PM says gov’t focused on assisting Dominica; blasts those ‘fighting among themselves’

Skerrit said at this time everyone should be working to improve Dominica
Skerrit said at this time everyone should be working to improve Dominica

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has said the government is focused on meeting the needs of the people of Dominica.

Speaking at the 21st inaugural meeting of the St Joseph Village Council on Wednesday afternoon, he also took a swipe at those who he said is fighting among themselves.

“While others are fighting among themselves, this government is focused on matters which affect you the people of Dominica,” he stated. “Because at a time when the country needs all of us to be working, we shouldn’t be fighting, we should be working to improve the lives of the people of Dominica.”

Skerrit also took aim at certain people, who he said is not fit to run the country. Although he did not mention names, the Prime Minister has publicly said in the past that Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, is not fit to be the leader of Dominica.

“And when we told you that there are certain people in this country who were not fit and proper to run this country, some of you did not believe us but I am happy that there is always a good Lord and the good Lord has given us the opportunity to see who is serious about you and who is not serious about you.”

To loud applause and occasional shouts of ‘amen,’ the Prime Minister assured those at the inaugural meeting the government will be present in good times and in bad times.

“We shall stand with you because you are Dominicans and the government has a responsibility to work with you, to improve your way of life,” he stated. “It will not always come as quickly as we want it to come but rest assured when this government makes a promise, it fulfills that promise with the help of the Almighty Father.”

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  1. April 9, 2016

    This is skerrit’s mayacoulpa

  2. Ashe to Dust
    April 7, 2016

    Dusty, the chairt next to mine has R. S written on the seat. One foot in.

    April 7, 2016

    Its funny how everyone that commenting keep focusing on the man and not the country. Dominica is backward because of Dominicans not Skeritt. Allu taking money out of Dominica & sending money to US to shop, going shopping in St Lucia, shopping in Trinidad, in St Marteen. Dominicans making other Caribbean islands rich and keeping themselves poor then complaining that DA doh have anything. Is allu stop blaming the man for allu problems. You have to earn in the country spend in the country and pay tax in the country to stimulate the economy… its not magic.

  4. @truth April 7, 2016 “real possie, again ,again, out of all comments ,you are the only one supporting this nonsense skeritt talking”–

    Real Possie is not the only one supporting what PM Skerrit has said–the rest of us would rather not be part of you all’s futile, dark, and empty comments on this blog site. Every one of you has a thumbs down from me, with the rest of us who do not care to be part of you all’s stupidity and negativity–this is not the way of Life

    It is stupid to want to be with the crowd –just for the sake of receiving applause; even if it is the devil leading that crowd–that is what you all are here.

    But Real Possie and the rest of us always have the victory; attained on our behalf from PM Skerrit–the man who knows that he can do nothing without God, the Lord in Christ Jesus; and by God’s Will his work on our behalf always comes through. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 8, 2016

      “Real Possie is not the only one supporting what PM Skerrit”(Elizabeth)

      Sot, sot, sot, sot Elizabeth!

      But Elizabeth, how you fool so nuh?

      You mean to tell me just because that Mountain Chicken Carpo Mentality Dr. Nothing, Indian doctor Roosevelt Skerrit E-mail you an electronic mothers day card, you’ve gone overboard supporting that crapo; slaughtering everybody on DNO simply because he bought your body mind, and soul with a card you cannot hold in your hand?

      What if that boy had given a few dollars?

      In any event if he ever give you a fist full of dollars, let me know so that I can come to Canada and robbed you of every dime he gives to you How many people you intend to kill in the name of Skerrit?

  5. April 7, 2016

    The great Supreme Leader, the handsome and charismatic RED BOSS, knighted and ordained within the sacred walls of the most holy Roman Catholic Church, Labourites’ political Savior and financial benefactor, Dominica’s self-proclaimed King, the Doctor of Indian gratitude and Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr. Roosevelt Medard Skerrit once again makes a public appearance to convince Labourites that he still has money to keep them happy while capitalizing on the opportunity to take swipes at the Honourable Leader of the Opposition! As the promises of money permeated the room, opportunistic Labourites shouted “amen” and “we love our P.M.” salivating at the opportunity to meet the Pope-like Red Boss in private to beg for more “personal” favors! With his sexy lazy eyes and devilish smile, the Supreme Leader soaked in the admiration of his loyal subjects, marking faces to be front-line supporters in the next campaign! Labour is working!

