Pinard says he is “not going nowhere”

Pinard said he will continue working in the constituency
Pinard said he will continue working in the constituency

He may have resigned as Ports Minister and MP for the Soufriere Constituency but Ian Pinard has made it clear that he is not going to just ride into the sunset.

At the launching ceremony of the new Dominica Labour Party (DLP) candidate, Denise Charles, in Pointe Michel on Saturday evening, Pinard revealed his future in the constituency.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you that I am not going nowhere,” he thundered to throngs of cheering Labourites. “I can tell you that I will be with Denise Charles working with her, helping her to ensure that the constituency will always be Labour next election, the election after and I will be there to ensure that.”

The past months have not been kind to Pinard. On Wednesday, March 2 he announced that he was resigning his post as Ports Minister based on “allegations of serious inappropriate behavior” which had been gripping the nation. But he pointed out that he will continue to serve the constituency as Member of Parliament.

However, in a surprising and unexpected move, Pinard announced at a special meeting of the Dominica Labour Party Constituency Association in Soufriere on April 26, that he was also resigning at MP based on the same allegations. An emotional, and clearly uncomfortable Pinard, said the entire matter has had an enormous impact on him emotionally, psychologically and physically and has prevented him from functioning to the best of his ability as MP.

At Saturday’s rally, Pinard had high praise for his successor, who he said, has worked for many years in the constituency.

“Denise Charles walked with me in the last elections and she has walked the streets with Sam Martin the election before and Denise Charles knows and understand your concerns, your needs your aspirations and I can tell you that Denise will continue the work,” he said. “I can tell you that Denise Charles is an excellent candidate for the next parliamentary representative for the Soufriere Constituency.”

He said Charles will fly the Labour flag with pride and confidence “as well as treat your needs and concerns of the residents of Soufriere Constituency with sensitivity.”

“Denise Charles will be a strong and eloquent voice in parliament,” he stated. “Labourites, this constituency will be in good hands with Denise Charles. Together we shall work hard to further the progress and development of the Soufriere Constituency, so today Denise Charles has my full endorsement.”

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  1. Caretaker
    May 18, 2016

    Joshua Francis was UWP WHERE WAS the support for him, he was the one person who could beat skerro and you force him out as a member of your team. now you have to cope with Pinard on the right and Pinard on the left. Ian is no longer your candidate, why make him a hero. Miss Demise is our rep and you must vote her in. On a second note, she is a Charles and also an accountant, so she will not be without a job so what. Just insulting each other on www. Take your responsibilities seriously and pay for your own mistakes. Forget Ian Pinard for he is no longer there. If he is strong enough to show his face in public good for him, I never give him a second look

  2. El Torro
    May 17, 2016

    That moment the “leader” uses a double negative while addressing supporters. :-|

  3. May 17, 2016

    Lol this man is clearly insane as well as the entire party who didn\’t shut him up for saying that rubbish. If i was Denise i would run and hide because this is a shame. I find it hard to take what\’s going on in Dominica seriously its either we have a serious case of \”sootiweh\” or everybody foo. In ny opinion this statement should spark a major protest actiob for the rights of women and young girls. But whatever happened to the young lady btw?

  4. latitude e5550
    May 17, 2016

    thats my boy

  5. Why
    May 17, 2016

    You are so worthless, that I won’t be surprised if you invoke the sex offender shabba james to join your campaign. Just like skerrit, he will have your back.

  6. You all Dumb-minicans need to take a chill pill.. You heard the man..he is not going nowhere he will ride along till the get a grip stop talk trash.. Because as far as I care and concern ..Ian is innocent until proven guilty.. So quit the buggig and get to the all opinions doesn’t matter and I reapeat it Doesn’t matter!! No matter what you say about skerrit, Denise,Ian and labour ..nothing will change cause everybody looking for theirselves …now please ensure that you all have food to eat before blasting the Skerrit led administration …#theBest# ?? my bread well butter..? now fire up???????

    • Dominican Passports 4 sale
      May 17, 2016

      Aye on your child tablet skerrit give you, you typing that man? Just kidding, but seriously though your bread probably well butter because you know your passport ready to take flight on sight. :mrgreen: That’s the only way :lol: :lol:

  7. A Doubting Thomas In Solidarity
    May 17, 2016

    Such hatred, such venom. I wonder if a Psychiatrist were to analyse some of the postings here on this topic many of us would be thrown in the looney bin. Papa God we foo for true.

    And the really sad thing about it all is that we pretend we care for the child in an alleged sexual abused case but in fact that is not true is it? What is true is that the UWP supporters on here sees they will not win the by-election so they are crucifying a person who has not had his day in court on an alleged matter.

    If the UWP really wanted to show solidarity with the allege victim(s) they would not run a candidate in any of the three ridings. But it is too late now because winning the seats is all that really matters. And puling a candidate out or not contesting now because you know you would lose is even worst, because it would prove you really don’t care.

    • tet cal
      May 17, 2016

      It this type of venom for immoral politicians and leaders that usually differentiate between the first world and fourth world countries. Check yourself, read the newss.

    • Anthony Ismael
      May 17, 2016

      Reading your post is troubling. People like you are so blinded by the hand out from the Red Clinic that you fail to see the seriousness of this issue.

  8. Labour supporter Soufriere
    May 17, 2016

    It is almost as if the P.M. is condoning what our parl rep is charged with. I find that very distasteful and this time I will not vote at all.

  9. Tjebe Fort
    May 17, 2016

    A vote for red is a vote for the abuse of our children that is how I see it. They have gone too far this time, laughing at us for having morals. Time to poke them in the eye with our vote.

  10. tet cal
    May 17, 2016

    It seems that the very simple point being missed by Ian’s supporters is that he was voted ‘by the people’. His position as Parl Rep is of public service and not a throning as some king who was entitled as heir to the throne. NO.
    We the people do not have a duty to Ian to even be ‘thankful’ for ALL that he has done for us 8-O by supporting his nonsense ehh?

  11. heartbreaking
    May 17, 2016


    Better to refrain from voting if you cannot do the right thing. THIS is a vote for OUR CHILDREN!

    DOMINICA let your voices be heard loud and clear. STAND with our young girls and boys who are being used, buggered, raped, indecently assaulted. STAND. LET your vote speak!

    Let your conscience be your guide Dominica.

  12. May 16, 2016

    How should a young lady who was a victim of a horrible crime feel when she sees the full weight and support of the Government is behind the accused perpetrator of that crime? Can any of YOU imagine the amount of fright, apprehension and terror that young lady must be going through clearly seeing that the HIGHEST OFFICE OF THE LAND is standing in solidarity behind the perpetrator and not behind HER??? Believing in her heart that for sure there WILL BE NO JUSTICE for HER!!! Imagine the horror of knowing that her reward for being brave and speaking up is simply embarrassment and shame while the reward for the one who did her wrong is praise from her own Prime Minister! My good people of the Soufriere Constituency will you be the voice of this young lady and say to this Government…PLEASE STOP IGNORING ME? Will you use your votes to speak truth to power and to give this young lady hope that Dominicans care about our children? 2016 Send a message and vote them out!!!!

