Dominica’s elections free and fair Electoral Commission says

Voters during the 2009 general election
Voters during the 2009 general election

The Electoral Commission in Dominica said it is confident that the nation has been holding free and fair elections and together with the Electoral Office, the commission will continue to work in keeping it that way.

Last week the United Workers Party (UWP) met with the commission to discuss what it said were efforts to achieve a free and fair general election on the island.

The party presented six major issues for discussion, including the cleansing of the voters’ list, the functioning of the registering officers in specific constituencies, the issuance of the multi-purpose ID cards and their use for voting in the upcoming general election, the importation of oversees voters, reviewing electoral laws and a public education drive.

The Electoral Commission has released a statement which said that steps have actually been taken to clean up the the voters’ list.

It said based on records received from the civil registry on a monthly basis and following verification with registering officers in the districts, names of deceased persons are removed from the list.

Furthermore, the commission said, there are investigations into Commonwealth citizens who are no longer living in Dominica with the view of removing them from the list.

The commission noted that the names of persons who are said to be deceased and are submitted by political parties or other interested stakeholders for removal from the list, are submitted to the civil registry for verification before being removed.

The Commission emphasized the obligation of political parties and other stakeholders to draw to the attention of the Commission, the names of persons whom they believe should not be on the list and the fact that the electoral law contains procedure for objections leading to the removal of such persons from the list.

The UWP was concerned over the functioning of registering officers in specific constituencies, alleging that they were not discharging their functions properly, but the party was told that it should write to the commission providing details of the allegations, pointing out that it will not tolerate any malpractice.

In terms of the issuance of multipurpose cards the commission stated that the process will likely take two years and will not recommend its use for elections, “unless it was satisfied that each person who is entitled to vote had the reasonable opportunity of being enrolled and issued a card.”

Concerning allegations that the Dominica Labour Party intends to use “illegal practices involving importation of overseas voters” the commissions said that while it was “in fact preparing a position paper on the issue, it had not, as a body, considered the specific issue of overseas voters being brought in by political parties.”

However, the commission said it will put the matter on its agenda and will inform the UWP of its position in due course.

The commission noted that the matter of reviewing election laws is ongoing and said public education is important. It said intiatives such as a soon to be introduced Facebook page, improvements to the Electoral Office website, appearance in the media, among others will be undertaken.

The commission also pointed out that as of June 20, 2014 the voters’ list contained 69,240 persons.

“When one considers the large number of Dominicans who reside overseas but who by law are eligible to vote in Dominica, it is at least arguable that the voters’ list is not as bloated as it is made out to be,” the commission said.

The commission noted that the public should rest assure that it is committed to free and fair elections in Dominica.

“The Commission reminds the public that the present electoral system has produced free and fair elections in Dominica over several decades and that it is confident that the system is able to continue to do so,” the statement said.

The Electoral Commission consists of the following:

-Gerald D. Burton – Chairman
-Kondwani Williams – Member
-Alick Lawrence – Member
-Mariette Warrington – Member
-Anthony Commodore – Member
-Steven La Rocque – Chief Elections Officer(Ag)

See full statement below.

Download (DOC, 39KB)


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  1. Gabriel St Jean
    June 26, 2014

    What is the problem if the voters list is cleansed? Except we have this malicious and wicked intention to steal the elections i saw no problems in issuing voter ID Cards. Yes Messers Electoral Commission; the elections may be free and fair but surely Not Free From Fear.

  2. Julie
    June 25, 2014

    Why the problem has to be “preventing” people from voting? Why not dragging people to the polls instead???? What is the fear? What is to be accomplished by keeping voters away ? The electoral commission has spoken so why not respect that!!!! Every time the expert talk they are contradicted by some people with no evidence of their own.
    Let us put up a fight with the pm, and the electoral commission to implement the absentee voting system to boose the election system. I think if it works other Caribbean island can copy that. Stop the nonesense about preventing and start talking about bringing. Enough is enough!!!!! The voters list has always been what it is now. It worked for many years so let us stop that and do it the old fashion way. If ones name is in the list the vote and that it.
    Free and fair election is allowing every registered citizen to cast their with no problem. Anything else is not free and fair. What about that one finds so hard to comprehend? Is the commission speaking to wolkswagons??? How should they explain such an easy to understand statement? Who is going to buy them tonic after all that talking? They have made themselves clear so quit talking
    And show some respect for those in authority.

    Need I say more???????

