Petition for resignation of Gov’t Minister Charles Savarin


Jerry Brisbane, proprietor of O.D. Brisbane & Sons, has started a petition requesting the resignation of Minister of National Security, Immigration and Labour for calling on Dominicans to boycott Brisbane’s business Brizees Mart.

Brisbane has set up an online petition via Dominica News Online (DNO), the first e-petition in the country. Readers are directed to the petition site, also constructed by DNO, after clicking on a banner advertising the petition. The banner is located below the headline story.

“Recently, Minister for National Security, Immigration and Labour Charles Savarin called on the public via the airwaves to boycott our business O.D. Brisbane & Sons, a local company which has employed thousands of Dominicans over the years. As such, O.D. Brisbane & Sons is calling on citizens to join us in petitioning for the removal of the Minister.

“Petition forms are also available at our head office in Canefield,” the petition introduction reads on the petition site.

The site further states: “Only the first name of persons who signed the petition will appear for public viewing; the last name will not appear. This petition is being undertaken in the strictest confidence.”

On a radio program hosted by Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphans with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit joining in via the telephone, Savarin called on Dominicans to “boycott” Jerry Brisbane’s business, Brizees Mart.

The minister’s comments came in response to Brisbane’s publication of two letters he (Brisbane) sent to donor countries and organisations raising concern over what he said was government’s decision to take a $27 million loan to build an “unnecessary” new luxury State House during times of financial crisis. Another of these letters spoke against “poor tendering practices” by the government on important infrastructural projects.

Brisbane’s letters were first published in response to a previous statement from the prime minister who had accused some Dominicans of writing to donor countries asking them to stop providing funds for developmental projects around the country.

Brisbane had sought to clear his name by posting the two letters. The businessman stated that none of the letters stated that donor countries should withdraw monetary assistance from Dominica.

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  1. The Pragmatist
    January 17, 2011

    The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent leadership. It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. The many who are in want will not stand idly by silently forever while the things to satisfy their needs are within easy reach.
    It is simple, ask yourselves this question frankly and honestly, “Should we be considering the building of monuments or dwelling places that are not absolutely vital to the well being of the country?” The answer is NO.
    Do we truly understand and support the full ramifications of true democracy?Then if we do, Mr.Brisbane has a right, misguided as it may be to do whatever he wishes as long as he has broken no law. At the same time, Mr.Brisbane must understand that every other citizen, government member or not has a right to react to his actions in whatever way they wish, as long as it is legal. In a democracy those reactions are not always favorable.
    Our problem seem to be, that we are expecting civility among ego driven people.
    Of course, we like our politicians and business leaders to be more civil, and understanding, and conscientious. The fact that they are not, does not make them evil or stupid.
    Go on people, be happy, you are experiencing democracy!

  2. Against lies, distortions, misrepresentations, and falsehood
    December 12, 2010

    @Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity on December 8th, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Jesus would do what he did in the Temple Mathew 21:12-16. Had Government responded to Mr. Brisbane’s inquiries when he raised them over the past few months, all this would have been avoided. Various ministers are now coming out in the media and addressing the same issues he has been raising. I guess when he asked the questions back, their stance was “who does he think he is to ask questions?”…and THAT IS THE PROBLEM!

  3. Dominiican residing in the VI
    December 8, 2010

    Mr. Brisbane I am supporting you 100%.My fellow brothers and sisters wake up and smell the coffee

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      December 8, 2010

      Smell what coffee and what type of coffee? Some coffee can be tasty and others are not.
      There are all sorts of people in the world with different characteristic and personality traits who possess different mentality and manner of thinking, some intelligent and some not so intelligent.
      Many of you are not fair and just. I am unable to comprehend that anyone could condone the actions of Brisbane.
      Recognize that Brisbane did a grave injustice to Dominica and its nationals. He also demeaned the Prime Minister.
      He wants to be wrong and strong. Dominicans should not support Brisbane in his enthusiasm to have Minister Savarin ousted from office. Sadly, some of you do and others do not see between their eyes that Brisbane writing to the Donors about/against the Prime Minister was also an attack on Dominicans – yourselves – who support him.
      Brisbane is fortunate that he owns his own business and is not employed by anyone. Otherwise he would have lost his job for writing the international Donors and against his own country and nationals. That is the work of a traitor who is not genuinely interested in his country’s progress and that of its nationals.
      It is obvious to me that Brisbane did more harm to Dominica and its nationals than Minister Savarin did to him and Dominicans.
      It is easier to forgive Minister Savarin for no harm and loss of business occurred to Brisbane.
      It would be difficult to forgive Brisbane for what he did to another human being, namely the PM and also Dominica and its nationals. Note the difference. All the same I am not insinuating that both should not be forgiven. I am just making a point.
      Therefore, why are some of you supporting Brisbane? Do you not think for yourselves or are you incapable of thinking fairly and justly?
      To everyone who has ever lived, who are living and those to come into the world until Judgment Day, Our Lord taught and said to us: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Therefore how could you condone Brisbane? Was Brisbane perfect? Is he being perfect? Do you lack mortal and spiritual enlightenment?
      Ask yourself what would Jesus say and do (WWJS & WWJD) about Brisbane’s letter and attitude? Refer to Our Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings as contained in Holy Scripture unless you have interpreted Holy Scripture to suit your mentality and lifestyle as some do.
      Our Lord will never approve that Brisbane wrote such a letter. He will never exonerate him. Brisbane has to ask God for forgiveness with a humble and contrite heart for him to be forgiven. He also needs to apologize to the Prime Minister and Dominican nationals who specifically reside in Dominica.
      Minister Savarin was not perfect in calling for Dominicans to boycott Brizee Mart. He, too, needs to apologize to Brisbane and to Dominican nationals and ask God forgiveness also with a humble and contrite heart.
      Our Lord said: “If we cannot forgive others from the heart neither will my heavenly Father forgive you.”
      He also said: “You have heard an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I tell you, turn the other cheek…”
      We human beings are incapable of following Our Lord Jesus Christ as good Christians and His disciples. If we did there would be at least peace in the world and in our communities. How could we ever expect to live happily and in peace and to obtain eternal salvation if we do not practice Our Lord’s teachings and if we are not fair and just? People need to pray to God for His blessing and graces and to obtain mortal and spiritual enlightenment also to be fair and just.
      Often enough I ask Our Lord for his blessings and graces, for health and strength to do His work, whatever He grants me according to the talents which He gave me and to be fair and just. Thanks be to God this accounts for my writing. I have a religious song, a few words of which are: “…I want peace for the world…”
      May God bless and grant Dominica and its nationals peace.

  4. zuma
    December 8, 2010

    charlie is a minister in the ministry
    and everytime he walks about, he walking proudly

    one day his woman say to him
    charly you know i want the ring
    i tired wait and listening i want to maryy

    marry the girl charly
    marry the girl cahrly

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      December 9, 2010

      You do make me laugh. :lol: You are exposing him and his personal affair to the entire world who will access DON.
      To be fair and just, where does this statement fit in with this political issue and difference of opinion? Gossip I say and minding his business. Let the woman handle it and speak for herself or are you that woman. If he will not marry her why is she still tailing him? Surely, there are other handsome, popular, God-fearing and respectable men in Dominica who will appreciate her.
      On the other hand, he being a Catholic Christian and I hope a practicing one unless he changed his religion should not be living/co-habiting with a woman or having a relationship with a woman on the side. He should know God’s Commandments and the religious teachings of the Catholic Church.
      I thought he was a married man and by now has children with his wife and has grandchildren. What example is he projecting to them, his children and grandchildren, having an affair with a woman and not marrying her?
      We need to set our lives straight so that God will bless and grace us and our households. Also, our endeavors as those who are in politics.
      Is it any wonder that nothing is right and nothing good will be achieved if these people do not live godly lives? They only have to read the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as contained in Holy Scriptures. Also the Ten Commandments of God which Our Almighty Father gave to Moses in the dessert.
      In addition, all those who criticize what is stated to godly truth and justice on this Website, they, too, should live godly and respectable lives. God is not deceived.
      Our Lord said: “Judge not that you may not be judged accordingly.”
      We are all entitled to speak our minds. We have freedom of speech. However, we must utilize it fairly and justly.
      St. Paul said, “We must not busy ourselves with the business of others but see about ours.”
      In the Imitation of Christ book, “We should refrain from curious inquiry into the lives of others.”
      God knows that we have much to mind – our personal business, that of our household and family. No one is without some degree of sin, be it of the mind, heart and mouth – The Power of the Tongue (James 3:1:12).
      People are all weak of spirit. I like to say some more so than others. We must pray for others as our politicians that God might change their hearts and make them holy.
      No exception Brisbane who is presently petitioning for the ousting of Charles Savarin, Brisbane who, in my estimation has done more wrong to Dominica than Charles.
      I do believe that we are not praying enough. We do much talking, writing and other matters rather than praying and as we should.
      I also ask the Lord to help me to pray more, to serve Him better and to perform good works in Jesus Name with a cheerful and generous spirit.
      The Mother of God, the Ever Blessed Virgin Mary said: “If it is the Adorable Will of Her Blessed Son and it is good for us, for our souls, it will be granted.”
      God who wants what is best for us will always grant it and will give us the grace and strength to do so for He is expecting us to do His Most Holy Will which is a condition for living a godly, happy and peaceful life and for obtaining eternal salvation.
      The Mother of God also said to the visionaries which is a message for us all: “God wants our prayers. We must pray with the heart.” This also means with a loving, humble, generous heart.”
      Therefore, as Christians we are obligated to pray for everyone with no exception. He will hold us accountable if we fail to do so. May God’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
      Pray also for all your politicians. Wherever we reside, they who govern the country and make decisions which will affect nationals, do need your (our) prayers. Nationals will be the beneficiaries of those prayers well said as we worship God and practice the faith.

  5. zuma
    December 8, 2010

    the question is

    Is jerry Brisbane a politician

    what is his interest in dominica and dominicans

    what has he given back to dominica after dominicans have patronsised his business for over 50 years

    He had absolutely no right to contact personally any funding agency on the behalf of the citizens of dominica

    If he had issues with monies being inappropraitely spent he should first speak to the individuals and then take matters further if he believed his concerns were not being addressed

    Yet still this was not a life and death situation, this could be address with in house.

