Opposition to boycott Parliament

Dominica’s main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has announced it will boycott the House of Parliament in protest of the results of the general election.

After a recount of ballots Saturday, the UWP only won three seats, the Marigot constituency, Salisbury and Roseau Central, to the Dominica Labour Party’s 18 seats. Both the leader and deputy leader of the UWP lost their seats.

According to Ron Green, leader of the UWP, there were “unprecedented irregularities, fraud and breaches of the law of Dominica, in this general election, as conducted by the Labour Party on December 18, 2009”.

“The unprecedented use of bribery to unlawfully influence the election results; the denial of the opposition, of access to the state-owned media which rendered the election grossly unfair, and the paid movement of large numbers overseas-based persons, as an inducement to vote which substantially distorted the results of the 2009 elections in an unfair and illegal way,” Green stated

The UWP is calling for a clean up of the electoral list and subsequently fresh general elections.

“We the United workers party also issue a call to all patriotic citizens and institutions to come together to prevent a creeping dictatorship from wiping out the democratic rights and freedoms of the people of Dominica which have been fought for, for so long,” Green affirmed.

The decision by the UWP follows conclusions by election observers that the elections were free and fair.


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    December 28, 2009


  2. holaa
    December 26, 2009

    ho beat u you crying

  3. dominican in miami
    December 24, 2009

    people donot speak crap without an opposition your country will be heading a dangerous road remember the level of iliteracy in dominica you need people to speek fo these people god bless da although i came to da to vote for labour .please no one payed my ticket i am a 100% da thats my right and i alway come home once there is something of importance but we need an opposition

  4. Power to the People
    December 22, 2009

    Even though workers boycott, who will miss them? We can do without them. Dominicans have spoken loud and clear. Who beat you, you crying? LOL

  5. Jan
    December 22, 2009

    What are you laborites worrying about Ron for? Weren’t you the same ones who stole his seat which he rightly earned just so you wouldn’t see his face in parliament? You all wanted no opposition, which was clearly demonstrated by the massive bribery and dihonest tactics which you all employed during the elections. So you got what you wanted. We know that you don’t really want them in parliament for good of country. You just want an opportunity to humiliate them in parliament and run roughshod over them with the blessing of that low class Speaker in the house. Sorry for depriving you of that opportunity.

  6. December 22, 2009

    Goof luck and Marigot stop spreading hate. Let us live in peace and harmony no matter what party we supported. This is our country to build

  7. Deep in Thought
    December 22, 2009

    Didn’t anybody came from overseas to vote for the UWP? Just wondering!!!

  8. Time for a new strategy Ron!
    December 22, 2009

    It is this exact behavior which has put your party in the state that it is now. The persons who voted for you deserve proper representation in the house. How in the name of all that is blue they are they to receive said representation if your party is always boycotting everything?
    That is why you lost your seat…. if you you have decided to desert those who put their confidence in you and refuse to stand up for those who elected you, then what is your purpose? Even more disgraceful is the fact that when you do decide to attend sittings of the house, your actions resemble those of some spoilt little brats… showing no kind of example for the younger generation.
    I am sick and tired of all this boycotting and walking out and all the other RUBBISH NONSENSE the the UWP has become synonymous with.
    We demand an opposition and representatives who know how to do their job. The election is over, now is the time to work towards building a better Dominica. Stop acting like a little boy and MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. December 22, 2009

    wat esle u want RON ,u mean that if UWP have win,the election would be fair,do like the americans an WISH ,the PM good luck an stop the ,HATEING ,u did not have a plan an the ppl saw that,stop listen to liars like LEXNOX LITON,an be yr own man,thats the second time he lead u all down that way LIES LIES LIES ,THAT WAT U GET WHEN U FOLLOW A LIARS, GOD IS GOOD,REMMBER THAT”!

  10. concerned citizen
    December 22, 2009

    mr green was given very little option here
    dominicans have spoken, they glorify poverty , dependence , and lies so we gave dlp 18 sits
    to all labourities on these site talking foolishness, go remove dust from your eyes and then write something intelligently.
    can you all say dcans live well economically,do we have spending power?
    if not t then what is the hopla.
    critically thinking i think we have made a mistake because of greed , lack of respect for ourselves and children.
    if then why are we labourites worried about opposition, whats the use, we dont want opposition
    if we over voted dlp
    let uwpites make their own decision , havent we labourities made ours , then what are we crying about
    anyways im a laborite but my vision is not clouded. i will say the truth even if it hurts.

  11. legit
    December 22, 2009

    hmm ..stop crying the dominican community has spoken

  12. lester
    December 22, 2009

    Are you for real? Are you saying that la Plaine is a piece of estate willed to you? Man you loose and accept it for what it is.

