Prime Minister Skerrit vows his love for Salisbury constituents

Prime Minister Skerrit. *Sean Douglas/Government Press Secretary file pic

Prime Minister Roosevelt has told residents of Morne Rachette that they should vote for effective representation when they return to the polls on Friday to elect a leader.

Morne Rachette is part of the Salisbury constituency, of which Hector John of the United Workers Party was elected to represent in the House of Assembly. However, his party’s decision to miss three consecutive sittings of Parliament caused the seat to become vacant.

Skerrit told a public meeting last night in Morne Rachette that the time for change has come.

“You have an opportunity on July 9, 2010 to vote for someone who cares. The people you voted for in 2009 have said to you that they do not want to represent you in the parliament of Dominica. Bentley Royer made himself available to you in 2009 and you decided by your own right that you did not want him to be your member of parliament but he continue to represent your interest,” he said.

The leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) also told the electorate in Salisbury that the UWP has failed to make any significant contribution to their community when they were in office.

“Your vote on Friday is important for your future and your children future. We could have said that the DLP did not need to be here because we are already in power … but we love you too much,” he added.

He said it is time the people of Salisbury to “right that wrong”.

Meantime DLP candidate for that constituency Bentley Royer said the UWP has neglected the Salisbury constituency.

He said the UWP’s decision to boycott parliament was out of mischief.

“You cannot have a party whose sole intention is to bring misery to the Dominican people. This election the people will show the UWP that they will no longer be disrespected,” he said.

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  1. Reality
    July 13, 2010

    @ typical dominican: d man can never be more hungry than you. when you dont know how to get flour to make your bread d man have bread and cheese to eat so mind alu business according to my grand mother” SKERRIT COVERED” lol lol

  2. precious stones
    July 9, 2010

    True dat.. well said.

  3. miss baron
    July 9, 2010

    if PM decide he not going to give anything to the salisbury and marigot people they have absolutely nothing to say….that would be the right thing to do
    then again, if you look at it, marigot and salisbury people are the ones doing the most begging…my opinion, dont give them anything…let them live by the way they vote…
    i honestly cant believe we have them kind of ppl in dominica…..WE LOVE OUR PM…MWAH!!!!

  4. Anonymous
    July 8, 2010

    The PM will only LOVE the SALIBURY Constituency up to the date of July 9th 2010.
    But after the date, his HATRED will contenue as usual, because of… lost

    July 8, 2010

    @Joseph canefield: … has to be a Donkey or a Mule. How can I ride this fool

  6. Miles Elder
    July 8, 2010

    Skerritt reminds me more and more of Comrade Obama every day.

  7. Not Voting For Labour...Never in Life!!!!!!!!!!
    July 8, 2010

    The Meeting which was held at Morne- Rachette was “parwole plait” alone…..

  8. Typical Dominican
    July 8, 2010

    shut up skerrit!!!!!!… u tryin to bride dem ppl to vote for u..hungry u hungry…u go see who go win tomorrow…
    Goodbye labour we stay no longer with you,we make up our mind to go workerz way the rest of our lives!

  9. W
    July 8, 2010

    @Cannot Stop Laughing: No where have I said that we are a one party state, well not as yet. My argument is this for crying out loud, Why give someone like me an opportunity to make the case, that the DLP might well have intentions for bring about a one party state in Dominica, because if not; then answer this for me why not sit it out, you already have 18 seats a convincing majority why contest the 2 vacant seats, let the oppositions and the independent candidates contest the bi-election.

    So I’m not suggesting to anyone that they should not exercise their constitutional right my hopes would have been that labor Party would have taken the high ground on this and show the people out there that they absolutely have no intentions but that we need viable opposition in Parliament.

  10. rude boy
    July 8, 2010

    honestly dlp an’t got northing to lose is just de uwp papy-showing there slef and i honestly think dlp wants what best for the people of the salisbury constituecy is time we in d\a start geting real and stop being our own enimie ok

  11. Ramona
    July 8, 2010

    @Brown Sugar: Who are you to say whom mr skerrit loves or not. Are you his heart? Must you really be this stupid to think that Edison james and his counterparts love Dominica and Dominicans because they boycotting parliament? Are you to blind to see that the oly people who want Dominica to become a one party state is the UWP? They try with all their mights to be pushed out of parliament so that they can then turn and say that we were forced out, they need to learn to deal with things as they are or are they forgetting the late 80s and 90s when the DFP won most of the parliamentary seats. MR. Douglas at the time didnt cry die before he died. Instead he worked hard until the DLP now became the Government. Edison must have forgotten that nothing beats a failure than a trial.

  12. Joseph canefield
    July 8, 2010

    Things are not good these days in DA.Over the decades we had our problems we saw PJ and his freeport plans then came Mamo then P.J and his attempted come back .15 years of DFP what a grip but we moved ahead then came thse guysUWP who really F………….k-ed DA’s political philosophy like we had never seen before. Then came rosie who promised to bring change but unfortunately like moses did not live to see the promise land.Then came my friend the gentle man who meant well Pierro but apart from being treated badly&barbaric and kicked the bucket prematurely. When we thought UWP and mamo had played some numbers on us came a bunch of pirates who are ripping off DA and have transformed her and are making a mess of her.Never before have we seen ,lived so much in your face corruption people of repute (formerly sinking to unimaginable depth of dissapoint ment in them.The president,P.M our lawyers civil servants including the police adding insult to injury. How can our nation survive and grow? Stepped relations with venezuela have brought partner ship with columbian cartel which has spoilt our once virgin nation. Our capital Roseau is mutatting into China town.Posee has become the capital of prostitution our official have ebven graduate from our regional spanish ( female friends)involvment to getting their degrees in sexual corrption in macow and else where.
    Foreigners own our passports now we have to get visias to enter oince former sister commonwealth states like England and Canada.
    Recently we learned of intensified money laundering.We have ministers and party affilates who have been caught in the web and the minister escaped and the poto took the fall not having a diplomatic passport.Recently a local magistrate states the rather rear: that many high ups and polica are protecting fueling the drug trade in DA.
    here is one solution to all our ills.A revolutionary take over of the country.
    I need a few militarty train brothers or will and able( we will train you.)

