Dominica heading for a major economic collapse says Linton


Linton spoke at a press conference last Friday

Leader of the Opposition, Lennox Linton, has expressed the view that Dominica is heading for a “major economic collapse” because of the country’s wholesale reliance on revenue from the Citizenship By Investment program (CBI).


He made that statement at a press conference held at the Prevo Cinemall On Friday 26TH May 2017.

Linton claimed that the government with money earned from the sale of passports is used to “back the people into a corner,” thus making them dependent on the government and this will lead the country into a state of “record levels of poverty and dependency.”

“The government has money but the people have none,” he stated. “The government is using its passport revenue to back the people into a corner and to make them dependent and supportive of the government. We are heading for that economic collapse and record levels of poverty and dependency because of Mr. Skerrit’s appalling failure to get the fundamentals of economic growth right and his refusal to steer the country away from wholesale reliance on economic citizenship revenue.”

Linton said that these points have been made on more than occasions, but it has been branded as the Opposition not liking Dominica.

“We have made those points every time we make those points. It comes across as though, well they make it seem as though we are saying that because we don’t like Dominica and we want to see an end to Citizenship by Investment Program,” he said.

Linton noted that the opposition is in full support of the CBI program; however, the “nonsense and corruption” are not supported.

“We don’t support the nonsense and corruption surrounding it because Citizenship By Investment is Citizenship By Investment. It is not corruption that goes along with Citizenship By Investment,” Linton remarked.

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  1. mine
    May 31, 2017

    YOU all went to La pl aine looking the sun he never came out think about it.

  2. d-a born
    May 31, 2017

    This guy wants power by any means necessary. I don’t like Skerrit’s administration and the way they’re mismanaging the country, but if Linton wants more support, he needs more than just doom and gloom speeches, and protests. What is his plan for the country? And I’m not talking promises, real plans.

  3. May 31, 2017

    Aney way I can do all what I want jump high jump low give people money and food Uncle Sam does knot forget I am a fraid linton will extradite me I just can’t run y do I want to pass such bogus law to stay in my mothers house THEY FRAID coconut oil federal court

    May 30, 2017

    If you think such a horrible thing then what are your solutions and ideas besides constantly criticizing the government?

    any fool can criticize and blame… that has no merit nor value in a progressive society.

  5. Teacher
    May 30, 2017

    Dominica just started to export dasheen to the US. We need to sustain the market. Mr. Linton go the the Marigot and Wesley area and encourage the formers to plant. They will listen to you I think. Be active rather than reactive. Help the economy to grow.

  6. Be Good
    May 30, 2017

    I guess you need some of the CBI to pay your bills lol 2019 soon come

  7. Dominican
    May 30, 2017

    The country is heading for economic collapse and MR Linton will save it with riots, damage and destruction, and soiling the country’s good name all over the world. Wow! Linton are you trying to cover up all your court cases and fines due with this rhetoric?

  8. May 30, 2017

    Lennox Linton, the only thing you sought to do is to destroy the CBI and only because you did not succeed then you say that the economy will collapse. If you had succeeded in your destructive measures then there would be a collapsed economy. Guess you would be happy to gloat after all. Who should the the Balme for all this rhetoric and destruction. You must tell the Dominican people what have you done as a person that has sprouted any good seen instead of trying to tear down.

  9. May 30, 2017

    What are your accomplishments as Op. Leader Linton? What change have you effected? What are the UWP’s plans to move Dominica forward? Which of the social programs will you retain should you be voted into power? What changes or additions or subtractions will you proceed with re our tax system? Will our children still be able to receive free healthcare? Will the elderly, especially the less fortunate ones have to scrunt to purchase medication and medical care? Will the poor people of Dominica receive any help? You already referred to us as prostitutes and beggars, greedy and wicked.

    Should we leave a man and his government who has:
    provided universal access to early childhood, secondary and tertiary education;
    provided assistance to elderly, destitute who are unable to care for themselves;
    implemented the housing revolution;
    school bus programs, uniform assistance;
    provided jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurship/proprietorship; etc

    for you who cannot even find yourself…

  10. May 30, 2017

    Linton will say all sorts of things to soil the good name of the Prime Minister and the country for his own devious political advantages. Dominicans won’t be fooled by you; we understand your motives, we know your agenda. You will do anything to become leader of this country..but mark my words, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! It will NEVER happen! NEVER!

  11. May 30, 2017

    How are you supporting something you say cannot last? You’re talking from both sides of your mouth now man? I think you’re a bit confused.

