PM Skerrit says investor secured for medical school

PM Skerrit and wife, Melissa, arriving at Parliament

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that an investor has been secured to establish a medical school at the former Ross University Picard Campus, Portsmouth.

 “I am pleased to confirm to the nation that an investor has been secured to establish a medical school at the Picard Campus,” Skerrit revealed during the presentation of an over $1 billion budget in parliament on Tuesday.

He said the government has entered into an agreement with the Dominica University of Medical Sciences to allow the University to function.

“We have been advised by the Principals that they have been aggressively pursuing the completion of equipment of the faculty and they continue to conduct interviews to fill non-academic positions,” he explained.

Skerrit added that the school has also been in discussion with landlords and matters relating to the housing needs of their students.

According to the prime minister, the Dominica University School of Medical Sciences (DUMS) projects a growth in the students’ population of no less than 2500 by 2023.

“DUMS also proposes the establishment of a School of Nursing and a School of Pharmacy,” Skerrit said.

Meantime, the prime minister also announced that the Cabrits Resort and Spa of the Kempinski Hotel is scheduled to open its doors on October 14th, 2019.

“As I stand here, Madam Speaker, 550 workers are on the Kempinski site working to ensure they are ready for the opening of the hotel 14th October 2019,” he said.

The hotel is being built under the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Program to help develop five star hotels as part of a wider effort to expand economic activity and the creation of sustainable jobs and opportunity for our people.

He said the Cabrits Resort and Spa of Kempinski Hotel has been accepting reservations for October 2019 and employing full-time staff.

“If you want a room at the Kempinski for October and November you can’t get because they are fully booked,” Skerrit stated.

He said significant emphasis has been placed on the training of citizens and stakeholders to ensure that visitors and locals receive consistent, excellent service because, according to him, it will be necessary for Dominica to deliver 5 star service at all levels of society.

“If we want to position ourselves as the destination of choice, we have to be ready to deliver the level of service that this requires,” the prime minister noted.

Skerrit explained that the first of the CBI projects, Jungle Bay Resort, is now open to guests and is currently employing 62 Dominicans.


Full 2019 budget below:

Download (PDF, 536KB)

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  1. teacher.
    August 2, 2019

    I was making a joke with one of his goons last month, i hope is not my university skerrit is referring to, because its just in my dreams.

  2. Child of Itassi
    August 2, 2019
  3. Too little too late
    August 1, 2019

    You hear lie from a man who wants to be in power by any means necessary. For ever and ever. Even in the grave.

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  4. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 1, 2019

    The first week I attended kindergarten school in Wesley many moon ago, I heard this as a nursery folk tale rime:
    “if wishes were horses beggars would ride.” The following reminds me of that which seems to be a metaphor.

    “According to the prime minister, the Dominica University School of Medical Sciences (DUMS) projects a growth in the students’ population of no less than 2500 by 2023. ”

    This thing about Dominica university school of medical science is nothing more than a damn lie hatched in hell by Roosevelt Skerrit, not even a fool hearing that would believe it. 

    So, if we analyze this lie, the first question one need to ask is where the students to support the school will come from? Can’t be Dominica, because if every Dominica become nurse and doctors will not help.
    Ross was successful because of foreign students, with an arrangement for internship in America.  Note: A nurse, or doctor trained at UWI, or Cuba on graduating cannot work in Canada, America, or Europe!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1
  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    August 1, 2019

    With all the lies that Skerritt has told the country in the past, how can we take him seriously on this pronouncement? We have been promised an international airport on many occasions, a boat for farmer’s produce to be taken to market, electoral reform, a Caricom delegation to inform on electoral reform, a hospital for Marigot, and I can go on and on, all pie in the sky. We just cannot take this man, the double doctorate dude, seriously. Come on people, take a deep breadth, now exhale. Wait or the next lie, from Skerritt’s lips to your ears. What we need is a minister of lying deceptions.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1
  6. Shaka zulu
    July 31, 2019

    Its one thing to lie in a political rally when your followers drunk and aint paying attention. All these folks take an oath on the bible when sworn into office to execute the duties under the constitution with honor. Why is this guy allowed to perpetuate lies, deception, etc in parliament. Skerrit is a disgrace to the human race. I just need see the day some people in Dominica get locked up for a long time.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0
  7. s. jarvis
    July 31, 2019

    the pm book all the room for the overseas voters that are coming to dominica to vote after the festival d0minicans lookout

