PM chastises opposition on Economic Citizenship Program; members walk out

The Prime Minister has criticized the opposition on the Economic Citizenship Program
The Prime Minister has criticized the opposition on the Economic Citizenship Program

The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has come under fire from Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, on the Economic Citizenship Program as he wrapped up debate on the National Budget on Monday night.

During his presentation, some members of the opposition walked out of parliament.

The Prime Minister wasted no time in targeting the opposition of its position on the Economic Citizenship Program, saying it is seeking to destroy Dominica.

“You guys are seeking to destroy the country by giving the impression to the world that our Economic Citizenship Program, Madam Speaker, is badly managed when you know that is not the case, Madam Speaker,” he said

To thunderous applause from the government side, he noted the international community has rated the island’s program as the best-managed in the world.

“They have told you so,” Skerrit said. “Some of you went to the US embassy and at the US embassy they told you that they have every confidence in the Dominica program but yet still you go out there and you write articles seeking to destroy Dominica because you recognize it is an important tool for revenue generation, it is an important tool for job creation, it is an important tool to build hotels and investments and you want to take that away from Dominica.”

He stated that the reality is that Dominica must continue pushing the program.

He also took a snipe at the opposition who has criticized the government for slow rate of project implementation, especially under the Economic Citizenship Program.

“And when they talked about, Madam Speaker, implementation, during the Worker’s time the average implementation rate was about 12, 13 percent,” he remarked. “You see 75 and 80 percent implementation rate here in the government, 90 percent.”

The Prime Minister blamed “external things” for not having a 100 percent implementation rate in his government.

“The European money is late in coming, you have everything in place, the money is late in coming, disbursement from the World Bank might be slow, disbursement by the CDB (Caribbean Development Bank) might be slow,” Skerrit said.

The Prime Minister has taken on the role of the defender-in-chief of his government’s Economic Citizenship Program.

Last month he said that if the program was removed, Dominicans would bear the burden of higher taxes.

Earlier this month he described it as an important economic tool for economic activity in Dominica, describing criticism of it as ‘malicious’ and ‘unfounded.’

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  1. vegnag
    July 30, 2015

    What is all the fuss about – I am not surprised the PM did not allow 12 of his Ministers an opportunity to speak in the parliament during the budget debate. The Ministers just following the mans orders. He decides who speaks. Remember in A press conference the Prime Minister told the world that he is the Prime Minister and even if a question is posed to Mr. Blackmore he will decide who speaks hahaha- like wise none of the twelve could dare stand to speak in parliament because they were afraid that the guy embarrass them. Not that they did not want to they were just shaking in their pants. Ask Blackmore how he had to put his tail in his bottom and seat quiet at the press conference – he could not say a word – when a question was posed to him – he did not even blink – so if he can Black out Blackmore in a press conference can you imagine what he would have done in parliament. You remember the same PM strip Ambrose George of a mike in public at a public meeting- hahaha

    • Mas Fras
      August 3, 2015

      Your points are taken. But It is clear that bearing in mind the nation’s shortfallings in the key areas of health, foreign inward investment and employment, a new significant addition should be made to the PM’s cabinet to address these two areas.

      The new minister as Assistant Secretary of State for Health, Overseas Liaison and Employment (‘Asshole’) would sit directly underneath the PM and report upwards to him as a number 1 aide.

      Your thoughts?

  2. Zammmmm
    July 29, 2015

    The opposition has a right to walk out of parliament of course. Where in the world that opposition parties are made to sit down and receive a scolding from the prime minister?
    Instead of paying attention to Mr Skertit’s statements which does not deserve an ounce of listening, it’s better the opposition walk out. Walking out is a mature response, instead of staying in the house to hear bad english, awful pronounciation n enunciation by the government of Dominica.
    What can the young learn from these so called educated folks.
    It’s sickening listening to these ministers with green verbs n improper speech methods.
    The speaker must train them how to speak.
    It’s like a scratched cd ; they alll sound da same…
    Good job opposition.

