Higgs Adams promises to never let the Soufriere Constituency down

Adams said he is committed to the constituency
Adams said he is committed to the constituency

United Workers’ Party (UWP) candidate for the upcoming by-election in the Soufriere constituency on June 7, Higgs Adams, has highlighted his perseverance in serving the community.

At a UWP rally, during the weekend, Adams, who contested that seat during the 2014 general election, reiterated his commitment to constituents, despite his loss in the polls.

“Ladies and gentlemen, after the 2014 elections…I never stopped. I had continuity in me” he said. “You know what people were saying? ‘Mr. get a bad defeat eh’, and I say ‘I got a defeat in you, but I did not get a defeat in Jesus’. I never stopped working for you… I will never leave you down.”

The candidate revealed that he has begun his campaign in a door-to-door fashion.

“And, I want to give the people of Soufriere this assurance: I am gonna count on you,” Adams stated. “I have started my campaign house-to-house, and I’ll be visiting you house-to-house.”

Adams asked that he be elected, in order to continue what he referred to as ‘serving his community.’

He underscored his pure intentions, and promised not to disappoint constituents.

“I am genuine. We’re all humans. We all fall sometimes but we pick up and move on… I will not let you down and I will never let you down,” he noted. “Please, give me the opportunity, and I will serve you to the best of my ability.”

In the 2014 general election, Adams lost to recently-resigned Ian Pinard, receiving 822 votes, while Pinard garnered 1,326 ballots.

The UWP candidate will be facing the Dominica Labour Party’s (DLP) Denise Charles in the by-election in that constituency, which became necessary following the resignation of Pinard on April 26, 2016, because of what he said are allegations made against him.

Charles, was officially launched with a ceremony at Pointe Michel last Saturday evening.

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  1. dee
    May 18, 2016

    Mr Adams
    As a pupil in my class you always applied yourself . You undertook your responsibilities with genuine effort and, I am convinced you have the ability to represent my constituency . You have always been a peoples’ person , approachable , attentive and caring . I am certain you will perform your duties to the best of your ability if given that opportunity .
    I wish you every success .

  2. Roseau
    May 18, 2016

    It is time for change. I am hoping that the people of Soufriere will vote for Higgs Adams so the winds of change could start for Dominica.
    DLP has been taking us for granted for too long.

    • lyn
      May 18, 2016

      Soufriere, I raised with you. Please do not let the dumbest man in Dominica fool you. You are smarter than him. Think about it how would you feel if a fool was able to fool you. One question last election did he ever campaign in Soufriere? Did any of his minister campaign in Soufriere. No they did not
      He is going down, he wants to use you to keep him in power so that he will not get arrested as head of state. His friends are getting richer and the people of my village of Soufriere where I was born and raised are poor. They have taken everything from you. Fishing, limes, fisheries cooperative. it is sad!
      Do the right thing. Vote against them. God has given you a chance to correct your last mistake.
      Love you soufriere.

  3. Bagaila Bande
    May 17, 2016

    Vote for UWP so you can start collecting your pennies, nickels and dimes to pay your leaders’ bills!!!

    • syncronize
      May 18, 2016

      You know Bagaila, you sound so empty. Pay what leaders’ bills, what you talking about. People like you so myopic, so narrow in your thinking, you cannot see further than the tip of your nose so you will talk some foolishness. The country is gone backward, many many years for the last twenty years, we are ALL feeling the pressure to survive and take care of ourselves. YOU are feeling it too, that is why I say WE. Lady, man, whoever you are, stop fooling yourself and stop thinking self, and think country. Things are totally wrong in this country and has to be made right. So is Dominicans that more backward then?. The same people in other countries backing us up to vote Skerrit will not allow the nonesense taking place here in their country. Think about it. We MUST vote the UWP to begin the change that we need.

  4. For Dominica
    May 17, 2016

    What has Denise done for any of you. As a member of the Board of Public Works, she could not, would not, did not speak on your behalf. So many of you lost your jobs. Do you believe, now, that she can do anything to move you forward, UNLESS MR SKERRIT AGREES. Don’t you see that it is better for the Labour Party –
    Skerrit, one man, to keep you depending on him? For a hungry person, one hundred dollars is like one thousand dollars. Isn’t it better for you to have a real job, so that you will be able to pay your light bills, feed your children, buy your flat screen television instead of waiting for handouts from one man using our taxpayers money?


  5. For Dominica
    May 17, 2016

    All the way with Higgs/UWP.
    In four and a half years, UWP started and completed the first part of the sea wall (from Loubiere /Solomon
    to the entrance of the village – to protect everybody using that road. Mark you, they lost the Soufriere constituency, yet they built that stretch of road.
    People of GALLION, you now have pipe-borne water. Who ensured that you got drinking water flowing from pipes IN YOUR HOUSE AND IN YOUR YARD? UWP, OF COURSE, under the leadership of Honourable Edison James.
    During the reign of UWP ,every fortnight people of Soufriere, Scott’s Head, Gallion, and Pte Michel collected a paycheck after cutting grass/weed on the Soufriere/Pte Michel Road. Those people are now collecting social security checks. MONEY WAS MEETING MONEY.
    Can we say the same about the NEP programme where NO SOCIAL SECURITY is paid on behalf of the workers, who are only employed in relatively large numbers just before the by-election? Vote UWP for your children’s future.

