Lawsuit looms for Thompson Fontaine

From left: Fontaine, Astaphan, Skerrit, Ibrahim

Lawyers for Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit intend to file a defamation case against economist Thompson Fontaine by the end of the year.

They believe Fontaine started allegations that Skerrit was involved in the selling or granting of a Commonwealth of Dominica passport to Darwood Ibrahim, a notorious Indian national, and have requested that Fontaine pays damages of EC$250,000.

“We have done a draft of the case; we are discussing it with the Prime Minister. By the end of this year, the case will be filed on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit,” Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan said.

Astaphan disclosed last month that Skerrit’s legal team had given Thompson Fontaine 14 days to apologize for the claims and retract them or the matter will be taken to court. Fontaine has said the claims are the truth and is willing to go to court.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has denied that government ever sold or granted Ibrahim a Dominican passport, and said the claims are damaging to Dominica’s reputation.

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  1. Louis Bernard
    December 26, 2011

    The late Pierre Charles, made a profound a statement as that made by Christ when He said “The Poor Will be with us Always”, Piero’s quote that “Dominicans Wear their Ignorance like a BADGE OF HONOR’ is made more relevant and contemporary by some of the comments coming from people who, rather than inform themselvesm so that they can speak from an informed position, rather than repeat verbatim the lies and propanganda eminating from the propanganda machinery of the criminal enterprise that passes for a government in Dominica.

  2. ????????
    December 22, 2011

    It looks like Thompson really has an axe to grind with Skerritt. If he wants to police the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, he should stop doing it by remote control. He must be having sleepness nights over Skerritt being PM; he must be sleepwalking while shouting “IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! I HAVE A PHD AND HE ONLY HAS A BACHELOR’S DEGREE!

  3. Aye Dominique
    December 22, 2011

    This case may prove that Fontaine may not have enough evidence to substantiate his case for this one Ibrahim man, but it will confirm the fact that Dominican passports are being sold like tablet coco, all over the place and maybe by more than one person or group.

    The latter I do not know how they are going to defend.

    The case may prove that Fontaine may not have enough evidence to substantiate his claim against this one Ibrahim man, but it will prove that our money for our passports have been misdirected, meaning that it never got to the country’s purse…..

    I would like to see how they are going to defend this one also.

    They are trying to trivialize this whole passport issue by a statement made by one man, the big picture is, how many passports sold, to whom and the biggest of all….WHERE IS THE MONEY????

  4. -
    December 22, 2011

    so edo getting money from ian and cocom so astaphans trying to see what they get? lol

  5. ??
    December 22, 2011

    It is sad to see how a man of Thompson’s caliber would allow himself to be taken for a ride by these criminals. I guess his hatred for the PM took over his better judgment. Thompson needs to sit back and just listen for a few months before doing a thing because he continues to embarrass himself and the country with his false information. Thompson’s “facts” will not hold up in a court of law. What a shame.

    • eee
      December 22, 2011

      Stop your gabbage. I think the PM is the one who hates the patriot and man of integrity Thompson Dr Fontaine..Dr Fontaine must keep on monitoring on the outside for us because many ignorant Dominicans like you, know nothing except to accept the corrupt leadership that we have in this failed state.

  6. Anonymous
    December 22, 2011

    What a way to run a talk show. I never see this before.
    The St.Clair guy calls via Dr.Fontaine,He claim say that he has to protect himself.

    The big joke of the day is, he claim Anthony Astaphan is not a lawyer. You would think for a minute Matt would have stop him there.

    I am of the opinion these guys are all fake.

    The only way for all of this to end is to head to a court of law.

    Let the chip fall where it may. I hope the court would make the decision to have the person that is wrong to pay a large sum of money.

    If it mean PM to pay big,so be it….if it mean Dr.Fontaine to pay big,so be it…

    This back and fourth must stop. The people need the true answers.

  7. Just Saying
    December 22, 2011

    I must speak when I read what some of you who are so clueless yet busy running your mouths and defending stuff you no nothing of.