  13. Danziger
    May 16, 2016

    Dominicans, leur barbe konmarade nous prix DEFAY rosée sa nous arreté malpalay nomme la.

    • eh ben weh
      May 17, 2016

      Oui, bien sur, se pa zafaw. Sakway mayshashtay ki zor yay.

  14. Joan
    May 16, 2016

    Charles does not have the interest of the people at heart her interest is in Skerrit Ian and herself. Do not vote for her. All three of them have to answer to God. Shame on Dominicans if they vote these party back in power

  15. viewsexpressed
    May 16, 2016

    I point at the little children that I am coming for you……..big time coming for you. My vote as no say, but I am coming for you.

  16. kick in de rare
    May 16, 2016

    Ian, when we heard that you had stepped down, we really thought that you had stepped down and out, ie, away from active up in people’s face politics — even if of course based on your relationship with the party you would be involved behind the scenes. But it seems as if that when we praised you for stepping down your true or foolish colours and that of your team began to shine right through, given that you stepped down but stayed right where you were in the first place, simply continuing the tradition of “i did it so what? take it”, making this an I am better than them (UWP) show, and that we Dominicans have our backs against the wall; who are we going to put there ranting. The UWP? look at dem fellas.
    I tell you Ian and our cabal, no amount of ties, pointed shoes, shiny heads and long weave will make you all men of principle or honesty because you all have disrespected this country in every way possible, even our children. You are right, you are not going nowhere.

  17. big jeff
    May 16, 2016

    ian u to san hunt shameless fool

  18. its time
    May 16, 2016

    my people don”t worry about his words can you all TAKE a good look at his eyes and his face cant you all see something is not right with that big CHILD omy god help me then help this guy Father. I have nothing taking part in on this island when it comes to the children of Dominica .Dominica people to bad mind i wash my hands on D/A people

  19. Anthony Ismael
    May 16, 2016

    Denise Charles proves that she has no character as a woman. She should not stand with this man at all.

    May 16, 2016



    • Me
      May 17, 2016

      The alleged victim was not charged and out on bail, was she? Nor is she canvassing on a platform for a political party.

    • whydid he resign ?
      May 17, 2016

      All of the above.
      Y did he resign?
      where there’s smoke have fire kerosene, matches,lighter, Kalinago stone to light the fire.
      continue to say the sky is green yello pink when it is blue to everyone else.
      saqway sort.-coolleve

  21. AA
    May 16, 2016

    This country is sickening and the labour party is a set of sick **. I am appalled by the women that were at that meeting and cheered at that statement. Denise Charles it was a is a big mistake to have such creatures so intimate in your campaign. How can such a creature be so embolden to be behaving in such a manner after the alleged crime that he have committed. what is wrong with the morale standing of this country. These kinds of behaviors that will make people take the law into their own hands and will not wait for the courts to decide…………….

  22. To a Southern political STUD
    May 16, 2016

    Southern STUD said to D/can pop, says -he is “not going nowhere” Staying right here with the juveniles & certainly not giving up youthful indiscretions bc it’s sweet. and has many sweet teeth an clear eyes.

  23. May 16, 2016

    He right he is not going anywhere cause there are more inappropriate behavior to be conducted

  24. d-a born
    May 16, 2016

    I have lost ALL respect for Skerrit and his supporters. I’ve said this time and time again, whenever there is some kind of scandal/ legal issue involving the member of an organization (outside of Dominica at least), the organization IMMEDIATELY puts that person on admin leave or disassociate themselves until the matter has been cleared up. But noooo, not in Dominica. That is highly unprofessional of Skerrit and is embarrassing. This is highly unethical, but then again, seems like that’s how the country set up now…and I’m seeing so many people jumping and cheering for that.

  25. 2 SEXUS
    May 16, 2016

    on April 26, that he was also resigning at MP based on the same allegations. An emotional, and clearly uncomfortable Pinard, said the entire matter has had an enormous impact on him emotionally, psychologically and physically and has prevented him from functioning to the best of his ability as MP. BUT NOT DURING THE INAPPRPOPIATE BEHAVIOUR SESSION OR SESSIONS LMAO!

  26. LifeandDeath
    May 16, 2016

    A former Gov’t Minister on bail for alleged inappropriate behavior with a minor has the audacity to show his face and still use double negatives as an example to our children..them fellas really only care about themselves..They’re now so comfortable with how tolerant/passive Dominicans have become..I swear Dominicans are under a spell, but it’s their own doing..wait and see

  27. lightbulb
    May 16, 2016

    well yes
    when i grow up
    i doh want to become a politian nuh pal
    it seems dat parliament
    does make people forget
    dey mortal
    dey have chirren
    dey have no say when where and how dey going

  28. Observer
    May 16, 2016

    Wow. Is the country I grew up in? SICK! SICK! SICK!!! This man, the government, and the people that support him are just sick! I mean, I had a little respect for the man when he resigned over the allegations/charge, but now all that is gone! Skerrit sick, the DLP sick! And if that constituency don’t send a strong message to DLP and repudiate that distasteful practice, that constituency is also sick! Only in Dominica this crap can happen.

  29. Helas!
    May 16, 2016

    I do not support any political party, because I think my strength is my vote and my vote makes sense only when I can sit down ponder and analize before I vote , But my heart cries when I listen to the immorality of my Nation. What is worse I see Christians in the middle of this hideous immorality. May God chastise his people so that we could learn.

  30. Critical thinker
    May 16, 2016

    Money talk and bullshit walk. Time will tell big time. The evil that man or woman do live with them not after them. Save the children save Dominica.

  31. committed
    May 16, 2016

    Pinard,you really are shameless, a man who has been arrested and charged for such a heinous crime particularly against a child, you should bury your head in a ” neesh cool bwa”,you on a platform talking sheet. Criminal. All mothers should hide their girls from you.

  32. Me
    May 16, 2016

    Poor, very poor grammar Ian. You are “not going nowhere” means that you are going somewhere. God only knows where!

  33. Ferbrese
    May 16, 2016

    Ian ian ian.. yoh have a lot more coming..