  6. Listener
    April 7, 2016

    I can feel the venom coming from the mouthes of you blind blue bugs, forward we go Dr no time for distraction

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 7, 2016

      You mean forward you and Mr. Mountain Chicken Carpaud (Crapo) Mentality Dr. India nothing Roosevelt Skerrit go, Can’t you see each time that little big Butt Crapo take a single step forward he eventually take the country fifteen steps backwards.

      Is sot you sot?

      Why you can’t see all Skerrit is doing is ruining the country? The wool he plaster over your eye is so thick you are unable to see where you are going with him: while walking be careful that bit of wool does not impaired your depth perception, when you are stepping up or down because you might fall and break your neck.

      When that happens Skerrit will look down at you and say, (ooooooooooooooooppppppppppsssssssssss). Is doh I boy Skerrit dat cause dat nuh!


  7. Free Thinker
    April 7, 2016

    PM Skerritt: When your neighbour’s house is on fire, take water and wet yours.

  8. committed
    April 7, 2016

    Typographical error,I meant everytime.

  9. Me
    April 7, 2016

    What is so special about focusing on our country’s needs? Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you are voted into office?

  10. committed
    April 7, 2016

    Everything this guy opens his mouth it’s pure garbage that comes out. My god,what a prime minister!

  11. doctor of corruption
    April 7, 2016

    Skerrit you keep saying Linton is not fit for leadership but you not pointing to any reason that makes him not fit. Why? Are you afraid of pointing a reason because you know you would be shooting at yourself? Look, I have been following the US Politics and surprisingly everyone of the key candidates accusing the other of not being fit for president and each of them tell the people and media why. For example, Sanders says Hilary is not fit because of the email saga, while Hilary says Sanders not fit because he describes himself as a socialist. On the Republican side Trump says Cruz not fit because he is Canadia, Cruz accusing Trump of not fit because of tax evasion. So please point out one reason why Linton is not fit. One thing, if you Skerrit feel fit, then even Satan should consider himself fit.

  12. Radio kord kapi
    April 7, 2016

    Has the PM not read the Global Finance magazine report that has listed Dominica the poorest in the Windward Isl grouping? That should be his focus; how to remove Dominica from the cellar position among the Windward Isl for years now instead of his concentrating on how the uwp deals a stubborn, errant, labour-leaning member. If the member loved the party, he would accepted their request and resign when he was asked privately, but he is advised from red lawyers. The PM should encourage the member who is the cause of the infighting to come to his senses and do like, the PM partner, Ian and resign until the air surrounding the allegation that he found himself in settle. Joshua’s name should not even have mentioned in that mess…but he has joined his kind..I heard with all the names flying around in that under-age Sega, he was is the only opposition involved…really by their fruits, ye shall know then.

  13. Locs Girl
    April 7, 2016

    I do not recall a country where the PM attends to every press conference to give updates. Where are the respective ministers to do such things? I was in Dominica recently, and I’m a bit disappointed in what I’ve heard and seen. What exactly is the government doing? Are the citizens just content as to what’s happening, or lack thereof?

  14. no justice, no peace
    April 7, 2016

    dno, i am disappointed in you , all how i send a message ,you delet’s it ,
    i am sure ,there is nothing wrong with my statement, and it is factual,
    I am born and raised in portsmouth ,and i know what i’m saying is true ,
    This attitude of possie people is really based on a generational curse,and for possie to move , we got to be delivered from this curse, and most of the guys being used to perform the decietful acts of this government ,is truly from portsmouth,
    so DNO ,what is wrong with my comment, ?that you do not want to publish it? Do you want we from possie to remain in this mess ? or what?

  15. DomiChina
    April 7, 2016

    Honourable Skerrit

    How can the Government of Dominica be “Focused on ASSISTING Dominica”?
    This is a statement that the Government of St. Lucia and the other Caribbean and international countries should be saying.

    I beg that you correct this statement and apologize to the people of Dominica.

  16. truththe
    April 7, 2016

    PM why the minister resign his post and you accepted it ? Why do want the Deputy leader of the UWP remain in his position ? For you to critisize Linton. Your party has been trying to get him to cross for a long time thats why he was part of the flock. The party UWP is one of Integrety .we are not fighting, we stand for what is right. Are you ?