  3. Mamizoo
    June 25, 2014

    They playing smart but not being clever They working inequity to achieve vanity but the goodness of jah endureth forever.
    So whosoever digeth a pit shall fall in it.

    How do these guys sleep at night. Aren’t these men to old to be working inequity for vanity.

    Let us hope that when karma comes people won’t say ce mal yo fen mwen

  4. a concerned voter
    June 24, 2014

    Is time that stop in the 2005 election in the st Joseph constuiency when Vince see he was loosing by 200 hundred votes they register people from overseas to come and vote I know of people who are Christian who accepted bribe to come and vote and these people are ten commandments keepers sir it is easy to give voters ID all the money the government is spending all over .Mr Burton if you want help the united nation can offer help in printing the cards the OECS can offer help There is this lady from Canada who been away for the past 40 yes andnnever. Been to Dominica and voted in the sy Joseph constuiency so please follow the laws and be an independent entity while the rich getting rich the poor eating crumbs from the rich table

  5. DualCitizen
    June 24, 2014

    1. About the high number on the voters List:
    Its a Fact that the population of Adult Dominicans living overseas is almost as much as those living on island, many of whom are children. Though they live overseas are still Dominicans and have the right to vote.
    2. UWP brought ZERO legal cases claiming elections irregularities so why the propaganda to attempt to confuse the voters.
    3. There is nothing the commission can do to stop UWP, DLP , DFP, or Pappy from helping their supporters get from Roseau to Morne Jaune OR from Brooklyn NY to Laplaine DA.

  6. Free and Fair
    June 24, 2014

    Gov’t lied to the people. The Electoral Commission lied to the people as well as the Chief Elections Officer. It was the Electoral Commission which recommended, about 9 Years now, changes to the election process. The Commission requested funds from Skerritt’s Govt. to provide Voter ID cards and to clean up the List.

    The Minister of Finance gave no money to the Commission and so blocked them from making the necessary changes, so necessary for FREE and FAIR elections. However, the Commission was forced by Govt. to produce National ID Cards instead. That “Independent” body has lost its “Independence.”

    Who could the Chairman of the Commission fool? Who could the chief Elections Officer fool? We are not your fools. You all have not been truthful to the Dominican people. This stubbornness to implement electoral Reforms means plainly that those guys do not want to facilitate Free and Fair elections. Plain to see.

    How comes you all told us NID would be ready? Now is a different story? Excuses!!! Excuses!!! Producing NID is an OECS project funded by World Bank? But Antigua and Grenada are in the OECS and provided Voter ID cards and carried out re-registration of voters, to ensure FREE and FAIR Elections.

    In Dominica, it is fooling, trickery, fooling, manipulation, inefficiency, incompetence by those guys. Massa day ain’t done.

    A new kind of slavery has enveloped Dominica. Those few with dictatorship trends are doing everything to remain in power. Not to develop Dominica, but to enrich themselves on the backs of poor Dominicans. How Long? Not Long!!!!!!

  7. winston warrington
    June 24, 2014

    Jill, you seem to harbor some hostility toward me. I am entitled to my opinion just as you are to yours. The facts are what they are. You are UWP for the same reason I am not.

  8. dady
    June 24, 2014

    people who believe in the democratic process do not go about shouting and talking like you all do election day they talk using the ballots maybe its time you all talk using ballot paper not your mouths it only bring discord

  9. Barbara Saunders
    June 24, 2014

    Thanks Commission for giving us a detailed account of what transpired at the meeting and to know that it was communicated to the persons attending the meeting the efforts being made to undertake amendments which can be done (legally) immediately, such as removal of deceased persons.

    I have lived through a number of elections which have been won by all three main political parties at different times under the same system.

    I am always puzzled, therefore, by claims that unidentifiable people are being allowed to vote illegally. My experience has been that when I enter the polling station there are agents from the various political parties sitting with their lists. My name is called very loudly, and I see everyone feverishly scanning their lists to ensure that my name appears on the list of electors. the agents are usually people whom I know and more than likely they know me and can match my face to the name. I assume that if they are unable to do so they can raise issue with the person overseeing the voting process. I then enter the polling booth and cast my vote. Incidentally my finger is also marked with indelible ink so it is unlikely, if not impossible that I could go to another polling station to vote.

    By all means if the voters’ list can be sanitised by removing people who are illegally registered, let’s begin the work. Identify the people and the circumstances which render them illegally registered, put forward the objections which is the required legal process and have them removed if the objection is successful.