  34. Horse Manure
    May 16, 2016

    lol…that is a real movie 8-O

  35. uuu
    May 16, 2016

    As parents, we are entrusted with the moral and God given obligations to nature our children. Being a good mother means creating an environment that is conducive to children upbringing. When do we hold parents responsible for the behavior of their website best minors. When we accept their behavior we become enablers and we should be punished

  36. jonathan st jean
    May 16, 2016

    Ian Pinnard, you are so right, you can’t go anywhere. Two negatives make a positive, thus we know that you can’t go anywhere out of Dominica. You are an albatross around the neck of Denise Charles.You are hurting more than helping. Keep on talking

  37. eat en
    May 16, 2016

    Satan has no shame at all. You rebuke him, he’ll come back at you. You curse him, still he returns. Shameless, gutless, faceless, soulless, heartless, brainless, reckless, clueless and rudeness. Satan’s ambassadors they are; taking the country down with them to-ell :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  38. Make sense
    May 16, 2016

    You not going no where , what a shame. Well I guess ,the man will still get paid for his job , while the young lady is a rubber stamp. That’s what it means, hope treasury will look for the consultation fees payment.
    Don’t worry , Dominica nice boy.

  39. Caretaker
    May 16, 2016

    These people giving out so much information without they realize what they are saying. Now we know the victim was from pointe Mitchel and it also started at the family home. What is a so called minor seeing a Politician? Where is the parents of the children? where is their father? If they are children or minor the parent should know their where about. The children depend on their father and mother for protection. Don’t we know how a child come about? Bad up bringing causing so much problem for society. If you are grown up you should have a lover ,boyfriend or girlfriend are for school children. Women get hold of yourselves and take your responsibilities seriously and stop harassing other people for your mistakes. Support Denise for she came from good background.Blessings

    • Dominican
      May 17, 2016

      You are sick man. Whatever the child is or what, she is a minor so what Ian is alleged to have done is a crime under the law. Unless, you do not believe in our laws it is a crime partner. Don’t try to shift the blame onto the child. Especially Ian should now better, as a representative of the people. Shame on you.

  40. cameron
    May 16, 2016

    WOW and just take a close look @ the clowns that are cherring for him,when you look @ the labour party supporters,smh,the ones that are alway begging.Dominica is doomed and all this red shirts will turn to blood,this guy abused our youg girls,then turns around and i protected by the Skeerit,regime,Ms Charles you should be ashamed of yourself,this could have been one of your family member or your daughter,I SAY EVERDAY Dominica is doomed and it is coming soon.Kelvar i see your 100% behind Ian an alleged child molester.Only in Dominica you guys can get away with this,just about to send this article to some of my friends in the US MEDIA.

  41. Joan
    May 16, 2016

    Heaven help Dominica and Dominicans….. this is so sick. What will it take for Dominicans to realize they deserve better. Wake up My People!! The Country’s is in a mess. Alas…….

  42. 2 negatives make a positive
    May 16, 2016

    You are heartless. . I hope the police have your passport. You are not going nowhere means you are gong somewhere. In the PM words I say to you, ‘Go to Hell.’ Whilst you will flying in the sunset to your destiny, your daughters of darkness with lassie in their eyes can barely see the moonlight. Weewee, titi, samaly, talitha, kongurice and even philamba with no battam and the others. Poor black people children have been left to languish. Not even a voice from Denise who has a strong resemblance of philambattam. Ah ah, malgray sa.

  43. The Real Thing
    May 16, 2016

    Is BANKRUPT of any MORAL STANDARDS and his CABINET are of the same standard.

  44. Massacre
    May 16, 2016

    You mean to tell me , this is the mentality of Politicians who operate in Dominica? We have seen men run away for much less than that , now we have this arrogant man saying that he is not going anywhere regardless of the allegations made against him? This guy should not even be on a podium far less to address a crowd of DLP supporters.
    The real DLP supporters need to step up, come up and oppose this kind of blatant in your face disrespect from Skerro and his Hench men. The party does not belong to one man, so it is time to stop this abuse.
    I hope the women of Dominica are taking notes and vote for their future.

  45. LuClu
    May 16, 2016

    Boy Mister have some massive cojones!! He need to sit down in the corner and rest! The people condoning this are just as bad as he is, especially the women, mothers too!! SHAME ON YOU!! You can’t be that blinded by party lines and color that you’re unable to make a moral decision. This is disturbing and leads me to believe that our country is becoming morally bankrupt. Yes I know somebody will say innocent until proven guilty but given the nature of the allegations we should give the victim some measure of support. See Krazy Tee doh even making ah peep? De rest should follow suit. Simply amazing and disturbing what we allow SMH.

  46. AAGabriel
    May 16, 2016

    Sir, you performance is utterly disgraceful and shameful! Only in Dominica.

  47. PIM
    May 16, 2016


  48. AAGabriel
    May 16, 2016

    The electorate of the Soufriere constituency will have the final word to tell this regime: so far and no further, we had enough. In the light of all the things that recently happened and in fact happened the last 15 years the outcome in all honesty can only be a clear defeat for the DLP. Anything else would be a disgrace and possibly the begin of the end for our island. I urge the voters to look at the bigger picture and do the right thing!

  49. Tjebe Fort
    May 16, 2016

    DISGUSTING! This bunch have brought the true labour party into disrepute and turned red into a colour of shame. Ian’s destiny is not his own. God will take care of him.

  50. ?????????
    May 16, 2016

    What if they brought it up like in the case of the priest. Keep quiet especially men with those past escapades. Bring your minds to reality and stop hating. The one without sin, cast the first stone. Stop venting anger and repent, thank the Lord for his mercies (you are free did not go through the scandal) and reach out to young men and counsel them so they will not get themselves I. this predicament. Love others. God protected you back then , don’t you think that those now need to enjoy what you did back the. if it is God’s will.

  51. ?????????
    May 16, 2016

    The way many of you hate the PM it would not surprise me that some of you would set up to bring down the Government. Many commenting that kind of hatred & politics can be accused of the same things because way back were many abuse of young school girls ..who were underaged 2 below 16. Some of you got away with murder especially policemen. Reminisce back then and see how you went Scot free because the emphasis was not as today. I know what I am talking about. It was wrong back then as it is today but instead of saying boy what if yesterday was like today man. Man. You are judging even before the case is called…. hatred and politics. . Again I have not left out the probability of setting up, planning and scheming because the hatred is so obvious. Also in the other camp, the leader was accused as well…………. People be careful. But now see what happen , the blue lawyer was also put off. I say again, I have not ruled out set up. Heart of men is desperately wicked.

    • Me
      May 17, 2016

      Are you saying that people should not have risen against Pol Pot of Cambodia or Cauescu of Romania? Yes, even our own Patrick John?

  52. tru d bino q la
    May 16, 2016

    Children play in the park
    they don’t know
    that lan is alone
    in the dark even though
    “come home! come home!”
    their mother cries
    “it’s super time”
    Ian replies.

  53. wondering
    May 16, 2016

    I wonder if the Point Michelle people going to support that. Let’s wait and see.

