PM Skerrit to present 2020-2021 budget of over $900 million to parliament

Prime Minister Skerrit accompanied by wife, Melissa, arrives at Parliament for the 2019-2020 budget

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, will present a national budget of $942,179,940 million to Parliament.

This amount, which is more than 70 million dollars less than the 2019-2020 budget of $1,02 billion, represents expenditure for services for the year ending June 30, 2021.

The total recurrent expenditure is $514,931,535 million.

The Ministry of Finance and Investment will receive the largest chunk of the Budget amounting to $154,555,266 million, Housing and Urban Development – $117,443,156 million, Environment, Rural Modernization and Kalinago Upliftment – $61,812,002 million. Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment will receive $59,875,856 million, Ministry of Public Works and the Digital Economy $52, 521,131 million and the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence  $11,086,217 million. An amount of $37, 166, 122 was allocated for the Ministry of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security.

The total capital expenditure is $427,248,405 million.

The Prime Minister will seek authorization from Parliament for a sum not exceeding fifty-six million, five hundred Eastern Caribbean dollars (ECD$56,500,000) required to meet Central Government’s current overdraft requirements and a sum not exceeding five million Eastern Caribbean Dollars (ECD$5,000,000) required to meet guarantee of overdrafts to statutory boards and public corporations.

He will also seek authorization from Parliament for a  loan amounting to $EC 125,000,000 million from the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) required to provide bridging finance for general operations including rehabilitation expenses and Covid-19 Pandemic response measures.

Screenshots of the full estimates of expenditure are posted below.





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  1. Joseph John
    July 27, 2020

    Hey DNO, is the budget coming live? Can you tell us which medium will be carrying it. Are you going to carrying it live or on video after the fact.

    ADMIN: We carried it live and it will be available here on youtube:

  2. Ibo France
    July 27, 2020


    Only Skerrit knows the whereabouts of the missing 1.2 billion CBI funds. His answer to the question you posed is quite predictable. Roosevelt Lie-nel Skerrit will LIE, LIE and LIE some more.
    Take any dictionary and look up the definition of LIAR. You will most definitely find this meaning-SKERRIT.

  3. Concerned neighbor
    July 27, 2020

    Wow it’s only a small population and russets the size of jamaica’s budget. “She” already looks bloated wi pal.

    • Possie again
      July 28, 2020

      Lol lol.. just look behind her must be her fashion companion. Reminds me of the African leaders planted by France, Britain/europe fat money.
      I must admit he has done some good stuff, but 17yrs, how much more time one needs to fix the econ of a tiny population? Maybe 27-35yrs and not billions but trillions.

  4. Zammy
    July 26, 2020

    Welll, welll, wellll, Dominica is really not a normal country because $32,000 to rent house for a failed Pm n his royal supjects.
    There should be no budget. Pm just spend left riggt n center then come n lie to your devotees..
    Honestly, let Dominicans pay got thier lack of commonsensical wisdom.
    Pm tell dem you want a nanni, n some boats n a plane…
    Pm you must be bored you can’t take the royal family on vacation..
    32,000…. Every foreigner loling at Dominicans.. Let them stay there…
    Ban soutiweeeeeeeh..
    I will run Dominica for a dollar but give me Rental money under de table..
    And de cupboard of ministers approved Dat nonsense.. That should be brought to the house of Assembly.

  5. Lin Clown
    July 26, 2020

    GO TO HELL,Skerrit built this country while JACKA like you did nothing
    Night landing,New Roseau hospital,New Marigot hospital,Windsor park stadium,Built 4 bridges across Roseau river,State house,Extention of DC airport,E O Leblanc highway,N O Liverpool highway,Charles ave road,N E P 3,400 workers $3.8 spent every week.Yes We Care,$300 for peope over 70,Free medical for 60yrs and over,Skerrit brought CLEAR HARBOUR to Dominica 834 workers,Hillsborough Gardens City,Belvue Chopin City,York Valley bridge,School bus service,Cochrane road,$1 a sq ft of land for squatters,Kapinski hotel,12 new health centers,Removal of HOSPITAL USER FEES imposed by UWP on the poor.New Grammar school,DCP re-opening,Scottshead seawall,Allsaints university,Petro Caribe,New Macoucherie bridge,New Batalie bridge,New Point Rounde bridge,Jungle Bay,International airport,Goethermal,Layou imergency center.Free medical for up to 18 yrs,imergency medical funds and 1000’s more.Skerrit is KING…

    • Me
      July 27, 2020

      And to what avail clown? Yet, our people fare poorer than than sixteen years ago.