    Some people must know thier place

    I see this as a personal attack on individuals of the the Ruling party

  6. forkit
    November 22, 2010


  7. 2bDO
    November 22, 2010

    $27,000,000 for a house? I don’t know about anyone else, but I figure that’s a bit on the gaudy side of things. But then again, maybe not. After all, it might house multiple officials and their staffs, etc.

    Can anyone add to this aspect of the story?


  8. 2bDO
    November 22, 2010

    I would be curious to know more of the history about which many here have spoken. At least it’s safe to say that political in-fighting occurs nearly everywhere.

    It seems to me that, regardless of what it is that Mr. Brisbane wrote, it was wholly inappropriate for Mr. Savarin, in the capacity of a government official on the radio program, to say what he said, especially considering his position within government.

    And perhaps it wasn’t appropriate for Mr. Brisbane to have done what he did. But is he not entitled to speak his concerns and have them addressed? Is it not all citizens’ responsibility to oversee and question the actions of those whom they’ve elected? If not, then forget having an election, right?

    Sounds to me like Mr. Savarin should publicly apologize for his remark while Mr. Brisbane might want to consider a less-volatile method of raising awareness regarding his concerns and observations.

  9. just noticing
    November 22, 2010

    Is calling for proper use of funds a crime. Have you read the letter? Does it say anywhere don’t give funding to Dominica? It expresses concers regarding Proper use of funds.Go to PMH on a rainy day de roof leaking all over (as for Stronach alas) the Library, de only rods that good are the recentlt built ones,it craters in the road. Be Honest and not political 27 million dollars for a state house for the president to live in and he have a house in St Aroment.
    All Presidents before lived in their house and not the State House. Think about maintainance of that house after. They keep saying we are experiencing HArch Economic times check their speeches its all over. Did you read the reply Mr Brisbane got it expresses pleasure for his interest.
    We need to be objetive in Dominica and us in the Diaspora too.

  10. Analyst
    November 21, 2010

    Whoever you are, you come across as a very ignorant and hateful person. Who are you to call people stupid? My opinion of you is that of a sore and jealous loser. Mr.Brisbane did not think of the potential consequences and now he is in panic mode. Just a reminder to you and others; Savarin is not going anywhere and that petition is moving at a snail’s pace. One more observation; there is no viable alternative to Skerrit and the Labour party so direct your anger somewhere else.

  11. Against lies, distortions, misrepresentations, and falsehood
    November 21, 2010

    This quote from the story above “The only reasonable and fair inference that can be drawn from the language, tone and context of these letters, and more specifically the insidious allegations of corruption and waste, is that he, Jerry Brisbane, is calling on these friendly governments and funding agencies to discontinue grant and/or loan funds to the government and people of Dominica otherwise the corruption and waste will continue to the detriment of Dominica and the sovereign States and organizations” and infact this continued position on the letters so far are designed to distort and twist the intent and message of the letters…propaganda designed to make people enemies of the State…to set them up for public retribution…that is all it is! and that is not democracy…that is not freedom…Jacko and the other maroon slaves (read freedom fighters) must be turning in their graves.

    Mr. Brisbane was right to publish the letters when the false allegations started. These letters never called on the respective governments and funding agencies to discontinue grant and/or loan funds to the government and people of Dominica. Those who can read and think for themselves should be able to see that.

    Mr. K & friends: are you the same people who do not want anyone to infer, imply, and read between the lines of the several emails about the villas? Unbelievable!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous
    November 21, 2010

    @Mr. K:

    @ Mr. K

    Congratulations! You just got me to write my first response ever to a story online. This Company has a solid emergency plan in place for all types of emergencies. The risk you refer to has been well managed along with all other businesses in that area. Had you been a customer, you might have experienced one of its emergency tests while shopping. Those who have have felt very safe.

    Wow! That is an interesting angle you have now taken: let me ask you a few questions: do you enjoy passing under the Canefield cliffs? Were you on the first night landing flight into Dominica last month? Are you pushing for night landing in Dominica? Do you live in Jimmit near the Petro Caribe tanks? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, why would you try to paint the Company’s premises as risky???

    From: Against lies, distortions, misrepresentations, and falsehood

  13. Anonymous
    November 21, 2010

    mr astaphan you forget that charles savarin is the same one that ask dominicans to boycott astaphans you have the b_____s to have him on your program by your side to say that

  14. Anonymous
    November 21, 2010

    @Mr. K: @ Mr. K Congratulations! You just got me to write my response ever to a story online. This Company has a solid emergency plan in place for all types of emergencies. The risk you refer to has been well managed along with all other businesses in that area. Had you been a customer, you might have experienced one of its emergency tests while shopping. Those who have have felt very safe.

    Wow! That is an interesting angle you have now taken: let me ask you a few questions: do you enjoy passing under the Canefield cliffs? Were you on the first night landing flight into Dominica last month? Are you pushing for night landing in Dominica? Do you leave in Jimmit near the Petro Caribe tanks? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, why would you try to paint the Company’s premises as risky???

    From: Against lies, distortions, misrepresentations, and falsehood

  15. Mr. K
    November 21, 2010

    I do not need the Hon. Charles Savarin to tell me to stay away from this business establishment!!

    I am can think for myself and take decisions that are in my best interest, safety, and lessening the risks to my health.

    I have travelled to many countries over the years and while it is fairly common to go to petrol stations that have mini-supermarkets on their premises, it is the first time I have witnessed an expansive structure of a supermarket almost surrounded by volatile danger – two gas stations, and two fuel storage facilities that stores thousands of gallons of fuel and a paint factory as well!!!

    My GOD how on this earth could the authorities – the planning authorities give planning permission to construct such a vast structure with all these potential inferno that can happen at any time?

    The place is a disaster waiting to happen!!!!!!!!!!

    There are many fire safety violations on this property!!!! For example there is only one access point to this property – a customer must use the same route as an entry and exit – a route that is parallel to a small atomic bomb explosion for want of a better description. High octane fuels on one side and liquid chemical paint on the other side.

    The Car parking facility though spacious is a major source of risk to customers as well. The southern parking lot faces humongous fuel storage tanks that are always fill to capacity.

    Adjacent to the southern vehicle parkinglot is a kid’s play area with a one access point – both entry and exit for parents and small kids!! An Ice-cream parlor is on the western side of the property with more fuel storage tanks at its back.

    My last visit to this business establishment was about three years ago , and that evening there was a strong scent of petrol coming from one of the storage tanks and that scent saturated the inside of the shopping area. There was never a call by the management to have the shopping area evacuated!!!! All that was done by the other company was to have some sort of water jets or mist sprayed on the fuel tank in question.

    From that evening, I decided to no longer patronize that establishment. I was dizzy from al that fumes.

    It is just too risky.

    A number of changes are needed before I can take a chance to go back there again.

    First of all there is an urgent need to have two independent access points to this shopping centre.

    Secondly, the kids play area and the Ice-cream parlor should be relocated.

    Thirdly like another prominent shopping centre that is in Roseau Central since the 1970s, this one is not air conditioned and these two shopping centers should rethink their position soon.

    Fourthly, the floor of the shopping area is ugly and needs to be tiled and there is too much cobwebs way up on the ceilings. I notice there was an attempt to divert attention of shoppers by placing colorful canopies above the shelves to minimize the unsightly cobwebs, but this needs to be cleaned regularly.

    Fifthly, I am of the opinion that the two major fuel storage facilities that is at the front of this super centre needs to be relocated within the next three years otherwise I would strongly suggest to insurance companies to discontinue insurance coverage for businesses and residents in that general area.

  16. alameda
    November 20, 2010

    some of you may be too young and do not know that it was charles severin asking the patrick john govt. for 120% salary increase , he shot the island down for 47 days ,and d/a has never recovered they should throw the bum out.

  17. AshleyF
    November 20, 2010

    jay yute, I just love your comment

  18. Lizavier4Jesus
    November 20, 2010

    Neither Mr. Brisbane’s letters nor Mr Savarin’s advise give me a reason to side with one of them. They are both fighting for power, authority, and recognition for themselves. It is my country and my people that I am concerned about. I have no interest in the output of vanity and futility from the mind of man.

    Not only that, imagine the social and political unrest in Dominica for the coming months; if Mr. Brisbane should win that pettition. I hope that we have considered that situation; with Christmas just around the corner. The pile of vicious murders that took place during the end of September have not yet digested, we do not need any more feedings of social and political unrest so soon.

    No thanks to you, Mr. Brisbane. But to Mr. Savarin, you made a grave move through your response against Mr. Brisbane a few days ago. I am not saying that you did not have reasons to respond against his actions. But your approach was fallible.

    I honestly believe that you would have built some virtue for yourself, if you had acknowledged that you made a mistake; after all you are a human being, unless of course, you willfully chose to advise us the way you did.

    So now, self-pride and your zeal for recognition and power will continue to take you downwards; if not the whole of Dominica Labour Party. I was thinking that the Prime Minister would have at least privately scold you, to encourage you to admit you are capable of flaws. But apparently he has condoned to your actions, as he calls for us to support and accept that flaw through aticulate wordings. That is just too bad.

  19. Dom is dom dominica
    November 20, 2010

    They will still vote for skerit dominican to wicked vote him out workers all the way

    November 20, 2010

    I(s Jerry Brisbane that naive had he been a citizen of any of those countries ie Venezuela or Chinahe would have beeb seriously reprimanded for interfering in state business These countries have strict control over civilians meddling in matters of state so why does Mr Brisbane think that he would be taken seriously other than a meddling buffon. Any reply to Mr Brisbane letters is only giving lip service

  21. jah yute
    November 20, 2010

    i have to see the day when this government and the labour party tell its supporters to eat poopoo cuz its good for their body and they’ll do it

    • lg
      December 5, 2010

      dont know why dominicans are so biassed take some time off people and just think of what mr jeffry brisbane did he did not do to charlo or skerrit or you he did it to the country so if the donor countries take his matter into consideration papabondie,how the country stand,is still al of us that going to feel the squeez again,if dominicans boycott brisbane he will focus on his bisness as usual with his bullo

  22. ebonyxo1
    November 20, 2010

    OMG!!! do i really live in a country so full of ignorant n STUPID pple? a freaking Minister of Labour (the ministry thats supposed to look out for the well being of dominicans in terms of financial welfare) calling for the boycott of a company that employs so many young dominicans, n allu stupid pple still want to give him right for doing that? when allu brainless pple actually do what severin saying, whats going to happen then? d company going to fall. pple going to lose their jobs. what about the hundreds of students graduating from college every yr? allu doesnt think of that?

    i do not care what party charles severin is fr. any dominican, especially one with status in the country who wld actually come up with something like that, worst of all to actually say it out loud shld be tossed under a dam stone. because thats not somebody i’d appreciate representing me as a Dominican.

    allu worthless stupid brainwashed pple letting me be ashamed of the country i was born n raised in, and most importantly even more ashamed of the pple allu put to “lead” my country. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  23. disgusted
    November 20, 2010

    @diminicans wake up: Gosh ur comment is so low and nauseating. For you should know that from inception the hardworking people of this country has been laborites. Guess what….. the genuine laborites of this place are not the ones benifiting from charities n donations of the gov’t. Watever back pay is deserving for all. Be mindful i said genuine laborites!!!!!!!!! Now why do u have to talk so loud? attitude aand mapwe is all u have to offer? Then SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  24. Storm
    November 20, 2010

    Freedom of Speech. It’s his right!

