PM Skerrit promises more public dialogue and engagement

PM Skerrit speaking after being sworn as prime minister on Saturday, Dec 7, 2019

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said the government plans on taking Dominica to the next level in terms of better public engagement and a more structured dialogue within the government system.

At his swearing-in ceremony on December 7th , 2019, at the State House, Skerrit said the country’s social rift will be looked at to ensure that more persons are reached with the available resources especially those who do not have the ability to access the system.

“I also think too, with regards to the social partners, we should seek to have more structured dialogue, not when we always want something from each other but to see how we can work together to address some of the fundamental issues confronting the country and find common solutions to them,” he observed.

He also plans to appoint a “think tank” of persons to provide greater advice to the government on various aspects of social and economic plans for the country.

He said persons with varied backgrounds will be recruited locally as well as professionals who reside out of Dominica.

“I also think that would be helpful to the public service in terms of transfer of knowledge, abilities [and] capacities so that policies can be more soundly reviewed [so] that they can be better documented,” Skerrit said.

He said if there is a social problem, one should be able to go on the government’s website and see a copy of that specific policy and understand the background on how someone can benefit from it and how they can access it, so there is more transparency in its implementation.

He further stated that he thinks that the government needs to engage residents of communities more in terms of their intentions so that when projects are being conducted in their constituency, persons will have an idea of what exactly is happening and how long it will take.

“I also think too, that we need to as a government engage the public more in terms of what we intend to do with them and for them…I think we need to address this issue of having more consultation with the public on all aspects of government’s interventions and programs so that there is more buying and ownership of it,” suggested the prime minister, who’s held that office for the past sixteen years.

Skerrit added that he does not think that government services are reaching the public in the correct manner and hopes to change this by  empowering parliamentarians and improving services when delivering at a community level.

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  1. We deserve better
    December 11, 2019

    Mr. Skerrit. Nobody respects you anymore. Not even the “labourites”. We know what you’ve done to win this election. All you have to do now is go an get our money when you have it and START SPENDING IT ON US. At least make our country look decent with proper roads, hospitals etc. It is the least you can do after what we have been through.

  2. D/can to d bone
    December 11, 2019

    So those labourites doh see skerrot use dem to take his a$$ from hotwater. :mrgreen:
    Sort zor sort. He doh matter how much money he spend he just want to get out of de right niw he is free to cover his tracks. Wait for de coolout..sort labourites skerrot want allu to beg him everytime… tell him is a job allu want. My neighbor, tell him you want a washing machine eh..i doh washing clothes for u again let him buy a fridge too no more meat on my fridge know yourself so smoke that..i tired man.

  3. dissident
    December 11, 2019

    from now on when you making your promises go in de mirror and make dem
    you will soon convince yourself who is de fool!

    your mouth just moving….you expect de public to believe dat?

    you wanna talk about de issue in de aljazeera report?
    you wanna tell us de final calculations for de $1.2 billion and make lennox linton pass like a fool?
    you wanna tell us who is Terry Baron?
    you wanna tell us when we going to start selling geothermal energy to Guadeloupe and Martinique?
    you going to tell us what your raise in salary should be?

    Have you stubbornly isolated yourself as a world leader?
    you want credibility from de same people you abuse and curse?

    go and organize another gravy train while de money drying up

    I know January is de toughest month in de year……are you prepared to give public servant and police officers a better salary package than 0-0-0?

    • D/can to d bone
      December 11, 2019

      U said it package :-D

  4. Labor power
    December 10, 2019

    Knowing dat Dominicans love you so much do the following.
    Make your wife finance minister
    Make Ian liqour control minister
    Make the Charles Lady min of Health.
    Make the laplaine guy Agri minister.
    Blackmoore housing min
    Reggie animal affairs
    Rosilene Paul women affairs
    Just ensure dat the Cabbynet is 40 strong..
    No international airport
    No roads to fix
    No bridges to build
    No more houses
    No more cool outs
    No more red clinic
    No more elections
    Just ensure sewoooooooo 24/7
    And they gooo sing 5 more years… Those from Tortola, Antigua, st Martin, usvi, USA, Canada n so forth, job wellll done. Whilst u guys eating well, drinking nice Alki. In nice house, dressing fansy.. You voted to keeep Dominicans in begging mode… Job well done. Western union….
    Skeeritt keep fooling dem..
    Uwp should just back off n let skerritt terrorize themmm.
    Ohhhhh for breakfast, lunch n super dese days go ask skerritt n all you pal raps….

