NJAM expresses ‘shock’ and ‘disbelief’ at death of Keyan Alexander; urges all able-bodied Dominicans to join in the search for Kernisha Etienne

The National Joint Action Movement (NJAM) is in gravely shocked and in total disbelief of the death of Kian Alexander as confirmed in a 100-second statement by Deputy Commissioner of Police Lincoln Corbette almost eight hours after the population was informed of the situation on social media.

Kernisha Etienne is now on her own, wherever she may be, and the unfortunate death of her abductor has complicated the search for the child tenfold because the only source of information on her whereabouts is now deceased and lies cold in a funeral home.

The prayers of all Dominicans and those concerned about the wellbeing and safe return of little Kernisha Etienne must be intensified and all able-bodied persons are encouraged to join in the search to rescue the child. It appears that she is within a five-mile radius from the place of her abduction and time is of the essence.

As the citizens commit themselves to the search and rescue of the child, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, the Minister of National Security, and the Prime Minister must come clean with detailed and factual information on the circumstances which led to the death of the abductor of the child and to reveal a clear plan on the process for finding the child now that her abductor is dead.

There is no doubt that a thorough investigation on the search operations to rescue Kernisha Etienne will be required but all attention at this time must be focused on finding Kernisha alive.

NJAM therefore appeals to all Dominicans to continue to pray for the safe return of Kernisha and that while the search continues the heavenly Father will give her the strength, energy, and spiritual resilience to endure the challenges that she faces, and that God Almighty will reveal the location of the child.

As a God-fearing people, we should hope for the best result but prepare for the worst, because twelve days in captivity under the prevailing circumstances must be agonizing for any human being albeit a twelve-year-old child.

Heavenly Father, we as a nation, ask for the safe return of Kernisha Etienne in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

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  1. mine
    June 22, 2022

    Keyon could be alive and don’t tell the truth of Kernisha where about. You have more empathy to a lunatic than a missing innocent twelve years old girl. The whole story of this little girl is suspicious. The child welfare service has to investigate all connected with this child. It is very sad everybody failed this child.

  2. mine
    June 22, 2022

    Shame on all of you. This guy committed wicked acts and now that he is dead you all blaming the cops and have more empathy for him and his family than the 12 years old girl. Only God the child and the lunatic know what happened to the poor little girl. I hope that she is alive so the truth will be told.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      June 22, 2022

      @mine, how convenient that you can be so sanctimonious and pious. You are assuming that people can’t have empathy for both families but must choose one or the other. You want them to tie half of their brain and put it in their pockets. Humans are complicated and can do many things at the same time we can sing whilst we work, can’t we? Therefore people can have concern for the missing child and at the same time feel sorry for the grieving family of Keyan. Oh dem damn hypocrites, dem. Pretending to be so full of love and concern only for the missing child and to hell with the suffering of the family who just lost a sick person.

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  3. Not a real country
    June 21, 2022

    In a real country the shooter would have been suspended, Daniel Carbon and Corbette would be suspended because they sounded like they were involved in hiding a crime and trust me they both did an awful job!
    Then there would be protest actions demanding the immediate resignation of PM Roosevelt Skerrit and National security minister Raymond Blackmore.
    But this is Dominica and Prime Minister Skerrit is on record saying Dominica is NOT a real country

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  4. smh
    June 21, 2022

    So now after over a week of tireless searching is the Police that going to get the blame for the situation? And you all wonder why our society falling apart?

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  5. What if?
    June 21, 2022

    Hey people my name is What IF and all I do is raise questions. I will make no allegations .

    The week that Keyan Alexander abducted 12 year old Kenisha Ettiene, the story that was dominating the airways was how powerful and popular men were sexually assaulting our underage girls to the point that a popular host on a national radio station said those young girls were looking good at 13, 14, 15 and to date no one in authority never condemned the statement. So when Kenisha was abducted we all faired for the worse for her though we were hopeful that she would be found alive. Now that the police killed the abductor, the only person that knows the whereabouts of Kenisha we now have to ask why did the police kill him and our government seems to be quite. So let me throw some what ifs:
    What if powerful men raped the child and they realized Keyan knew that and would speak out?

    What if Keyan had dirt on the boys and them and they faired he would speak out?

    What if ? What if? What if?

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    • Don't be foolish
      June 21, 2022

      I never know it still have stupid people so in the world… are you hearing yourself.

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      • What If?
        June 21, 2022

        @ don’t be foolish I know I may sound foolish to you and you do sound very smart. But all I did was asked questions. Since when it is foolish to ask questions? Do you know something? Why not just tell us what you know?
        Look, a man was reported to have abducted a 12 year old girl. 2 weeks now and the child is still missing. The only person that was in a position to tell us about her whereabouts was Keyan Alexander and the police find the best thing to do in 2022 was shoot Keyan Alexander dead and life goes on? Why did they kill him when more than a week they knew he was armed with a 3ft cutlass? We not talking about a gun or fishing gun. So he ran for rescue when 4 farmers chased him but how many well arme police and he chose to run towards the? Really?
        So I asked again why did they kill him? What if information reveals that some big boys raped the child and Keyan knew that? What if Keyan Alexander had bad dirt on them and getting read of home was in their interest? IWhat if? What If?

