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Yesterday, Tuesday Dec 4, 2018, Dominica saw the official launch of its newest online news website.

EMO news is the brainchild of Emmerline Anselm, a school teacher turned amateur journalist and now CEO of her own online media brand/news agency.

EMO news had its start after Tropical Storm Erika when Emmerline felt the call to get out timely information about the storm to Dominicans at home and abroad. She has continued building on her initiative with a focus on media she calls infotainment mainly via whatsapp and facebook.

Now with her own website, EMO, as she is she affectionately called by her friends and supporters, intends on catering to what the people want to see.

We, at Dominica News Online (DNO), wish to welcome EMO news in the hope that this new venture will enable Dominican media to continue to grow and improve.

All the best EMO.

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  1. Overwatch
    December 7, 2018

    I probably won’t visit that website… the founder needs to return to school and improve on her journalism skills. Breaking the news does not mean you’re a journalist. Meet the standard before you come out in public as someone you’re clearly not.

  2. James
    December 6, 2018

    I have lost all confidence in DNO. I did trust them since I had no reason not to, but based on experience they are very bias and a news organization should never be bias.

    ADMIN: While we don’t agree with your view. We believe in free speech, enough to publish your critical opinion.

    • James Bite
      December 6, 2018

      Thanks Admin….this comment was based on my (Bite) 2 previous request for EMO news url/website. A similar response like “Please do a Google search for the site” which I through of only after could have been offered.
      My comment simple mean that DNO only publish selective comments. There are many other examples which don’t even make sense referencing at this stage. It’s your site/business, and therefore you have the right to run it as you please. Yes I do have the ability to post comments from multiple IPs.

      ADMIN: Thank you for your feedback we believe this sort of dialogue helps us to grow. Yet, we pose this to you.
      Why would we even tell you to google the information? If you are able to access our site that should be common knowledge to you.
      Why does being selective about content (which includes user posts) make us bias? We have always made it clear we are selective about posts and are guided by our comment policy which can be found on each article page. direct link here:

  3. Jay Prosper
    December 6, 2018

    Haha, DNOafraid the when EMO news start posting the real situation in Dominica, positive people will stop reading their negativity. Franscisco, did u walk before u creep.

  4. Frank N Stein.
    December 6, 2018

    DNO Emonews existed on whatsapp way before hurricane Maria. The hurricane brought it to the international world.

    The amateur touch is what makes it attractive and popular because folks near and far can identify. Its just news, on point, on time with nothing added or removed. Its credible news with no bias something we can hardly say for other sources. As a reader hear and expect the criticism and I believe you all are trying to be constructive though some of you sound really bitter (check your tone). Emo will take in all of it and use it to be better so its all good. GO EMO!

    Ps Fet Telemaque I doubt anybody or insect give a hoot about if you are impressed or not but if it makes you feel important fine :wink:

    ADMIN: Didn’t you read the article? We stated Emo news had its start during tropical storm Erika not hurricane Maria.

    • Frank N Stein
      December 6, 2018


  5. RandyX
    December 6, 2018

    I wish success. Having said that I believe that proper journalism doesn’t exist in Dominica. In the last 15 years I have not heard one single journalist question Skerrit or one of the ministers properly. Has anybody of those so called journalist asked the double doctor:
    About the content of the MOU with China and show it to the citizens
    About the real reason Ross left and show the communication from Ross to the citizens
    To show us independent audited accounts for the CBI program
    To show us independent audited accounts for PetroCarbe and an indication why $100 Mill had to be written off
    To account for monetary and material aid after Erica and Maria
    Why the abattoir, the Moroccan hotel, the geothermal project and the coffee factory where abandoned (we are talking here 100 of millions of dollars)
    On his travel expenses and why he hardly spends any time in Dominica

    • Eve
      December 6, 2018

      Honestly, the politics thing is getting old and draining. People don’t want to wake up every day listening to the same old stories. There is more to life than politics man. Emonews will be the one to change that and she probably already did. Sorry, but we good over here luv.

      • RandyX
        December 6, 2018

        Well as long as you are happy that YOUR PM robbes the country blind and sells it to the Chinese, that’s ok then. Typical Dominican you are a proper patriot and YOUR PM loves you for it!!!