  5. Child of Itassi
    December 10, 2019

    Joke of the day:
    The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States is an inter-governmental organisation dedicated to economic harmonisation and integration, protection of human and legal rights, and the encouragement of good governance between countries and territories in the Eastern Caribbean.

  6. Stupes
    December 10, 2019

    Says the lying tongue PM.

  7. Original
    December 10, 2019

    The citizens are the ones who needs to be empowered, not just parliamentarians!

  8. Ibo France
    December 10, 2019

    Until Skerrit departs from his corrupt ways, atone for his wrongdoings, govern for all the people and not his bribable supporters alone, I ‘ll remain a vehement critic and skeptic of this congenital, moronic, corrupt bandit. He cheats to win elections but the country is irremovably cemented at the bottom rung of the ladder in the Eastern Caribbean. Blatant corruption and darkness in government has done this.

  9. Flingstone
    December 10, 2019

    Mr prime minister, there are a few angry people who are plotting a riot. They are getting ready to start as of tonight with their planned meeting to discuss it. They are sitting with each other in little groups planning their attack, please be guided and if I were you I would not let the RSS leave just yet. Their goal is to get you out at any means necessary.

  10. Efficacious
    December 10, 2019

    The PM did a good piece of work. To difentiate, you must understand the difference between a CONMAN and a diplomat. He is trying to meet every Dominican whether you voted for him or not. The old hands who could hardly keep a proper records, he side-line them all, and the new brains came up trumps. To him there is no party but Dominicans. The quicker he can unite Dominicans, is the quicker he will stand down. To succeed, Dominicans must live their own life and tell the truth. Good reddens.

    • %
      December 10, 2019

      My friend Skerrit is Dominica’s perfect con man who has done irreparable harm to our voting system.This was the worst election Dominica has had since its discovery, and it’s just because a con man and Misleader that Al JaZeera exposed as unfit to hold public office, is trying to fight for his freedom at all cost.
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?

  11. Ibo France
    December 10, 2019

    Any dialogue with this congenital liar is a complete waste of time. Corrupt people only think about the next deal to fatten their multiple bank accounts. This man is leopard-like. He cannot change his corrupt ways just like a leopard cannot change its spots. Corruption has kept him in office. Only crooks and like-minded perverts will support and sing this man praises.

  12. Questions
    December 10, 2019

    Answer any questions.

  13. Questions
    December 10, 2019

    We must say congratulations to the dlp. Even if there are persistent questions still hanging over their heads, the “people” of Dominica did sanction them to continue on their path. We believe that some of these questions should be addressed, since the dlp had such a landslide victory, they should not be afraid to answer any questions that come up. For example, what about the chinese agents, spies, and surveillance experts based on Morne Daniel? what about telling us about monfared and the others? what about persecution of the police officers who were brave enough to stand for their rights?what about the block boys who have already started enforcing their connection with miss Vapid. Dominicans voted you in, they believe in your stuff, so if all is good, any those questions.

  14. Ibo France
    December 10, 2019

    The man of Aljazeera fame has used ‘Cool Out’ money, imported voters, skullduggery, voter padding, the State’s radio station, the police force, the RSS, the non implementation of electoral reforms to steal another election. He illicitly gets another term in office but the country will remain in its present state of stagnancy, bottom of the ladder in the OECS. Rest assured my people that for the next five years there will no international airport, geothermal energy, no real replacement for ROSS, no satisfactory raise in salaries of public servants, no transformational development in education, agriculture, infrastructure or anything worthy of ‘praise. Dominica has become the laughing stock of the world under Skerrit but many gullible people seem to like it so.

