PM Skerrit urges Dominicans living overseas to invest at home

PM Skerrit addresses visiting Dominicans

Dominicans living in the Diaspora are being encouraged to invest in their homeland. That plea from Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

He told Dominicans living overseas at a meeting last week that they owe it to their country because their foundation rests there.

 “I do not have and my team do not have all the answers to Dominica’s problems, I would be lying to you if I say so. We are soliciting your ideas, we are soliciting your suggestions, those of you who want to come back and invest there are generous physical incentives, packages for you,” he said.

The Prime Minister told those gathered at the meeting that they could be accommodated under the Citizenship by Investment Program should they desire to invest in the country.

 “Those of you who may have a project and want to look at it, a hotel, a restaurant…We can engage you to build those things as we have done here with Sam Raphael and Jungle Bay,” he noted.

Skerrit added, “We can engage you but let us come with ideas, let us come with proposals and let us engage each other and let us help work towards building a more prosperous, a just and resilient Dominica.”

He gave his commitment that he will play his part as the Prime Minister of this country, “But we call on you to continue playing your part.”

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  1. SMH
    November 8, 2019

    invest in Dominica and when you send your things on the port is a hand and leg…all you to wicked tan.

  2. Music Producer
    November 6, 2019

    Well said, Kalinago Justice

  3. REAL!!!!
    November 6, 2019

    Invest in a failing economy….REALLY!!!!!!

    Invest when private business are fighting to survive in this poor economic environment.

  4. Music Producer
    November 6, 2019

    I gave up on Dominica 10 years ago because of Roosvelt Skerrit. My business and home will be where I currently reside, and it is certainly not Dominica.

  5. Dominica one day
    November 6, 2019

    You must be kidding right? Why should I invest my money home? Hmmm
    Ok first of all it is damn near impossible to do so feasibly or intelligently. Secondly the country is in turmoil, leaders who are relics. Absolutely no new ideas, just revisions of failed concepts. What Dominica needs? Dominicans to return with education and experience to rebuild their own country… that’s wishful thinking. Think of the resistance they’d get from those who like it as it is. Or the elite who see it as a threat to their way of life . So the answer is clear… heck no!

  6. PRO
    November 5, 2019

    things are bad wi skerrit . i well need a likkle free up there.

    I’ll invest after youre gone

  7. joseph charles
    November 5, 2019

    you want investment but you keep asking what’s in it for you?

    remember the poultry farm fro the VI’s who wanted to come here?

  8. A Diaspora
    November 5, 2019

    Not even an Airport you want to give us so we can travel home like our Caribbean counterparts… but you want us to invest? You want us to invest in a country with a leader who cannot account for investment money? You want us to invest knowing a lot of businesses fail because it is impractical for them to generate profit after paying port taxes, VAT etc – while we hear constant reports of tax free concessions for a select few? Invest in a country notorious for victimising people who don’t fall in line politically? Invest in what Mr. Skerrit? Investment is taking calculated risk and when we do these calcultaions, the risk is too high! I don’t think you understand the damage you are doing to this country, if you did you would not have the audacity to invite free thinking people who can see everything you are doing clearly, to invest!

  9. Ibo France
    November 5, 2019

    Dominica is not a business friendly country. Why is it that so many small and medium size businesses have permanently closed their doors? The vast majority of workers can’t patronize local businesses on starvation wages and salaries. The thousands of unemployed have to turn vagrants and loiter at the steps and door of the Red Clinic waiting like dogs for a measly bone. Most citizens have to suspend their dignity to live in Skerrit’s Dominica. They just barely exist on the edge of life while Skerrit and his overdressed wife live the aristocratic lifestyle. Champagne after every dinner.

  10. Fake Skerrit
    November 5, 2019

    Dear Diaspora. Skerrit is a wannabe. He hates the fact that he was born in Dominica and only deals with foreigners. Make sure you put on your best “yank” before you approach him with your investment.

  11. RandyX
    November 5, 2019

    Skerrit, I’m sure you will excuse me if I don’t invest in my country as long as you are the PM. I might as well throw my hard earned cash down a cliff at Secret Bay.

