Opposition challenges PM’s election to Parliament

The opposition UWP wants the court to declare the election of Prime Minister Skerrit 'invalid, null and void and of no legal effect'.

ROSEAU, Dominica, CMC – The validity of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s election to Parliament last December is one of six matters due to be heard by a High Court judge here on Wednesday.

The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is bringing the petitions that will be argued by Trinidad-based Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes.


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  1. Mac-Arthur Haughton
    March 17, 2010

    To dual citizenship

    I am not saying that we Dominicans cannot run our own country. What made you think that?

    You may not be aware, but I have written in defence of our waters having been a fisherman in Dominica. I know about the French intrusion into our waters and have more information on the Bird Island issue than most people.

    Who would carry out a pre- emptive strike on Dominica? For what purpose? Do you think Dominica matters that much to the world? Don’t allow your imagination to manifest scary scenarios, it’s not healthy.

    Who doesn’t have more than one citizenship?

    It is a shame there is no opposition in parliament to ask this question where it should have been asked.

  2. alasss..
    March 17, 2010

    AHHHHHH BOI…..skerrit boi,u good, u realy good… u have “ur people” in denial … they drinking it well.even if they have no idea what they r talking about..since u say no, is no,..hahahah laughable..they hav no backbone, no interlect..they have no guts to challenge ur statements, no guts to voice their disagreements.no guts to oppose or ask a question if they are not sure of what ur actions are…trust me u hav some LOYAL n TRUE soldiers…but the question is,..

    ARE YOU LOYAL N TRUE TO THEM………….time will tell, time will definitely tell..

    “bread of decit is sweet to man. BUT later his mouth shall be filled with gravel”


  3. Vex with Them
    March 17, 2010

    Well since skerrit is the person they want to remove they forget that he contested election in 2000 and 2005 with the dual citizenship but all of a sudden he illegal. Well Edison James was disqualified to be prime minister in 1995 when he became prime minister and all the other who had dual citizenship at the time.

    It is all about damaging one man but the UWP must realise that even without skerrit we labourites will not let down the labour party.

    18-3 speaks for itself because they are guilty of all the accusations they are throwing at the DLP.

    No matter what happens, DLP will be victorious and come the by elections, UWP will be 1 seat less so DLP will be 19-2.

    Well thank you.

  4. No to black men used in Neocolonialism
    March 17, 2010

    Well said Wesly man.

    Take a look at the TREASON ACT 10:01
    Section 2: Treason: D—- b- H—–
    and Section 3: Offenses Akin To Treason: Imprisonment for Life
    and Section 4…..
    The law was written by our serious fore Parents who took breaches of sovereignty seriously.

    Let this be a message to all politicians and those influencing them.

  5. dominican over the sea
    March 17, 2010

    To maynard ,where were u all the time ?lollllllllllllllllll. thought u were dead ,dont know where to stay my boy? ,your body itching u like wen scratch scratch was reing fellar . sorry but even if there might be a by election in VILLE/case u can never win the pm not over my dead body . go straighten up and come .EBEY PAPA LOOK IT MAYNARD .U NOT EASY JOKER .AS U ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dominican
    March 17, 2010

    Is it only the Prime Ministe rwho has dual citizenship? To my best knowleddge Ron Green, Sam Rafael , Edison James and Peter Carbon has, So why are they crying who hit them? The UWP behave as though is the first time that Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit contesting election? Were they blind and daff all the time?

  7. What Matters most!
    March 17, 2010

    no weapon formed against this man shall prosper!

  8. March 17, 2010

    Well , I guess what the UWP want to see is an upraw in Dominica. They will get what they deserved.
    God bless us all. and the Nature ile.

  9. dual citizenship
    March 17, 2010

    Mac athur, are you saying that we Dominicans cannot run our own country?

    Which DOMINICAN got the most Legitimate votes?

