and we have almost formalized that committee to work with us on the ground to inform us of the issues and concerns.”

Skerrit said the committee has been working very well in collaboration with his government.

“We intend to have two representatives from this committee to serve on the national committee as well, so that there is a sharing of information and communication going on, on a daily basis,” he explained.

He said committees are expected to meet every week to follow-up on issues relating to the construction of the International Airport.

“I have said to them we need to work assiduously to meet our target for this project,” the prime minister stated.

He said that he met with a number of farmers and property owners in Wesley last week Thursday (August 27), several of them whose properties have to be acquired by the government.

“I really want to place on public record, I may have done so before but I want to reiterate it this evening, my extreme gratitude and profound gratitude to the property owners in the Wesley and Woodford Hill area. People there have been exceptional with their collaboration and cooperation,” he stated.

The prime minister revealed that the government has concluded surveys for some 233 properties of varying sizes of people who have agricultural lands, residential lots and homes on the residential lots.

He said that these people have legitimate concerns which the government accepts and which they intend to respond to in a pragmatic and practical way.

“We have been able to respond to the suggestions of the property owners,” Skerrit said. “So in some cases, there are people who want cash for their lands and will be facilitated, there are people whose homes are being affected and they want a home replaced and we will be facilitating that.”

Those Wesley and Woodford Hill homeowners who have been affected will, according to the prime minister, be put in houses which the government plans to construct on about 40 acres of land that has been subdivided for that purpose.

Skerrit said the government has also done crop assessment for about 29 farmers there.

He went on to say that there are 15 landowners who have indicated that they want money for their lands and those 15 people will be facilitated as early as Friday this week.

“…I have also mandated the Ministry of Housing and the technical committee to go back to Wesley where they will be presenting the designs and floor plans for the homes which we will be building for people who may be affected,” the primer minister stated.

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  1. land owner
    September 29, 2020

    why is it that i cannot get a response about my land allegedly being purchased for the international airport?
    not even an acknowledgement of the numerous emails to the several email addresses given to me by the ministry?
    why is it that my dozens of phone calls are just going in circles? why is it that no one in the ministry can answer me?
    why is it i hear them saying “say i am not there”
    why is it that there is no transparency? can we get the names on this committee published?

  2. Annon
    September 5, 2020

    How about GEOTHERMAL? Tourism is dead. It will be years before U.S tourists for example will be back to previous levels that were already low when they can go to Key West by the millions.

  3. Original
    September 4, 2020

    The initial process would’ve been to create this ministerial committee, have consultation with the public, complete surveys and formulate an integrated approach towards a very complex project. Instead the process is being done in reverse which clearly indicates incompetence on behalf of this administration. Allowing the Chinese to do the design as they wish and build as they wish while leaving a bill for us tax payers. Total disrespect to the population of Dominica.

  4. Rasfire
    September 3, 2020

    Forth time he promising an airport,and now with covid and everywhere locked down,now he serious 🤪🤪😃😃😃😃😃🤪skerrit,smh,is this guy taken for real by the majority,can’t understand

  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    September 3, 2020

    Messier quick, messier quack 😁. The double doctorate circus leader is feeling the heat about the $64,000 mansion at the expense of the taxpayers, in a time when there isn’t much revenue because of COVID-19. First, we were told that the money which his government was putting away towards the airport has been used up because of revenue shortfalls. Therefore one wonders where is the money to buy land from residents in Wesley coming from? This announcement is only a smokescreen. After RUSM left our shores, Skerritt announced that three schools we’re standing by to replace them, we are yet to see any replacement medical school, yet continue to hear that Skerritt will announce one soon. His friends who he listened to convinced him to put lighting in Melville Hall instead of continuing the UWP plans to build an international airport. That lighting and rehab plan cost millions and now Skerritt sees the need for an international airport. That’s spinning top in mud.

  6. Lin clown
    September 3, 2020

    These UWP CLONED BABOONS,did not build Dominica.The Labourites did with their BLOOD,SWEAT and TEARS.We will NEVER take advice from these UWP crooks and traitors

  7. Lin Clown
    September 3, 2020

    Shame UWP shame.They said Skerrit would never build stadium.They said the friendship hospital was a pie in the sky.The said Skerrit was lying when he promised $300 monthly for 70 year old and over.They said in six months the NEP would be no more.They said Clear Harbour would close after one year.Anthony Astaphans was able to get $16,000,000 for his client,from UWP.This $16,000,000 was for Londondery Estate to build an airport,they knew they could not build.This UWP think Dominicans are stupid.They promised farmers $1 per pound of bananas,at the same time,they purchased 400 acres of prime banana lands to build a BOGUS airport.Crooked,lying traitors.They raided DSS of …………….The only people who profited from the RE-ENGINEERED CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME were they and the one in Belfast who built a $2.5 million mansion.Ask the one in CCM for the missing $60,000.