  12. RastarMarn
    November 4, 2019

    Wait nuh is Marn alone dat reading dat den,,,
    “I do not have and my team do not have all the answers to Dominica’s problems, I would be lying to you if I say so.” this is what Doctor Skerrit telling people and he still want to remain as Prime Minister,,,

    MyBoy you suppose to have ALL the answers and then some!!!

    Dominicans still there arguing about how Skerrit and “His” Team is the future of Dominica,,,

    Allyou must be Mad!!!

  13. Ask Mel
    November 4, 2019

    I am a Dominican residing in the US and I am eager to invest in the land of my birth. But alas! I will not investment in a dime as long as we have corrupt leaders like Roosevelt Skerrit in office. Right now only wanted criminals that will come to Dominica to invest. No one with a right mind and good reputation will come do business here. In fact even banks Skerrit met are running out of Dominica and the way things are I don’t think it will be too long before the National Bank will be forced to run-out. Just ask Mel if you think I lying

    • viewsexpressed
      November 6, 2019

      I concur with you strongly Ask Mel. This an Skerrit is dangerous and has ruined our nature Isle. He is a liability and has failed our Dominica and our people. This man is a big joker in the pack. Worthless.
      “I am a Dominican residing in the US and I am eager to invest in the land of my birth. But alas! I will not investment a dime as long as we have corrupt leaders like Roosevelt Skerrit in office.
      Amen, for sure. Dominicans please wake up , there is no development taking place in Dominica. Our people are suffering and our villages are dead with no employment, no jobs, no more bananas, as other Islands continue to sell and export agricultural products to the UK, USVI etc, and Skerrit has ignored this as our farmers are unemployed and starving, while Skerrit sells our passports to weird nefarious characters. How shameful of Skerrit and his worse incompetent, corrupted Labour Governemnt we have witnessed. They killed our agriculture and our people need jobs. Skerrit is just a…

  14. zandoli
    November 4, 2019

    How can any serious business person even think of investing when the country has shown no sign of progress? Business invest to make profit.
    Another thing that is plaguing Dominica is that one never knows what the rules are. In order to get any concessions, you have to make Skerrit and his minions know that you are an active supporter. If they PERCEIVE you to be an opposition supporter, you will get nowhere. That is a fact.
    Do you really think I would put my money in an economy with that level of uncertainty?
    I have a lot of money invested, but I will not put a penny of my money in Dominica under these conditions. I will spend money to support my loved ones in Dominica. Dominica will be on the top of my list for vacations. As an investment destination? Nah.

  15. Maybe
    November 4, 2019

    When we start getting duty free and remove vat taxes we will invest skerrat mouse cat time for you to go we have listen to enough of your crap liar

  16. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    November 4, 2019

    Before anyone born on Dominica living overseas invests in Dominica Dominica needs new leadership it needs a new PM. The current leadership has failed the people for the last 18 years and have just enriched themselves while the people stay down with no hope or anything to look forward to. The only people benefiting are the crew now in charge.

  17. Jonathan Y St Jean
    November 4, 2019

    When Skerritt does not demonstrate any level of respect and discipline and does not give a proper accounting of the country’s resources and it’s cash, how can he expect me to put my hard-earned resources into anything where he controls things? He must be mad. As long as he remains the leader of the country, my answer is go to hell.

  18. jamie
    November 4, 2019

    Not me when your out of controlling the country i will,your a dictator,i do not support communism.

  19. Gouvelma
    November 4, 2019

    At what cost did that meet and greet at Jungle Bay come? How much poorer wi the treasury be as a result of Skerritt’s callous use of the treasury as his campaign ATM? The meet and greet was a political event. It was not a national event. What is the quality if the road leading to Jungle Bay? How many of our passports are in the walls of Jungle Bay? Other than Jungle Bay and Kempinski which hotel had opened its doors under labor party? What is the government’s contribution or offer to Castaway and the many other small operations that have not opened since Maria in 2017? Yes Jungle Bay looks fantastic, however what about other aspects of our development. Were you people satisfied that you had to take connecting flights to Dominica? How many of you arrived before you luggage? Should one of you had taken ill at Jungle Bay would you be satisfied that an ambulance had to come from Roseau to take you to PMH where there is an antique defibrillator? Hotel and health care go hand in hand!!!!

