Green concerned about rumours of snap general elections

UWP political leader Ron Green

Political Leader of the United Workers Party Ron Green is raising concern over what he says is the possibility of the  Dominica Labour Party calling snap general elections anytime from now, in their bid to wipe out a number of court matters which they face.

Green, who was speaking at the seventh session of the People’s Parliament in the Kalinago Territory last night, said that snap elections is one of the newest threats to Dominica’s democracy.

“There is a new threat and we have seen signs of it…Yesterday, more signs again in Laplaine – and this new threat is the possibility brothers and sisters of a snap general elections being called by the Skerrit-led Labour Party in the next few weeks or months,” he said.

“A snap general elections to do what? Just one year ago we had general elections. They claimed 18-3 – a resounding victory. Why would they be considering a snap general election now? The main reason would be in an attempt to wipe out the court cases that we have right now – the case of allegations, the case of allegiance to France of the prime minister …and Petter Saint Jean. The case of bribery that we have in the court, the case of unfair access to state media. All of these matters we are told by our lawyers if there is a snap general elections they will be wiped out of the court,” he added.

He urged supporters to be on their guard “because overall our country is in bad shape.”

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  1. We the People
    February 9, 2011

    Would anyone be suprised to know that UWP is the source of this Rumour which the UWP leader is concerned about?

    I think not!

  2. Patat
    January 30, 2011

    Boy if is one man I know that does read every post of Patat on DNO is one Mr. Green.

    I not lying but I does make one Mr. Green spend plenty money on cell phone calls an call plenty emergency meetings.

    If is one thing , UWP does not take chances when Patat post something.

    When Skerrit make patat a Senator in d House after d April 2011 election and put Patat a Minister is then all you will know the election rumor was true.

  3. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    January 30, 2011

    Party calling snap general elections anytime from now, in their bid to wipe out a number of court matters which they face.( Ron Green)

    I am convinced that Green has probably gone mad!

    I do not see how calling a snap general election will wipe out any court matters pending in the courts of Dominica!

    And beside Green should be happy that a snap election would be called since he believes he was robbed in his constituency, this snap election should give him a chance to become prime minister for one day in his life since that is his ultimate goal.

    Ron, it is all over for you politically!

    Play senator, as you are allowed to right now, however, by the time the secession is over, you will have to face the reality that you will be so senile; by then Edison, Spags, and the UWP, will declare you redundant!


    Go home Ron, go home!

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Camille
      January 31, 2011

      Francisco are you in Dominica? What do you know? Stop flapping you shutters. Maybe you are in Wesley and causing all that crime there How comes you were not at the peace conference? Is that you I saw selling that basket of bread by the street last week?

      Keep quiet we all know that you are in California. Shut the … up.

  4. Pedro
    January 30, 2011

    The Dominican people are ready for new elections since it is clean, free and fair. We have seen the next level and we do not like it. We are afraid of it.

  5. Surprise
    January 30, 2011

    I read an earlier comment where a reader said that the comments posted here can in no way help to shape policy in Dominica. I beg to differ with that person. My analysis of the commentators on this board concluded that there are many persons who write bull-crap, many who will support their party with poisonous venom regardless of whether the position taken is popular or not.

    However, many others provide sound and intelligent advice lending towards healing of the nation. If our leaders take time to read the comments they will definitely learn about their negative ways, shortcomings and errors.

    This goes for both government and opposition. From time to time government ministers and opposition leaders make rash and irresponsible statements and are criticised constructively, maliciously and negatively. What needs to be done is to read the comments with a sifter in order to pick sense of out nonesense and positive from the negatives.

    • The truth
      January 31, 2011

      Love your statement. Wish there was more Dominicans like u out there. Right now when I read I feel like some of us just have no sense. And I feel a bit ashamed to be honest. And as for politics, I think Ron and his party should really come here with some policies and stop attacking skerrit. Build his party and show his future for Dominica. How he going to bring us there rather than just saying stuff every week. If his statement are true he should take them to court and then tell the public. We need positive criticism and positive debates. Only then, when Ron calm down and keep. Hallenhing for open debates we will ge the plans for the country. And live tv debates would do just fine

  6. Surprise
    January 30, 2011

    New elections was one of the demands of the UWP right after the last general elections. The UWP had complained about election fraud, bribery and other charges harboring on the elections not being free and fair.

    So if there are rumors of a snap election being called the UWP should be happy for that because this they had asked for.

    The best thing for the UWP to do right know is to rally for the government to implement the electoral reform recommendations made by the Caribbean observer group that monitored the last elections i.e purge and generate a new voters list and assign ID cards to voters.

    If the government fails to do so then Mr. Green, his party and his supporters will have a legitimate complain and will have the backing of the Caribbean community and others. They the UWP will have every right to not only protest but to boycott the elections entirely.

    Then if the government proceeds with the elections which ofcourse the Labor party will be the defacto winner, then a constitutional crisis will follow. Therefore, if the UWP really believes that a snap election is in the making they should immediately start doing their home work and stop bickering.

  7. Jaime Lewis
    January 30, 2011

    What if the PM calls snap elections, will other parties be ready? For months now the UWP has been talking and talking about the last elections and their court cases. How is the party getting ready for the next elections, whether or not they are this year, or in 4 years time? What is the level of organization? Do they have candidates in each constituency? Are they running leadership development programs and seminars to build their leadership skills? Are they on the ground listening to peoples ideas for moving the country forward? Are they developing their website to keep people informed of their work? Have they reached out to the Diaspora to assist with projects? The opposition parties need to pull up their sleeves, put on some heavy duty boots, and start stomping the ground. Get ready …dont get caught with their pants down.

  8. sad dominican
    January 29, 2011

    well all i know my parl rep is ready to be Prime Minister, Spags my boy or should i say Mr Pm

  9. 007
    January 29, 2011

    Ron plz put country before self and stop making a fool of yourself for damn big man!

  10. Good old Ron
    January 29, 2011

    What will the UWP campaign slogan be Ron? ‘Taking Dominica to the next level of idiocy?

  11. The truth
    January 29, 2011

    I just wish that they would just get on with bein opposition leaders. Stop making allegations and if you do, take it to court rather than exposing it in public first. Build your party and hold elections. It’s obvious to everyone in Dca and the diaspora that skerrit n dlp is the more popular party in Dca. Not that I support em but I’m just a fair person. It’s the truth.