    December 22, 2009

    …………………………John Piper,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    ………………………………..WELL SAID……………………

  14. To Dominican lover
    December 22, 2009

    You are ignorant! One Party State! Are you mad! Do you know the countries in the world who have one party states! China! Cuba! North Korea! Syria!

    I would not live in these places for all the gold in the world!

  15. Reconsider
    December 22, 2009

    Mr. Green

    I beg your party to change its mind on sitting in parliament. We need representation as the DLP is not who we voted for. These 3 men are who we have and we want them to be our eyes and ears in this government. They need to speak for the God fearing, moral people of this land.

    I ask that you reconsider. Hold your head up, be strong and dignified. This is the time to rebuild this party, we have 5 years to do this. To show Dominicans not by the sins of the DLP (though there are many) but by the conduct of the UWP that you are better suited to run this country.

    We still believe in your vision for the Country, we should not be bitter but should say that God is in control and everthing he does is for a reason, one which man does not know, one he will reveal in his own time.

    Countinue to push for good governance and sound government as you have done, This corrupt regime cannot last forever for the things done in darkness always come to light.

    I will continue to pray for you, that the Lord will send worthy men and women to assist you in this journey. That the Lord will Bless you and keep you and let His light shine upon you.

  16. andy
    December 22, 2009

    John Piper,
    You said it right – learn what works in Dominican politics.
    That’s shameful; there is no consideration for DOMINICANS.

  17. John Piper
    December 22, 2009

    Mr. Ronald Green,

    You must first get the consent of the people of the 3 constituencies, before you decide to forfeit their interest in parliament.

    However, I feel that this is not the best response. Dominicans home and abroad voted for the labour party and I think the message is clear. They would have won regardless of irregularities in the process. Focus hard on building your party. Unless you want to be reformed under another name, please allow the UWP candidates who were elected do their public duty. Take this as a hard lesson and learn what works in Dominican politics and figure out how to work around it. Do not portray yourself or your party as a sore loser.

    Take the chance to stand up for dignity in office, by putting your best foot forward. Combat the ruling government by proposing better ideas and brand those ideas under the UWP’s name!
    Step up your Political Game and use more sophisticated methods to outfox Mr Skerrit. If you are capable of doing that, the Dominican public will once again embrace you and have no reason not to back you up when the ruling party uses its position to gain an unfair advantage.

    People of good conscience love to rally for the underdog. Conversely they show disdain for those who always seem to accept or adjust to the rules of the game.
    Fight the Good fight! You will be the better man for it!

  18. observer from the outside
    December 22, 2009

    did any one of you vote for the opposition? You all have given the Pm full authority to do what ever he please in parliament . There is no need for the oppositon. If we have to suck salt let it be.

  19. All Seeing Eye
    December 22, 2009

    So what exactly is being suggested here by this boycott? You mean all the 18 seats won have been won by some fraudulent or illegal means? Or perhaps someone has witnessed a hoard of about 70,000 Diasporans invade the Island to vote for winning party and pick up their bribe money from the headquarters before leaving.

    Yes how absurd!!

    I think now is the time for all those currently in opposition to prove to the nation their worth so that perhaps they would stand a better chance at the next polls rather that engaging in what seems more like infantile behaviour.

    Everybody still griping about the Nation’s decision should take a spoon of sugar instead of sour grapes and start acting and working like worthy statesmen, that is the way to gain recognition and earn respect.

  20. never let go
    December 22, 2009

    this time 20 sits we taking..reelection u want…we go take 20 lol u come u dont come parliament must go on choops

  21. December 22, 2009

    im in total agreeance of this matter.. they should not go to parliament. before while in parliament they had more voices and the speaker stil didnt pay attention 2 them muchless for now.. they should stay out and save the embarassment from the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.

  22. shelli
    December 22, 2009

    Calling all Roseau Central massive to sign a petition with over 1,000 names and signatures asking Mr. Norris Prevost to step down as the Parliamentary representative and allow Ms. Judith to give us effective representation in January 2010.

    We are not prepared to waste our vote.

    Mr. President of the Commonwealth of Dominica Sir please be on standby to receive we the voters of Roseau Central legitimate petition.

    Enough is enough.

  23. Mafia
    December 22, 2009

    ahhhh wat the hell lets jus boycott for the fun of it BOYCOTT BOYCOTT

  24. December 22, 2009

    Backing you 100% and to all those who see it differently go read a book . WE SHALL OVER COME . if we can,t stand when called upon to do so we w ill fall f or a lll t he bullshits that flying around DOMINICA. Mr.James, Green, Prevost.and John, stand for what you believe in, God bless you all.

  25. Foolishness
    December 22, 2009

    When they don’t come, I hope they don’t receive pay for the day. These clowns. I hope the President and the PM donate their salaries (those elected of course) to the needy of Dominica because its obvious they do not want it.

    My gosh I don’t want to sound bias, but I can never as long as I live put an X next to UWP and the likes of Mr. James. Sorry.

