Petrol stations end shutdown to allow time to resolve industry issues

One of the gas stations which suspended operations on August 3rd, 2021

The Association of Fuel Retailers in Dominica has advised the general public that they will resume operations from today, September 6, 2021 to give the Government additional time to resolve the issues of the petroleum industry in Dominica.

The information was contained in a statement released by the Association on Monday.

A number of petroleum stations on the island ceased operations on Friday August 3rd, with the blessing of the fuel retailers group to protest what they suggested was a lack of progress in negotiations between the Association of Fuel Retailers and the government on the price build up mechanism for the sale of fuel, a situation which the association said would cause a collapse of “this critical industry” if it was not addressed urgently.

The closure of the gas stations on Friday and again on Saturday, resulted in long lines of traffic jams in and around the city of Roseau as motorists cued up at the service stations which were open, to stock up on fuel.

The Ministry of Trade met with the fuel retailers association on Friday to further address the issue.

The Association of Fuel Retailers in Dominica stated in its release on Monday morning that they were resuming operations to give the Government additional time to resolve the issues of the industry.

It said the fuel retailers of Dominica have noted the revised SRO 26 effective September 6, 2021 extending opening hours of businesses and gas stations “which will, in small part, assist in fuel volume recovery.”

“ However, it is important to note that this will not alleviate the present issue of losses being sustained in this industry due to the present model being used to determine price and margins,” the association stated. “This needs to be revised if the sector is to survive.”

The group said it will continue to press upon the Ministry of Trade that some of its members are facing an additional crisis with regard to fuel supply, from September 12, 2021 onwards.

“This also requires urgent attention to avert any further disruptions in this critical sector,” the association noted in its release.

The fuel retailers group commended the public for their patience as they all work, it said, “to operate under a model which will give a sustainable and economically viable service to the public.”

Meanwhile, Director of Trade, Matthan Walter said over the weekend in response to the shutdown by some petrol stations that based on the report which was generated on petrol stock, there is sufficient stock to satisfy local demands.

“Ministry of Trade and Commerce is in negotiations with various stakeholders within that most critical sector,” he said. “We proffer the prices to the public using what is called a price build-up mechanism and the ministry, based on justified formal requests by stakeholders, they move to refine or amend some of the line items that are indicated by that stakeholder within the price build-up.

“This is a negotiation exercise,” he explained.

He said information which was received from that meeting has to be analyzed, investigated and then submitted to policy makers for consideration.

“This is where we are today since the regulator has to exercise what I constitute to be a balancing hand,” Walter stated. “We have to look at the interest of the importer, the retailers, [and] the consumers and then we have to look at it against the unprecedented pandemic situation that we are in.”

Walter also took the opportunity on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce and by extension the Government of Dominica, to thank the owners and operators of the petrol stations who continued to serve the public with the most critical product.

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  1. Mark
    September 11, 2021

    ADMIN, any idea when we can expect an update on the Rubis and the overall gas situation on island? You said that there would be a follow-up story so I am just curious.

    ADMIN: This particular article was one of the updates we posted to the original story: We continue to follow this story and are working on it behind the scenes.

  2. Ti Garcon
    September 7, 2021

    DNO I the gas prices has been increased about 3 times in the past week. Has Dominica been importing gas so frequently in the past week? This Watler guy is talking from the side of his mouth, question him on why gas prices have been raising so irrationally lately.

    And where is Lennox on this? That’s why he can never win elections. On bread and butter issues like this, gas prices raising everyday his 2boardda shut. Some as last year when gas stayed months under $20/ barrel internationally. But Skerrit only drop gas under $7/gallon for a couple weeks!!! Dominican consumers got robbed!!! Back then half the gas price was govt tax as they take a fixed amount not a percentage.
    By next week gas will be $14+ a gallon, Skerrit doing his juju, deals happening under table and no one knows. Like how much does govt owe Rubis exactly, and y? DNO isn’t this a question you could ask Rubis as this should be Public information? Is it $18 million or $28 million?

    ADMIN: We are currently working on a follow up story. We have been in contact with Rubis; their management have (as of publishing) declined to provide their financials or specific figures.