    Uwp concentrate too much on making skerrit look bad that they lookin like fools themselves. And skerrit is actually looking great! I mean plan and build good policies. That good politics. Not slandering. I want to hear policies, I want maps and roads for the future. How the people getting jobs after education and how the tourism and agriculture going to grow and be revitalized.

    That’s politics. No he say she say they say and then we all say and hey hey.

    Both uwp and dlp killing the country with this sh*t!

  12. laplaine massive
    January 29, 2011

    I’ve know mr. green since i was a kid, always liked him. Always gave me a ride when he would meet me on the road, but i’m a strong supported of the DLP. Mr. Green is a good man, and great man but not a smart /good politician that’s the reason i don’t support him. He move to slow.

  13. looking
    January 29, 2011

    Would recommend Dominica go back to Colonial Rule….Dominicans are too backward in thinking
    even if God appears dominicans are way to Blind..and will remain in mind set of darkness….

  14. citizen kane
    January 29, 2011

    Dominicans have regected the uwp so what if a snap elections called now UWP will still lose.You all are a waste of human resourses and really need to be rejected.When you have that crook computer hacker telling lies,Angello and Matt putting blows on police before they condem the coward act of the uwp what do you expect.They put troble in the country and now they can’t control thier agents.Ron and that megallo maniac Edison Jame you all are expired politicians not even that drug dealing Blessings can save all you now.Blessing call people criminals.Please ask him how many peoples children he spoiled with his criminal act in St.Joseph?Yet Uwp has him as thier psychology proffessor.I really wish Skerrit call the elections for true.he will still win.

  15. real possie
    January 29, 2011

    Do i think it might happen it might would i blame the pm for doing it mabe not ask your self this if
    it was ron would he not do the same thing i think he would.It was out there the pm had two passports
    the people still voted him in.the thing is the pm is the best one for the job rite now if he was doing a
    bad job would say he would have to go i would but how can i ask him to step down when the ones
    fighting to take the job cant tell me what better they would do how can back u when u cant hold a true and propper dialect with the people do ilke all the pm do no i dont take for instance the money,
    they want to spend on the house for that man 40 mill i think they should not do that it should be used in other avenue’s but not one word from u what about the boats still in portsmouth bay front
    or the people that have to move from government land but no u worry about snap election.

  16. Democratic lover
    January 29, 2011

    Once again the UWP is going to be outmanouvered. They have been asking for fresh elections they are going to get it. Question wil they be caught unprepared again.

  17. Ron and Eddie [email protected]/!ing in the same hole!
    January 29, 2011

    Eddison talks assination attempt. Ron talks snap elections! Two lopsided men. What happened in La Plained to give Ron indocations of a pending snap election? Mr. St. Jean is not even in the country! Just now Ron will see monkeys climbing his walls. Such entrenched paraonioa. And guess what? He wants to put that same crap into the few remaining UWP supporters!

    Two useless men!

  18. jupiter
    January 29, 2011

    If i was Mr.Green,i would think before saying.It has happened before and to all the opposition members.What if that is a lie? how will you feel Mr. Green? I feel sorry for you when you come under fire for making these silly comments.I remember reading something from SPRAGHETTI JOHN and 20 minutes later,the matter was cleared because he misunderstood the statement.I think there is an insider feeding you guys with rubbish,just to make you guys tick and clown about.It is foolish to jump to everything you hear.I feel sorry for the UWP clan.In all honesty,i cannot vote you guys…. what will i be doing?You guys are indeceisive and troubled,i feel hatred and anger,fear and venom.It is really not nice to read all those premature statements and interuption of peace in this lovely country.Mr.Green,let the others open their clappers,but you don’t say another word,because comments i read after your statements,makes me very sad.Choose your words carefully and wisely. Maybe retire.

  19. The truth
    January 29, 2011

    So fed up of Dca politics. It’s been two years of allegations. So fed up. Spend time on building your party and their plans for the country. Reveal them. Drill it in people’s heads. Then say it over and over like the allegations. Show your map for the future. If you did that from since u lost then snap elections would be fine by u. The more u attack skerrit, the more popular u make him. Just leave the man alone and concentrate on you plans. Build something worth voting for.

    The more u allege things, the worse your party looks. Actually looking uneducated right now Ron.

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2011

      verry good advice the uwp should get ready for election and asked Skerrit to call it next mounth,strong oppsition fairs no elections

    • hmm
      January 29, 2011

      you make some sense but if you were clever dont you see nothing works in dominica once a country is corrupted is keeps a cloud of ignornace and negative growth…so cant serve to masters bro…thats why dominica has excelled in being a double standard island….are you spirtual if something is wrong you cant case it aside for being right…

      its only in dominica he could be still in office…is shows that dominicans dont care too much they settle for less at all sectors once they get a bite either small.medium or big thats all…

      dominica and dominicans dont set high goals and hold foilks and institutions accountable..

      jhow you expect a island to excell when one senior counsel runs the show..keeps the slavery aspect still alive in terms of misleading and keeping your minds set to please his cause..

      dominican lacks any depth at all..their proffessionals dont have any class, many policy makers dont care much about how upper levels is like a animal farm..

      look at more spin issues your so called illegal PM speaks about hotel for crew to be close by and lobg drive to Roseau but yet the hotel is moved to Portsmouth without no statement of truth and facts to the people,all they do is just say thank God…

      i would NEVER NEVER encourage anyone with investments plans to every show interest in Dominica as Dominicans are real and they dont stand for Justice….this island is a place for retired folks from UK and US…..Dominica is not heatly in any aspects thats a fact take it to the Bank!

  20. Asking???
    January 29, 2011

    Will Dominica become like Tunisia or Egypt? Is this what the UWPwee wants? :-D

  21. the wise old owl
    January 28, 2011

    so tell me if the so call LAY-BA party wins the general election 18-3
    what is the fair of another bar,or general election?

    1. is it that you all went through the red hot city (hell) to win the election?

    2. oh that’s the only reason!

    oh and now the man playing like he mad,
    so give ron a break he knows what he speaking off
    i think you all need to pay more attention to the LAY-BA party
    and their secret meetings and a certain minister that they never inviting.