    The Law was written by wise men who anticipated and aimed to protect us from being taken advantage of.
    Have you ever Asked any fisherman about the uncomfortable encounters with the French while trying to make a living in our own waters? Who released the ones caught and were boasting that Dominica had no right to stop them fishing our wters?
    Have you not seen the excuse given by the Venezuelans that the Police arrested in our waters?

    Do you have any idea what international/ regional and Domestic security issues have been arising since we have been led by a Non Dominican? at least 5 nuclear powers are currently flexing military muscle in the caribbean sea while the innocent people living around Jimit and melville hall are prime targets for a pre emtive strike.

    Speak the truth and Shame the Devil….Did you or how many other Dominican laborites actually knew of the secret French Citizenship?

    Where is your self confidence?

    This has nothing to do with DLP or UWP rather our independence, security and sovereignty

    Stop being so myopic

    • carribbean genius
      March 17, 2010

      you talking s***…the p.m is a dominican, he probably have another citizenship that doesnt make him non-dominican.

      • dual citizenship
        March 17, 2010

        Caribbean ingenious

        Take a look at the TREASON ACT 10:01
        Section 2: Treason: D—- b- H—–
        and Section 3: Offenses Akin To Treason: Imprisonment for Life
        and Section 4…..
        The law was written by our serious fore Parents who took breaches of sovereignty seriously.

        Let this be a message to ALL politicians and those influencing them.

        If the French do not permit someone to hold civil or military posts in a foreign power/country and keep the French citizenship as a dual citizenship then if the French citizenship has not been revoked then is it not safe to say that there is an exception being made for the person holding the dual citizenship?

        How many wars has France Fought to get control of Dominica’s resources?

        Just the Geothermal alone has more than enough energy to make every Dominican man, woman and child more wealthy than Saudi Arabians…and it is sustainable…
        but what does he do? Does he not fool you into thinking that we must allow others to exploit it and we will benefit with “lower electrical bills”
        A Watern waiven plant can supply electricity to the entire lesser Antilles for the next 200yrs with zero carbon dioxide emissions…

        wake up little boys and girls from your ethnic paralysis

  10. Thoughtful
    March 17, 2010

    @staytuned, the laws in Jamaica don’t dictate a by-election either. That is why when the matter was taken to court it was argued that the seat be given automatically to Mr. Vaz’s opponent. The case was argued by one of the best legal minds in Jamaica, or maybe the entire Caribbean, Abe Dabdoub.

    However the judges ruled prudently knowing full well that the voices of the people who voted for Mr. Vaz overwhelmingly could not be ignored. Hence they ruled that the people should decide who they want to represent them in parliament and a by-election was called.

  11. Sad DA girl
    March 17, 2010

    Reading all the replies, make me sad, Ron Green … a citizenship does not disappear over night so he is still and USA citizen, Eddison James, Bernard Wilshire, Sam Raphael, also has dual nationality, they got the dual nationality by swearing themselves, P.M. got his by virtue of him Mother begin a born French person.

    What is wrong with US Dominican, even if the P.M. has to stand down, the Ron Green, James, Wilshire or Raphael will not be the next P.M. in Dominica.

  12. Power to the People
    March 16, 2010

    Labourites will comment at the appropriate time about these frivolous petitions. Please give the courts a chance to make a decision and then we will make our comments. Who laugh last shall laugh the best. Remember 18th December 2009?

      March 17, 2010


  13. March 16, 2010

    Think now is a good time to form a new political party in D.A.This u.w.p is in the bottom of the garbage bin they spend all there time and money talking about.The table have really turned on this once major political force in Dominica.After the court hearing…..THIS IS IT…..R.I.P….

    • The Day Has Come
      March 17, 2010

      You have made my day.. R.I.P UWP…. lol lol lol

  14. wesleyman
    March 16, 2010

    @ thoughtful, what changes have mr. skeritt made that will now make him eligible to contest the byelection? My understanding is that if mr. skeritt was ineligible on nomination day, he cannot contest the election even if he renounces the french citizenship. I think the bigger question is the fact that a sitting prime minister would knowingly set out to break the law and defy the constitution of a contry he porports to love and lead. Politics aside thats a criminal act, and I cant see why it is being treated so lightly. that is treason if there ever was.

