Statement by UWP Political Leader Ron Green on actions of the Speaker


The United Workers Party is extremely concerned that questions posed to Government Ministers by the Opposition are once again being prevented from reaching their intended recipients.

Mrs Alix Boyd Knights has abused her office as Speaker of Parliament and has demonstrated her hostility towards the democratic process by preventing legitimate questions from Opposition Parliamentarians from being answered by Ministers of Government.

Mrs Knights, in her continuing crusade to assist the Roosevelt Skerrit government in withholding information from the general public, has blocked questions to Mr. Skerrit seeking answers regarding:

•    his frequent travels out of State since December of last year
•    his public announcement of a chartered plane at Melville Hall Airport directly from the United States
•    his  receipt of the now notorious e-mail from Mr. Anthony Astaphan regarding electoral reform, and to Minister Ian Douglas about the ownership and shareholding  with respect to lands at Crompton Point in the Wesley/Woodford Hill area.

Speaker Knights’ ruling that the questions are ‘out of order’ is not supported by the rules.

Also, the Speaker has mischievously delayed informing Opposition members of her rulings thus allowing no opportunity for clarification, challenge or resubmission of the questions before completing the Order Paper for the next seating of Parliament of Monday, November 29, 2010.

We wish to bring to the attention of civil society and the general public that this unacceptable action of Speaker Knights, in concert with  the Leader of the Government, does not foster the conduct of State business and craft in a transparent, non-partisan and confidence building manner. The impact of such behaviour, by the custodians of our Parliament, once again at this critical time can only tend towards the negative. Parliamentarians should not be part of any attempt to conduct our country’s affairs in secret.

We call again on Speaker Knights to cease the frustration of the oversight functions of members of Parliament and to promote the adherence to the democratic principles needed in the conduct of the People’s affairs.

And we further give notice that as Members of Parliament we will take the appropriate action to bring this to the attention of the public and to bring about the democratic and electoral reforms necessary for Dominica.

Hon Ronald Green
Political Leader,
United Workers Party

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  1. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 25, 2010

    How can one ask questions when they were not in the House?  They boycottted Parliament.  Can one be in two places at the same time?

    Stop the blame game.

  2. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    November 24, 2010


    When people do not comprehend what they read and do not think beyond “not putting on their thinking cap”, this is the adverse comment they will make. It is nothing new.
    I support what is fair and just. I do not support people who lambaste others as if those people are, themselves perfect and more than others and are capable of performing better.
    The eyes of God are on all. Try electing them and you will soon be crying, wailing and mourning. Time tells and takes care of all.
    Utilize your common sense. Do not support what is evil. Speak the truth always. Stand up for the truth and what is correct to do and say.
    Some of us possess a sixth sense with the help of God. Some others possess none.

  3. Poule Coutouni
    November 24, 2010

    “Oh judgement, Thou art fled to the dogs, brutish beasts and false labourites and the Speaker and her misguided supporters have LOST all reason… Bear with us a little as their end will soon come!” William D. Shakespeare.

  4. follower
    November 24, 2010

    @Anti-hate: You guys just cannot deal with facts. If you took time to read my blogs you would understand that the last party I voted was Labour in 2005 and refused to vote in 2009 because to me, UWP is unprepared to lead, Freedom is defenitely dead and Skerrit is too currupt and therefore, my God given conscience would just not allow me to vote for him again. To help you understand where I stand my friend, Skerrit does not deserve to hold any leadership positiopn in DA. The only place that suites such persons is Stockfarm. On the other hand, I cannot see me voting UWP because they are not ready and are not even on the way to getting ready. Freedom is just the same. So to conclude I am being paid by UWP is just dead wrong and further prooves to me that you guys just cannot face true opposition. I want a better Dominica that gives hope to all and respects all reguardless of their political affiliation. At this time, neither of our parties are ready but labour part and Skerrit are the worse I have seen in the history of my life.