    Psalms 109.1-4

    1 Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise;
    2 For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue.
    3 They compassed me about also with words of hatred; and fought against me without a cause.
    4 For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer.

  22. patti
    January 28, 2011


  23. Megzoe
    January 28, 2011

    What would happen if by some miracle the real identities of those who post on this site are revealed. The great majority of them would never return to post on this site. It is just pure fantasy and none of what is posted here can niether change nor shape policy in Dominica. All it does is let the outside world in on our way of thinking. No one cares because everyone is in hiding behind a fictitious name.

    One bad thing is that some get too emotional. What we say here can not bring down the government or be used in a court of law.

  24. Tomas
    January 28, 2011

    Ron, you have out-played Edison in this scene! Take your bow! BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!

  25. Coocoo
    January 28, 2011

    You people are taking note of what is going on around, you see Egyptians are standing up, America is on their side….

    Well let’s sit on our laurels and criticize Ron Green from now till Kingdom come, this is not going to change a thing.

    The country is being governed poorly, health care in crisis, unemployment on its all time high, tourism is not promising, services are nowhere, agriculture has been burried, drugs and violence is increasing, our justice system is questionable and our democracy is under attack. Yet we sit and criticize Ron for simply speaking out loud of some disturbing rumour.

    Burry all you head as deep as all you would like in the sand, and support stupidness for no real reason and turn around tomorrow when things not working out and blame everyone and everything else but yourselves.

    Dominicans are wicked for themselves and most importantly their children.

    • reply coocoo
      January 29, 2011

      you are a FOOL and you will remain a FOOL :roll:

    • Disney Land
      January 30, 2011

      “health care in crisis, unemployment on its all time high,services are nowhere drugs and violence is increasing, our justice system is questionable” America have these same problems. Mubarak the Authoritarian has been supported by America for decades, receive $1.3 billion in aid

  26. seek
    January 28, 2011

    elections snap or in before 2015 or in 2015…doesnt make much of a difference dominicans are patrotic at all..they care about a young PM giving them hands outs and keeping the upper class system up…

    Dominica will never be a fore runner in the caribbean….thats why no Major Investor will ever embark on anything Large scale in Dominica…

    the ignorance level is so damm High in Dominica..the churches are uphold it as being spirtual..

    its a major struggle to clean Dominica up…all i repeat all their sectors have major issue when it comes to standards and accountability….its a massive Joke…

    so the wise thing is dont fuss and leave Dominica and Dominicans in the beloved Corruption which they cherish till Death……Best advice and its on its way folks who are for clean and justice aspects is to migrate to areas both in the caribbean and further out…where the rule of law and standards are practice and justic is dealt with when its being breach..

    Lennox is just wasting his precious time every saturday preaching nothing will ever come out of what he is doing as the citizens are too timid cowards and only hide behind the comfort of their homes to call….

    Lennox please dont waste your time,Dominicans dislike folks who try to bring light to darkness!!

    And thats a fact…..Labour will still beat the weak insitutions in Dominica to gain Power all the time

    Just too much talking on radio…..need a radical wing to remove this corrupted Labour Regime

  27. whistler
    January 28, 2011

    Ron im a UWP backer…but thats totaly rubbish you all moving with…dont be always be caught catching colds everytime…….

    its wise to wait…when its dissolved then you hit the Massive Blow to kick Corrupted Labour out..
    do you ground work quietly inside….Be smart and stop being mislead by what you think is his options learn to be a clever and wise mover!!

  28. Speak the Truth always
    January 28, 2011

    You all may spew hatred of Ron as you wish but Dominica has never seen a ‘Leader’ now illegal, like Skerritt holding high office who is consistently embroiled in so many controversial illegal acts. Skerritt could never possess the honesty, integrity, capability and wisdom of Ron. Where in Dominica’s history that a leader has lied so often to his people? When in Dominica has it been proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that a leader has used Public Office to gain so much wealth in so quick a time? Who OWNS the VILLAS? RON? SKERRITT? BUBBLES? YOU? MALIN? So stop running away from the truth.

    First time in Dominica’s history we are witnessing an ILLEGAL LEADER of the country because of him disobeying the law on NOMINATION DAY. Skerritt knew all along that he possessed DUAL CITIZENSHIP, yet he deliberately entered the race, LIED to the T, even boasting that NO LAW, NO CONSTITUTION, NO LAWYER could PREVENT him from being NOMINATED. That illegal Leader filled a Nomination Form, took his time, read the instructions, must have read that he could be fined and/or jailed for LYING on that Form, yet LIED to the Electoral Commission, Dominicans and the world. SKerritt and his mouthpiece are now trying all kinds of tactics, all kinds of political interference, aided and abetted by some persons in the Judicial System to turn and twist the facts and the court.

    No right- thinking Dominicans should be surprised at the attitudes of some of our fellow men and women to attempt to demonise the messenger. Some will chastise and do not even want people to speak against those corrupt practices. Skerrit and his cohorts will try anything to put a SPOKE in the WHEEL of JUSTICE. That DUAL CITIZENSHIP case is a classic. That case is HISTORIC and Dominicans must keep their EYES and EARS wide OPEN. All Dominicans know that Skerritt did possess a FRENCH PASSPORT, so he had allegiance to a foreign country at the time and disrespected the Law BIG TIME. Have you all heard Ron in any of those irresponsible, controversial acts that Skerritt is involved in? I could name a TON of illegalities that Skerritt has been involved in directly or indirectly. The truth is a stubborn thing to accept. Speak the truth. Let the Truth set you all Free.

  29. Nessa
    January 28, 2011

    I don’t really care much for what anyone says about Skerritt – but i must say, that man has some brains! He has outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the UWP. He is a survivor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much Skerritt does, it’s always the UWP who comes out looking the weaker party!

    Skerritt says nothing, and the UWP makes asses of themselves.

    Skerritt speaks, and the UWP still make asses of themselves.

    So….. one of the most important lessons which I am taking out of this – Skerritt is a powerful man, who seems to have gotten his strength on the back of the UWP.

    It’s like the game of survivor – you don’t need to be the strongest, most physical person… you need to also play a social game, and by the looks of it, the 18-3 was the social game.