    • Viewsexpressed
      July 28, 2020

      In addition to this BS Nonsensical thoughts above. In the interest of our suffering people and this jobless Dominica, failed incompetent Skerrit and his failed questionable Labour government must get the hell out of our government and our Dominica.
      Every year we hear of an outdated budget that takes us nowhere. No jobs created. No national agricultural produce but the deceptive on going Bobol and suffering of our people over the years while this Odd Fake Minister and his failed questionable Labour government has reduced our people to begging through the deceptive; 1.Red Clinic Bobol , 2. Fertilizer Bobol, 3. Passport Bobol, and 4. Incompetent Labour Bobol.
      This highly corrupted Labour government under this immature so called Political Leader 🤡 must get the hell out of our government and our Dominica and our suffering people.
      Failed incompetent Skerrit must, “Go to Hell, Go to Hell”, it:s our Damn business to protect the integrity of our government and our people & our Dominica.

  6. Ibo France
    July 26, 2020

    A normal LEADER is simply one who holds a dominant position in a group or organization. That’s precisely what Skerrit is.
    A GREAT LEADER is one who is visionary; transparent; accountable; honest; humble; empathetic; patient; trustworthy. He also possesses learning agility; ability to delegate; an ability to articulate a vision to advance his/her group, organization or country.
    “A GOOD LEADER is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” (John C. Maxwell)
    Judging from this information, is Mr. Skerrit the right or best person to be the captain of the Ship of State in this time of turbulent seas?
    Under Skerrit dubious captaincy, Dominica can be likened to a rudderless ship being battered by 15ft. swells, and the captain is found completely clueless as to how to save the passengers and crew.

    • Joseph John
      July 27, 2020

      Thanks for the update on leadership.
      The big question if not Skerrit, WHO. Like the calypso says who is your leader. Who can do better than the Dr Dr.
      Then because Dominica has a free enterprise economy economy my next question is: Are there any good leaders in the private sector. The economy of any country is based on a partnership between the private and public sector sector, government and business working together. If we use USA we see nighty per sent of development comes from the private sector (business). Even the defense sector is business. Energy, mining, agriculture, big oil, tourism, media, tv, technology.
      China, the other biggy, has a central planning. Even the communist government respect the business sector independence. Today there are more millionaires in China than the USA.
      Do you know that even jets are made in China. China invented fireworks, cast iron, compass, nail polish, gunpowder, paper money, printing, seismometers to measure earthquakes etc.

  7. Bi6
    July 25, 2020

    That for the nation to talk about💯

  8. Ibo Francer
    July 25, 2020

    During the budget debate, I’ll only listen to two parliamentarians. Mr. Linton for sure as he is thorough in his research and eloquently brilliant and profound in his presentation. The other parl-rep is Melissa Skerrit without a script. This lady is dead from the neck up. Expensive clothes and flashy accessories can’t make up for the lack of intelligence. Parliament is not a Gucci store nor a beauty salon.

    • Viewsexpressed
      July 28, 2020

      Ibo, I love this, I really love this. I really, really, really love this. It tells us of the true nature of this, immnature, Incompetent Labour Clown we have in office as so called Failed 😡 Scare-it.
      Dominica has nothing good going for it, under this failed incompetent Labour government lead by this failed incompetent Questionable inmature Skerrit.
      Dominica needs a change of Government and we deserve to have a decent trusted intellectual in office as Prime Minister, in the person of Jon. Lennox Linton and his trusted UWP Team under the leadership of trusted committed Hon Linton.
      Let’s all work together to make Dominica Strong and decent again. This current do called failed Skerrit and his failed questionable Labour government must get lost and must ‘Go to Hell, Go to hell, this fake Skerrit and fake Labour government must go to hell, out of our government now.
      Our people need decency in government. We welcome Hon. Linton and his trusted competent professional United UWP Team…

