Sam Raphael, Lennox Linton clash on alleged sale of diplomatic passports

A diplomatic passport from Dominica

Hotelier, Sam Raphael, has added fuel to the raging debate of the alleged sale of Dominican diplomatic passports, saying the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is guilty of the very same thing it is accusing the government of doing.

But Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, has challenged Raphael to produce the evidence that the UWP was involved in the sale of diplomatic passports.

The UWP has long accused the government of being involved in the sale of diplomatic passports.

Linton said recently that investigations by CBS 60 Minutes have uncovered “the sale of diplomatic passports, though it is not part of the citizenship by investment program, it goes on under the table particularly in Dominica which has had a most impressive corp of dodgy diplomats.”

The government has denied the accusation on a number of occasions but the matter has remained a topic of public discourse for the past months.

Speaking on Q95’s The Hot Seat recently, Raphael added a new dimension to the debate alleging that the UWP, at the highest level, did sell diplomatic passports.

“The opposition party, Sam Raphael is stating, he was present when the opposition party, at the highest level sold diplomatic passports,” he stated.

According to Raphael, the party took money for the passports from six individuals who wired it to Dominica to fund the UWP campaign in 2005 to the tune of $3-million, “and in the same vein in 2009.”

“Where do you think they got the peleau from or the chicken or the t-shirts and all the buses and so on?”, he stated.

Raphael is alleging that the UWP sold diplomatic passports in 2005 and 2009

Raphael also claimed that Linton is aware of the matter.

“So to go out on the international media and to broadcast and to raise the issue that there is an allegation – smoke, maybe there is fire – that this administration sold diplomatic passports when you know your party, know for a fact because the financial records are there,” he noted.

He added, “But you are absolving yourself of the responsibility because a party is not one man, a party is an organization and if you know there is a history of corruption in your organization, the first thing to do is to speak to that and to sort of reconcile that in all honesty before you go attacking the other guy…”

Raphael’s statements were soon pounced upon by supporters of the government who went on radio and social media to spread them.

However, Linton wants Raphael to produce evidence to substantiate his claims, saying they are “an elaborate concoction.”

Linton has denied the allegations

According to him, no party in opposition has the authority to sell diplomatic passports.

“Let me repeat, no political party in opposition can sell diplomatic passports because they have no authority at all to issue a diplomatic passport,” Linton said on Q95’s Talk on the Block earlier this week. “And so if somebody has money to pay for a diplomatic passport, the sensible thing for them to do is to approach the people in government to see whether it is possible for their money to be exchanged for a diplomatic passport. You cannot be in your right senses taking a party in opposition to put significant money down to say you want a diplomatic passport when the party in government is available to you.”

Linton stated that as leader of the UWP he has done his own investigations into the matter and they have revealed there were no plans to sell diplomatic passports to anyone.

“Being the leader of the UWP at this time, I have made inquiries of the people who ought to have known what was going on at the time and none of them, none of them knows anything about it, any plan, any offer, any agreement to sell diplomatic passports to anybody at all,” he stated.

He noted that this is why he wants Raphael to produce evidence to back up his claims.

“That is why, I have asked for Sam Raphael to present the evidence, not the talk, not the hearsay, not the I-say-so, the evidence that there was an agreement, a plan, an MOU or whatever for the UWP to sell diplomatic passports on a pay-down-you-will-get-the- passport-later plan,” he said.

He added that is it incumbent on him “to know or to find our what is going on especially when these wild allegations are being made by people who claim to know.”

“And based on inquiries I have made, I am prepared to say that this is an elaborate concoction, it never happened,” Linton said. “Yes the gentleman was involved in finding money to finance the campaign of the UWP but there was no plan to sell or to deliver or to handover or to grant any diplomatic passport in exchange for money and that is what I have found out from my inquiries, my investigations.”

Linton was specific on the type of evidence he wanted Raphael to bring forth.

“I am not asking for bank records of monies you received because that has been established, it has not been denied that you Mr. Raphael in 2005, I don’t know whether it was in 2009 as well, received money for the campaign of the UWP but I have been told, and I believe, you have not received any money from anybody on any promise from anybody in the UWP that they will be a recipient of a diplomatic passport,” he remarked.

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  1. anonymous2
    July 9, 2017

    Only fools and criminals would buy a passport for DA. There are better passport countries out there.