    It seems that Skerro is working the people while the UWP is trying to work Skerro!!!

    But at the end of the day – Skerro cannot make the UWP win elections, it’s the people!

    • Hugo Grotius
      January 29, 2011

      You have it all wrong, skerrit is not powerful because of uwp, you should be asking what kind of people we have in Dominica to support such immorality & corruption in Government. Where in the western world u can hear a prime minister getting away with so much nonsense, spending tax payers money for night landing, NO LIGHT LANDING, having dual-citizenship and not resigning, just because we have some people receiving handouts whether it is jobs or favors they all quiet, u see why we are the second poorest in the OECS.

      • anonymous
        January 30, 2011

        Ron had dual citizenship, why did he not resign? He is now the political leader of the UWP.

  30. LUCY
    January 28, 2011


  31. Ron is Correct
    January 28, 2011

    what Ron said is true. gov’t officials called the chief electoral officer and asked her to get ready for another general election.

    • anonymous
      January 30, 2011


  32. concern/dominican
    January 28, 2011

    Im suggesting to Green/ UWP and DFP dont concern yourselves just get boots on the ground get yourselves in position go out and preach the messages of electorial reform ID cards and the level of crime and corruption on the Island plus much more issues out there go to all the villages and above all telll us Dominicans what your parties can do to change things around you all cannot run for election just on the fact PM had a french citizennship when he ran for election you all have to do better than that get moving do your own research.
    I also believe after the election if at all it does take place both parites should consider joining as one it’s time that both parties know that seperately they will not make it puting Dominica and its peoples first we the Dominican people deserve a better and stronger Oppersition party make one party from all those who get elected from both side and form a new Opposition party and once and for all deal with the matters that are plaguing our lovely Dominica.
    As Dominicans we have to realized that corruption have reached in every GOVT institutions and some private businesses on the Island and we should not be surprised that the COURTS and the court system is included the Justices and some Magistrates all of which believe they can do as they want dragging out cases for years which is ridiculous all of that got to stop.
    UWP and DFP come together and make one Opposition party because now that Mr.James have resigned this being his last term he was the only person so far to get under the PM and his party skins you have to find someone as strong or even stronger to carry on the job of keeping the GOVT on their toes
    .I am fed up of what is going on on the island today I am even wary as Canival will soon be here what can happen God help us as everyone goes out and have a wonderful time without any inccident

  33. Jackass spotter
    January 28, 2011

    Thank you Ron. After a long hard week this is the first time I’ve had such a hearty laugh. The only problem though is I”ve laughed so much I now need to change me clothes.

    You are the best and you’re getting better. Have you ever thought of hosting your own stand up comedy show? :lol:

    • John Brown
      January 28, 2011

      now that’s funny

  34. salop
    January 28, 2011

    What madness can this man come out with again before this man family can get him to a mad doctor for help.The brother pressure waaaaay up.

  35. la plaine man
    January 28, 2011

    this guy ron green is a dangerous desperate dirty, words are not even enough to describe this idiot.

    • Fei
      January 29, 2011

      Yes Petter St.Jean-

      • Anonymous
        January 29, 2011

        Fei do u think petter is gonna take is precious time and comment on this madness u know nothing about thiis man peter u wanna know about him give me ur num and I will call u from the us

  36. Q95
    January 28, 2011


    January 28, 2011


    January 28, 2011

    Hey DNO Readers, why is Ron Green poking me on Facebook? What’s up Ron, what are you saying?

  39. Dominica sanitizer
    January 28, 2011

    Not in one million years I would have believed Dominicans were so BACKWARD in their thinking if I was not reading what I am reading on DNO. If someone had told me so I would be really vex and tell them do not insult my people, but ALAS! After reading the things I am reading here, I feel nothing but shame and pity… Mr. Green I hope all you will be ready this time. I knee UWP do not have money to buy votes and transport people like Labor party, but you guys need to do better than you did last time around. I will not tell all you to go and sell all you soul like the labor party did for money, and I know Dominican like miete, but the country is in trouble, real trouble, so come up with a winning strategy please! The first time UWP won people got together and got rid of what was perceived to be a common enemy. (Freedom Party) This time we had a real and dangerous enemy Roosevelt Maddard Skerritt & Tony Astaphans & Charles Saverin’ the axis of evil.. They are taking over beloved Dominica to hell in a hand basket.

    • soloved!
      January 29, 2011


    • Q95
      January 30, 2011


  40. Anonymous
    January 28, 2011

    I think Ron is getting senile for real!

  41. mouth of the south
    January 28, 2011

    blah blah blah,,,, the question is whether labourites would go to the polls if indeed a snap election is called,,,,,in our good conscience would u all go to the polls to vote if indeed such occured????

  42. Ibn Gabrioli
    January 28, 2011

    Of great concern is the lack of hard news coming from the latest round of the People’s Parliament. Increasingly, this attempt purporting to promote the people’s involvement in their governance at the grass roots level, is proving to be an exercise in hopelessness.

    Seriously, the UWP needs to act in ways that position itself as a viable alternative if Labor’s rule suddenly becomes untenable.

    For all its recent tactics, the UWP leadership is aiming to make Dominica ungovernable under the current Labor regime. The UWP therefore owes it to the populace to be ready to hit the ground running were it to become the government of the day.

    Truth be told, Mr. Green called for new elections in 18 months time, right after the 2009 December polls, if only to legitimize Labor’s 18-3 win. Or more significantly to show the UWP could win in a “fair” fight.

    Now, one would think the UWP, driven as it is to unseat Labor at any cost, would have done the necessary soul searching to find out what really caused such a bruising 18-3 loss; then strategically rebuild, prepare and plan for Mr. Green’s predicted snap elections.

    Regardless of some of the weaknesses and inefficiencies in our political system, it is the prerogative of the PM to call snap elections when he deems fit. It is one of those unintended consequences of our democracy. And several of our leaders have used this strategy as an inherent part of our political system.

    Supposing a snap election was called, Labor wins and the civil questions before the Court that Mr. Green alludes to becomes moot, can not the UWP pursue criminal charges (on summary) against the PM and St. Jean for “knowingly lying” about their dual citizen status while filing their nomination papers?

    The UWP would still get its proverbial pound of flesh.

