My Journey into Natural Healing

Pastor Henderson Bully
Pastor Henderson Bully

 My exposure with natural healing began as a boy. It came through an elderly woman in my village who sought my assistance, by going in search of certain leaves or a particular herb for her, for personal use. It was mostly the coocooli (bitter melon), the young Guava and soursop leaves and an herb called fleur sewo. This practice of always going in search of these herbs gave me a love for plants, a sought of curiosity in their healing properties and an interest in natural healing in general. Through thisexperience   a strong desire to one day help persons get well  utilizing natural methods including the use of  herbs brewed within me.

This desire ultimately turned into a strong drive, and took me to Uchee Pines Institute which is a lifestyle centre and training school Located in Seale Alabama in December of 2015.There I completed a six months course in natural remedies and was dedicated as a lifestyle educator and medical missionary. In this program, courses such as: anatomy and physiology, basic massage, hydrotherapy, plants that heal, lifestyle principles, among others were taught. With these newly acquired skills, I returned home (Dominica) June of this year.

Upon returning home I’ve been moving around the island consulting with individuals on steps that can be followed in reversing disease such as: diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart disease and many others. Additionally Adventist churches are inviting me to deliver health presentations on disease and health reform. As I move around from village to village it is amazing to discover that persons are really excited to know that there are things they themselves can do,  to improve their health and quality of life. Essentially they are happy to know they can take charge of their health.    

However, my studies in natural health has only just begun. It is my intention to return to the USA February of next year to continue studies. So by calling me for a consultation,  to present at a seminar, or just a presentation at your church, any church non SDA as well, you will be  supporting  my educational vision, to one day return home and assist thousands get well through simple natural methods. This, in most cases will be at a very minimal cost to them. Given the fact, that every year there is an epidemic of a new life threatening disease, makes the statement that there is need for that kind of training expertise on the Island. Presently I do not charge for my services I only ask for a contribution for the consultations and a love offering from the churches.

My Ultimate goal however, is to become a naturopathic doctor in the near future, hence your support will be greatly appreciated.

 I can be contacted at: Tel 1(767)245-0961/617-2997 e-mail:  

Or if you just wish to make a financial contribution to my educational drive you can do so at Royal Bank Dominica Acc Number 7103369


For those suffering with the flu hear is a natural medicine that can be used it is called, “Russian Penicillin”, it worked for me and many others.

One orange

One grapefruit

A piece of pineapple (if available)

Half a large onion

Five cloves of garlic

1/8 of a teaspoon of peppermint oil

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

Wash and cut orange and grapefruit without pealing, blend all ingredients together and consume four times within two days. 

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  1. Dominican at heart
    December 6, 2016

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque, whoever you are, STOP trying to break someone who is trying his utmost best to bring healing. I believe in the healing of herbal medicine more than prescription drugs which by the way eases pain and don’t bring healing.

    • I am Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque; born in the village of Wesley, I am an electronic/electrical engineer by profession. Graduated both college and univessity. I also Majored in Health Science, the information I disseminated is medical science, proved medical science!

      You do not understand squat of what I wrote, because your understanding is beneath what you read. How can a man who has not done any form of research, has not presented any research data, come talking such crap, and you expect me an academically educated, man even in the field of medicine to congratulate and accept such nonsense!

      More than one virus makes up the flu virus, how can this man come talking about pineapple and Cheyenne Pepper will heal flue, when we know that it is almost impossible to find a cure for the flu. Hell; Cheyenne Pepper is a food seasoning I use everyday in my kitchen, when is flu season occasionally I get the flu.

      There is no actual medical cure for colds, and flu, that is something…

  2. I’ll say again academic knowledge is absolute power; he/she who have understanding to understand, perhaps you will understand what I am conveying here.

    Note: Colds even a common cold are viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. About one third of all colds are caused by the rhinoviruses, which are unenveloped plus-strand RNA virus. The colds caused by other kinds of viruses differ in their symptoms, and the season at which they occur most frequently.

    There are many dozens of different strains of colds, or flue causing rhinoviruses alone; each of them with different properties, and none conferring cross-immunity to the other. More than two (200) hundred strains of viruses that cause colds have been identified, which makes the development of appropriate immunization methods very difficult, if not impossible. For about 40% of all colds, the responsible agents have not even been identified!

