Kalinago people preferred financial institution over houses – Sanford

Sanford. * Photo credit: culturedominica.com

The United Workers Party’s Claudius Sanford says housing was not the first choice of the Kalinago people.

Government will soon make 41 newly constructed houses under government’s Housing Revolution program available to Kalinago families.

But Sanford said these houses were imposed upon the indigenous people and “this was not necessarily what they wanted”.

“This wasn’t their first choice. Their first choice was a financial institution established. This government, their main focus is on political advantage, and that’s why they imposed these houses upon them,” he added.

Sanford said if government distributes the houses to the Kalinago people without the council’s involvement, they would be directly violating the constitution of the Kalinago Act.

“The constitution of Dominica gives full authority for any property in the Carib Territory. I believe doing that would be a great disrespect to the office of the Carib chief and it would be reducing the powers that the Carib chief and council holds,” he said.

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  1. totally disappointed
    January 14, 2011

    I guess mr sanford is living in a kai pai and so is jealous some other poor man will b living in a proper house. Is that proper representation? Poor people try to push up the one they see with potential, so they could come back to help them. But alas! they usually forget where they come from! Because u live in a house, have u forgotton where and how you were raised? SHAME ON U u allow those people who always had it made to use u to keep your people down. they need to ask for your resignation. GET REAL!

  2. bigk
    January 14, 2011

    what is the procedure to apply for a visa to go to the carib territory , a place in my own country. what is Dominica coming to. cARIB CHEIF u guy can’t keep praticing incest no more. THINGS CHANGE .U ALL NEED JAIL IN ALL U ASS.DAMN ! U GUYS A PERVERTS.

    • Anonymous
      January 14, 2011

      be careful wat u say incest is not only in the reserve but everywhere…. wonder if u are not a pervert urself. the tongue is like a two edged sword be careful my yout

    • john bess
      January 29, 2011


  3. Benoit Olivier
    January 13, 2011

    Is this what politics in Dominica has come to? I mean how low will these people try to sink to try to confuse the less educated people in Dominica. This is a classic example of arbitrary opposition; opposing for opposing sake. As far as I I am aware housing is still one of the basic necessities, so I don’t see how having the convenience of a financial institution would surpass that need. It would be nice for the kalinago people to enjoy the convenience of having a financial institution in territory but it is not more important than housing. I am not supporter of any of the political parties but Mr. Sanford’s position leaves me to wonder if this is the manner in which he and his party would establish developmental priorities if they are entrusted with the mandate to serve as the government of Dominica. This is very disturbing to say the least!!

  4. Kalinago Resident
    January 13, 2011

    And what would the terms and conditions be for accessing funds from this institution?
    Amend the ACT so that we can get our ttles to our land and b able to access funds from the lending institutons.
    Itsjust a pity that because some of us a more fortunate than others we do not want others to move up to.
    If Mr Sanford was really interested he would have built another house in the Kalinago Territory.

  5. a carib
    January 13, 2011

    i personally think carib territory should be like the rest of dominica,then we can take loans and do whatever we want.this carib chief nonesense should be over dont see the reason for it.liberate the lands and give us a choice.

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      January 14, 2011

      You are an intelligent person. You make good sense.

  6. Sout Man
    January 13, 2011

    “This government, their main focus is on political advantage.”
    Of course, it is a political disadvantage for you and the UWP. It is a shame that UWP views every aspect of development through party poltics. That’s why they oppose everything that is not to their political advantage. That’s why they want aid donors and lenders to cut off funding to Dominica.

    To what extent has the financial institutions in Roseau, for example, developed Roseau. Should Roseau refuse a new housing program, if offered, because it will be a political disadvantage for Prevost? Mr Sanford could have made a case that 41 houses for 3000 Caribs are inadequate, but thankful for a good start and that he is looking forward for at least 200 units. Set goals that will make the government work hard to achieve if they are to get a real advantage. But opposing everything for opposing sake is political suicide.

  7. Hey just giving my two cents
    January 13, 2011

    Well Mr Sandford time to have the financial institution established. Oh my what a wonderful opportunity to do something that would be ” Their first choice”. Come on now get the Eddie’ s and the Freddy’ s and the other members of your party. What a great opportuinty to do something positive — Yes what a good opportunity – to do something that you indigenous people wants for a long time..

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Bring that to the table..

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      January 13, 2011

      Yes, eh! You heard what the Carib Chief stated recently. When he made such an open statement which all Dominicans heard, he disqualified himself from any financial institution. I am assuming that Sanford is referring to a banking institution. Furthermore who will staff this institution? Other Dominicans who themselves are discriminated against from setting foot and residing in their territory? Wake up!
      If they were to have a financial institution, then they will say that only Caribs/Kalinagos could conduct business in their territory and all other Dominicans are excluded. Give some people an inch and they will take a foot. Dominicans, you who were discriminated against by the Carib Chief’s words, beware!
      Give them housing. Everyone needs decent housing to live but not everyone and every territory needs a financial institution.

