No record of fraudulent voting in Dominica but ID cards advisable, says Baron

Panellists (l-r): Peter, Baron, Burton and Linton

Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Francine Baron has made it clear that there is no record of fraudulent voting in Dominica.

She made that remark while addressing a Panel Discussion on electoral reform held at the Goodwill Parish Hall on Wednesday.

There have been a number of recommendations, ways in which the government can improve the country’s electoral process. Some relate to the issue of the introduction of Identification (ID) Cards to be used for voting, the revision of the register of electors and campaign finance reform, among others.

“It is important to note however, that there is no record of fraudulent voting in Dominica,” Baron stated. “And that fact has been noted by observers in their report.”

However, she said the government accepted, that in keeping with international best practice, it was advisable that identification cards be issued for voting.

“There has been an ongoing attempt since 2011 to introduce identification cards for voting,” she explained.

Baron explained further that it was decided earlier on that the multi-purpose identification card proposed by the OECS, would be used for voting once it was issued under the direction of the Electoral Commission.

“Funds were requested by the Commission and made available by the government for that process,” she indicated.

Baron went on to say that it is important to point out that the electoral system that’s in place today is the same system that has been in place since independence in 1978.

“That system has returned credible elections every single time,” she stated. “There have been deficiencies identified as is the case in any country, including developed countries like the United States, but overall, electoral observers invited by the government for the last two elections have pronounced our elections as credible.”

Baron continued, “Nevertheless to avoid incidents of impersonation where persons pretend to be persons they are not, it had been recommended that ID cards should be introduced for voting.

Meantime, in reference to objection by the opposition to the verification of overseas-based voters by the Electoral Commission, Baron suggested that not to do would be to disenfranchise these voters.

She said the right to vote is a “fundamental right” and it is a principle that’s recognized by Dominica’s courts.

“The right to vote is a fundamental right that cannot and should not easily be taken away,” Baron insisted.

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    May 28, 2019


  2. DA.
    May 27, 2019

    Francine there is no record but there is definitely evidence. And when there is evidence you launch an investigative.

  3. Mello
    May 26, 2019

    Can you imagine having Eugenia Charles and now this? Very deceptive, disrespectful woman.

  4. Ibo France
    May 26, 2019

    The electoral system is the most important institution in our democracy. We should ensure that it functions beyond reproach. Only the corrupt will not want to improve its functionality and practicality. There are presently so many loopholes in the electoral system that can be easily exploited. Without voter’s ID cards, impersonation and double voting can easily take place. Some unscrupulous persons are voting where they don’t live or have never resided thus the need for complete re-registration. Campaign finance reforms are needed to bring transparency to the system. DBS is used as a conduit for the DLP’s disgraceful propaganda. The free airline tickets to bribe overseas voters must stop. If eligible Dominicans, in the Diaspora, truly love their country as they often profess to be, they would do the patriotic thing and pay their own passage home to vote. Only a severely corrupt government will stubbornly resist fair and sensible electoral reforms.

  5. Lin clown
    May 25, 2019

    Alex Bruno said 82% of the electorate wanted change I am not sure which change,this overeducated,Political Doctor,lecturer and Law Professor is talking about.I know for sure it is not a change of Government.Maybe KING ALEX is talking about a change in our electoral law.ALEX if you are sure 82% the electorate want CHANGE then wait for election.

  6. Jack Sparrow
    May 25, 2019

    It is said a picture says a thousand words… Now I am a specialist when it comes to a persons body language. Take a look at the picture above.
    Notice that Francine Baron’s hands are folded across her chest. This represents negative body language. By folding one or both arms across the chest, a barrier is formed that is, in essence, at attempt to block out the impending threat or undesirable circumstances. One thing is certain; when a person has a nervous, negative or defensive attitude, he will fold his arms firmly on his chest, a strong signal that he feels threatened.
    We know that Ms. Baron is seated between Mr. Peters and Mr. Burton, her comrades. Therefore one can deduce that Ms. Baron feels threatened by Mr. Linton given her posture and eyes cast in the opposite direction.
    DNO was this picture take before or after Mr. Linton respectfully placed Ms. Baron in her place?

  7. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 25, 2019

    Francine; that is an unconscionable fraudulent statement; a cover up, all is not well as you pretends.

    The claim you made that there is no record of fraudulent voting in the country is a fallacy, an outright lie!