  5. Never want
    November 24, 2010

    Alas! Poor Ronnie the Green! Now is not the time to be weeping and looking for sympathy like a little green man from outer space after all the wickid and malicious, low down and dirty acts he has committed against the UWP and the country. The speaker is not responsible for the demoralized state of the opposition in parliament, he is. Ron as a nominated member should give the leader of the opposition who is an elected member in parliament to speak out on parliament issues, otherwise the issue if there is any will fall on deaf ears.


  6. cheeks
    November 24, 2010

    @Wait A Minute!: u r a rel idiot

  7. Roseau
    November 24, 2010

    The actions of the Speaker of the House must seem to be fair. So eben if the Labour party put her there she has to hold and keep the Name of the her Office in the highest of regards.

    The current Speaker is tired and she should respectfully bow out from the chair. She has ot made not even one rulling in favour of the opposition, so how is any concious Dominican going to believe that the Labour Party is always right in every matter that is being discussed?

    Madame Speaker, you have to give the opposition the chance to say something and it is up to the Gov’t as to how they respond.

    “Let Freedom reign.”

  8. Anti-hate
    November 24, 2010

    @ask bubbles: So “ask Bubbles” and “Follower” is clearly the same person.

    Is this the technique uwpites are using to make it seem like there are more of u on here? R u one of the persons I heard the uwp is paying to comment on DNO?

  9. dominican in cuba or usa
    November 24, 2010

    president raul castro is the president of cuba but fidel castro is the political leader and leader of the revolution and several time have came out and spoke out as the leader of the revolution so what is the problem with ron be a spokeman

  10. simple mind
    November 24, 2010

    (i like de new design)…Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!if what I read are his words or impressions of his words am sorry weeeee if he is not mad 4sure he’s insane.

  11. Out of town
    November 24, 2010

    Mr.John where are you? I suggest that you disassociate your self with the UWP. They are to silly. Follow mr.ESprit

  12. manyways
    November 24, 2010

    the problem with dominicans they think 3 seats in the house for the opposition is only the 3 men, but do they know it’s thousands of dominicans who makes up yhe opposition, their brothers, sisters, uncles, family members and friends so if dominicans don’t want to wake up, I WASH MY HANDS.

  13. manyways
    November 24, 2010

    Dominicans can’t do it by them selves , they need outside spiritual help to get this evil spell broken,

  14. Wait A Minute!
    November 24, 2010

    Oh stop the b**** complaining and go do the peoples work in the parliament!!! YOU SILLY,SPOILT BRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Fete SaL
    November 24, 2010

    I heard that Hector and Eddison wanted to make a statement but Ron beat them to it. The speaker of the house is confused as to whom she should answer so she denies their request until they have a clear leader.

  16. PAIN
    November 24, 2010

    The Loud Speaker is doing her job. Instead of belching questions on cost of living, unemployment and other factors that are affecting us that have me and others feeling the pain in Dca, the opposition guys are asking about : trips Skerrite made since last year and others things?

    What is happening, they want Skerrite to be prime minister for life. Is that our punishment for not voting the UWP?

  17. follower
    November 24, 2010

    @Martin de Porres: You are partially right you know my friend because the last time I voted was in 2005 and I voted labour. I also voted them in 2000 because I am not married to any party. I look for progress. I have been voting from 1975 and voted labour. In 1980 voted Alliance and from 1985 Freedom until 1990 when I tried UWP but voted them out in 2000 because of curruption allegation. I did not vote in 2009 because by then it was clear to me that Skerrit was the worse currupt leader in the caribbean and I feel so glad that I did not vote last year. You are right because I am in a Delema and my delema is, I don’t know who next to try because our political trend tells me that in DA we are going from bad to terribly worse.