  2. Sometimes some people need to question their sanity before they allow hogwash to spew out of their mouth!

    I wonder if Sam Raphael is insinuating that the members of the UWP have a printing press from which they manufacture Dominica diplomatic passports.

    I would suggest that guy go and have a long visit with Griffin Benjamin, because it seems to me that guy need some psychiatric help!

      July 7, 2017

      So what is Lennox insurance insinuating when he says Skerrit selling Diplomatic passports? Don’t do it, let me do it.

      • You are an idiot, you stupid!

        Ask yourself where and how could did Lennox, or any member of the opposition get the passports, or diplomatic passports to sell.

        Don’t respond; simply ask yourself that question, perhaps you and other who believe Sam Raphael lie, you will discover how stupid you all are.

  3. Anyone marked by a lack of acquaintance with the fundamentals of a particular field of knowledge (ignorant) is indeed illiterate. Just because someone have a name and is involved in Dominica politics where scholastics are not necessary, any illiterate person can make allegations, which usually becomes fact in a backward place like Dominica.

    One have to be very careful when certain corrupted people make foolish and stupid statements destroying their own credibility. Sam Rafael makes the claim that the UWP sold diplomatic passports. If that guy was not an ignorant person, before he told that stupid lie; he would have asked himself, how many people as ignorant as he is would believe such a lie?

    If the opposition members are not allowed to debate in parliament, they can’t even rise objections to anything illegal or unfair in the House: I would like Sam Rafael explain. How, when and where did the members of the UWP in opposition got the passports, or in particular Diplomatic…

    • Continue:

      How, when and where did the members of the UWP in opposition got the passports, or in particular Diplomatic Passports to sell!

      This guy does not appear to have any form of commonsense.

      Anybody who believe that lie is an illiterate fool! Truth is those who are corrupted, and confounded, have to expose their true nature, could I trust Sam Rafael in business, or in any other kind dealings? If my life depended on a Sam Rafael I would rather die than to drink a cup of water that comes from his hands, I think he is one very dangerous man.

      Liars have cause wars, which took the life’s of millions. Without a lie in the twenty-first century, the United States would not have invaded Iraq!

  4. June
    July 6, 2017

    But all the time sam moomoo and he knew about it so he just like them. Skerro better watch his back with sam. His belly full with cbi money so he talikng. All those years man sam. U better move away from our PM . you are a blade
    Skerro watch your back with mr. U know

  5. Man bites Dogs
    July 6, 2017

    Lennox, i told you a long time ago that one day your bottom will drop out, today that time is with us. Now you will be running to the nearest fox hole and hide, ever since you came in as so-called apposition leader all you have tried is too destroy Dominica, take what you get and see you in Hell !

    • viewsexpressed
      July 7, 2017

      Looks as if yo have had many dogs bite your assests because I cant believe that you have written this doggish rubbish. Wake up to reality and don’t be strayed puppet…..woof…woooof.

  6. LifeandDeath
    July 6, 2017

    Dominicans seem like they love Corruption..As both parties doing it, then it’s ok..everybody fine now..but the country keep slipping down the hill to irreversible destruction..
    ..but Sam, how does an opposition party sell Diplomatic Passports? Further, if you Sam was involved in such a scheme, you have just exposed yourself to Criminal investigation. Self Incrimination for $$$$…JAH!!
    Moreover, what kind of pressure must Sam be under to come out with a story like that, and still never opened his mouth to chastise the ruling party on the arrest of Criminals holding proper diplomatic papers from Dominica.
    INTEGRI-TEA, nobody wants to drink it..SHAME on all ayo!!

  7. Africo
    July 6, 2017

    Well Sam should know because millions of UWP passport money helped to finance his first Jungle Bay hotel at Point Mulatre and he ran independent in the following general elections to try to defeat the DLP.
    But unless the UWP stored their 1995 -2000 passport money in their private party account they could not have had access to those funds while in opposition to fight the 2005 and 2009 general elections. Or did they? Maybe Sam knows something that we do not.

  8. bigger
    July 6, 2017

    So Linton doesn’t want allegations heresay or words by Sam Raphael. What he wants is the evidence in the form of a contract Mou ect ect. Sam was a witness he was there and you still don’t believe him. The money transfer stubs is available at your request.

    Now compare this to Linton that went on International media and said that the PM sold passports under the table to crooks and criminals without a shred of evidence no money or paper trail to support his claim. This behavior is tantamount to treason for defaming the Prime Minister and yet his supporters are afraid to condemn this madness This can only happen in Dominica

    • dominica for alah wii
      July 6, 2017

      Why didnt the PM make an appearance on CBS and state otherwise??

