Obstruction charges in UWP court matter adjourned sine die; next hearing on incitement charges set for January 2019

Crowd gathered on the Roseau bay front in the vicinity of the court house Thursday morning

Obstruction charges in the case against Lennox Linton, Joshua Francis Dr. Thomson Fontaine and Nicholas George of the United Workers Party (UWP), and the MP for Roseau Central, Joseph Isaac, have been adjourned sine die. However, the next hearing on charges of incitement against UWP leader Linton and UWP senator, Dr. Fontaine, has been set for January 22, 2019.

According to DNO’s court reporter, a bench warrant has also been issued for Dr. Fontaine who was not present at the two court hearings which were held so far.

More to come on this story.

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  1. jamie
    November 26, 2018

    So sad the damage politics has brought on this once loving country,but in due time God has the last say.Dominica is being run by a brutal dictator,and no dictator ever wins Skerrit,your day of judgement is coming.

  2. Wizib
    November 23, 2018

    The government of Dominica took Lennox Linton and the rest to court but the government is not who is going to prosecute, the court is. Anyone can take another to court but that don’t mean the court will agree with them because the law has to play it’s role. If the court find them guys guilty it would be based on evidence and grounds of law, I really don’t see what the problem is. It’s as if we saying because we don’t like a person or political party they have no right to take someone to court or are they saying they don’t trust the courts. If we don’t trust the court then don’t take anyone to court just take the law in your hand then, oh oh.

    • Neville
      November 23, 2018

      That’s how it works in a proper democracy but unfortunately not in Dominica. In Dominica Skerrit decides through his judges who is guilty and how is not.

  3. Info wars
    November 22, 2018

    Even if you dho like skeritt but to follow uwp dho easy nuh,,u must like caca daybah tu follow uwp,,dem tings making there suppoeters stronger an the population afraid of them,,uwp not doing noting to attract labourites ,,

  4. Take Warning
    November 22, 2018

    I want to dedicate this little song to a few people in Dominica because I see danger coming: First, I dedicate the words of this song to the Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit Secondly. I dedicate the words of this song to the Chief magistrate, who claims to be a born again believer and pastors wife Thirdly. I dedicate the words of this song to Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon. Forthly, I dedicate the words of this song to the Hon. Joseph Isaac, who was part of persecution until he chose to become part of the prosecuting team. Fithly and lastly, I dedicate the words of this song to the man responsible for National Security Hon. Raymond Blackmoore https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=take+warning+you+better+take+warning%2c+take+warning+you+better+be+good&view=detail&mid=3E193ABFA3F09B24844E3E193ABFA3F09B24844E&FORM=VIRE

  5. Zandoli
    November 22, 2018

    Justice delayed is justice denied. Typical banana republic. Keep the sword of Damocles over their heads to keep them in check. This man behaves as if he owns the island.

  6. November 22, 2018

    “Linton calls for a massive show of outrage at what he says is DLP’s use of the court to persecute opponents”

    @ Magwaysah. are you thinking and reading upside. Read the headline from DNO news article yesterday, November 21, who is calling for a MASSIVE SHOW OF OUTRAGE, is it PM Skerrit?

    Was what happened on February 07, 2017 the conduct of DLP and its followers?

    Who is motivating all of those different demonstrations and other conducts of unrest in Dominica since after November 2014, is it the present government and its followers?

    What Mr. Lonton fails to accept is that his attitude of “aggression” will not take him unto the grounds of popularity and victory, as a matter of fact, that attitude is taking him away from the people. And unless he can acknowledge that fact and to make the U-turn, there will be no way for him; for Dominicans want nothing to do with an individual of hostility, aggressiveness, and even violence–especially in Government.

  7. Ayin the lisener
    November 22, 2018

    It is so sad that 90% of the population are color blind and Skerrit have them Where he want s them.God is not sleeping there is more disaster coming to DA God will take care if his people.

    • Joseph John
      November 23, 2018

      So Skerrit has 90% of Dominicans following and supporting him.. ??? And only 10% can see. Wow1
      Hey DNO can I quote this stats as facts or can you confirm otherwise ?

  8. Francis O. Severin
    November 22, 2018

    “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.”

    Be patient. God is in charge. You will see justice very soon, in His timeline. Hush, as Jamaicans would say lovingly. Not to worry.

    • Peeping Tom
      November 23, 2018

      What a heap of hot horse manure!!

      “Justice” for what? As if there were injustice to begin with. Inform yourself FIRST, dear doctor, before you stick your nose in big people business. It is good that you have once again publicly stated your side of the fence. However, first seek to educate yourself on what truly occurs in Dominica before you confirm your place on the wrong side of the people of Dominica.

      You clearly form part of that network of ill-informed, uninformed, and “abused.”

      • Francis O. Severin
        November 23, 2018

        Dear Peeping Tom,

        At least I have bravely identified myself – at the risk of the political victimization I am already subject to – but the very fact you write under a pseudonym (and the choice of pseudonym itself is instructive, as someone who is possibly hiding in the shadows to ambush decent citizens) is in itself indicative of your lack of confidence as a “free” person. You have done exactly what I expected you to do – brand me as preferring a particular political party because I am exercising my democratic right. As someone who is proud of his independence and hard work, and as one who pays taxes and receives NO handouts from the State, I will NOT stop expressing my opinions. You on the other hand must write comments that are favourable to one political side as possibly a means of validating your very existence. If that is what makes your boat float, then knock yourself out. One more thing. Did you say the Biblical verse is horse manure? Wow! Oh, yes, I am an “abused”…

      • Peeping Tom
        November 24, 2018

        Severin did you just accuse me of pandering to a political party because i called you out on the horse…. that you regularly spew out against, and SOLELY against, one political party in Dominica, i.e the DLP and Skerrit??? You did not, did you??