  3. Dominigone
    July 29, 2015

    I really have to stop reading the news from Dominica. It is too heartbreaking to see what has happened to my beloved Island. Sold for nothing by pretentious idiots, whose narrow vision provides only the limited satisfaction if grabbing the tiny bit of power to be obtained in Dominica, and suckling it dry. The leave no lasting legacy to honour their name. What will history say about them 100 years from now when it’s identity will have been erased and replaced by whatever super power decides that this troublesome speck of dust needs to be either controlled or destroyed?

    Oh Dominica, you had so much potential. Let me tear you out of my heart, for I cannot bear what you have become.

  4. John
    July 29, 2015

    When one of those ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria or Taliban gets killed they may find a Dominica passport on the body.

  5. No name
    July 29, 2015

    They should be best described as economic terrorist

  6. memoi
    July 29, 2015

    I hope all those who had all the negative comments about the UWP listened to Q95 with Francis, Linton and the others who explained what really happened. Mr. PM is taking that thing like it is a joke. This is no joke, that is not when he won student president of the Dominica Grammar School. That is serious business and you are now dealing with millions of dollars and over 60 thousand people livelihood. Why is it the labour party is running away from all debates? they did not want to debate during the elections, now they don’t want to debate when people life depends on it. Come on people, that is no joke and I know very few labourites are actually reading this because the don’t want to read the truth and they are so bias, once they see something not in favor of who they support, they don’t read and try to make sense of what is being said. Sad days in Dominica, Bad days are getting worst.

  7. Looking in
    July 28, 2015

    All you commentators: Can one of you give me the reason the UWP walked out of the house? Is it because they could not handle the “truth” coming out of the PM’s mouth or because they are fed up with all these lies the PM continue to spread in the House and is allowed to continue by the Speaker knowingly he is lying? Please tell me…I want to know….

    • King Skerrit
      July 29, 2015

      They walked out in protest off Skerrit highjacking the floor and closing the debates earlier than it was supposed to. This means no one else could present their case on the budget.

    • January 27, 2016

      I don’t agree to walking out but let us be honest don’t you believe it’s time that the Opposition members in the House be respected by Skerrit and his administration which also included the Speaker, after all they are part of the Parliament , why it is that one man Skerrit keep running away from debate and continues to blame the other side because they are raising questions that the people have a right to know what is going on. look what happens to labor rites who speak out against the administrations look what is happening to the Island first PM Mr. Patrick John he still can’t be home yet the PM said they will take care of everything, again he said something because the public was the ones who raised money to send John out for medical help, and it goes on and on and all he does is blame the Opposition . Skerrit is the only one to speak and we all have to accept what he says and no one should question him
      The Opposition is been attacked by Skerrit and the Speaker daily

  8. More pressure
    July 28, 2015

    What significant actions Skerrtt’s DLP Gov’t have taken since the elections of December 2014?

    The first sitting of the House of Parliament was convened months after in 2015. at that sitting, what did the Cabal do? They agreed to carve out 15 acres from our Cabrits National Park and gave all that land to the foreigner of Range Development.

    Our history reminds us of the struggles of Kalinago and Black Freedom fighters, who shed their blood fighting, against the colonial masters, to preserve the land for their children and children to come.,

    The colonial mentality so ingrained. that they gave the foreigner our passports too to sell to raise millions. Our land taken,for foreigner, passports selling, money we not seeing. Hotel, if built, will not be ours.

    Fast forward to that last sitting re. budget.. Witness, Dominicans, what you get. More and more taxes. $1.5 billion loan on our backs. The song prophesied, ‘”Only the poor man ah feel it.”

  9. King Skerrit
    July 28, 2015

    DNO can you please make clear to your readers that the members only walked out AFTER Skerrit declared the debate to be over pre maturely! They did not just walk out! The debate was supposed to last until 11 yet, just before Tompson could speak—Skerrit took over the floor at 8:45 and declared the debate finished. No one else was allowed to speak except him —and Madam Speaker did nothing to intervene. The members walked out in protest at being prevented from making their presentations. The DLP tries to frustrate the UWP at every turn and they refuse to engage in meaningful conversation with the Opposition. Joshua explained today on radio why he stayed- and there is no fighting within the UWP ranks. Skerrit walked out 5 minutes after Lennox started his presentation and did not come back until he was finished. Skerrit is a very dis-respectful, petty leader.