  8. Bring back the kidnapped parrots
    September 3, 2020

    Why is he talking about his international airport at this time, they already had the election. He should save it for the next election like he has been doing for the last 20 years.

  9. Akexander Gibb grandson
    September 3, 2020

    I support any international airport development programme the government of the day is executing but i do not support building the airport in any location.

    The location being considered by the present day government is not the right location. The better location is the location selected when the United Workers Party was in government… Why can’t the Dominica Labour Party government use that site at Woodford Hill instead of the Wesley site…

    I appeal to the Government to please use wisdom and use the better site chosen at Woodford Hill/Wesley by the UWP government on the advice of Planning and Stanley instead of the Crompton Point/Wesley sitchosen by the DFP government on the advice of Alexander Gibb

    But as Trump would say “it is what it is”…

    • Rasfire
      September 3, 2020

      We have no government we only have his most high skerrit

    • Joseph John
      September 3, 2020

      So what are the dynamics that make the uwp choice of site better. I say that the DLP sight is better based on a conversation I had with a pilot.

    • click here
      September 4, 2020

      Because it was the UWP that selected it. This government is like a head strong donkey. Same thing for the San Sauver School. Who builds a school directly on the coast? Sea Blast will destroy everything! Unless it is just stone and wood you are using. The people of San Sauver Good Hope and Petit Soufriere protested and Parl Rep, i believe it was laureen bannis who made police come and move people without even wanting to reason with them. They were saying the school should be put where Mamo and the freedom party had put land aside a little further inland specifically for the school. They refused. the school not in the best shape and the proposed land is a housing scheme. Same thing will happen for this airport. Watch and learn what not to do if you ever get into government.

  10. Ibo France
    September 3, 2020

    I truly think that the children and young adults have a lot to learn from Prime Minister Skerrit . Watch what he does and don’t do it. He lies religiously; he makes promises with the intention not to keep; he engages in corrupt practices; he is demonically evil ( under his watch an entire sleeping community was assaulted with poisonous teargas among other evils); he curses his opponents calling them old buggy and stale soup.

    Leadership matters: I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep.

    September 3, 2020

    Who wants to be fooled by listening to a ‘jack…’ talk?

  12. Patriot
    September 2, 2020

    It’s always said.if you keep on telling untruths to people over and over, they begin to believe those lies….
    The Pm has made it his business to come over and over talking about airport. Four terms in office and the airport Stilll coming.. Now the Pm wanna be relevant, because he can’t be all over the world, the old airport story comes up.
    This airport willl never come through Words and untruths . This airport willl come when cock get teeth…
    Sadly this politically torn apart country willl always believe old talk bout airport.
    Corona , no money yet stupid talk about airport.
    One must not forget the foolishness of marigot Airport… And the whole night landing drammma.
    PM Skerritt, you aren’t shame, knowing that all the countries in Caricom got International Airport.? All your friends build airport but you in the line last. Conclusion: You are a failed leader.
    Smartmanisn, town foolery and gaining the world and losing one’s soul….. When the soul is okay, you never…

  13. dissident
    September 2, 2020

    I don’t believe a word of this. De technical committee you speak of are public officers…. what happened to the Chinese technical team you didn’t mention them at all.
    I think that the 233 properties is part of a land grab that is not related to any international airport construction.
    You keep stressing de cost…..I bet you squander much more money than dat already.
    Your psychology is whacked. You buying up properties for airport construction but de Chinese technical team haven’t even produced a technical report for the proposal,. Your technical team haven’t produced a report about anything.
    So why can’t you name de area where the people will be relocated?
    Too many unanswered questions.

    Fake airport construction news

  14. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    September 2, 2020

    “Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said that his government has put in place a ministerial and technical committee to oversee the international airport project.

    “Roosevelt triple doctor Punjab Hi-Fu Skerrit, you seems to believe that you are the most clever liar on the planet; if I was born in a pit-hole at the back of every house in Dominica, I would prefer to roll in fire to clean my mind before I believe that crap in the quote above.

    And here is what I am talking about; you claimed that the Chines are going to build some invisible International Airport; using Chines money to build it.

    Be it a grant or a loan perhaps only you and Demetrius knows, just as only he and you knew the date of election more than ten years ago, by then your boy Dmitri  was less than a year ole oui!


    Roosevelt no committee you set up can oversee anything the Chines are spending their money on in Dominica! 

