UPDATED: A strategic move – Norris Prevost justifies his attendance at Parliament

Norris Prevost exiting Parliament as he briefly acknowledges members of the media on the compound. * Hermisha Rolle photo

By DNO Correspondent

Parliamentary representative for the Roseau Central constituency Norris Prevost has said that the decision to take the Oath of Allegiance at Parliament this morning was a strategic move, in the aim of strengthening the UWP’s boycott of the Parliament, and in no way a deviation from the party’ s plan.

Prevost entered the Parliament building about 10 a.m., but did not remain inside. He refused to give reporters any details, except to say “see you at the press conference.”

He assured that the UWP was unified in its decision and his actions are not against the party’s standing.

The UWP conducted a parliament boycott two consecutive times following the December 18, 2009 general elections. The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) won 18 out of 21 seats at the general elections, while UWP won three. The first sitting of the House of Assembly for the year was held on February 04, 2010, and the second one convened on March 2010.

“My taking the Oath of Allegiance strengthens the boycott, and is part of the United Workers Party’s overall strategy to intensify the fight to protect the people of Dominica, from Mr Skerrit’s ambition for absolute power and a one-party state,” Prevost said a press conference at the party’s Cork Street office this morning.

“The taking of the Oath of Allegiance by the member for the Roseau Central does not stop the United Workers Party boycott of the parliament, nor does it in any way, legitimize what continues to be a fraudulent parliament,” he explained.

Prevost, who won his seat by a small margin over Dominica Labour Party’s candidate Alvin Bernard, dismissed speculations that he had been sworn in as the official leader of the Opposition at this morning’s sitting of the House of Assembly.

Other UWP elected members President of the party Edison James and Hector John representing the Marigot and Salisbury constituencies respectively kept good on their word, and did not attend Parliament this morning. In an announcement at Parliament this morning, Speaker of the House Alix Boyd-Knights said she received letters from the three UWP members, acquainting her with the fact that they would not be attending this sitting of the House of Assembly.

According to James, what was done at Parliament this morning was the manifestation of the unity between members of the UWP.

James criticised Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s scheduling Parliament for three consecutive months as a tactic to force by-elections on the UWP.

“The sole purpose was to get seats vacated and to get by-elections going,” James said.

He reiterated that this move was done in unity with the rest of the UWP.

James said that there is a “sense of unity” and a “sense of purpose” amongst his party members.

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  1. lovely dominica
    May 4, 2010

    You call that strategy. Well if thats what strategy is, then the beating received at the polls was justified.
    The following can be attributed to the so-called strategy:
    – coward, untruthful, disunity, worthless, disarray, selfish.

    Sam Raphael (UWP advisor/spokesman) said some weeks ago that all is well in the camp. Is that really the case.

    Prevost by his “BRILLIANT STRATEGIC MOVE” can now begin to receive his salary as a parl rep and can more or less be considered the Leader of the Opposition. (Salisbury take note)

  2. May 1, 2010







    • magwaysa
      May 1, 2010

      r u a fr*****g idiot????

  3. child
    April 30, 2010

    i miss pappy on that topic

  4. maybe
    April 30, 2010

    All elections in the past have had the same thing every time. All parties did bribery, forgery, every dam thing. UWP was just surprised that they lost that bad.

    Only in the caribbean u c these things happen. With boycotting crap? UWP realise the seats that u won were because the people want u to represent them. U going and do Democratic shit. When UWP won their election, nobody did that boycotting nonsense, and UWP won with the same things Labour did to win. Everybody have their and this time is Labour’s turn.

    When u guys don’t go to Parliament, the country allu claim to love is the same country and people u leaving back. I hope when allu decide to stop what allu doing it not too late. Because allu say is for the people allu doing that, but allu just doing it for show.

    Allu think Prevost stupid. If he wanted to show the seriousness of the boycott he wouldn’t have gone. U think he want to collapse? If was so honarary, y didn’t somebody else go?? He run and do it.

    It just start…only sad thing is that it’s the people who going to pay for those ring games they playing.

  5. in de diaspora
    April 30, 2010

    the only thing i need to get clear now is who is the leader of the opposition? because their unified body without a head will only mean more monkey tricks

    April 30, 2010

    Prevost you knew that you HAD to go to Parliament or you would LOSE your seat in a bi-election. You dont have the money to campaign in another bi-election anyway. You had no choice. But at the same time you are no better than the “voleur” you call Skerrit and his team because by taking your oath you have officially sanctioned and condoned the “illegal parliament” that you are now a part of. So what are you Mr. Prevost? I am glad to see that you made logic and realism guide your decision.Because supporting expired Ron and Eddison is one thing but will they help you to pay your debts???

    • Don't You Wish
      May 3, 2010

      If a man help you to get in debt, I do not believe he will help you to get out! And Prevost knows very well that neither Eddison nor Ron will give one crap about helping him to pay off any debts. You better go Parliament so you can recieve your salary to help defray some of these bills you have.

  7. jay
    April 30, 2010

    poor man spend all his money on uwp an now he is afraid of lossing that roseau central seat i would have done the same thing its just politic

    • Real labourite
      April 30, 2010

      Smart move Prevost. He fraid he loose his seat in the by-elections. Why don’t these guys stop that childish nonesense and get to work doing what the people voted them to do that is representing them in parliament. These people are just a bunche of useless politicians!!!!!!!!!! Is that what Dominica’s politics come down too?

  8. Liberated
    April 30, 2010

    Would these guys still be allowed to contest the by-election? If they are allowed to contest and win their sits again and decide not to attend Parliament again, then it would be a waste of tax payers money having the by- election. The money spent on the by-election would have been better spent on improving our health care, education or development of some of the poorer communities that are in dire need of investments.
    I think these guys should be sanctioned and disallowed from participating in the electoral process for at least two elections (red-card punishment). this would deter others from wasting time and tax payers money by not participating in the parliamentary process for which they were elected by their constituents to do.
    These guys cannot be allowed to hi-jack our democracy for their own selfish ends.

  9. April 30, 2010

    Skirrit and his Band … can enjoy the rest of the five years.