  6. ??
    May 17, 2016

    Higgs eh ready. He’s just embarrassing himself for his incompetent boss. Just saying…

    • lyn
      May 18, 2016

      Do you know Denise? Are you the one who was leaving when Skeritte was coming in?

  7. Faceup
    May 17, 2016

    My bro the best is yet to come, believe bro and you shall succeed ..

    • First Lady
      May 17, 2016

      I believe Adam Higgs will be the best candidate for the constituents of the community he knows the people and volunteer in every aspect of community building and that’s what u need in a great leader and he has proven this over and over again give this man a chance and let turn this constituency around. Don’t be full by aggressive talkers and politicians who promotes children pedophiles in the country he should be in jail not on a pulpit the Labour Party should be a shame other themselves for allowing him to be part of there public meeting last night. I
      A vote Adam Higgs means a vote for great leadership a vote for a change to push the country forward, a vote to stop corrupted government politicians make that change for YOURSELF if LOVE DOMINICA,

  8. Is so
    May 17, 2016

    LIAR, liar your pants on fire. Higgs, you live in Scotts Head, therefore you have to intermingle with the people. Your words are identical to what you proposed the last election. With this in mind, tell us since you lost what have you done to improve your community. Your political rhetoric isn’t holding water. Again and again, you were the last person on Linton’s list. We have all made mistakes as you stated, are you now denouncing who you are! That’s not a mistake this is who you are, and we have accepted you, be true to yourself. How can you deny your own self. We don’t have to give you the opportunity, you have to work another opportunity.

    • %
      May 17, 2016

      Real idiotic comment!!!

    • syncronize
      May 18, 2016

      Well Is So, tell us what Pinard did for the Constituency since he won? Nothing!! This why Skerrit walking the streets of Soufriere constituency how many days now. The whole wooden cabinet desperate in the area some even sleeping there. They not concern about the country, about development, about the hildren and the Pointe Mitchel family they hurt. Imagine right in the faces of the family they are telling the people they will harbor their pedifile Pinard, because he not going nowhere. Imagine that!!! What about the child, they don’t care, its about them staying in power. If you so sure that Dominicans want nobody else but Labor why do you have to do that? Its because you know you are deceptive. Labor time is coming to GO. Mr. Higgs Adams, the genuine Representative, is the one to vote for. VOTE HIGGS ADAMS all the way, right thinking people

  9. lyn
    May 17, 2016

    A win by Higgs will give the people hope. it will send a clear message to the DLP that Soufriere people my beautiful people are not hopeless. They are not gaulible!. Their intelligence have been insulted enough, with roads, house money rum. Yet we have nothing. It breaks my heart when I get back home. It is bakes and rum shop . There are almost 8 bakes and rum shop within less than a quarter mile radius. All the kids drink. Begging. where is the fishing community, Where is the fisheries cooperative, where is the limes.
    This is economic racism at its best. Where the have are imposing on the have nots.

    My beautiful people of Soufriere I raise with you, My Mom took care of most of you, Please do not let this Government of the labor party take you for a ride. Teach them a lesson. A win for Higgs will mellow this labor party. I love you all and I am crying because of the level of poverty in my village. I am crying because of the level of unemployment.. I am crying because when you…

  10. smh
    May 17, 2016

    Boy Higgs now is the TIME!!!. I already feel like the DLP going and win that, but now is your chance to seize the moment and win one more seat! They give the village councils how much money to buy votes, all of a sudden. I must admit that now is NOT the time to focus on Panama Papers like how Lennox want to investigate and make accusations. LEAVE THAT ALONE FOR LENNOX!. Focus on the issues in your constituency, focus on their short comings and the areas where they have failed you all. Call them out for only now giving you money to the village councils when elections calling. Make it personal and speak about sports facilities for the youth, a wharf for fishermen, upgraded roads with proper lighting that the old min of public works didnt do. you must touch the people on issues and problems that hit home directly and dont get sidetracked by allegations in Panama Papers. speak about facts that the people on the ground can testify to. not jus in soufriere but the other villages in your area

  11. dominican
    May 17, 2016

    Greg how stupid u are how are we moving forward with labour? What has Denise done, held high positions??? What has she done for the constituent. Stop being blind and wicked. Higgs is humble give the man A chance? Denise did not see it fit to do a drive to help Venezuela??? A strong opposition will keep the government on its feet. Give highs a chance. Love Dominica so much and make it have a strong opposition to keep skerrit on his toes.