    • Fitzroy Vagao
      May 30, 2017

      Was wondering the same. The statement appears contradictory.
      On one hand you appear to suggest that CBI is unviable, yet later emphasize your support for that same CBI.

  12. It's my damn business too man!
    May 30, 2017

    Mr. Linton​ live them alone with their Dr. Skerrit. He is the doctor let him prescribe the solution. Soon he won’t be able to sell more Passports and he will have to turn on his own supporters. So live them alone

  13. #Dominica
    May 30, 2017

    All you are doing is talk talk talk. We heard you; PM and government corrupt, the victimise, put a leash around our necks ….. Ok we get it. So what is your proposal? What’s the ulternative?

    You are not presenting any options.

    News flash Mr Linton, you do not need to be in Skerrit’s chair in financial centre to start working. You and your boys should attract investment and start working.

    You are telling me I’m in missery and poverty and eminent collapse yet you fail to show the way out. You make no sense to me

    Give us/show us the ulternative. Until then stop talking

  14. Dan is de man in de Van
    May 30, 2017

    Dominicans must be educated on exactly what is a CBI program, without information one is left in ignorance and is likely to make foolish statements… the CBI is not being criricized. The management of it that is being questioned there is a difference. However the economy can’t depend on CBI alone… how may passports can one country sell and to whom… most of the productive industries have closed down under DLP. Agriculture in a state planning inadequate food that can be grown here is imported elsewhere . We are paying too much money to eat. Take e.g. Supermarkets in Roseau are selling their goods at exhorbitant prices. how many times a week can any one of you go grocery shopping. Most of you is after thirty days . that’s hard… now look at the facts of the CBI. Not one Industry employing Dominicans can’t you see it is not managed properly. The hotel in Portsmouth what’s happening with that. Where are the jobs. Now woman must go to beg for pampers and pad and men for condoms.

  15. In 2013, you said that Dominica’s economy was heading into an “endless decline” 4 years later you are calling it an “economic collapse” I wonder what is going to be your next adjectival clause come 4 more years–as you simply sit around and speak our people into an “endless extremity of anxiety”?

    That is all you are doing Mr. Linton Sir! You do not know what is peace; you do not know what is hope; you do not know what trust in God. But know that PM Skerrit or not, Dominica is under His Supreme control; what He has planned that is what will come forth.

    But I am telling one thing! Those plans from God will not come forth through you; you are bad for Dominica stop praying those doom and gloom against your own country and people.

    All over the world there are men & women of Government who own an establishment which employs people; stop praying darkness against your country; bring out a light for her and her people?

  16. O No
    May 30, 2017

    Under the UWP regime we saw a collapse of the economy. The government could not pay civil servants. Today projects are flourishing. Dominicans are moving back because life is better. Now SINCE Q won’t let you do the begging ton your desperation has grown. Respect to the DLP true Patriots.

  17. Me One
    May 30, 2017

    Thanks for your negativity.You are one sick individual! ARE you really wishing a cathostrophy on our island? NO, NO, NO, we will give it to the Father and it will be on you. Here again the foot in mouth disease is stuck with you. Do you really think First? Is the who DA people wants to represent them? A GROWN-UP trapped in a child’s body. :lol: :oops:

  18. df
    May 29, 2017

    If Dominica’s economy ‘collapsed’ who would notice? I lived in various villages over the years and it looks like someone took over Dominica and destroyed everything. People wandering around nothing to do, bottles everywhere, paint peeling off everything, dogs and chickens running wild. Piles of dead chickens, flooding every year, nobody wants to work, waiting in line for an hour to pay the light bill. Can’t see how it would get any worse. In fact, it would probably force people to actually collect all those mangoes that are growing naturally and eat them rather than importing potatoes from New Brunswick.

    May 29, 2017

    LENNOX, u again ????

  20. Let The Truth Be Known - Original
    May 29, 2017

    Sweet Dominica, the land of beauty . . . Take away all the criminal elements as also murders and it will be an even better place.
    Linton, I have told you before to leave the PM alone. Dominica is alive and well and doing well. Strive to do something good in Dominica, for nationals. What is needed is for everyone as you to pull your weight and assist the government by cooperating with him.
    The PM is doing very well, much better than any other government. Those who envy him as you continue to try to undermine him and all what he does.
    You must also have respect for him for he is in authority.
    At the moment you are doing nothing but criticizing and being a bearer of bad news. This is the last thing anyone wants to hear is doom and gloom which is non-existent.
    Why do you not travel around Dominica and speak to nationals about cooperation and unity? This could also assist to eradicate crimes/murders in Dominica. Let us see what good you are capable of doing.