  54. wondering
    May 16, 2016

    If the ALLEGED issue was between IAN PINARD and the daughter of DENISE CHARLES, I wonder if she would have still gone up for point michel?

  55. 1 800 CONCERNED
    May 15, 2016

    What about the minor?……. our children? This is one of the most distasteful and shameful things I have seen on the island. In the village where the minor lives, Ian Pinard is allowed on the DLP government platform to add insult to injury. That is painful.

    What message is the government sending to our young men and the people of Dominica? The government knows full well that Ian Pinard was arrested, charged, and still under bail for an alleged inappropriate behavior against a minor and he is allowed on the DLP platform in the very village where the minor lives.. No wonder he is certain that he is going nowhere, because the government supports him.

    Come on Dominica we cannot stand by and witness such blatant disrespect and disregard for our children by anyone not even the government.

  56. May 15, 2016

    Pinard, Skerrit and this lady—the whole thing is sickening to my stomach.

    • Me
      May 17, 2016

      All benefitting from Petro Caribe that was supposed to give us lower fuel prices and so reuce our electricity costs. Avarice is one of the worst sins.

  57. Labourkamaltwavay
    May 15, 2016

    It’s just plain soap opera!!! Swapping of partners and scandals – that’s how I see this Government.

  58. Face the Facts
    May 15, 2016

    UWP supporters are out in full swing as always on this Website. We know you are, filled with hatred.
    If he were your father, brother, other relative, friend, neighbor, co-worker, associate, would you cast him aside? Even murderers have family, friends and supporters. Lawyers defend them. Some successfully defend them.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ casts no one aside. He does not call them bad names. He is happy when they recognize their error, repent and turn to him with a humble and contrite heart. They are given a second chance and more, just as you critics.
    Some of you are foolish. You must learn the ways of God. Your comments lack it which means your heart is devoid of it. Beware that you do not become worst than him.
    If you do not cease your hatred, consider where your soul will end up and even how not gracefully you will age with no health and strength.
    I would vote for Denise Charles, for DLP any day. She is the candidate. Denise, I wish you good luck!

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 17, 2016

      You are so damn stupid to even realize you are out of your mind talking fart, you keep on farting from your mouth condoning the inappropriate behavior of this man. He realize he has done something wrong, and so he quit his job, or perhaps he was fired by Skerrit!

      He was arrested, which led to his resignation from the government humiliated in disgrace, and shame; yet, you come here talking rubbish about UWP supporters is on website in full force.

      What hatred are you talking about?

      How many UWP supporters do you know who to Pinard and instructed him to go and involve himself in any sort, or form of inappropriate behavior with a child?

      How can you an old heifer condone such inappropriate action? Had it been your daughter; would you simply accept that because you support a corrupt regime? You know I respected him for stepping out of office, but with what I am experiencing here I smell the case has already settled, and he knows it that is why he is standing there barking…

      • Face the Facts
        May 17, 2016

        Telemaque, always a hypocrite and full of pretense. Playing a game of pretense, eh? You are out of place and do not know your place. Making people believe you are something when you are not.
        Do not come on this Website and pretend you are goody-two shoes. Your life is not one of godliness. You hypocrite, playing as if you are innocent. God knows you.
        People condoned your inappropriate behavior. They should have lambasted you and exposed you, big time hypocrite. One day you will suffer for this. It is coming.
        I will not follow all of you bunch of hypocrites who hide behind closed doors, playing the part of innocents. You have no sense. One day you will swallow your words. Wait and see.
        Leave people who live a better life than you alone. Stay in the background where you belong. Try and save your soul for you are far gone. :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 18, 2016

        Poor slave, you do not even know how to insult me!


        All you can say is nothing more the blowing nonsense you wrote, and called hypocrite. Anyway every knows my name, and many knows me in person, so they know if I am an impressionist.

        But, we do not know who you because Face the Facts, and a whole bunch of other names. You have something to hide, perhaps you are some old convicted criminal that is why have no name!

        Who’s insult is larger; yours or mine?

  59. flap
    May 15, 2016

    You won’t do like the policeman eh? Then again, which is the lesser of two evils!

  60. Is so
    May 15, 2016

    It is baffling to see how these donkeys keep braying. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. They are all guilty of that same crime. You are just trying to embarrass yourselves. Why are the liars on Q 95 keep talking about under age girls and they are all engaging in the same heinous crime. Spit in the air and it will fall right back in your face. You are no saint it is a common culture in Dominica. Don’t bash the woman. Linton tried unsuccessfully to have different women run for that seat, they all turned him down. A women told me I don’t favor the DLP, but I am embarrassed with Linton’s behavior. The man is so disgusting he is presently begging the man from the Roseau constituency to hold on to the seat. What a pathetic individual. Mr. Charles stand firm they are a bunch of women bashers.

    • %
      May 17, 2016

      Don’t let your immorality raise your blood pressure…You do not have to buy morality…You can get it from where you are spitting the cesspit of ftj.p

  61. May 15, 2016

    what i dont understand about Dominicans wen the time come,they still gona put them back there,why all those comments disliking what he say,everybody want money, and back in power they go cause they have money,its all about money in this vanity world of today,dominicans we all know the world has come greedy and wen u broke u have no say so,lets go sell ourselfves,lets sing for our supper,wen the master has no supper to give us a day we will suck salt for ever.

  62. crocodile Tears
    May 15, 2016

    Look at the Shame,. Big Boy on stage. Witness Dominica embracing wickedness, protecting, illegal acts. No outrage.

    Some men have lost their reason, and fled to brutish beasts. How does Ian Pinard feel being on a political platform with all that load on his shoulders? Remember, the reason for the by-election is because of the allegations of sexual abuse offences against a minor and the subsequent resigning of Ian himself as Parl. Rep
    What crocodile Tears, because that man, knowing what he knows, still feels himself as the ONE for the
    constituency?. No remorse. How many would , “Let the little children come unto me?” Our children are the beautiful flowers of the Earth. We borrow the LAND from the CHILDREN. We, therefore are obliged to protect and nature them into the best human beings they could be. Attempts or/and allegations, cases of unwarranted, illegal, immoral, sexual abuse of our children must be NO playing matter.

    Shame. where;s the caring, love for

    • crocodile Tears
      May 15, 2016

      Such behaviour is abominable. Skerritt has shown, time and time again, that he cares very, very, little of the citizens of Dominica, much less the minors who are being sexually abused, left, right and centre. To have allowed Ian to be a speaker on that platform is nothing but low-down and rotten. Skerritt has shown his lack of solidarity with the VICTIM of that SEXUAL ABUSE saga. Plain and simple. All mothers and Dominicans, on a whole, must reject such attitudes. Where is the human dignity to forget completely the child, the victim of such a crime?

      To the DLP Cabal : The negative effects on those minors, anyone, who are abused, are life-long. Don’t you care at all? Case close? No amendments to sexual abuse act?