    On the other hand, even if the Court rules against Mr. Skerrit et al in the pending cases, both men would naturally appeal. This very process would be long and tedious. It would delay any action directed by the Court, unless it rules that both men vacate their office and by-elections be called with immediate effect.

    Sympathy for Mr. Skerrit would increase; his stature and popularity would hit the stratosphere, given the broad acceptance and support Skerrit holds among the masses, especially with the less fortunate.

    The appeals would run their course, possibly for the life of the current Labor government. Mr. Skerrit may be bruised, but I suspect, unbowed. He may even become more embolden. Now that he no longer holds French citizenship, he is free to contest the elections in 2015, and still lead Labor in trouncing the UWP a third time in a row.

    What would the UPW do next?

    • hope
      January 29, 2011

      :lol: this is interesting…………

  43. Possie Man
    January 28, 2011

    Ron Green and his party have consistently said that the 2009 general elections was a fraudulent one and that the Labour Party led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit used illegal means (bribery, corruption, fraud etc etc) to get elected to power. They and their mouth pieces on Q have been singing that tune for more than a year now. They were even rewarded with “personalities of the year” status for keeping the bribery and corruption refrain alive in 2010.

    Shouldn’t Ron be happy that the illegality he has been complaining about is being corrected? That is, if what Ron Green is now saying is true. Shouldn’t he/they be happy that the wrongful election of Prime Minister Skerrit, Ambrose George, Kelva Darroux, Ashton Graneau, Gloria Shillingford etc they so vociferously spoke about and opposed is being corrected?

    You see Ron Green and his bunch of political mal-contents does not want to see any thing corrected. What they want and are aiming at is to ensure that Prime MInister Skerrit is sent to prison. So that with Skerrit out of the way they believe their chances of winning would be greatly improved.

    Mr. Ron Green, stop making a damn fool of yourself. Any political commentator will tell you that there is no reason for Prime Minister Skerrit to call elections now. There are a number of reasons for that.
    1. Despite you and your party’s unbridled charge against the name and character of Priime Minister Skerrit, he still commands the love and admiration of the vast majority of the Dominican public – more than 61% in the last general elections. What do you have to indicate that that support base has been eroded? Your party’s 24-7 media bashing of the Prime Minister and everyone else who care to offer a word of support in his favor has not landed you all the desired results. Your efforts at winning the people’s heart continue to be frustrated despite “people’s parliament” no. 7.

    2. There are too many government projects in the pipeline for which they willl most certainly benefiit from to call elections now knowing fully well that in two years time all of the major projects already on stream would be completed. Some of these include; West Coast road’ West Coast water (Salisbury to Capuchin), Airport Road Phase 2, Hotel at Marigot, Portsmouth Fisheries Complex (now nearing completion), New State House, New College Campus, New schools at Thibaud, Newtown, New Houises for Roseau, improvement to Roseau Roads, a new exit bridge on the Roseau River (the bridge that is going nowhere Ron and them say) etc etc)

    3. The opposition really is not serious about what is being reported. Their real plan is to speak to certain elements among their supporters who could create a situation of social dysfunction where it will become ungovernable for the governmenmt and so set the stage for anarchy and chaos. Remember when Eddy spoke last week about not being involved in any plans to over throw the government, he was actually speaking in parables directly to these people who he believe can be pursuadedd to take up arms against the government. hear them on Q everyday. Watch that man. watch old man Eddy

    In 2009, the opposition spoke about their readiness for general elections and they dared the PM. When the announcement came those who were making up their faces simply could not control the brush. Others led by the UWP have been crying foul to this day.

    So Ron again stop living in the political doldrums. You are more intelligent than that. Stop behaving as though you do not have common sense. Realise that it is the UWP that rushed to the polls more than six months before elections was due and they lost irrespective of “tout par tout”. Skerrit went 9 months before and has left you weeping more than a year later. Just one year later, he certainly has no plan to send you to your political graveyard before 2014. You and Eddo are his best political assets now. Any astute business man knows that an asset has to be exploited to the fullest. You were rejected by Eddo and now you are his best chance for coming back to government. Can you imagine that?

    January 28, 2011


  45. John Brown
    January 28, 2011

    You said the last election was a fraud and you called for fresh election, so what’s the problem? You don’t want your seat back? Look at it this way Mr.GREEN, Snap election would be in your favour, no time to fly in the thousand and thousand of PHANTOM DLP voters, UWP must win.

    Mr Green your statement reeks of lacking confidence in winning a snap election, why? Dosesn’t every one know like you said this government is no good and corrupt? This will be a cakewalk, YES?

    Cheer up, why the long face? Let me be the first to congratulate you on winning back your seat and becoming PM. Three cheers for the Mr Green! Heep, heep, Hooray! Heep, heep, Hooray! Heep, heep, Hooray.

    • Fei
      January 29, 2011

      Shut your AXXXXXX%%%%%%%S up

    January 28, 2011

    Esquire;… as funny as it may sound i hope Green takes heed to your advise…lol

    that’s why i love my people so…..they never seize to amaze me..

    DNO…. has to be the website of the century…

  47. Megzoe
    January 28, 2011

    Some people express a lot of undemocratic sentiments. For many on this forum, the best thing for Dominica would be a one-party state. Meaning no one but Labourites should have any say. Those very same people when you take a look at their situation, the poor in Haiti are better off than them. They have nothing but yet want to crucify people who criticise the wrong doings of the government.

    Give me a break!! Some of them operate just like “Mooton Batalie” and the rest like Sol – A fish with both eyes on the same side of its head. The few who post on DNO are not even capable to discern right from wrong or fact from fable. I call on the Father forgive them for they don’t know better.

    • Anonymous
      January 28, 2011

      Hold your skin MEGZOE!

      I support the government but do not think that we should have a one party state!

      Contrary to what you think not all Labourites are beggars nor dirt poor. I happen to have a masters degree, my own house and vehicle. So come again with your bullsheeet about situation worst than people in Haiti.
      Stop making such generalized, stereotypical statements!

      • Megzoe
        January 28, 2011

        A- non-ymous:

        Let whom the cap fit wear it. But even with a masters degree you don’t comprehend. I said some people; therefore if you one of them, then too bad for you.