    DOMINICANS ARE PRICELESS WITH POLITICS!!! I happen to be one of the recepients of a very damming email from Tony. If I were Skerrit Tony would no longer be my friend from yesterday and he would be before the courts. Tony has split personalities like a chameleon he manages to change for his audience except being so porous we can see through him and all his changes. The only other reason I can see for this email that TONY sent out to several of us re Skerrit is that it’s a ploy, so by doing that he can then have the court dismiss the case he’s PRETENDING to want to take up with Thompson.Yet my people defend and talk. Tony stop playing with Dominicans especially the IGNORANT ones!

    In all of this I’m asking DO DOMINICANS truly know their PM? Or rather MR PM do you know YOURSELF? speechless!!! No wonder you are not talking and fools going to bat for you and hating each other. SAD truly SAD

  8. %
    December 22, 2011

    This case is already in a COFFIN, but one day questions MUST be answered about the sales of our passports.. AND THE CHIPS MUST FALL WHERE THEY HAVE TO.!

    • Anonymous
      December 22, 2011

      Now who started the sale of Dominican passports? Was it Roosevelt Skerrit?

  9. stupes
    December 22, 2011

    Well well well, so Fontaine speaks and Skerrit is guilty, I am so happy thats not the way the justice system works. These days UWP love the judge because their leader till death won a few lately. I pray the Dr Fontaine has all his facts to prove his allegations and that he knows that his website is not the Court of Law. I will continue to pray for and support Hon Skeritt until one of you prove your allegations before a Court of Law. Radio Talk Show is not a Court Room either. I want to also welcome Lennox in the Political arena, I wait eagerly to hear what plans he has for the country and how he intends to finance those plans. Merry Christmas to all.

  10. What-i-know
    December 22, 2011

    Lennox Linton yesterday stated on Q95 that the source of Thomson’s allegation (stated as fact) the WeeklyBlitz is a publication with zero credibility.
    Didn’t Thomson realize that; it was obvious to me after I read a couple of their articles!

    Anthony Astaphan has been shouting “Wolf Wolf!” with the intention of stopping Thomson and others from persisting in their sometimes wild speculations. Maybe it was in their interest to take heed.
    I look forward for the court case when that will decided.

    • eee
      December 22, 2011

      There will be no court case, because Skerrit is scared that the can of worms will be opened.

      • What the?
        December 30, 2011

        Hah … I wish it was a million. Pity that it will not be Dr Phd’s own money and not the CIA’s.

      • March 12, 2013

        Skeritt own the courts and judges so he doesnt mind going to court as often as possible.

  11. What-i-know
    December 22, 2011

    I listened to Dr Fontaine on Q95 yesterday.
    Apparently Fontaine doesn’t understand what a defamation suit is.
    He HAS stated categorically on previous occasions that he is in possession of evidence showing that Skerrit Sold passports to known Terrorists; the court will ask him (not Skerrit)to produce that evidence.
    The court certainly won’t require Skerrit to provide answers to all Fontaine’s unrelated questions.
    It is unfortunate that some people are so loose with their tongues, unconcerned of (or maybe conscious of!) the potential damage to others and to Dominica.

    • DA passie
      December 22, 2011

      well if is not skerrit is his government and as he is the head it’s him .

  12. ....
    December 22, 2011

    DNO you guys need to stop picking and choosing comments here. I want you all to tell me what was wrong with my previous two comments. All you have people calling other stupid but I made an inference actually a comparison between the images and all you not putting up my comments. All you putting up people who fall from post and lay dead on street on DNO and the poor woman in the accident with her leg chop off on here for the world to see yet all of sudden who ever the editor is for DNO want to have some class. Okay I guess it isn’t to late but be fair across the board even with you guys own post! Wasn’t this paper sold to someone else? Men I tell you.