  12. Frenchie
    May 17, 2016

    Even if i don\’t want to support the opposition, I will vote against child molestation and all the corrupt actions of this present administration. My heart bleeds to see all the ills that\’s going on in this country. People take heed as to what\’s happening, does any child ask to be molested or be touched inappropriately by any grown man, who should know better? WAKE UP PEOPLE before it\’s to late…. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  13. official
    May 17, 2016

    Greg so you find we going Forward and we can clearly see you’re backward by making a joke out of someone’s name.

  14. No Thanks
    May 17, 2016

    LIAR, liar your pants on fire. Higgs you live in Scotts Head, therefore you have to intermingle with the people. Your words are identical to what you proposed the last election. With this in mind, tell us since you lost what have you done to improve your community. Your political rhetoric isn’t holding water. Again and again you were the last person on Linton’s list. We have all made mistakes as you stated, are you now denouncing who you are! That’s not a mistake this is who you are, and we have accepted you, be true to yourself. How can you deny your own self. We don’t have to give you the opportunity, you have to work for it.

  15. committed
    May 17, 2016

    We have every bit of confidence in you Higgs. You will not inappropriately touch our young girls, you will not steal,the country’s money,you will not be disrespectful to our people, you will not sell our passports to Issis,you will not launder our money through Panama and you will never be a “viay neg ka.”
    We know you Higgs and we are confident you will give us the representation we rightly deserve.

  16. passing cloud
    May 17, 2016

    As a proud supporter of the UWP I am very disappointed with UWP. This is not the battle UWP should find themselves fighting at this time. Focus should have been on the Panama Papers which has the name of the government of Dominica as a shareholder. That battle should be fought on the streets of Roseau, with none stop protest and street meetings. What heck by election? Skerrit and his boys did their mess so we should let them deal with it. Even if Hicks were to win the by-election what would that change? would it cause UWP to become government? Whereas if we use the opportunity to let Dominicans know that Skerrit needs to tell us why Dominica in Panama and, what he knows about his friends NG Lap Seng, John Ashe, Francisco Lorenzo and others, who were all arrested by the FBI, two weeks after Skerrit was seen in picture with them cutting cake, signing paper and having fun, while Dominicans died, many are homeless after Erika. This is the issue and that’s what they should highlight.

  17. truth
    May 17, 2016

    greg ,you fool , you beggar, for 16 years, have the people of soufriere been going forward/ or have they gone backwards?,should they not look for somthing better?
    Only a fool dies the same way he was born,

  18. %
    May 17, 2016

    You are a real politician,with love for people…You are not a cosmetic politician. I am confident that your perseverance with your constituents through thick and thin,will help them to realize that you are not the money spreading,vote buying type of politician, but the one who is selfless in service….YOU ARE BY FAR THE SUPERIOR CANDIDATE,and I know that the constituents know that!!!!

  19. Greg
    May 17, 2016

    LOL HIGS NIGS TWIGS. What can you offer the people in being the opposition? lets be realistic people. How can i vote to go into opposition? who going to vote for uwp and move backwards or should we vote labour and go forward?

    The people will choose between backwards for FORWARD.


    • Concern citizen
      May 17, 2016

      Thanks GREG,
      The people will vote to sell all D/ca PASS PORT to get money to run the country with no work and nothing to export PWD close down no BANANA to export, while U and the rest of the DONKEY HOLES continue to vote for the corrupt……….. etc, keep voting to keep them there

    • AAGabriel
      May 17, 2016

      Where exactly has Labour been going in the last 15 years? Do answer, maybe you know things that we do not know, maybe you have seen things that we have not seen! All I have seen is the roads are in bad repair, people are poorer than 15 years ago, the Morrocan hotel started but never finished, a new PMH hospital being promised for years now but it never materialised, Geothermal started but never finished, agriculture almost completely destroyed, no sustainable jobs created…
      However on the bright side I’ve seen increasing corruption, increasing interference into the police force and judicial system, increased passport sales but no evidence of the proceeds, offshore accounts…
      So thumbs up all the way?! You labour supporters make me laugh or more to the point cry.

    • %
      May 17, 2016

      STOP TALKING NONSENSE!!!Domini ca under DLP is a failed state.Every constituency is in opposition.

    • smh
      May 17, 2016

      you see with statements like that, the people who know no better will think that Higs must come with something in his hand. Like money or a business contact. What the people need is clear guidance, a move for the betterment of their community. If elected, he would THEN have more to offer the people and lead his constituency in a manner where young and old would once again feel content. The new candidate, a woman, is condoning an accused…… to endorse her campaign. the party itself is standing behind this man when they should distance themselves. But many of you think that playing party politics is giving yourselves better alternatives. Vote for the best person in your constituency. Vote for the person who you believe has YOUR BEST INTEREST at heart and is positively active in the community. From what i hear Denise doesn’t even tell people hello. all she doing is reporting to skerrit what happening in the villages like a little cia snitch.

    • May 17, 2016

      Over 16 years allu voting Labour and nothing to show for it, they take you guys for granted, no need to do nothing in the constituency, because they know you will always vote them, but if you guys vote for UWP, then they must work to keep the seat and Labour must Work to get back the seat, it not rocket science :-D

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