    • Man bites dogs
      September 4, 2020

      @Francisco, Mr Skerrit has always delivered anything he said he would that new airport will be built sooner than later British Airways has a much bigger and larger fleet 787 – 10 our new airport stat- of – the – art will be able to handle anything watch this space Dr Skerrit, soon to be lord Skerrit, Knighted by the Queen, stick that up so-called Workers clowns ask no question 😛

  15. Ibo France
    September 2, 2020

    This is something that perturbs me. Mr. Skerrit habitually and religiously boycotts every session of parliament whenever the lawfully and duly elected leader of the parliamentary opposition is slated to make a presentation. This singular action is sufficient proof that he (Skerrit) is a 5 year old child in the body of a 48 year old adult.

    This action is disgusting, nauseating and reprehensible. This happens no where else around the globe. Dominica sets trends but dubious ones. In any other country, the media would have taken him to task but in Dominica they grant him a pass.

    The Opposition members have sound, progressive ideas that can redound to the benefit of the country. Even a broken clock is right twice per day.

    Childishness, immaturity, intolerance, haughtiness by a supremely corrupt leader and his cabinet of acquiescent dotards have Dominica precariously poised to fall into oblivion.

  16. eifil
    September 2, 2020

    In all fairness this man is out of control. Two prolific villages of wesley and woodford ,when you sell your land it is gone forever. The noise of landing and liftoff from the jet is unbearable. This has been tried and abandoned before,putting the people safety first. We are fortunate to avoid that deadly weapon called Covid-19 because we don’t facilitate international airport. Project from Emerald Pool and much more, where do they all start and end. A bird in thy hand is worth two in the bush.

  17. Belebeff
    September 2, 2020

    :-D Only gullible foolish labourites will believe that statement… .. saying that nothing is the same.
    Wiating for next lie pm. that’s we be getting day after day ..smh

    • Galileo
      September 2, 2020

      You all need to stop saying this. Insults will not help you to win people over. I identify as Labourite and I certainly not gullible and foolish. You make yourself sound foolish by insulting people because they don’t share your view. This level of intolerance makes you no better than a bigot.

      • Belebeff
        September 3, 2020

        Cap fit and you seem to wear it proudly.
        How many lies do you get to tell before you can consider him a liar?
        Am overwhelmed with lies over the past 20+ years

      • Viewsexpressed
        September 3, 2020

        Galileo, please be reminded that this Failed incompetent Skerrit of yours is weak, a big joker and has failed us and our people.
        Please tell us, show in us where and what has this failed incompetent Questionable inmature Skerrit has done to raise the standard and reputation and profile of our Dominica and our people. This man’s Politics is a fake, inmature, lacks knowledge and vision and experience of Socioeconomic development. Our Dominica is in a sad state of affairs and you sit down there lack experience and knowledge as to how to elevate our people from your begging and corrupted practices. You talk too much BS and yet you want to get at our decent trusted committed UWP Leader Hon Lennox Linton. Skerrit you have failed us and it’s time that Skerrit get the hell out of our government.
        We will welcome our trusted Hon. Linton and his formidable decent trusted committed UWP Team.
        It’s time our people our Dominica goes forward towards the development of our people lead by Hon…

    • The Truth Be Told
      September 2, 2020

      You said belebeff for the stadium. It has been a reality. You said belebeff for the apartments and houses. It has been a reality. U said Belebeff pour Jeff announce for so many things and they have become realities. Well now is Belebeff pour Jeff announce for the International Airport well I know it is a reality. Go to Wesley and ask about it.

      When will you drop Belebeff and join the reality show? You only wasting your talent Belebeff. Come on board and lets us build the Airport. #Airport coming#. Thank the Creator for all we as a small nation has achieved. Belebeff go do a tour of the country. I hope you in DA country. Get a taxi and go from Scotts Head to Capuchin. Or call Sheppee fun tours for a countrywide tour. Wish you all the best bro or sis.

      • Belebeff
        September 3, 2020

        Seem the cap fit u aswell.. continue to support Dr Koshonwi if that’s what makes u happy

      • Joseph John
        September 4, 2020

        You forgot the Marigot Hospital.
        All I can say on behalf of all Dominicans who love their country is that is what the Dr Dr has initiated for Dominica is bellbef and lies…Give me more, Give us more, give them more.

        • RoRo
          September 4, 2020

          I believe it when it’s finished!!!!!

  18. Hot Gucci mama
    September 2, 2020

    He has the perfect talk show. Anuo pallay sort. I don’t read or listen to anything this man say and do anymore. You can’t even give Dominicans a stimulus package is international Airport that’s way more expensive you talking about. Dominican continue to listen to Anuo pallay sort .