  26. Ron
    December 22, 2009

    Perfect example of Ron’s… The strange thing is that he expects to … for being a no show in parliament. What a bunch of clowns.

  27. December 22, 2009

    Whats really worng with these people? They allowed the DFP to outshine them in organisation and professionalism. Just look at their website- a bunch of ugly pics, scattered garbage and hands in cuffs. No autobiographies of the members. What is that? Total confusion and at this level is totally unacceptable. Look at the websites of DLP and DFP. U’ll see the difference.

    There are zero excuses for not being prepared for the campaign, because as the opposition its their job to do the country’s work too. Plans, projects and ground breaking should not be only for the government. Putting a vision and ideas for development should be an ongoing process, not something to gather a week or two before elections, and then on the eve you are still unable to present your vision for the country. These parties get enough campaign funding to do something meaningful at least at constituency level but instead they bring down artistes, make fireworks and pay hateful talkshow hosts hundreds of thousands of dollars to spread propaganda that people eventually reject because they just upset and spoil your morning, get you angry and irritable. At the end, nothing productive,educational or healthy, so heavily rejected by the public. And a waste of money that could go toward nation building but goes in the pocket of a big head man.

    The UWP has greatly disappointed me who strongly supported them. They disappointed Dominicans and did not live up to the expections of most of us Dominicans who were given little choice but to support the DLP as the better party for the country right now. It’s that simple. If Dominica ends up a one party state, the UWP has NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES TO BLAME. And they will be held reponsible by us the people.

    By the way, Dominicans, please pray for Ron, he seems unfairly treated and bullied by the superior party members. So please pray so God can give him strength regardless of the party you support.

  28. December 22, 2009

    I guess that Spirit has just said it all.

  29. Healer
    December 22, 2009

    I strongly believe the Opposition should go and take their place in Parliament; we tend to make our PRIDE take over our better judgement. I don’t think sitting in Parliament is encouraging the “NONSCENCE” that the PM stands for it is having a VOICE and making it be heard. The opposition has to understand that their contribution will mean a lot even if they receive negative treatment from inside we are all individuals and have to make up our mind when all is said and done. I know of a country that once had the same outcome after a general election and now that very same party is in as government of that country. SO PLEASE GO IN WITH YOUR HEADS HELD HIGH.

    To the Labour supporters you guys sound so uneducated and act like TODDLERS, in every person or decision there is a FLAW and when I read the responses to some of your comments I am disappointed to even say I am a DOMINICAN associated with such low thinking people. The PM is not God and he can do wrong, so stop acting like everything he does is OK. He is entitled to make mistakes and you all must allow him that PLEASURE. To everything that is said about Labour you LABOURTIES take it personal and start to ATTACK. You all are the ones painting a BAD picture of what campaigning and supporting your party is all about. The same way you want to have FREEDOM of speech give somebody else the chance to have that same opportunity. I have friends who are Labourites and since after December 18 they are concerned about the country, you might say they are not TRUE supporters but they are, I think it is a case where they realise that the parting is over and how are we going to move on with a COUNTRY so divided.

    My concern is after all is said and done and you are back to earth and the same taxes, high food, water, light bills come at you with the same salary what are you going to do CURSE the same PM or Palrep you voted for. Come on Labourites before you respond so bitterly to comments made, please T H I N K.

    So please stop the negative comments and tongue lashing and look forward for the future of Dominica. I congratulate the PM I am just sitting and looking at what is going to happen in the next five year.

  30. December 22, 2009

    JAy and Soufriere Consistuency

    My previous comments to Ron are for you as well – JAy and Soufriere Consistuency.

    Stop the disrespect. What are we showing the young people? To be disrespectful to Authority and other Human Beings? Let us love one another – We are all Dominicans – no matter what ever party we have supported. I am not pleased to see the kind of comments that are made. Let commonsence prevail..

  31. Prophet2
    December 22, 2009

    I see civil unrest, then marshall law, then curfew and then the loss of freedom.

  32. December 22, 2009


    Why are you so insultive to peeping Tom? What kind of attitude is that? Your bitterness is shown to the T. Would you please appologise to Mr Peeping Tom and I do feel hurt by your attitude Mr Ron. Quit that bitterness because it is only you that it will destroy. You won’t be able to smile. You might be so disgruntled and take it off on your relatives – Girlfriend (wife) Children (Child) if you do have any. Seek the Heavenly Father who is true love and ask him to give you a heart of flesh so you will see everyone as a human Being to respect and love. Enouth of that hatred. The Opposition has its work to do. They should respect the minority persons who have placed their confidence in them. We don’t alway get what we want or desire. We have to abide by the outcome whether we support or not and with that give due respect to everyone .. I emphasise everyone.

