Boycott is over!

Opposition Leader Hector John

For the first time since the 2009 general elections, the United Workers Party’s Opposition Leader Hector John and Parliamentary representative for the Marigot constituency Edison James and their four senators will attend parliament tomorrow.

The members are expected to take their oath at the start of the House of Assembly’s sitting, putting an end to a nine-month boycott of the House.

Following the 2009 general elections, the UWP had decided to boycott parliament on three consecutive occasions, leading them to qualify for by-elections in two of  the three seats they had won in the general elections-Salisbury and Marigot. The boycott had been sparked by what party members claim were unfair general elections.

The party regained those seats in the July 9 by-elections.  The four senators chosen were: Ezekiel Bazil (Wesley), UWP’s Political Leader Ronald Green (La Plaine), UWP’s Deputy Leader Claudius Sanford (Carib Territory) and Ronnie Isidore (Mahaut).

Among matters to be tabled at tomorrow’s sitting of the Sixth Meeting of the First Session of the Eighth Parliament, are a legal professions bill and a customs  bill.

The UWP members are also expected to ask questions pertaining to the controversial bin and fertiliser scandals among other matters.

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  1. the weather man
    September 28, 2010


  2. baby girl
    September 28, 2010

    pain let get something straight labourites don’t cry we stand firm

  3. baby girl
    September 28, 2010

    there is no way the the UWP can ever come back in power ok sewo princess we buried them a long time ago

  4. of course
    September 28, 2010

    marion giraudel i agree agree with you

  5. well done
    September 28, 2010

    well it was time , when i was passing by yesterday afternoon , 27th of september 2010 Monday afternoon , i hearing hector sprags john criticizing and talking bad about Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit , i mean come on n the people that were there listening to him were not his supporters , thats how sprags want to makem supporters by speaking bad about the pm i mean come on that aint go work. the fact of the matter is that the opposition know the man doing well i mean no one is perfect u understand but when these fellas have their personal problem with people they must kow how to conduct theirselves. n u know what does burn them skerrit aint got time for their nonsense u check . if the man go somewhere for a weekend to rest himself they have a problem , if the man go to a dance they have a problem , if the man walk in the streets and shake the people hand they have a problem, now edison talking about what skerrit must do n mustnot do and he was dere why he never do , u know what they do they koolay antilles cement and ac shillingford supermarket, u doh see how they put edison an timothy , n now norris doh even want to talk . but sprags must stop it , that is not the way forward, n certainly not the next level. if something happen to skerrit today all of them wil come n say how good he was but these men dont mean good.

    September 28, 2010

    I guess the time has come when the UWP has decided that it’s time to represent the people who elected them. Choosing to sit out on the parliament was not an act for the people. The truth of the matter is, they had no power when they sat out.. they couldn’t make an decisions when they sat out…so what was the benefit to sitting out? Look at how many wasted months when they could have been in making choices and decisions and letting their voices be heard!

    There are right ways and wrong ways to do everything and i believe that before UWP decides to make decisions based on the politicians personal preferences and gains, they should show that they are trying to put Dominica first.

    The PM is the PM already. Now it’s time for the UWP to do what they can to move the country forward. Sometimes it’s better to work together than fight at each step of the way because in the end, everyone loses.

    It’s not only the labourites who lose… it’s the UWPs supporters, freedomrites and the non affiliated persons. So, i ask the UWP to not only focus on what cannot be changed, but have an open mind and try to resolve what can be, work to fix what can be fixed. Do not accept everything but do not reject everything also.

    Pick the battles which will most benefit DOMINICA and in the long run, the people will realise. You guys say that Dominicans are not stupid… wake up and realise that there is a reason why they put Skeritt in power… find that reason and just perhaps… when you do, you can appeal to the people because you know why they did what they did. Without knowing the whys, you’ll for show won’t know the hows to fix it.

  7. Spiffycas
    September 28, 2010

    @MM, not sure if you know protocol, but it is not wise to have more than one high ranking official / head of state travelling together. For example, the British Monarchy the Queen never travels with her son Prince Charles as he’s next in line to the throne. Do you recall the plane crash that took the life of the Polish President and some of the high ranking officiers earlier on this year?