    • The Truth Be Told
      September 2, 2020

      On day you all will stop the foolishness of disrespecting people. See my reply to Belebeff. Ou ki ka parler sort because it is there for us all to see the many accomplishments. What we have to do is thank God for saving our lives and for whatever we have achieved from 2015 (Erica); 2017 (Maria) and now the new normal COVID-19.

      We should be grateful to our Father and if we cannot be to God, then who can we thankful and grateful to. Aller penser objectivement and let us all Praise the Lord for what he has done for us over the past five years thru our leaders. Time to stop hatred, jealousy and all the strife we causing with politics too. Politics stops when party wins. Now is country building time. Take your stand and stop being a complainer.

      • click here
        September 4, 2020

        i know, half a bread is plenty bread. country could have been leaps an bounds ahead. I still waiting for cannabis to be taken seriously. Stroke of a pen. all it takes. But as usual it is held on to like a card up his sleeve. Our social institutions are depleting. our moral fiber. Our integrity. these things are being sacrificed in the name of material things buddy. Yes we need an airport and new sea ports, industrial parks, proper entertainment and night life but not at the cost of our social institutions.

  19. Itraining
    September 2, 2020

    I’m a Laborite and I don’t even want to hear anything about that because I tired hear it lol. U lucky that u out perform LL in other aspects.

    • LifeandDeath
      September 2, 2020

      Interesting you make that point, you’re inevitably highlighting what is particularly wrong with Dominica. Many Dominicans have not yet figured out that to be an “-ite”, is to blindly and quite foolishly pledge allegiance to a group of individuals who often times than not turn out to be disappointments. Dominicans wake up and stand up for country. Party Politics is to the detriment of our Country on a whole, and when we do Bad as a country we all feel it, and same applies when we do good. Skerrit and the DLP have wrecked the Dominican economy, and many Dominicans feel committed because they subscribe to the “Labour-ite” mentality. He lives well regardless of the economic circumstances, note that most recently he saddled a 64K bill on taxpayers for his private living accommodation, at the same time many Dominicans on the NEP, not making EC$1,000 a month. NO amount of Airports or Apts can put more money in treasury or in Dominicans pockets. #wakeup!!#patriots

    • ??????????????
      September 2, 2020

      You are not any Labourite! Stop this! You are blue. A Labourite does not join the blue party! period. Your strategy won’t work. Labourites do not sell their flag and go meet LL. You were probably a UWP disguised but you did not get what u wanted so the rest is history. You all can pretend so good but even under pretense, you all must slip and show your true colors. UWPs are a special brand of people. They can be readily identified by their actions of hatred of others who do not support their part. They will stoop low to show their colors.

    • Joseph John
      September 2, 2020

      @ Itraining, have a little patience, wait a little longer the airport is coming. The PM is building a legacy for the DLP. People will be saying “Labor do dat.” We Labourites will be saying, “I is labor” and will be striding taller and straighter with a smile of pride. Opposition forces “CANT STOP THIS “

    • click here
      September 3, 2020

      Lennox Linton has never been given the chance to lead the country. How is there a comparison? I know that people without formal education have gone on in life to do magnificent things in the world, if only given a chance. For sure i know your leader outperforms everybody in corruption and lies.

  20. Ibo France
    September 2, 2020

    This guy is truly feeling the heat or he has had an epiphany overnight It’s Electoral Reforms, then International Airport, next up is Geothermal Energy, Modern Cruise Ship Facility, 100% Increase in Salaries for Public Servants, Streets of Gold.

    This information was put out in the public domain to switch attention from the $64 300 per month residence and the Danny Lugay kidnapping and wrongful arrest among other anomalies.

    The focus should be kept on the palatial FORTRESS, POLICE BRUTALITY and INCOMPETENCE, the unprecedented high level of POVERTY and JOBLESSNESS, PUBLIC SERVANTS STAGNANT SALARIES and WAGES, the UNLIVABLE MINIMUM WAGE, the FREQUENT GUNPLAY and last but not least the COMATOSE ECONOMY. These should occupy our attention with a resolute intention to bring relief to the beleaguered population.

    No government is better than the men who compose it. This is precisely the reason Dominica is in dire straits. It has a KAKISTOCRATIC government (rule by the worst…

    • ???????????????
      September 2, 2020

      Ibo why you hate so? Get over your common ritual. One day say something positive. The same old story over and over again. Obsessed with the PM. Do you dream of him?