    For all our sakes and particularly those who do not take time out to inform themselves and analyse situations let us stop making generalised accusations and working unsuspecting and uninformed people into a frenzy and do the work to clean the lists upon which as I said before, (except for new registrations) all the main parties (without exception) have relied and won during past elections.

    • Voice
      June 25, 2014

      Did you read the Electoral Office’s report on the last elections? The polling Officers says that they allowed person to vote, whose identify they could not verify. They reported that they asked the persons to take the oath required by law and therefore their strong recommendations for voter ID cards for the next elections. Are you saying the polling station officers lied?

      • Barbara Saunders
        June 26, 2014


        I am saying nothing of the sort. I was sharing my personal experience and my puzzlement over the loud allegations of unfair elections, but you have one on me there!

        I did not read the report but according to what you are saying and based on my logic, the polling station officers followed the legal procedures provided for dealing with the situation which occurred (and which the law seems to have anticipated). Of course they have a responsibility to recommend measures which will make the voting process more efficient and we all wish there was an easy way to do it legally.

        Did you also read my other observation and do you have any comment, that every single major political party without exception has won the Dominica elections on the same system? In the circumstances since they have all benefitted and lost obviously, from the system in place none has the moral authority to hurl accusations. On the contrary, it should be a collaborative effort to come up with solutions.

  10. A Valley Man
    June 24, 2014

    It would appear everyone in the population of Dominca from the baby in the cradle to the aged on their beds can vote in the Commonwealth of Dominica based on the population from the last census of 70000 people and a voters list of 69 240 registered voters. Can’t the smart people on the electoral commission figure that out? without a clean voters list can there be Free and fair elections. In regards to the complaint by the UWP about the difficulties experienced by certain Registering officers, can the commission confirm whether they have received a letter complaining about a notice which the wife of a former minister in Trafalgar who is a registering officer informing the villages that she is only available for registering only on Tuesdays from 300pm to 600pm but it was observed that laborites could register any day and any time? What have they done about this matter? don’t we have continuous registration for all qualified voters in Dominica?

  11. June 24, 2014

    there is no free and fear election in dominica ….. when i see the name of my grand mother who die 23 years ago still on the voters list i know that there must be some thing wrong…and again i am still seeing my uncle name on the list this uncle die 6 yrs ago so how they can say we got free and fear elections no hosa

    • Big Mouth
      June 25, 2014

      When you stop try to vote for your grandmother who died 23 years ago, elections will be free and fair..

  12. Doc. Love
    June 24, 2014

    I don’t expect the Chairman to tell Dominicans that their has not been free and fair elections under his watch. The Chairman is aware of an email allegedly sent to the Prime Minister by Tony concerning certain shameful actions which should be taken at the Electoral Office. This email has been circulated on radio, facebook and other media outlets, in fact, Dominicans were told, members of the Electoral Commission were given a copy of this damaging email. We must ask, why hasn’t the Chairman address this situation and report to the nation. The Commission is made up of four lawyers and names are called , again, Dominicans are asking, why hasn’t any of those lawyers deny the allegations or even take legal actions to clear their names. Under the circumstances, if the Chairman wants to convince Dominicans that elections are free and fair, prove it. Investigate the email which was allegedly sent by Tony to the Prime Minister and copied to a lawyer member of the Commission and report his findings to the Nation.

      June 25, 2014

      Doc. Love, most times in your blogs, the “their” used in the place of “there”. Check on that Bro. No bad feelings.

      • Doc. Love
        June 25, 2014

        I am not like Skeritt and the Ambassador who claimed to have gone to University, I am like Mr. Lennox Linton, I never went to University.

  13. UWP?
    June 24, 2014

    Wow a different explanation from that of the politicians. Why should politicians seek to mislead we the people on the facts. We are being lead to believe that these members of the commission are supporters of the Government why things aren’t being done, as the opposition wants. Tarnishing the good names of these good men and women is so wrong. No wonder why so many good people stay away from anything to do with politics or work related to Government. We all have our eyes to see and our ears to hear to assist in our decision making for voting who we consider to be the best fit for Dominica at this time.

  14. Ken
    June 24, 2014

    Concerning allegations that the Dominica Labour Party intends to use “illegal practices involving importation of overseas voters” the commissions said that while it was “in fact preparing a position paper on the issue, it had not, as a body, considered the specific issue of overseas voters being brought in by political parties.”