    I do wish sometimes that many people who make commets on DNO first think and secondly proof read what is written before submitting, for we as Dominicans appear to be quite illiterate and ignorant. I am tired of having to defend what foreigners say about my people.

  8. LawieBawie
    September 28, 2010

    @Eyes on Dominica: With all due respect to you, I am not sure that I understand what point was proven by the opposition!

  9. Red-Antz
    September 28, 2010

    …………and now, onto the real issues of the day…………

  10. sianguk
    September 28, 2010


    My reply was not to “MM”, it was meant for the “Keen Observer”.

    Who should change his target name, judging by his last comment about the recent night flight.

  11. sianguk
    September 28, 2010


    Read the statement again.

    It was not about two heads of state out of the country.

    It was that two heads of state can not (and should not) be on same FLIGHT/PLANE/AIRCRAFT/BOAT/SHIP/CAR/VEHICLE.

  12. Am so proud of you all
    September 28, 2010

    Sandra you making no sence at all but time will tell and to all of you that talking s… in there you all will never learn but God is in control and he knows when to send his Davids into parliament take of his flocks so now is the time for them to Obey the voice of God just watch what will be taking place, i will be listening Oh yes garbage bin boboll treasuary money ,and many more and tell Alex boydnight we coming well loaded for her we ready for her is now the world will know what is taking place in Dominica gentle men please hold your head up and stand up for what is right which is our democratic right

  13. PAIN
    September 28, 2010

    Labour ites are crying for The UWP Boys to come to the House, the boys decided to come .

    Yet still, they are vex! Lets have some HARMONY for now!

  14. hellboy
    September 28, 2010

    dem man did not even bound to attend parliament.. they just going to occupy space and put the air-con unit under strain…. yet on the other hand they are doing exactly what the Dominican people elect them to do.. oppose.

    Hon john spoke about international airport, ask him who sold the land and who bought…. and who was going to make a billion dollars from the stones up there….

    Hope you all get paid after this sitting so you can change that nasty dirty chair that you sitting on, its very upsetting… are you not seeing the state of that chair you sitting on… ??????????

  15. Chief
    September 27, 2010

    After the Cuban missile crisis ended in 1962, US Secretary of State Dean Rusk euphemistically characterized it: “We went eyeball to eyeball with the Russians, and the other guy blinked,” referring to Khrushchev’s decision to withdraw his missiles from Cuba.

    The UWP and the Skerrit administration, it seems to me, has been going eyeball to eyeball on the “boycott of parliament” issue and it appears that the UWP blinked. We really need a viable opposition to make the political process work in Dominica.

    I am left to ponder why is that whatever the UWP has embarked on or participated in has never really panned out. The so-called “people’s parliament” (which the UWP was an active participant) was an utter failure, the idea of massive corruption in the Skerrit government (a center piece of the UWP general election strategy) never really “grabbed” the majority of the electorate and now they are relenting on the boycott parliament issue.

    Is it that the UWP is incapable of making strong lasting decisions on matters and stick to it no matter what? The boycott of parliament was a bad idea from the very beginning and with the party relenting makes it appear that they are flip flopping: a bad sign in politics.

    I wish them luck.

  16. concern
    September 27, 2010

    as set of retards see the opposition leader head . jack a groo tite. now they want to be in parliament they always behind so they will stay last cacarat.

  17. Anonymous
    September 27, 2010

    Let’s hope that the UWP’s return will be of significance because all i see is more confusion and disruption. We know things are hard and these guys need the little money but at the same time need to have respect for the house.

    Let’s see how Mr. Sprags is going to handle his first day. So far he has been simply doing as Ron and Eddie say. I predict the house will be get suspended on bin and fertilizer bobol again and they will walk out. In other words, their new strategy is to show up just to get that pay check and make zero contribution.

    Let’s pray that i’m wrong

  18. King ghetto
    September 27, 2010

    Welcome to the jungle.Lil boy’s are not allowed only men.

  19. Lycan
    September 27, 2010

    They need money so thats why they’re returning to parmoament. Lets see what confusion they intend to tbring to the table.

    These guys agenda is to destroy the DLP, I’m asking the government to be strong and don’t be moved buy the past, it slows up our progress, PM do what you have to do and let them fight that in the courts with your attorneys.