    • soloved!
      January 28, 2011

      Thats what ron wanted right, so what is he talking about? i belive ron will be very mad if that would happen because that would be the end of UWP! but yet and again thses people really don’t give a KUCF about the people of DA! if i were to tell you that am so ashame at what thses people are doing to da! but god knows best

    • Magwaysar
      January 29, 2011

      Megzoe, I think you should be happy for having your say. Since Labour Party beat Workers 18 – 3, you all have been talking. Blah, blah, blah. You even want to shut up Labourites too. I did not know talking was for only UWP. Since Labourites respond all you vex. One thing all you won’t do is shut up Labourites. We are proud, strong and united behind Roosevelt Skerrit. Who vex, get lost.

    • Jay
      January 29, 2011

      Nonesense, the majority of the people who voted the DLP are not the ones you hear everday running their mouths. But you hear all those who voted the UWP. Many of us criticize some of the actions of the DLP, but if a snap election were to be called today what alternative do we have? Be honest and compare notes; the better party is still the DLP!!!

      • Anonymous
        January 31, 2011


        You are the one who cannot even comprehend! Your hands typed the following;
        “Those very same people when you take a look at their situation, the poor in Haiti are better off than them.”

        Since I am one of those people who support the party on DNO I responded. Would it be fair to you to say that all those who support UWP are just power hungry and greedy people? No it would not! So next time when you are making your comment try not to stereotype.

  48. Vex
    January 28, 2011

    sa pa Young Bull ki fou but Ron Green. The man is gettin senile.

  49. Red-Antz
    January 28, 2011

    Fabrications of a mind void of logic and reason, weary of the illusions of his own making, dilusional. green apparently doesn’t listen to himself nor can he possibly have much faith in the things he says. clearly his are the ramblings of a mad man knowing defeat yet refusing to accept it, holding on by a straw. green bow out gracefully while u maybe still can and save yourself a trip to psychiatric.

  50. mouth of the west
    January 28, 2011

    WELL WELL….that means soon red clinic will be back! i have my price for my vote! my DSC bill not paying it self!! So ron and skerrit lets negotiate!! may the highest bidder win!

    • me
      January 28, 2011

      too funny

  51. Hmmm?
    January 28, 2011

    Ok fine, it’s an allegation. But it sounds like one of concern. Yet you mean to tell me that this is how it is brought to the public? Through people’s parliament that 3/4 of Dominicans know nothing about?

    Afterall… When will these people step up and realize that this sluggish and then confrontational attitude is not helping people to make right decisions? Just last week a meeting was held in town, why wasn’t this discussed fully so that people could understand the concept of snap elections and what the implications could be in light of the issues facing the government?

    Awa for us. Awa… Where Sprags? Sprrraaaagggssss… Say Something.

    January 28, 2011


    • sad story
      January 29, 2011

      im green supose to be happy for the snap election.y are they cryin on the radio everyday?i thought it was to get p.m out.this tels me wit all the loud speakers everyday on Q,the uwp are still not ready to lead dominica.


  53. AC
    January 28, 2011

    I hope this is not true. If it is, then many of the allegations against the prime minister would gain credibility. The Prime Minister is outsmarting the opposition. That may be good for him, but general elections at this time would not only hurt the opposition, it would indicate how gullible the Dominican electorate has become. He has the opposition by the balls, but of more concern, an election now would indicate that he has the voting public in a strangle hold. That’s what happens when there is no opposition. The leader is free to have his way with the populace and that’s exactly what calling an election at this time would prove.

    • bb
      January 31, 2011

      i totally agree with you. lack of proper opposition in this country is also a problem. you call an election tomorrow and the same party is gonna win again despite all this claims of corruption. and Mr. Skerrit knows that all too well! He is playing them by their balls!

  54. santi
    January 28, 2011

    please let dominica continue to develop under the good leadership of mr skerrit and his team.

    • labouuuurr
      January 28, 2011

      where do you work and are u honest about what u are saying ,most of us not seeing good leadership of my P.M and his team <
      i went every where and sing the songs and now i am ashame

    • TERROR
      January 28, 2011

      I like the development that I am seing here in DA. That’s why so many tourists are saying that Dominica is the caribbean 20 years ago…They are not seein the visible changes..I myself haven’t really seen much besdes some new roads…the last time I came home I was ashamed to see the condition of Roseau which is the capital…overheard some tourist making comments but I won’t mention those statements… many young people runnin away as they can;t get jobs… stupessss

      • Anonymous
        January 28, 2011

        y lie you made all in marigot somewhere. lol :mrgreen:

        • Anonymous
          January 28, 2011

          Aah Marigot, best place in Dominica, intact we should declare UDI and leave the rest of you all with your saviour.

  55. yout
    January 28, 2011

    don’t worry ppl ,maybe then the ppl will see the truth and dlp may get a backlash…Only God Knows

  56. knowledgeable
    January 28, 2011

    Ron you wish and always daydreaming.Anyway not your party that tell skerit to call election in one and a half years,and you scared.You frighten at another election your party would only get the marigot seat.

    • Anonymous
      January 28, 2011

      Marigot seat not even a sure seat for them again, so he better behave and go see Dr. Benjamin

  57. bigger
    January 28, 2011

    The uwp said the last election was fraudulent that’s why they got three seats.This time around they will probably get one that will make their acolytes to spew more froth up their nostrils

  58. One Day
    January 28, 2011

    Dominica must be the laughing stock of the Caribbean. I mean the news that are surfacing seems so comical.

    • Truth B Told
      January 28, 2011

      Yes indeed the UWP is a bunch of comedians for real… they keep us all laughing.

      • truth be told
        January 28, 2011

        Get your own name cause you obviously dont know what is truth

  59. Esquire
    January 28, 2011

    Green, if there is a snap general elections – you should be happy – another bit at the apple!

    Prepare your team. DON”T get caught with your pants down again LIKE in the last general elections.

    What, the court filings more important than trying to win the snap elections?

    Call Gabriel Christian, Thompson Fountain, Julius Sampson,Treavor Johnson … all your foreign resident candidates – tell then relocate immediately, give up their Citizenship’s from other countries and get ready to run! Tell Matt and Lincoln to chose their constituencies. Get your 21 candidates ready. Draft your manifesto, so you will not be late again. Prepare your team. Get ready.