  20. November 4, 2019

    This a man who loves his country and her people, there is no doubt about it.

    PM Skerrit Sir, once more I am advising to hold to your faith and trust in God; and let hope (the driver of Life) take you and us to the destiny of our desire in Love; which is the most outstanding character of God.

    • RandyX
      November 5, 2019

      Wow, when are you moving? Or are you, as usual, only talking your talk? Xavier, once again have you been exposed as a hypocrite. I pity you!!!!!!!

    • Ibo France
      November 5, 2019

      Lizzy, I urge you once again to stop the blasphemy. Skerrit is an ungodly plutocrat. Would God ever tell His worshippers to douse people with hot water? Skerrit is demonically wicked. The man is satanical in thoughts and actions.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 6, 2019

      These blind clowns of Skerrit do go on social media and write crap that is not relevant to the state of poverty, poor governance and high devious corruption on going under this corrupted failed labour Government, failed incompetent blind ministers and worthless, failed immature, incompetent failed Skerrit as prime, Odd Minister.
      “This a man who abuses his country and her people, there is no doubt about it.
      PM Skerrit Sir, once more I am advising to hold to your faith and trust in God; and let hope (the driver of Life) take you and us to the destiny of our desire in the corruption, pretence Love; which is the most outstanding deceitful character and abuse and blasphemous and insult of our God. Do not call God`s name in vain, until Skerrit owns up and go to confession and admit to the many wrongs he has engaged in office. The well known Bin Bobol, Fertilizer Bobol, Red Clinic Bobol and other activities, and still on ongoing with the abuse of our states money. Skerrit immature, He…

  21. Pa Tat
    November 4, 2019

    Mr. Prime Minister your government should be complimented on the limited effort placed on infrastructure. I will, however, posite that until an airport is constructed capable of accommodating international flights, you will not see the investment from the diaspora you so desire.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 6, 2019

      Pa Tat, Good, well said. Tell that failed Skerrit, We say to him: “Get Lost”, you failed us, our people after 19 years still in poverty, while you, big boys and your playthings are all over nice with sweet big cash to enjoy yourselves anywhere, anyhow, and any time at our convenience. This failed Skerrit and his useless, dismissive so called ministers are also responsible for our failed Dominica and the obvious, continuous abuse of states funds and resources. After19 long years this irresponsible Skerrit now want to run all over our deteriorated Island Dominica to open rivers, construct weak bridges and offer houses to people who he, faked Skerrit, were living in poverty and poor housing while his family enjoy sweet life, and luxury and fun in the USA. Bastardly acts we dare say. Skerrit is not a planner, not one of socio-economic development, but one who begs and go after vulnerable to be his puppets and acolytes and the majority shout Skerrit has failed us and he must Go. Get Lost.

  22. %
    November 4, 2019

    Those people are smart..They know you are a trickster. They should have asked you what about Ali Reza Zibahalat Monfarred Mr Skerrit?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

    • Toto
      November 4, 2019

      Yeah, he was a Dominican with a serious diplomatic passport. My Dominica Trade House .Com. You did not even protect mister with that big money to invest but allow the Cubans and Russians to help take him to prison in Iran and that Dominican citizen now in prison for twenty years. Explain yourself partner.