    DLP stay strong and keep looking to a bright and prosêrous future for Dominica.

    Deutoronomy 28:1-14 is upon us, we are blessed to have you.

  20. cool
    September 27, 2010

    @Keen Observer: are you real keen on issues or you simple just someone who is on the wagon of bling…

    melville hall will never be a sucess and Edo is right not to take part in the bling…
    its time as so call educated folks we ask our authorites hard questions..
    from ages ago they told and gave studies that melville isnt a viable safety due to the landscape and terrain is a major fact!

    the chart guideline which they require has to be published by American firm whom have to ensure that all safety measures are inplace! so its maybe a white elephant spending over usd120Mill

    again…..edo was and is a clever and could see years ahead..the international way is needed..

    does look too healthy for AA….safety is a Key issue in the aviation industry…
    recent reports of crashes globaly have shown that safety is a major aspect…
    even though u have instrument module if the field cant be seen within 2 miles its no good
    Melville area has always proven to have low clouds which makes visibility extremly poor
    in broad daylight when the clouds are low aircraft just continue to antigua,st.lucia guadeloupe

    so the govt knew that…but again we dont have high standards in Dominica across the board which makes this island lesser….and mass migration lack of vision…..

  21. Anonymous
    September 27, 2010

    For your information a couple years ago there was a function in NY, hosted by Barbara Dalley in collaboration with DARDA NY based organization, Present were the President, Prime Minister,
    Hubert Charles,Raymond Lawrence.The function was held at the Eastwood Manor on Eastchester Road in the Bronx.Did the PM and President make an error when they were both in NY

  22. seen
    September 27, 2010

    time will tell…..let see what pans out of this showbiz in the house!

    but their is a Rock Star on stage….lookout….

  23. PETTER
    September 27, 2010

    @ Keen Observer…It’s fools llike you that have the country in the backward state that it is today,cause you can’t think independently..Ask yourself why Skerrit was not on the flight instead..Are you aware that that this charade was a wastage of money that could have given us a headstart in the construction of an international airport..Guess you will have to remove the veil from around you eyes to know that..
    Good move by the opposition…Do not let the theft of our money in the so called Garbage Bin Bobol to go away….!!!!!

  24. September 27, 2010

    Remember Mr. Hector John has been out of job for almost a year since his return. So he needs to get a salary. The others they are all employed one way or another.

    The JOKERZ said they would never enter parliament if their demands were not met, now they placed their tails in the right place and are running into the house next day. hallay horay. Bunch of jokerz.

  25. Anonymous
    September 27, 2010

    @DVT: You will leave Bazil alone.

  26. we
    September 27, 2010

    dominica is a failed state thats a fact….all systems are highly corrupted!!
    and dominicans arent calling a spade a spade…..thats the fact!

  27. Marlon Giraudel
    September 27, 2010

    I like how UWP have everybody confused…is only tomorrow we go see what happening…will they go..will they stay?..nobody knows…and why should anybody care…its 18-3…

  28. Sewo Princess
    September 27, 2010

    UWP you guys need to strategise and re-build the party it can happen again for the worker’s party. Pedal to the Metal. There must be some fresh thinkers aboard with a real plan, to raise funds and reorganize the party’s focus. I mean the human resource is there, just a matter of putting that resource to work.Hector John, history can repeat itself, a John second time around is not impossible. Hard work and tough times ahead, but it can be done. All the best in the House. You guys no the fact, you ARE the under dogs but choose wisely what you oppose, do your PI work and watch your selves RISE!!!!!!!

  29. reality check
    September 27, 2010

    Call for enforcement of treason act.
    Illegal appointment of police commissioner.
    Call for sear gent of Arms to arrest all illegal parliamentarians.
    Call for enforcement of declaration of dlp source of campaign funds.
    Call for reversal of support of Venezuela’s claim to our territorial sea.
    Call for inquiry into: Solomon quarry. Non tendered road contracts, colas plant, chinese agreement, alba agreement
    call for law enforcement

  30. September 27, 2010

    @Keen Observer: why a you concerned about the MARIGOT ppl why dont you ask why didnt the PM go on the flight night landing is very important to him instead he send the President instead was he afraid their would be problem and dont give me that song and dance about two heads of State cannot be out of the country at thre same time, remember you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the times.