      • Viewsexpressed
        September 3, 2020

        Yes????????? Skerrit is this damn Failure and has ruined our Nature Isle Dominica.
        Skerrit knows absolutely nothing of Socioeconomic development, he’s just this comical Odd Minister killing our Economy and our Dominica and our people, whom he be offers Red Clinic Bobol cash just to we in them.over. Skerrit knows absolutely nothing of Socioeconomic development and has failed us big time. He must “Get the Hell out of our government”. He’s inmature, a big failure and incompetent. He needs to go, we have had enough.
        We welcome Hon. Lennox Linton and his trusted competent professional trustworthy formidable decent UWP Government.
        We had enough of this failed fake Labour government and its incompetent failed Labour Leader government.
        We welcome decent honourable trusted competent professional trustworthy reliable formidable UWP Team under Hon. Lennox Linton. God’s grace 🙏 and guidance.

  21. WeNiceMan
    September 2, 2020

    SMH!! Another j$rk off pronouncement.

    This is a government full of pronouncements from which nothing ever materializes.

    September 2, 2020

    MR skerrit states that the property owners have formed a committee to deal with the acquisition of lands that is true but only include those hard core dlp members at eden road .last i knew the people near to my house at burnam knew nothing about this i know by speaking to afew of them bearing in mind that this project excludes four buildings in burnam my house the school and one nierbour

  23. Joseph John
    September 2, 2020

    I hope the designers o the replacement houses think of 3 to 4 bedroom houses on pillars. That way they can live upstairs and have storage space or some business/agriculture activity downstairs. They may think of a small business like raising chickens for meat and eggs.

    • click here
      September 3, 2020

      In a new housing scheme/residential area? you want to raise chickens? You dont realize that what the people had before will no longer be available? Many of these people had enough land to have a garden and raise their chickens and goats. But when you have a housing residential area with limited space, where you think you going and raise chickens? 5 feet from your neighbor? i burning that fowl cage my brother. Is because of people like you why the place can never look like it have some sort of standards. All you want to do anything anywhere anyhow. No wonder the country running so.

      • Joseph John
        September 4, 2020

        I am speaking from experience. I built a 4 bedroom house in an urban area on pillars in Dominica. Downstairs I raised broiler,s, layers turkey and rabbits and sold eggs from the trunk of my car’
        In many places in Dominica people built two story houses and convert downstairs into shops and stores. My mother had one of those places in Dominica.
        It is very easy to maintain sanitary standards with poultry if you know what to do. Obviously you have no experience in raising poultry so you are only mouthing in an effort to belittle me.
        You talk about people raising chicken and goats in their gardens. So how many goat gardens you have and how many chicken gardens.

  24. weh
    September 2, 2020

    Mr PM I’m wondering if you found the two containers that you said you were going to use to make a terminal?

    • Joseph John
      September 2, 2020

      @ weh, Could you please help him find them. He is too busy working for the i.a. in his usual visionary method of “state off the art”

  25. Batibou River
    September 2, 2020

    Week in week out this man comes on that favourite station of his and tells his followers what they want to hear. Unfortunately all of it is without any substance at all and most of it we have heard years ago already. The reason I know that all this is pie in the sky, I own quite a bid of land where he proposes the airport to be built. Up to this day not him nor anybody else has approached me about this land. I will inform all you as soon as anybody approaches me or start negotiations or bring me a cheque. I guess in true Skerrit fashion he will waste millions on ‘committees’ and forget to purchase the land. Let’s be honest, the treasury is empty anyway. Yet another airport hoax from the conman if you ask me…!

    • Joseph John
      September 2, 2020

      @ batibeau river, its nice to see the PM addressing the nation every week. Normally you have a pro every month giving reported speeches. That way his supporters know what is happening so that they can stand up in his defense who like to say that he is doing nothing. We know communication with the public and keeping in touch with the citizenship is very important to him.

      • Viewsexpressed
        September 3, 2020

        Joseph John, what on earth is nice big what Skerrit says. Skerrit is a loser and has failed us. This Political clown of yours after 20 long years ,,tell us where is the development taking place. What we know that takes place is this fake Skerrit all over the place talking BS and nothing of substance to account for. We desperately need change in our Government and Skerrit and his failed Labour government must get the hell out of our government ASAP. You all have failed us. Under Skerrit, we more bananas to the UK, all Skerrit does fly all over with our States money selling our passports. Are our poor and unemployed people benefiting from this passports money,? We need answers. Dominicans please wake up and smell the coffee. We need new decent professional honest trusted UWP Team under our Decent trusted committed Hon Lennox Linton and his trusted competent professional United Workers Party UWP. Good luck.
        God’s grace and Guidance 🙏.

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