  8. independent candidate
    January 13, 2011

    i understand what sanford is saying it boils down to “teach a man to fish” instead of giving him fish. the houses should be appreciated but having their own financial institution would allow the kalinago a means to develop themselves and perhaps be less dependent on the government.

  9. desie
    January 13, 2011

    So Sanford because you had the opportunity/privilege to get an education..
    And build your self a nice house

    The under privilege should not get the help from the government to live in a nice house

    You guys MOTTO is who have will get more and
    Who doh have stay without

  10. sunflower
    January 13, 2011

    me to…..tel him go n mind his business

  11. curious
    January 13, 2011

    gassa move there! i am very disappointed in your statements. come again…

  12. CHAVEZ JR.
    January 13, 2011

    Bakay boy, u should have said some thing like that during the inception of the project. Why now my brother, u mean u had to think so long to utter this brief comment. My brother this is part of our development and we need to thank the government. Had u been elected would u have achieved this. Lets grab everything that we can get u hear. We dont know what tomorrow will bring.

    • interpol
      January 13, 2011


  13. Just giving my Two Cents
    January 13, 2011

    “This wasn’t their first choice. Their first choice was a financial institution established. This government, their main focus is on political advantage, and that’s why they imposed these houses upon them,”

    DAMN!!!!!!! Carib people lucky eh! They are being forced to live in better houses yet they are complaining!

    Damn!! Why can’t SKERRITT force me into a new house! I don’t want to pay mortgage or rent! I just want to pay my light, water and buy food!

    Guess the Caribs rather have a Bank or a credit union to take out LOANS to build their own damn houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But i guess since i’m not a Carib – i can’t be forced with into FREE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

    At the end of the day – if they had no houses, shitty houses and they are being placed in better housing, irrespective as to whether or not it was their first choice – they should say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    All you too damn ungrateful!!!!!!!

    I say move the Marigot squatters into these new houses since the CARIBS don’t want to be forced into them.

    Politics making damn fools of people!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Stranger
    January 13, 2011

    Statements like these are equated to Political Suicide…..Can’t believe that a young man could think about 41 houses in ANY low income area in Dominica let alone the Carib Reserve as being “impose” or “not necessarily what they wanted”….If the UWP was ‘ORGANIZED” and there were a PRO a statement like this would never see the light of day….The institution is necessary but to compare it with and try to paint the house as unnecessary will only lead to an unfortunate backlash from you own Kalinago people…….

    • ebeh
      January 13, 2011

      Sandford sounds real moronic right now

    • Conscious
      January 13, 2011

      I agree with you,Stranger. I think Sanford is not being politcally savvy. He seems to be opposing for opposing sake. Many persons welcome the houses. To simply argue that provision of housing is not a priority in one of the poorest areas in Dominica is stupid. It would have been better if he had instead called for the criteria for selection of the owners of the houses to be transparent. That would make him appear to be stateman-like and not negative all the time. People generally do not like others who are always negative or anti. He has to be careful less his political popularity continues to drop. The margin of his loss in the general elections he has contested has been growing wider and wider,

  15. lovely dominica
    January 13, 2011

    Sandford get real. Take a look around and tell me that this government has not contributed to the development of the Carib people. The housing stock is being being improved an you are vexed about that. Say thank you and then make your next request.

    Your comments are those of an ungrateful person

  16. Piper
    January 13, 2011

    Mr. Sanford, it is very simple. if the Kalinago people feel very strongly that the houses were imposed on them, all they have to do is refuse to occupy them. Call the government’s bluff.

  17. MAD
    January 13, 2011

    Let us all make it clear,Mr.Sanford made that statement on his own. I can stand where i am and say one carib person would ask him to say such a thing.

    Mr.Sanford is playing politics with the future of his carib people. I hope the leaders of his party will ask him to withdraw the statement. I think he should so in good faith.

    • .
      January 13, 2011

      CORRECTION……….””.I can stand where i am and say one carib person would ask him to say such a thing.”””


  18. Q95
    January 13, 2011

    to drink………”you know what”? money can shelter a single mother with 8 children? oh how political we get

  19. SHABEH
    January 13, 2011

    All you even have GUTS to be replying to every thing those UWPWEE parasites have to say.They will keep braying like thattttt until kingdom come.AMEN

  20. Poule Coutouni
    January 13, 2011

    At first I thought why dignify these profounly bovine responses with a comment. But then I have to speak out againts such IGNORANCE! Some people are indeed wearing their EXTREME IGNORANCE with a LARGE Badge of DISHONOUR! Well said Sanford. Never mind the distractors. Forgive them for they do not know better. Your Fellow Kalinago

  21. Is that so?
    January 13, 2011

    And to think that this man is a lecturer at the Dominica State College who is supposed to be educating our young people!!!

    What a shame!!!!!!!

  22. Craig
    January 13, 2011

    Don’t blame the carib people. Blame sanford. Sanford believe he control the carib reserve. A man who got defeated twice at the polls. a reject. Claudius too naive. Where will the people sleep? in the bank?
    Claudius shouldn’t be senator in the first place. He is there for a salary.