      • viewsexpressed
        July 7, 2017

        …because he is a tainted scared and failed politician.

  9. Expat
    July 6, 2017

    The UWP got busted. Lennox did not do himself or his party any good. For years the labour government has been accused of receiving money to fund their campaigns while the hypocrites have been doing the same thing . Thanks Sam for exposing these hypocrites and for enlightening us Dominicans.

  10. Laplaine Observer
    July 6, 2017

    Raphael. If you are confident about your claim, then you should produce the evidence. Obviously, you are part of the cabal because you want to continue getting your huge tax breaks for your upcoming business. You are simply singing for your meals.

      July 6, 2017

      Tell Lennox to produce his evidence first then Raphael will produce his. What are you doing now? Braying for your meals?

  11. John Public
    July 6, 2017

    “to present the evidence, not the talk, not the hearsay, not the I-say-so, the evidence that there was an agreement, a plan, an MOU or whatever………” Mr.Linton these are your words. You demand evidence, signed agreement, an MOU or whatever. This is exactly what is required of you, Thompson, Rijok, Trevor et all on your never ending campaign to get after PM Skerrit. That is the standards you set for others. What is so difficult about applying the same to you? No wonder you have to pay so much money. Others have to provide evidence to support their charges. Not Lennox! What he says is Gospel. Boy Lennox!!

  12. July 5, 2017

    Sam needs to mind his own goddamm business…

  13. July 5, 2017

    UWP is in desperation mode, they are now flooding social media with old and unproven allegations. They are now recycling old stories about Monfared, Lap seng , Ashe and others.

  14. %
    July 5, 2017

    Dont stop at it yet Linton,keep on pressing for the evidence.Seek legal counsel too.Dominican so called BIG MEN are allowing themselves to be used by corrupt politicians too much.To be like them,you must do their dirty work for them,but this one seem to be trapped.

  15. Just Thinking
    July 5, 2017

    Sounds like Sam is singing for his supper and the financial support for his project?

    • UK Dominican
      July 7, 2017

      Don’t forget that Sam Raphael is also an authorized CBI agent is therefore beholden to the government for the generation of cashflow to finance his time-share development at Soufriere. Sam got himself onto a sticky wicket. Suppose this government falls, what then????

  16. ????
    July 5, 2017

    How does the opposition sell a diplomatic passport?

  17. Kangaroo Court
    July 5, 2017

    Is Lennox serious, not even a Kangaroo Court will accept the conclusion of Linton’s investigations? Idi Amin, Saddam Hossein, and others of their clan would be rolling in their graves laughing
    It’s like asking “Gravity” to investigate if he killed three people over the past years. Obviously, it is fait accompli. The result of such an investigations is, “Gravity did not kill anyone” and so is the result of Linton’s investigations.
    Not even in a fool’s paradise would one find that an accusation made against the head of an organization that the very head of that organization is the one heading that investigation, so pathetic.
    Linton is catching at straws. He has no defence. Some of the very best evidence in any court of law is, “I saw him. I heard him. I was there”. It’s for that very reason why the court accepts evidence from prisoners who tell the court, “while so and so was in prison, we were in the same cell and he told me so and so. This is evidence.

    • dominica for alah wii
      July 6, 2017

      Except when its Denny Shillingford stating he was paid to burn Mr. Emmanuels house right??

  18. July 5, 2017

    “Being the leader of the UWP at this time, I have made inquiries of the people who ought to have known what was going on at the time and none of them, none of them knows anything about it, any plan, any offer, any agreement to sell diplomatic passports to anybody at all,” he stated.

    Yeaaaaa riggghttttt!

  19. July 5, 2017

    If I were Mr Raphael, I would not even worry … Linton must first bring forth the evidence of the DLP government selling passports(and I don’t mean his goons’ doctored photos and documents), then Sam shall follow suit. Till you can produce evidence for all the you’ve spewed all these years, no one is to answer to you.

    • Anomymous
      July 5, 2017

      If Lennox is lying get Skerrit to proceed with his law suit against Thomson Fontaine that has been gathering dust for six years now. Secondly it is impossible for an opposition party to issue diplomatic passports, only a sitting government can do that and this government has ben in power for the past seventeen years. So the UWEP did not issue any passports during that time. If before 2,000, prove it.