  63. May 15, 2016

    If Mr, Pinard is as remorseful as he said then by all means he would avoid the publics speaking. I was even sorry for the man, however his brazen behavior is no indication that he is taking the matter seriously. Please send a message that our children are precious and should treated as such. People let us give UWP a chance and demonstrate that we will support our children. They are watching us.

  64. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 15, 2016

    Pinard, I smell buyers remorse: to suggest you are not going to a nonexistent place, that to me is failing to accept whatever the outcome of the allegations levied against you; your life will never be the same, you are at the moment existing in obscurity. What happens if you are sentence to prison for the allegations of some crime which has already caused you to resign your job?

    You should not even be on a platform supporting this lady, in another more developed country you would could not stand next to any candidate; they would stay clear of you, would be ignored; but as usual anything goes in Dominica!

    To say to your former constituency that you will be there to help her; to me is an indication you are overconfidence about the outcome of the matter. So, I ask; if you become a convict will you be allowed to remain in the background as a minister of Government, and the elected will only be a token?

    • Mama and Papa, look a hypocrite!
      May 17, 2016

      You should never talk/comment. Keep quiet!
      Hypocrite, you sinner! Repent! Make reparation and never to sin again. Bet you cannot do that. You are too sinful and weak of body and spirit.
      Your lifestyle tell a lot about you, all the places you lived. You left a mark, a trace. How many illegitimate children you have? Hypocrite! Some resulted from rape.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 19, 2016

        Sorry I did not see this one, if it pertains to me, I assure you it simply humor me:


        Thank you very much!

  65. May 15, 2016

    what does Ian mean by saying that he is not going anywhere? is he speaking in codes ? telling us that he is not going to jail ?

  66. dissident
    May 15, 2016

    Ian doesn’t think that Denise can win neither hold the constituency on her own…….he thinks that he is ultimately the best DLP has to offer.

  67. Reasoning
    May 15, 2016

    :?: I am in awe as to what this island my homeland has become.The type of immoral people we have on this island,don’t we expect the likes of tropical storm Erika to devastate the people?Our behavior is inviting the brother of Erika,Erik to continue what Erika didn’t finish! How evil and devilish this man is! If the people of Dominica were enlightened,this man and the entire government would be in hiding!Anyone who is affiliated with skerrit are agents of the devil and satan!

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      It would be interesting to know your lifestyle; what you do and say. Is there one person who, at sometime or the other is not immoral including you? Some are consistently immoral and they make such comments against others. It is wicked and hypocritical to do so. God knows you, your lifestyle and also others.
      It is immoral to also call people the devil and satan and speak ill of them. They are your brothers in Jesus Christ. You offended Our Lord Jesus Christ. He said: “The insults of those who insult you fall on Me.” Those who hurt others in whatever manner will be punished. They will not escape.
      You are sinning in a worst way against your own fellow men who you are to love. If you know what is contained in Holy Scripture, you would not make those comments. Shame on you!
      Who are you to make such derogatory statements? Know that saints are in Heaven; not on earth and you are still on earth. :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

    • Concern citizen
      May 15, 2016

      Mr, REASONING thank you for your comments, I was about to make my comments my self but after reading yours I am in total agreement it could not be better than that
      the gospel truth

  68. Fed up
    May 15, 2016

    These men have no shame. Ian Pinard had to run from parliament because he is charged for allegedly engaged in inappropriate behave with a minor. Only in Dominica can this man show his face in public and talking this Gabbage about not going any where. Go ahead he do it once he will do it again cause that is a maladie. Let’s see who will be his next prey.

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      How many men in Dominica have no shame and even women? Conduct a survey both in the past and present about men in general. How many will you know/find, whether living or dead who have/had no shame? I could state more but this is sufficient.

    • Bob-E
      May 15, 2016

      What if it turns out that he is inocent? Your are being presumptuous….

      • Titiwi
        May 17, 2016

        In that case, let him be sensible and take a low profile till the case is heard and a verdict passed. In the circumstance this political bragging and bravado only serves to provoke and does not help his case. Remember, he has been charged and bailed.

    • Face the Facts!
      May 17, 2016

      You who are without sin, do not caste a stone. It will be thrown back at you in a big way and harm you. :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

  69. Delvin
    May 15, 2016

    instead of skerrit rallying with the children he praising the abusers

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      I suppose you are not an abuser of some sort who are not praised by some people. :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

      • Leah Remy
        May 17, 2016

        You not hearing yourself??

        This defiant defense of wrongness is evil. You are speculating against a blogger who is making a very valid point based on real events that happened. The child didn’t just pull names out of a hat, she spoke of atrocities committed against her by grown men and you’re on here commenting and rebutting every blogger’s comment because they’re criticizing Ian’s actions on the platform??

        Jesus said, “suffer not the little children unto me. To them belongs the kindgdom of heaven”.

        I wonder if it were YOUR daughter, your 14 year old daughter, if you would sacrifice her in the name of your beloved Labour Party??

        No man!! Put right where right is and wrong where wrong is.

  70. As I see it
    May 15, 2016

    Pinard says he is “not going nowhere.” In another country Ian Pinard would be wearing an ancle monitor. An ankle monitor (also known as a tether, or ankle bracelet) is a homing device that individuals under house arrest or parole are often required to wear.

    Technically speaking the man is under house arrest, and CANNOT go anywhere because according to court documents and condition for his bail, he was supposed to surrender his passport and had to report to the police once or twice a weak. So he really cannot go anywhere.

    This man deserves to wear an ankle monitor so that ever mother, every young girl, every woman that sees him would remember him as a man who was arrested, charged, and under bail for allegedly behaving inappropriately with a minor, according to Ian himself. though the court papers suggests the man was arrested for a much, much, much more serious crime

    • As I see it
      May 15, 2016

      According to vibes “The politician must receive permission of the court if he is to leave the island as well as having to report to a police station every Monday and Friday. He should not have contact with the virtual complainant and her mother by person or through any agent.” So the man is right to say he is not going anywhere because he cannot go anywhere without court permission.

      If this man were in the USA he would be wearing an ankle monitor so the police could track his whereabouts and mothers, young girls, minors and all would no that he was arrested and charged for a very serious crime against a minor and all should beware of him.

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      If only you were sinless. God knows more about you and better.

  71. IamanIdiot
    May 15, 2016

    Denise Charles, I will vote for you if you can tell me that, you’d be hand in hand with Ian on a campaign if the allegations were against YOUR daughter be them true or untrue.

    If you can tell me “Yes” to that? I putting my X by the shoe

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      Take it from me. Vote for her. She is the one who is vying for the Seat. You cannot go wrong voting for her. You will be happy that you did.

    • D. Charles
      May 15, 2016

      YES. Now go and vote.