  3. Ibo France
    September 7, 2021

    Paula, your writing leaves much to be desired. Instead of trying to denigrate people, take that time and use it wise!y. Use most of it to educate yourself. Your comments are embarrassingly and badly written.

  4. I Still Red
    September 7, 2021

    I just can’t understand why, for the sake of Dominica Doctor McIntyre and Dr. Darroux not coming together and deliver Dominica from the wicked and evil hand of Roosevelt Skerrit. Folks Dominica is a mess under Skerrit and every damn day is another bad news day. Dr. McIntyre and Dr Darroux are the only two capable parliamentarians and probably Gretta Robert, I see in the cabinet that is able to restore our country to a place of normalcy and stability. So please guys come together and Deliver Dominica from The Evil one. Even Melissa would be happy too. I still Red but I Know Dominica is in serious trouble and is now calling on it’s sons and daughters to come ye forward for help and deliverance.

    • Ibo France
      September 7, 2021

      This is the reason these two doctors can’t come together and rescue Dominica from the evil hands of Roosevelt Skerrit. They have become just as evil.

      Not even if you have a heart of gold before working for the Evildoer, in a short time you become Skerrit”s double.

      Fidel Grant is ample evidence of this. Everybody thought of Mr. Grant as a humble, decent and affable young man before he was recruited by the Evil One. Do you hold those elevated views of him now?

  5. Let’s Do eet
    September 6, 2021

    Why Skerrit keeps “winning”? The reason being, there is great poverty in Dominica and the Red Clinic is feeding them. Why not demonstrate for the shutting down of the Red Dragon 🐉 Clinic? Folks would have to come to their senses and look for employment or blame their government for the lack of work. I hate to admit, that the opposition is weak. What are they afraid of? Dominicans are suffering and it’s not right to only wait for the next election. Let’s get to work! Shut the Red Dragon 🐉 Clinic down. One party should not be allowed to highjack an entire country through bribery. Get to work Mr. Linton. I remove the “Sir.” for now because I need to see some action. Need to see the opposition work and sweat on behalf of the people of this country. Open your eyes and see the suffering. We will stand with you when you give the matching orders. We must pull together. Many of the police officers are on our side and more will join us laying down their weapons. Dominica is worth fighting 4.

  6. Jonathan Y St Jean
    September 6, 2021

    The minister said that there is enough supply on island. Well there is sufficient water on island too but until it gets to reach the pipes in the homes of the consumers it’s a mute point. Similarly if some petrol stations are closed and not supplying the public at the pump his point is just as nonsensical. The high and mighty government didn’t keep it’s promise to consult and work with the petroleum sector operatives because it feels it can do whatever it wants, even threaten to bypass them and import fuel into the country. Remember the disrespect given to the principals of Ross? Same thing here, high handed arrogance. This is no way to run a democracy.

    • Paula stedman
      September 6, 2021

      Hope your woman in NJ have access to your comments because I sure u would on ge streets every time she reads your comments. U are a friends but u never seems to amaze me

      • Jonathan Y St Jean
        September 7, 2021

        @Paula Stedman, my views are no secret because they are on DNO for whosoever wants to view them. Seems like you wish that my freedom of speech be muzzled. Well I’ve got news for you. This won’t ever happen. I will defend to the death everyone’s right to freedom of speech. Therefore I won’t ever want anyone to muzzle me and I won’t ever try to muzzle anyone else. Got it?

      • Ibo France
        September 7, 2021

        Paula, your writing leaves much to be desired. Instead of trying to denigrate people, take that time and use it wise!y. Use most of it to educate yourself. Your comments are embarrassingly and badly written.

      • PeterJ
        September 7, 2021

        Oooh, were did you learn your english? As ever, yet again that 98% of Skerrits supporter are at best badly educated or at worst illiterate. You clearly belong to the first group.

      • Bwa-Banday
        September 7, 2021

        @Paula Steadman what did you aim to achieve? Hs woman leaving him because he sees through your god an tells it like it is? Wow! Well I have news for you, the St.Jeans I know aint scared of no body and that includes you and the dictator. If I was “J” I would just ignore your attention seeking ahsee. Shame on you!