  23. viewsexpressed
    November 4, 2019

    “PM Skerrit urges Dominicans living overseas to invest at home”
    Dominicans overseas, please stay away from this nonsense talk of Skerrit. You see him coming, run the other way because Skerrit appears spontaneous and has no long term plan that can be well picked by investors to undertake a challenge in Dominica to elevate it from the poverty and corruption that Skerrit has created in our Dominica to this day. Skerrit has no knowledge of the philosophy and preparedness for socio-economic application of our ailing economy and country.
    We urgently need change in Dominica and the obstacle is failed Skerrit and this highly corrupted Labour Government who has failed us over 19 years. We have to move on, n this journey of cage towards development. Therefore that failed Labour government and its failed immature Prime (Odd) Minister must Go. We need to clean up their mess and move Dominica forward.
    Our struggling and unemployed people, lets wake up and get rid of this failed Labour…

  24. My little take
    November 4, 2019

    Skerrit is the person that will lie with the Bible in his right hand and kneeling on another Bible. The man is just a professional liar and deceiver.

  25. I MUST Admit
    November 4, 2019

    So isn’t Dr. Dale Dangleben a Dominican doctor residing in the US? Is he allowed to invest in Dominica especially in his field as a traumatic surgeon? Does he and other Dominicans in the DIASPORA have to buy a diplomatic PASSPORT to be able to do business here? To me it is clear that when Skerrit is referring to Dominicans in the DIASPORA he is referring to the likes of Alireza Monfared and those international crooks and fraudsters he has sold our passports to because the last 15 yrs they are the only ones investing in Dominica

    • Eddy A
      November 5, 2019

      …he is also referring to all those Iranian shareholders in the Kempinski and all those criminals that received a Dominican diplomatic passport, courtesy of our double doctor. The Dominica of Skerrit isn’t and will never be where ordinary Dominicans can thrive and flourish. Only gangsters and spineless DLP activists will ever be at home in Skerrits Dominica.

  26. viewsexpressed
    November 4, 2019

    “PM Skerrit urges Dominicans living overseas to invest at home”
    Skerrit and your failed corrupted Labour Governemnt, let it be known that as long as you are this failed, incompetent Prime (Odd) Minister of our nature isle Dominica, you will not receive any cash nor investment from we Dominicans overseas.
    We will first need a comprehensive audit from you re the past 19 questionable years that you have had and that we are concern of states funds indiscrimatley dished our over the years. You have insulted ur people, you have killed our farmers revenue/cash re bananas and agriculture. You have insulted and stained the name our passport and our Isle of beauty Dominica.
    When we have this change of government in our Dominica we will reflect strongly and see what happens, as we believe in and trust our Leader of the Opposition, Hon Lennox Lincoln and his highly professional United Workers Party. Skerrit There is too much said and in the open of your poor questionable governance…

  27. Possie Direct
    November 4, 2019

    Let’s not forget that Satan is a list, a diciever, the father of lies and when he opens his mouth he opens it to tell a lie because there is no truth in him. We talking about the Satan in the Bible that Jesus warned us not to believe.
    Now to the article above. DNO based on the 15 years track record of Skerrit and based on what Ian Douglas, one of his favorite Minister’s told us about Skerrit, I CANNOT believe anything that man says. Not even Ian Douglas believes him because Skerrit says one thing in the audience of a group of people and if they take a bathroom break Skerrit will say something completely different to another group of people

    • November 5, 2019

      @Possie Direct, you have used the wrong reference of the Bible to prove your insinuation about PM Skerrit.

      You said: “I CANNOT believe anything that man says” concerning his words or plans.

      That was the exact reaction of the Message of Jesus: He said to the “unbelieving Jewish Leaders”: “And if I tell the truth, why do you not believe Me? He who is of God hears God’s words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God.”

      I am not placing PM Skerrit in the place of Jesus–for he cannot be–but I just want to show you that what Jesus said to the Jewish Leaders is exactly what you are saying about yourself–which is nothing but “exaggeration” based your example of PM Skerrit’s so-called lying.

      You all need to stop quoting the bible without knowing the “Truth” of it; it is not based on assumption.

      Perhaps you all do not hear the truth from him because you all ARE NOT OF THE TRUTH. That is also what Jesus said about the unbelieving Jews.