      • Be Good
        July 6, 2017

        get a life Anonmymous who must go now!! UWP Done!

  20. July 5, 2017

    Everyone who speaks against the DLP government is a patriot, the minute someone speaks out against the UWP, they are branded as agents of labour party. What double standard is this? The man spoke about something he knew for a fact, and mark you, he has evidence to prove it….but you all acting as if he on a kill lenox crusade. Sam is basically saying that UWP accusing DLP of doing the exact thing there were.

    • July 5, 2017

      Very well said. Linton is useless at this point. Soon he will break, and say he wants no more. He needs to realize that this isn’t his calling and he should go back to the radio.

  21. Legion
    July 5, 2017

    We need a new party or the complete overhaul of the two main parties in Dominica. The UWP and DLP are both rotten.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      July 5, 2017

      Form your own Party.

  22. July 5, 2017

    Lennox does want everybody else to provide evidence but when his backside in the hot seat, blahjaying he cannot prove his wild accusations!

  23. July 5, 2017

    The ancient philosophers tells us that it is the critical spirit which is the Devil, and gives rise to the appearance of Evil. Sale of passports continue to be the road march long before and after carnival, it seems that there’ a lack of interest into other burning DA issues. Is it not time to move on? in one’s advance towards a comprehension of the universe, nearly always it amounts to a reversal. Say what you may, the Island have benefited some what from those transactions. We are now dealing with political innuendos to score cheap points, you see, prides is a spiritual cancer, it eats up the very possibility of love or contentment,or even common sense, pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes WISDOM.Bob.

  24. Marcus Hill
    July 5, 2017

    But opposition can not sell passports. What nonesene that?

    • fan choye
      July 5, 2017

      it was a promise made to deliver when they win. it was a gamble. a lottery type of transaction. Since they did not win, investors lost their money. UWP could not deliver. Its like taking a loan

      • UK Dominican
        July 6, 2017

        Which bank would give you a loan like that without collateral. I do believe the UWP was sponsored with election funds from outside but that is not a crime, is it and it is not the same as selling diplomatic passports or any other passport, which they were not in a position to do anyway.

    • John Public
      July 6, 2017

      Marcus Hilll no passport change hands. They could not change hands with the UWP in opposition. I suppose you understand what is a promise. Scratch my back today and I will scratch yours tomorrow” when in government” What is so difficult in understanding that? They agree that the funds did arrive for their campaign. why would a person. company in Europe give free money to a party in Dominica without any strings attached? Think of it. Remember when many questions were asked about the levels of resources that China was making available to Dominica? Remember, people like you were suspicious of that level of support and suggested that something suspicious was happening between Dominica and China? Why would China give Dominica so much financial aid? The same principle applies here.

    • FED UP
      July 6, 2017

      When they were in power idiot!

      • dominica for alah wii
        July 6, 2017

        no youre the idiot idiot. in 2005 they were not in power. marjie!! sam accused them of selling passports in 2005 and 2009… DLP was in power since 2000 so what you talking about. Domincans are the biggest fools i have ever seen in my life. But all you wake up call coming soon. who can survive will survive but plenty of all you have to perish wondering why you were such fools. i sure it have people in venezuela right now wondering that same thing as we speak. WHY WAS I SUCH A FIOOOOOL??

  25. positive
    July 5, 2017

    i dont dont think he will never become pm,

    • HUH?
      July 5, 2017

      But u sot man ! The double negatives in your sentence just confirmed that you think he will be PM.

    • I like ur style
      July 5, 2017

      Can we there fore call him Cheddie Jagan?

    • %
      July 5, 2017

      Your corrupt party,will stay in office for ever and ever.You will forever remain a beggar.You will never work, always be grovelling on your….Do you know that in 2005 and 2009 that is kust about when Honourable Linton was being challenged to come into the ring?He did,and if we had a fair election in 2014, he would be PM right away.So stop you cesspit of garbage…

  26. Et tu Brute ?
    July 5, 2017

    One thing I like about Skerro, he knows that everybody has a price. Each time he buys another one of those people who Dominicans like to hold in high esteem, he reveals who they really are.

  27. Ehm
    July 5, 2017

    If the UWP sold any kind of passport whilst they were the parliamentary OPPOSITION that is tantamount to treason and fraud and the involved parties should be dealt with as only the ruling government has that ability. Hence, I agree with Linton’s asking Sam to provide proof to such a grave allegation.