  72. eat en
    May 15, 2016

    You right Bro.! Don’t go nowhere; cause we’ll tell you where to go. All YOU think all U hold the deed to this country, eh!? Jack-Us.

  73. Dominica massive
    May 15, 2016

    A WOMAN WAS CAUGHT IN ADULTERY AND NONE OF HER ACCUSER COULD THROW A STONE AFTER HER.A certain politician was accused of planning to overthrow d duly elected government and contested in a general election and win his seat convincingly, Most of you believe Dominica is worst off than anywhere else .Do your research and check the signs of time .Did you not read the latest news where children who are in foster care in a high profile country and the high level of sexual assault that was taking place ……It wasn`t 1 or 2 children.The figures are very threatening.The entire world is in a crisis seeking for humanity.The question is what steps are we taking to offset that trend ? I suspect this case is tied up with a lot of loop holes…Everyday we are seeing and hearing the outcome of this case.So many finger pointing.I also see where a great variety of sun and rain are mingling …

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      I reside in a big country. I can inform you about that. Many of the children are so-called blacks, from West Indian parentage. Space for them is running out. Sometime ago, there was an advertisement that the Children’s Aid and the Government are asking for foster homes for them.
      One thing, parents must nurture their children appropriately. This is, to instruct them about these occurrences.
      I heard some young school girls, those they call minors, run after men. They are happy to be with them; no doubt are paid. Some parents may not ask where they got the money from to purchase certain luxuries.
      Don’t know if you are a man or a woman. Nevertheless, men are easily tempted (even women).
      We must be fair about this situation and speak the truth; do not water it down and turn away from the truth. Weigh out all situations and do not blame only one person. In other words, do not be biased. Too many hypocrites who blame others while not themselves.

    • Concern citizen
      May 15, 2016

      thank U Dominica Massive,
      Let them know that U and the rest of the Labourites and Skerites will continue to engage the minors in In appreciate behaviour as long as the SKERITTS PARTY REMAINS IN power
      For your information the woman which was caught in the very act according to the holy book was not the target, she was just being used but coming to think of it can a WOMAN alone commit ADULTRY? they were after the SAVIOUR of the world who him self is against IN APPRIATE BEHEAVIOUR WITH MINOURS so U and your friends may continue in such activities as long as SKERRIT remains in power, because I am sure as a day I have to die no case will call on that, all 3 of them will free up!

      • Face the Facts!
        May 17, 2016

        It does take two. The so-called minor is old enough to say “NO!”

    • A Doubting Thomas In Solidarity
      May 16, 2016

      And we have Dominicans living in these other countries where similar crimes are committed daily, criticizing their own country and will stay over there but they cannot stay in DA. What total hypocrisy.

      So true!! Jesus told the people, he without sin should throw the first stone.

      What is sin really?

      Is bringing false witness a sin?
      Is adultery a sin?
      Is sex without being married a sin?
      Is cheating on exams a sin?
      Is threatening to kill someone a sin?
      Is taking what does not belong to you a sin?

      What do we consider a sin?

      Do people we support commit sins or do wrong things or only those we do not support are sinners and do wrong?

      I do know understand anymore; because we seem to forgive people who trespass against us as the Lord ask of us but only if we support them and us them which he clearly did not say.

      I listened to a UWP clip last week and what I made of what was said is that only one seat should change in a by-election. SMH.

      • Face the Facts!
        May 17, 2016

        You are so correct! If we were to scrutinize their lifestyle, spy on them we would be shocked. However, God knows them and what they do. They will be punished the worst because they forget themselves, what they do.
        The sin of pretense is rampant among these hypocrites. They will pay for it.

    • viewsexpressed
      May 16, 2016

      Go clean your house and backyard before you point dirty finger at another country where they hunt rapists, child abusers and put them in jail. hey will have no time to appear on a political platform.
      Shame n Ian and the lady and the labour party. They all lack moral and decency

  74. hmm
    May 15, 2016

    What a shameless bunch! I not going nowhere… man go fly your shameful self out of this country.
    You come and cry and let go laweem now you roaring like a lion, set of shameless hypocrites, only out for themselves and their pockets.

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      I detest hypocrites, people playing as if they never committed a sin. I will inform you further, most of all God detests them because they are putting on an act when He knows all what they do.
      I would like to state, I hope your parents are married that, you were born in wedlock. This is what I am trying to relay to some of those who are hypocrites who comment on this Website.
      In addition, you do not have a relative who never molested, forced a young girl or women and raped them?
      One thing, no one can prevent me from writing a book on this matter and to tell it like it is. It is no prejudice to state, there are times women are to be blamed; even children.
      Some children do not act as children. They think they are adults and should act as adults. If they are of the age of reason, do they not know when to run away from such, from danger? Train them better.

      • hmm
        May 17, 2016

        If you support Ian, then support him, but don’t try to meddle God in your silly effort to conceptualize sin and morality/hypocrisy.
        Stealing cannot be wrong one day then right the next. You will stand by the person and forgive them if you wish but that will not change the fact that a wrong was committed. So stop playing the fool, you know better. I am sure of it!

        It is time that public figures do the right thing in this land!

        Bunch of sick people devoid of any form of principle or moral ethics for an extra buck however it comes – to do what? Buy more weave?, change your vehicle? shop online? Oh please.
        But it’s not your son or daughter or sister or godchild. So it’s ok…. run your mouth.

    • Concern D/can
      May 16, 2016

      I tend to wonder how those people sleep at night. After being deep in a shameful scandal as such, you think I could put myself in the public so soon without showing my remorse or proving that was real bad judgment me.

  75. PIM
    May 15, 2016

    with all said,i am sure if Ian had to contest again he would still win.

    • Concern D/can
      May 16, 2016

      And that’s the sad reality.

  76. Marcus Hill
    May 15, 2016

    It is a big shame and a disgrace on Denise, Skerrit and the Labour Party to have this man on their platform. The people of the Soufriere constituency should show their disgust by punishing her at the polls.

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      Would love to know who you are who made that comment. This includes what comes out of your mouth which will judge the type of person you are. :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

    • ?????????
      May 16, 2016

      Marcus did u not hear that Ian I innocent until proven guilty. Persons like you who think that you are better than others and left the country for greener pastures, unpatriotic can also be taken up for the same accusations as Ian way back too but there was not the emphasis back then and all those organisations against children. A clear example of who is without sin, throw the first stone. You keep quiet instead for you should remember when you and your friends thought you were the machos then ……………… Remember the priest issue was brought up many, many, years later. After your escapades back then, you now want to crucify a man accused. Too much hatred and politics. Repent and thank God that you did not get yourself in the same situation. Boy stop judge before you are judged as well.

      • Marcus Hill
        May 17, 2016

        Bro I don’t know who you think I am but for the record I have never being involved in any inappropriate behaviour with any minor male or female!!!