      • Eve
        December 6, 2018

        Randyx, you see that is the thing with people like you. It’s not about love for PM. I’m not political, hell, I don’t study politics. I don’t study parties or none of that stuff. There’s more to life and I got way more other important things to study homeboy. Change that mentality.

      • youngs
        December 6, 2018

        Hello Eve if you are not the CEO of Emo news i wont be surprise by your ranting on Dno. While i will say congratulation on your new site i will criticize you an the rest other so call journalist nonsense. I mean you people have the guts to call yourself journalist? YOU KNOW WHAT IS JOURNALISM????? you open a site to put news that will obviously bias, because you people are scared of questioning people ,scared of the government, scared of all type of nonsense. I mean unless i doe see you so call journalist start asking the government of the day critical question, and go arround the country bringing to light what is going in this country you all will continue to be a big Joke. listen to Angelo Allen how he investigates and analyze things and bring to the people.

      • Neville
        December 7, 2018

        I’m clear where you are coming from Lady. You have a job courtesy of Skerrit and now the motto is my PM can’t do wrong! It does not matter if you are interested in politics or not. Shouting ones eyes and ignoring the facts doesn’t help anybody

  6. Me
    December 6, 2018

    Competition is healthy. It keeps yous sharp, alert, on the ball and inventive and above all challenges your mind. Diversion of opinion is educational whereas a monotone, state controlled news outlet atrophies your brain. Diversity is the spice of life. Lets have more.

  7. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    December 5, 2018

    I visited, and am not impressed with what I saw; that is not a fully developed website. I doubt that anybody want to visit a website, and the first thing that comes to their attention is a naked overweight woman with her naked behind hanging out in their face.

    If they are into pornography they should get it on a porn search engine to display filth?

    • Eve
      December 6, 2018

      Hold up, wait, are you out of your mind? Jealousy is very real in Dominica. Somebody else is trying to do something good and this is how you people respond? wow, wow, wow. This is why some of you guys are backward over there. Don’t want to improve and don’t want to see others win. What pornography are you talking about? A flyer for an event? You sure you visited the right site? Here’s the link again………………..check it out! And can you develop a website? You think you can do better? Shut your pie hole! whoever you are, go find something better to do with yourself other than knocking others work. HAVE AN OPEN MIND, it’s almost 2019! Keep your negativity to yourself. You just bitter! You’ve gotta change that mentality. SMDH

      ADMIN: The direct links you have provided have been removed. While we have chosen to publish this article in the spirit of magnanimity, we do draw the line at direct advertising (such as providing direct links) for other local news agencies.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        December 6, 2018

        “Hold up, wait, are you out of your mind? Jealousy is very real in Dominica. ”

        If anybody is out of their mind, I believe it is you; here you are talking about jealousy; I wonder who would be jealous at what I saw; the site is poorly designed, it is not  professionally designed, the photographs are over sized, to a point where they blurred, the faces of people cannot be distinguished!  

        I do not know if your comments in the quote above pertains to me, but if it is; be informed I once owned a Website: for more than twenty years, before I shut it down, so I know what a site should look like, and how much it cost to keep as site on the Internet, I know all about hosting.

        If I need to I can reactivate my site today, and host it myself Okay!

      • Eve
        December 6, 2018

        First of all, content has nothing to do with the web developer. And yes you may have owned a site but times have changed, technology has been improved from the time you had your site. Also, hosting is different from web development. How many websites have you developed and how many languages do you know?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        December 7, 2018

        Eve shut up; you do not know anything about me!

        Professionally I am an electronic/electrical engineer; I know as much about websites, building website, and software too. I can build a website in less than two hours, depending on how sophisticated I want it to be.

        And if I cannot manage, I have a nephew living in Antigua, he is a Computer Engineer, one of his specialty is building websites; I can get him to do for me what I do not know how  to for myself!

        I am neither frightened, jealous or afraid over what people have; there is nothing I want that I cannot get! There is nothing anybody in Dominica have that I want that I cannot get!

        So, watch your manners!

        All websites are not built to the same standers or specification; what the hell do you know about hosting website; if you do write it out in detail let me see if your knowledge on the subject; you need to just shut up!

  8. Youngs
    December 5, 2018

    But where is the site??? Where is the link.. And what journalist that…. you calling her a journalist?? You don’t knkw what is journalism? ? So much things happening in Dominica everybody fraid to report what happening. .. all of them fraid to question skerite ans others …stupes nonsense journalist … kali is a marge… and the rest ple mal… the only journalist i see here is Angelo Allen ..