  13. Why
    December 21, 2011

    Tony: by virtue of the PM being in the position that he is, he has presented himself to the public for criticism, questions, allegations, and I dare say verbal abuse. His job is to prove to the citizens who voted him into office that those allegations are false and that they can still trust him. That frivolous law suit is an indication that he has a lot to hide and not at all trustworthy. Will you sue me tomorrow if I alledge that he sold 5 of my Haitian friends passports for EC$500.00 each? Grow up Tony or I suggest that you cease functioning as an attorney. I cannot imagine hiring you to represent me as petty as you are with this nonsense. Good job Thompson…spill some more beans.

    • What the?
      December 30, 2011

      Those beans are like the magic beans that Jack bought … it will bring him down. Hilarious. Can’t wait.

  14. Mike Holms
    December 21, 2011

    I am amazed by the many who write, “Go ahead, We are behind you 100%”.

    If he is sued and he loses, will you contribute to a fund to satisfy judgement?

    The sad state of affairs is that too many times Dominicans say anything they want without regard for the facts. They use the radio and newspapers to repeat anything they feel will harm the person the comments are directed at. The other issue is that we have too many lawyers in Dominica and they need to earn a living so here come the suits.

    This is not to say that it is one group of people doing this – Ian Douglas lost a case and has to pay too. The courts must not have listened to the directives from Skerrit as Edison Chefield James won two cases in a week.

    These cases do not reflect the general mood of the electorate. While the lawsuits are bandied about, the voters are trying to make ends meet. Roads are being built, children are learning at school, babies being born, elders dying. What are the plans to challenge the administration and raise the standard of living?

    At the end of the day a lawsuit will not win the hearts and minds of the people and everyone who has eyes can see things being done.

    “Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

    Dr. Fountain, welcome back to Dominica and for your sake make better choices. Lay low for now and speak softly but carry a big stick.

  15. 767
    December 21, 2011

    Skerrit mouth alone u and ur puppet master have!
    Edo just proved how we can win our battles!

  16. Pedro
    December 21, 2011

    Skerit said that everybody has a price, but Dr. Fontaine connot be bought.He is just protecting the country of his birth for the rouge government

  17. wesleyman
    December 21, 2011

    Who the hell is skerrit and Tony trying to intimidate? You will not get a cent from Thompson a good man who has Domini interest at heart

  18. John
    December 21, 2011

    Obviously if Dawood has a passport he would not use his name as such the government must present the entire list before the court. This is not going to happen because the numbers don’t add up.

    Dominica made EC$8 million in passports in 2009 and St Kitts made EC $270 million.

    We can conclude that this case will never see the light of day unless ofcourse Thompson forces the issue before the court.

    The government needs to come clean on the passports issue and don’t hide behind threathened lawsuits.

  19. Praying
    December 21, 2011

    Make the PM know you are a little doctor from up that way…..GRAND FOND,HE WILL THEN RESPECT US…….

    December 21, 2011


  21. December 21, 2011

    is he trying to sue his critics in to silence??
    as head of the goverment skerrit is ultimately resposible for every action taken by his surbordinates

  22. Anonymous
    December 21, 2011

    Just file the suit, why all this preparing of Mr. Fontaine ???????

  23. HELAS!
    December 21, 2011

    they are looking for a technicality!!! not the truth

  24. ?
    December 21, 2011

    Tony Tone Tone and Sker Sker, all you backing up the wrong tree. Do you guys really want to do this?

    • C'est Toute?
      December 21, 2011

      Why not?If there is defamation he has to pay!

      • ?????
        December 21, 2011

        Pay what? This law suit is not going to get off the ground. Too much to be revealed.

    • Anonymous
      December 21, 2011

      Can I ask you do you have any thing to add to the case file???

      If so base on your above statement please make all documents and info available to the side you are backing.

      The blog is for people that can add substance to the topic.

      I would be very happy if you can find out which lawyers is going to service Dr.Fontaine case ,so that you may give him all the evidence that you have both in oral and writing to be presented in a court of law.

      Better yet please state your name on the board and declare what amount of money are you going to give for the truth to come to light.