  25. TILLE
    November 20, 2010

    Shame on you Brisbaine. What was your motive? now you asking for petition, why didn’t you ask for the people’s opinion before you sent out the letters. You cannot do a thing like that , and try to be strong on it again. You ‘re hurting the poor man,and the people who are working hard to help them. Don’t you think that Dominica deserve a up to date State house? Wht you think Dominican are fool?
    We are not . You writing the Republic of China, Bolivia, and venezuela about the Goverment of Dominica at this present time when the economic situation is bad all over the world is just stupid, and uncalled for, and i believe that people should not patronized you business. Charles Saverin is right, and the government of Dominica did the right thing, and they should not stop there they should seek all those so call Dominicans who try to bring down Dominica secretly and expose them, because they are traitors in the camp.

    Shame on you traitor, the letter were meant to stop Dominica from getting help.

  26. prissy
    November 19, 2010


  27. prissy
    November 19, 2010

    @Anonymous: Fee speech but is it only for a few?

  28. prissy
    November 19, 2010

    @dominicans wake up.: PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE NO CLASS.

  29. Anonymous
    November 19, 2010

    @prissy: Free speech.

  30. prissy
    November 19, 2010

    @WOW: Good point. Why don’t you ask Jerry the same question?
    Did he think of the impact his action would have on the Dominican population?
    Was he ever concerned of what this would do them? Savarin calling for a boycout of Brisbane’s business has a big impact but Brisbane writing to those donor countries have a greater impact,
    since the whole country is going to be affected.

  31. Sout Man
    November 19, 2010

    I applauded O. D. Brisbane for donating computers to schools and for donating to the young lady’s steel pan project in Roseau. I went as far as encouraging parents to patronize businesses that invest in our youth, culture and education. I still feel the same today, but I woulb be failing in my responsibility as a citizen if I do not express my disgust with the action taken by Mr. Jerry Brisbane.

    What was his motive? What are his objectives? What urgent response does he expect from the European Union and China when he refers to the corrupt use and wasting of funds? Or calling on the Europeans to tighten up on their lending requirements? For those of you calling people stupid for not reading the letter and denying that he ask the donors to cut off aid to D/ca; explicitly, he did not; but implicitly, what do you expect?. Funding is already difficult to access. Why should we have Ambassador Jerry cautioning donors when we need all hands on deck to generate funds for projects in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

    I do not condone the manner in which Minister Savarin attacked the businessman. He should be more diplomatic. But he is a big dog in this fight. Recently many of you folks ask me to boycott goods from Trinidad. Today, it is wrong for someone else to tell you how to spend your money. Oh, how quickly we forget! We were also told that the PM was telling a lie about the letters. Now, Jerry is the hero.

    This reminds me very much about the Republicans wanting Prez Obama to fail so they can grab power. For those who keep saying, only in D/ca; what about Rep. John Boehner saying “no hell, you can’t” or another telling Prez Obama “you lie”! Others have called for the boycott of wine and other goods from France, their NATO ally or even changing the name of french fries to freedom fries. I could go on and on but in the interest of time and space, I’ll stop here.

    Peace and Love!!! Forward Ever!!

  32. Diaspora/Dominican
    November 19, 2010

    @Del: DNO you should not have to justify to the likes of this person or anyone else that you also sell adverising space only a dipstick would let their imargination run wild..

  33. stoney
    November 19, 2010

    Dominica lacks class period nothing to shout about….the corrupted DLP Regime sucks to the bone…and topping it 61% of a elite uninformed,ignorant non educated and educated fools!!

    what a award wining film for Disney~~

  34. prissy
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: Why don’t you shut your trap?

  35. prissy
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: Well! well! I think i’ve seen and heard it all here on this sight. What the hell is wrong with you people? Who the hell does Brisbane think he is? Just because he employs many people does’nt give him the right to tell us what to do. If he did write the letter to those donor countries Charles Savarin had every right to react the way he did. Dominicans are the ones who are going to feel the pain from his action. If he did’nt I think he deserves an apology.

    Dominica does’nt belong to the Brisbanes. Domincans make them what they are today because of
    their patronage. Charles Savarin is not one of my favorites but he is a Dominican by birth.
    Jerry you need to take a hike.

  36. Diaspora/Dominican
    November 19, 2010

    @Hey just giving my two cents: @LabourWrong: I do agree with you it’s time that we DOMINICANS stop talking we need action now let us show those politicians we mean business and they cannot get away with their rotten behaviour or attitude any more let us hold them accountable for their actions, Savarin should think before he open his big mouth .
    Dominicans remember Savarin didnt run for office the last election he was brought into the Govt for a reason well we all know what that is now so I’m encouraging all DOMINICANS to sign the petition by doing so the other ppl will see that we will not stand for any one threatening the wellfare of any individual regardless of the issue.

  37. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @Deoborah: ask about the era o fthe 1970’s. I am sure you are very young and know your history before you just say anything. This man Charlo has done a lot for Dominica. Read my comments earlier on. Just don’t follow and repeat what others say. Do some research yourself before you say something.

  38. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: @MB: My motner (mother) was a civil servant she made more money work for patrick john adminstration than when Ms charles and Charlo was in power.

    Charlo was the Union Representative and he negotiated and then she made more money work for Patrick John administration as you rightly said above. It was through the negotiating skill of Honourable Charles savarin. I was a member of that Union as well.

    Ask her again.

  39. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: My motner (mother) was a civil servant she made more money work for patrick john adminstration than when Ms charles and Charlo was in power.

    Charlo was the Union Representative and he negotiated and then she made more money work for Patrick John administration as you rightly said above. It was through the negotiating skill of Honourable Charles savarin. I was a member of that Union as well.

    Ask her again.

  40. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: Well u don’t know the history. ask her who brought them up to get a decent salary under Patrick John as PM. It was Charlo as the Union General Secretary. He was what Letang is now – General Secretary of the Civil Service. . Ask her again . Probably you misunderstood. Charlo was the one who negotiated with PJ to get the decent increase hence the substantial back pay she got in those days. Ask her again.

  41. dominicans wake up.
    November 19, 2010


  42. disgusted
    November 19, 2010

    de man came on radio and in advance made known his malicious intentions with such arrogane!
    Jerry you going to say now u looking out for Dominica????? you got it twisted come on!

  43. disgusted
    November 19, 2010

    what petition??stupes
    such crap! why is jerry looking for so much pity????????
    he is high n mighty!!!!!!!

  44. John Brown
    November 19, 2010

    We would have had an international airport a long time ago if it was not for Mr. Edison Chenfil James’ letter to the US; which caused them to revoke their assistance in the airport construction during Freedom reign.

    Just think what Mr. Brisbane’s letter could do to us if taken seriously by donor countries. I guess you Brisbane supporters think it’s ownly Labourites that would go hungry. Have mercy, Hate has clearly taken over you guys.

  45. forkit
    November 19, 2010

    @Anonymous: who is de foreigner

  46. follower
    November 19, 2010

    The only reason why you Skerritites are not demanding the resignation of Charles Savrin is because you all are scared of the damage he will do to Skerrit and the party. You labourites know what he did to the labour party and how he kept them out of power for over 20 years. You all know how dangerous and poisonous he is. But because you know what he knows about Skerrit and his corruption, you know the moment he gets thrown out of Skerrit’s life, Skerro would shortly follow him and maybe on his way to stockfarm. That’s the only reason why you guys are forced to be on his side, though agaisnt your consciences. Charlo destroyed labor for over twenty years, has so far destroyed his own Freedom Party for at list 8years and the UWP for about eight years as well. Somehow I just feel he is well on his way again to cause massive distruction to the labour party and my beloved country and this time it will be worse than the first time. He and Astaphan have Mr. Skerrit exactly where they wanted him and now poor Mr. Skerrit has not realized that. How sad!!!

  47. portsmouthan
    November 19, 2010

    @Pure Crap!: @Hey just giving my two cents: THE FUNDING AGENCIES / GOVERNMENTS SHOULD TAKE ON JERRY BRISBANE SERIOUSLY AND LEAVE YOU GUYS IN [email protected]@ !!!!! I BELIEVE SOME OF US DOMINICANS NEED THIS. read and understand jerry’s letters to these people and STOP being EMOTIONAL!!!!!!!! SAVARIN IS DOING FOR YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY what you fail to do.

    November 19, 2010

    Ok, lets view both points:

    Boycott or not to boycott – As I have always stated, a boycott would hurt Mr Brisbane’s staff more than it would hurt his bank balance.
    Mr. Brisbane appears to be full of self importance that he thinks that all he does and says is OK and should be accepted and that he should never be judged.

    Resign or not to resign – A few words spoken without thought and consideration by Mr Savarin, should not mean the end of his political career. I am sure that he is not the first (nor will he be the last) politician or public figure to get carried away with the moment. He made the typical mistake that a lot of politicians make, he said what he thought the people wanted to hear. He was/is of the impression that the people wanted some sort of action against Mr Brisbane and his organisation.

    Would it be to much to ask them to let the matter drop or to piblically apologise to each other.
    Show the people that they are both intelligent, mature adults. Set an example to the people that we all sometimes do/say things in haste/malice, without thinking of the repercussions

  49. One Love
    November 19, 2010


  50. observer
    November 19, 2010


    you sound like an uneducated person…..