    I challenge any medical doctor to refute what I stated here; that cannot be…

    • Continue:

      I challenge any medical doctor to refute what I stated here; that cannot be refuted! So, with the knowledge that there are so many different viruses, and different times of year causing colds, how can someone come up with such nonsense, that one bush medicine treats all?

      Since the topic or reference is flu; be informed flu viruses are minus-stranded RNA animal viruses that consist of the following major types. Type A flu viruses cause most of the serious flu epidemics in humans; they also occur in mammals, and birds. Type B and also probably type C viruses are restricted to humans.

      Type B viruses cause relatively small outbreaks of flu, whereas type C viruses rarely cause serious health problems. An individual flu virus resembles a ball studded with spikes. These spikes are composed of two kinds of protein. One of these proteins, hemagglutinin (HA), is the substance that allows the virus to gain access to the cell interior, and the other; neuraminidase (NA), permits…

    • Finally:

      These spikes are composed of two kinds of protein. One of these proteins, hemagglutinin (HA), is the substance that allows the virus to gain access to the cell interior, and the other; neuraminidase (NA), permits the daughter viruses to break free of the host cell once the viral replication has been completed.

      The different types of flu virus A, B, C, ect; are defined by how they react immunologically; their capsid proteins, which are associated with these reactions, are similar within each type, and differ between the types. In contrast, the proteins that make up the spikes, and the envelope are highly variable, and specific, and they determine the infective characteristics of the individual strains.

      Example: The A type flu virus can be classified into thirteen (13) distinct HA subtypes. The virus that caused the Hong Kong flu in 1968 is characterized by one specific type of HA together with one specific type of NA. This guy do not know what he is talking about,…

      • Frank Talker
        December 6, 2016

        With all due respect to the very intelligent discourse by Mr Telemacque, there is almost no way he can convince all of us that there is no “altering” property in herbal teas. The literature is clear that teas made with dried passion fruit leaves can promote sleep. I have used it myself, and it works! Bwaden tea makes you warm, if you are feeling chilly. Ginger and Tumeric tea reduces inflammation. Young soursop leaves reduces the production of cortisol and adrenalin and puts you to sleep. Lemon grass [cinronelle] has been researched and documented by the Israelis as a major fighting agent against cancer. So too is the flesh of soursop. Unlike many pharma treatments which provide only a symptomatic relief, some natural treatments can actually reverse adverse health. Lemon grass is known to neutralise the acidity of the body, making it challenging for cancers to grow, and helping the reversing of diabetes. Not forgetting that grape seeds, watermelon and garlic can boost your…

      • Frank Talker
        December 6, 2016

        ……..Not forgetting that grape seed extract, watermelon and garlic can boost your ban!! These three, when combined with saliva, are potent in ensuring your erotica!!

      • Frank Talker
        December 6, 2016

        …………Not forgetting that grape seed extracts, watermelon and garlic can boost your ban!! These three, when combined with saliva, delivers potency to your erotica.

      • Mr. Frank Talker, I am not disputing that dry or green leaves can be used for making tea. I drank plenty of bush tea when I was a kid. I was so poor that some mornings I had to be satisfied to drink a cup of lemon, or lime bush tea, accompanied with two boiled green fig(bananas) for breakfast and go to school okay!


        The issue is not disputing tea, the leaf’s gives off an aromur ” smell” along with a taste, but that doses not constitute medicinal use!

        Let us take Garlic as an example, you know it has a contains an amount of antibiotics chemicals; nevertheless assuming you had an infection which requires treatment of antibiotics, have you ever heard a doctor told anyone to go home and eat garlic?

        You could not eat enough garlic to create enough potency to cure a fly. This herbal medicine thing is nothing more than a money grabbing thing; you fall for that crap the snake oil sales man becomes rich and you die from your medical issues…

      • Continue Reading Frank Talker:

        This herbal medicine thing is nothing more than a money grabbing thing; you fall for that crap the snake oil sales man becomes rich and you die from your medical issues that could be treated with modern medicine.

        Don’t remind me that medicines are produced from trees, I am aware of that, but there is a method of extracting and processing the elements into potent compounds to be used as medicine!

  3. Erickson
    December 5, 2016

    Go for it, Brother! I am actually excited to see you take this journey. If you can help somebody regain their health or enjoy a better quality of life, then your living shall not be in vain.