      Mouth support put Dr.Fontaine no place,he needs money now to put up a case.

      That goes for of you that will say I backing you 100%….we need money now to get the best lawyers.

      Freedoom is not free there is a cost to the fight.

      • D
        December 21, 2011

        Anonymous, I suggest you do the same for Tony and Skerrit.

  25. Anonymous
    December 21, 2011

    It is now time for both parties to put up or shut up.
    The only place we can get to know the truth is thru the court of law.

    I therefore ask the lawyers on both sides to start preparing the case brief.

    At the same time I donot want to hear anything from these people that claims to back one side or another.

    Democracy is at full play in Da and that I love.

    For those who claim the system is one sided,I say to them in the last couple of months both sided (UWP/DLP)HAVE WON CASES IN COURT.

    Therefore lets just wait for the case to come thru.

    oh!!! what a great democracy we have in DA.

    I love my home town,people must make sure they are doing and saying the wright things at all times.

    Going forward I hope both side have all the documents to prove the case.

    Good luck to all. I am just there for the truth.

    • Anonymous
      December 21, 2011

      Even when you write a comment that not supportive of any side you get a negative raking….

      It tell me the level on education on this blog..

      I am having a good laugh…

      • show me the money
        December 22, 2011

        anonymous stop checking people education background it dont mean a thing, can’t you see education or no education people not getting jobs.

  26. Anonymous
    December 21, 2011

    Its still looming, thought the papers would have filed by now…

  27. Dominica
    December 21, 2011

    Skerrit and Tony bring it on—–We have your back Doc—-We will raise the $$$$$$$ to defend you. Also we are telling international governments agencies what’s happening in DA. Bring it on Tony we can’t wait. If you think it is some little boy from Grand Fond you are dealing with—you will find out -let the games begin. At Christmas time in 2009 Skerrit violated Dominica with his crap elections and again at Christmas time in 2011 Lord Skerrit and his chief servant are trying to do the same thing—-Bring it on big fella …we shall not be intimaited –bring it on……let the games begin—

  28. Joe Blow
    December 21, 2011

    How Government can take its citizens to court? That is rubbish. The Government needs to clear the air not go hide under the skirts of the court.

    • Anonymous
      December 21, 2011

      Governments of all countries thru out the world takes it people to court each day.

      This is a way off comment. I think you should say sorry to the board readers for this comment. Please note I did not say apologize because i think it would be to strong of a word.

      I guess you are not a student of international law and governance.

      The question I must ask you is why do we have three branches of government if you cannot go to the courts?

      • show me the money
        December 22, 2011

        there you go again, an they cannot take people mouth stay out of public office.

  29. vip
    December 21, 2011

    America will always protect its own .thompson cannot be touched. he will be provided with all the intel he needs to expose money laundering ,bribery and corrupt practices.

  30. Papa
    December 21, 2011

    Linton said the same thing, “bring it on i will wine “,Fontiane is worried like hell.

  31. Donald Tusk
    December 21, 2011

    I am Dominica & I hate Corruption.

    • The all-hearing ear
      December 21, 2011

      AMEN!!! BEST COMMENT SO FAR!!! AMEN!!! :-P :-P

  32. lloyd
    December 21, 2011

    Thompson, my brother, i am not at home and not particularly familiar with the specifics…however, i do know your principles are just and fair. So i wish you best in this matter. I do however, see a classical attorney technique at play in this lawsuit: wherein, a particular instance, where some measure of wriggling might lead to a possibility of doubt is used as an umbrella to further discredit all manner of charges against that client. be careful of not falling into such a trap, my friend. All the best. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some assistance in any social/networking mobilization effort towards raising funds in your endeavor.

  33. DPM
    December 21, 2011

    Can’t wait for this show down. I suspect I might be waiting for a very long time.

  34. patriot
    December 21, 2011



  35. Anonymous
    December 21, 2011

    It is very important that we see the court of law as the only place where the truth can be told.

    Now is the time for both party to put up or shut up when the case will be called.