  51. No Jerry Puppet!
    November 19, 2010

    Jerry’s MO seems to be something I have seen before! He reminds me of Michael Coipel and CAHUR, he reminds me of Sam Christain and his ‘victory march’ around Roseau, he reminds me of Sarah Palin and her embattled Non-Mamo Freedomites and he reminds me of the now demolished UWP and there many lacklustre and lifeless demonstrations! If Jerry wants to start something new, he could at least be original. These old tired tactics never brought the others anywhere.

  52. A Voice
    November 19, 2010

    Two grown men, two men who are leaders in society….acting like little boys. None not better than the other.

    None of these two grown men chose to take the higher road….I am not taking part in either of them bull…

    This is a case of one bad action, followed by a worst reaction, followed by an even worst reaction…I ain’t jumping over that precipice.

  53. Chief
    November 19, 2010

    Whatever happens to freedom of speech? Now I am afraid to express my opinion on DNO or someone will start a petition to have my post removed or have it not published. That is utter nonsense.

  54. Anonymous
    November 19, 2010

    guys!! You siding Foreigner now? is so they always kicking all you!!

  55. MB
    November 19, 2010

    @Hey just giving my two cents: PC be quiet… My motner was a civil servant she made more money work for patrick john adminstration than when Ms charles and Charlo was in power. You remember the days of back pay money money and more money. Who gat rid of that Charlo and MS Charles… Who gat rid of the pension charlo and ms charles. Please take you litte gratuity and tried and survive on a ur social security check.. A monthly pention along with ur social security check would have been better. Save ur two cents …. Charlo was no good he is a man that kiss you know what for his job.

  56. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: Free speech you say? Is that what you said? Free speech only for you? You and you alone and those you support? Well as yousaid it is free speech for Charlo too. Yes also for Jerry too but what Jerry did was outright treason. He should have talked and talked and talked and talked till he dropped domestically that is in Dominica only. wht he did was treason. ‘

    For your information, Charlo ain’t going anywhere. He is more Dominican than you. Is that so? You want to deport the man to Marie Galante. Is Dominica your estate??? all because he gave his candid opinion of what Jerry did that was high treason. Find out from those whi=om you follow whtis treason and put your comment on DNO. You even calling the man an idiot. Remember what you start will come back to haunt and face you one of these days. Criticise if you may but do it with respect.

  57. yep
    November 19, 2010

    people do you think a letter say from lydia peter, karenen john, sally snow etc would even be looked at. who the hell is lydia peter……… the business letterhead was important. would you really read a letter form a person name jery brisbane or a business owner name jerry brisbane. tell me which one is more eye catching

  58. MB
    November 19, 2010

    The people of Dominica should revoke Charles Savarin citizen ship and deport his a.. to Marie-Galante……The man is an idiot. Kissing the PM a.. to hold on to his Job…Jerry Brisbane had every right to send the letter to what ever country he feel like. The last time I check Dominica was a free country free speech free movement. Who the hell is Charles to tell Dominica when and where to spend thier money. The man is totally unfit to hold the post of nation security minister. A man that the people reject at the polls.

  59. so wat!
    November 19, 2010

    Brisbane can talk like that because he have is 1.5 million dollar dwellin! He didn”kt think of paying his workers more before he built is mansion and have people working for peanuts and anything just fire them. He didn’t think that dominicans needed jobs to be considerate before firing them for petty stuff!!!! Tell brisbane to chill.and to clean hid backyard before he can clean people own!!!

  60. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    Mr Savarin may have his faults.. we all do. But look back at his track record.. He can represent the country.. He did as the Ambassador of Brussels. He represented the Civil Servant remarkabley and committed back in the 1970’s. I dare anyone of them say otherwise. I don’t understand why persons always look for the small faults to make a mountain out of a mole. What ever Charlo is in he puts his heart into it. My grandmother used to say take the good and cover the bad. You all seem to always look for bad to castigate and if there is not anything found, you fabricate. Stop this and love your country men. After election is done all say God Bless America. Let us say the same for our country and do not take our freedom of speech or other freedom for granted. If you have ever travelled, some of you would be happy to know that we are blessed in this wonderful country called Dominica. Let us not be ungrateful.

    Charlo is a statesman. I think he should have just ignored Jerry but isn’t he entitled to his opinion as an individual? He did not tie anyone nor force anyone. He just said how he felt and asked that persons who are in receipt of funds from the agencies the man wrote to, should not spend their hard earned dollars at the gentleman’ s business place.

  61. mouth of the south
    November 19, 2010

    i signing for sure,,,,who vex well lost!!!!!

  62. Go to
    November 19, 2010

    Charles Savarin, Go to Hell, its none of your damn business what Jerry Brisbane does with his letter head. Take your Boycott and go to Elmhsall with it.

  63. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @P.C.: Were you there in 1979? No you were not. I was there and I can tell you that although Civil Servants are not paid properly now but it was because of that 47 days strike that they are somewhere not all the way where they are supposed to be. Parish Hall College was where they gathered and they got some sort of salary. So don’t hate Charlo , he has done his share for the civil servants when he was their union leader.

    Charlo is a son of the soil. Amnesia – who has amnesia? The elder civil servants should remember that he got them somewhere when they were nowhere with salaries. I will always remember Mr Savarin for his astute leadership then and mind you his good advise that you should be punctual and do what you were suppose to do in the employment world. He really stood up for teh Civil Servants …. I ask anyone of those Civil Servants (not the young ones) to stand up and say otherwise.

  64. MB
    November 19, 2010

    @P.C.: @P.C.: Yes they do have amnesia . They all forget that charlo is a traitor. The man is national security minister of Dominica what a shame. Its time for him to go.

  65. Agreeeed
    November 19, 2010

    @2 cents:

    2 Cents, I agree with you totally. Charles Savarin is an instigator. It is reckless for a Minister to make a call for persons to boycot a business, especially when he is not able to create any jobs for anyone who may loose their jobs in the process. I will not forget 1979 Charles Savarin, and if you continue your spitting such reckless garbage, you will be the victim of a 2010 – You better think before you speak – take the advise from your colleague Charles Maynard.

  66. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: Were you there in 1979? No you were not. Iwas there and I can tell you that although Civil Servants are not paid properly now but it was because of that 47 days strike that they are somewhere not all the way where they are supposed to be. Parish Hall College was where they gathered and they got some sort of salary. So don’t hate Charlo , he has done his share for the civil servants when he was their union leader.

  67. Dominican Lass
    November 19, 2010

    @Reasoning: Your response just goes to show your level of ignorance. If you want to see the EU response, just click on the petition banner on DNO’s website. And when I say the EU doesn’t give loans, I’m refering to the EU Delegation, the ones that Jerry Brisbane, thinking he was bright, sent a letter to. Read the letter for yourself and you’ll see that they are not responsible for loans, but grants. As for my qualifications, I do not need to justify them to you… I’ve studied hard, worked hard and the rewards are sweet. I move in circles that you could only dream of, and when I say persons out there think Dominicans are foolish, I’m not talking about qualifications or education (it’s no secret that we are among the best), but I can’t possibly expect you to understand what I’m talking about – it’s foolishness like what Brisbane did that makes it way across the region and those of us out there have to bear the heat and attack comments like ‘why are Dominicans so foolish’ to defend our pride in being Dominicans.

  68. P.C.
    November 19, 2010

    @MB: I guess they all have amnesia and remember nothing of 1979!

  69. MangoSweet
    November 19, 2010

    @anywayy: Apparenty you did not see the said letters. He wrote on the COMPANY’S LETTERHEAD, and as CHAIRMAN of the company.

  70. P.C.
    November 19, 2010

    @2 cents: 2 Cents I would much rather call your reasoning a million bucks! You seem to have written my exact thoughts and hopefully that of many others!

  71. Lets be fair
    November 19, 2010

    @Devoted Dominican.:

    If you are asking Jerry for an Apology, you need to ask the same of Charles Savarin, who acted very very reckless and irresponsible. This man has no regard for anyone but himself and he is using the media to keep his job. Barking for Skerrit….the things that grown men do can be amazing.

    Shame on you dishonarable Minister Savarin, Shame on you for thinking that you would be hurting Jerry Brisbane by asking people to boycot his business. You seem to have the brain of a cucumber!! Did you ever stop to think who would be most affected we were all pea-headed like you aand stopped shopping at Brizee’s Mart. Think like a Minister and not a cucumber.



  72. Deoborah
    November 19, 2010

    Charles Savarin has done nothing to improve the livelihood of Dominicans, all he has done is spread destruction in every path he has trod. Dominicans do not be fooled by eloquence, all this man can do is talk, no positive action.

  73. notice
    November 19, 2010

    Lennox must be happy. The spotlight is on Jerry now. I hope he learn to remain quiet.

  74. Tonge and Cheek
    November 19, 2010

    The question has to be asked of Jerry. What ws his realintention/objective? Since in hisletter he claims a real potential for corruption and waste of resources, did he really expect the organizations to continue sendong oney to Dominica if they took him seriously. I rather suspect that Jerry wanted the organozations to stop for a moment, review thw assistance package, make it full proof according to jerry and then send the money. Did Jerry consider the net impacty of even if is a short term suspension of aid to Dominica – much more for Brisee Matt?

  75. WOW
    November 19, 2010

    @baby girl:
    Krazy Tee called for the boycott of Astaphan at that exact moment the host did not agree.

  76. VILLAS
    November 19, 2010


    November 19, 2010


  78. Innocent
    November 19, 2010

    Dominica is in a sad state. As an aside – I attempted to construct a building on a small lot. The building was a simple two storey structure with an office space on one floor and a 1 bedroom apartment on the other floor. That is how small the Lot is. True story – Physical Planning is asking me for parking space and will not approve my plan. Will somebody tell me why a KFC was built along a major roadway in Picard with no parking area. This not just a travesty but also a major traffic safety violation. I’m only left to wonder – What the heck is happening to Dominica. Someone told me that I need to come back to Dominica and work for a dollar a month so my Plan could get approved.

