PM Skerrit says there’s no need to shut down the country as TS Dorian approaches

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has made it clear that there is no need to shutdown the country and business will continue as usual despite the issuance of a Tropical Storm Watch for Dominica.

“There will be no shutting of the country, we will continue our daily duties…,” he said while addressing a press briefing on Monday. “There is no need for anyone of us to be in any panic mode; there is no need for anyone of us to be over anxious…and there is no need for us to shut down the country.”

According to Skerrit, presently, there is a greater awareness on the part of the general public, and from a number of vantage points, he believes that Dominica is in a better place now than it was after Hurricane Maria.

He urged all citizens and residents to take heed of all of the advisories and guidance provided by the Office of the Disaster Management (ODM), the National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO) and the Meteorologist Office.

“With heavy rain, we will certainly anticipate or expect landslides, mudslides and flooding in some parts of the country,” he stated.

Skerrit went on to say that his government has mandated the Ministry of Health to do an inventory and an audit of every health centre in Dominica to ensure that they have adequate, basic pharmaceutical supplies at hand especially in highly vulnerable communities which are usually cut off from the rest of the country as a result of landslides.

“I speak for example of communities like Campbell; I speak of communities like Belles, Petite Soufriere, San Sauveur, Delices, Bagatelle, Fond St Jean…,” he explained. “These communities in particular, among others, we need to pay particular attention to where landslides and mudslides are concerned.”

Skerrit continued, “Also those of us who reside along river banks need to take precaution.”

He said the Ministry of Public Works has also been mandated, as is customary, to ensure that heavy equipment is placed and located in strategic points, “so again, for any eventualities like landslides, our roads need to be cleared; fallen trees need to be cleared.”

He said this would facilitate quicker access to those communities that may be cut off.

He mentioned also that police have been placed on alert to ensure that they are able to respond to any request for rescuing people or getting people out of harm’s way.

He further advised the public to fill all utensils and empty containers at home with water.

Skerrit added, “Look around your surroundings and make sure that potential hazards are eliminated or eradicated.”

The prime minister encouraged the public to continue to pray for the country and for our brothers and sisters in the southern part of the Caribbean.

The prime minister reiterated at another press briefing held at 5:30PM on Monday that Tuesday August 27, 2019 would be a regular working day.

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  1. viewsexpressed
    August 29, 2019

    PM Skerrit says there’s no need to shut down the country as TS Dorian approaches. Skerrit, a tropical storm is a natural Phenomenon, so please be guided. Also, we wish to advise you fully that there is that need to shut down this corrupt dangerous, political Labour Tropical Storm, fast becoming that hurricane Force as lead by Skerrit as it once again continues to show that there is this need to shut down and shut off this dangerous Double whammy failed Skerrit and highly corrupted Labour Hurricane party with winds at 90 miles per hour. Skerrit must go, just go to the Pacific Ocean as you have done enough damages to our people and our Nature isle Domininca. You and your fake Labour company has killed our resources and has added this dangerous political labour Skerrit 100 miles dirty political wounds upon our people. We need to move on and dangerous failed Hurricane Skerrit and his blind acolytes must Go. We welcome disciplined Hon. Linton and his professionally Trusted UWP Team.

  2. %
    August 27, 2019

    27 days but no answer.
    Skerrit where the money gone?
    We are good friends, if you tell me, I won’t talk!!!!

  3. viewsexpressed
    August 27, 2019

    Hurricane Headlines read as : “PM Skerrit says there’s no need to shut down the country as TS Dorian approaches” Skerrit, the hurricane that affected our people and Dominica the worse is a double whammy from “failed, incompetent, Skerrit and he must Go. He is a waste of time, only talk rubbish as waste of time so called blind loyalist, regurgitate the animalistic words of failed Skerrit. Skerrit is that failure, immature, lacks the bigger picture of Socio-economic development and has created the begging and shameless Red Clinic system where our poor people are begging, and his corrupt labour government has created that evel of poverty. Skerrit, his waste of time 19 ministers and now that woman Melissa, has insulted our highly, dedicated professional Welfare officers who has performed their roles exceedingly well and professionally, whereas failed Skerrit and blind supporters of Skerrit has insulted Dominica and has reduced our people to begging and poverty while big money is all…

  4. Me
    August 27, 2019

    Zeus commanding Eolus and Fluvius? Hardly! More a case of grandiose delusion, caused by underlying paranoid chizophrenia.

  5. My little take
    August 27, 2019

    No matter what PM says the man is only concerned about Lennox Linton. Right now he has Dominica under a Lennox Linton watch

  6. viewsexpressed
    August 27, 2019

    From his own words, interpreted to this failed corrupted dangerous Hurricane Labour force Bobol on going winds has been destroying our Dominica for over 19 years, in and out of the hurricane political seasons. We have seen and experienced poor planning, wastage of states money (our taxpayers money) and on going hidden sales of our cherish passports. We have no proof of accounatabity from this failed Finance Minister/Odd Minister and his so called blind Cabinet and Party loyalists. And this failed Skerrit has said bravely that: ““There will be no shutting of the country, we will continue our daily duties,”. The daily duties are:1. the incompetence of this Failed Labour competence, 2) The failure and incompetence of Roosevelt Skerrit, 3) on going bobol) who has failed us. 3) The incompetence of managing our affairs, lacks accountability of our State`s resources (eg passport sales). Thanks Hon Linton for exposing this questionable obvious deeds. Where is our money Skerrit?).Skerrit Go.