    Another thing do not curse your country. We take a lot of things for granted here. Speak peace and Blessing onto our dear country – Dominica. Heavenly Father Bless the Commonwealth of Dominica. Remember the Americans put down their differences after the President is elected and they Bless their country. Democracy must reign.

  33. Dominican lover
    December 22, 2009

    Ron, Ron, Ron, u are just proving the point to the world why u lost. Your party is burnt out. You have no new ideas to offer. You are correct, the three should boycot, so in five years time at the next election there will be no blue seats only red. Dominica can move on and have the UWP dream of a one party state, only thing is the colour will be red not green or blue.
    This is what u all have been preaching all along, so yes give it t the Dominican people. This will unite the country, to do he work we need to do join hands and work together.
    Ron retire to La PLain or America you are an American citizen after all. Edison must return to his wife and family in Barbados, he looking more like dem. So MR. Hector can just cross the floor and join with Skerrit because you Ron and Eddison will bring him down with u.
    Thanks very much for doing the Dominican people a favour. It is time to stop the dissention,polorisation, and disunity,dont boycott, go the full hog, resign the two seats, if you are talking on behalf of the others.
    We would just love to vote it red. Time to unite the country, one party state, that is what Shirley have been promising,give it to us. Tell Eddie and Prevos to resign, Hector JOhn just need to cross the floor. He at least is an honourable man.

  34. Time for a new strategy Ron!
    December 22, 2009

    It is this exact behavior which has put you party in the state that it is now. The persons who voted for you need proper representation in the house. How in the name of all that is blue they going to get it if your party always boycotting everything?
    That is why you loose your seat…. if you’re never there to stand up for those who elected you, then what is your purpose? Even more disgraceful is the fact that when you all are there, your actions resemble those of some spoilt little brat… no kind of example for the younger generation.
    I am sick and tired of all this boycotting and walking out and all the other RUBBISH NONSENSE the the UWP has become synonymous with.
    We demand an opposition and representatives who know how to do their job. The election is over, now is the time to work towards building a better Dominica. Stop acting like a little boy and MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Super
    December 22, 2009

    First let me congratulate the Labour party for its resounding victory at the polls. When the dust settles and the losers are finished licking their wounds we will still remain Dominicans. It good comes it comes for all if bad comes it comes for all. Laborites, UWPists and Fredomites are all Dominicans. Therefore let Dominica be for Dominicans. Venezuelans, Chinese and Haitians come after.

    With all fairness the election process in Dominica is not really fair. It might be free but not fair. No one should be waiting in suspense for the election date to be announced. This is giving one side an unfair advantage. There should be a date set by law for the holding of general eldctions. This date should not be toyed with at the whims and fancies of the Prime Minister. Everyone should be afforded the same opportunity to get prepared for that date. To get up one morning and learn that elections will be held in 3 weeks is totally absurd. A fixed date should be set. Say the 3rd Friday five years after the last general elections.

    Anyone who disagrees does not believe in democracy and can well advocate that there is no need for elections in Dominica. We say that Dominica is moving forward but how can we move forward with obsolete laws. we need constitutional reform and electoral reform in this modern day.

    When it is prohibited to wear or dissiminate campaign paraphernelia on elction day you are not free. This is absolutely backward. The absennce of telivised debates in the presence of a multi-million dollar financed campaign is shameful.

    The ballot paper should be redesigned. Each symbol should have a distinctive box adjacent to it to eliminate any doubt of whom the vote was cast for. Any marking in this distinctive box must be counted as a vote for the candidate. There is too much room for irregularities.

  36. winston warrington
    December 22, 2009

    A boycott of parliament is only possible if by the absence of the UWP the house is unable to function. With only three representatives, their absence can only be viewed as dereliction of duties. This is nothing but a small child’s reaction to being refused some candy.
    According to anti-laborites, a re-election will not decrease the amount of money that Labour has for getting out the votes; actually, it would mean further erosion of the few seats that UWP managed to win. I am sure Roseau Central would be lost.

  37. Dominicanaaway
    December 22, 2009

    sore losers thats all they are…….. we can move on without them hopefully Dominicans will take note.

  38. Liberated
    December 22, 2009

    I don’t think the people who casted their votes for the three UWP candidates who got elected to represent them in parliament will be too happy that they will not be represented after all. I think the three should be given an ultimatum to either do their duties and represent their constituents or resign and allow a by-election in order to get other people more willing to take on those duties to be elected. The UWP have only themselves to blame for performing so poorly in the election. They spent too much time during the campaign trying to assassinate the character of Skerrit rather than focusing on the real issues that ordinary Dominicans cared about. UWP need a leadership change in order to better prepare themselves for the next election in five years time. It might also be worth considering appointing three members of the freedom party to act in place of the three UWP elected members who refuse to take up the mandate offered to them by their constituents.