  9. Joseph John
    July 24, 2020

    Many citizens are asking relevant questions about the Budget. The Leader of the opposition and his crew have no idea of their responsibility on budget matters in order to persue these public interest Questions. This is well demonstrated by a posted comment that the Leader of the opposition was on radio making comments. Did he say what questions he intend to ask, did he propose any matter for inclusion, is he going to tell us about investigations he did on the “missing money ” and “corruption” Is he going to lay on the table any kind of reports as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.
    If what he said on radio was that important, why is DNO not carrying it.

    • Viewsexpressed
      July 28, 2020

      Joseph John, time will tell. The issue is not Hon. Linton but the UWP in office under the leadership of our trusted committed UWP Team will return our government and our Dominica back to decent level of decency, Good Government and Governance and respect our Dominica Dominican people to be partners in the development of their Dominica.
      Skerrit must get the hell out of our government now 😡😠. We Scare-it and must get the hell out of our government and our Dominica. We need open, Transparent decent trusted committed people in our Government. Not DLP, not Skerrit and his failed questionable incompetent Labour, but our distinguished experienced commited, trusted competent Hon. Lennox Linton.
      Let’s be prepared to take our nature Isle Dominica back away from failed, Incompetent Skerrit and his failed questionable Labour (Bobol) government.
      We need change and answers and Accountability and Skerrit must Go
      Get the Hell out Skerrit, you are too inmature and politically immnature. Go away!

  10. As I See it
    July 24, 2020

    $32k a month to keep Skerrit in his palace and now $900 million to keep Skerrit hiding from justice. When will there be a real budget to help Dominica go forward?

  11. Graysonj Stedman
    July 24, 2020

    The budgeted expenditure as stated is $514,931,535, but you only listed (6) six ministries totaling $318,193,925. The ministries of Agriculture and Tourism are important and were not listed. For public information, please list the budget for all the excluded ministries which should add up to $196,767,907.

    ADMIN: This is the information we had at the time of publishing. We are attempting to get more detailed information

  12. UKDominican
    July 24, 2020

    No need to dissect the proposed budget. Lennox Linton did that last night in inimitable fashion info a public forum very cleverly bypassing the blocking of questions and interruptions by the Speaker of the house, were he enjoys less freedom of speech than in public!
    I too am concerned about this $125 million NBD loan, which apparently is serviceable at 4%. It’s approval by parliament is a foregone conclusion given the government’s de facto majority holding (direct and In combination with the DSS shares). This is a very advantageous rate but not as good as it appears when one understands that in the U.K., for example, house mortgages are available for considerably less and banks pay a derisory 0.01% on deposits. This tells me that our government finds it difficult to access outside financing, or if it is available it will be at an exorbitant rate. Either way, it paints a poor picture of the creditworthiness of the government and reflects the precarious state of its finances.

    • Me
      July 26, 2020

      Lloyd’s Bank U.K., five year fixed mortgage rate 1.35%

  13. Ibo France
    July 24, 2020

    A BUDGET is an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time. The national budget of Dominica is for a fiscal year which lasts for twelve (12)months (1July – 30 June).
    A government mainly gets its revenues from taxes and fees. This money is usually spent on infrastructures (roads, airports, electricity, etc.), education, healthcare, salaries of public servants, etcetera.
    In Dominica, Chinese companies finance almost all infrastructural developments (hospitals, roads, bridges, etc.). What is done with money generated by the CBI program, taxes and fees collected by governmental entities is guess work, as there is no transparency nor accountability from those in charged.
    What we have seen under Skerrit’s tenure is that government ministers, and those who are well connected, becoming stunningly wealthy while life for the common man is hellish and deteriorating by the day.
    A shameless, heartless, dishonest bunch of rogues making life a living nightmare for most.