    When they pretend to be strong, its because of dishonesty and will not last long.

    The honest people of Dominica will know, but the dishonest ones will not know what hit them.

    • NIKE
      April 30, 2010

      Are you saying all Dominicans who voted for the Government are dishonest?

      • magwaysa
        May 1, 2010

        no…i’m saying they are acting like fools!!!!

    • April 30, 2010

      I ts clear that you’re a UWP but I cant understand why you supporting such wickedness who seek to shut down the country… thats not right. Its true, all governments are not good, but I trust DLP more that United Wicked People’s Party.

  10. Jepter
    April 29, 2010

    … stop pussyfooting, stay out if that is your desire. Don’t be there with one foot in and the other out.

  11. labourrrrrr power 2
    April 29, 2010


  12. April 29, 2010

    Mr.Prevost I didnt want to beieve that you bailed out on the boycott just to protect your seat but after giving it much more thought I understood what you and UWP were doing but make no mistake DEMOCRACY and the CONSTITUTION still means a great deal, yes, a bi-election would most likely end your position in the ROSEAU SOUTH Constituency but when you said you stand for Democracy you have to face whatever the consequence would be and if it’s loosing your seat so be it so can you understand when we have a problem with your action you shouldn’t be surprised.
    I am sure you expected that people would react the way they did because I strongely believe in fighting for the rights of DOMINICANS regardless if they can understand that hand outs and money bribery is not the life style of our people we are a hard working people.
    The UWP have the trump card and the PM just got trump because he can never win in the two outstanding constituencies no matter whatever he does he cannot purchase the people those are very stronger VILLAGES to fight against ,for them it is not about POLITICS any more it is keeping DOMINICA on the up and up and respecting all DOMINICANS and not just some,the PM and the DLP are the ones playing the games right now they got bamboozled.
    To those Critics why dont you tell the people of DOMINICA how the PM gets out of the mess that he have created you guys know so much well MARIGOT and SALISBURY people will go down in history as the two villages that stood up for DEMOCRACY on the Island of DOMINICA and I must say they make me feel proud to be a DOMINICAN my hats goes out to them. I want them to know that I stand firm with them to the finish line brothers and sisters keep standing firm on your convictions regardless what others have to say.
    As for ppl Blackmore I listen to you and if you believe in showing off in the House makes you a professional person it doesn’t because for you to say that the election was fair or else Mr. Prevost wouldn’t come to paliament and take the Oath it tells me how little you know so my advise to you and other ppl reps go and study the move by the UWP and what their next step will be.

    UWP stump the PM and DLP with a brilliant move how will they move to the next level.

    • Eric Cartman
      April 30, 2010

      I think you’re giving Marigot and Salisbury peeps way too much credit here. Are you implying that only in these two places in Dominica we have people who are willing to stand up for democracy?

      In that case, what makes these people so different from other Dominicans? I’ll answer that for you.

      Marigot and Salisbury are strongholds of the UWP plain and simple. You seem fairly intelligent and knowledgeable and I respect that but many of the UWPites in the places you talk about are not as analytical of this situation as you are. Many of them are ignorant of the development that has been occurring around the island. Others ignore the fact that UWP never presented them with a manifesto.

      These two places are aligned with the UWP mainly because of the legacies of Edison James and Earl Williams in those communities. Much like how many Possy peeps are DLP for life because of Mike and Rosie Douglas.

      That’s the real reason it has nothing to do with them being incorruptible or more honest than the average Dominican!

      • camen
        April 30, 2010

        why are you so quick to write a comment when ever a marigot person comments do you have a personla vendetta against my people? lay off you are too politically correct for your own good so back off.

      April 30, 2010

      To marigot diassssssssssssssssssssspora i am from amrigot and am toatally against wat eddie and the others are doing .If they said they love our country that should not be happening.wat about the people who voted them ? where is the representation ? come on man be real and think beyound the window.They were there for four years yes they did some work and they are out so now they must learn to acept defeat .Now is not the time for all theses rimarole story now is the time to put all differences aside and get the work going .

      So to u diasssssssss think befor u talk .

  13. April 29, 2010

    Dominica Political Entertainment..On 2 tha next one U.W.P.

  14. A Voice
    April 29, 2010

    Man, i doh care on which side of the fence that you are sitting, this is a disgraceful episode in Dominica’s history.

    I mean where are the morals, ethics, and integrity? Our leaders are suppose to be amongst the best that our society can produce and it doesn’t matter if you are red or blue, this is totally unbecoming now man.

    I am totally confused here and I wait to see the next move. I came early on this board and implored the opposition to take their seats because the populace voted for them and the claims of fraudulence, whether true or not, were made by them before the elections were called and they made the decision to not boycott the election, they ran. I refuse to believe that given the same situation that the elections ran under, had UWP miraculously won 11 seats, they would have boycotted and ask for new elections. Where is the integrity man?

    Ok, given all that, one member today came in and swore an oath to the Constitution, not the gov’t nor the ruling party neither the speaker of the house (whom by the way is so blatantly biased for the Labour side). I hope that even though you do not accept the legitimacy of the gov’t, that you will fullfill your obligations to the Constitution and not be one foot in, one foot out. To do otherwise would make you a real crocodile. I hope also that you would refuse the perks that came with being a member of Parliament.

    And the other two absentees sending letters of excuses to a parliament that they do not recognize – what the hell is that? C’mon Labourites and UWP-ites, is that what we have come to expect and accept from our political leaders? I mean are you guys boycotting or under some medical or family emergency? Is the people’s business not that serious to you where you can play hoop saway with Parliament and get away with it?

    I see people writing about what a good strategic move this is. The strategy could have been a very simple one. Take your seats in Parliament and do the people’s mandate and let the courts deal with the election issue. Instead man’s ego and pride let them dig in deeper and they now seems to be putting their tails between their legs.

    Man anyhow you check it something serious is brewing in Dominica’s politics. On one hand you have the Labourites creating a monster, on the other hand you have the UWPite leaders who do not have one damn answer. Something have to give. It is interesting to watch and see what’s next.