  10. Truth be Told
    July 28, 2015

    Here is the main point in the Prime Minister’s statement that Labourites missed, “The European money is late in coming, you have everything in place, the money is late in coming, disbursement from the World Bank might be slow, disbursement by the CDB (Caribbean Development Bank) might be slow,” Skerrit said.
    So my question to you Mr PM is, do we generate any of our own monies? Are we so dependent on every body else’s money that when their money is late we are damned? Build industry! Generate our own economy! Stop being so dependent!

    • January 27, 2016

      The PM will go on making those insulting comments and remarks to Dominicans at home because he knows the people will accept whatever he says, . Dominicans it’s time that you demand respect from Skerrit after all u put him in power and u can take him out also, We just sit back and let him get away with it and depending on the Opposition to stand up to him well the members of the Opposition need you to stand with them because they are fighting for you, so we all in it too.
      Do you notice not one of the DLP minsters can speak out they have to get permission from their big boss it’s a shame , you elected them to represent you in Parliament and they sit there and do nothing and at the end of the month they get paid. Can you see Dominica moving forward.

  11. July 28, 2015

    that is why this party will never get my vote until I see Joshua francis as leader….

  12. July 28, 2015

    I pray there were no investors or children of any age watching or listening to our Nation’s Parliament this morning. Come to think of it I watched a couple of sessions in a mock parliament with school children and they never behaved like members of the UWP and knew the rules of parliament better that the current opposition members.

    I was truly horrified to think this the best we can do? I am waiting to hear supporters of the UWP blame the Speaker and not the UWP. Madame Speaker you have patience they were looking for a reason for you to toss them out and then cry foul.

    I hope at the next UWP delegate convention the members can speak to their members of parliament because they definitely do not know the rules of the House, and they are definitely not scoring any points with that type of behavior with Dominicans. I am sure many UWP supporters in the last general elections are disillusioned especially the voters of Roseau North, Roseau Central and Roseau South.

    • January 27, 2016

      Thomas go back and be honest of the facts why there was a walk out and stop blowing your hot air of your bad breath towards the UWP and their Team, You a one of those who will not see what’s going on around Dominica, but please stop your nonsense without the lack of facts.
      By the way do you believe the way the PM handled himself by cutting off the debate because he didn’t want to answer questions is the way to go, if so your turn is around the bend.

    July 28, 2015

    Tax alone they know how to tax to run the country. Whats wrong with the abattoir so long. mr dem will make me grow white hair before my time with that tax tax tax. bondieu find other ways and means to run this country. wtf. i fed up wi. By d way they done with NEP ? lmao. A man like blessings qualities we need for our leader . is not jus about education. but using it to help others. educated to tax tax tax. ebeh look it.

  14. July 28, 2015

    Once again we observe the sacred mantra of the blessed Dominica Labour Party, “Leadership is everything”!!! The novice leader of the United Wicked People in opposition and his “team” has once again proved their worth and substance to the Citizens of Dominica by doing what they do best. Linton and his “boys” have demonstrated once again just why Dominicans had no alternative in the election of 2014. True, patriotic, dedicated and faithful Labourites, especially we whom are closer to the halls of power, take extreme pleasure in watching the so called opposition party make fools of themselves while also destroying the tiniest bit of credibility they may have had. The United Wicked People as a party and as politicians are indeed quite laughable. They proverbially shoot themselves in the foot at every turn. Any gains they may have gotten after their Leader’s budget response is now LOST!!! This is, of course, stupidity at the highest level. Labourites go have a beer on this…

  15. China Man
    July 28, 2015

    Mr Linton walked out, Mr Francis stayed! Hmmm… “Leadership is everything!”