    The fact that there are dead people who would be in their hundreds of years old today if they were alive this day names still on the voter list means they are there for a purpose!

    Challenge me if you can, call me a liar if you wish, but here is your embarrassment.

    My mother was born in the year 1912; as of 2019 if she lived she would be 107 years old; her name is still on the Wesley voter list.

    There are two other dead people name I saw on the list sent to me which I reviewed; only to find others dead more than fifty years ago.

     My mother died more than twenty years ago there is a reason here name is still there:
    Voter fraud is it not? 

  8. sad but true
    May 25, 2019

    At the end of the day eh, let’s be real people
    Dominicans gonna vote Skerrit again.
    Even if he doesn’t win all the seats and UWP gains a few, the sad reality of it is DLP still gonna win. :-|

    • Annon
      May 27, 2019

      Let’s hope the people have better sense this time around and that there are more candidates running.

  9. Lin clown
    May 25, 2019

    In the 2009 election the Labour Party got 22,235 votes.In 2014 Labour got 23,421 votes,a difference of 1,186 votes
    In 2009 UWP got 1,660 votes.In 2014 UWP got 17,587 votes a difference of 4,927 votes.If dead people voted in 2014 who did they vote for?Next election UWP is certain to lose votes for example.Joshua Francis is losing.Ezekiel Bazil is losing.Dr King is going to win by at least 600 votes.Blackmore is going to do much better.Linton is going to lose votes in Marigot,same goes for Salisbury.So UWP is going to lose the next election.In 2014 a total of 72,277 registered voters.Votes cast 41,520.Did not vote 30,757.So Viewsexpress,Ibo France,%,Gouvelma,Linton and others the 30,757 are registered voters who can only be removed from the voters list by objection .That’s the LAW.LIKE IT OR NOT.You guys are already looking for a SKAPEGOAT when you lose the election

  10. Man bites dogs
    May 25, 2019

    Don’t take any notice of Linton, and his idiotic cult followers, they are all lazy useless mind bugging losers. This is why they always complaining about one thing to the next in a matter of fact losers has been complaining ever since they were born. Scroungers trying to get their hands on the nation money and probably sell the silverware, chandelier, and the furnitures too. Dominicans don’t let so-called Workers cult party in da house de man an them will reap our Dominica apart, for crying out loud am telling you leason people we all must Vote ❎ whenever the time comes regardless of your colour ok.

  11. Good Start
    May 25, 2019

    I listened to this event and am optimistic about the holding of similar debates among political figures leading up to the next general elections in Dominica. This picture unfortunately paints a very negative “1000 words” of the event, which was a good start towards healthy and spirited debates on pertinent issues in Dominica. When will people stop focusing on the negative and on the worse part of everything?

    I trust that other political figures, especially those facing the electorate, will not feel afraid to participate in well planned and moderated discussions and debates on the issues because to a large extent these events allow intelligent and sober people to weigh the motives, intentions and thought processes of the candidates, without the distraction of loud speakers spewing emotionally loaded music and mepuis.

    Good job panelists! Waiting for more of these events in Dominica.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      May 26, 2019

      Good Start, you hope that others will not be afraid to step up. Considering the police in military paraphernalia showing up and denying intelligent citizens the right to attend much less participate in that sham, what are you doing or do you propose they do to ensure that the government allows their participation. Just asking

      • Good start
        May 27, 2019

        I was not aware of the ambiance in the room, including military personnel, and their refusal of the entry of certain people. I just heard the presentations, rebuttals, etc and that was a welcome relief that leaders at the highest levels of public office were participating in a hot debate. Your points bring up the need for much improvement in the venue and conduct of these discussions. But one wonders what would have caused the Police to take such a serious stand against certain attendees? Did they foresee disturbance of the peace? You would agree that politics in Dominica is dangerously divisive to the extent that there is almost zero tolerance of opposing views, across the board. Sad.

        What do I propose? Each person should examine how his/her actions and words are contributing to the pervasive lack of respect that we see everywhere in Dominica, everyday. Ironically, the pots are persistently calling the kettle black. It’s as if offensiveness is a long term strategy…

  12. Guccie or Francie?
    May 25, 2019

    Francine these days we have some strange things we never thought would happen here taking place before our eyes. For example, who ever thought our Prime Minister and his hand picked Foreign Minister, would be doing some foreign affairs business together? ……………?