  21. Let The Truth Be Known - Original
    May 29, 2017

    Linton is a bearer of bad news. He must be a fortune teller or got it from fake news Rijock. Who will take you seriously?
    I have family and friends in D/ca and so do all DLP supporters including UWP supporters. D/ca appears to be doing very well.
    Furthermore, recall D/ca even before the 1990’s and it did not fall. Nationals then were not any better than those of today.
    Who are you deceiving? Only your gullible and vulnerable supporters.
    What is more, I speak to family and friends in D/ca frequently and not one has anything to say against the PM. Not one complain. Figure that out. Let me further state, they are not concerned one bit about what Linton states. They know him and got his number. These people are saddened about all the protests, disunity and divisions which Linton has been causing and continues to cause.
    I even think they are better off than I am, occasionally causing me to think, I should not have left home and why did I.

  22. dorti esmond
    May 29, 2017

    that cbi program i dont support know day ;;;;because people that buying those passports have money and one day they will be owning most of our lands cbi program is like a cancer going to be affecting our country

  23. Chester
    May 29, 2017

    Nonesense! It had already colapsed in the 90s although we exported bananas. But Skeritt and his gang turned it around and Dominica can now boast the influx of over $300 mil thanks to the Citizenship By Investment prog that they were able to boost. One other gov’t couldn’t even find funds to complete a stadium. Another gov’t’s main achievment was a short boulevard in Roseau, how more can an economy collapse?? today Dominica has money until opposition is anxious to be the one spending the $300 mil until they are prepared to burn an riot to get there. Is there ever a time in our history that our gov’t has had more than a few dollars in the treasury? It’s a 3rd world country after all.

      May 29, 2017

      chester you are talking nonsense.

    • Chester, you are the idiot of the century, you do not even have commonsense!

      Question for you fool, do see the CBI source of money as an industry? Do view the sale of passports as an industry; if you believe the sale of passports can sustain the economy of Dominica you are a fool!

      • Any way
        June 2, 2017

        Francisco u never disappoint with Stupid comments. I always wonder if u are simply Stupid or faking it.

  24. May 29, 2017

    You are totally right, but the most illiterate and blind people that are living in Dominica are praising the gov’t for the handouts that they receive when there is no growth.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      Everyone should know what Linton is up to as usual. Why should he be believed?

  25. Theresa Montoute
    May 29, 2017

    Misiere pa las pala sot papa bondieu!!!

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      :lol: :lol: :lol: Real sot. He is a scaremonger, trying to scare Dominicans.

  26. mine
    May 29, 2017

    This is your prayer every day lennox, What have you done as the opposition nothing than causing trouble.

    • %
      May 29, 2017

      He has done more than 1000 000 good things,as opposition leader…The latest was fighting on your behalf,and that of all Dominicans to tell Skerrit that TREATING and BRIBERY are illegal according to our election laws ,so he Skerrit will not be allowed to make it legal…Linton is a GEM OF A GOOD LEADER!!!!

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      Whenever he criticizes the PM, let us never fail to consistently ask him the question you posed very well to him. Then wait for his reply which will be nothing. He is a joker.

  27. Emile Dominique
    May 29, 2017

    The UWP opposition is in full support of the programme , but it will cause economic collapse. The conclusion contradics the premise like a conflict of interest. That statement is not logical. Its like fighting for peace with mob type riots, violence and terrorism. Linton trademark since May 29, 1979 (5. 9. 9. .)

    • NUWP
      May 29, 2017

      Hahahhahahah. You couldn’t have said it better. And the maddest thing is THEY SEEMS TO FORGET ALL WHAT THEY SAID. He call for it to stop and stop now. He is in court for saying PM selling passports and he need to put a end to it. Now he and Issac saying they support it. Hahahah.

      Linton them thinks no one hears them.

      But sir PLEASE HOLD UR SUPPORT. WE DONT WANT IF. Continue ur damage to CBI. We are doing just fine without u and the UWP support.

      ALL U BURN ROSEAU ON THE 7th on Feb 2017 bcus all u want PM to go bcus he selling our passport. Now u support CBI?

      Y u backing back now like a crafish? U see CBI DOING VERY WELL DISPITE ALL U EFFORT TO KILL IT NOW U SUPPORT IT?

      Dam inconsistent evil hypocrite zor yay.

      Well keep ur support. Take it to Henly and partners and CBS 60mins.


      Pm don’t need ur apology nor Dominicans…

    • There is a difference in supporting, something, which helps; however, not totally dependent on it!