  28. zandoli
    July 5, 2017

    One thing you have to grant Lennox – he has big balls. This man is asking for evidence, him being the same man who was successfully sued for libel. Irony?

    • KaliBud
      July 5, 2017

      Why u think he not even.asking for an apology, much less to sue Sam. He asking for evidence. He admit on Huffington Post and on CBS that he has no evidence for years of accusations, but now he knows the word. Albeit, he did admit Sam was a fundraiser… So we can infer that he knows that Sam isn’t lying

    • concern citizen
      July 5, 2017

      Dear Zandoli,
      If I were U I would not go any where with that, or even mention that nonsense which SAM RAPHAEL AUTHOURED
      Can an opposition PARTY sell PASSPORTS of any kind, who is going to authorized that, are the govt. machinery working for the OPPOSITION?
      If Zandoli meat was so good it would not be free up like that (en leh bycad then)

      • Man bites Dogs
        July 6, 2017

        @ Concern citizen, You are so stupid you could not see the woods from the trees, but i will give you a head start, I would asked you for example $6million when i win the general election you will get a diplomatic passport easy as that now you know, that is why Linton is the apposition leader and you are a skippy.

  29. Shat Mamaw
    July 5, 2017

    Hmmm look trouble!!! what’s in the dark will come to light… let Dominicans act stupid and kill each other, block road and all sorts of rubbish in the name of politics.

  30. MI
    July 5, 2017

    You see the man there cool not trouble anybody trying to get his business up and running alu had to go and trouble the man so take wat alu get.

  31. Tj
    July 5, 2017

    Sam provide the evidence or Mr linton should lead the trail to court.

    • My 2 Cents
      July 5, 2017

      Why don’t you ask Linton and the UWP to provide the evidence for all the rubbish accusations they have been making over the last few years

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      July 5, 2017

      What else is new?

  32. Spike
    July 5, 2017

    The DWP is probably right that it did not sell diplomatic passports, any more than it let contracts to build washrooms. To do that, you have to win an election first. What the DWP has to show is that it has a more positive vision for CBI and diplomatic passports than Labour. The cash should go into Dominica’s economy, not an off-budget slush fund for gifts from whichever party is in power. The passport holders should be vetted to ensure that real Dominicans aren’t disparaged and subjected to visas and third-degree inspection when entering foreign countries. And, if government were to attract lots of wealthy people to Dominica, it should fight the covetous notion, expressed in this forum, that the new wealth came at the expense of the poor.

  33. Ibo France
    July 5, 2017

    That’s what the sycophants of the government do, try their best to implicate innocent people in the corrupt practices of the powers that be to muddy the waters. Transparency is one of the most important characteristics of good governance. Why is this government so opaque? Why can’t the citizens be enlightened about all those persons who hold a Dominican diplomatic passport? Then we’ll know the truth. People like Sam Raphael are just shameless in their advocacy to defend the indefensible by handcuffing themselves to lies and false accusations. Mr. Raphael should stop parroting the government’s talking points and adamantly condemn the wrongdoings of this opaque regime and stop accusing others of like-mindedness..

    • winston warrington
      July 5, 2017

      First of all Sam is not implicating Lenox Linton for he was not a member of the UWP administration. He is accusing the UWP party of alleging that the DLP commitrd the same wrongdoings as his present party before his leadership. Anyone over the age of forty knows that Sam is telling the truth. We know that a police officer was deported from Canada in possession of over sixteen passports for sale; he personally told us so. The head of the Kingdom of Melchizedek lived here for over 2 years while running a Ponzi scheme approved by the UWP that scammed 1200 Dominicans of their hard earned cash. The Russian Mafia would park their Mercedes in the middle of Old Street and dare any police to make them move. It was very corrupt to say the least;; but Lenox was not part of it then. Sam is talking about the party – not this leader of the opposition.

  34. ??
    July 5, 2017

    Linton needs to take Sam Raphael to court and have him prove it …. :lol:

    • merry
      July 5, 2017

      So dem people hav to tell d court what they paid for,,an if it defers from what they declear its money laundering,,pandora box ,,

      • NUWPl
        July 5, 2017

        Don’t talk to fast. ?????

        Let Lennox deny still IT IS COMING LIKE A SNAKE

        Don’t say much. The old man will tell us about the money.

        He planing a gonzalez to come out. U will hear.

        We ask specific questions about specific checks and amount.

        Tell us about those checks.