  13. If – and only if – it cannot be categorically and unequivocally certain who is voting in Dominica at election time, then the risk of “fraudulent voting” is increased, whether there is a “record” of it or not!

    Darren J. Sylvester
    Emeritus Chairman, The Dominica Overseas Nationals Association (DONA)
    London, England.

    • Gary
      May 25, 2019

      You are entitled to your opinion but the question that should be asked of you is whether such opinion is an informed opinion based on your proper and legal understanding of the electoral laws and also the groundwork done at polling stations on the day election are held, the answer is no, you have clearly demonstrated gross ignorance and may I also add arrogance.

      • Pipo
        May 27, 2019

        Gary, is you that is ignorant brother. Darren Sylvester is a respected and qualified barrister in Engeland but one of our own, closely connected with Dominica. Next time check before you speak.

      • time has told
        May 27, 2019

        How can you answer you own question Gary? Especially based on huge assumptions.

        So lets try this another way. Gary, are you a total nincompoop and at time a constant met veyer who makes up stories based on what the little voice in his head tells him ? the answer is yes. You have clearly demonstrated gross ignorance and indeed i just added to it.

        See how dumb both of us sound now?

  14. Ibo France
    May 24, 2019

    These ministers and surrogates of the corrupt leader will rip the truth to shreds to endear themselves to King Liar. They are all scoundrels fighting for the position of chief mercenary. Baroness Francine is just trying to impress an audience of one man with her ridiculous nonsense that there has never been any record of fraudulent voting in Dominica. Even the devil will stubbornly refuse to believe her with that outrageous proclamation. Money has a serious corrupting influence especially on greedy souls. The Baroness should hang her head in eternal shame.

  15. %
    May 24, 2019

    Bad habit at home is carried abroad ….She (Francine) is bitter because she was told to “shut up”…It’s a habit they have in parliament to talk nonsense in order to derail the contributions of members of the opposition..This is bad manners and disrespectful. She forgot she was not in parliament..
    Well done Linton!!
    First time I see her face so,! …..! Take that!
    I would like to be speaker of the house for just one session when DLP is in opposition, and contributing to the house debate. You all would get a good dose of all you medicine. Wickeds!

    • Dominican
      May 25, 2019

      The irony is , of course, that in practice our parliamentarians enjoy more freedom of speech in public than under the protection of the House of Parliament, where such privileges can be, and are restricted by a censorous Speaker.
      Perhaps democracy is better served by addressing the electorate and the governance of our country in an open forum.

    • J Prosper
      May 25, 2019

      You are right%. Bad habits carried abroad. Thats how Lennox speaks to his wife at home. Telling her to shut up. I am not saying Francine was right to interrupt his closing statement. There are better ways a man should handle woman in discussions.

  16. Omg
    May 24, 2019

    You people need to step down now. you are not representing the people’s wish. So we can’t afford to pay you all anymore salaries. Shame on you people. Goodbye

  17. SN
    May 24, 2019

    In the Morne Juane/Riviere Cyrique area, weren’t there more votes counted than were on the voters’ list in the last elections? I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that is what happened. If this is not fraud, then what is?

  18. Shaka zulu
    May 24, 2019

    Francine Baron is a lawyer i am not. However, a average person like me knows you can only claim no evidence after thorough investigations of suspected fraud and reports of fraud are concluded. When did Ms Baron concluded these investigations to draw that conclusion? It is sad that these are the people making decisions on Dominica development. In 1978 onwards there were leaders who used the system honestly and may have worked for some time. 41 years later with modernization you must update old rules to close loopholes that are abused by men who are dishonest. Technology and time changes and so to should laws to keep up. How can we ever progress with leaders with such mindset. Her argument was so feeble. It is amazing how rhey lime use the US as an exmaple why we have issues. Why dont you use the use as an example of term limits, independent gov institutions, independent courts, punishment for bribery, oversight of politicians and large private sector. What a shame.

    • Me
      May 25, 2019

      Francine Baron may be a lawyer, but she cannot remember that there isn’t 29th February every year. So she not a smart lawyer. I hear she get other numbers muddled too.

    • Gary
      May 25, 2019

      It is unbelievable the nonsense you guys write. Why are you so reckless with your reasoning. It seems to me that Linton is immune from providing evidence when he makes statements and anyone who opposes him has to provide evidence, this is the cult mentality facing us in Dominica.