    • January 27, 2016

      Mr. Francis do you want to be a DLP because you seem to be following them instead of supporting the UWP, you knew what happened in the House when it was time for the Opposition to present and ask questions . You knew that Mr. Fontaine would be asking question, So what’s going on with you .

  16. Out of Order
    July 28, 2015

    Again, we are seeing the behavior of the spoil child syndrome. Where is the leadership of the UWP, It is so disrespectful, is that who we really wants to represent our nation! How often do we signs on bathroom doors saying OUT OF ORDER, the opposition leader is that bathroom sign! OUT OF ORDER.

    • %
      July 28, 2015

      Oh you misfit, pinhead and idiot. Which we are you referring to? Stop elevating your blood pressure.

  17. Francisco Telemaque
    July 28, 2015

    The notion of economic citizenship should be related to a national policy in which one has the ability to gain citizenship through capital investment! No citizenship should be granted to anyone because they wish to have dual citizenship in order to make it possible to freely on a national passport with no restrictions.

    Skerrit’s policy seems to be as long as the bidder comes along and present a fist full of dollars, he grabs it, no question asked; the purchaser never set one foot in Dominica, has not invested one nickel in the country, has no definite interest in the country, however they conveniently presents themselves as a Dominican when it suits their purpose!

    If one asks most of the bought citizens to state the geographic location of The Commonwealth of Dominica, they could not even point it out on the world map: oh, what a thing!

  18. truththe
    July 28, 2015

    To avoid confrontation walk out because the speaker gives all right to the Labour party side and no right to the opposition. When Lennox was delivering she objected him saying, “i presume what you about to say ” what a shame madam. Please do not do that, bring some class to the house. History will tell long after we all are gone.

  19. DA Native in Texas
    July 28, 2015

    UWP…???..The leader of this so called opposition gave his responded to the budget, and ink where dose it say that the DLP ministers walked out during his responce. Linton things are not going to be always what you want them to be. You must expect that until you’re and your party are placed where the PM and his party now sits you have to stay put. Walking out is not going to accomplish anything. That’s what DEMOCRACY is all about. While I agree with several things you mentioned in your response to the budget presentation by the PM, you and your followers are very childish to walk out during his rebuttal of your responce. You are making the PM and his CABAL look very good. You and Fontaine has kept several meeting with those of us who reside out of the country, and there are times the both of you have made statements we all do not agree with, but we have never walked out on you all. So my advise to you and Fontaine is the next time stay put. J Francis has class.

    • %
      July 29, 2015

      Why dont you go dump your cesspool of filth far from human beings?
      .When you have nothing good to say, why can’t you SHUT THE HELL UP!

  20. Peace
    July 28, 2015

    Scrunter said, “calypso is big man thing … but I have to say that politics is big man thing. It appears the status quo at home is predominantly little boy parading around like big men. It’s sad and disheartening.

    Kudos to Hon. Francis for doing what he is called to, paid to and sworn to do: Represent the people of Roseau South. You don’t just walk out from the people’s business just because you don’t like what is being said. If only we had more Joshua Francis on both the government and opposition side. #JoshforPM

    • Joshua for PM
      July 29, 2015

      I agree with your comment 100%+. Joshua for PM. That’s the change Dominica needs.

    • %
      July 29, 2015

      @ Peace You are actually speaking the truth.Skerrit did walk out, when honourable Linton, the patriot and statesman was about to critique his miserable work/budget.Skerrit is inept and coward! Joshua clashed with a Skerrit sycophant like you, who told him that he should be leader of the UWP. Joshua is not intellectually empty as Skerrit is. If he reads this blogg of yours,he would rebuke you to hell . Honourable Linton is leader.

  21. Rebecca Theodore
    July 28, 2015

    I hope everyone notices that Skerrit is scared of Dr. Thomson Fontaine.. Dr. Thomson Fontaine is a credentialed economist … It calls to reason that I would pull a fast one if I knew that I called myself ‘the minister of finance’ “with no credentials to back it up.. Instead, Skerrit decided to appease the populace with maypuis— The budget is supposed to highlight economic spending….Now the masses know nothing and his kleptocracy continues… so much for transparency….