      Some cars, and trucks do have a spare or substitute tyre for in the event one obtains a flat, the substitute can be utilized. However, unless the flat is repaired, or replaced, obtaining another flat without a spare, the motor vehicle will remain standing unless one decides to run it on the rim.

      And that will not get you very far, perhaps only a few feet, rather than miles!

  28. May 29, 2017

    The question is, with so many millions from the CBI in which direction is the money flowing ? is it an underground river ? if it is circulating then where ?money is still scarce and hard to come by unless you go to the red clinic and have to keep on going there to survive. How undignified.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      Are you not aware what is being done in Dominica with it? Do you not read the articles on DNO? That is enough for me to know where it is going and what is being done with it.
      Thank God for it. Pray to God for it to continue.
      In bygone days what did nationals get and after they left school and were job hunting? They were dependent on their families – parents to assist them. Need I state more?

  29. May 29, 2017

    More doom and gloom. When government was receiving 25 million $$ annually from the CBI Linton and Fontaine said that the collapse of the Dominican economy was eminent. Now that revenues from the CBI is over 300 million, Linton is now warning of a major economic collapse. The Dominican economy did not collapse when the major industry bananas, was destroyed. How can increased revenues from a particular sector cause an economy to collapse?

    • truth , shall set you free
      May 29, 2017

      Anon ,you foolish? If not linton challenges Would you ever know how huch money is in dominica account?,Would you have ever gotten those high level of handouts as you are now recieiving now? Before linton and 60 minutes, What project was ever funded by the CBI? and where was all these moneys hidden?
      Linton was the one who made skerit pay back The doggy diplomats , linton again, and soooooo much more, over 60 thousand dollars to our treasury , The bin bobol ,Linton saved us , The fertilizer bobol ,Linton saved us ,The villas ,Linton made us know again, The three million dollar house, which the prime minister told us was a 400 thousand dollars home, Linton made us know again, ,our moneys which dissappeared in layou river hotel ,which he is paying innocently ,,So compare linton and skerit, ,One is stealing our money ,The other is helping us retrieving it , Who is good ? and who is bad?, Are you calling good evil and evil good?

      • Emile Dominique
        May 30, 2017

        @ Truth shall set you free…… Anon is foolish to say Linton is speaking with a fork tongue, elogicaly. but you want to give Linton credit because you think he and 60 minutes were indispensable for the success of the programme. The same that both condemned to be bad and criminal. How can one be for and against at the same time…..crazy

      • May 30, 2017

        You blinking idiot, I don’t need Linton to talk for me to know about government accounts. Listen to the budget and you will know. As soon as government collects one cent the wold must know. Just wait when the annual budget is presented and you will need no help from linton.

      • May 30, 2017

        The bridge which was funded by the CBI was started long before Linton appeared on CBS. Much of the finance for Erica reconstruction came from the CBI, the NEP and the public assistance program are all financed from CBI funds which started before Linton opened his mouth on CBS. So stop lying.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      Linton makes me laugh. He is a bearer of doom and gloom trying to scare Dominicans. But whom? I assume his supporters.

    • Fitzroy Vagao
      May 30, 2017

      Lintonomics 101.

  30. Spike
    May 29, 2017

    CBI is healthy, especially as it attracts new points of view to Dominica. However, it cannot be expanded indefinitely without replacing the entire population with foreigners. Mr. Linton is right to call for more transparency, and especially that CBI not be spent as though it were “Free Money.” Now, has Mr. Linton ever been guilty of touting the benefits of government activism, and not the costs, as though the option of higher taxation were also “Free Money”?

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      It is being spent in Dominica, on various projects. What is Linton’s problem and what is yours?

  31. %
    May 29, 2017

    Well this is like gospel truth..Thats how he wins election,but HIS ELECTION WINNING LEGACY is slowly waving him BYE BYE!!!Why on earth Skerrit has to follow the FAILED Venezuela model,I DONT KNOW!!!But waS Skerrit PM material??? So Dominica is reaping THE BAD HARVEST from his rule.

    • Washington D.C
      May 29, 2017

      @% I understand that you are part of the 1%. I deeply feel for your pain. As much as you want Skerrit to go, the garbage your leader talking about Dominica heading for a major economic collapse is pure fake news. I was in DA recently and I see things blooming. If the country has to fall under your leader hand, then it will collapse. Your leader needs to do right by the people and for the people. Get to work, build something, do something. That is how you are going to get respect from the people. What you don’t want to see happen there, it’s gonna happen. Skerrit not going no where.