  79. Dominican in New York.
    November 19, 2010

    A decision to boycott or not to boycott Brisbane’s business should be decided clearly according to the facts stated in the letter. Also this does not warrant the fact that Mr. Savarin should resign. BULL …Please leave politics out of it and its time for Dominicans to criticise constructively without hate.
    There is no reason to call for Savarins resignation.
    The fact that Brisbane is running a business does not qualify him to call for the resignation of a minister who is well experienced.We Dominicans dont realize that our actions are what caused us to be so far back as an independent country? On the other hand we are well grounded as far as atability is concerned. Dominica has all what it needs to get what it wants and be a paradise. We only have to identify it and stop the political hatred and the itme is long overdue.
    God bless my Dominica.

  80. 2 cents
    November 19, 2010

    My simple reasoning – After reading Jeffery’s letters to the donor agencies I cannot conclude that Jeffery directly requested a moratorium on funding or assistance to Dominica. I do however find the letter distasteful. I believe that Jeffery should have remained domestic with the issue. Most Dominicans are concerned with the government’s plan to spend 27 million dollars on a state house. The bias Party Poopers will not admit that this plan makes for wasteful spending. If our government is too arrogant to listen to the voice of the people we shall let them know one way or the other but on a domestic basis. Brisbane should and must be chastised for his action.

    It seems clear to me that Charles Saverin’s behavior was well calculated and was planned together with Skerrit and Tony Astaphan. If the government officials are bent on destroying anyone who opposes there policy then we are heading towards chaos and unrest. For a minister of government to suggest the destruction of a major business unit in Dominica this behavior is rather sad , unfortunate and despicable.

    In my humble opinion this type of behavior by Charles Saverin an unelected government minister should be publically condemned. An attempt to destroy a man’s livelihood is unacceptable. As for Tony Astaphan we all know that he is all about Tony Astaphan. This is the very same man who told us that Rosie ask him to lie about UWP corruption; The same Tont was paid to investigate UWP corruption and came up with nothing. 10/10 Dominicans think that Tony is nothing but hot air however because he is singing the praises of the almighty Skerrit Tony is OK. Tony has everything to gain from the destruction of Brisbane; He has everything to gain by spreading lies and cover ups. How can D/cans seat back and trust a guy who suck the marrows of this country and gives back nothing but runs his mouth.

  81. gaynproud
    November 19, 2010

    Jerry self stupid wee! You really think Dominicans will act on the request of a …?? His treasonous acts against the country warrant him out of business. That is what he will get…

  82. Del
    November 19, 2010

    I am really questioning what Jerry is trying to do!!! You can disrespect the PM and all other officials but no one must touch the Great Jerry Brisbane. I wonder what is really going on. I wonder if there is turmoil within the Brisbane camp!! Why did Jerry really pull away from his business and don’t even want to enter the company builing but feels free to use the company logo and letter head for his own personal doing???? ummmmmmmm something really going on dere.

    To DNO really do not think that you should have put your company in this petition thing????? Why DNO why??

    There are people foolish enough to think that DNO is a part of the petition or sanctioned the petition. OD Brisbane took out a paid advertisement that links to a petition site. Similar ads will be published in other newspaper. We are just the first because we are daily. I do not understand why people do not comprehend before stating such silly suggestions. The petition was not started by DNO. Surveys, polls, petitions are traditionally started or aired via media.

  83. Food for Thought
    November 19, 2010

    @Reasoning: I totally agree, they are our employee, we voted them there to take care of the country, develop it, bring in jobs, foreign investments, build schools, roads and bridges, airports, etc, thats why they are negotiating funds for projects and building of infrastructure for the development of our country, thats why we elected them. These projects bring money and jobs for our ppl at the same time, so he has to be concerned about those employees and job also. And thats y when idiots like jerry, seek to disrupt that and cast doubt, they and we need to take action. And Jerry didnt do that as an individual, ck the company letterhead! and Jerry people in glass houses dont throw stones!

  84. Reasoning
    November 19, 2010

    @ Dominican Lass,
    Where did you get the EU response from? How come you’re the only one who have seen it besides the minister claiming that the government have recieved a favorable response. The EU’s and China’s decission makers have not seen this letter and will never see it…and Skerrit knows that…Skerrit controls the discussion in that he brings up these none issues to shadow whats important.

    And why are you trying to sound so knowledgable…you know that the EU DON’T give loans…I hope everyone knows that you are wrong.

    The rest of the islands do not see Dominicans as fools because we are more qualified than them in their own islands taking away thier jobs. May be you not qualified to take thier jobs so they could look at you as a fool. Stay out there with your foolish attitude.

  85. fUWP
    November 19, 2010

    @The Third Side: DNO where is the boycott Brisbane Application. We need this ASAP, so we can let Brisbane know will are not going to tolerate his a… on the radio day in day out.

    Please do this now

  86. The Guard
    November 19, 2010

    A lot of the responses here indicate clearly how politically immature many of the commentors on this forum are. They don’t have a clue about what civic responsibility, democracy, accountability and transparency in Government is.. They no clue of the roles and responsibilities of the people they elect to represent them, this does not bode well for Dominica. It is a blasted shame for people to be writing these kinds of things in 2010. We really need some political literacy classes in Dominica. People don’t yourself appear to be so backward and ignorant.. Go Jerry go! It was sometime the citizens of Dominica take a satnd. I applaud you!

  87. Ron
    November 19, 2010

    Jerry needs professional help. It’s sad to see the way Matt is encouraging him with that nonsense. Honestly, does he expect to go anywhere with those petition? As I’ve said before, Jerry has lost focus and now fighting a losing battle. I’m pretty sure he could find better use for his money. Somebody safe Jerry from himself!

  88. Big Toe Lee
    November 19, 2010

    Come on guys – enough is enough.
    This is going too far – I love the Brisbanes, but Jerry, you guys are going overboard on this,
    it’s time to stop this nonsense.
    Charles did nothing wrong to require his dismissal!!!!!
    The Brisbanes are acting like those “TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS” in American.
    And this tactic is really annoying me.
    They are using their money and influence to intimidate poor DUMBnicans. This … must stop.
    As a capitalist, I love rich people, they give the best parties – I like to be in their company, the best booze always flow, but I’m not that stupid to help them DOWNPRESS our Elected Officials, when it’s not warranted. Hell No!!!!! Jerry as a friend, am telling you, to cut the.. out .
    As for you Charles, (take a page out of Obama’s play book) offer an apology to Mr. Jerry Brisbane and family, blame the mess up over excitement on your part, lets shake hands and more on! Thank You.
    PS: where is Tony Astaphan or Atty. Alick Lawrence – please give Charles some advice on how to compromise and diffuse this situation. – “NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM WAR – EXCEPT BLOOD LETTING”

  89. Devoted Dominican.
    November 19, 2010


  90. Patriot to the bone
    November 19, 2010

    Charlo is a true patriot Throughout his career he has always stood up for the people of Dominica. That is why he was so incensed at Jerry’s actions and brave enough to say publicly, the things many Dominicans would have liked to say about Jerry and his company. Will someone who really cares for the people of Dominica write to every country and every institution that are assisting Dominica, telling them how badly we are handling their money and projects without producing any evidence? Isn’t that a call for those countries and institutions to suspend or stop their assistance to Dominica? What else can it be? Furthermore, Jerry implicated his company by using the company’s letterhead and signing as chairman hence the justification for the call to boycott the company. Can’t we see that Jerry has attacked the people of Dominica. Remember it is the same Jerry who publicly admitted that he owed taxes to the Canefield Urban Council. He also stated that he would not pay the taxes and was prepared to lead citizens in a boycott of payment of taxes to the state. So tell me how many jobs would be lost and what would become of education,health care, social security and the many social safety net programs if Jerry were to have his way?

    Charlo’s stance is therefore justified because he is protecting the interest of Dominica and Dominicans in general.

  91. Righteous!!
    November 19, 2010

    Pure BS….I fully support the boycott of his business. It is a reckless act to write to Governments who support the Dominican Government financially or logistically to asked them to stop doing so. This is paramont to the US sanctioning Castro. Who suffers? The people….

    Boycott Brisbane!!!!

  92. Anti-hate
    November 19, 2010

    @Petitioner: Death penalty? Really? Take some deep breaths lol. Whoosah……

  93. DR. LOVE
    November 19, 2010


  94. Way Ward
    November 19, 2010

    Acting as an Individual? On the Company’s letter head? Now get real.Jerry has displayed a very infantile side of him and I an sure only hard line workers will sign that petition.It was a disgrace that Jerry could have taken his time to think of that mischief to do AGAINST Dominica.In his attempts to get at Skerrit he displayed no love for DA.Why was it only after the PM spoke about the letter writing did he publish his letters? If he was genuine he would have let everyone know that he wrote those letters but is was only after the PM let the cat out of the bag that he suddenly jumped to try to defend himself.I say SHAME on Jerry. You should go on your knees and apologise to the nation.If aid suddenly dried up from outside then your Co. would be hurt financially so you better be careful what you ask for and think before you just open your moth to get at the PM

  95. Petitioner
    November 19, 2010





  96. charles
    November 19, 2010

    its pure … to ask the minister to resigne over theses statement. are we as a nation going to ask every person that calls on us to boycut a business to resign? what wrong have the minister done that u are calling on him to resing
    . u are the one that should be apologizing to the nation for the letter that u sent out trying to undermine the futhure of the nation. who does mr brisbane think he is?

  97. domnitchen
    November 19, 2010

    Absolute Nonsense from Jerry Brisbane. Jerry Brisbane should be thinking of the consequences that his letters might have on Dominica receiving any future aid.

  98. MB
    November 19, 2010

    @Hey just giving my two cents: Lady your comments are are with out merrits. Charlo has been the down fall of Dominica tomany times .. He must go the man is not even an elected member of parliment. The Pm is paying him back for throwing his support behind the DLP in the 2000 general election.

  99. LawieBawie
    November 19, 2010

    @Lady: Again Jerry Brisbane is the one who started putting Dominican’s bread and butter at risk sweetheart. Additionally, Just as I was saying about being robust and having backbone, the PM is showing that he has all of that and justly refrains from stooping as low as Brisbane and now Charlo did although one could not really wrong him if he indeed chose to take legal action.

  100. Anti-hate
    November 19, 2010

    @anywayy: I don’t know if you have been following this story but Mr.Brisbane sent the letters using his company’s letterhead….So, that’s what brought the company into this.

    P.S. This petition is already dead in the water. I guess it was a publicity stunt cuz it’s sure isn’t going to accomplish the goal of getting Savarin removed.