    • winston warrington
      July 28, 2015

      Rebecca get with it. The only occasions in the Caribbean when the Prime Minister is not also the Minister of Finance is when two ministries are combined into Finance and Planning. The Prime Minister has capable men like Dr Eisenhower Douglas (PhD in Economics, Swinburne Lestrade (MS Economics) and various university graduates qualified in this field to advise him. By the way, there is no need to fear an educated man for he is a prisoner of the book.

    • Wa Papa
      July 28, 2015


  22. July 28, 2015

    Well done Joshua, it just proves time after time that you’re in a completly different league from your UWP colleagues. The sooner you form an alternative party or join the Labour party the better.

    • Civil Servant
      July 28, 2015

      Rebecca Theodore stop talking crap.

  23. July 28, 2015

    Oh My not again! Is the UWP a serious party? I mean, their radio programs and their supporters even on DNO are all about giving blows to the PM and Government Yet, they cannot take the truth. They can spill lies they want us to believe as truth and when they are faced with the truth themselves, not lies mind you, what do they do? What they always do best. Walk out of parliament.

    How can we ever take them as a serious enough alternative to replace this hard working government? They act like the UWP were never in government and when reality knocks on their door and they are not behind a microphone, where everyone can see their facial expressions and the truth is revealed they cannot take it.

    The fact is the UWP spent 4 1/2 years as the Government of Dominica. The time spent as the Government will come up and how they handled the affairs of the people especially when they try to undermine this government. First time voters must know your history in government.

  24. Tampa
    July 28, 2015

    Perhaps it is time for the rules of the House to change so that every member of the house contributes to the budget debate. They are all being paid to represent the people and therefore should not be allowed to play cat and mouse games at the expense of the tax payers. What is going on now is irresponsible and a disservice to the people of Dominica. Our parliamentarians need to grow up and start acting more responsibly. This is the 21st century and I would expect us to be getting more serious and professional about the business of governance and parliament. Sadly I am not seeing it. Our parliamentarians are setting the wrong examples for our youth.

  25. Business Minded (fed up with UWP)
    July 28, 2015

    So that\’s it eh? Are you guys going to continually walk out? This is senseless, childish, stupid and anti-political. Do you really believe that you can win the hearts of Dominicans doing this crap? You guys are too damn arrogant, lack humility, and living up to Linton\’s reputation, making king of arrogance: Arthie Martin look like a preschooler!! Keep your (donkeys) in Parliament where the people sent you to represent them, stop crying like cry babies, and most of all stop making Skerrit make you all look like jackasses, respond to every gimmick he pull on you.
    He beat you in two elections, he beat you in the last Parliament, and he is beating you again. Calling for elections, and when it is announced you are unprepared. You won a few seats and are still unprepared to represent.
    Grow up, hopeless – and as I have advised you before – go and learn to win elections! Like the real leader he should be: Mr. Francis, show Dominicans you are not cowards and will stand and fight…

    • January 27, 2016

      It’s never about the young people if it were so you and others would stand up for what Skerrit did by giving Timothy who lost his seat a job, he has a business plus he is a sickly person and no one speak out so don’t tell me you a concern about the young or the youth.
      Dominicans and Dominica have never had the experience of an effective Opposition Party, in the pass Skerrit and other Leaders never were held accountable for their actions, and it’s because we as a people affraid of changes.. it’s like the dog waging it’s tail . .

  26. bumble bee
    July 28, 2015

    Sorry correct spelling choke

  27. ??
    July 28, 2015

    Leadership is everything. The future of the UWP is certainly in the leadership and the Lennox has failed once again by walking out. The UWP can only win the next election under the true leadership of Joshua Francis. Its time to rally with this guy because he is a in this to move this country forward. He shows the maturity to handle the issues regardless to his position.

    • %
      July 28, 2015

      Stop INSULTING Joshua.
      You believe any principled person like Joshua is

      will listen to you….YOU DONT KNOW THIS MAN JOSHUA! I know him!