  39. spirit
    December 22, 2009

    I need somebody to tell me what kind of example is mr Green and his croanies to the young children of this country who do not know better . They are saying to our kids and young athletes that they quit sports because they loose a race or fight the officials or refrees

  40. Ron sucks
    December 22, 2009

    To Ron: I am from Grand Bay and very offended by the statemnt you made about persons in Grand Bay or Paro in Newtown.

    At the end of the day we are all Dominicans and are classified or described in the same way.

    DNO has provided a medium where we all can voice our oponions openly inspite of your color, race etc.

    Persons like you who usually use that opportunity to insult other persons usually have low self -esteem and ego problems. You sound angry, vexed. Is it because your party loss so badly in the elections.

    AT the end of the day after these elections have been held we need tomove on as a country, and its persons like you that cause people to become violent; you with your ignornace. No insult will change the result of the elections. So why don’t you let people post their honest, heartfelt comments and go wash your kaban pissa!

    I am makiong a special effort to respond to you anytime you get out of line with people who post their comments!!!

  41. alvin t serrant
    December 22, 2009

    this is absolute nonsense, mr ron green isn’t an elected member of parliament , until if he really goes to court and win, let’s all stop being ignorant of the fact, remember mr edison c james, mr hectorjohn and mr norris prevost are the only elected united workers party candidates.

  42. Shakier Scotland
    December 22, 2009

    Seriously !!! and you guy claim you care about Dominica ……. Give me a break !!!!! A bunch of whining babies who did not get what they want and are crying …….. Who is going to speak for the supporters of the UWP .
    Be careful because it will be double trouble next time around …. you guys might just win one seat . And is parliament a ball room to walk in and out as you please .

  43. Peeping Tom
    December 22, 2009

    Ok, “Ron,” what is it that’s eating you up so much that you are so filled with venom? Is it the 18 -3 whopping or my 6-point commentary? Or, it could be both?

    Chew on that 18 -3 humiliation and live with it. Your beloved UWPwee is a failure and we are better off without you in Parliament making noises and frustrating debates.

    Good riddance, “Ron!” Go in a corner and cry.


  44. kimrah
    December 22, 2009

    i no very hard for u uwp .but thats life you got to be strong.in life it have lose and win .

  45. Righteous
    December 22, 2009

    Most of Dominica boycotted the opposition and now the opposition wants to to boycott Dominica. Mr. Green the elections are over and the people of Dominica chose the government without any stress or fear of execution or retaliation…in order words on their own accord. To boycott the people of Dominica is just wrong….and the opposition should represent the people. If you decide to boycott, then the voters should take the opposition to court for a recall of those candidates.

    Give it up as there is work to be done.

    One Love Dominicans!

  46. Shana
    December 22, 2009

    Disgrace, i agree with you 150%. They want to boycott parliament because they don’t care about the people who put they confidence in them and voted them. What a shame! Sad day for the people of Salisbury, Marigot and Roseau Central! But don’t worry my people, knowing this Prime Minister, he will ensure that you all will not be left out from your share of our country’s development. Both in infrastructure and human resource. SHAME ON YOU EDISON AND RON. THE LITTLE RESPECT THAT I HAD FOR YOU GUYS HAVE JUST BEEN THROWN OUT OF THE WINDOW.

  47. pepper
    December 22, 2009


  48. Keeping It Cool
    December 22, 2009

    I don’t get it!!! They call for election observers; they got it!! OAS says that the elelction was free and fair and in accordance with the constitution. So what happens to the Dominicans who voted for the UWP – where is thier representation – how do grown educated men come to these desicions – what is it about power that makes us act like fools. We gave them 5 more years – it is done – whose money will pay for all the legal back and forth – contributions to the UWP by good citizens? Let us just move on!

  49. Ron
    December 22, 2009

    Peeping Tom

    I know that you want to believe otherwise, but the clear anti UWP bias in your long, winding contributions make your arguments altogether pointless…you who are supposed to be so smart is nothing more than an ignorant fool, blinded by the red of the party you support.

    Why don’t you keep your intellectual bull.. to yourself? You are no better than the ignorant illiterate on the streets of Grand bay or the paro in Newtown who will shout Labour even in the face of all what you know to be true about the Prime Minister.

    btw, you very well know that the UWP decision is based on sound merit and logic, but your red tinted shades will not allow you to admit otherwise.

    It is people like you, who are ensuring the doom of the country because we expect you to know better. HYPOCRITE!

    (PS…sit pretty…your job in the civil service is secure for at least the next ten years…who cares about the unemployed Jack… on the street, who like you, continue to shout Labour.)

  50. lovely dominica
    December 22, 2009

    Its amazing to see how grown educated men can behave like little spoilt kids. You asked for elections several months ago. You got it and was thrashed at the polls. What more do you want? Be happy that you at least won three seats. Its a similar scenario when you guys asked for IPO- you got it and then criticize it, you asked for election observers, you got it and then say that the elections were not free and fair. Its clear now that the leadership of the UWP have all gone .. Accept the defeat and get along with your lives.