  101. stupes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    November 19, 2010

    come on dominicans lets talk about important issues such as children getting raped and not getting justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    leave charles and brisbane fight their battles…that not important!!!!!!

  102. T
    November 19, 2010

    i must sign that boy..

  103. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @Lady: The Honourable Misister is the Minister for National Security. Those letters were a threat to security to our Country. Be objective. Jerry should have addressed this thing internally even if he had to write to Charlo and the PM and whoever he had to write to. but to go out outside of the country to write to Donor countries and international organisations to make it seem that our country is in such poor state of managing our financies etc is TREASON. If you do not know what Treason is then ask you mentors- those who you admire. Treason is one of the biggest crime one can create against their own country.

  104. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    @Pomgranate: Yes this is a very objective comment. I do agree with you. People let us be realistic and look at what created this sensation in the first place. Create it and will come back to you.

  105. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 19, 2010

    Hello a lot of persons are not going to like what I say. You all are too political. You all are too hateful. It is ok for Jerry to write and create treason to prevent us from getting the Aid that is so needed in our developing nation. It is ok when the persons who like the talk – Matt in the morning show and person were asked to boycott Astaphans. It is Ok when it is your talk show host and it is ok once the person(s) are against the Prime Minister of ok the The Dominica Labour Party. It is ok and it is ok when is one set of person who is doing all the slandering against anything in their eyes that is red. It is ok when libel, slander , hatred is plumetted against the PM (poor young man – I pray for you as it is not anyone who can take all those viliifications etc and stay focussed on the big task of running a country -(people consider it is you in your own little household to manage and sometimes the tension that are there) – May the good Lord bless and keep you PM and the others assigned to us – just ensure you are all clean and let the Almighty judge). He is the only just Judge.

    Now the other side – the Honourable Minister Charlo says the same thing that they said sometimes ago – when they asked for boycotting Astaphan. Wasnot the same in existence a few years ago when persons were asked to boycott Astaphan? Doesnot Astaphan employ persons or is it actually robots or donkey they are employing? Were the same persons interested how may person (s) were laid off as a result of the boycott if this had actually taken place.

    Hello this is the same today. Leave the Minister alone – he excercised his freedom of speech just as you did a few years ago and still do today on your various talk talk shows and elswhere. He did not literally hold and tied persons and prevent them from going to Brizee Mart just as the Talkers did a few years ago – they did not tie as well, they only used their mouths.

    On another note the talkers are always taliking every day intigating hatred and confusion and hatred against authority. What a lesson for our youngsters and then we will want to blame them when they rebel and do not respect authority. we will want to have the death penalty imposed although we condemn the killing of someone by some other? double standards. What are you the talkers doing to our lovely country. T

    Mr Brisbane , you started this by writing letters to persons out of Dominica when you could have addressed this internally. Even if you had spoken locally and shown your hatred to the DLP as you normally do. That would not matter but you are destroying you own self with this hatred of the PM and others. We should expect retaliation when we take upon ourselves to do certain things just as you have done – in my opinion – treason. Now you talking about sueing? Man look after your family and your business and if you want to talk then do so locally. Rant and rave as much as you wants too as the others who do and if Mr Brisbane wants to be a politician , then do so, join a party or form his own part. Probably we do need a new party. But Jerry refrain from committing treason in the future.. Some other place , you would probably be charged.

    Sir again when you put yourself in the public domain and forum, then expect reactions from other persons. Remember the Golden rule ” Do unto others as you would like them do unto you.” You are at the receiving end now just as the PM and Others have been for the past …. year (s). Feel it now sir. Now you asking for Minister to go and resign? Wait for the ballot to be elected eh eh Sir.

    Let the elected party continue their reign. You can start campaigning for 2015. Time really flies but sir get some plans and some alternatives into play. The UWP seems to be dieing so sir do wht you have to do but follow the right track.

  106. Pomgranate
    November 19, 2010

    We are contradicting ourselves here. Doing a world of good doesn’t give anyone the right to destroy Dominica’s image in the world. I am not in support of mr Savarin’s call to boycott one of the most sucessful businesses in Dominica, nor do I believe that mr Savarin is even in support of his own call, but was merely saying what he thinks would be sensational and would be pleasing to certain people within hearing range. However, signing mr Brisbane’s petition is tantamount to a vote against Dominica. Mr Brisbane’s letters to international donors and friendly government were out of place. Though one of the responces sort of favored government’s handling of funds, Mr Brisbane may have set some distrust in place and eventually we will be the ones suffering. I would wish mr Savarin would apologies to the employees at Brisbane’s place, NOT TO JERRY and Jerry should apologies to the entire country. Let’s put and end to this for once and for all.

  107. Roots and Culture
    November 19, 2010

    I question Jerry Brisbane Roots and Culture.Where did he come from or where did his parents come from.So i would like to ask this son of an immigrant that we were grateful to let them in so stop causing problems for us here in our country.You think them man suffered like us. Bread butter from long time.

  108. anywayy
    November 19, 2010

    what jerry did was as an individual..he did not speak on behalf of his company and people working at his company…so why involve his company? i dont get it? isnt he an individual and doesnt he have freedom of speech as a citizen to write to the donor countries? dont get it at all…however charles savrin as a minister who is pro job creation CANNOT make suchh a wreckless statement as that!!! ATTACKING HIS COMPANY INSTEAD OF THE MAN HIMSELF! REMEMBER WEN THAT COMPANY COLLAPSES…IT WONT ONLY BE 10 PPL WHO GO HOME….ADDING TO THE UNEMPLOYMENT LIST! …..what is wrong with you people!!

  109. Dominican Lass
    November 19, 2010

    I read with interest Jerry Brisbane’s letter to the EU and the EU’s response. Jerry is sounding like a spoiled child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and mommy said ‘no, you can’t have a cookie’, and the child goes to daddy, grandma and grandpa looking for support. The people at the EU must have laughed their heads off, wondering who is this fool, writing such a crappy letter – the letter actually insinuates that the EU does not exercise viligance when providing grants to countries….. and Jerry did not even do his homework to find out that the EU does not provide loans. The response from the EU was like a slap on the wrist, and if Jerry is smart he’ll read between the lines of that response and realise that the EU representative was tactfully telling him that he is a fool. Alas! We are proud Dominicans, but I have lived in other islands in the region for a number of years and the people out there think we are foolish…. and Jerry just gave them proof of that. Wake up Dominicans, Jerry Brisbane has his political agenda and is trying to get you to feel emotional about the issue and overlook what is really important. It’s easy to criticize the efforts of Government when you’re on the outside looking in. Jerry Brisbane has no idea what it takes, and should stop making a fool of himself… the whole world is watching.

  110. Charri
    November 19, 2010

    Charles does need to be replaced… he was never good, still isn’t and never will be. However, i don’t think this should be political – its clear that the man is more than incapable of even controlling his own thoughts!

    Jerry needs to stop using Brisbane in his business – he should leave the business out of it – he is doing his thing as a citizen and should keep his business out of it. He is definitely risking it – i am sure not all of his employees are of the same opinion.

  111. Anonymous
    November 19, 2010

    charlo has a right to say anything he pleases but on another note he came on that show as a minister of government together with the prime minister and he said what he said knowing fully well that he is a member of government and he took an oath to defend all of dominica including brizbane and the PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR HIM! wat he think brizbane and his children alone that working there nah?doesnt he kno that dominicans work there!? more than ten for sure…n his comments were wreckless!!
    very…. coming from a governement minister my people!!! one who is supposed to be FOR new jobs and opportunities…i dont get it at all you people are sickening ! jerry didnt say n e where in his statement that the donor countries shud not contribute to dominica..he only sugested that the government is spending the money in the wrong places…he never told them to boycott dominica governmnt did he!

  112. follower
    November 19, 2010

    Although Charles Savrin with his big mouth was the one that made this foolish statement, The Prime Minister should also be held responsible because he was part of the program, though he joined by phone. We should never tolerate such nonsense in Dominica and should demand that the PM condemns and disassociates himself with such nonsense. Charles must be seen as a political failure and disaster in Dominica and it’s time that all Dominicans, freedomites, UWPites and Labourites should all come together in condemnation because he has caused political disaster to all three parties and indeed all Dominicans. Let’s get him out of Skerrit’s life before it is too late for us and the PM.

  113. PJ
    November 19, 2010

    I am signing the petition not only because of Saverin’s call to boycott a major business employing Dominicans I also signing this petition because I think Charles Savrin is a political parasite. The man is just a supplicant and a drain on our poor economy. Get rid of Charles Saverin and we have one less -useless ministry/ minister. The minister of Labor /Trade is calling for the destruction of employment and employment opportunities ? Some people are claiming that Charles like Brisbane has a right to his opinion. How can people in the interest of Party politics be so ignorant and stupid. The minister is suppose to be encourage business enterprises not seeking to destroy these businesses.
    I am signing this petition irrespective of the outcome to let Charles Saverin know that there are those of us who are independent minded. The very same governmental behavior that Saverin demonstrated against in 1978 is the very same behavior he condones today. Why? – Just to get by. The independent minded people will agree that Saverin’s only purpose is to make a leaving out of politics.

    Charles, Tony and Skerrit plot to destroy Brisbane is a serious warning to all other business owners in Dominica. The message is “shut up or you shall be lynched by the Dominica Labor Party”. Total control and domination is their MO. This is also a warning to the civil servants- shut up or stand in the unemployment line. We are rehashing the Patrick John 1978 mentality. Patrick John threatened to jail the very same Charles Saverin for publically denouncing government action and today Charles Saverin is playing the role of the villain/dictator. What is even more disturbing is that Charles is not even an elected office. Hmmmmmm

  114. Homeboy
    November 19, 2010

    People need to be individuals and not just criticize or jump on the band wagon just because someone tells you!! This goes to both sides.. Read the letter and form your own opinions don’t be biased, think critically then act. Don’t let Charles Savarin or Jerry Brisbane form opinions for you!!!

    My only concern is that in this present economic situation why woul you encourage job loss which will ensue if DA’cans boycott b’ mart?

    November 19, 2010


  116. baby girl
    November 19, 2010

    WOW, that not the way people ask question, it comes back to the same thing jerry brisbane said about Astaphan wouldn’t that mean the same things people going home, children for school and rent, etc it comes down to the same things. so u trying to tell me jerry can say it, but charlo cannot. come on WOW nonesse u saying. jerry make a petition for port workers to get back their money.