  4. December 5, 2016

    Pastor Bully has a passion for natural healing,In many cases those natural healing worked effectively..This gentleman is trashing down the efforts of Mr.Bully in a very insensitive manner …Do you know in times past many people live long lives on natural remedies….. Even advance medicine has lost its way…Every time a local man comes on the scene to create something positive,there are those who are trying their utmost best to trample on the small fish by any means necessary…Dont give up Pastor Bully, do your best and expect no less..Stand firm in spite of the stones coming at you…You got the desire to fulfill what is required .

  5. Time will tell
    December 5, 2016

    It is my plan to find Fleur Sewo and have it planted in my herbal Garden .

  6. Henderson; tell me when last you had the flue, and eat a piece of pineapple, or drank some bitter bush and the flue virus was killed and you were healed!

    You know it is bush doctors, and I mean that in the literal sense of the word meaning the witch doctors mentality out of the dark days of Africa which causes so many people in Dominica to die drinking bush water, when they should go to the doctor to diagnose, and treated.

    When you tell someone to drink bush water and eat pineapple to heal the flue that is baloney, rubbish; because there are so many different viruses, which makes up the flue that is why there is to date no modern medicine to cure a flue, which normally have to run its course of up to five days or more.

    One of the reasons there is no cure for the HIV aids virus is because it is made up of many different viruses, similar to the flue virus, which continue! Man find something productive to do; if you are a preacher, try to preach the word of God, and refrain…

    • “One of the reasons there is no cure for the HIV aids virus is because it is made up of many different viruses, similar to the flue virus, which continue!”

      Let me correct, and complete this: “One of the reasons there is no cure for the HIV aids virus is because it is made up of many different viruses, similar to the flue virus, which continues to mutate. The problem is as soon as they believe they find a cure, the virus it changes.

      As such it is treated and controlled thus far, but there may never be cure for reasons as explained!

      Now, my words are not written in stones; I am not God!

    • LifeandDeath
      December 5, 2016

      Ou pas feb nuh monsieur!!..Do you actually believe that all the answers reside only in your head? and Every difference in opinion to yours is wrong?
      Not because Henderson is promoting natural medicine means that he’s discrediting every aspect of Western Medicine. Much of the medicine created in labs are inspired by naturally occurring components, except that some hold terrible side effects.
      I agree one should beware and visit the doctor for proper diagnosis but not everyone will agree with me on that. Let’s learn to tolerate our differences Mr. Telemaque. Humble Yourself!!

      • I am humble, very, very humble but again I say knowledge is power; I am leaving out wisdom! Let me tell you this, if there were bush in Dominica which could be boiled and the water, the (residue ) drank and people heal, there would be no sick people in Dominica.

        The only benefit from the leaf of just about any plant in Dominica, would be a loose bowel! Try it chose any sort of Leaf boil it, and drink the water, all it will do is act as a laxative, and that comes as a result of the chlorophyll in the leaves of the plant, which caused the leaf’s to appear green.

        Chlorophyll aids sunlight in the production of photosynthesis; and I will leave it at that!

        I will tell you right now there is a living man in Wesley who tried to convinced me that my grandmother the late, saved his life with some boil bush. The fact is this guy a cousin of mine was constipated: (he had difficulties defecating), so mama, cooked up some bush and gave it the guy to drink. Low and behold the…

      • Look, I majored in Health science you see; and I can tell you that guy is simply talking nonsense, if you wish to fall for that crap, believe it. Even the so called Oriental herbal medicine sold all over the world, there is no proof that such herbs cure any sickness: that is why in America, they have to declare they make no claims that their herbs will cure any disease.

        The only Oriental medical technique recognized in the United States by health officials and government is acupuncture, the simply explanation why it works for stress, certain and body pain, is because the technique of puncturing one pressure point to another, are known. It is like this if you were wounded, bleeding, some people may not know how to stop the bleeding, I may come along and know exactly what part of you body to do what should be done to stop the bleeding instantly, and that how acupuncture works, so that is why it is accepted. But this carp about eat this and that and drink boil bush water is total…

    • OLI
      December 5, 2016

      And the VIPER is at it again……spitting out venom.

  7. Frank Talker
    December 5, 2016

    Western medicine [and the PMH] has failed us BIG time, so the majority of us interested in health will explore almost anything which can heal or cure our illness. Permit me to pose a question to you, Pastor:- what is the literature and data saying about the benefits of prescription medication which utilises animal matter?

  8. December 5, 2016

    What has happened to fleur sewo ? Couldn’t find any when I visited

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