      • RandyX
        May 27, 2019

        Mary, there is only one cult in Dominica and that is the Skerrit&Melissa cult.

  19. Lin clown
    May 24, 2019

    I would expect people like Viewsexpress,Ibo France.Massacre,Gouvelma and other UWP idiots to talk and write foolishness not Jonathan Y St.Jean.There is no RECORD OF VOTER FRAUD look up the meaning of RECORD.The lady is right.Where is the RECORD? As for MAUDOG .Section 38 1,2,3,4,5 and6 page 46 of the constitution deals with election.Where in the constitution is ID card mentioned.To issue ID cards it has go to Parliament to be made LAW.Uneducated,lazy ,incompetent lying,Blue Bugs.Education at the state college is free GO and take LINTON with you

    • Ibo France
      May 25, 2019

      Undiluted refuse from a sheep-like supporter of the DLP. The truth is too much of a bitter pill for them to swallow. These Labour diehards have to do verbal gymnastics to defend their leader and his survive surrogates with their lies and distortions.

    • May 26, 2019

      @Lin clown: “Education at the state college is free GO and take LINTON with you” This line is both true and funny :lol: :lol: :lol:

      But you are right there are too many uneducated persons posting on this comment board.

      I have to train my mind to think that they are all underage, in that every little Tom, Dick, and Harry owns a cells phone in these days; because I cannot imagine grown and mature people writing those kinds of foolishness, which I read here, on a day to day basis.

      • Daaaaaaaaa1234
        May 27, 2019

        @ Elizabeth I think the same when I read your comments. They sound so Juvenile,

  20. Is teeth we teething
    May 24, 2019

    Teeths destroying all evidence when they know is teeth they teething so there could be no record of them. So think of teeths that have been teething for 15 years. These teeths are professional teethes you know so they no how to destroy record against them

  21. %
    May 24, 2019

    This lady epitomises the type of people we have leading our country.
    They lie like professional liars, they are weak, cowards, and always want to start the race half way, instead of at the starting point. We have not had a FAIR election on island since 2000, and we should demand it.
    What are we afraid of?Francine’s face? Just take a second look at it all you!
    You must learn to “shut up” when bright people are talking. I am sure you were taught so both at home, and at school. Shame on you!!
    Your petulant little dunce cat!!!!
    We want our ID card and a cleansing of the bloated electors list!!
    S m g
    S m g
    L S m g n

  22. Ask Mel
    May 24, 2019

    Francine I will ask Gucci if that is true and I will also ask Gucci to tell us if she can trust you with her possession. If Gucci cannot trust you then I sure will have a hard time believing anything you say.

  23. Election TEETH
    May 24, 2019

    But Francine a month ago a local fishing boat transporting illegal Haitians to Guadeloupe capsized and killed all the Haitian passengers including a local teenager. We know for a FACT that some bodies were recovered. But do you know up to this day the police LIED to us …………? In this case it would be the job of the police to put on record how the people died and who played a part in their death. But Instead they lied because they had to protect big boyz.
    So Madam Francine do we have any record of how those poor Haitians died? So like elections we KNOW for a FACT that since 2005, they are being STOLEN but those that suppose to put it on the record are the ones helping to STEAL them

  24. Let's Take it
    May 24, 2019

    They are bent on stealing the election and no matter what we say they will steal it. In the natural world Thieves usually go on their mission with guns and sometimes with guards. They come after us with their machine guns, their bogus lawyers to help defend their intentions and most importantly, the one that is supposed to be protecting our interest is the one that is looking for all legal ways to hand it over to those rotten teeths. If people think we going to get anything back in the legal way, they making a serious mistake. We will not get Dominica back, will not get our democracy, we will not get election reform and we sure will not get free and fair elections legally. If we do want them we have to TAKE them according to Jesus here: …”take it by force.” Matt. 11:12. There is no other way. Nurses, police officers, public officers, and others MUST decide to stay home. No planes should land, no ship should anchor, Domlec MUST strike, Phone companies MUST strike if we gonna get it.

  25. It's My Damn Business
    May 24, 2019

    So Francine says no record of fraudulent voting in Dominica” right? But what Francine did not tell us is if it did happen, who would be held responsible for putting it in the record? Is it the Skerrit administration? Is it the Police of Carbon? Is it the President of Skerrit? Is it the Election Commissioner? Quite clearly all the above named offices are on the same team, with the same mission and therefore they will not do anything to harm the team. They are all working in one accord to steal elections, protect corruption and cover up crime. In any another country Gerard Burton would not be there planning with the government to steal yet another election. But clearly the man is there to serve and protect the interest of Skerrit and to hell with Dominica. Since they never documented election theft then since so many are asking for reform why not just give it to them since it is the right thing to do? People have been seen protesting for reform and instead is teargas they getting.