  8. Self
    July 31, 2019

    Keep lying till the eve of elections. The new university of Skerrit double doctorate, you don’t need to attend any classes, don’t even apply, Skerrit will come to your graduation to bestow on you, your double doctorate, just pay in advance. You will graduate with two doctorates in lying, from the best liar in the world.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1
  9. foreign observer
    July 31, 2019

    Ho, ho, ho – when the “Dominica University School of Medical Sciences” was first identified last week on another news source, there was an active web site. Though under the name “Dominica University of Medical Sciences” (no “School”). It’s gone now.

    I had a look through the DUMS site then – written in barely literate English…and much of the then curriculum appeared to focus on English language courses: medical terminology amongst others. I cannot help but wonder exactly what kind of students would, as others have mentioned, be enrolling…unless of course this “University School” is merely intended as a stepping stone into the Western Hemisphere by any means possible.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1
    • PRO
      July 31, 2019

      LMAO “University School ”

      We are the laughing stock of the world !!!… SMH

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0
    • August 1, 2019

      What can you do for your country? Nothing, but negativity. You do have to spew hate like that on the PM. What ever you all say is all useless and garbage. Go look after your village and help the people in your home village.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 1 Thumb down 8
      • Pipo
        August 2, 2019

        No my friend, it is our man from Vieille Case, the Hon. P. M. that is putting us in a negative light. There is no record, no website of that university anywhere so we must question the truth of his statement don’t you think?

  10. Maybe
    July 31, 2019

    Skerrit school of science boy Mr can liar tona where is the airport another election gig pm is time to go liar liar pants on fire

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  11. Rat Race
    July 31, 2019

    Uncle! Call the elections. We ready to vote you out and investigate everything that transpired for the 20 years your team has been in government. Better start cleaning the books from now.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  12. HI FIVE
    July 31, 2019

    Wow!! Not one positive comment on the PM and that budget…are people finally realizing that this PM has been fooling them over and over? It was about time. He said it himself “Is Dominica a REAL country?”

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  13. Josephine Jno Baptiste
    July 31, 2019

    DUMS, says it all.
    People are dumb to believe this pathological liar. :mrgreen:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
    • Ninja
      July 31, 2019

      True say a miserable liar this man is!!!!!! SMFH

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  14. Dums School
    July 31, 2019

    Only DUMmies will believe that.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  15. S. Davis
    July 31, 2019

    No less than 2500 students by 2023? Do you actually think there are thousands of prospective students that are waiting to go to a school that is not accredited, does not have a tested curriculum and currently does not have a faculty? Good luck.

  16. Neville
    July 31, 2019

    Let’s wait and see. We have heard stories like that before. The man is a notorious liar. I think he just can’t help himself in his desperate struggle to stay in government.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0
  17. no political affiliation
    July 31, 2019

    You want to tell me after 20 years in office, you have to go around the country giving away millions of dollars in bribes to allow people to vote for you?, lets take a look at where these monies came from,

    international donors after hurricane maria

    under reported CBI money

    monies belonging to the state which was suppose to pumped into the economy to create job etc, instead of Dominicans begging.

    people people people, dont allow these guys to shame you, Dominicans, you must vote out that skerrit administration, save your country, Dominica needs to move out of this dormant state, we are last in everything according to d Pitt Bull, i have nothing personal against the PM, he might have soft heart for people and love to help, yes, but that does not cut it all, his admin has failed Dominica over and over again, dont let that bribe money and promises of house after they win fool you, change is a must.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  18. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    July 31, 2019

    Name the investor, everything with this con man is a mystery. Also if all the hotel rooms are already booked is the international airport going to be open by then too? or are the guests going to be flown in on air Skerritt in time for the next election.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  19. Winston Smith
    July 31, 2019

    Anichi ?? First CBI failure ?? Nothing happening there but vine growth. Anyone know what is going on with this one ?

    • Neville
      July 31, 2019

      Another Moroccan hotel, coffee factory, abattoir and geothermal in the making. That’s what’s happening!

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0
  20. Bee
    July 31, 2019

    King Liar….. you secured plans for the airport too.