  6. Joke That Man?
    June 20, 2022

    Note only way the murdered Keyan Alexander was the only person that could help us with the whereabouts of the child but he was also the only one feeding her and providing the child with water. Somehow our government is trying to get us to accept the police killed Keyan Alexander, with no questions asked. In my opinion the people of Dominica should hold the government and police responsible for her whereabouts and the financial center and police headquarters should remain crowded with protesters demanding answers from both government and police. Dominicans should not go to work and not go to bed until we get answers! Foe NJAM to call on Dominicans to go and search for her is laughable sorry

  7. My little take
    June 20, 2022

    Right now NJAM and the opposition should be calling on Dominicans to come to the capital to demand answers from the government and police? What hell search they calling for? Man the government and police shot and killed the only person that could help if find that missing child so what the hell NJAM talking about? They and opposition need to demand answers from Skerrit and his soldiers and the call should have been to call on all bodied Dominicanss to come help raise that call

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  8. Real Talk
    June 20, 2022

    We never heard from allu when the step father was nearly killed and Kernisha was abducted but the perpetrator has been illegally ope I gzllumouth. Way Papa.

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  9. Ibo France
    June 20, 2022

    I truly wanted to give some credit for searching tirelessly to find the abductor and the child. I thought they (‘police’) would eventually find both persons alive, as Keyan had to leave his hiding place to scavenge for food and find a water source.

    My conclusion for the slaying of Keyan is that he was a menace to society and had evaded and aggravated the authorities for too long. Shooting him to death brings finality to the constant complaints from the community, and an end to the ordeal of the search party of having to traverse difficult terrain daily.

    With Keyan not around, there is no one to pinpoint the exact location of this lonely, starving, thirsty, scared little child.

    The police officers can go back to their comfortable beds at nights but it’s one more dark, cold, damp, scary night in the bushes for little Kernisha among the unknown.

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    • smh
      June 21, 2022

      Man you sound like a real idiot. You really believe the police actually intentionally kill the man? When he is the only person that know the whereabouts of the child? Use your brain smh

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      • Ibo France
        June 21, 2022

        Are these goons in the CDPF known for their common sense? The organisation is comprised of hoodlums, bandits and the lowest achievers in society. Many of them are functionally illiterate. My expectations of these gangsters are low as ground level.

        Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0
        • Beta
          July 2, 2022

          That’s how Skerrit likes them. You see people like that don’t ask to many questions and we all know the CM doesn’t like people that ask questions!
          Let me give it a go, when are you likely to account for all our CBI money, Mr. CM? And when is Byron gonna report to you regarding electoral reform? I mean you paid him the princely sum of 500K (our money) so surely you must expect something in return?

          • Lin clown
            July 5, 2022

            A report was made to the police of of the severe wounding and attempted MURDER of Mr.Bruno and the abduction or kidnapping of 12 year old Ettienne.Keyan was the suspect in both cases.It was reported that Keyan terrorised the village of Bells for two weeks.Another report states that Keyan was shot by his father.St.Jean want us to believe with all those reports,Keyan will never attack the police.I am asking St.Jean,why did Keyan leave Bells and travel all the way to Warner and to the home of Bruno?Why did Mr.Bruno say it was Keyan who committed the crimes and not IBO?The truth is a mad person can say and do anything.Keyan is not a nonviolent mad person,he is a violent one.Mr George know what the police need is not equipment,it is training.Mr.George know what the police need in operation rescue Kenisha is automatic 60 rounds M16 and M4 carbine rifles,2 clock 17,10 men, poncho(cloak)to bivouac,ration cutlass,rope and determination.

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  10. Jonathan Y St Jean
    June 20, 2022

    The police press release states that their objective was always to find the young child and return her safely to her family. I have a problem with the modus operandi of the police. There were two simultaneous situations at the same time. One is the rescue of the child and the second should have been the capture of, what the police told us was a sick individual so he could have received attention and treatment. The police seem to me to have been trigger happy with no regards for a sick individual. The police didn’t attempt to rush him to get medical attention at a hospital or health center to make sure he remained alive so he could assist them in their search. Shame on the police for not caring about the well being of a sick individual. I wish that the police had body worn cameras so we could get more facts in the matter. I am losing hope for finding the young child alive because the person who could lead searchers to her whereabouts is now deceased at the hands of the police.

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    • Ibo France
      June 20, 2022

      Your expectations of these trigger happy rogues are much too high. Roosevelt has green-lighted them to use heavy handed methods to resolve any perceived problems.

      The Death Squad is not trained for search and rescue; hostage negotiations; in the use of canine units ; jungle rescue. The use of rubber bullets, live ammunition and tear-gassing peaceful protesters is their favourite thing to do. Look at the men at the top. Nothing more than pathetic, political lapdogs.

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