        Yes innocent until proven guilty but if Dominica was a country where the rule of law existed, then he would have been remanded in jail pending his trial so he would not find himself on any political playform.

      • Business Minded
        May 17, 2016

        So why resign?

    • ??????.....
      May 17, 2016

      Marcus behave yourself. Back in your days, it was underage tooo. Think back in the 1970’s. The young girls were under 16. You would be surprised if I told you whom I am. Think back to those Green’s Lane days.

      • Face the Facts!
        May 17, 2016

        Oh boy, man, girl, woman! :lol: :lol: :lol: It is exactly as I have stated. Today, they are playing hypocrites and a game of pretense. This is what I have noted with all those who speak ill of Ian. God knows what they have done and continue to do. It is for this reason I will not lambaste these men. Furthermore, those girls are old enough not to find themselves in that situation. They are not babies. They should have known better. No one blames them.
        You read that one of them, told a man she wanted to have sex with him. She downright encouraged him. Another one said, “Me and Uncle . . . are sexing.” Being aware of this, it is difficult for me to feel sorry for those so-called children who act worst than some adults. They do not appear to be innocents. They know fully well what they did. The Law should also take their wandering ways into consideration.

  77. Anonymous
    May 15, 2016

    Shameless shameless Pupa Gad Ian
    U have no shame no remorse for your action
    I will never vote your party again for what u do
    I lost all respect for u and de
    Labour party

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 15, 2016

      ‘Shameless shameless Pupa Gad”

      You see we cannot hide our identity for too long, even without a name I can tell you right now, you are either from Marigot or Wesley, since in all of Dominica we only hear “Pupa Gad” meaning father God, in those two villages.

      One of the reasons Dominica cannot be, and never will be a better place is because of such type of situations, where people forget quite easily, here is a man who may in the future be convicted of a crime of inappropriate behavior perpetrated on a child, and here he sands on a political platform speaking with certainty that he will be there to help this woman to carry out her duties as a minister of government.

      How can someone accused of an alleged crime of inappropriate conduct with a child, speak with such confidence that he is not going anywhere unless he is privy to the fact that the matter might be already settled prior to a hearing in a court of law?

      That can only happen in Dominica where citizens of the…

      • Face the Facts!
        May 17, 2016

        You cannot hide your identity. People know you.
        I lived in Dominica and no one can say anything bad about me. I was well-brought up and with disciplined parents who taught their children well and protected them. Thank God.
        Today, I am an adult and no one can say anything out of the way about me. Not even associates, neighbors and co-workers. I can stand proud and refute people as you who take things from you hypocrites and your lifestyle and throw it on others.
        All have respect for me. I command it and also demand it. They dare not disrespect me or say anything bad about me because I have nothing bad to hide, as you do. People can know the good and bad people, as well what comes out of their mouths.
        As for you, Telemaque, how many people you know can say anything good about you?

    • viewsexpressed
      May 16, 2016

      Go campaign to kick them out that Denise and the labour party do not win. Go and campaign, go to the villages, go walk the streets , go out make sure they do not win.

      We do not want our country to be abuse, we do not want Dominica to be raped

  78. LiNGK
    May 15, 2016

    What a shameless, ….., disgusting individual. And the saddest part of all is that despite how repugnant this individual’s behaviour and the labour administration may be, the consituents will still vote them back in. Shame on our people.

  79. May 15, 2016

    Dominicans look and see how the gov’t have no respect at all for us ..any man or woman who is part of a political party and is accused of any crime should step down till the court case is over. He had a sad face after he was accused ,when giving the speech about he pretending resignation ,not he looks like a bull ready for a fight…if he was a respectful man .father,son,uncle and cousin he would keep his mouth shut and keep a low profile till his name is cleared because i am not expecting the judgement to be different.This is Dominica..There is a time for the goose and a time for the gander.

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      Some people are good at hiding their faults so that no one knows about them while they lambaste others. What happens in the home tell a lot about them which is not exposed in the public arena. What they say can hide the type of people they are. Therefore, keep that in mind for yourself.

    • d-a born
      May 16, 2016

      Exactly what I’ve been saying!! Not just a political party, even in the corporate world, an organization would have that person step down or put them on some sort of leave until the issue is dealt with.

      • Face the Facts!
        May 17, 2016

        Times change. Instruct the children to behave themselves as children, whether their parents are present or not and not even if they did not spell out everything to them how to behave.
        We were all children. We knew how to behave at home and in public whether our parents were present or not. It is not everything parents told their children in those days. The children knew how to conduct themselves and how to allow others to treat them. They were not street children.
        The children of today are not children. They will not listen to their parents or other adults who try to educate them about such matters.
        What I also have to state, men must keep away from them. I think from now on, knowing the end result, they will. Hope the girls do not go after them. If they do, they should report them to the police. Show Dominicans and the police who is pursuing whom.

  80. May 15, 2016

    Why should Ian Pinard go anywhere including jail, when he knows he is part of a government that gives people the impression that even if one is arrested and charged by the police for a very serious crime involving a minor, the nation’s prime minister can make a hero of him? Isn’t that the same principle that encourage Muslims to get involved in holy war because their religion teaches them that if they die in defense mission-John of their faith God has a special reward for them?

  81. May 15, 2016

    When Skerrit returned from transacting his so called doctorate and received a heroes welcome at the airport, here’s the mess he knew he left and had to address. 1. His minister, Ian Pinard, his friend and alleged business partner and owner of Kaire radio along with his UWP oponnent, were alegedly involved in a serious sex scandal with a minor. Since then all three were arrested and charged. One would expect a sensible government to disassociate itself from them at least in public. But instead what we have seen is a closer tie between them and the govern. They using the same Kairie to lie and defend their friends, though Ian resigned he seems to have gotten closer and deeper into the dlp, while the uwp man seems all but one with the dlp. Looking from outside is it not fair to conclude that it appears to me as the dlp habors, upholds and one with top ranking men who are before the courts for allegedly a serious crime involving a minor? By the way who leaked the childs confession

  82. %
    May 15, 2016

    Ian on DLP platform says a lot about how this party views WOMEN…The lady staying MOO MOO about inappropriate behaviour involving our leaders and children,says a lot about her,AND HOW SHE VIEWS WOMEN!! This is disgusting!!! That’s why the people should dump her!!!!!

    • Labourkamaltwavay
      May 15, 2016

      If Ian were renominated; I have no doubt that he would win with bigger numbers than the last general election. That’s the nature of labour supporters – no dignity or integrity. They are just voting labour no matter what!!!

      • Face the Facts!
        May 17, 2016

        Do not misunderstand and undermine people’s dignity and integrity. I wonder if you have any. Who are you and what is your lifestyle? :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

  83. Conscious
    May 15, 2016


    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      Be careful. People’s words catch up with them sooner or later. You could do worst than that.