        Don’t attack the messenger in dat case is Sam. Tell us about the message.

        We said Suzan Olday own wat it was used for. U tell us about urs.


        U came with Suzan olday we gave Skerrit 18 seats

        So come with new names. Alison, Francisco coralo, David shoe or pants or shirt ect we voted on dat handsomely already because we know it’s lies and twist stories. So don’t come with ur OLD BIN STORY.

        No old news good new news Lennox we want.

        Tell us about the 6 passports the check numbers and amounts.
        Tell us wan u paying Kieran Pinard Burn.
        Dat wat we need to know.
        Tell us about the reason u Edison and Earl was…

    • NUWPl
      July 5, 2017

      I would love him to take Sam Simion Tony and all of us who is saying the UWP sold and promise to give diplomatic passports.

      Why haven\’t they reject the accusations of the monies they received?

      Checks stubs with name, amount and number was mentioned. Why haven\’t they say it\’s a lie?

      Why Linton had to go ask Edison?

      Why we yet to hear Edison come out of retirement on these allegations which is around since 2009?

      What more evidence u need?


      We all heard of the chinies and Russians who were held in Canada till visa was put on us.

      Wat do u want again? U want more right? Ok stay tune.

      Be very careful wat u ask for.

      Soon Lennox will come with a big story HOPING HE WILL DIVERT PEOPLES MIND. Pala nah Lennox. U have to answer questions.

      And we all know people can sell things even if they don\’t have it with the promise to pay back later.
      Drugs man do it base on trust and confidence. Ask the big talker from…

      July 5, 2017

      The proof is, HE was there. Didn,t you hear he said so?

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      July 5, 2017

      This would not be surprising. Linton is in need of money. He needs to recoup money that he spent for libel suits.

    July 5, 2017

    Raphael, you’re a witness to their corruption. They did it , now they are accusing someone else.

    • Truth Be Told
      July 5, 2017

      Two wrongs do not make a right. If they did it and it was wrong, we as Dominicans should not allow any Government to continue doing this!

      • KiD ON THE BLOCK
        July 5, 2017

        So why crucify someone else when you know you have done it before and pretend you never did that before? Don’t you think that is too much hypocrisy? The evidence is there and Sam will make Lennox look like a little boy. Where is Lennox evidence with all that he saying about Skerrit?

    • July 5, 2017

      Sad thing eh!

  36. Shaka Zulu
    July 5, 2017

    Sam it’s either you are a private business man or you are a government agent running a government business. You are getting too involved in politics. If your business is going to be profitable you should prove to the banks get a loan and live tax payers and state funds out of it. Irrespective of what Lennox or skerrit make you believe state funds belong to the people of Dominica to be used by the government for the interest of the people of Dominica. The fact that you selling passports to build your own private business is in itself not right. If I were you I would shut up and try to stay out of public domain as much as possible.

    • NUWPl
      July 5, 2017

      U are in no position to tell Sam watcto do.

      Hilary Shillingford and Wayne James (brother of Edison James) are they not busimen too? More so are they not members of the electoral commission? Yet who calling radio station and criticise and sign Lennox song more then them?

      No conflict of interest right now right? No partiality now right? No political influence now right? It is ok now right? O I C.

      Well let Sam say Wat he knows.

      Wen it in all u favour it’s ok but wen it’s against all u all u have all justification to make.

      Same thing wen Clyde weeks use to call mat it was ok. BUT wen mills call Edison is the first to jump up and haylay sooku.

      Never see some inconsistent men in a party like dat.

      But good thing we Dominicans don’t worry with all u.

      We know how to view all u already

      Wait we waiting for PM to call d thing so we can show all u once again NOU PA LAY ZOR.

      UWP can get lost out of our politics.

      Shame shame shame they don’t have.

      • Shaka Zulu
        July 6, 2017

        It goes for one it goes for all. Sam is admitting that the labor party is wrong but because UWP did it they should hush. Two wrongs don’t make a right. UWP lost because people convinced they were doing bobol. Curruption has been the mode of operation of this current Gov. Yet we uphold and justify because the others did. Tells me one thing Sam is enabling curruption as long as it benefits him and he knows how to play both sides for his personal benefit. Here is where I stand as a non party affiliate. Anyone who uses property of the state and thier public position for personal wealth must be punished. UWP, Labourites or Freedomites. I will not give any party a mandate to continue to abuse this land. Skerrit time has passed and time to move on. If Gravity was going up for prime minister against this Labour party I would vote him just to send a message there is nothing more to loose. We have already lost our dignity what does it matter.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      July 5, 2017

      Are you blind to all the programs which have been established and the help Dominicans receive?