    That is a sad day for Dominica. How will history record this and the Commission’s members?

    • UWP?
      June 24, 2014

      How will it address those who are brought to the poles by various political parties? I see no issue with political parties assisting people to return to Dominica to cast their vote. When one goes in the ballot box, no one knows who she/he voted for. I think it is a way to get Dominicans to exercise their constitutional rights and help build Dominica.

  15. v/case constituency
    June 24, 2014

    I am tired with all that electoral commission nonsense; Now my commonsense tells me to vote for change. That is my revolution.

  16. Massa day will done
    June 24, 2014

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    The Electoral Commssion can no longer FOOL the Dominican people. The Commission is being heavily influenced by political operatives. They cannot deny the famous E-mail.

    The entire world must be alerted about the , in your faces, attempts at stealing, cheating, elections and disregarding the Electoral Laws.

    Remember the Minister of Finance and Govt.’s refusal to give funds to the Electoral Commission, when it recommended reforms. The Commission, almost 9 Years, now requested $$$$$ to produce VOTER ID Cards and to clean up the bloated Voters’ List. All in an effort to ensure FRE and FAIR elections.

    Clearly, nothing has happened but trickery and fooling the people about National ID Cards. Today, NID cards will not be ready for elections. But you all told us a different story that NID cards would be ready. You all forget? OAS and CARICOM recommended also specifically,Voter ID Cards and to clean up the Voters’ List.

    Which Nation, which Govt., which people in any country do not want FREE and FAIR elections? It is the political operatives, with their hidden agenda, it is politicians with dictatorship tendencies who resist Electoral reforms. In Dominica, witness the position, the defence, the actions of those who feel FRE and FAIR elections would prevent the winning legacy of the PM in elections.

    Remember the famous E-mail? Since that time the recommendations for electoral reforms from the Commission, has been Kiboshed, erased, discontinued. That is a serious illegal act, influencing the work of the “Independent” Electoral Commission.

    The focus must be to inform the world about the undemocratic actions of Skerritt and his DLP, in putting a spoke in the wheels of electoral Reforms.

    The Dominican people will stand for nothing less, but FRE and FAIR elections. The whole world will be watching Dominicans’ response to those attempts at denying the people FREE and FAIR elections.

    The international community is on the side of and willing to help us patriots to stop that madness of preventing reforms. The Cabal should not be allowed to cheat, steal or corrupt the election process anymore. STOP the dictatorship trend.

    • UWP?
      June 24, 2014

      Another political bias individual who refuses to use commonsense but rather show political color and insult the good name of people.

    • Anonymous
      June 24, 2014

      Which famous e-mail? What was said in the e-mail? Can you provide a copy of such e-mail?

  17. Ken
    June 24, 2014

    -Alick Lawrence – Member—I rest my case and I have no further questions- thank you.

  18. LISTEN!!!!!
    June 24, 2014

    The commission is aware that we in Dominica did not have free and fair elections in 2009. To the point their efforts to implement Voter ID cards and cleaning of the list which was derailed by Tony is his correspondence to the PM.
    Therefore it is very concerning the utterance from the same commission with no changes electoral reform situation since 2009 and quoted
    ” The Commission reminds the public that the present electoral system has produced free and fair elections in Dominica over several decades and that it is confident that the system is able to continue to do so”

    They certainly don’t have any interest in Free and Fair elections in Dominica…..Time for Demonstration and Revolution.

  19. concerned
    June 24, 2014

    Mr. Electoral Commission Sir, you know for a fact over the past two elections there were blatant irregularities by the labour party, you know the elections were not free and fair why try to fool the people, this election, irregularities has began in our faces do your work as a free agent of the country for the people and let democracy prevail. If UWP wins Let Skerrt shake Linton hands and say well done and If Labour wins Linton should do the same BUT the election must be free and fair.

  20. grell
    June 24, 2014

    This voters list cant be right,Dominica’s population is just about 70.000 thousand and 69.240 is registered to vote,this is mostly people living abroad,corruption and more corruption in this poor country,this commission is a complete fraud also.they are all bought by Skerro,who the hell are you all fooling.

  21. The Baptiste
    June 24, 2014

    Really Mr. Burton!, Could I get a piece of Melville Hall Bridge to buy? This statement suggests to me that the commission appears not to be reading its own reports done after the 2005, and 2009 elections.
    I suppose that you will be telling us next that the commission is independent as required by the constitution. I am awaiting your response, so are many other Dominicans.