  84. wow!
    May 15, 2016

    Only in DA. Shameful!

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      I hope you are one who genuinely worship God with no frailties, perfect as ever. God is watching you from above and taking note of what you state which may condemn you.
      Hope you say your morning, noon and night prayers. If you do, you will not be inclined to call another shameful.

  85. May 15, 2016

    Now is Dominicans time to prove him wrong and send a clear message, that they are standing with their children

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      If you have a child or children ensure that you are a good parent with excellent parenting skills that, your children do not go astray or others that you know.

    • May 16, 2016

      Dominican men/women stand up for your children protect them from the wicked men who don’t care about them. It’s not about money or food it’s about letting the children be children, My God what is happening to those women in position are they waiting for when it happen to them to speak out , what about the 7 women in the Government and what about the speaker’s mouth did her Boss pin it up, It’s a shame how children a treated in Dominica today. And to those mothers who are selling their daughters for piece of the pie you are sick and need help.
      I listened when UWP representative from St . .Joseph spoke the other evening and she was brilliant she spoke from the heart for those children plus she is a mother, now can any other women top her speech about children The people should ask themselves a question what have labor done for them.. 15 cannot eat rum, wood and other material things .. tell the PM yes but no thanks this time around.

  86. Faceup
    May 15, 2016

    Garson go rest your shameless face.. For you are accused of child molestation.. Don’t know why you don’t take LIAT and go hide your face..

  87. Mein Kampf
    May 15, 2016

    Eh this does not sound like a man who resigned wholeheartedly, skerrit force u out man. 8-O

    • smart dominican
      May 15, 2016

      This is so true :)

    • Children Voices
      May 15, 2016

      money money money money

    • d-a born
      May 16, 2016

      Skerrit didn’t force him out, he already said he’s standing by his ‘comrade’. Slimy crooks, all of them.

  88. Doc. Love
    May 15, 2016

    Here we go again, no law no constitution. When the man says he is not doing nowhere, I take it to seriously mean, nowhere, period. Does it disguisedly mean even the court case. Does Pinard know something, we Dominicans do not know, as far as his case is concerned. Is it a case, Skeritt can get away with many things, he, as Skeritt’s brother and friend, according to Skeritt, can also get away with his bad doings. The case has not yet come to the courts, we don’t know what will be the outcome, but we are told by the man, he isn’t going nowhere. Is his case resting somewhere in Limbo awaiting judgement day by God. Those of us who were thinking that their could be jail time for the monstrous crime he allegedly committed against the minor, the man is giving the impression, we better think again. Like he said, he isn’t doing anywhere. Like my Dad would say, it appears , matter dead, before it even began.

  89. Extremely
    May 15, 2016


  90. meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May 15, 2016

    These Damn men have no shame – and our community continue to rally around them – like they someone did them wrong, when they have wronged our children. When are we going to stand for our children in the face of these evil abusive men? what is wrong with you people?

  91. educator
    May 15, 2016

    Ian, go deal with all the issues you have to deal with and leave that train……….have we forgotten the MAIN issue………….leading to your resignation :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: …..

  92. Don
    May 15, 2016

    If our courts system was fair the place that you might be going is to is the big house- jail Sir in your red attire.

  93. Not Me Alone
    May 15, 2016

    By Skerrit bringing Ian Pinard,on a DLP platform, knowing what Ian Pinard was arrested, charged, and still under bail for allegedly a very serious crime according to court documents, I understtand Skerrit is indirectly telling Dominicans the following:

    1. He, the DLP, and Ian Pinard are one and they justify the alleged actions of Ian Pinard no matter what he was arrested for

    2. They are saying, that this DLP is not concerned about the future of Dominica

    3. To hell with the alleged minor and her scars she has to deal with, the rest of her life because in his mind and the mind of the DLP, the allegations made Ian a hero

    4. Skerrit is confirming Dominica has no law or constitution that can stop him from doing whatever he wants to

    DNO, I know you don’t like to post anything that makes the DLP look bad, but I was very careful not to say anything that would legally or otherwise affect the posting of my concern. Skerrit did not say what I said, but that’s what I get from…

  94. Help us God
    May 15, 2016

    Forget about what Ian said because he is an embarrassment no matter how one looks at the cause for this by-election. The presence of this man on a DLP platform is just unbelievable, and if anything, it’s a reminder why Dominicans should demand the resignation of this administration.

    Ian told us the reason for his resignation is because of allegations of inappropriate behavior against a minor. True or false, that is embarrassing for a minister. However, the police arrested him and the court charged him for a very serious crime with a minor. That’s a fact and not an allegation! To see the government of Dominica still aligning itself in public with this man & owner of the radio station leaves me to wonder if DA is a real country.

    I know Skerrit is PM, the commissioner &the judge of DA and what he says goes. But how does he justify what was arrested for? Even if you make him the winner of this case, like others, what if he knows he did it? Shame on the DLP! DA is lost like wild…

  95. jane
    May 15, 2016

    Two negatives give a positive, so he Is going somewhere.

  96. %
    May 15, 2016

    Ian can you tell the world what has brougt about this by – election???Then the world will see if you are fit to be spewing this cesspool of shameless piffle to the constituents…Have you condemned child abuse,in your condescending outburst of garbage???ONLY IN DOMINICA SUCH FOOLISHNESS OCCURS!!!

  97. IamanIdiot
    May 15, 2016

    This says alot about Denise Charles, if she going to have Ian holding her hand after those “allegations” against him. But then’ll think politicians care about you? and your children?

    If the “Untrue” allegations was against Denise Charles Daughter or against the Pm’s Daughter even if they are UNTRUE ALLEGATIONS, think they would be walking hand in hand with Ian?
    but no…is a poor man child so….sweep that under the rug and move on.

    I feel sorry for Dominica…

    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      Only those who are without sin should make such a comment. Are you?

  98. %
    May 15, 2016

    Pinard in any other constituency,in any other country you and Denise would have been taught a severe lesson…This is the height of brazeness and shamelessness…,and this has strengthened my resolve to say that from 2000 to 2016 Dominica has become a failed state…!!! POLITICIANS turn campaign manager,TALKING DOWN TO PEOPLE with pomp and arrogance like that!!!!!. Hope that the good people of the constituency reject both of you…BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER…You all are two of a kind,and both of you need REJECTION!!!

    • ?????????
      May 16, 2016

      Your party leader and your wanna bee PM was also accused of some similar matter DCP saga.

  99. Labour
    May 15, 2016

    With what u are charged for, how do u expect to go anywhere? My brother stay and wallow in labour manure

  100. Maggit
    May 15, 2016


    • Face the Facts
      May 15, 2016

      You may be the first one that the wrath of God will fall on. Watch yourself;, your steps.

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