  15. McCoy Tyner
    April 29, 2010

    People applauding the move…some denouncing it…I like the comments for and against my people…

    Please allow my view too….He was ‘Bound and Compelled’ to go and take the oath.

    He knows he will ‘NEVER’ win again in Roseau…this is his last hurrah…a wimper of a hurrah.

    Sad to see him go down that way…the next five years seals his fate and that of the UWP in Roseau Central.

    Three Grumpy old men and a young man with no vision for himself. Why latch yourself unto the wagon of these old horses………

    These guys will not listen to Hector anyway, a man with no personal beliefs.

    Now funny thing is, Edison and Hector await a by election.

    What if they lose….? Wee Pappa Bondiay

    Or what if they win as we all expect?

    Will they sit out the illegal parliament that their Comrade Norris Prevost has just sworn to uphold the laws as a member?

    For those who support the UWP my question is simply this: What does calling the Parliament ‘Illegal’ accomplish? Why no respect the vote, go to wok hard for your constituents. Challenge the Gov’t when you need to and prepare for 2015.

    This Act or the ‘People’s Parliament’ will not enhance your position.

    Your Constituents in Marigot and Salisbury might approve, but they are not the majority of Dominica.

    Dominicans in the other 18 Constituencies are watching and they will punish you in the next election.

    A stone/cool wosh vs me in Marigot elections and I will still lose by 4 digits.

    Say what you want Eddo have a power in Marigot……but he despises the rest of Dominica.

    I still like Marigot people….they will move ahead.

    Skerrit should build the park and a road to throw in Eddo Face….

      April 30, 2010

      Stay Tuned my friend….that’s a lot of “espwah mal papa-e” right there..lol

    • camen
      April 30, 2010

      dream on fool our morals are not as low as yours

  16. Shelli
    April 29, 2010

    Man I there reading these comments and cannot believe anybody doh pick up on d chess move of the UWP!!!!!!!!!

    AND TRUST ME IS ONLY WHEN THE JUDGE rules come June all matter of boycott will cease.

    You see UWP is of the view that Skerrit must present his French Passport in d court and that is where d judge will rule in their favor!!

    And so they reason if he Skerrit have to stand down as parl rep of Villecase while at d same time they themselves dere boycotting parliament they will lose points big time.

    Thus UWP figure that if there is a by election Skerrit can make a bold move and renounce his French Citizenship and come up to Roseau Central and contest Prevost and Judith and Roseau people soooo crook already will give Skerrit their vote and make Skerrit Parlrep for Roseau Central.

    So dat be d reason for getting Prevost to block that potential move.

    Now d next move by UWP will be to go back to d Laws of Dominica – d constitution and see what other loop hole they can exploit to their advantage.

    But guess what : Government can run a constitutional amendment and make it retroactive without appearing contradictory to itself where the IPO was not made retroactive for example. Talking about the mischief rule of statutory interpretation here people. And that can be done since d government have more than 2/3 majority.

    Boy UWP will sweat bullets when Labor make their chess move now. For they will never anticipate the next move.

    For there is no way a political party can take Parliament – the highest legal authority of the land to court for making changes to any laws or enacting any new laws. It will not be unconstitutional to make that move.

    I say let the games continue and we will see the biggest losers soon.

    • NIKE
      April 30, 2010

      CHESS MOVE????
      And MRD just say the boycott has not worked. Its time to seat and negotiate!!! Maybe a CHESS MOVE but definitely not a CHECKMATE!!

  17. Bagguyla
    April 29, 2010

    More nonsense, Mr. Prevost knows well that he would lose his seat if fresh elections were to be called so he is right it is a strategy. They know that Marigot and Salisbury seat safe so they can play their game. What they are doing is just silly. They should just accept defeat and come better next time. They are doing themselves more harm than good by not going to parliament to represent the people who voted for them. They find 15 years out of office is too much so know they want power by any means possible even if it means tarnishing our dear country’s name with their ridiculous claims.

  18. hj
    April 29, 2010

    and the soap opera continues

  19. NIKE
    April 29, 2010

    As far as I understand it you cannot miss three seatings in a row. They apologise this time. We have to now start back on one and count to three. Lets see what will happen when we reach another three.

  20. Grand Bayrian
    April 29, 2010

    Garcon where is pappy when all this show is going on? Come on Dominicans, we can’t call that pappy show, cause not even pappy would put such a show. When will Dominicans politicians learn to speak the truth, stop insulting peoples intelligence. Prevost is doing what any politician in his position would do, saving himself from defeat. He taking PM Skeritt serious, I guess Prevost knew that if he continue to stay away from the pink house he would probably lost his seat in a by-election. Someone stated he is a good catholic, sorry for those of us that are bad catholic. Did you hear all about the good ones? they were all made Bishops and priests, do I need to say anymore?…

  21. still
    April 29, 2010

    why do these politicians play these games with dominicans it is either you want your seat or you don’t. your in or your out. If there were to be a by election the opposition should not participate since nothing has changed since december 18. the list has not been cleaned up there are no id cards. so what will be better this time? you politicians need to get your act together.

    • dancea
      April 29, 2010

      Agreed. Indeed the UWP continues to make statements that make no sense and are plainly illogical. For example, both Ron Green and Edison keep saying that Skerrit is forcing them out of Parliament. Please think aboujt this, dear reader. The UWP have SAID that they are boycotting the Parliament. Their decision; their choice. Were they not serious about the boycott. Were they not serious about their boycot decision? Logically, Skerrit is on the right track to cause the UWP to decide quickly, rather than much later, whether they are serious about their decision to leave the people of three constituencies withour parliamentary representation. Surely, such non-representation should be kept to as brief a period as possible. This is what democracy requires. Yet the UWP boycott is supposedly in the interest opf democracy. The UWP is spinning itself into a web of nonsensical and illogical foolishness. After betrraying the people of DA and more so their supporters through their absolute lack of preparation for the last elections, it appears fals pride is leading them down the altar of unbelievable stupidity. The people of Dominica, and the obviously tribalist supporters of the UWP, deserve a lot better.