  26. Ibo France
    May 24, 2019

    Firstly, the people want voter’s ID cards not national ID cards as this conniving, loquacious worshipper of Skerrit is advocating. She comes across as a crude, dogmatic operative of a criminal enterprise. Dominicans, the fact that heavily armed military-style goons; show up in full force at a supposedly public discussion; on a most important and vexing issue; reveals the leader’s disdain for his fellow country men, women and children. Why is he and all his shady enablers resisting so rigorously and defiantly to enact FAIR and SENSIBLE ELECTORAL REFORMS? Only but one reason, to steal yet another election. Get this charlatan and his devotees out of office on election day.

    • Gary
      May 26, 2019

      When you say the people want voter’s ID cards, not national ID cards are insinuating a fact based on a consensus of the people of Dominica or are you giving your opinion, the latter is what you are doing expressing your opinion regarding such issue, that’s all it is.

      To suggest that The Hon. Francine Baron comes across as a crude dogmatic operative of a criminal enterprise says more about your mentality than the cause you are espousing. Is The Government of Dominica a criminal enterprise, wow. Do you think major International Institutions and foreign Governments would assist Dominica if The Government is operating as a criminal enterprise. Do think that the Hon. Francine Baron The foreign
      Min. of Dominica would be welcomed by foreign Governments if she was working on behalf of a criminal enterprise, so long for your fictitious and exaggerated claims.

  27. Channel 1
    May 24, 2019

    Ah who dis.

    No record of fraudulent voting??? 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O

    But what high-grade madness I reading dere today nuh.

    Some time ago, I overheard a guy telling another fella how he voted twice in a particular constituency last elections.

    Who dis woman trying to fool boss. Like her eyes bowed and head closed or wha. 8-O 8-O 8-O

    And just what exactly is CREDIBLE elections? But why Francine didn’t say the elections were FREE AND FAIR? After all, in February, she had the nerve to write a letter of umbrage containing unadulterated foolishness to the OAS Secretary-General.

    Nah Francine, all you really overdoing it now yes!!!!!!!!

  28. Margrethe Brand
    May 24, 2019

    They all look like they don’t want to be there, folded arms and putty mouth waypapa.

  29. LaPlaine Observer
    May 24, 2019

    Laughable! No record of fraudulent voting in Dominica, Says who? the party that benefits from voting irregularities for the past 15 years. You mean the thousands of overseas voters who were given airplane tickets to come and vote, this never happened? We can add another terminology to this entire fiasco which is elections bribery.

  30. RandyX
    May 24, 2019

    Baron I think you would do very well to consider your position and be careful what you say. I recall the minor issue of a US$10,000 you received but what actually happen with the cash? Would you care to elaborate? You guys are leaving yourself wide open when the Skerrit aera has ended. The citizen won’t forget, rest assured.

    • Pipo
      May 25, 2019

      To be fair to Francine, that money eventually turned up with our Red Cross I understand more than a year later but don’t ask me how it got there.

  31. %
    May 24, 2019

    I hope concerned Dominicans who cherish their democracy will not swallow Francine’s arrant rubbish!!!
    From 2005 our elections have been corrupted…. Shame on you Francine. The mien on your face tells a loud story…No wonder you even thought that you were in our corrupt parliament, where you can hide under an old speakers arm, so you were rudely disturbing/distracting Honourable Linton trend of thought…Linton is a dignified,urbane and debonair gentleman, so he can’t yell loudly..It should have been me you were disturbing! The “shut up” would be heard way down Capuchin!!!
    We need boots on the ground to call for free and fair elections.
    S m g
    S m g
    L S m g n

  32. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 24, 2019

    “Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Francine Baron has made it clear that there is no record of fraudulent voting in Dominica. ”

    Something is absolutely wrong here!
    If indeed Francine truly believe there is no record of voter fraud “fraudulent voting in Dominica,” she should not have any fear; and should  by all means encourage the changes required to bring about electoral reform!