  117. baby girl
    November 19, 2010

    labour wrong you alone go and sign it damm fool

  118. baby girl
    November 19, 2010

    the petition should not be for the dismal of charlo, but it should be for you jerry brisbane to take jail, jerry u remember Astaphan, now u want people to fill sorry for you not at all what you get take hahahaha hehehehe

  119. God is with Us - Emanuel
    November 19, 2010


    Kush, That is right!! Brisbane has all his money, therefore he can afford to probably loose his business; but what about all those who he employs who are just surviving. Do you have money like Brisbane to pay the a salary while they hunt for jobs that the labour part government is not able to provide. Think outside of the box Kush. Think before you speak, think about how the people who are employed by Mr. Brisbane will be affected. Do not think of Mr. Brisbane, he is insignificant in this matter. Mr. Charles was not right and will never be right by asking people to boycott any business; be it Brisbane, Whitchurch, Save-A-Lot, Astaphan etc. Let us stop being political or personal.

  120. Well Look it
    November 19, 2010

    @Papa Dom:

    just remember how much cocom had to pay in just costs. The actual fine doh announce yet…lol…so keep talking ur crap about hotel in barbados

  121. The Third Side
    November 19, 2010

    @WOW: @The Third Side:
    A few questions to you.
    When people boycott Brisbane will send his workers home. He will give less tax to the same Government that want to slaughter him now. Then will you and the Minister for Labour employ them pay their rent, school fees, mortgage groceries …..?
    Will Government be able to provide the schools that they are unable to furbish with computer rooms ? Will year of the Environment, Family Kalinago continue?
    What if Jerry sent home supporters of the Labour Party? Would Government employ them? Mr Skerrit always says Government cannot do it alone.
    Just asking questions


  122. cal
    November 19, 2010

    my dear dominicans, i emplore you, dont be bias, dont be blinded, dont enslave your hears and minds to politicians. Honourable Charles Savarin erred on that day. he too allowed his emotions and love for party to confuse his judgement as a Minister. why wold you, seek to justify that???

    for a moment i need for us to take out our political cloaks, and ask ourselves, was Hon. Charles really justified and even if he was, was he as a Minister acting responsibly when he said what he said on radio.

  123. simple mind
    November 19, 2010

    Charlo is not the min.for labor, he is a min.of (LABOUR) lest we forget.

  124. Papa Dom
    November 19, 2010


    The very same way we allow those others with their money saved overseas, those with their hotels and businesses in B/dos, those who rub share holders of companies what is due them and all those who have all their ill gotten wealth lead us down to the grave yard.
    shame on us so called DOMINICANS

  125. WOW
    November 19, 2010

    @The Third Side:
    A few questions to you.
    When people boycott Brisbane will send his workers home. He will give less tax to the same Government that want to slaughter him now. Then will you and the Minister for Labour employ them pay their rent, school fees, mortgage groceries …..?
    Will Government be able to provide the schools that they are unable to furbish with computer rooms ? Will year of the Environment, Family Kalinago continue?
    What if Jerry sent home supporters of the Labour Party? Would Government employ them? Mr Skerrit always says Government cannot do it alone.
    Just asking questions

  126. Anonymous
    November 19, 2010
  127. Lady
    November 19, 2010

    @LawieBawie: Dont you find it strange that the PM refuses to take Lennox to court for supposedly defamatory statements becuase he considers that wasting his time but Savarin does not find it a waste of time or beneath him for that matter to ignore Jerry Brisbabe but instead put the jobs of hundreds of people at risk?

  128. BIG DOG
    November 19, 2010


  129. Embarrassed
    November 19, 2010

    100% support this. Good move!!

  130. BIG DOG
    November 19, 2010


  131. God is with Us - Emanuel
    November 19, 2010

    We are so limited in our thinking by condoning to what Charles Savarin said. It is just so very irresponsible for a seating Minister of Government, especially the one who is responsible for labour to make such a statement. It is apparent that Charles Savarin is either not aware of his responsibility as Minister for Labour or he is just does not care about the things he says because we have been insulted by many Ministers, including the Prime Minister, and we exalt this kind of behaviors. Mr. Savarin and his colleagues do not understand that they are the servant of the people, Mr. Savarin’s responsibility is to create employment and protect those who are employed. Instead of doing this, he is commanding people to boycott a business place where more than 100 persons are employed. What are the implications of this boycott if Dominicans listen to this “so called leader” and stop shopping at Breezie’s Mart. We need to look at the implications of this reckless, irresponsible behavior from a Minister. Does he have a plan in place for employing persons who may loose their jobs if we follow his command?

    The Minister should not have to be asked to apologise for his statement, he should see it fit, if he is an honourale Minister to come on National Radio, and apologise for this statement. In countries where Ministers respect their populace, he would resign. This non-sense must stop!!! We need to stop calling wrong right, we need to stop exalting irresponsible behaviors, we need to stop disrespectful behaviors!!!!! Let us love our country, love our people and think of the interest of all our people.

    I have read the letters sent by Mr. Brisbane, and there is no word or phrase or sentence which indicates a request to stop donors from sponsoring Dominica. Only hypocrits would say otherwise. MR. BRISBANE WAS JUST EXPRESSING HIS CONCERNS. HE IS A CITIZEN OF DOMINICA AND WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO.


  132. Kanpeche
    November 19, 2010

    Self correction. Meant: Energizer Bunny…

  133. Kanpeche
    November 19, 2010

    I am no supporter of Charlo, because he is a dinosaur whose political trunk has been empty for many years. However, we Dominicans needs to stop sitting on our brain. All we do now is follow the Pied Pipers. All many of us do is blah!blah!blah!

    The whole charitable deed thing that ODB has been undertaking has been a camouflage to sway the public’s opinion on his behalf – while he continues to weave his tangled political agenda. There has been an alterior motive all along. Sadly, many Dominicans have been digesting this propaganda without giving thought to anything.

    This guy wants to hijack Dominica, and dictate exactly how he thinks things should go; and if someone disagrees with him, he tries to discredit the person. Stop playing like you are our savior, man. You are just a business man, and citizen like everyone else…and for your charitable deeds? You, and all businesses that have made millions on the backs of Dominicans, should have an obligation to give back. You are exercising what is called “reciprocity.” That’s all, “reciprocity”.

    Why are you sending your Rooks forward so carelessly, man.

    Eh…huh! “Thousands?” of people employed by ODB at wages and benefits not befitting a janitor. The true benefactor of the “thousands?” that have been employed was ODB himself.

    You are like a propaganda machine…you are like the Energizer Bunner…You need to take the high road, man. Concentrate on your business. Give us flawless customer service – so that when competition comes in a few years, you will not go by the way of the dinosaur (like Charlo).

  134. LawieBawie
    November 19, 2010

    @Lady: You are forgetting that Jerry set the precedent in putting hundreds of Dominican jobs at stake when he wrote those letters implying that the present administration is misappropriating funds. Although I don’t particularly enjoy the idea of tit for tat games where people pluck an eye for an eye, I can understand why the minister called for a boycott of his buisness. Having said all that though, I am also of the opinion that the minister should have been more robust and not have stooped as low as Jerry Brisbane did.

  135. ohyeayea
    November 19, 2010

    I am not no big fan of Brisbane myself but from what i have learnt if correct i find he had a right to do what he did. I just find for a big man like Charles saverin he should be really more responsible… Brisbane is a private citizen Saverin is a Government Minsister… Dominica alone them things will happen… any other country tires going up in flames buildings self catching fire.

  136. Wondering
    November 19, 2010

    First I would like to know how many petitioners that Mr.Brisbane is looking at, secondly, what happens when this petition is over – is he going to foward it to the Cabinet to have them fire Mr. Savarin. Thirdly, what crime did Mr. Savarin committed to warrant his dismissal. Fourthly, I am of the opinion that regardless of the number of petitions received Mr. Charles Savarin will be going no where.

    By the way this is a very good marketing strategy for the company Mr. Brisbane, very wise businessman.

  137. Reasoning
    November 19, 2010

    @ Food for thought.

    The government is our employee, WE question it’s actions. WE are the boss in this case. If Jerry’s employees write to his bank crying fowl then thats different. DONT COMPARE APPLES AND ORANGES HERE LIKE YOU’RE SOME KIND OF INTELLECTUAL POLITICAL NEUTRALIST.

  138. Sandra
    November 19, 2010


    What is going on in our Country nor. We have to stop this politics thing. If we cannot take responses/answers or bloss, stay out – The Villas story not working. Trying something else. Or looking for another target. My!My!My.

    Do unto others as you would not like them to do unto you. I remember, I was still at College when I heard to boycott Astaphans and other firms. Nobody, came out and said nothing, because we want to say and do and nobody else should do. People of Dominica stop that, read between the lines.

    The Minister, spoke, its the man views and as Labour Minister, he protecting the hundreds of Dominicans who are employed by the EU etc funding. So is only one set to talk and no dog or cat must eh

    Do unto others as you not like them to do unto You Before we talk we must remember the consequences, my people. Astaphans never responded like that.

    do unto others as we would not like them to do unto us. Leave the Minister alone!. If the EU etc do not fund our projects plenty Dominicans will have no jobs. Remember that.

    If it was a staff member who wrote about the company not representing a particular brand/product all man would be fired. He did not think of that either – so we must think before we try to destroy others.

    We papa VILLAS not going no where – so the Minister is the next target. What a big joke. Somebody had to talk for that nonsence to stop.

  139. kush
    November 19, 2010

    how can u people lets brisdane with all his money savrd abroad lead u down to the grave yard
    shame on u so called DOMINICANS

  140. Anonymous
    November 19, 2010

    Although two wrongs cant make a right, I think charlo action can be justified because of the act of Jerry brisbane. If for one minute those donor agencies had to take Brisbane’s letter seriously, what is going to happen to the country and people? JERRY BRISBANE SHOULD BE TRIED AND CHARGE FOR TREASON!! If he was getting his share of good time from the government he would be satisfied and his mouth would be shut. We should be fed up of those hungry- for- power- money -seeking political supporters

    November 19, 2010


  142. .
    November 19, 2010

    @Food for Thought: well said

  143. The Third Side
    November 19, 2010

    It’s me again, it’s me again. I would really like Dominicans to really boycott Jerry Brisbane. Jerry Brisbane is not a lover of Dominica. Has Jerry Brisbane ever written to the EU, Chinese, the Venezuelan or any other country and requested any sort of assistance on behalf of the poor people of Dominica? Has he really , has he really people?