    • winston warrington
      July 28, 2015

      A good politician is hard to find in a country where so many blowhards abound. The opposition is a feckless bunch who, after losing the past election still believes that the people’s business can’t progress in their absence. Walking away from the fire of political rhetoric is a cowardly act for anyone paid to defend an opposing point of view. Leaders who are easily visibly offended though relentlessly critical of others should pass the mantle onto others of more sober civility.

      • %
        July 29, 2015

        @ Winston This is exactly what Skerrit did, when the honourable Lennox Linton was about to respond. I am happy that you see leaders like Skerrit as cowards, but I will continue by saying that it’s an insult when people who knows that he is a coward, a trickster,a lazy incompetent and intellectually vacuous being still support his tricks.ARE YOU NOT ASHAME?

  28. cc
    July 28, 2015

    We really need term limits for Prime Ministers here in DA

    • July 28, 2015

      And the reason for your comment cc would be what?

      • cc
        July 28, 2015

        We need term limits in order to bring in new people with fresh ideas on how to manage the affairs of the country. Do you want one person to be PM for life?

    • Ronqosh
      July 28, 2015

      All these Caribbean politicians are some what western educated likewise most African leaders, they’re no difference among them, they all share the same dam DNA. They’re all Mis-Educated. Since the fall of the Grenadian Revolution which was the beacon of the caribbean, our Caribbean leaders are in their proper place. Our leaders and people must be re-educated. Our minds are controlled by western Think Tanks. When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You don’t have to tell him where not to stand here or over and he will stay in there. He will find his proper place without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His mis-education makes it necessary. The Caribbean is suffering from Leadership, from TNT up to Haiti. Cuba, she is find.
      So we continue to live a lie. Our leader only surrender when circumstances force them to.
      Dr. Adrian Fraser said, “ Our region is a political jungle where…

    • July 28, 2015

      CC What you saw or heard in Parliament this week, do you believe the UWP can handle the affairs of the country? The Prime Minister is doing an excellent job as our leader. I hope God can keep him there for as long as he believes he can work in the best interest of the country. Dominica cannot afford to go backwards with the current slate of UWP.

  29. %
    July 28, 2015

    Skerrit once more, this Economic Citizenship Programme is badly controlled, and is not working in the interest of Dominica.Why are a few people becoming filthy rich from the programme, while there is NOTHING on the ground from the programme to employ the struggling man. DLP needs to be held responsible in a serious way for this failed programme that cannot deliver anything to the poor and indigent Dominican. SHAME ON YOU SKERRIT!

  30. CYRIL Volney
    July 28, 2015

    “… all members of the opposition, except MP for Roseau South, Joshua Francis, walked out of parliament”.

    You starting with that foolishness again? That is not why your voters put you there. If you are not man enough to give back fire, why are you in parliament?

    I am not happy about that! In a democracy, the opposition is the counter balance. Do your job!


  31. CYRIL Volney
    July 28, 2015

    What the Government of Dominica (whichever party is in power) needs to do is clearly communicate to Dominicans, every year, (i) the cash input from the program, (ii) the number of economic citizenship recipients in total, and (iii) the uses that the cash receipts has been put to. Keeping us in the dark creates a climate of mistrust. Communicate, communicate, communicate, in simple terms, with your citizens, PM Skerrit, and you will build and rebuild trust.

    • Dave Bertrand
      July 28, 2015

      Mr Volley they are not able to give us the true figures because they have too many things to hide. Let’s just wait and see what will become of that dictatorship.

  32. grell
    July 28, 2015


    • Hater
      July 28, 2015

      Grell, the very air that Skerrit breaths you hate. when was the last time you visited Dominica to see the improvements that has taken place where you were born. You find it best to throw out unfounded innuendos. How have you contributed to the betterment of this nation? Then I suggest you keep the front door close. God Bless the PM of Dominica

  33. DC
    July 28, 2015

    Awesome PM! Remind the false prophets who is at the helm. Great presentation! We love you PM!