    If nothing is wrong with the system, one should not be afraid of changing to anything that would make the system work better.
    We do not only detect fear on the face of Francine, we see horror; one terrified woman.
    In life the way we prepare our bed, we have to sleep in it!
    If we select rock stone for our pillow, we are going to wake up with a painful head; a nasty headache, which will make us feel like an inebriated hangover!

     In a develop country, most politicians simply move on to another job; not so in Dominica that’s why the look on Peter and Francine face!

    • Lenpro
      May 25, 2019

      Francisco, your voice in Dominica get as far as DNO’s plattform. DNO’s plattform changes nothing in Dominica. Since you permanently reside in La, writing to your Republican party asking them to stop the so obvious voters suppression in America may be more helpful. Politicians in the america where you reside are the most dishonest. Yet you continue to accept every aspect of it. Stand up as a man of integrity for whats good where your reside.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 25, 2019

        Your opinions are mere hogwash eh!

        I don’t want to hear that,  speak to my hand, and my back; and that’s all I’ll  ever say to you.

        Except if you think that my voice stops on DNO platform; how come when you poverty stricken  soles find yourselves in a situation where you want to beg for money to pay to go and get medical treatment in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and wherever.
        The same forum, the same DNO platform  where my voice land and perish, is it not the same conduit through you go and beg people like me in the diaspora for help and handouts!

        So, you see how foolish is your argument?

      • Mr. Francis Drake, you are nothing more than a great confusion–that is the state of your mind. First of all, your observation suggests that should she believe there is nothing wrong with the voters’ lists, she should have no fear of making changes. My question to you is: “Why should she change it if there is nothing wrong with it”? And that is what she is saying! There is nothing wrong with the voters’ list. Her facial expression has nothing to do with fear; that expression is showing the anger of having the opposition leader, rudely, bellowing to her to shut up! How would you react to rudeness like that?

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          May 27, 2019

          If you term me Francis Drake, you need to add “Sir” to my name hence; you need to bow to me and call me; Sir Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque.

          Remove the slave owner, and naval officer from it; perhaps when you get acquainted  to my chronology you will become confounded when you find out we once owned cargo ship!
          I was like Drake in my young life sale the seven seas, including all of Europe, and the Caribbean too!

          Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540 – 28 January 1596) was an English sea captain, privateer, slave trader, naval officer and explorer of the Elizabethan era.
          Drake carried out the second circumnavigation of the world in a single expedition, from 1577 to 1580, and was the first to complete the voyage as captain while leading the expedition throughout the entire circumnavigation.


    • May 26, 2019

      @SMH, what is wrong with her face? Do you suppose that she is angry with the fellow who is sitting beside her, who rudely told her to “shut up”! Would smile to that kind of rudeness?

  33. SMH
    May 24, 2019

    see the lady face :lol: :lol: :lol:

  34. iprotest
    May 24, 2019

    Francine Baron posture speaks for itself……who she vex with so!!!
    You are a lawyer doing a wordplay on the word “credible” while on the side of your mouth you talk of identifiable deficiencies.
    to mention US name in your elections gimmick doesn’t cause us to see you in high standard.

  35. Jonathan Y St Jean
    May 24, 2019

    Francine, since you agree that it’s advisable to issue and use voter is cards in Dominica then what’s the holdup? In 2008 a decision was made to issue those cards in keeping with the report of the observer missions, so why eleven years later we are yet to have what you are agreeing is necessary. Consider this, prior to the keeping of records of child molestation in Dominica there was no record of that happening in Country. Would you go on record as saying that no child molestation occurred? So why now that you are on record as supporting the issuance of id cards for voting are you going to lobby for this, to begin with, eligible citizens in the country for the upcoming elections? Anything less would be hypocritical and disingenuous. Burton and Skerritt just gave the Pope and the Bishop two slaps in their faces by stating that one year from the official due date for elections there won’t be electoral reform. Let’s wait and see.

  36. MAUDOG
    May 24, 2019

    HAHHAH, the constitution calls for voters id card but the 763 ot 736 room expert lawyer want national id cards… what a cuntry.

    • Ibo France
      May 24, 2019

      A complete re-registration of eligible voters and VOTER’S ID CARDS not NATIONAL ID CARDS are not a part of their agenda. The regime is mortally afraid to implement at least these two innocuous reforms because they don’t believe in free and fair elections. They (Skerrit and his bandits) know that they can only win the upcoming general election by fraudulent means. Get up people and stand for your rights.

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