    • Eve
      December 6, 2018

      Here is the site dude, with your negative self…. Check it out. There is more to life than politics you know. It’s a learning process for everything we do in life, do you know that? Did you just came out of your mom and started walking? I think not! You had to learn to walk, so as time goes by she will become better and better. WATCH HER WORK!

      ADMIN: The direct links you have provided have been removed. While we have chosen to publish this article in the spirit of magnanimity, we do draw the line at direct advertising (such as providing direct links) for other local news agencies.

  9. The Calabash
    December 5, 2018

    Nice touch….We are family!

  10. Observer1
    December 5, 2018

    I have had the opportunity to read some of her posts. She should brush up on her English Grammar; her command of the English language leaves a great deal to be desired. Gone are the days when one could actually learn English Grammar by listening to the radio or reading the newspapers.
    I have noticed in recent times that everyone who has a microphone in hand, or gets employed by a media house is suddenly a “journalist”, and everyone who walks around with a camera is a “photographer”.
    We should stop waddling in mediocrity and raise the bar.
    Solution: READING would be a great way to commence! :-?

    • Pragmatik
      December 5, 2018

      Haha you see the thing is we are not accustomed to speaking in proper english so you can actually have a good grasp of english grammar but the broken english sticks in your tongue every now and then.

      She brings good news though and always on time. Best of all she doesn’t twist the news with her political views she just lets people talk or just shows what is going on. That is real journalism whether you like it or not. The smooth talking pundits in big Media in the states could learn a thing or two from her

    • Christine
      December 6, 2018

      Execellent post. I concur!!!!

    • Eve
      December 6, 2018

      That’s all you will be an observer. Let the lady live and enjoy her new venture. Stop being bitter! Congratulate her, wish her success and keep it moving. Everything we do in life is a process, she will get better with time.

  11. Director
    December 5, 2018

    I wish her well in her endeavors!

  12. Mother
    December 5, 2018

    All the best EMO and remember, try to be impartial.

  13. Dj
    December 5, 2018

    DNO giving free advertising to a competitor… Well that’s the most ridiculous thing I have seen on DNO. It looks like the people at DNO don’t know what they are doing.

    With the huge popularity Emo News has and with them giving news before anyone else, DNO might as well close up shop since lately their news has been very bad and late.

    What a stupid move.

    • December 5, 2018

      On the contrary, the media is not a closed shop.

      I would however urge all media to keep in mind the Duke of Wellington’s response on a controversial press matter: “Publish and be Damned”!

      • Titiwi
        December 6, 2018

        Roger old friend. Just a gentle reminder that media is the plural of medium, which by itself translates as “a means by which”, and does not refer to news alone. To illustrate: paint would be a medium whereas paintbrushes would be the media by which to apply it. In Dominica people used to take great pride in the correct use of our language, which has all but disappeared. However, language is supposed to be a living and evolving medium, with spontaneous mutations, so fast in fact that it is difficult to teach our children in its correct usage. I draw the line at he use of the F word however, which may make our jargon spicier but not richer. Merry Christmas to you and all fellow Dominicans ……..the P.C. brigade included.

      • December 6, 2018

        Thank you for the clarification Tititwi.

        In terms of art usage, medium is first and foremost the liquid constitute of a paint and correctly in that context the plural is mediums. But for its secondary art meanings (mode of expression and the instrument or material used) the plural is media.

        I confess that I had to check this out in my copy of the definitive “Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques.

        I share your feelings on the F and C words. Although the origin of these ancient and powerful words is contested, I’m with D.H.Lawrence in keeping them to their sexual usage and find it sad that they’ve been relegated to curse words.

        Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

    • Pragmatik
      December 5, 2018

      You would be surprised people will go to both EMO news website AND dominicanewsonline and EMO will advertise for DNO and DNO will advertise for EMO. It’s all a win win. There is a great dearth of timely, engaging journalism in Dominica, particularly for video. I think this can be a big help

    • Frank N Stein
      December 6, 2018

      If you think DNO going to lose anything by advertising for EMO you are naïve. With our without DNO everybody knows about EMO news. I actually applaud DNO. they can all work together and all will eat, no need for selfishness. I suspect you are black, that’s the only race who prefer to work against their brother.

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