    PS: Oh, please settle on a Leader. The three headed leadership is not working. Get a real Leader after you three step down as a possible Leader, because all three of you – no capability.

    Maybe Gabriel can be your Leader.

    • Camille
      January 28, 2011

      Can UWP depend on you? Will there be another free for al flight again? Hyposcrisy tot he bone.

      • Esquire
        January 28, 2011

        UWP need to depend on UWP and people like you.

        Free flights? My advise to UWP and DFP. If DLP organizing Free flights, Organize you own UWP & DFP free flights.

        It will be a GRAND re-union for all of Dominica! Money in the local economy. The Diaspora & Local Dominicans all benefit. May the best team win!

      • Desperately Disgusted. XTE
        January 28, 2011

        They Can depend on me so that this country will never be Governed again by those boy toys UWP. Only things is I am right here in Dominica. Just so you know

    • Ny Bulldog
      January 28, 2011

      Esquire you have me cracking up at work. We are snowed in over here in New York but this website always crack me up. You could not have said it any better……………UWP better have my ticket ready for my flight. I hope they call it around carnival.

      • Esquire
        January 28, 2011

        Good idea. I am in Washington DC & we have snow too! When is Carnival?

        Is it March 7th & 8th? Election can be the day after Ash Wednesday. From the last day of February the parties (DLP, DFP, UWP etc) can start the Free flights for elections! I want my flight on March 1st.

        After I party with all Diaspora & Local countrymen/woman – I will VOTE for whom I want to and it is none of the business of any of the parties. Lets us have Fet!

      • reasonable
        January 28, 2011

        me too, i ready to go down there and experience a carnival

      January 28, 2011

      Esquire;… as funny as it may sound i hope Green takes heed to your advise…lol

      that’s why i love my people so…..they never seize to amaze me..

      DNO…. has to be the website of the century…

  60. sweetness
    January 28, 2011

    ronny you ok

  61. TsB
    January 28, 2011

    These guys love political power too much to call an election over 1/2 the period before it is due (for whatever reason). But in your case Mr. Green, and to spare yourself the embarrassment, you could start working on the UWP’s Manifesto from tonight.

    • ha
      January 28, 2011

      hehehhehehhehheh alas allu will kill me today wee

    • True Dominican
      January 28, 2011

      and let him know not to launch it on line ………….. try the old way pls

      • TsB
        January 29, 2011

        Yes, we need it in hard-copy booklets this time.

  62. Megzoe
    January 28, 2011

    Hmmm! Hmmm! Snap Elections!

    There is no smoke without fire. The writing is on the wall for Mr. Skerrit and Mr. St. Jean and their only possible way of escape is for the government to call a snap election. Both St. Jean and Skerrit revoked their French citizenship after they took office as French citizens. Therefore, they have smelled a rat knowing well that they will be found in violation of the constitution for making false allegiance under oath. They will definitely be found guilty for holding office as French citizens. and therefore to avoid the embarassment of resigning, calling a snap election is a viable alternative. So the snap election rumor can’t be discounted.

    However, to call a snap election the government will have to ensure that the recommendations (Electoral Reform) made by the Caribbean elction monitoring team will have to be implement first. In the absence of that the world will see that Skerrit will do anything to hang on to power.

    Then we all will be saying Aye-la Dominique!

    • charmed
      January 28, 2011

      you are about the only person with at least a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      everyone else just brahing and not thinking. skerrit will do anything to have power. at fisrt he did not have dual citizen ship now it expire now he wan tsnap elections!!!!!what next

      dominicans the truth right in u all eyes and u all not seeing it Skerrit spit in their eyes.

      shame worthless set of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      shame on us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • truth be told
        January 28, 2011

        You could not have said it better Megzoe. You think like a real patriot as opposed to the others who make party political un-intelligent comments. These people are none but fools who follow a leader much like those who followed Jim Jones in the 70’s. They are intoxicated with red poison and thats and Its just a matter of time when that dose of red poison will take hold of their guts and reality will befall them

      • I have a brain too.
        January 28, 2011

        I secound that.

    • The next level downwards!!!!
      February 13, 2011

      at least there are a few people with brains left….. dont conform to the next level

  63. DA.
    January 28, 2011

    Ha ha ha ha, Ron going crazy, all u look out.

  64. My two cents
    January 28, 2011

    I think that it would be an abuse of the power of the prime minister’s office for Skerrit to call a general election at this moment although that would have been a very shrewd political maneuver on his part. I am convinced that if he does take that course of action then, like Ron said, all the petitions before the court right now would become irrelevant since all prospective nominees will do what is required to comply with the requirements for becoming a legitimate Parl Rep and they would then be elected fair and square (after the fact).

    All of this co motion could have been avoided if only, these politician would be the first ones to abide by the laws of the land which they so sort to up-keep / enforce on others, once they become elected officials.

    In the same breath, when I read the article I began smiling because I remembered earlier on that Ron was calling for fresh / new elections within 18 months, and now that it seems that such could become a reality he comes out crying FOWL-PLAY…. Skerrit continues to call UWP’s BLUFF and these jokers just don’t get it!!! Stop asking for what you do not really want. If you can’t leave with it Then Don’t ask for it.

    You asked for protection, you get it..then you don’t want it.

    You asked for Election within 18 months, You might get it, Now you don’t want it.


    To win the next election? Then who would be PM—–PLEASE telll…..I am curious.

    A concerned Dominican….with no party affiliation!

    • Camille
      January 28, 2011

      UWP called for elections before that had solid evidence on the matter. What’s wrong with changinh your postions as more inmformation comes in? Generals in batter have always done that, corporations have always doe that; politcal campaigns in the U.S and elsewhere have always done that. You are talking non-sense. Theyhave Skerrit cornered and that’s their new game plan now.

      • My two cents
        January 28, 2011

        Camille, help me understand your stance on the issue. Are you saying that a fresh election now would would hurt the UWP standing? Hence its reason for not wanting one declared anymore? If that’s your position then we share similar views on the issue. I just went a bit further and noticed that if the allegation that Ron is making is true, the Skerrit is a Skillful player for contemplating such a move. Mind you..For most politicians the order of priority of their love goes Self => Party => friends => Country. Notice..Country is last in order

        • truth be told
          January 28, 2011

          My two cents I only agree with your last statement about politicians order of love however your comment about skerrit being a skillful player is ridiculous to say the least. Its time you people understand that governance of our country is not a game and you all support those heartless politicians in beleiving its all a game of who can outsmart who for power. Governance is about serving people and country

        • Camille
          January 28, 2011

          am agreeing with you Two Cents. They have Skerrit and he is running scared. What should they support elections now? Furthermore with all the $$$$$ Skewoo has (who knows where they can) he would hands down. $$$$$$$ win elections in Dominica and the third word.