  22. Dixie
    April 29, 2010

    Eh ben weh, all u seem to have a problem with the Soufriere Parl Rep. He is too poor to be in Parliament? Well i ja la i kay watay. Dem gatay wass workers leave him alone. Choogone kaka toozhoo. Ask urselves why he was voted instead of ur candidate? Accept defeat and take a rest for the next 5 yrs. met bona zaw.

  23. french connexion
    April 29, 2010

    Did the pm say he would change where he is registered tho vote?
    Did I hear Correct?

    Is this another bold faced admission of intent to breach the constitution?
    Is this not more grounds to evoke the treason act?
    Who is the replacement Dominican for DLP come june?

    French allegiance???

  24. french connexion
    April 29, 2010

    Did I hear. Correct? Who is the replacement Dominican for DLP come june when the treason act may have to be invoked?
    ACcording to the act
    There is only one penalty for treason
    The gallows
    The penalty for akin to treason is life in prison.

    Tampering the electoral process. skerrit villagers of loubiere, layou, collihaut inhaling fine cancer causing quarry dust
    While Dominicans are distracted by a French man who has a DA passport to enable him to operate as pm while he destroys our youth French allegiance !

    • April 29, 2010

      you french connection can you or are you in the position to create any jobs for anyone or do you have a job and where in the world that does not have a querry? foolish people

      • poor selfesteemed scappy coco
        April 30, 2010

        helpless scrappy …no wonder you call yourself that…

        Are you still being spoon fed?

      • camen
        April 30, 2010

        your name really fit you scrappy coco IDIOT, skerrit must be a god save your soul and stop being a fool behind skerritt.

  25. destracted Dominicans
    April 29, 2010

    Dominican villagers of loubiere, layou, collihaut inhaling fine cancer causing quarry dust
    While Dominicans are distracted by a French man who has a DA passport to enable him to operate as pm while he destroys our youth French allegiance !

  26. destracted Dominicans
    April 29, 2010

    Dominican Quarry manager at once government quarry … fired.
    While Dominicans are distracted by a French man who has a DA passport to enable him to operate as pm while he destroys our youth French allegiance !

  27. gadakan gets another $57 million
    April 29, 2010

    While Dominicans are distracted yet another major project lost to dominicans.
    Excellent use of his psychology degree to do the French allegiance work. While da colas workers are laid off.

    • April 29, 2010

      can you do the work that gadakarn does NO is any one in your family capable of doing it NO so shut the hell up and watch DOMINICA move on and go do something to improve your life and someone elses life

      • chinese will pay
        April 30, 2010

        Who is the replacement Dominican for DLP come june when the treason act may have to be invoked?
        ACcording to the act
        There is only one penalty for treason
        The gallows
        The penalty for akin to treason is life in prison.

      • poor scappy coco
        April 30, 2010

        Just because you are incapable ;-)
        dont think every one else is?

        what is Gadakans qualification?

      • Jamilla
        April 30, 2010

        go find work to do i am tired of seeing your STUPID comments you make no sense dou dou

  28. Waiting For The Next Level
    April 29, 2010

    Good to see that all you Labourites have so much time on your hands to make such uneducated and ill-informed comments on here. Just popped in to tell you all that while you are beating yourselves up over the UWP and MRD and UWP supporters and the like they are out there working hard to maintain their freedom and Human Rights. If we don’t work you lazy so and so wouldn’t have had this much time to type such crap. THAT DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU ALL WILL BE SAYING WEY PAPA BONDIUE….too late then.

    • April 29, 2010

      the nest level is your own archivements your fool

      • NIKE
        April 30, 2010

        You comments make some sense scrappy, but lets not call each other names even if we disagree. We can give our views respectfully. Niceness

  29. 8888888888
    April 29, 2010

    I don’t have much faith in either the opposition or the ruling party. Don’t trust none of them. But these guys better get to work because the economic crisis is just getting ready to hit us and i don’t see any kind of development in the country that can save us.

    People forget about individual politicians who only looking for themselves and think about how we as a people will survive the tide.

  30. Not so Amused
    April 29, 2010

    Here we go at it again. Our politicians are not in tune to telling the people the truth. Seems like perfect strngers to the truth. But then a former Prime Minister was described as someone whao has a penchant for not tellingthe truth.

    Mr. Prevost stop insulting my intelligence. You know and your conscience (if it is still alive) has to dictate that your only reason for going to the parliament and take your oath of office as a duly elected MP was to ensure that you preserve your seat. A seat you really worked hard for and for good reason (which I support) was not prepared to simply give it up. But please tell the people the truth. You are a proud Catholic and to go before the world and say that your coming to parliament today and to take your oath of office was only to strengthen your party’s strategy, is simply telling a big “blue” lie. You know it sir. The people of Dominica, the people of Roseau and your most trusted supporter knows better. They know you agonised over the possibility of staying out of parliament by virtue of your own act.

    In the spirit of the constitution, can you now say that you will not accept the role of Leader of Opposition. You are the only elected member of parliament that does not support the ruling party, so you qualify hands down for the position. Are you going to treat the constitution, the constitution youlike so much, with such utter disregard? The same behaviour you are accusing Prime MInister Skerrit of? And what do you mean that the parliament is “fraudulent parliament”. Are you a member of a fraud having taken your oath as required by sitting members of parliament? Why are you politicians playing with the emotions of people ?

    I am not impressed Mr. Prevost. I thought you would have taken your seats and continue with your petition in the court just like the Antigua labour Party did. You cannot now claim that the elections were a fraud but accept that your election in Roseau Central was free and fair. Who you think you are fooling. Stop the nonesense and behave like a grwon up Catholic Christian. I suppose you will stay out for the next two seatings and come in on the third again just to avoid the seat becoming vacant. But the people of Roseau are watching.

    Is it democracy you are fighting for or is the party?

  31. Anonymous
    April 29, 2010

    It is a sad day in Mudville!!!

  32. April 29, 2010


    • NIKE
      April 30, 2010

      Sam must have heard like you and Me. He is now saying the boycott is not working.