  51. nonsense in this counrty
    December 22, 2009


  52. LMAO
    December 22, 2009



  53. mypoeple
    December 22, 2009

    move on green befor u turn blue

  54. concerned1
    December 22, 2009

    one question…. will they still be getting a salary?

  55. December 22, 2009

    All of u UWP supporters should have stood behind Ron and the others when only a few of them were protesting for voter ID and media access. They stood in front of dbs looking ridiculous. I hope you all dont just keep running your mouths this time and take to the streets with them.

    December 22, 2009

    Thanks Mr. Green for giving us what we wanted and voted for, no more oposition, one party state, only PM Skerit we want. Long live our KING PM SKERIT.
    There is nothing you all can do about it.
    All our needs will be fulfilled under our KING SKERIT,
    Hail to our beloved King.

  57. LionPaw
    December 22, 2009

    I remember when I was younger watching my Dad slaughter his farm raised chickens. He would cut out the neck and and then allow it to “beat itself” to death. That’s why to this day I don’t eat meat.

    I guess that’s the story of the UWP here. The neck has been cut and now it’s just “beating itself” to death.

  58. Peace
    December 22, 2009

    What is the opposition trying to prove? They dig a hole for the dominica labour party and they fell right into it. Why can’t they move on? Election day has passed and the majority of the people of dominica has spoken, why can’t they accept it? Why continue with this hatred, division, segregation among the citizens of our country? When will it end?
    I love my country, DOMINICA, and it is hurting to see what is going on. During the election period, it was so heartbreaking to see what was going on. I was afraid that individuals would start killing each other. Persons don’t respect each other. We live in a democratic country and we must learn to understand what is means. We may not like what persons believe in or who they support, but in the long run, we need to learn to respect each other and if we disagree, do it in the right way.
    Dominicans, let us put our country first; let us put our colours away and focus on moving our country forward and building our country for our children. The opposition have a right to their opinions and if they have grievances, take them to court. Let us continue to pray for our country.

  59. LMAO
    December 22, 2009

    Is this the type of pathetic leadership that Ron Green want us to believe as effective? This guy should take his defeat gracefully and start looking forward to rebuilding, and most importantly re-strategizing.. this is the exact same kind of politiking that cost him the elections.. IDIOT!!

    Mike Douglas suffered multiple defeats under Miss Charles’ DFP and never had such disgusting reactions to his defeat. And furthermore, didn’t UWP start the ‘importing’ of voters?… just asking…
    Their own actions came around, huh?!


  60. Frank
    December 22, 2009

    I knew the opposition would not acknowledge the will of the people. here we go again. mr. green is alleging “masswive corruption”. He however has failed – again, to cite not even one incident that can stand the test of rigourous scrutiny in the courts oflaw. Just pure emotional outburst. like a real sour loser.

    But that should not surprise followers of the lection campaign. the UWP’s every utterance in the lead up to elections pointed in a direction that they are setting up the country for civil unrest and thus make the country ungovernable. That is the bottom line. If tyhey can psyche up the people to take to the streets and behave in an uncivil manner then the government would not be able to govern. that is what they want.

    But with 60 or so percent of the popular votes, Mr. Green has a hard task on his hand. But then it si interesting to note that mr. green in his “fallen state” is making major pronouncements on behalf of his party. Al during the campaign it was either Lennox or Eddy. Ron only came after to reiterate what Eddy said. Today he has taken the leads. is it to impress Eddy for a senate seat?.

    If Ron is right with what he says, and I were to advise PM Skerrit, I would call a seating of the House every month for the next three months and then if the UWP is true to its word – OOPs!, time for the people to decide again. You think Norris Prevost will agree to a bye-election against an incumbent government knowing fully well that he barely eased his way with a slim 3 votes. he willnot be reasdy for another pounding in Roseau so soon. Hector Sprags John shouldbe aware of what he was ent to parliament to do.

  61. Disgusted
    December 22, 2009

    Peeping Tom and the others who disagree with the UWP’s decision, please read the constitution. Any party which has a majority in Dominica is in charge. Why should UWP seat in Parliament and oppose? You and I know that It is going to be fruitless. When was the last time did any government listen to the opposition in Dominica.
    As long as political parties continue to look at the electoral process as a contest, things will never get done. Listening to the people, one gets the feeling that election is nothing but a contest. My team win and your team lose. Que va!!!!!!
    I am in favour of constitutional reform where two parties are needed to form a government. Only then will we have accountability and transparency.

    Educate the people so they can stop playing games with their children, grand children and great grand children’s future.

  62. red
    December 22, 2009

    But, Mr Green you not easy..Eben,.Eben .Ruling party wants to see thing moving on while opposition wants to boycott,The 2009 elections ,the DLP has shown a larger margin which indicates the clear victory,the clear picture of what Dominicans want.The observers said that the election were free and fair but you want to put it in your own way like how you launch your manifesto in the new way.