          Skerrit is a skillful politician (not necessary an ethical leader) who knows no boundaries or law or ethics. He just wants to win come what may. I believe Green when he says that Skerit is gearing up for elections. If UWP can get some election reforms going then they can close in on the RED machinery.

          And the sad part is that Dominicans will support another bruising election season even though it means that it will diminish them and our country. We will deliver our country to the Chinese soon—they have 32 and counting businesses in small Roseau. Please don’t tell the Red folks that you will upset them.

    • Wow who let the dogs out?
      January 28, 2011

      Calling UWP’s bluff or more like dancing around the noose!!!

  65. .
    January 28, 2011

    but not last year nuh all you wanted election to be recalled?

    • lisa dodds
      January 28, 2011

      crazy eh…… these men just continue to be laughing stock even to young children.

    • DA man
      January 28, 2011

      ask your self this question why they don’t call election after the case call ? because they have a lot of things to hide what is wrong with you people,can’t you all see what going on O.M.G

  66. wish i was home
    January 28, 2011

    So Ron Green calling election again, how many times now has this sick man has called electons in Dominica. Ron you need HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • Jen Dominique
      January 28, 2011

      Re-read the article before u comment

      • Camille
        January 28, 2011

        WISH’ you are the sick and stupid one—- get some education and help—– AND COME BACK

        • Bassterre
          January 28, 2011

          I dont get it….what’s with the name calling….grow up people!!

  67. Buwo
    January 28, 2011

    LMAO….”snap elections is one of the newest threats to Dominica’s democracy.” The UWP has consistently said that the results from the last election is fraudulent. So wouldn’t an election be a nice way to allay their fears and set the record straight? If I were in Mr. Green’s position I would actually welcome an election, snap or not. But I guess Mr. Green is afraid that his party is not prepared for an election. They were not prepared when the last election was called and over a year later they are still not prepared. And that is Mr. Green’s fear.

    Anyone can remember the snap election Mamo called when Mathew Joseph of the Democratic Labor Party was abruptly named Leader of the Opposition? The morale of that episode in the history of our politics: always be prepared. Our system of government (which sucks actually) gives the PM the complete authority to call elections whenever he wants.

    Mr. Green, heed my advice: be prepared, be always prepared.

    January 28, 2011

    Until I hear from TREVOR JOHNSON on that I wont believe that the PM would even come up with such a plan. Since TREVOR JOHNSON revelations seem to be hitting home it is only fitting that I await Trevor Johnson’s take on that one.

    • ha
      January 28, 2011

      LOL LOL LOL…. I agree! I’m with you on this one… lol

  69. Dominican in the BVI
    January 28, 2011

    yea mitsre Ron, you will piss your pant at now.

    • Camille
      January 28, 2011


  70. D/can to de bone [foregin]
    January 28, 2011

    To much … chat in DA. Unite and develop the country. All of you are interested in you all own re election and not the interest of county. Fedup wth u all politican Since I know myselfgrowing up in Dominica, same old … .. I wonder if I will come home and live in this … petty enviornment.

      January 28, 2011

      we dont want you to com….just take ut edison chenfiled james an dam assh… ron blackout for us please

  71. COCO SEC
    January 28, 2011

    Again that is just rumors and we not be so quick to react. That said I will say that if this becomes a reality then that will sad – really sad. God I pray that this is just another UWP propaganda. I also pray that our leadership is not even thinking of such plans.

  72. Anonymous
    January 28, 2011

    i suspect the trees and stones are the one talking to him. they that telling him these things.

    • Jackass spotter
      January 28, 2011

      More like he’s taken to smoking mind altering substances to help pass the time!!

  73. Anonymous
    January 28, 2011

    seriously….ron green really losing need help

  74. DVT
    January 28, 2011

    Isn’t this the same Ron Green who called for elections within 18 months of the 2009 General Elections?

  75. An Observer
    January 28, 2011

    You must not listen to rumors Mr. Green, you are a grown intelligent man that I respect. So be focus and just try to build your party, stop these unnecessary People’s Parliament and go to the National Parliament and give constructive and effective representation. If not the masses will loose confident in you. Don’t listen to Arrogant James, he likes the rumors, example the bugging and now the assassination.

  76. An Observer
    January 28, 2011

    You must not listen to rumors Mr. Green, you are a grown intelligent man that I respect. So be focus and just try to build your, stop these unnecessary People Parliament and go to the National Parliament and give constructive and effective representation. If not the masses loose confident in you and listen to Arrogant James, he likes the rumors, example the bugging and now the assassination.

    • Did I Miss Something
      January 28, 2011

      Err, when did this child acquire intelligence?

  77. Anonymous
    January 28, 2011

    u call ask for new election,, now u all might just get it,,,now u all doh want it,,,so please tell me what is it u all are asking for..cause i just can’t understand this at all

  78. Dominican for sure
    January 28, 2011

    Please Mr. Green, What is wrong with you…when will you’ll stop this nonsense. Its beginning to sicken me and alot of Dominicans. Stop telling lies, and spreading rumours. I mean when you’ll do those things, you’ll are kill the UWP, turning the supporters away and showing how much you’ll have ran out of ideas. You’ll claim that you’ll love Dominica, but this Political thing is getting too much, over a year now since election, and you’ll just can’t accept the fact and put this thing to rest. Look at SVG, they just had election, even with a closer margin, and their country has settled, look at Grenda and St. Kitts. This is what you call love of Country, the opposition this have their issues with electoral reform etc. but you not hearing them going on and on with this thing. They have gone to the Parliment and represent the minority. TAKE A HINT MR GREEN, take a HINT!!!

  79. Burrr
    January 28, 2011

    Alas poor Ron!

    Garcon is not everything MOTS dem say on DNO for you to believe eno! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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