  33. Anonymous
    April 29, 2010

    “The taking of the Oath of Allegiance by the member for the Roseau Central does not stop the United Workers Party boycott of the parliament, nor does it in any way, legitimize what continues to be a fraudulent parliament.”

    This is the exact quote of Mr. Prevost.

    But how can you take an oath to a parliament which you claim to be fraudulent and does not recognize ? Doesn’t that by extension also make you fraudulent?

    This is contradictory.

    This guys are making fools of themselves.

    They are not talking on my behalf.

    • Fed Up
      April 29, 2010

      Norris is “looking for his pocket”.

  34. max
    April 29, 2010

    No one should rejoice for or against UWP or the government. Please step back, think and realize that we will pay dearly for this period in our history—This is what we all have been reduced to- Skerrit making grown men who have worked hard their entire lives act like little boys and puppets- Prevoust, Savarin and others. I am sorry Mr.Prevoust your spin press conference does not work and is a bluff—you took the bait and in process you have lost it all. This is sad day for Dominica and there is no joy in this. We will come to our senses when Roseau finally becomes China town………………This is no laughing matter.…He who laughs last laughs the best.

    • Norris, I wish not to hurt your feelings, nor condemned what you have done this morning, as a matter of fact, you, Edison, and Spags should have taken your position in parliament a long time ago.

      And so I commend you for deciding to enter parliament and represent the people who voted for you. There is nothing strategic in what you have done. There is absolutely no strategy in that. It is in your personal interest to take your position for many different, but obvious reasons.

      I wish Edison James, and Spags would follow your example and seek to represent the people who entrusted them with their votes.

      To hold out to see if the … Ron Green will slip through the cracks, by some divine intervention, or some other token is not likely to happen. Miracles do happen, but in this case it is unlikely that Ron will get a miracle, anytime soon, therefore I suggest you call it as it is!

      It is in your interest to take your seat in parliament, and hope for the best five years from now!

      Hold your head high, and let pride slide from under your feet, relay this remark to (Cousin Edison James) too.

      ” I doh joking now er!”

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

      • Jamilla
        April 30, 2010

        you thing you know so much wesley cobo get out from behind the computer and come make a contribution to the development of WESLEY , play high and might con artist

  35. politrics
    April 29, 2010

    but what happen to those …there nuh !…

  36. Anonymous
    April 29, 2010

    Now we see who the dumb cats are! Why all these sherade about boycotting and now on the third sitting, taking oath! Money! they cannot stay any longer without getting paid. They are scared of bi elections so they all know that was a stupid strategy.

  37. Sheldon
    April 29, 2010

    Is it true that the UWP with help from the MRD and some others were simply on a rebuilding drive for the UWP as a political party?

    Is it true that the members of the UWP figured that if they did not attempt to make moves to boycot parliament they would not have been in the spot light and they were hoping that there would have been infighting in the government and some members would have cross d floor to join them?

    Is it true that d balance of d campaign money had to go in lawyers hands and so it doh have enough to support man for long anymore? And that is why man start come inside one by one?

    In a couple of months u will hear: three blind mice 3X; see how they look3X…..

  38. Birdie
    April 29, 2010

    Well now we know that the UWP is defeated Ron Green lost his seat and has draged Eddison And Hector down with him.On the other hand Prevost being afraid if there is a by election cannot win Roseau already he stole the seat he never worn roseau is Alvin Bernard that worn so he fraid thats why he took the oath bunch of hyprocrits all you finish.UWP dead now and the court matter will be the burial.tou Prevost just took your oath and walk out but we the people of roseau will put u out soon wait and see how long u will last

    • huh
      April 29, 2010


  39. Patat
    April 29, 2010

    Eh ben look story!

    I hear is A priest that caution Prevost to go inside d parliament since he does be making too much papyshow every sunday in church especially when service over to try and see who can greet more people – he and Alo. And Alo does be so cool calm and collected !!!

    I hearing too that de man did not want his former leader to be d new opposition leader after december 18 election.

    If is games dem man think they can play , then Skerrit just win round 1. And that be true. All Skerrit did say is that we will hold Parliament every month and dem man PANIC LIKE RAT.They make a whole set of noise up and down de radio airwaves and on d internet and u would think dem man have balls and be brazen. Instead , they SOFTEN their stand and start make foolish comment that they doh have problem sitting in opposition; they writing d speaker of d house – d lady they doh like already giving fake reasons for not attending today’s sitting.

    THESE MOVES ARE NOTHING SHORT OF the UWP softening their stands and hoping that the high court judge may rule in their favor and so man in UWp looking at each other and silently planning to make next move to be opposition leader.


  40. Marigot
    April 29, 2010

    power is in your hand PREVO, hold onto their balls . good move.

    • April 29, 2010


      the power are the MAYORITY,not the insignificant MONORITY!, that calls democracy,

      your a fool,the mayority talk,thats all

  41. Salisbury
    April 29, 2010

    What kind of men are they-UWP? … These games and eating of vomitt” We will boycott parliament” Why did you take the oath? Stopp eatting your vomit.

    • Soufriere Constituency
      April 29, 2010

      My dear No one aint eating their vomit. Thats a good strategy you have to be ahead of them. Ih he had stayed in parliament for the enitire seating then you could have said they eating ther vomit. I want to see which seat skerrit will try to take now. guess he will have to revert to plan one and take our soufriere constituency seat lol. lol.. Stop Lieing on the Priest further more the priest in Roseau central aint REEEDddddddddd get ur facts straight

  42. Dominican
    April 29, 2010

    Mr Norris Prevost and the UWP realises that they won that seat by a mega majority and the carpet was almost out, so they had no choice but to stand present. Anytime a by election was to call in Roseau central Mr Prevost would be on apolitical diet. HE WOULD HAVE LOST THE ELECTION AND WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO STAND THAT. tHEY HAD TO FIND A STRATEGY. THEY THINK THAT SALISBURY AND MARIGOT AND HARDER SEATS FOR THE LABOUR PARY TO WIN. Sometimes they may be down for surprises especially in Salisbury. Did they not realise that te government knew long in advance what was going to happen today? UWP there a big big crooks in your camp. But Mr Prevost can take out those bead and look better tha that we..? Groom yourself.