  13. mete' escrire
    July 8, 2010

    Maite’ you just wanna humilate John and James.Despite not being so keen on their party( I think UWP is a despicable group)….Skerrit and his … have transformed DA into a rat race state…This hsit has to come to an end soon. We(if we do not reverse this trend) will name rename Roseau China town as the new capital.Foreginers are purchasing our best lands.We will take that back through emminent domain)Real estates agents are making their moves and killings at the expense of the masses.
    Our drug problem has escalated .We have never before seen such in your face activity.We know our police have been alleged to have been into it as far back as the 90’s one top cop was asked to resigned in the public interest at the commision of inquiry back in 97-98. There was an ex-cop …. who transformed himself into a fisher man ,purchasing a boat .he made many voyages then disappeared and never again to be heard from… There are those who do not come to mind and those I do not know, moreso those from the north. Last year there was a rumour around staeing a guy in the north invited a top Politician on the ruling party side to his 50th birthday party. The guy came out and stated boldly he was not really celebrating his 50th but rather celebrating his first million$$$ made fromhis operation.
    Now with the magistrate making anti- drug pusher statements it throws this thing into greater appeal.
    It is fun analyzing these statements but rather serious understanding it.Recently we had the case of the top business man who is suspected of money laundering and the two lads who were in possesstion of a Hummer flat screen TVs etc and the mention of police and other prominent persons involvment. DA is and has been a rotten little place for over 3 decades now it has onlyintensified. No one has any more srupples about getting rich fast Priest,pastor,president, P.M ,little,big,peopleall want their artifical flowers while they are alive (using local parlance).
    Today on Q95 FM the owner told the persons involved in the singing contest( from a remote area in North America) to safe guard their reputation so to speak( not qouting word for word) I almost vomited…
    Now, if individuals can do so much havoc can you imagine what a gov’t ,a P.M can do with political power?Just imagine our P.M began on a bad note ith his land transfer bobol ,the construction of $400,000.00 EC modest home which ended up changing the value of 400k and the meaning of modest!If that can be done in our faces what is happening under the table? Look at eddie Lambert representative EU and advisor to Gov’t salary it is two i think 12 & 14 K EC that makes it 26K /year.
    With all this rip off what kind of example the youth are to follow? They will respect no one. Soon gun fire will begin like JA citizens will then begin to take matters in their own hands as the corruption grows.I wonder if it can grow more as Venezuean and Columbian drug cartels already operate in our waters and on land.Now Venezuela’s offering coffee factory.Didin’t we try this as a nation before? Mr.Ambassador to ALBA how much can you tell us about your coffee/ALBA gig?
    It look like we will soon have to stand up and take our country back physically.Interlectuals professionals have been bought and sold many times over.They stand for nothing beleive in nothing cause they are nothing,so let’s get them out of the way.Idi Amin did it in Uganda in the 70’s.
    This is why and how uprisings begin when the poor can’t live under double standards but a leader is needed.

  14. Cannot Stop Laughing
    July 8, 2010

    @W: Since Dominica is a Democracy it is the DLP Constitutional rights to contest the bi -election. It is also DFP, UWP and any independent candidate constituitonal rights to contest the bi- election. If Dominica was a ‘One Party State” voters would not have a choice of political parties to vote for. They would only have UWP to vote for. If Dominica was a ‘One Party State’ John, Prevost, and James would not have gotten the majority votes in Bawi, Marigot, and Roseau Central. They would not have the chance of denying these constitutients representation in parliament. They would not dare think of boycotting Parliament. They would infact be executed for treason instead of having another opportunity to contest in the bi-election.

    The UWP offiials need to stop playing on the ignorance of its supporters. Instead they need to provide opportunities for then to have a legitimate understanding of the content of the CONSTITUTION.

  15. W
    July 8, 2010

    Who These Politicians really think they are? There’s no longer subtlety in their trickery used to fool we the people.

    I would ask the labor Party, this question if you all are not interested in a one party state, and you are already in power why then contest the bi-election? oops never mind, what am I thinking too late for that…

    Too Much talk in Dominica, we’re loosing our souls and we’re doing nothing about it!!!

    People go pull this track from Bob Marley’s Survival Album and play Ambush In the Night it fits the moment.

  16. Anonymous
    July 8, 2010

    he lie but some day his time will come some day.

  17. Brown Sugar
    July 8, 2010

    mr. skerrit u dont love any body but your self. u and ur bag of nonsence should not even be campaining since u all are so confident that u guys r going ot win. but dont put your hopes high cuz u all r just going to embarrass u all selves again on friday…

  18. ON
    July 8, 2010

    What the PM has said has no credibility..We need good leadership in Dominica.Presently we don’t.

  19. Jm2
    July 8, 2010

    Oh Please,, Dam politicians all dey is lie

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