      • If we knew better
        September 8, 2021

        So the woman in New Jersey put a muzzle on Jonathan? On the street he can talk bad about Roosevelt Skerrit but when he at home with the woman he have to shut up? The woman is a huge poto laborite?

        Its this kind of country bookie thinking that has Dominica in the state we are in. Being afraid to speak out of fear that someone sees or hears. Why dont you just copy and past the page for the woman to see for herself if is trouble you like and is bad you wishing for Jonathan for talking against the rubbish that the government does? Is not God or Jesus Christ he speaking against nuh.

  7. Man bites dogs
    September 6, 2021

    The Government should not enter into any negotiation with the petrol stations that is trying to hold the country for ransom now talking about losing money all because the government up the low paid workers money just recently Ugly Lenny, is all part of it as well. I am asking all or most drivers to boycott every one of the petrol stations that shut their doors at the weekend and only go to the ones that had the courtesy to serve us customers,

    • Ibo France
      September 6, 2021

      Why don’t you return to the British Army as you so proudly claimed you were a member and do what you are best at. Go on your knees with mop, scrubbing brush and detergents. I understand you even boast a Purple Heart for the sacrifice you made cleaning up the mess left by your fellow soldiers.

      Your ghost writer is just marginally better than you. Both of you need some serious brain reconstruction.

      I don’t believe you were in any British Army. To think of it, you couldn’t even pass a test to a dog catcher.

      • Man bite dogs
        September 8, 2021

        You jealous of me clown Ibo, because I have done what brave British men does to the best of their abilities, cowards like you would not stand a chance in our boots, go to hell and take Ugly Lenny with you good for nothing aholes.

        • Ibo France
          September 9, 2021

          Dog Biter, your stint in the British Army is just an illusive dream of yours. You’re delusional.

          The British Army doesn’t employ illiterates. You couldn’t even fill out the application form.

          Not even one time from your hundreds of posts to this forum have you ever written something even remotely sensible. Every time you post on DNO it’s exaztly what is found in a septic tank.

          • Man bite dogs
            September 9, 2021

            @Ibo the clown, one day your gas will finally be over!

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
    • ccs
      September 6, 2021

      I hope no gas station provides you service

    • If we knew better
      September 7, 2021

      This is what a real democracy is. Not one man calling the shots and everybody else have to follow suit. This is how we ensure that the people who we pay to represent us actually represent our best interests.

  8. Ibo France
    September 6, 2021

    I hope that I’m wrong. However, reading between the lines of the comments made by the Director of Trade, Mr. Walter, I come away with division, long delay of an amicable solution and finger pointing.

    The mere fact that the petroleum retailers have temporarily relented on their initial hardline decision to stop the sale of fuel is commendable. I genuinely hope that this new window of opportunity would be used in good faith negotiations.

    Even though I”m doubtful, for good of country let common sense and goodwill prevail. Bargaining with a recalcitrant and boorish party usually amounts to nada. That’s just a caveat to all who are hoping for the best results.

  9. LifeandDeath
    September 6, 2021

    I thought Mr. “I Run tings in Dominica” had the place under lock and key. Apparently the Association of Fuel Retailers left him with the lock and went with the Key.
    My ppl, Dominica is facing difficulty because the Government don’t plan right and the ppl Don’t hold the Government accountable.
    So don’t go only blaming the Government. Things have been going wrong for an extended period, it’s only now becoming unbearable at the root of many sectors.
    Admittedly we are being led by the most inept crew ever to pass as Government in this country and yet for so long (anybody heard Blackmore over the wkend :-? ). If we continue to make political and economic decisions with our hearts and not with our Brains, we’ll continue to see upheavals and disgruntlement over and over again.
    Farmers, Nurses, Police, Bus Drivers, College Faculty, Fuel Suppliers. Anybody remember why Ro$$ left? They cited a lack of seriousness from the Government. Still they got voted in. Y’all not serious about…

    • If we knew better
      September 6, 2021

      They only get voted back in because they have continuously squandered national resources on campaign ……… and treating. The people of today are selfish and lack integrity. So they care not for their communities, only their pockets. Thus, communities have not developed in the last 20 years. No proper play grounds. No community libraries and resource centers. no community farmers markets. nothing. Politicians arent doing anything.

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