  15. Ibo France
    December 10, 2019

    As long as Skerrit remains at the helm of government in Dominica, corruption, immorality, political and social divisions, victimization, low living standards will continue to weigh down the country. The country’s performance under Skerrit’s stewardship is truly deplorable. The average wages and salaries are unlivable; the unemployment and underemployment rates are just unacceptable; corruption in government is ubiquitous and the politicians in power are too selfish instead of selfless. A good leader always tries to unite his/her country as united we rise and divided we fall. Dominica is gifted by God with more natural resources than many of her neighbors: arable soil, an abundance of water, lust green vegetation, plenty sunshine all year round, rear species of plants and animals and the list goes on. Why is it then that Dominica has the lowest standard of living in the Eastern Caribbean? It must be lack of astute leadership. Where leadership is lacking everything good is lacking.

  16. Tobby
    December 10, 2019

    Right now negative commit to me do not make any sense at all, because the amount of negative comments I read before elections, I thought DLP would lost this election even by a margin, and that’s the biggest fall I ever saw for the Opposition, that’s simple tells me Dominicans love their DLP so I really dnt see any sense in one negative comment right now. Everybody should be happy because is they put and they remove.

  17. Not A Herd Follower
    December 10, 2019

    I am not even going to comment on Skerrit’s latest utterances. He lacks credibility in my eye. The man has nothing to offer that will make for a positive transformation of Dominican. His legacy will be one of shame just like OJ’s.

  18. Tobby
    December 10, 2019

    First and foremost I will once again as a great thinker, treat the people good as they treat you and your party at the polls. Make them feel happy too, by increasing the minimum wage at 500 EC after Tax and all Government workers starting at a 3000 EC after Tax. More money will flow in the country. A salary review would be a first option in the country, even parliamentarian salary needed looking at compare to other countries.

  19. Concerned
    December 10, 2019

    You invited teachers to a meeting at the eleventh hour. Threatening them and telling them just remember even though they are appointed you can still fire them. Bossman the public service commission that can hire and fire. Not you. Stupid. Your stooge Octavia Alfred even telling the teachers who are now trained that if they know they dont have English and Maths they will never be appointed. How the hell were they enrolled at teachers college and got their training certificates anyway. Octavia you will pay for your tongue also. Dam wicked set of people. You that Octvia Alfred you in it for yourself and not for country. Just like your new master. Time will tell. Just a matter of time. All in God’s timing.

    • Concerned
      December 10, 2019

      Come on Dominicans when will you all get it!! Skerrit did not win the elections he stole it. People living in Dominica voted against Skerrit. The outside voters, the bribery, the treating and lack of electoral reform gave him the win. Without these he would have lost big time. All I know The God I serve is not dead he sees and he knows all things.

  20. Concerned
    December 10, 2019

    What a liar. So pathetic. You will pay for your crimes against this Country. Just a matter of time.

  21. jamie
    December 10, 2019

    More empty promise,as long as you have a slave driver Tony Astaphan as your advisor,can never respect you,Tony is a stain in our country,

  22. Me
    December 10, 2019

    Promises, promises, promises, and yet again more promises. Sound good, don’t they? But we do know what they are worth!!

  23. Satan is a LIAR !!!
    December 10, 2019

    All Satan can do is lie. When he says peace he means war. Satan has been a LIAR from the beginning. The thief came to steal , kill and destroy jesus said. Have you seen anything different?

  24. Dora George
    December 10, 2019

    Somebody tell him what to say and we hear all those things already business as usual continue to neglect who did not vote for you

  25. dee
    December 10, 2019

    If these visitors , had to pay just as I and many other visiting Dominicans do, all well and good , but if their departure tax was waived , may we ask on what grounds, so , i and many others still feel it is a fair contribution to the economy ?
    Now could you reveal where the payments for the chartering of those airplanes were sourced ?
    ONLY IN DOMINICA wee, unique set of people , original in truth . Now you have confirmed the next level indeed .What next ein ?.