  22. June 24, 2014

    This is total bull, saying that election in Dominica is free and fair.

    Saying that cleansing the electoral list is unfair to those many Dominicans residing outside Da their right to vote. What the commission people need to know is that those dominicans residing oversees are not the ones feeling the heat, since many came to Dominica and voted the last election and went back oversees to their merry lives, they are not the ones feeling the heat is we the people on the island feeling it, for who feels it knows it

    Election in dominica is not free and fair, paying us thousands of dollars to vote is not free and fair, after election telling us that they paid for their votes this is not free and fair

    Having all the dead people’s name on the election list is not free and fair, remembered what took place a few years ago where Haitians were caught with list of dead Dominicans name also dominica’s stamp, hello what about that, if they were updating the list these names would have been removed

    Saying that election is free and fair in Dominica is far from being truthful, this is more lies and lies

  23. anonymous2
    June 24, 2014

    Liars and thieves prevail in DA.

  24. vieille case
    June 24, 2014

    revolution time

    • June 24, 2014

      @Vieille Case, I feel you. Let us just hope they are sincere. I do not think anyone should be worried about their vote. Sometimes people vote the person of their choice and the vote goes to someone else, meaning those votes could be redirected. You all better NOT let that happen. CONFIRM YOUR VOTES.

  25. Pondera
    June 24, 2014

    The Electoral Commission is a very important institution of a democratic state. It must appear to be above the political fray at all times. Citizens must feel comfortable with its composition. Members of the commission must have earned the absolute respect of the public as one who is reasonable and reasoned and embody’s values that are consistent to democratic principles. Let us do our very best to keep such institutions insulated from the micro managing of politicians who always have that desire to interfere.

    • UWP?
      June 24, 2014

      You are so right. Whether they are in Govt. or the opposition. This article clearly articulates their position and i have no doubt that there has been free and fair election in Dominica. Some of us are just bent on doing evil to the good names of individuals.

  26. Reader
    June 24, 2014

    Thank you, Electoral Commission, for addressing the matter.

    The reality is that, as long as UWP DOES NOT win elections, it will never be deemed free and fair. Hmmm … I wonder it by some miracle they were to win, would they disagree and say they can’t form the government because the elections were not free and fair. Hmmm

    • Kernita
      June 24, 2014

      Elections from 2000 have cannot be deemed as free and fair. It can NEVER be right and I don’t care which party does for voters to be IMPORTED to vote. How can it be right for people who do not reside in Dominica to determine our future? Don’t worry every rope has its END. My granny always said what is hot will come cold. TIME will TELL

    • Mind your Mind
      June 24, 2014

      A well-read person would think…why doesn’t the electoral commission just enact reform…that way if the UWP loses they can’t point to any discrepancies.

      Or, even better, why can’t the EC just do what they should so that ALL citizens can have confidence in their national institutions?

  27. Papa Dom
    June 24, 2014

    questions electoral commission. Have you address the concerns of the independent observers as noted after the the 2009 elections. How can you claim that a list of 60,000 is not bloated simply on the basis of numbers of Dominicans living abroad? Do you know how many of the thousands have maintained links with Dominica, I.e. have not been out of Dominica in over 5 yrs. I have relatives who are on the list who have never been to Dominica in over 17 yrs.

    • June 24, 2014

      I think cleaning the list should be to re-register EVERY VOTER capable of voting (18 and above). A clean list should not be removing every deceased person. My mother is deceased, not on record back home, I’m pretty sure her name is still on the voter’s list. Mine too. Anyway, I think re-registration of voters is the BEST way to go. The process do not take long. The 60,000 plus people on the Island are not age appropriate to vote. Those of you back home need to VOTE, NOT THE PARTY OF CHOICE, but the PERSON OF CHOICE.


    • UWP?
      June 24, 2014

      And they voted in the last election. :lol:

      • Papa Dom
        June 25, 2014

        Fool! The point is that people like those should not be allowed to come to Dpminica the bay before elections and vote. As far as the law is concerned at this moment in time they should be removed from the list. I might add that it’s not because they cannot afford to come to Dominica because they take holidays to other places buts see day”they throw stone behind their back” when they left Dominica.