  17. looking
    April 7, 2016

    After our PM resigns we will just have to close down Dominica. There is no one smarter wiser to run this country

  18. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    April 7, 2016

    Roosevelt Skerrit you need to shut up, everybody in Dominica is fighting among themselves because that is the example you set in the nation. You might as well come out and say the UWP are fighting, what to you might seem to be a fight might be simply looking for a resolve!

    You are talking crap about meeting the needs of people, that is a stupid and ridiculous statement, because that is something you are in no position to do! My needs are different to yours, whereas your needs may simply be drink of rum, I may need a mansion on a hill.

    You priority should be to industrialize the country, where jobs can be created: when people are employed; working, and a are paid, they can utilize their money providing their specific needs.

    You pretend as if you are some god presiding over your children! You have ensured that you children will never suffer the pain of poverty, that is why you have them born in America. You need to shut up!

    • Poor Child
      April 7, 2016

      Francisco you know some people are too stupid to know they are stupid and you are one of them. Shut up!

      • @Poor Child April 7, 2016

        I second your motion! Nice going!

      • viewsexpressed
        April 8, 2016

        Poor Child, are you that stupid, as is says, it takes one to know another. You when yo open mouth you prove your own stupidy, Careful next time…poor child!!

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        April 8, 2016

        well, you are talking about yourself you know!

        What can I say except when people are dumb they believe their own rubbish that they speak, so what can I say except I simply feel sorry for you!

        With all your big stupid mouth, you do not have a name; because I am not dumb everybody knows my name, I am Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque: if you go to that place in Dominica where they register people when they are born in Dominica, you will find my name registered there; it not a fictitious, dogs and cats and every animal pet has names what’s yours?


      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        April 8, 2016

        Oh shoot!

        I gave you thumbs up: well be happy but recognize I error eh!

        Because you are an idiot; that is why you support all kinds of crazy people who try to insult me. That weak silly dumb specimen, piece scum of the earth might be one of those you called cockroach last week.


        Not surprising it takes one cockroach to know the other, any place you find one cockroach if you look carefully you will find another; they usually live in colonies, and you might be the mother; queen of all the cockroaches: you believe they are hurting me when they talk nonsense!

        What is the name of the one whose’ insults you are agreeing with. Both of you are dumb; that is why I have reserved a place for you both in a dog house!

        Haahahahahahahahahahahahah: take that, that will teach you that you are messing with the wrong man eh!

    • TeteMorne I From...
      April 8, 2016

      Sir, If I was close to you, I’d shake your hand and hug you. How does the PM expect any better behavior form others when HE is the MAIN perpetrator? OMG communism to the max!

  19. bigger
    April 7, 2016

    It appears that members of the opposition are as thick as their leader they have nothing positive to say about our blessed country crying down the country to the world makes them feel good. It frightens me to even think the state of Dominica if the opposition was in office

    • %
      April 7, 2016

      Stop being a darn hypocrite.This Dominica in which I live, and which is led by a gang of greedy and corrupt men is one of the most backward island in the region.The leader has created a mendicant society,killed all institutions,agriculture,etc..His only concern is to stay in office.He cares nothing about country.Get sick and go to the hospital,then you will find out.

  20. April 7, 2016

    Waste of time with Skerrit

  21. ms alen
    April 7, 2016

    amen for the ppl they need layout river and castaways hotel to function

  22. jonathan st jean
    April 7, 2016

    PM Skerritt, to fight among yourselves Is not always a bad thing.Have you read recent history? Look at the USA,they fought among themselves and today have emerged the richest and most powerful country on God’s earth.Not all blacks supported Dr MLK,but that strengthen the movement for attainment of freedoms for minorities. I can go on to highlight numerous other instances when what you call fighting among themselves led to great results. There was infighting in the Labour party before you attained the leadership mantle. The problem is that because of your cult like style of leadership, just like Kim of North Korea, you think you are it all,and you know it all,that’s why Dominica is a mirror image of North Korea in terms of development.
    However for your edification, there is no infighting in the UWP.You wish there was.This principled group of patriotic people, are demanding that morality be exercised and the person charged with a crime step aside. This is what good governance is

  23. %
    April 7, 2016

    SKERRIT I am a UWPite and SHALL never, ever be a Labourite giving support to the DLP you lead..I support you 1000000000% to Blast those fighting among themselves,because I still cannot understand that the leader of the UWP called upon a member to resign,,,,and he refused, but they are still pampering him instead of DOING THE RIGHT THING…The man is part of a clique who only speak evil of Linton!!!!DO THE RIGHT THING WITH HIH

  24. I want to know
    April 7, 2016

    “Skerrit also took aim at certain people, who he said is not fit to run the country. Although he did not mention names, the Prime Minister has publicly said in the past that Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, is not fit to be the leader of Dominica.”