    Mr green you all are wasting your time,the evidence of corruption and the names of the person you have who came to Dominica to vote bring it out. Don’t worry ,If we should have an other election i bet you labour will win again,no doubts,we will still see you all struggling through the dark blue troubled waters.
    stop it ,pull up your pants and lets put hand at work.I know what you are feeling my brother but magwaysa Dominica is ours to build and not to destroy.

  63. Young man in dominica
    December 22, 2009

    For real i agree with Albert, Mr Green go to court and fight your case if you have evidence prove to us that you have evidence. Mr Green you are the cause of your own lost in the general election sr you campain all over dominica on the fact that PM dirty and you cant prove it. I will tell you when you lost my vote when you said ch 18 mapin 2k4 that you have no evidence to prove corruption on skerrit thats just non sense, so is dominicans you can fool you all over dominica saying he corrup and on an international level you have no evidence stupesssssssssss Mr Green hang your boots sr with all due respect

  64. Ron
    December 22, 2009

    Ron Greene is just a total waste of time. He has failed his party miserably so now he is looking for an excuse. Let’s see how far this behavior will take him. I don’t think he will benefit at all. Anyway Mr. Greene, the country will be going through some major development while you seat there doing nothing, as usual. Keep crying corruption…..the people has spoken.

  65. Ticush
    December 22, 2009

    If I was on the fence, I would never swallow the litany of hate orchestrated by the UWP. This makes me feel so sad about my country. Yet you have soooo many pig headed idiots who benefit from the iniatives of the government, yet they are out there yarping!

  66. disgrace
    December 22, 2009

    when the opposition boycotts the house what does that say to the people of dominica who voted for them. they don’t care. it would make us feel like we wasted our vote.mr.green and the rest don’t try to make us pass `like fools. go to the house and represent ur party and the other three victorious ones represent ur constituency and ur people

  67. LionPaw
    December 22, 2009

    Not surprising. That’s the M.O. of Edison James. Since his defeat in 2000 all he’s been doing is “belly aching”(to use his own phrase) and boycotting.

    Since 2000 he’s been boycotting the National Day Parade on Nov 3rd. He boycotted parliament after his defeats in 2000 and 2005. Walked out on other numerous occasions. And he is up to his old and tired antics yet again.

    UWP is in need of a serious leadership overhaul. First order of business…Edison James has got to retire from active politics. He is ineffective and only hurts the party. Somebody has got to do some serious intervention on Mr.James. Because this man is in serious denial…that he will NEVER be Prime Minister of Dominica again.

    Get over it Sir and move on.

  68. concerned
    December 22, 2009

    go and demonstrate mr green go on. mind you dont end up getting arrested.the votes were recounted in presence of lawyers and the international observers and it still wrong. All you want is just to be in power RON thats all but you seem to forget that it has a bad reflection on our beautiful country.

    the international observers going to stay what a stupid man.what is he demonstrating about and look at a bunch of empty barrels following him.

  69. jahfire
    December 22, 2009

    i am so happy that the uwp has boycotted the house. it means now that the people are the opposition and we all know dominicans are afraid of protesting like is devil they see.well you all wanted a one party state now you have it.right now if skerrit says no more elections then you can do nothing,if he says go eat shit you can’t do anything about it.in the begining of a dictatorship things are always nice and dandy until the s*** starts to hit the fan. look at china,they have surplus in their treasury of 8 billion but people still eat carboard dumplings every day.wait till you all can’t get young and restless and your comfort is taken away with your freedom.like we used to say back in the day BEHOLD

  70. O_o
    December 22, 2009

    “Well if is that, I NOT playing with all you.”

  71. ALBERT
    December 22, 2009




    THEN…FOR GOD’S SAKE….. MOVE ON MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. DA
    December 22, 2009

    you’ are so right Mr Green, let democracy prevail…………………………

  73. Peeping Tom
    December 22, 2009

    By the way, DNO that pic you guys have here of Ron is aptly chosen. (Wink, wink!)

  74. Forward Thinking
    December 22, 2009

    To seat in Parliment would be legitimizing the bribery and fraudulent actions of the DLP!

    To seat in Parliment would be an explicit endorsement of this unfair election process!

    I support this decision made by the United Workers Party!

    Thank you very much Prime Minister Roosevelt Skeritt – you have won the election at all cost! Your target was the young voters and the elderly in our community (two vulnerable groups). Well Done Mr Prime Minister!

    Thank you very much Prime Minister Roosevelt Skeritt for the beginning of a one party state!

    We, the Dominican people hope that you keep the promises you made to us, especially the FIRST 100 DAYS PROMISES – THE LAPLAINE DECLARATION!