    The case brief will be prepared by the lawyers and the judge will make an info decision base on case law.

    Let me say also the court has awarded both sides in the last few months judgement for the UWP and for DLP.

    I hope I will not hear anyone on this board call foul when the judgement comes out.

    With this said lets (Dr.Thomson & PM Skerritt) go to the court to prove our points.

    Good luck to both in battle.

  36. it matters
    December 21, 2011

    Thompson you and Lennox were the ones who told Dominicans that Weekly Blitz was an international credible newspaper. This morning on Matt show, you catergorically call them liers. You are just as credible as the people you seem to be accusing. Go figure.

    • Anonymous
      December 21, 2011

      Would you please tell the blog what took place on the radio station this morning.. I guess most of us missed it !!!

      Thank you in advance for your help on this topic.

  37. John
    December 21, 2011

    That’s good because at the very least the government has to present the list to show that dawwod name is not on it. Thomson would need the list to prove that Dawood is there under a different name.

    The list will show that the money in the Treasury does not add up, whih will open questions as to where did those monies go.

    If the list is incomplete Thompson just need to find one person with a passport whose name is not there.

    Also, Bishops would ned to testify on the names that they did due deligence for and show why they missed all the crooks….

    I say let the case begin

    • ....................
      December 21, 2011

      That’s why this law suit is already dead!

  38. Abu Sulayman
    December 21, 2011

    Let’s wait and see what happens.

    When the looting occurred in the UK the Prime Minister David Cameroon made a statement that the criminals will be hunted and dealt with (paraphrase). Why hasn’t the Prime Minister of Dominica come out and condemn the frequent robberies taking place? He needs to give a strong speech condemning these actions and to inform the criminals that they will be caught. Why isn’t that done?

    Once again it is time for politicians to deal with issues and do not accuse others falsely.

  39. Doc. Love
    December 21, 2011


  40. birdy_1964
    December 21, 2011

    Prime Minister. I don’t know you, it my right as a dominican aboard to view my opinion, stop stressing yourself over suing who for what i don’t care. Help your country with proper medical. these people have to having fun raising or begging here and there for help. example the baby die, the money come fort. He didn’t make it. It a shame on your behalf. pride start at home. If you don’t start helping your people,When you cannot sue people. you will be having to be sueing the rats and roaches.we think you are the best. If a country don’t give a Dame about thier people health care. is tourist and stranger you will care for.We out there watch dominica no different from haiti. Dominicans start to demonstrate for medical, if your are working paying TAXES, your children are covered,and if you are not working for medical reason government should cover you, If you are not going school don’t want to keep a job, you are on your own for a personal insurance. so young people get a job.The time you sent in court house. the poor people medical, proper housing. more jobs BETTER SALARIES. SO PEOPLE WOULDN’T CARE TO LEAVE THERE PARADISE ISLAND. You could be building your name as a great hero. GOD WILL SHIELD FROM THE MOUTH OF LIONS. We are watching you, don’t believe we don’t see you.

  41. Anonymous
    December 21, 2011

    Don’t back down Fontaine, lets get it on….lets go to court.Let us put all this curruption to light

  42. Yeah Right
    December 21, 2011

    All you blues really wicked and boldface eh. So Eddo can sue and get money and Skerrit can’t ??? Wicked people!!! Don’t worry, Skerro will certainly have the last laugh. Better start openning out the bank books. If the PM isn’t a millionaire now he most certainly will in a few years time when all these judgements for defamation are handed down. Hope you blues commenting here will again gather up money for these guys.

    • Asterix
      December 21, 2011

      Difference is Eddo can take his on to court and win. I dare Asstaphans to take this case foward. We have heard these time and time again. Ambrose had to sue Lennox for the 419 scam report, Bubbles had to sue for the villas. Skerrit withdrew his case against Matt and we know why. BRING THEM ON if you’ll can.

      December 21, 2011

      SMH….why couldn’t I have better roomates???