    Skerrit why do you always have to talk about Linton? Why are you so afraid of him? What has Linton done that makes him not fit” Has he been involved in sexually abusing children? Has he done anything to condone anyone alleged to have been involved in any inappropriate behavior against under age girls? Has he sold diplomatic passport or regular passport to criminals? Has he done anything with the likes of NG Lap Seng, John Ashe, Francis Lorenzo that might implicate Dominica in the corruption scandal? Has he done anything that might cause the name of Dominica to be mentioned in the panama paper?

    If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then he is not fit for public office, as no such person is involved in any of the above…

    • viewsexpressed
      April 7, 2016

      Scared of Linton and UW P ands critics because he just cannot rise to their standard of decency and politics. It is the same ole rhetoric, Skerrit has nothing of importance to talk about.
      Disgusting leadership

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 7, 2016

      If Skerrit is fit to run Dominica, I do not know what would happen if he was unfit!


      Here is the most corrupt politician has ever seen running off his mouth talking about people unfit! That boy need to examine himself, because every thing he said pertains to him.

      He is talking about himself; if he is talking about Lennox Linton, he need to realize Lennox is not accuse of anything which remotely resembles corruption! If Dominica was another place, and in a another time zone, Skerrit would be living in jail. He had better not talk too quick, because somebody may come long be it the UWP or other who will investigate him, so it not over until the fat, fat lady sings eh!

      Skerrit if I were you I would simply shut up and enjoy it while it last, your influence is on a path to its demise!

      • Poor Child
        April 7, 2016

        Francisco you have been proven again and again that you are unfit to comment on DNO. Dominicans think that you are a clown who could not win a job in a zoo because the monkey was smarter.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        April 8, 2016

        But with a name like Poor Child why do you even bother with me, why don’t you find something constructive to do from which you can earn some money and become a rich child?

        I’ll tell you what since you are dirt poor, living on the crumb the devil leaves, why don’t you go and kiss the Indian Dr. of nothing behind and see if that fat Mountain Chicken crapo Mentality Skerrit will pity you and give you six dollars to live on for a month!

        Why, all of a sudden you are stock on me like a leach? If you are a man, I doh is homosexual, if you are woman I full-up, ask Elizabeth, I doh can deal wid more oui!

        I am not going to allow you to suck all of my blood, since a certain woman bleeds me everyday, she struck blood when she supported you, and if you do not know who is that dumb Elizabeth, why don’t you jump into the ocean and wrestle to save each other!

  25. Doc. Love
    April 7, 2016

    Is Skeritt really serious when he tells Dominicans as to who is fit or not to run the country. He knows what happens to leaders who are surrounded by several allegations. No charges, no arrest, no convictions, once their names are involved, they are asked to resign. Case in point Iceland. I want Skeritt to read the blob, Mas In The Cemetery, Inner City Press, or listen to the Angello Show and respond, whether they are facts or fiction. Is Skeritt telling Dominicans he has never heard of the letter sent to members of the Electoral Commission. Certain Dominicans used their democratic rights to criticize, they are publicly called traitors. If Skeritt really believes he is fit to run the country, please call all the major press together and allow them to ask as many questions as they wish. If Skeritt believes Mr. Linton is not fit to run the country, why not have a national debate and show his deficiency in terms of whether he has the ability to run the country.

  26. Shaka Zulu
    April 7, 2016

    Thou shall not call the name of God in vain. Every time I hear about skerrit all I hear is 14 years of deceit, lies, propaganda abuse of power, waste, and more lies. This is a guy who is so out of touch it’s not funny. Ride all day on Tax payers vehicles, with tax payers security and hardly walks around the town. Keep flying your kite. String soon burst.

  27. Gray
    April 7, 2016

    Skerrit why can’t you be positive when you speak. I am very suspect of people who put outers down to elevate themselves and their causes or positions.