  43. Up or down, what you think?
    April 29, 2010

    Well…….. Prev go make you voice heard yesss !!!!!…… there’s a lot you alone can do, is better you all fight from both ends. Eddie and Sprags will fight from one end and you will fight from another.

    Dont worry about all the naysayers, is all of them so that cant eat bread so they must have someone they can go and beg. Fight the good fight my brother.

    I do not think anyone will expect labourites to say anything positive. Its important that you make an analysis of the environment since things constantly change and ajust your strategies in that way you will always be one step ahead.

    A worker to the bone

  44. 4ALL2C
    April 29, 2010

    All 3 members please continue to boycott the house. NO sense going there. The elections was stolen … and not Choosen by the PEOPLE. MArigot, Salibury , Roseau Central Stand strong..!! Skerrit is no %$%$^% god!! Who the helll is …. Skerrit think he is? STAND FOR DEMOCRACY, DOWN WITH DICTATOR AND ANARCHY!!!

    • April 29, 2010


      thats only 3 ,what you think,you won by having 3 more votes?????maybe skerrit should give them to you,and yet your the minority,democracy are the mayority,check your dictionary pls,

      • May 2, 2010

        at least you know two big words kill them scholar goat,

  45. child
    April 29, 2010

    my dear dominican .i dont care who you supporting ,but we cant run a country without an opposition .THERES GOOD AND THERE IS EVIL ..there is an opposite to every thing .lets not make that foolish choice and settle for a one party state ,no matter how week the opposition is we still need them .now is the time for serious thinking .big countries have opposition so who are we to settle for a one party country ….who do we go to when we disagree or should we just agree

    • (SIGH)
      April 29, 2010

      Well it’s rather unfortunate that those who should oppose would rather not… in anycase, we still have to run the country with or without them.

  46. Greg
    April 29, 2010

    The People of Marigot and saulisbury need to open thier eyes. In cae of a by-election you guys should not vote for Edison and hector because they gona stay out of Parliament AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and by-election after by-election after by-election and your constituency goes nowhere.

    • child
      April 29, 2010

      there is not going to be a by-election .

    • la savanne
      April 29, 2010

      there will never be a by-election (BUY ELECTION). stop fulling all u mines. stop living in fear,election is over. pickup a pen,a shovel,a hammer anything and let build the nature isle. educate your brother,your sister even yourrr MOREDA.peace

  47. Channel 1
    April 29, 2010

    Hmmm!! Now this may have been a brilliant tactical move by the UWP. Now since i have not heard anything from the press conference, I am speculating the the UWP may have decided not to risk the Roseau Central Constituency in a by-election since it was so close in the December 2009 elections. However the Marigot and Salisbury seats are very strong UWP seats and any by-election in these two constituencies will most likely be won back by the UWP (once they contest the by-election).

    So from a speculation standpoint, this may have been a brilliant play by the UWP. Don’t risk Roseau Central in a by-election and instead bank on retaining the Marigot and Salisbury seats which are very strong UWP strongholds.

    • Fed Up
      April 29, 2010

      I think your analysis is spot on. However, UWP must stop in their efforts at destabilising our country for no valid cause. If I ever dreamt of voting UWP, that option has been totally destroyed by this stupid and foolish parliament protest.

      • Hmmmmm
        April 29, 2010

        And how are they distabilizing our country. Our country has lost its morals and values. It’s anything for a dollar. Sometimes people need to stand firm. FedUp you never dreamt of voting UWP. Why pretend now?

        • precious stones
          April 29, 2010

          “FED UP” since you so fed up shut your mouth.. Let the UWP do what they have to do… Time will surely tell for you..

    • Anonymous
      April 29, 2010

      That’s exactly what the strategy is…

    • NIKE
      April 29, 2010

      Stategy my foot. Prevost win by 2 votes. you think he stupid to miss three seatings. he knows where the real parliamenti is and he knows the rules of the real Parliament. He leave them fellas and go check his sinn boy. He could not take his oath before Edison or Hector or Sam.

    • GREEN
      April 29, 2010

      Wow!!!!! Thats exactly what i was thinking….i support u 100%..that was a strategy on the part of the UWP..Lets see whats happens next…

    • April 29, 2010

      Channel 1,

      when was the last time you have been to Marigot??????that town hasent improved,not when uwp was in or out,it look like a ……..well just take a look,no work, no business, no tourist,I seen it when ever I come home on vacation,some are right now in sxm making good money to send home,some are in saba or in st,croix,and st eustatius,doing very good,

      so what do they think??????yrs after yrs they had the city,and yet those ppl of uwp,hasent done one thing to improve that city, so dominicans dont have to go out for work, dont you think they need a change,they are seeing where the green grass are growing,

      • May 2, 2010

        speak for urself why r u not back home?u only come on vacation

  48. Waiting For The Next Level
    April 29, 2010

    No My people this ain’t no joke this is intelligent strategy that will help us see the value of the shopping in our shopping baskets. Our Human Rights being rescued and respected. For all those of you who don’t understand your rights …Why are you commenting?….Did you all get an opportunity to see what happened in the Ukraine Parliament a few days ago? that’s ministers standing up and speaking out and venting their frustration to safeguard their rights, their sense of freedom. You all don’t understand head or tail of what is going on and Mr. Prevost was well within his rights to do what he did. And I pray to God Almighty that their strategy work…send Alick Boyd home she needs the rest. And the rest of them make sure their pension scheme in order cause they are going to get just what they asked for. For those of you who think the MRD and UWP are just fighting for position…have you had any money to go shopping at the local supermarkets lately. You can hardly get ten of the basic items within the $100…and it was our Prime Minister who claimed that everyone in Dominica should not go without meat on their plate. BackNnecks are luxury foods now…not even dog that getting to eat it with white rice. It’s not about looks and one china policy or chavez. China and Chavez got what they came for you all will stew in the rest.