    Joshua, I applaud you! Your duty is to serve the people of the RS constituency and not a few men whose priority is Party and not the country! UWP, take a back seat, and learn from our astute leader, PM Skerrit!

    • bumble bee
      July 28, 2015

      Do you must be a receipent of the red clinic, in fact I’m sure you are

      • Mince
        July 29, 2015

        When ever someone defends the Labour Party Administration you all are quick to state that one is the recipient of the red clinic.

    • January 27, 2016

      Mince, I’m sure if you were taking part in a debate you wouldn’t be able to think for yourself .. wouldn’t understand and.. 2.. all you would be saying is ” but the PM said this or that over and over again because you would be embarrassing yourself. So think before you comment next time around.

  34. joe
    July 28, 2015

    I agree with Joshua not to walk out, them man too damn petty!!!!!!

    • %
      July 29, 2015

      Joe you do not like Joshua. You are simply believing that he will cause a rift in the party Joe. Joshua has nothing to do with your red party Joe.

  35. Hmmmmm
    July 28, 2015

    But is true.I am uwp but sometimes these guys surprise me.Pm have a point for once

  36. who vex vex
    July 28, 2015

    Lol, yesterday allu give d man fire, n now allu walking out
    Big up Joshua Francis
    When u go 4 leader of the opposition i might think twice b4 i vote 4 labour

    • %
      July 28, 2015

      Joshua is a man of principle. I have known him for about 35 years. He hates to the bone LYING, STEALING and CHEATING. As one of his foot soldiers I can tell you that he will NEVER, EVER!!!! NEVER EVER! NEVER EVER!!!associate with this corrupt, wicked, inept and lazy DLP!!!
      He is the most steadfast Team Dominica member, it’s just that the corrupt Labourites do not know him

    • Channel 1
      July 28, 2015

      @who vex vex – It seems like some of all you want to decide who should & should not be UWP leader eh.

      Some of all you delusionists claim Lennox is not a good leader for the UWP. Wouldn’t that be ideal for the Labour party if that claim had an iota of truth to it? After all, IF Lennox is not a good leader for the UWP, then to me it is advantageous for the Labour party that Lennox stays on as UWP leader.

      So why then, since the general elections has there been a covert & overt attempt by certain elements on the other side to push Joshua as a new UWP leader? So dem Labourites trying to push somebody whom they feel is a better leader than Lennox to the helm of the UWP to make it stronger to beat them? Yeeaa right.

      Labourites, we are quite aware that y’all are absolutely terrified of Lennox Linton & not Joshua. During the elections, all you had so many negatives to say about Joshua but now all you want him to be UWP leader or cross de floor to join Labour eh. Bunch of hypocrites.

    • Channel 1
      July 28, 2015

      @who vex vex – As Joshua tell all you Labourites, the only floor he will be crossing is the one in all you mind.

      By the way, since all you seem to be so concerned about leadership of a party, could you tell me who are the potential leaders in the Labour party to replace Roosevelt Skerrit? All you fast and cannot mind all you business – well who are the potential leaders to replace Roosevelt Skerrit?

      All you fraid to challenge all you own leader or he fraid of a challenge.

    • %
      July 29, 2015

      I KNOW JOSHUA better than you. Joshua will have nothing to do with Labour Party.

  37. Francisco Telemaque
    July 28, 2015

    Roosevelt Skerrit; you need to understand one thing, and that is you do not have an Economic Citizenship Program in Dominica. Your program is selling the nations passport for gain, the people who benefits the most from it are the sales people, I do not know how much goes into the treasury, but the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

    Based on the lifestyle of your close associates in the cabal we know they are getting their piece from it. You are only fooling “you” because you cannot point your finger at anything, in the country and say, this industry is as a result of the program. When people talk about economic citizenship program, the recipients involved must be part of the country and communities, invested into an industrial business.

    Show me one such business! You can’t because you are only into the sale of passports!

    • Wa Papa
      July 28, 2015


    July 28, 2015

    confused much…

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