  23. kalinago Spirit
    January 13, 2011

    It seems that Sanford is totally out in the woods as it pertains to development in the Carib Territory. He needs to get his facts right. Construction of these 41 houses began years ago and he should know that the Carib Council allocated all the lands for construction of these houses and also the upcoming housing project. The council is an integral partner in all Government’s development in the Territory, one of such is their approval of the list of all recipients of the houses to be delivered very soon. So Sanford pick a better tree to climb, your statement tells on your knowledge and involvement in the development in the Carib Territory. You should use your office to assist in that development and your first project should be a financial institution for the Carib people, use your influence if you have any.

    • Fairplay
      January 13, 2011

      Sanford does not live in the Carib Territory.

  24. .
    January 13, 2011

    Fine, if they making an issue for the houses don’t give them anything then. Those carib have too much story.

    I am more than certain there are non-caribs who need the houses more than them.

    • spyda
      January 13, 2011

      you cannot take the words of one man and say carib people if a black man does something do we say all black mr sanford has his opinon he’s speaking for me as a carib man

  25. A Voice
    January 13, 2011

    But Sanford said these houses were imposed upon the indigenous people and “this was not necessarily what they wanted”.

    Oh boy UWP, all you in serious trouble wee. All you not close to ready to run this country…


  26. Please!
    January 13, 2011

    Claudius what have you done for the carib people?

    Thank God Skerrit came in power to help these people to climb up from the high level of indigent poverty he met them in. Compare the poverty level of the Carib Territory in any report from say 2003 to a report from 2010 ad you will see what I am talking about.

    Now Caribs have houses to put their families instead of Kye Pye.They have flushing toilets vs shitting in the bushes! (you know is true)!

  27. Patat
    January 13, 2011

    Change the Carib Act and bring it in line with the rest of Dominica!!!

    • LawieBawie
      January 13, 2011

      I wasn’t planning to post a comment here but what you just said makes a lot of darned sense. Dominica is one country and even though there may be two races of people living here at the end of the day we are all Dominicans. We don’t see special consessions being made for the Indians or Negroes of Trinidad and Tobago as if one set came from the Royal bloodline.This is crap and it is getting worse. I see serious problems emerging if this bull is not nipped in the bud.

  28. unknown
    January 13, 2011

    you see we just cannot satisfy. we get houses and because things aren’t goin our way we come out and say thats not what we wanted. dont be greedy CLAUDIUS SANFORD…..and if it really is the carib people who really said that is financial institution they wanted the aself greedy… it have people who well wish they had gotten a chance to get those houses there……… the carib people can work to improve themselves instead of just sitting there and waiting for things to come to them……

  29. hello
    January 13, 2011

    Yes MR Sanford carry on. I agree that a finiancial service centre is important . But you must realise that your roof is secured and your bed is warm while other a cold . With regards to the housing and coucils please don’t pretend that you don’t know what was going on. The government did infact handed the scheme to the councils but because of their manangement inabilities and other weeknesses the government again had to intervene. Why at the time when MR williams the then cheif brought up the issue of the financial facility you did not offer atleast your voice? Everything that the ex cheif said for the futher development of the territory you remained silent.

    Stop playing baby politics and get to the real issue. We need to hear your voice on the number of outsiders bring Drugs to the territory, we need to hear your voice about the health facility and the contridution you can make to have it operating, we need to hear your voice on the further developement of the sporting facilities and other sustainable economics means of survival.

    Anyway God bless you and the parl-rep. and Dominica ob a whole.

    • linky
      January 13, 2011

      there roof is secured and they can’t eat properly

      • wow
        January 13, 2011

        The money they would take and put in the bank in order to save up for the roof – they will use it for food. All you too not easy. So it would better if they did not have a roof and still cannot eat – maguay sai!!!! They in the gutter – leave them there?

  30. Zarinha
    January 13, 2011

    i meant “uplift” the desperate housing….

  31. Zarinha
    January 13, 2011

    That is some real crap mr. sandford. how can the carib people not want better housing? please! a simple drive through the territory and one can see that the place is screaming for help in the housing department. how can they possibly want a financial institution over housing when many of the kalinago are too poor to secure loans. one reason why this is so is that they hold the kalinago lands communally and thus cannot approach any financial institution with their own independent certificate of title as security. Speak for yourself sir, not for the carib people because i’m certain sure that this nonsense you raising about first choice and second choice is a load of trash. My god some people just ungrateful! why don’t you come out here and thank the government for trying to uplist the desperate housing situation that exist in the reserve. stupes!!

  32. Gen
    January 13, 2011

    Who really really the carib people thinks they are. I thinks they should ask for political Independence

  33. six weeks potato
    January 13, 2011

    next thing they will want is their embassy? i am just waiting to hear what they will want next.did the chief and the politician discussed that matter?make no mistake before you all have people runnung their clappers over your disaccord.careful planning my friend,because the housing thing to me is a plus.all the best man.

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