    Just for your information Sir- In a democracy there are checks and balances- government , opposition and media to name a few. So if folks don’t agree with you or your government’s policies or style of governance does means that they are fighting or are not or less qualified for leadership. You should stop invoking the name of the Lord in your ‘basement ‘ politics and try act more Presidential – that is if you can…Amen

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 8, 2016

      ” In a democracy there are checks and balances- government , opposition and media to name a few.”

      Gary the democracy you are talking about here does not exist in Dominica. There is no checks and balance in Dominica form or system democracy; Skerrit is “the government” when he say to the puppets, jump they all simply asks “how high” do you want us to jump. When Skerrit order them to bow, they ask how low, because there are no checks and balance in Dominica government. Let me show you how the system of checks and balance came abut in America.

      During the first century of American nation history, Americans were profoundly distrustful of government. The forebears were convinced that governmental power always posed a threat to their liberties. Given a choice, nineteenth-century Americans chose freedom to government, hence they were willing to forego some of the benefits of government to ensure the preservation of liberty.

      In this sprit, they constructed, and maintained a…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 8, 2016


      In this sprit, they constructed, and maintained a system of government whose powers were severely circumscribed. Federalism divided power between the state and the national governments, and limited the scope of the national government’s activities. Within the national structure, the principal of separation of powers dispersed authority among the three branches of government, and between the two houses of Congress, thus using each institution to check, and limit the powers of the others.

      The American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights placed restrictions on the range of governmental activity, prohibiting actions deemed to violate the fundamental liberties of the people.

      That Gary is what checks and balances is all about in true democracy, in Dominica the opposition is not even allow to debate anything in the parliament.

      Anybody who wish to know my source, be informed I learnt that when I took a class in American Government in College okay

  28. dissident
    April 7, 2016

    you trying to say something????
    Government focused on assisting Dominica????
    Surely you must mean friendly governments assisting Dominica.
    you so popular……where is de relief to rebuild?
    Name temporary crossing that we are currently reconstructing?
    What about de chinese and de EO leblanc highway>
    Remember hurricane season coming……i suspect they will come some time after october?????
    government assisting??? some people who worked in de clean up after erica still awaiting pay.
    our government treasury can’t take all dat strain.
    Can our government afford to build roads and bridges???
    Get de assistance!!!!!

    other governments before you worked even when detractors were always trying to tear dem down.


  29. Floridian diaspora
    April 7, 2016

    At the moment the great and blessed Dog-Last Charles airport does not even have a functioning audio system to announce flights. Two weeks ago I was told that my flight is incoming by a man yelling from across the room. I couldn’t get money from the ATM to pay departure tax because there was none; I guess the river took that too. The timing belt on Skeritt mouth needs to be checked as he does not know when it’s best to speak or preferably just shut the hell up!!! The commonsense pump in his head also needs servicing too because all what that comes out this guy’s mouth is pure Stone Age Flintstone material. I also recommend an oil change because the doctor seems rusty in his movements and is not as silky smooth as requested by the Dominican masses. Who knows, maybe with some variable valve timing he could increase his performance instead of running around the place like a nomad who has exceeded their brain capacity and don’t know what to do next

    • Ba Yo Bwa
      April 7, 2016

      Whew! You’re an angry lot! Listen, it is right for you to be concerned and outraged by the slow pace of development – political, civic, economic, and otherwise – in your place of birth. But doh let Skeritt allow you to burst no vein in your brain over his prudish behavior. Still alarms me that he has not transcended beyond dishing out maypuis every time he speaks publicly. SMH…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      April 7, 2016

      Are you serious?


      How can that be when that Mountain Chicken Crapo mentality. Indian doctor of nothing told the world that Dominica, is much better off than all the islands of the Caribbean, so much so, that he Skerrit gave to Antigua more than twenty million dollars; I doh know maybe more.

      And how he gave many millions of dollars to Anguillia government oui!

      If that’s the case we are back to the primitive days when the Labor Party wonted hold a public meeting in Roseau, they engage a man from Antigua, they called Antiguan to walk the streets of Roseau ringing a bell announcing the meeting. May by Skerrit will have to employ with a bell to ring it each time LIAT Jets from across the world are arriving!