    • Viewsexpressed
      July 28, 2020

      Amen Brother, well said. Tell them again.
      We need to expose the truth and failure of this failed incompetent Skerrit and his failed questionable Labour government.
      It’s as simple as that.
      Hey Skerrit and his failed questionable Labour government in the hell out of our government and our Dominica. Our people have suffered enough under this failed rougue Labour government.
      DLP, Skerrit, get the hell out of our government. You’ll have failed us. Go to Hell?

  14. Go to Hell
    July 24, 2020

    But last year I didn’t see the $70 million spent on stealing the election in the budget, did you? I didn’t see the millions that was spent on the Morne Daniel Mansion, did you? So where all that money came from? Boy according to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit “Go to hell” and ” it’s not your damn business” what I Roosevelt Skerrit do with your damn money.

  15. Same old same old
    July 24, 2020

    Same old lies on a different day and different year. Before I looked forward to listening to a budget presentation but not now under this liar deceiver that keeps flipping a 6 into a nine and the number game. Big budget presentation to woow us but at the end of the budget year no work to show for 25% of the budget presented. Just lies, upon lies upon lies. My grandma always told me a good liar is a good voleer

  16. lmckoy
    July 24, 2020

    That’s a lot of money for a small population that is not producing a lot. How can the country afford it?

  17. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    July 23, 2020

    Maybe I am extraordinary dunce: I don’t know for anybody else, but the way the figures are written, perhaps it is deliberately intended  to confuse people.

    I don’t understand if the amounts are in billions, or millions; since the word million follows every written amount.

    I wonder if some mathematical genius would write each amount out is words simply for clarification, so that the none mathematical mind like me can understand.

    Alyou know how I doh can count, in Dominica terms eh!

  18. RastarMarn
    July 23, 2020

    Mamzelle not suppose to be a minister nuh or something???

    Wasn’t Mamzelle touting about running Dominica’s IT portfolio nuh in the administration, or something like that when elections was coming???

    How comes Mamzelle look like she going to a Fashion show and not a business engagement,,,,

    Really Skerrit really all dat den!!!

    Garçon when time for your pressure you going to get it yeah,,,,

    You See PJ where he is now, and Seraphin wait you will get your turn!!!

  19. L C Matthew
    July 23, 2020

    The Prime Minister will seek authorization from Parliament for a sum not exceeding fifty-six million, five hundred Eastern Caribbean dollars (ECD$56,500,000) required to meet Central Government’s current overdraft requirements and a sum not exceeding five million Eastern Caribbean Dollars (ECD$5,000,000) required to meet guarantee of overdrafts to statutory boards and public corporations.

    He will also seek authorization from Parliament for a loan amounting to $EC 125,000,000 million from the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) required to provide bridging finance for general operations including rehabilitation. Parliament should not approve until skerrit give account for passport funds and all other funds used in state activity including to that spent by Chinese firms and earned by Chinese firm.

  20. Alibaba & the forty thieves
    July 23, 2020

    If Dominica were a real country the police would go to the parliament with their handcuffs and would ask Alibaba to account for the $1.2 billion dollars that he himself admitted is missing a year ago. If he can’t tell us where our money is then they should take his expensive watch and give to his wife, since she too will be in the parliament and replace the watch with handcuffs. But according to Skerrit Dominica is not a real country.

  21. Ibo France
    July 23, 2020

    Don’t believe not even ‘a’ or ‘am’ from Roosevelt Lie-nel Skerrit. The man lies 24-7, even in his dreams.

    • July 26, 2020

      Ibo France, the only differece between this and any other budget presented by past ministers of finance is the amount. All budgets are about how you raise the money an how you spend. All governments with no exception have always fallen short of their targeted bydget expectations. I hope your esteem leader at this sitting will ask of the minister of finance in the manner set out by parliament, the whereabout of $1.2 billion. I want to know.

  22. Mike
    July 23, 2020

    EC$125 million loan from the NBD!!! I don’t recall a government borrowing such a large loan from the NBD to fund general operations of the government. This is very interesting. It suggests the government revenues are in poor shape. I hope this large loan does not overexposed the bank to the government.