    • Anonymous
      July 7, 2017

      Yeah man, if you mix business with politics so, you will end up like Donald Trump, God forbid.

  37. %
    July 5, 2017

    Take what you get Sam.Although I believe this present UWP,should not be the one pounding you with blows for what happened in 2005 or 2009,but those who used you like their conduit,or a piece of pipe to get at UWP,must be laughing at you now,behind closed doors.Never knew thayt you were so weak..REMARKABLE JOB LLL,Leader Lennox Linton!

      July 5, 2017

      %, When last you took your medication? You are sick and definitely need help!

    • Is Me
      July 5, 2017

      % are you for real, real ? Really! Your arrogant ways is dispecable. Weren’t you the one who advised Mr. Raphael against rebuilding the hotel.? You said, wait until the UWP come to power to rebuild. Once again people this is the individual who wants to lead our nation!! Who on earth doesn’t know who % is?People with narcissistic behavior display the same trail as %, the man is saying, REMARKABLE JOB, LOL, Lenox Linton., Why do you always praise yourself for you to feel important? Sam was part of you inner circle so obviously the story is true. Skerrit Must Go, Lenox Must Complete High School. Skerrit Must Go. Lenox Must Stop Begging Poor Dominican. Skerrit Must Go Now. Lenox Must Pay Now.

  38. indeed
    July 5, 2017

    Strange things happened with all the ‘re engineering” along the way…….one of the things was it was made out to now be a LOAN…………but no agreements signed……….really?……….Listen, the bottom line is…… Say what you may about Eugenia Charles……..she never needed to or put her hand in the kitty and I believe did what was best for Dominica not self……….had the program continued along the initial intention, it would not be the huge mess it is today. I cannot speak to the Diplomatic passport sales………under the UWP, I dont have those facts…. but yes to the fact that the program was being derailed away from its intention……..but that was NOT under Lennox Linton. People need to call a spade a spade and put things in proper timeline and perspective.

  39. EnfantDiable
    July 5, 2017

    Serious allegation. Bring forth the evidence, forthwith. This is why the question of ‘The Financing of Political Parties in Dominica ” must be addressed frontally by the UWP and DLP now. The Barbados legislature passed such an Act a few years ago. Not sure if it has entered into force. It is available at the Law Library, UWI, Cave Hill Campus. Look at it.

  40. Malgraysa
    July 5, 2017

    A political party that is not in power can not give out passports, leave alone award diplomatic ones. That is an axiom. The granting of diplomatic passports is the exclusive domain of the Prime Minister of the government in power at the time. We must not get distracted from the fact that our current P.M. , Roosevelt Skerrit has authorised the granting of diplomatic passports to high-profile foreigners that have been arrested on charges of embezzlement, fraud, corruption and money laundering among others, Alireza Monfared, Alison Madueke, Francisco Corallo, to name but a few. The refusal of our Foreign Minister to disclose a full list of our foreign diplomats only serves to heighten suspicions of the government being involved in matters that can not stand the light of day.

    • July 5, 2017

      Desperate spin! That is a common practice in politics where parties promise individuals and organizations concessions and high positions in return for financial support. Such promises can only be realized if the party making the promise wins the election. You just wrote a whole set of rubish.

    • I like ur style
      July 5, 2017

      Malgraysa how are U long time!
      How is deffen Astaphan from st/Kitts the one who doped ben Johnson lol U rememeber our discuss?
      Are U still in communication from heaven ,hell Limbo where ever? lol
      U always put in ur 5 cents piece.

  41. indeed
    July 5, 2017

    FACTS……..The citizen by investment program began under the Freedom Party administration, Eugenia Charles. She felt it prudent to allow Tourism based business the opportunity to get funds so as to grow the Tourism sector. She also saw it could benefit health and education. This were done above board with the investors having a stake in the local business and at the time targeted families and single investors. Monies went to an escrow account and was only drawn down as per invoices relating to the business. Out went Freedom in cam UWP under Eddison James. But it was Julius Timothy in collaboration with Grace Tonge who ….. ‘ re engineered’ the program……..out goes UWP in comes Labor……..not sure what to do with the program… was suspended for a short time, Douglas and Charles died and in came Skerrit……..program then began to take on a completely new face……….