    • i love cow meat too!
      June 24, 2014

      @ papa dom then you should take their names with evidence to support your claim and then they can be easily removed from the list. But here is the million dollar question why is it so difficult for the established rules and principles to remove ineligible voters totally cast aside by workers leadership, executive and supporters? Is it because you believe that you may fare better if you could just erase peoples names of the list irrespective of whether they visit the country in the last five years. Quick question does my sister who supports linton and visits once every 3 years as a tourist on a cruise ship not qualify to vote because we do not see her when she visits?

      • Papa Dom
        June 25, 2014

        I too live outside but I’m home every year. I have no idea what you are talking about rules being cast aside by UWP, care to explain?

  28. Grand Bay Yard-fowl
    June 24, 2014


    In my village where I scratch-scratch daily, they care less about reform, voter card or clean-up the list. Since their grand-ma & pa born Labour, they’re prepared to die Labour.

    On a more serious note, our people need to be educated on the governance of the country, know key parts of the constitution and stay abreast with what’s going on in government with all these election hoopla.

    • anonymous2
      June 24, 2014

      Unfortunately they on purpose don’t teach government in the schools. An uneducated, apathetic population is one that they can easily rule. The laws of ‘distraction’ apply.

    • June 24, 2014

      I feel you too. The people get educated daily. The PRICE HIKE on EVERYTHING EXCEPT their INCOME is EDUCATION. The constitution, the law, etcetera, are all MINOR ISSUES.



  29. June 24, 2014

    Mr. Gerald D Barton(chairman) and Steven La Rocque ( chief election officer) if we have a population of 70,000 people in Dominica and as of June 20, 2014 the voters list is at 69,240 a difference of 76 persons what is going on we need you to explain that . WE NEED CHANGE IN DA !
    All the time DLP party as well as Mr.Burton spoke about National ID Card now he is saying any ID Cards will take another 2 years, with that in mind why should we believe they are taking any steps to clean the list
    That office is the stepping stone to our Democracy so why are they so hell bent on destroying Democracy in Dominica.

    • June 24, 2014


    • winston warrington
      June 24, 2014

      Whereas the population of Dominica is currently 70,000, it was not always so. Dominicans migrate at a rate of 1,000 per year which over an eighteen year period would account for 18,000 voters living abroad, as an example. The total number of voters who participated in the 2005 and 2009 elections were identical. 37,913 people voted in each election regardless of who were flown in or bought. What is interesting is that an increase of votes by 2,794 for labor was countered by a loss of 3,864 for UWP. It is quite obvious that the legality of the voters list is not at issue.

      • Anonymous
        June 24, 2014

        Of the 38,000 voters how many were overseas voters
        I find it troubling that such a large number of Dominicans
        Living abroad would come home to vote. Most of them spend
        Approx 7-21 days out of 365 days in a year at home, this just
        Don’t seem ethical. Just my view. I go home every 2 to 3 years depending on my finances how does one justify this.
        Let the people who live there decide their faith it’s only fair.
        We just need to look at our conscience.

      • Jill
        June 24, 2014

        Winston someone has told you before to stay in Philly and monitor the weather forecast instead of posting your name and silly messages like a Mr. know it all. You don’t know what you are talking about Mr. ‘Smart’ guy. What will it take for you to understand that Mr?

  30. 13337
    June 24, 2014

    well i’m not d/can and i can vote…

    • June 24, 2014

      @13337 How can YOU VOTE if YOU are NOT A DOMINICAN?

      What the hell is going on?

      • 13337
        June 25, 2014

        alas, you do not even know… you don’t have to be born in d/ca to be able to vote -_-

  31. Lougaoo Mem
    June 24, 2014

    Bottom’s up! What a joke to remind the public that the present electoral system has produce free and fair elections in Dominica over several decades. Now the statements made, tell a great deal on where the commission stands as far as free and fair election for Dominica goes.

    It clearly demonstrates that this is not an independent body as prescribe by the constitution of the land. It also tells us that it does not want to follow the paths of Antigua and all the civilized countries that believe in true democracy. The actions displayed is one that facilitates the re-election of the incumbent.

  32. Born Canefield
    June 24, 2014

    so y is uwp telling ppl to come down to vote for :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • Anonymous
      June 24, 2014

      @Born Canefield you all must stop misleading people. In UWP’s message while travelling they keep saying as long as you meet the requirements to vote that are not against people returning home to do so. (not viki vi and bribery) Stop being evil and misleading.

  33. Red clinic option
    June 24, 2014

    It’s about time they start informing the public who can read.

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