    • Disgusted
      December 21, 2011

      You know skerrit is a millionaire over and over again. But one day he will pay. Doe play like you don’t know. He can’t sue because he know they are all truths.

    • Ya man
      December 21, 2011

      you so laughable….I feel the pain of your brain

  43. Boss
    December 21, 2011

    Dr Fontaine, we behind you 100%. Bring it on Tony.

    • 2 cents
      December 21, 2011

      I hope u will be behind him 110% when he have to pay for his mouth

  44. cheezzz whiiixzzzzz
    December 21, 2011

    so one day cabinet approve it and another day they suing ppl for saying they approve it ? huh?

  45. Malthus
    December 21, 2011

    Bring it on Tony & Skerrit. Make my day. We want accountablity. If Thompson lying he will pay, but why do I believe him? I wonder why Thompson is so adamant, all those passports where is the money?

  46. Nkrumah Kwame
    December 21, 2011

    What is to is must is!!

  47. ?????
    December 21, 2011

    This case will never see the light of day.

  48. Met Yo
    December 21, 2011

    Very good, expedite the case so the truth can come out and for allu to be exposed. Thomson told allu to bring it on, go hurry up bring it on!

  49. Intrigue
    December 21, 2011

    Finally we ALL we know what TRUTH really is. Thompson is no Concom wassi so we go see. More have to come out in that case. Tony you better hush, Thompson have the upper hand, he was Skerrit ban bobo at one point in time, he was able to observe him. You have NEVER travelled with Skerrit on any known International business, you don’t know what he does or says globally, niether do the labour lackees who jump and defend him.LET THAT CASE GO TO COURT, BECAUSE IT WILL BE REALWOOD COMING OUT. ALL THE BACKROOM DEALS WILL COME TO LIGHT. TAKE HIM TO COURT. THINK IS DARWOOD ALONE THAT WILL BE THE TOPIC. PEOPLE ARE LINNING UP TO BE SUPEONED JUST TO RUN THEIR TRAP

  50. Lougaoo Mem
    December 21, 2011

    Here we go again! Boooooooooooooooo.

  51. Lee
    December 21, 2011

    Dominica got alot of money going around so many ppl getting sued them days!

  52. the_paro 1
    December 21, 2011

    here we go again….

  53. santa
    December 21, 2011

    that is what fontaine wants ….to open up all of you all dirty little secrets

    • Peeping Tom
      December 21, 2011

      It does not seem that Fontaine is being advised by a lawyer. He thinks that he is going to use the libel case to expose “evidence” of wrong doing and to get answers to his unanswerable questions. Court cases are very specific and argumnents that are unrelated will not be entertained. A court case is not a radio talk show.

      • Conscious
        December 21, 2011

        Court cases, especially defamation cases, are indeed very specific. So, Thompson be on your guard. Make sure your lawyers understand the case very well and serve you well.

        From a Friend

      • Karma Chameleon
        December 21, 2011

        The basic legal premise is that he who asserts must PROVE. It is up to Thompson to PROVE what he said was true. It is NOT up to Skerrit to PROVE what Thompson said was NOT TRUE.

      • da massive
        December 21, 2011

        is skerrit alone the government??? i thought dr fountain said that dominica government had issued passport to that darwood guy..i don’t recall him saying skerrit so why does he feel that what fountain said was slanderous about him?

  54. .
    December 21, 2011

    This case will NEVER! EVER! see the light of day! Too many things will be revealed. LOVE YOU DR FONTAINE! We need you in Dominica.!
    Fontaine for Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

  55. Donald Tusk
    December 21, 2011

    How come u not suing weekly blitz?

    • chelsea
      December 21, 2011


      • drop dead diva
        December 21, 2011

        and wikileaks………is their people they think they have force on………..i say bring it on……and in reading i noticed that Tony mentions lawyers but is only he alone speaking, what happen how many Tony Astaphan it have eh!!

    • da massive
      December 21, 2011

      hes not suing for the same reason skerrit never sued lennox about the villas and other deals.

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