  26. dee
    December 10, 2019

    that word TRANSPARENCY is a taboo for you .
    you should never use it , never ever .
    I am sure you will never ever reveal when DOMINICA’S PARROTS are returning home to their natural habitat , the forest has grown back . If they are not returning can you be transparent and inform concerned Dominicans whether any gifts, rewards, payments were exchanged for DOMINICAS PARROTS and if any cash was received , who received such and where it is . You have made the word ”transparency” a disease.
    I need to take a decision whether I should ever set foot in your Dominica again. As a Dominican citizen Living abroad, I have always been more than willing to pay the enhanced departure tax when leaving Dominica as I believe it to be a contribution to the economy ,I did see for the first time in my life in Dominica, the airport apron become a congested parking lot , can I ask whether all those passengers ( Dominican citizens ) living abroad were required to pay the enhanced…

  27. PENNY
    December 10, 2019

    Skerrit you know that’s not gonna happen. A rat will not set a trap for itself. Right now you’ll be the one Scratching you know what because where’ll be no international Airport, no hospital and all the rest of the pie in the sky promises. As from now every project will come to a halt until elections are nearing again. I will be on the outside looking out for my people as always.

  28. Eddy A
    December 10, 2019

    Skerrit, stop talking nonsense! The only thing we want from you is electoral reform and you to account for the missing CBI money and PetroCaribe money. Also we need to see the MOU with China!

  29. Iamanidiot
    December 10, 2019

    Blah blah blad bidy blad, nice words.
    Hope you appoint all those junior clerks you promised cause at the end of the day, people just need more money vs living hand to mouth

  30. December 9, 2019

    Prime Minister, Sir, with 16 years of experience as the Prime leader of our governing body, I believe that you have matured with wisdom and knowledge of the best ways to rule over our Nation.

    I have confidence that you know who is driving you, and all you need is to continue in humility, trust, and obedience, the tools that give Him the glory; encourage your governing body to do the same by your guidance from Him–our God of Life.

    As Jesus is the Head and His Church is the body, with different gifts by which the “work of Love” is exemplified for His glory and for the World to see, it is the same way that He has made you the “head” with a team-mate of different roles by which the economic and social status of our Nation can move towards the highest level.

    Remember Sir, that we who have chosen you, are in constant prayer on your behalf, for the enemy is skillful; we don’t want him standing in our way–not for one minute. Blessings to you, Sir

  31. derp
    December 9, 2019

    what are they going to do in the first 100 days huh, watch them break a lot if not all of their promises in there campaign manifesto, I guarantee a lot will not be implemented

  32. Time to move on
    December 9, 2019

    Mr Skerrit you have empowered yourself and more enough already now is the time to empower the people. Create jobs for the many graduates, take care of civil servants, we need more doctors, more ambulances, we need a better Agricultural sector, more High court judges to take care of all the back logs of cases, to many square pegs in the wrong holes in the Police service, customs, International airport, The cabinet is to large, we are hard working people, we need a rehabilitation facility. Mr Skerrit 20 years is enough so take Dominica to where it needs to be. It’s not your country it’s ours.

  33. Best Buy
    December 9, 2019

    We have a situation where Skerrit is sold to the devil and Dominicans elected his wife Melissa to help bring Satanism here. They both corrupt, both are liars and Dominica is like when the evil Ahab and jezebel ruled Israel. The sad thing is we can’t turn to the church as most of our pastors are like the prophets of Baal as seen in 1 king 17-20 and to make things worse was when gospel artists like Donny Mcclurkin, Yolanda Adams and Shirley Cissar accepted dirty money to come help an evil Skerrit establish his evil reign on us. I no longer want to listen to BobbyJones and his BET where the above named artists always perform since they prove to us that they will do anything for money as long as the price is right. It’s not about Christ as they tell us but after money. My God, my God my God I never thought I would live to see Christianity fall so low because of money! I know many have left and will leave the church because of what was seen during the last election.