    A Concerned Dominican

  75. Itassian
    December 22, 2009

    I would strongly recommend that who abdicate their responsibilities to represent the constituents as is proposed by the UWP Ron Green in his announcement to boycott parliament must not be paid a salary. The peresident then must nominate senators to replace those who boycott so that there can be some kind of representation of the constituents of the boycotters

  76. December 22, 2009


  77. Career Driven
    December 22, 2009

    I agree, it is clear that the people have spoken with this large mandate given to the DLP. Allow the PM to do what he thinks is the WILL of the people.

    I would suggest, in the interim, that the UWP begin to groom some young brilliant and career driven individuals who could be brought as a forceful team to the next general elections; right now with the way things have gone, there is no need to oppose but just allow things to proceed as the electorate wants.

    The PM has already hinted that the sweets would not go on for long, ” Persons should be concerned about the monies they spend and especially that which is spent on cell phones through top ups, spend on what is necessary” of course I have paraphrased, could not grapple with the rumbled sentences.

    Let me end with the words of the TIME’S MAN OF THE YEAR

    “I believe that in the democracy in which we live there must be good governance and a relationship betweeen the people who govern and the governed”- Lennox Linton\

  78. Peeping Tom
    December 22, 2009

    Even as an opposition force, the UWPwee has failed Dominicans! This decision will have no impact on life in Dominica and will likely hurt the party more.

    1. The UWPwee has a a record of creating scandals, where there are none, pursuing court cases that they cannot win, and taking up petty and insignificant positions on everything and anything. Their decision regarding the resounding results of the elections is no surprise. (Contrast this with that of the DFP!)

    2. Since 2000, we have been used to the UPWwee boycotting Parliament for one reason or another. Still, life continued and nothing changed in their favour.

    3. The last 5 years have shown that the UWPwee, even while in Parliament, was ineffective in articulating the issues that mattered to Dominicans. It was the unofficial opposition (Q-95 FM, Lennox Linton, and others) who successfully raised issues that had some resonance with most Dominicans, not the UWPwee. The UWPwee only came on board after Q-95 had made sufficient noises about the issues. So, whether they are in Parliament or out, Dominicans do not benefit.

    4. It is illogical that a party that is now on its knees after a humiliating and bruising lashing in the general elections will knowingly miss an opportunity to make itself relevance and convince Dominicans, its supporters as well as undecided voters, that it has some value to the nation. What avenues does the UWPwee now hope to use to show that it still has value to Dominicans: Q-95, etc. The same avenues that it used to help it lose so miserably to the DLP? Lol! Things don’t change, huh?!

    4. It is illogical to attempt to rebuild from a position of political insignificance by staying out of the one institution that confirms your legitimacy, Parliament. So, the UWPwee’s decision will likely impact on its chances to rebuild.

    5. This decision protrays the UWPwee as a group of irresponsible cry-cry babies. It doe snot show political maturity. It does not show nobility. It confirms the UWPwee’s position in our history as a party of sore-losers who are so absorbed by the phantasmagoria that there is no way out for them. This decision does not help the party’s image and will consequently, affect its chances for rebuilding. After all, the UWPwee now has to try to win back all itssupporters who voted Red in this elections.

    6. The UWPwee’s decision is an insult to the Dominicans who voted for them and who want their voice in Parliament. Unfortunately, blinded by shame, disappointment, and anger, the UWPwee’s brass cannot think rationally. A wiser decision could have been to delay this boycott pending the resolution of outstanding matters in the court. (I admit, i still would not have supported this boycott, but at least, they would have shown some metal, some character and responsibility!) Then again, the UWPwee has a knack for taking some rather perplexing and dumbfounding positions. This one is not going to help them.

    I reiterate, even in opposition, the UWPwee has difficulty making sense; even in opposition, the UWPwee fails Dominicans!

  79. positivedominican
    December 22, 2009

    I wonder if they had won the elections if they would still be asking for a re-election and talking about irregularities.

    The fact is that you agreed to play by the rules, now it is too late to cry foul. Take your blows like a man and just try to regroup.

    If the UWP fails to go to parliament then they have effectively imposed a death sentence on their existence as a political force in Dominica. WE AWAIT THE DAWN OF A NEW POLITICAL PARTY SINCE THE UWP IS NOW OFFICIALLY DEAD.

  80. Celebrity
    December 22, 2009

    is that wii…Good thing me and Ron are U.S citizens.

  81. Soufriere Constituency
    December 22, 2009

    Am 100% behind you. According to Scrunter’s Calypso they are GUILTY on all counts. We demand a re-election. Mr Pm Stop the hypocracy we all know whats in ur mind. Spear me

  82. Dave
    December 22, 2009

    Nonsense. Accept your defeat. what you guys did to your former members fell right back at you all. From Timothy to Nicholas.

  83. shocked
    December 22, 2009


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