    • Toto
      July 24, 2020

      I don’t think P.M. marry her for her intelligence, do you?

      • Viewsexpressed
        July 28, 2020…whoooaaaa

        Nice one 👍👌. What a Calamity.
        Jesus Wept.
        Our Dominica and it’s people suffer under this rougue Labour government.
        Skerrit and his failed Labour government has failed us big time and must “Go to Hell”
        It’s our “Damn Business” to get rid of failed Incompetent Failed Skerrit.

  23. Health is wealth
    July 23, 2020

    How much of the $900 Million dollars will go towards health care and saving lives? Yes Skerrit and China say they gave us state of the art hospital but more people dying in Dominica for things they shouldn’t die for. To have a minor hand surgery people dying; people have to be flown out for just about anything. So Skerrit should not boast about $900 million dollar budget when for every million dollars 500 people dying or have to be flown out. Remember Skerrit, his wife and children have insurance and will fly out anytime they feel a toothache but ladies and gentlemen what about you that do not have the health care in place neither the money to fly out for a life threatening tumor?

    • Dominica under water
      July 26, 2020

      growing up as a young individual in Dominica is very hard.the system holding you down.for you to tell me that kinda money in the country and the country still back to ……. us over P.M….and you living like nothing not happening but time will tell

  24. marai
    July 23, 2020

    How large is our deficit?

    • Joseph John
      July 24, 2020

      That is a very good question. I was the budget made provisions for statistical data even in index form on:
      unemploy rate
      trade deficit
      budget deficit
      bank overdraft
      number and cost of diplomatic
      A state of the economy in all

      • Toto
        July 27, 2020

        Why index form garçon, give us the real figures. We’re not stupid and can handle that but maybe that’s why Papa Doc-Doc Not giving us that info because it revealing too much, after all it’s none of our business! If we have democracy we should have a freedom of information act and less secrecy.

  25. Rat Race
    July 23, 2020

    Why is it our budget is always greater than our income?
    Our GDP went down 4% in 2020 and that in itself is an understated percentage.
    This 4% drop for just the first half of 2020 will drop our GDP to about $561M compared to 2019, yet our budget is $900M. That’s a discrepancy of $339M. Can someone please explain to me what is going on?

    July 23, 2020

    False and deceitful attitudes and behaviours are at it again!

  27. Ibo France
    July 23, 2020

    As stated previously, Skerrit’s budget presentations amount to nothingness. They do nothing to bring much needed relief to the poorest and most vulnerable among us. Skeritt, his wife and his Cabinet of nincompoops, only bring their expensive suits to parliament, no substance. What more do we expect from a Minister of Finance who has not even had one minute of formal lessons or training in financial matters? Check his background. Before this man got into politics, he was just an English teacher who struggled mightily to speak standard English. He was never good at anything other than LYING, CURSING and ‘CLEANING’ the COOKIE JAR.

  28. Batibou River
    July 23, 2020

    Why a loan for 125 million from NBD?? Where is the CBI money. Why taking loans when the government is swimming in passport money? Or has the passport money, as some of us feared, disappeared. Fellow citizens, let’s hold this so called PM/Finance minister accountable!

    • Cane&Abel
      July 24, 2020

      What an excited budget, If any body can do it, you can. You create the first resilience country in the world proven with are doing a budget for the country, the people should take care of themselves. Next step office re shuffle and Bingo we are there. You are the most handsome leader in the whole wide world. “ENJOY”

      • de Observer
        July 24, 2020

        Well de first one killed de second one because of jealousy. All because de offering was net pleasing to God.

        No wonder you chose this name and put the killer first. You know exactly what you doing.

  29. Hot Gucci mama
    July 23, 2020

    All I hear and read about Dominica when these guys talk is millions by there and millions by there and Dominica still look the same after 20 years. Nothing to attract visitors. My friend came to visit and was very disappointed compared to her stop in st. Lucia where she enjoyed and talk about visiting again. Dominica can attract so much visitors, if these guys do the right thing. Instead they look out for themselves. In the meantime let’s continue to listen to Anuo pallay sort on Sunday’s with DR Dr.

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