    • Poor Child
      April 7, 2016

      Floridian diaspora go check your mental faculty Dominicans thinks it is faulty. Your brain capacity exceeds all others in stupidity. You need a complete garage servicing of your brain. Go get a power wash, fine tune your timing belt, buy a new pump, change your oil. Your valve have a choke so fix it. Most of all shut the hell up because your tail pipe is polluting our clean Dominican environment with toxic waste. Change your rings.

  30. committed
    April 7, 2016

    Skerrit, shut your big mouth,why can’t you allow citizens to complain about the lack of development in Dominica.
    There’s no fighting among selves,it’s just that Dominicans are frustrated because there’s no way out. No jobs,no money,no hospital, no airport, no nothing.
    Just get the hell out.

  31. Public
    April 7, 2016

    Ok pm help the 20 public works employees who hav been home since July last year with no money to job no redundancy DOMINICAN PEOPLE WHO NEEDS YOUR HELP

  32. smdh
    April 7, 2016

    the gov’t should not be focus on ASSISTING the country it should be focused on WORKING FOR the country. Assist means help. IF you are giving me “help” it means that i may not be a priority at some point, as all you are giving me is “help/assistance”.

  33. Floridian diaspora
    April 7, 2016

    Every time an ounce of commonsense begins to flow through these brain dead Laborites head and they begin to stray away from under the evil unproductive wings of the cursed RED party, the Indian doctor comes up with a plan to divert the attention away from his dictatorship and places it elsewhere. Then with very little to no effort, he baits them and they all rush back to him to honor their beloved lifetime RED contract they signed back in 2000, the year when Dominica sold its soul to the devil. They run back to him and he receives his flock with open arms as only he the fake Moses cold lead them into the wilderness and make them go in circles for 40 years with no forward progress. A Moses that will never be able to part the RED sea for them. Hmmm, I smell a rat!!! Looks like we have the wrong Moses and the right Pharaoh in action. Continue to enjoy you all bondage ye RED Israelite slaves and don’t forget to pay your AID Bank loans while Skeritt buys everything cash!!! Damn fools

  34. Lobster tail
    April 7, 2016

    I truly cannot take on Prime Minister …. I see him as a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME FOR DOMINICA . He needs to return to the class room . I am just not impress with you Mr Skerritt and yes , I pay taxes on my $ 6,000.00 monthly salary so I have the latitude to vent my dissatisfaction in your leadership !

  35. JoJo
    April 7, 2016

    Roosevelt, again you are not facing reality. The facts speak for themselves. Next year we hear cruise ship arrivals will be down by 41 but Benoit says there will be more passengers. That is pure nonsense. Those who are massaging your ego do so for what they can get from you. The leader of the opposition is not perfect but neither are you my friend.

  36. real possie
    April 7, 2016

    AMEN PM.

    • truth
      April 7, 2016

      real possie, again ,again, out of all comments ,you are the only one supporting this nonsense skeritt talking , ,no wonder is possie people he have doing all his foolishness in government ,and making a fool out of them ,
      Hear them’
      NOW, T, FRANCIS has joined
      and many more which i cant remember now, Somebody please help me,
      Think of these guys ,They all are from possie,and have PM making a fool out of them,
      Somebody tell me?, what is really wrong with portsmouth?and its people, It is time we get out and be delivered from this generational curse, and be emancipated from this mental slavery, which we are slowly passing on to our children,
      We are doing them no justice
      So you this possie person who is always posting this rubbish ,and continue to put shame in possie peoples eyes ,I want to tell you ,I was born and raise in possie also ,so be imancipated…

  37. FORKIT
    April 7, 2016

    hm so you is a blaster now.. or should i say a non producing blaster

  38. Oh La La
    April 7, 2016

    Sir how can you convince the people that your are focused on the needs of the people, when after a storm seven months ago; the roads are so dangerous to traverse, and not one word from you and your colleagues. You seem to be as dangerous as the roads, by making these hypocritical statements. Why don’t you tell what is your plan for repairing these disasters waiting to happen. I will continue to pray for you. Change your ways sir.

  39. Hmm
    April 7, 2016


  40. cameron
    April 7, 2016

    Skerrit please the few in st,joseph that support you are beggers,the ones that sit on the back road all day,Amen, they think you are god but Skerit no man is grater than god and your day will come,WHERE are the jobs,Look @ the Hiilsbrough bridge area,have anything been done sine Erika,man shut up and get the country going,Your a damn incompetent leader.

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