    Jerry jumped into the political scene the moment the PM said he would seek to drop port charges by 25%. Jerry immediately flipped. For a man with 40 yrs in the business, is that all Jerry can give us at Canefield vs Karl Nassief? But who is the owner of www. calypsobayresort s. com in St Kitts. Its not Karl, its not Savarin.

    Dominicans do not allow Jerry to use you. The man comes across as some sleazy used car sales man and he surelt does not have Dominica’s interest at heart…but his profit and his establishment (elsewhere)

  144. .
    November 19, 2010

    somehow i believe that jerry is no better for writing these letters

  145. Looking in from the outside
    November 19, 2010

    Hmm is this guy for real?
    The minister makes a statement as an individual,in other words he expressed his personal view just as every other Dominican in entitled to do,including Mr BRISBANE,and for that you want the public to help you to get his removal.
    Can you prove to me sir where did the minister fail in performing his ministrial duties.
    Isn’t it the same JERRY who has been championing the issue of freedom of speech? Come on Jerry stop the crying and stop trying to play on the emotions of the Dominican people.Just as you are free to express your views and feelings on any matter of national interest the minister as a citizen is free to do the same.
    I would strongly suggest two things:
    You take on the Minister in a public debate dealing with all the issues including ministrial responsiblities,just as the late Gordon Moreau and Ivor Nassief did when they disagreed on a few matters years ago.
    You Mr.BRISBANE CONCENTRATE your efforts on developing your business in order to continue or improve on the quality of service you offer the public.Maybe you can then prove to Dominican why a call by any citizen to boycott your business is unjustified and cannot stand because of your quality of service and competitive pricing your offer.
    Continue your public education sir on matters of interest,it is healthy for development,but also Expect to be taken on when you venture in certain areas which necessitates a response or a reaction.
    With these comment i am one person who cannot support the call and sees it as purely a childish call.Like “weh boy see wat savarin doing me”

  146. Small Boss
    November 19, 2010

    Well my people… You have a choice like always. Charles N Jerry! Don’t that sound familiar? Over the years, yes Jerry has employed alot of persons. Why so many over the years? Them man just like them Astaphans. High high high turnover rate. Huummmmmmmmm… They live and pray on the exploitation of the less fortunate. Say 1, say 2. Jerry behaving worse than the opposition. I agree you need to voice your opinion but them fellas want the government to do what they say, as they say and faster than the say.

    One message for these kind of Jerry’s class. STAY OUT of certain political issues and focus on family. You guys talk alot. When given the opportunity, you jump out with an excuse….. family matters….. not satisfied with decision taken… and so on. That boy want to put his hand in the ‘cookie jar’ but he afraid it drop out. You want your voice to be heard louder, join active politics. Be a Man.

  147. Lady
    November 19, 2010

    To think that some of the people commenting here were the same ones calling other people ignorant. Does it not matter that hundreds of jobs are at stake? Does it not matter that Min Savarin cannot even create employment for those who are already unemployed? Does it not matter that he is minister of labour and should be infact seeking to create jobs and instead is vying to take away already existing jobs? Isn’t there a point where supposedly intelligent people should draw a line between undieing support for their party and allowing common sense to prevail? Remember it is better to be thought of a fool than to open your mouth (or in this case pull out your keyboard) and confirm it.

  148. FAA
    November 19, 2010



  149. Food for Thought
    November 19, 2010

    @More propaganda: So dont u think that EU and other donor agencies hve their own policies ansd procedures for ensuring that the money given or loaned to countries are spent in the manner that they are supposed to bem, pls ppl. Jerry is infering that these organizations who hve been around for such a long time and hve been assisting countries all over the world, dont know what they are doing and are being short changed by our government. He is also inferring that since the governmetn is not using the money as they should etc, that maybe they should reconsider monies being givin to the government of Dominica,. U call that noble and being a true Dominica, if one of Jerry’s employees had written to the Banks indicating the same he would fire them forthwith and say that they are trying to shut down his company and prevent the banks for givin him any further loans! hello ppl wake up and smell the coffee! And calling for Charlo’s resignation…Oh pls

  150. LabourWrong
    November 19, 2010

    @ More Propaganda and Village Girl.. i totally agree with you’ll people like ‘Portsmouth” do not take thier time and read, rather they only listen to the lies tony, de recycle minister, their leader and others say..if they had take thier time an read this letter properly, they would understand clearly what Brisbane has stated…

  151. FAA
    November 19, 2010


  152. eagle eyed
    November 19, 2010

    some of us forget that uwp and crazy called for astaphans to be boycotted as well. where was the petition for uwp to resign? jerry mus stop being a cry cry babay. he has declared himself as the official opposition in the country and so let him feel the heat. y send stones and when bullets startt to rain down on u , u calling for people to help u fight? if u are aman jerry, stand up and take it on the cheecks. u must have thought charlo and others are afraid of u but u were suprised. u called for boycott of moneys in dominicans pocket and now when the call comes for boycott of money in your pocket u crying fowl. dominicans should not forget that jerry started that all and being a minister does not mean charlo is not entitled to his opinion which is not the positionn of government. however dont forget jerry has been playing politics so a politician answered him. all of a sudden charlo is the bad one like jerry is a saint.
    feel the heat jeryy and continue on your tom and jerry show.
    one thing is certain though, “charlo will be in your face until 2015”

  153. Die Hard
    November 19, 2010

    When Jerry Brisbane was on Q95 blasting the Gov’t and the ministers he did not realize the consequences it would have on his business. The opposition always want to hit us laborites and when we bounce back they crying and want public sympathy. We taking time to respond but when we do it is like an atomic bomb. Jerry u can do wat u want and say wat u want about Skeritt and his Gov’t but they there for another 20yrs. I want to know who next you will write 2. Man go in the mountain and do wat u do best and leave us alone.

  154. honerable
    November 19, 2010

    charlo is there to stay………………….who vex lost……………

  155. The Third Side
    November 19, 2010

    I want to have many petitions in and once the government gets it, they should then proceed to OD Brisbane and dump it on Jerry and burn the petitions in his face.

    What a sorry excuse for a man…Jerry now wants to sue anyone who disagrees with him

  156. More propaganda
    November 19, 2010

    @ Portsmouth
    You are missing the entire point of this exercise. If you all had read the letter properly and in its whole context, Jerry is in fact being a model citizen of Dominica. He has stood up and walked the walk. He is truly a man of integrity and he has taken the proverbial bull by the horns and has stated that enough is enough.
    I suggest that you read the letter properly and not to be blinded by the spin that the DLP has been putting on this whole issue.
    The letter is an indication that the EU and other financial institutions need to be aware of what is being spent within Dominica. Not on some vanity project such as the State Palace.

  157. village girl
    November 19, 2010

    savarin should go! likewise everywhere else u ave 2 be careful with yr statements. Only in D/CA people have no respect 4 others. we should all remember de P.M statements of “go to hell,it’s none of yr damn business” where else could skerrit use those words 2 a nation n get away with it? only in D/CA. no wonder our customer service is so poor in D/CA. so now others will becareful what they say- well maybe, cause i’m sure savarin will get away with it cause it’s a Dominican thing.

  158. Vex
    November 19, 2010

    @The Third Side: I support that move 100%

  159. LabourWrong
    November 19, 2010

    @ Portsmouth…who ask you to come shop at Brizees Mart? Huh?? stay portsmouth and shop…you only shop twice a year…so you’re not welcome to shop at our Mart…..

  160. True
    November 19, 2010

    Sign as many petitions as possible but Charlo will not be fired. He has a right to freedom of speech just like all those who express themselves daily on Q95.

    We support Charlo 100%.

  161. The Third Side
    November 19, 2010

    DNO, we want a petition to boycott Jerry Brisbane nonsense…how can I get this set up? How much do we have to pay you for such service?

  162. Rolle
    November 19, 2010

    I will be signing

  163. Pure Crap!
    November 19, 2010

    Didn’t Jerry think outside of the box when he created a new, larger and more mordern complex in canefield? This was certainly not what Dominicans new as a supermarket at that time. I strongly suggest that Jerry leave well alone and continue to upgrade his business to deliver better service to the country.

    Savarin did not have to say ‘to boycott Brizee’sMart’ for me to do so. Jerry should definelly leave the welfare of the country in safe hands. People continually talk about the shabbiness of Roseau and the lack of modern infrastructure. For this very reason, the government moves beyond the confines of the proverbial box and Jerry rants!

    Maybe the supermarket business and politics do not mix afterall.

  164. Avion
    November 19, 2010

    Sign me up!

  165. BUmblebee
    November 19, 2010

    Where is the banner?

    Right below this story you’re commenting on.

  166. DA Niceness
    November 19, 2010

    Exchange is NO ROBBERY. How does it feel Savarin? Someone wants to take your bread out of your pocket. Do so never love so. You were quite out of order, and I believe you know very well you are having nightmares about your statement. It was in poor taste, and not principled. We must all learn to live within those invisible borders of society regardless to what position we hold. The invisible border is there to remind us that at the end of the day we are all human beings and there is only so much and so far we can go before we get the shock back to reality. Stay in your place Savarin This is your reality check Savarin!!! Bring on the petition. I will sign it. You are doing and saying too much to earn your keep, you have outdone yourself this time!!!!!!! Now take a dose of your meds!!!!!

  167. Portsmouth
    November 19, 2010

    Well who do so do not like so. The Minister has a right to say what he said and I will not support a petition. When you cannot get what you want you call the kettle black. He had no right to write to donor countries denouncing the government of Dominica. The government was put there by the people of Dominica.
    I will for sure be one of the Dominicans that will not shop at Brizee Mart. I will not leave Portsmouth and go amd shop at Brizees Mart.
    Is Mr. Brisbane a Dominican. If he is not I should think that the governmnet should rescend his citizenship.
    I await responses.

  168. LabourWrong
    November 19, 2010

    Come On people lets all sign it…get that recycle minister out of office for good…..Come On Dominicans!!!! stop the talking and lets take action Now!!!!!

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