  31. Hey
    September 27, 2010

    @DVT: With a name like this death is emminet .you can go like Rosie & Pierro.It’s called Deep vien trombosisDVT for short.You want the pal reps to get DVT? Not a bad idea all need to get ……out of politics.

  32. they
    September 27, 2010

    wonder if the Govt seeing the evil spell across the island wonder is common sense will prevail wonder if the speaker will allow them to ask questions…only time will tell….

    they need to keep the people parl going as a option if they cant be heard….its interesting..
    i think they have the govt where they need them..if the govt doesnt give them their fair share etc
    its a way of forcing back the boycott..

    September 27, 2010

    And Massa Skerro will say ” All those for elctoral reform……say ii….” …..hector shoutss iiiiIIIIIIIIIIIiiiii …….Madame speaker says….Order Order in the house…This was not Part of the Schedule…..” But anyways The neee’s have it…..What Hector says ” Madame Speaker U didnt give neee a chance…..” Madame speaker says….boi shut yoo……..oh sorry SAYING IIII B4 mASSSA Skerrit….is not part of the next level…..hahahahahaha….Animall farm…..Meanwhile……someone says……..SUCK BREASTS…..AND CHESTS……Loudlly …..!!!!!!1

  34. Sad
    September 27, 2010

    @hmmmmmmm: politicians across the board say lots of things… People take note!

  35. wisdom
    September 27, 2010

    Well well well, I ate my food, and and I am not hungry, so now I have no reason to bark. Pure garbage,really, nothing gained, except that the people whom these men represented, had no representation in parliament ever since December 18th, and as such, they should be fired. Period!

  36. A Voice
    September 27, 2010

    Well sah,

    What can I say?

    All that trouble for what? Anyways garcon go inside there and do the people’s work that they elect all you to do and do it with conviction.

  37. Private Dancer
    September 27, 2010

    It’s about time these boys put country first and not political games! The country needs to move on. ALLLLLLLLL other Caribbean countries have economic problems but alas DA is really lagging! SO while leaders playing politics we sinking deeper in despair! IT”S ABOUT TIME!

    September 27, 2010


  39. Sandra
    September 27, 2010

    hmmmmm…yes they did. But things are hard man need money now???????? They must earn and this is the way they were bound to go.

    September 27, 2010


  41. Eyes on Dominica
    September 27, 2010

    The decision of the United Workers Party Parliamentary Opposition to end the Parliamentary Boycott is a positive decision and Eyes on Dominica expect a very positive and strategic input from the Parliamentary Opposition when they go to Parliament. Their decision to boycott Parliament had its merits and some may say demerits. However they proved their point and their concerns were heard and Eyes on Dominica is sure that they will continue to articulate their position on the various issues they believe are affecting the general populace. Not only were their voices heard during the Parliamentary boycott, during the By-Elections they were returned to office which speaks volumes for them in their respective constituencies.

    Eyes on Dominica hope that in Parliament they will give all the people of Dominica the quality representation expected of the Parliamentary Opposition and the Shadow Government. Eyes of Dominica believe that while the People’s Parliament is a commendable way to meet the people this does not have the same impact that participation in the business of the House of Assembly/Parliament has.

    Eyes on Dominica therefore call on the Parliamentary Opposition to do what is right…and begin to represent the interest of all the people of Dominica fearlessly and forcefully both in and out of Parliament and let Democracy reign.

  42. Keen Observer
    September 27, 2010

    The next level!
    Let’s wait and see the reaction of the Gov’t side. Now that the opposition is in the house I hope the Madam speaker perform her functions justly. The opposition gave the Government enough reasons to call them names. The latest addition is the non attendance of the member for Marigot at the first night landing party that took place recently.

    Hope we can all see the next level whatever this might be. As for me I am still looking for the next level?

  43. DVT
    September 27, 2010

    first of all Senators do not represent constituencies. It would haver been better to state that those selected were candidates in the last elections in certain constituencies. Further, it would be better to lead with UWP Leader Ron Green has been as a Senator and not the Bazil fellow

  44. hmmmmmmm
    September 27, 2010

    didn’t the uwp say the wont attend parliament unless there was fresh election or is it me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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