    • Reply
      April 29, 2010

      Complete load of rubbish

  49. look tory
    April 29, 2010

    and the soap opera continues…

  50. Vex with them
    April 29, 2010

    Prevost just secured his seat against a by-election. He knows that his seat is more at stake than that of mr. james and hector’s. That was just a strategy.

    however, why would the UWP ask to be excused from the house when they have not taken an oath or has decided to boycott parliament? If I decided that I am no longer attending a meeting of a group because I am not pleased with the way things are running, how then do I ask them for time off and I decided not to attend? That’s the same for the UWP and boycotting parliament.

    Is either you want to attend or you boycotting. Make up your minds because you cannot have both.

    all you guys focus is on Skerrit but it will backfire on all of you.

    Just pure makaqui.

    • Don't You Wish
      April 29, 2010

      My sentiments exactly. I know Prevost would not win a byelection against Bernard, so he had to go. The other 2 clowns figure their seat is safe and secure, but how I wish they would get a shock when the byelection call!

      • 111111111111111111
        April 29, 2010

        Tell me how labour wining the bi-election(s) going to bring down the cost of living in Dominica?
        Focus on the state of affairs in the country, is things getting better? or we all just wanna run away? Pls do not tell me things hard all about cause the reports said we doing real good in Dominca.

        • Don't you wish?
          May 1, 2010

          Ask your UWP politicians who playing bebel games with the country what good it would do if Labour win. They seem to want to head the country desperately, so the big question is why. You sound so foolish! In the entire region it was stated that Dominica was the only country where the economy grew, as opposed to the other sister islands. You think it was Labour that make it up and tell the other people that? You people just cannot seem to see the good that the DLP has done for Dominica since they came into office. When UWP was working tout par tout, they were only doing it to fill their pockets. Ask the same Prevost, how comes his business coolay, and then you will see why the cost of living had to increase in Dominica, when we had a Govt that was crediting left right and center. At least in the DLP I know that my childrens’ futures are safer!

  51. Anonymous
    April 29, 2010

    your words meant nothing …

    Yall afraid of the by election

  52. Kalinago
    April 29, 2010

    Is this some kind of joke?

    April 29, 2010

    This is getting really ridiculous right now. I think we as Roseau constituents should start a petition to recall Prevost and call a new election in Roseau and vote Prevost out.

    What has this man done for Roseau? What is the purpose of Prevost. To go in an out of Parliament as if, he is strolling around Roseau.

    Roseau Central let’s stand up….LET’S RECALL PREVOST

    • April 29, 2010

      Rick Ross,

      concrats !!!!!! as soon I come over to celebrate mothers day with my ppl,I’ll bring you a bottle of hennesey, drink up you make sense,at least one of you did,

  54. 123
    April 29, 2010

    Time to call a By-Election, these fellas are behaving worse than little children.

  55. NIKE
    April 29, 2010

    all you think prevost going to lose his seat just so. he already so like to go funeral.

  56. Soufriere Constituency
    April 29, 2010

    I support that movement today 100%. Its about time Dominicans take a stand. Somebody tell me Why did the Gov tell all policemen to be on standby and also called back those on leave. Plese enlighten me. Is there goin to be a overthrow LOL LOL Slow and Steady wins the race. Patience my brother,

    • Don't Speak for soufriere people.
      April 29, 2010

      all u workers will always say good move. u all don’t know better

      • Soufriere Constituency
        April 29, 2010

        I am from the Soufriere constituencey you telling me dont speak for them. I find ur fresh.. well well it really rubbing off on all u eh even my freedom of expression you want to suppress. Just now you will tell me what time I have to leave and enter the soufriere constituency. ay ay well is all that part of u als next level. Honey sorry no on aint going to shut me up I didnt buy my nationality. so go tell the hatians and chinese and those in the middle east that have our passport goin england to refrain from talkin not me a born Dominican leaving in the SOUFRIERE CONSTITUENCY. You really spoke the truth you all really dont know better or is it that ur all are so RED BLIND and MONEY BLIND that u all cant see the truth. Wake up and smell the coffee our nation is DOOMED.

        • April 29, 2010


          the mayority rules, they decided, so what your problem,if they sell or who buy there votes,there children was hungry so they sell it,so what,its there right

          now you dont tell any one who to vote or sell there vote for

    • Power to the People
      April 29, 2010

      What movement??? Check your vibes. Labour is strong as ever!!!!

      • Mouth of Soufriere/ScottsHead/La Pointe
        April 29, 2010

        You doh lie labour really strong but in what … Thats why all you had to cheat so to win. Is this how you calculate ur strength…
        If Labour was so strong why on the day of election all you puppet lawyer came to my constituency …

        why LOLO from Castle B had to bring busses and police men right on the run way to collect voters etc etc.



  57. domniche'
    April 29, 2010

    Hmmmm interesting i guess the people’s parliament is dissolved, Time to put this to an end and get Dominica back to normal living,the opposition members need to get organised and attend the parliament voice there opinions on matters of interest to the people… anyways think of Dominica first.

    • look tory
      April 29, 2010

      real talk… absolute power corrupts…. we need our opposition in the house… enough grandstanding

  58. Observer
    April 29, 2010

    I guess if he did not enter the house and a bi-election was held his seat would be the first one Labour would have gained. Cowards. Workasssss.

  59. Sandra
    April 29, 2010

    The Laws of the Land need to be changed. Politicians have no respect for the House nor persons who voted for them. Are they taking us for a ride or what? Stop that nonsence and go to the House to represent the people. Parl. Rep for Salisbury I am disappointed are you not seeing what is going on. You are being kept out for your youth – boy go and represent the people. Take the mantle and stop that ignorance.

    • Sandra
      April 29, 2010

      Why go to the house. They got to practice what they preach. If they claim the election was fraudulent then going to the house and sitting says that they accept the election results an there was’nt any fraudulent acts. You should be disappointed in your self. for supporting corruption. All you Dominicans to sootea wea. All you seeing the corruption that happen yet still all you doing like UWP lieing and make it all up. When you all will want to speak up it will be too late. Its really a one party state a few weeks ago government detailed some policemen to Venezuela and refused to tell them the reason for the visit. Today they telling them they cant go on their off and those on vacation stand by and no reason is giving. Tell me somebody is their something brewing

  60. April 29, 2010

    I applaud the Prime Minister for being level headed on the whole issue, Prevost afraid now, he doe want to loose his seat, wat a big cat ha ha ha .