  21. Flat Tire
    July 31, 2019

    The way these two play on the psychi of labourites and present themselves as king and queen

  22. jamie
    July 31, 2019

    More lies to fool the people of Portsmouth,wait another lie is coming next week,King Skerrit,

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  23. Kalinago Justice
    July 31, 2019

    :?: Isn’t these scam passport hotels opening in time so that all those unknown foreigners holding our citizenship can be accommodated to vote in our elections :?: This one-man rogue regime should not be allowed to call elections, as soon as he announces the elections, the populace should take to streets in protest and prevent anyone coming in to vote!!!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  24. AA
    July 31, 2019

    Bus so long that hotel building. Sam own finish we

  25. A student living abroad
    July 31, 2019

    Is that self.. HALF of budget time focus on the past, workers dis, workers dat, 20 years ago… but thats ok, that’s good, keep cooking, because is your job you doing you getting paid for..out you going anyway, so thank you very much for the soup, chef, although it missing salt.. put down the apron and go home, kitchen will still run when your gone.

  26. Unknown
    July 31, 2019

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what a Joke. Dominica University School Of Medical Sciences. Really??? I hope my people are that stupid. Then again what am I saying? They are gullible after all.

  27. %
    July 31, 2019

    What about the Moroccan hotel which was started before the Kempinski hotel?
    Why is the information re the Ross site so blurred? You are known to lie in profusion Skerrit, so you need to come clean .
    Whenever you incoherently stutter your lies, very few people listen. Nothing about modernizing Roseau? I don’t listen to liars like you garcon!
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

  28. RandyX
    July 31, 2019

    Look at Skerrit and Gucci. Parading the streets of Roseau like King and Queen in front of a building that still has no roof. How long are Dominicans prepared to watch this American soap opera and clap on top of it??

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0
    • Me
      August 2, 2019

      The proverbial red herring presented as a rollmops.

  29. Bwa-Banday
    July 31, 2019

    DUMS? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ! How fitting for us Dums-in-cans :mrgreen: :mrgreen: !

    Well I sincerely hope that the PM is honest and not pulling wool over the eyes of Dcans who are already walking with eyes closed. What is skeptical to me is the mention of students in the thousands by 2023. So what happens between now and then sir? 50 students? This regime has long expired and needs to go. We can no longer survive on pies in the sky.

  30. Pipo
    July 31, 2019

    Sorry but can not find reference anywhere for a Dominica University of Medical Sciences. But there is a Dominican university for medical sciences in the U.S.A., as far as I can tell nothing to do with us. please clarify that mr. Skerrit, I am confused. Where are the details.

  31. Gouvelma
    July 31, 2019

    How interesting! Is it DUMS or DUMB? Skerritt has pulled another one on the people of Dominica. Who are the operatives of DUMS? Skerritt is laughing tonight. He was not able to come up with the international airport song so he has come up with DUMS/DUMB. Question to Sksrritt: Skerritt who are the people behind it? Answer: Shut up you DUMS/DUMB A**. IF PEOPLE ARE WORKING THERE OTHER THAN CLEANERS WHO ARE THEY WORKING FOR? If you are so so so honest why is it clothed is such secrecy? When will Dominicans stop making Skerritt take them for DUMBS/DUMS?

  32. RastarMarn
    July 30, 2019

    “If you want a room at the Kempinski for October and November you can’t get because they are fully booked,” Skerrit stated.

    Ok So Marn booked a room from October 14th to the 20th and there is availability,,,

    Curious to know who they going to get to fill up these rooms with those ridiculous prices,,,

  33. due diligence
    July 30, 2019

    Who are these investors? What experience do they have in successfully operating a medical school? Why is the school being called DUMS? So, this school did not exist before they arrived in Dominica? These are the type of questions we must ask so that we don’t end up with an embarrassment thinking we have a school.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0
  34. Possie Watching
    July 30, 2019

    So first it was a school overseas setting up a branch here not its a investor? He will be selling our passports to make the money? Which landlords did you talk with mr PM, bubbles? Bubbles alone is the landlords of picard? Jesus man stop lying nah please its ridiculous now man. Right now your followers have given up but are just ashamed and afraid to say so openly and we know why. You dont even know who is for you and who is against you everybody in it for the cool out. What a shame.

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