        As a sociologist, you ought to have observed that the Dominican electorate is a bit more sophisticated than many claim we are. Dominicans hear you and see you. We know where you stand, Severin. SO, take your usual self-righteous koshonie and ….well, you know what to do with it. Then again, how can you “observe” this when you are sucked in the club of misinformed, ill-informed, and abused?

        You remain a comedian, Severin. A pure comedian!! Nothing more. We are not fooled. I certainly, am not.

      • Ibo France
        November 25, 2018

        In Dominica, mediocrity is rewarded with prominent positions in the civil service. Dare to voice your concerns and displeasure about the blatant corrupt practices of the phony Dr.² regime and you are vilified and ostracized. Victimization of not only individuals but whole communities is common practice. It is very befuddling how any sane person can support such a deceitful and untrustworthy leader and a weak-willed, acquiescent Cabinet. Dominica will forever remain at the bottom rung of the ladder once this worthless concoction of nakedly corrupt men and women helms the government.

    • mine
      November 26, 2018

      God is in charge when you do the right thing and he knows all our intentions good or bad.

  9. wendy
    November 22, 2018

    The Honorable Doctor Doctor has once again outsmarted you guys.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 23, 2018

      Yes, you are so right, he has “doctored” and abused the office of the Prime Minister, adopting this “Odd Minister” immature behaviour, with blind loyalists clowns like you and your surrogates waving the dirty Red flag of danger and destruction in our failed state Dominica created and encouraged by you and others colluding with this failed PM and corrupt Labour Government. they must Go, they will go. . He only functions with a bunch of idiots who circle him with weird ideas not in the best interest of our Dominica. Skerrits mob will do anything to attempt to get rid of the UWP, waiting to take over the reigns of this government, good governance and have the corrupt DLP government out of office. Take them to court, call them names, but you all within the corrupt reigns of the Labour government will be brought before the courts to answer to us about our hard earned states finances and resources.
      Skerrit must Go. Dominicans wake up
      Skerrit must Go. get out. Outside.

  10. world boss
    November 22, 2018

    they say Gaston is the World Boss well i tell allu Skerrit claim that title

  11. Wirkers of INIQUITY
    November 22, 2018

    So the obstruction charges have been put on sine die, meaning to an undisclosed date which could be on any day Skerrit feels necessary, while the incitement against Skerrit’s most wanted and men, Mr. Linton and Dr. Fontaine, meaning the next PM Linton and next Finance Minister Dr. Fontaine, has been adjourned until January 2019? Not sure of the day, which means Skerrit and the chief magistrate and those other wicked and evil people will pick a day when they no for sure that there will not be a boat scheduled to arrive? Go ahead and plan your mischief you evil workers on iniquity in camp Skerrit

    • Peeping Tom
      November 23, 2018

      “Sticky Fingers” is your choice of Finance Minister?! The man has his own private financial mismanagement issues and you want him to be Dominica’s Finance Minister? He has NO RECORD of prudent and successful financial management but you want that to lead the financial management of Dominica?

      Garsan, go hide under a hard rock, tan! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  12. Ibo France
    November 22, 2018

    Everyone with even a modicum of intelligence knows that these charges are without merit. This situation calls for a tsunami of activism against this depravedly sleazy administration, using the resources of the State to intimidate and destroy. The politics that is practised by Dr. Dr. Skerrit leads to fear, division and hate mongering. His regime’s policies have decimated the country as pauperism is exploding, hunger is common, good paying jobs have disappeared and hopelessness is widespread. All these are happening because of the leader and his supplicants abhorrent disregard for the citizens’ welfare and wellbeing. Use your vote like a rod of correct on them to beat them out of office.

  13. Magwaysah
    November 22, 2018

    The PM speaks words of peace but it is all a facade, deception. Actually, he is all for war. It is clear this is a witch hunt and he needs to stop aggravating the people.

    • Stupes
      November 22, 2018

      Who is he aggravating? The UWP members are the ones inciting violence among their supporters. They all need counseling to deal with these anger issues.

      • Ayin the lisener
        November 22, 2018

        It is so sad that 90% of the population are color blind and Skerrit have them Where he want s them.God is not sleeping there is more disaster coming to DA God will take care if his people.

      • viewsexpressed
        November 23, 2018

        You are this real stuuuupp-ps, with nothing of substance to talk about. Go on with what you are best at, which is Stuuppppppes. Wake up and smell the dirty corrupt Red Coffee. It appears that you are already queued up for the Red (Kool Aid) Clinic. Shame on you people.

    • Peeping Tom
      November 23, 2018

      Aggravate? When and how? You and Linton really wish you can rewrite the past, don’t you?!

      in case you need a reminder of what occurred in Roseau on February 7, 2017, ask around for recordings of that day; they are all over, video and audio. Clearly your version of what occurs in Dominica is based on fantasy…wishful thinking that it would be different and in favour of the UWPwee.

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