    • child
      April 29, 2010

      we should not interpret

  61. Hold Dem
    April 29, 2010

    Great move by Prevost, this is just the start .

  62. Anonymous
    April 29, 2010

    lol look kix. They playing spartans now man

  63. lovely dominica
    April 29, 2010

    Did he take the oath. Well then if he did, he is the new leader of the opposition? Is the UWP having a change of heart. Well then can you really trust these guys, say one thing today and do another thing tomorrow. Their supporters must be baffled now and no excuse can justify that new development.

    Prevost wanted the position and he took it. (I guess if a bye election was held shortly, Prevost knows he would be out) Good job BREER FOX

  64. Truth B Told
    April 29, 2010


    It seems that Prevost don’t want to lose his seat, but not sure how to go about avoiding a by-election. Just appearing at the House of Assembly will not suffice, he MUST BE SWORN IN as a member. Too bad, so sad… the by-election coming and Hon. Alvin Bernard will take the Roseau Central seat. The people would rather a dedicated hard-working young man from Roseau, than a tired old transplant from Marigot who don’t want to take his place in the Parliament and represent the people who voted for him.

    Alo for Roseau!

    • precious stones
      April 29, 2010

      ” TRUTH B TOLD” Am very surprised why is only now you know that Prevost is a tired out transplant from Marigot SHAME ON YOU… Prevost is only EXERCISING HIS DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS.

    • mas dominique
      April 29, 2010

      but seriously that thing marigot people did to u all it is very strong.
      Please stick to the issue and by the way prevost is an educated man so dont get it twisted

  65. April 29, 2010

    D rama all how you turn
    O nly showdown with justice, politricks…only giving heartburn
    M insters and Parl Reps just making a mess of us, it seems
    I nciting public outrage, speculation, division; and the youth – little esteem
    N one of us want this, what we want is peace and prosperity
    I nstead, it looks like we are on the road of unrest, ignorance and no humility
    C rime, corruption and international humiliation
    A ll because of this thing we call POLITICS, the downfall of our nation

    Can be laughable, but truly is very sad. God bless our nation.

  66. Time
    April 29, 2010


  67. precious stones
    April 29, 2010

    This is serious people stay tune, we are really going to the next level….” ALAS PAPA HAVE MERCY ON US.

  68. My Goodness
    April 29, 2010

    Smart move. Now they can miss the next two seatings. UWP one step ahead of those guys. By-election?

    • Do say
      April 29, 2010

      it’s a game for true. Handling the country so irresponsibly and childishly is really a game.
      Hide and seek. I’m so happy for you people. Good luck.

    April 29, 2010

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

    • Eric Cartman
      April 29, 2010

      What is wow wow wow?

      Make use of your grand intellect and give us an in-depth analysis of this strategic move by your party.

      Oh yeah i forgot that you don’t have any intellect. My bad

      • STAY TUNED
        April 29, 2010

        that’s why you love me so much….

        • NIKE
          April 29, 2010

          Stay tune, I know yo have a level head, so how do you explain
          1. Prevost going to the real parliament if he say the election was stolen

        • Eric Cartman
          April 29, 2010

          I’m not gay. I will admit that clowning you is officially one of my hobbies.

          It’s not even a fair fight though you are so far beneath me intellectually. No kind of challenge.

          By the time I’m done with you, you will have no credibility on DNO.

  70. TripleA
    April 29, 2010

    These guys taking that for a joke now..

  71. Man In Need
    April 29, 2010

    What has become of Parliament…*sigh* Thats the begining of the next level…HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

  72. Mr. J
    April 29, 2010

    ZOR FOU, zor takay wee prevost epi dah blah zor eh, Prevost so like to be parl rep, he already had to work so hard to win that seat. LOL

    • Don't You Wish
      April 29, 2010

      Ha Ha Just as I expected!

  73. child
    April 29, 2010


  74. April 29, 2010

    skerrit you are not dealing with little boys those guys are men

    • Kawat hod Bawie
      April 29, 2010

      You have said nothing

    • look tory
      April 29, 2010

      lol.. and???

  75. April 29, 2010

    Mr. Prevost, it was just a matter of time…*I knew this would have been the move that you would have been making…

    • Fed Up
      April 29, 2010

      The action today speaks volumes. Shame on the UWP!

      • Dominican
        April 29, 2010

        Subject to Correction He did not end the boycott. He only came to parliament to take his oath as a means of obstructing the PM’s plan of resigning before the June Court Case while giving up his french rights and then contesting the roseau central seat at a by election. GOOD STRATEGY . We wanna see which seat his eyes will be on next cause he certainly cant win the 2 others held by the oppositin. Well guess on of his felllo brothers will have to help him by vacating his/her seat. Soufriere Constituency Parl Rep are you ready. watch ur seat eh sit on it tight.

        • Fed Up
          April 29, 2010

          So what does that say about him? If their actions were justified like they claimed all along, then he would have continued to stay out. Now there is too much at stake for him personally – it’s no longer a matter of priniciple but an obvious personal agenda. Parliament is not the place to be playing games – the UWP is losing respect.

  76. April 29, 2010

    thats the way to the next level

  77. DVT
    April 29, 2010


    • skerro fan
      May 3, 2010

      woye yo yo somethin happenin and it’s so xcited.!!!!
      i always knew these 3 studdies will not stay out of parliament the 3rd sittin, coz they hv no guts to do so, prevost goin to parliament and the other two sendin reasonof absent just prove the all the hype they doinmake no sense, they agree wit the gov’t, if they didn’t out is out
      . they shud not express any interrest in parliament
      . and tht was no strategy on prevo side he went 2 save his ass b4 it turn grass,

      they will always remain jokers of the country and men wit no respect for the ppl who voted them, larry, curly and moe d/ca 3 studies

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