  34. Who can help us?
    December 9, 2019

    Election they say is over but now it seems like we in chaos. Point blank the election was stolen as the result was for the highest bidder. In our case Skerrit was the only one that could bid since he was the only one that could buy the election no matter the cost. The reason why Dominica is in chaos is because the salt of the earth, the church, lost it savor and showed it is henceforth good for nothing! Think of how respected gospel artist like Yolanda Adams, Shirley Cizza and Mcclurkin allowed themselves to be bought by Skerrit to do the work of Satan in here. They knew they were not coming to glorify God but for the love of money, they came. As a result the church here has sank in an all time low and sadly, we can no longer turn to the church for help. See how the bishop was booed? I think if the Catholic church here is going to rebound the Bishop must be transferred and the Vatican must be careful not to send someone from caricom or any black bishop. DA in crisis man

  35. My Dominica
    December 9, 2019

    Nowwwwww. lol all u pm have jokes wee… I suspect is guilty conscience talking.. :lol: :lol: :lol: but wait he jus come man… lol smh..

  36. Bring back the kidnapped Dominica parrots
    December 9, 2019

    Every M O U should be available for all to read, no more secrecy, All money should be accounted for too with a quarterly audit of the treasury with results posted.

  37. Amarossa
    December 9, 2019

    Skerritt you are just trying to sound magnanimous.
    “Think tank”…thosr words are not yours. Somebody else wrote them. You are a very vindictive person by nature under all that smiles and charm.

  38. Possie Direct
    December 9, 2019

    My position is the election was badly stolen and therefore I don’t recognize Roosevelt Skerrit as PM and in like manner bI don’t recognize Lennox Linton as opposition leader. In other words, Dominica is in more of a crisis now than we were before the election.

    • D/can to d bone
      December 10, 2019

      Ya its like a new born babe eh..everything is sweptbunder de carpet its ok…
      Lets work together and i hope you stop your crap i strugglong so much and you dere dishing out money like sh%t. Two years i begging for assistance we. I aint begging no

    • D/can to d bone
      December 10, 2019

      Ya we alas and lennox self i looked uo to him but when i see how he get hingry for power closer to election, he remind me of children who cannot get there way so they destroy their very own toys.not once i heard him tell his supporters its ok to protest but do not vandalize. U really had to come again lennox. You lost alot of points besides skerrit vole’ de election with bribes u lost alot of us before de elctions. I lost a very important appointment because of the type of protest. I hope u work on that for the coming years and the childish behaviour as for skerrit self i listening

  39. Kalinago Justice
    December 9, 2019

    Rogue,you stole the elections, therefore everything you try implementing will be illegal! Save yourself before you are ridden of!!!

  40. Real Dominican
    December 9, 2019

    THIS MAN is sick.

    You have made so many promises. This is the fourth promise you have made:

    1. Build International Airport soon after you win, within first 100 days.
    2. Electoral Reform within first 100 days.
    3. Dialogue to curb social problems within first 100 days.
    4. Think Tank in public sector within first 100 days.

    the list goes on and on.
    This man is simply bankrupt and does not know what he is doing.

    Sir, your first 100 days should focus on reviving our destroyed economy!!

    If the diasporas only knew what they did with their votes, they would cry.

  41. Channel 1
    December 9, 2019



    December 9, 2019

    Go to “HELL” and put a “FULL STOP” the lying business garson!!!!

  43. %
    December 9, 2019

    I wonder where the money to bring in the 8000-10000 foreign voters came from.
    Was it from the sales of diplomatic passports?
    Al Jazeera exposed corrupt OECS leaders as diplomatic passport peddlers?
    Was the money DLP money?
    I know for a fact that DLP does not sell even one sweetie!
    Was it dirty money?
    If it was, isn’t dirty money passing through the banking system money laundering?
    So I am confused, and I am sure thousandssssssssssss of Dominicans are confused as well.
    Can’t wait to see a few fetid and corrupt OECS leaders who come to people with smiles, but are unadulterated thieves to be jailed for their criminal acts.
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

  44. zandoli
    December 9, 2019

    Skerrit, that is the result of you acting the a king who has to personally dispense largesse to the population. You have centralized power to your office such that people have to look to YOU for a handout.
    This problem is of your creation.

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