    • 💕Me💕
      August 27, 2019

      A A my boy, you resurrected from hiding underneath the stone. Apparently you haven’t been on the planet earth, therefore, ask acolyte Francisco and Francis, about the sure seats you thought you had. Views Expressed and %, one of your former confidant the St. Joe Dr. put blows on you. Please don’t answer because he has more beef in his bag.

      • viewsexpressed
        August 29, 2019

        My God, who on earth is this blind political clown? what is this joker saying or trying to say? Now, is “beef”, you on or is it “Beff”, that you are on, n a daily basis. Sorry just cannot comprehend your beff, as I am not in an beff with you, I am above that level o yours and that of your failed corrupt Labour Government and failed Odd Minister. I will exit now as you pursue your “Beff” talk, with your “Beff” friends. I am not in your beff circle, I am far away from and your “Beff”

  7. Ibo France
    August 26, 2019

    The PM seems confident that everything will work out well in the end. I hope this was not an unilateral decision but one that was done in consultation with the relevant experts. Skerrit has not given me much reason to trust his judgement. Let’s all hope everything goes well in the end.

    • They Ducking
      August 27, 2019

      Well we are getting another convert, DID Mr. Francis utter these words, Skerrit has not given me……. My boy are you running 🏃 out of gas? Ibo you are the mouthpiece of the UWP, now you are watching and waiting for a reason from Skerrit? I highly recommend that you visit Dr. Ferrari by appointment only !

  8. August 26, 2019

    PM Skerrit, you show it in your every move, you are a man who cares about the welfare of your people and our country, Dominica–Prime Minister, or not!

    As a person of faith, myself, I can perceive the strength of your faith in God, it is by this power that your works, as the Prime Minister, continue to prosper, just hold on to the hope that God gives to you, He is building Dominica by your humility, your obedience, and of course, your hands, together with your fellow Government.

    Let us pray that this tropical storm will have no effect on us; God’s Will be done.

    • Ibo France
      August 27, 2019

      You are a great comedian. Only a devout worshipper of Skerrit can write such nonsense without feeling enormous guilt. I would not be surprised if you call the Devil a Saint. Some people are mere sycophants looking for recognition.

      • viewsexpressed
        August 27, 2019

        Please ignore Elizabeth, she and others are hooked blindly on the high level of corruption undertaken by this failed, highly faked incompetent Labour government under this incompetent useless 19 ministers who must Go and soon too. They must take their fakes, incompetent childish Odd Mininister Skerrit with them. There is no way that Skerrit is able to be in the decent political shoes of Hon Linton and his high level of knowledge and intelligence and the value of good governance.
        We have had enough of Skerrit`s Bin Bobol, Fertilizer Bobol, Red Clinic Bobol and his failure and incompetence in the office of Prime Minister, some say this Odd Prime Minister. We need decency and honesty and good reputation in our government to raise our people and our Dominica to this highly level.
        Too much talk of Bobol and corruption, deceitfulness and deviancy within this government. Skerrit must Go.

        We highly welcome for Prime Mininister Hon Lennox Linton and his Highly respected professional UWP…

      • August 27, 2019

        @Ibo France, I don’t expect you and your counterparts to understand what I write, because you all are of the natural man with a carnal condition of the mind, here is what the apostle Paul says above people like you and yours compared to me:

        The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are FOOLISHNESS to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

        But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself IS RIGHTLY JUDGED BY NO ONE. So your judgment of me is empty and futile

        You guys do not know whom you all are trying to antagonize. It would be better for you all to simply click on the thumbs down rating under my comment, rather than making a fool of yourselves. For that is what all of you are doing.

    • RandyX
      August 27, 2019

      Your PM is finished, find somebody else to worship!
      Your PM is a serial liar and a selfish …..

      • August 27, 2019

        @RandyX, sorry to disappoint you, but I will worship whoever I choose to worship; you have no say against that.

        And your words again PM Skerrit is quite frail and flimsy, there is no substance, nor strength in it, and you know that.

        The next election will prove you all so wrong, that there is going to be a call for psychiatrists in many places of Dominica, because of the state of mind of all you guys, who are dressed in the blue–which is the color of sadness and mourning. Mark my word!

    • viewsexpressed
      August 27, 2019

      Elizabeth, you`ve just written some nonsensical words that we know came from the Books of Lucifer, Satan and Judas. That is just to tell us that you are well far behind in your thoughts and engaged with disloyal blind fellows and failed Skerrit and yourselves who lacks the intelligence of what is government and good governance. The same way it was spoken to Judas through his fake friends that we must be aware. Suffer our children no more and get rid of Skerrit, Elizabeth, the blind acolytes (You know them) and we sit up there at the Financial Centre, focussed on states business, you clowns like Elizabeth, and other blind acolytes under failed immature Skerrit have failed us and Dominica and it is time that this immature Skerrit his worthless acolytes and useless bunch of waste of time 19 ministers must Go. Get Lost, Go away, give a break and allow those trained to undertake the work of Dominica do it rightfully. We welcome decent Hon. Linton and his highly professional UWP Team.

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