      • viewsexpressed
        November 6, 2019

        Elizabeth, I quote your Skerrit” “Go to Hell, Go to Hell, Go to Hell, we dont care what you think of this failed incompetent Skerrit of yours, not of our people. You blind supporters are in a mood of hate just to protect your failed incompetent Skerrit, and h will be go before the courts to account for our finances and resources that we believe are not well accounted for. Elizabeth, you can say and bark all you want, we know in the civil service that Skerrit has failed and we are concerned about the abuse of our states funds. So when he is kicked out of our office. We, as hard working dedicated civil servants will wait to see that he is kicked out, arrested that we can get a summary from him of his devious and corrupted and misuse and abuse of our States resources and finances.
        Elizabeth, you can pen your rubbish nonsense on DNO all you want, but we know where we are and we will have this clown account for the abuse and misuse of our states resources and finances. This man must Go

      • Music Producer
        November 6, 2019

        @ ElizabethLinaXavier, LOL :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: You should read what you wrote. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  28. viewsexpressed
    November 4, 2019

    “PM Skerrit urges Dominicans living overseas to invest at home..”
    Skerrit, stop making yourself this fool with this blind statement above. You seem to be desperate as you many not have raised the resources, financial and otherwise to take our Dominica higher to a place of good socio-economic development. Recall sir, you are the one who has killed our Dominica where we no longer see the many jeeps and trucks parked outside Fond Cole with their bananas and produce for foreign exchanged. That you have killed and you are now engaged in the secret plan of selling our passports to numerous people we know not of and we are asking where is our damn earned money? We need answers as to why our nature Isle is not this begging bowl as our people are now in deep poverty and you either don`t care or you are blind and ignorant to the disciplines and proceedures of socio-economic development. Get the hell out of our Prime Ministers office and make way for decent people.
    We know Hon Linton & UWP…

  29. UKDominican
    November 4, 2019

    As an investor I would like to see a decent rate of return and I resent the suggestion that we owe something to our country of birth. That is emotional blackmail and does not work for me. I love my country but that is not a sound basis for making an investment decision. As long as Roosevelt Skerrit can decide who shall be licenced to be a CBI agent, who shall qualify for duty free imports, while he keeps the bulk of his own assets overseas I will come and spend money in Dominica on family and with local business but think twice before making an investment that must have the blessing of Skerrit. If that sounds harsh it is also realistic. Happy independence.

  30. PENNY
    November 4, 2019

    I was investing in Dominica until I see what’s going on. Bad health care, people don’t care about country, and the amount of money Dominica has received by now it should be one of the best islands of the the Caribbean. I will stay where i work for years and enjoy my life until the good lord call me home🙏

  31. viewsexpressed
    November 4, 2019

    “PM Skerrit urges Dominicans living overseas to invest at home”. Give me a break, this is a real big lol…lol…lol. Is Skerrit serious? I, (many others), will not nor have any mission to invest in Dominica as long as this obvious failed Corrupted Labour Government, under this failed Skerrit is in government. Skerrit and corrupt Labour government must first be out of our parliament and our government before we, I put money to invest in Dominica. Mr. Skerrit, over 19 years we the people of Dominica, overseas and at home have attempted to be a partner with any government in Dominica to help, assist in investing meaningfully in Dominica, but you and your government are too immature, because after 19years there is nothing meaningfully that shows change or socio-economic development in our nature Isle that you and your corrupt labour government has destroyed and failed us. Too much Bobol in government: Bin RED & Fertilizer Bobols is a state abused, on our people.
    You Skerrit Get Out…

  32. Kalinago Justice
    November 4, 2019

    :?: All this one-man rogue regime prime mistake can do is make con-speeches! When sam another con wasn’t giving support to his roguish style of bad-governance,sam was being treated as a traitor! Sam had to deviate from what he believed in and grovel to he the one-man rogue regime prime mistake in support of his roguish sale of citizenship/passports to be aided!!! While the one-man rogue regime prime mistake is making those promises, there are professionals on island like the Doctors he’s penalising he refuses to allow to perform their duties and services to the State!!! Continue to make those empty promises to those diasporans so that you can entice them to support you!! Most of them,if not all, will never step foot to live on that slave plantation mentality island you that one-man rogue regime prime mistake continue to create!!!

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