    • Me One
      May 30, 2017

      % Again and again you are contradicting yourself regarding the CIB. Where are you? IN one instance you are calling for the demise of CIB, then you want it to continue under your supervision. Why are you such a big flip flopper. Are you really serious about the advancement of Dominica? NO NO NO, you are not. In the last two years YOU, Lennox Linton has done nothing nothing but belittle or put the island down. You have been to other islands trying to better yourself and returned to DA in shame and dismay. Apprentely it is good in DA right. Just take a look at your personality, after writing an article you are turning around and complementing yourself. Those in the professional field tell us who does that,%@$£€.

  32. Cyrique
    May 29, 2017

    Lennox needs to stop scaremongering & get down to doing some work in his Constituency!! He’s smearing Dominica’s good name and he needs to stop!’

    • truth , shall set you free
      May 29, 2017

      Cyrique, Is it lennox that is selling our passports to crooks and criminals ? Is it lennox that is wasting your tax money on all types of foolishness? Is it lennox that have you having to go beg government daily for survival? Is it lennox thats the prime minister for over 17 years now?
      Man, wise up

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      It is time for his constituents to boot him out. He is a worthless character, always criticizing, concocting, planning, organizing protests and causing additional disunity and divisions. He is a sad sack with nothing good in mind for Dominica’s future.

    • If you accuse Lennox of being a “scaremonger” that is a very good thing; because to be a scaremonger means in a sense, the person is duty bound to rise alarms to issues that are not right, illegal corrupted behavior such as fleecing the government treasury, as in the case there they bought trash bins in the United States, costing less than fifteen, dollars US, and told idiots like you they cost hundreds of dollars.

      If he gets you excite you to become aware of the corruption in Skerrit’s government, maybe you might gain some form of intelligence, and find the nerve, and guts to stand up for what is right in the country.

      It might be because of his “scare mongering,” and that’s the way it should be written: which caused the thieves to return more than five ($500,000.00) hundred thousand dollars into the treasury!

      • If you were not a foolish sort of person, you would know that Lennox nor any of the elected members of the UWP, has any control over the government purse.

        All they can do is request the government to do what is necessary, at the moment to resolve an issue in their constituencies whether it is building, or repairing a road.

        Before Lennox, the Marigot Hospital was decaying, so too is the police Station, Skerrit is holding back, and not serving the constituencies where people do not vote for his candidates. Same thing in Wesley, he is not doing anything for the village people, he and Petter was determined to see the Wesley High School decay to the ground, shut up, you nasty puppet, you dunce crab, the government is the entity who is suppose at this time to do some in Lennox constituency!

  33. Hendricks ismael
    May 29, 2017

    Here you go again Honerable Mister Linton , when are you and the smart boys going to create some private jobs for Dominicans , government is not the answer to c reateing all the jobs we need , you start the bowl rolling and then you will make some people happy , you will put food on their table, so they won’t have to go to Roseau begging and matching in the streets , they will be to tired working.

    • %
      May 29, 2017

      YOU SOUND LIKE AN ACCOMPLISHED BUFFOON. Why not ask Skerrit to use the CBI money he is giving out to Labourites to help create the jobs? After all a lazy soul like you will finally get something worthwhile to do, other than spilling filth…You must have BEEN one of the Skerrit slaves who saw nothing wrong in him going to parliament to legalize BRIBERY and TREATING……I together with the other lovers of Dominica protested against this EVIL!!! GOD WAS ON OUR SIDE TOO..

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      May 29, 2017

      Wise comment. You know Linton is an uncooperative man.
      This is what Linton should do to project that he, the Leader of the Opposition is worthy of trying to do something good for Dominica and nationals.
      He leaves everything on the PM’s back and all he does is to criticize and to get his supporters to protest. What a man! He will not make a good PM.

      • Tickle Me
        May 30, 2017

        Man, why don’t you keep silent..You truly sound like a broken record. Rather, you should be telling us what you would do to help improve the lives of the suffering in Dominica. In the 60’s there was only one murder a year on the island. How many are there today? I’ve lost count..and it’s only going to get worse if my countrymen have no jobs and have lost their manhood to become political lackeys and tow the line DLP political line. And you condone that?..What a shame!

  34. Prolific
    May 29, 2017

    WHEN you elect a Leader,you would expect him or her to win election.Look at the poll,man look blows.DLP we have work to do,the three seats we must capture. Cncern Citizens you are in for a treat.Who must go,winners or losers?

    • %
      May 29, 2017

      TAKE YOUR DICTIONARY AND GET THE MEANING OF POLL…..Stop being a laughing stock….You are clearly mot a smart person, THIS IS SHAMEFUL!

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