  42. %
    July 5, 2017

    I am ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY on the side of LLL,Leader Lennox Linton.Sam Raphael is making wild unsubstantisted statements that he cannot support,with any evidence,and in the process he is losing every ounce of credibility by a myriad of Dominicans.This is a serious allegation,Mr Raphael,and if you had any wisdom, you would know that LLL would tear you, peel of you skin and dry you in the sun as he has done.I guess once you join rank with DLP, you must garble the same poisonous cesspit of filth that they do.HONOURABLE LLL,Leader Lennox Linton should keep on fanning the flames from under you butt Sam,and reduce you to a laughing stock..Remember unlike other Caribbean leaders,who cheat,steal and lie, HONOURABLE LLL,Leader Lennox Linton does not reuire any MOUTH PIECE?

  43. South Sudan
    July 5, 2017

    According to Mr. Linton, “[it] has been established, [that] Mr. Raphael in 2005, [and possibly] in 2009 as well, received money for the campaign of the UWP”
    Mr. Raphael asserts that these monies were received from 6 individuals as payment for diplomatic passports; Linton is denying this assertion.
    I think the onus is now on Mr. Linton to disclose what the payments were for, if he is claiming that they were not for diplomatic passports.

    • concern citizen
      July 5, 2017

      common South Sudan,
      It’s only the PM that can authorised the sale of Dip. Passport or Passport of any kind, so don’t make your self pass stupid by asking Mr. Linton to tell U what the money was for,

      • South Sudan
        July 5, 2017

        Concern*ed Citizen, firstly, you should brush up on your grammatical skills.

        Now, since Mr. Linton is the one who has been purporting to be the beacon of transparency and good governance, and since he has admitted that monies were collected by Sam on behalf of the UWP, he should embody that transparency and divulge the reason(s) for the receipt / payment of these said funds.

        Anything less only confirms what Sam has insinuated; meme bet, meme pwel.

    • i'm from the valley
      July 5, 2017

      how can the opposition UWP give passport, that doesn’t make sense….. or why would i invest in a party expecting passport if they win? so what happen when that party loss, i loss my money too…. Sam doesn’t care a damn all he knows is that he making his money saying wat he wants…. wicked set of people …… time will tell.

      • Me
        July 6, 2017

        You are right, hearsay is not admissible evidence.

  44. Stupes
    July 5, 2017

    Well, someone would have to be really desperate for a diplomatic passport to pay for it a first time – not receive and still pay for it a second time! This is what I am getting from Sam’s version of events.

    And still not receive it! Its inconceivable that someone would do that twice. Is SAM saying that the opposition received 6 million (3 million in 05 and another 3 in 09) or did they receive a total of 3 million (1.5 in 05 and 1.5 in 09)? Either way, it seems unlikely that the same set of people would pay for a diplomatic passport twice! Especially knowing at the time that the opposition had no chance of getting into office.

  45. that is what my nation is coming to
    July 5, 2017

    so uwp was not in power in 2009 but they selling passports?

  46. zaga zaw
    July 5, 2017

    quick question was the money given as a gift with no strings attached… or are the donors awaiting something ..
    just asking

  47. Truth Be Told
    July 5, 2017

    Dominica will never develop as long as we keep using two wrongs to make a right! If it was done in the past and we agree it was wrong to use sale of passports money to fund campaigns, a different party doing it again today does not help Dominica to develop, now does it? Do we love Labour and UWP more than we love Dominica? As a nation, after almost 40 years of Independence, is this what we have become, a political party loving country? Let us put our country above political parties! Dominica above Labour and UWP!

    July 5, 2017

    lLke Skerrit, Vince, the famous political scientist Dr.A, now the hotelier Sam I don’t know these new Turks the I know the Sr.Counsels the passport pushing lawyers.These just destroyed our democracy and we sit there as if it’s alright?

  49. July 5, 2017

    If UWP sold diplomatic passports and Sam Raphael, knowing how critical and important the CBI system is to Dominica didn’t speak up then, no matter what party that was doing it, then it was unpatriotic of Sam Raphael to not speak out, he aided and abeited, so he should be ashamed to come now 18 years later and talk about it

  50. July 5, 2017

    These guys are just too………. mr Linton u better watch them
    Closely when u become Dominicas next PM God Bless u SIR

  51. papa
    July 5, 2017

    Da have canival every day

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