  15. Mac-Arthur Haughton
    March 16, 2010

    How does this improve anything for the country or Dominicans?

    The right man for the job is still the right man for the job. All the jealousy and envy will not change that.

    The political opposition could not convince the majority of the Dominican people with their ideas of how they would run the country. The people voted and the majority got what they wanted. I think the remarks of some of the people show that they would cut off their nose to spite their faces, to gain what?

    I hope this is dealt with the contempt it deserves. The people behind this desperate attempt to deny the people of Dominica what they want and delay the development of Dominica should be careful they don’t put themselves in a position they can not recover from.

    I think these people have no intention in remaining in politics and are trying to do as much damage to the system before they go. They are only going to make their own lives more difficult.

  16. Arlington
    March 16, 2010

    Like so many…some of us choose to let our biases taint our comments (case in point SJ). I believe that an ignorant person will make baseless and silly comments, but a fool is the one who actually gives them credence.

    Thoughtful…you have hit the nail on the head. this quest by the UWP is a complete waste of time. Its almost like knowingly going to an auction with only $10.00 and then complaining when all the bids start at $100.00.

  17. Thoughtful
    March 16, 2010

    Even if Mr. Skerrit lost the case in court, this won’t change the political landscape in Dominica since the Dominica Labor Party won by such a huge margin. There is no razor thin margin to contend with.

    Furthermore the court will not automatically declare Mr. Maynard Joseph the winner of the Vielle Case constituency but will instead rule that a by-election be called instead. And of course Mr. Skerrit will simply win again. Follow the similar case of Daryl Vaz in Jamaica (Google it).

    So there is nothing really to get excited about. I certainly I’m not.

    • Power to the People
      March 16, 2010

      Labourites will comment at the appropriate time about these frivolous petitions. Please give the courts a chance to make a decision and then we will make our comments. Who laugh last shall laugh the best. Remember 18th December 2009?

      March 16, 2010

      see…u are clear not informed about our laws. Our laws does not dictate any by-election if there were two candidates and the voters were adequately informed of the ineligibility of the opponent. You obviously have not been listening….or maybe listening to the wrong people….Kairi Fm i guess?…LOL

      • Yes I
        March 17, 2010

        Stay Tuned you are so transparent its not funny.. Boy, I tell you go and look for work to do or let your party the UWP (who by the way let you down) help you find a job!! hahaha..the joke is on you now!

    • Good news
      March 17, 2010

      I agree with your comments Thoughtful….there is nothing to get excited about. Mr. Joseph cannot expect to be returned as the parl rep and I hope this is not what they are going to argue on!
      My goodness!!

  18. s.j
    March 16, 2010

    all u laboritessssssssss afraid 2 make comments

    • Braveheart
      March 16, 2010

      There is no need to comment to this bulls***. It is a waste of time.

      • STAY TUNED
        March 16, 2010

        The courts dont think its a waste of time……cause the matters are being heard….law is law…..please stay tuned for action in Dominica..haha

        • Real labourite
          March 17, 2010

          And action we will get. Hope thosw UWPites will not be too ashamed whent he courts hand down the decision…………….

  19. s.j
    March 16, 2010

    i want to know what will happened hmmmmmmmmm………………..

  20. Cal farin
    March 16, 2010

    All you look it

  21. Jepter
    March 16, 2010

    Oh Mayanrd, Nice that you have returned to Vieille Case after years of residence at Canefield. I trust that the next step will be that of renewing the vows.

    • BIG MAN
      March 16, 2010

      V/Case Constituency don’t want Maynard. Let him walk around with his high waist and hard body. Maynard will never represent V/Case, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

      • i-owe
        March 18, 2010

        Say that again BIGMAN…Skerrit all the way!!

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