  18. jnjayece
    November 24, 2010

    Chartered flight from the us. Wow that is the. Next. Level
    Wonder what the cabinet. Saying

  19. Time
    November 24, 2010

    @Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity: wonder if you see clearly do you serve two masters,,,,,,,this what u saying sucks period no man is above the law stop creating a cult like monster….typical educated fool…

  20. shows
    November 24, 2010

    @Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity: what you said is just making me vommit…….wow look at whole heap of spin and rubbish talk…

  21. vibes
    November 24, 2010

    Dominicans stop talking you need to have civil unrest to clean up this mess that is on the land
    you all listen to Martin Luther King speech on Q but dont seems you all learn anything at all

    Dominica nothing fall from the sky…..please go do the nesscary hard boot work then it will bear fruit in thirld world countries where the governance system is weak because of lack of solid guidance..
    talking never works…as its shown that in small islands many policy makers cant discuss issues
    its only when force is applied they feel…..take a q from the french Guadeloupe next door this kind of silent stuff by calling radio and expect certain folks to do stuff is foolish thinking thats why dominica is always the last in the caribbean because its citizens are way too passive and not deep on their love of country..

  22. follower
    November 23, 2010

    As bad as Skerrit is and trust me, he is terribly bad and currupt; but my question is, who do we replace him with? Is UWP a party that’s worth talking about? They have a serious leadership problem and nobody knows who is the real leader. Some months ago, John of Salsbury was annonced as leader though he never looked and sounded like a leader. Of late Ron is the unofficial leader and is the one making statements on behalf of the party. Under his leadership Skerrit won sixteen seats and the man even lost his seat. Can I really help get rid of skerrit who at list keeps the country together, to vote in these confused bunch of men? I really don’t believe in Skerrit because he is just too currupt and has completely lost my trust. But we sure don’t have a party in DA that is ready. UWP BIEN PWEE and Freedom BIEN MORE? What a disaster we’ve got people!!!!!!! Alas Julius Timothy, my real man, please come back to lead the workers because Skerrit will not elevate you and we need you to replace him. Please attend to our cry Julius. We the people did not reject you it was those greedy men that tried to get rid of you for Earl Williams.

  23. Hillcrest
    November 23, 2010

    to hell with speaker and her house

  24. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    November 23, 2010

    I would think there are some questions that Prime Minister Skerrit is not obligated to answer to pacify the Opposition who, themselves, still would not be satisfied. The saying: “Darned if I do and darned if I don’t.” The PM is entitled to some privacy about his personal affairs.
    I do think that Ron Green is creating problems, stirring up trouble and causes divisions. He constantly hits at the PM. This reminds me about the attitude of the US Republicans towards the Democrats, primarily President Obama. Dominica is too small a country for such attitudes.
    United we stand, divided we fall. Cooperation is not one-sided. Both Parties should cooperate with no exception. Obviously if the PM is constantly attacked he will not be enthusiastic in answering such questions. Utilize some psychology. Be fair and just.
    It appears that some members of humanity have not yet learned to get along. They should consider and adopt, always “Free to agree and disagree”, amicably.
    The PM is not Ron Green, his Party and supporters little boy and puppet. It appears this is the manner in which he treats the PM.
    Keep in mind that the PM has his supporters and you have yours.
    As for those who want election reform you should not be so demanding and expect this reform to promptly take place. Everything takes time. Be patient! If the PM reads this email and realizes that these election reforms are not feasible, then it is his prerogative not to grant them. After all, he is the PM and reserves that right. He should not be branded and called derogatory names.
    Of course, there should be dialogue between both Parties, headed by the Prime Minister. And for God’s sake when you gather together at a meeting, speak your truth and your requirements but do so amicably and with respect.
    When people get together and they commence shouting and arguing loudly, it annoys and upsets others. Consequently nothing is achieved and this would be a waste of time and taxpayers money at that. In any case this type of exhibition is unnecessary and does nobody any good.
    Life is not a constant battle and waging battles with others. Spend your time and at meetings fruitfully, in the hope that something good will come out of it.
    Be oblivious of the fact that Mr. Skerrit is the Prime Minister; you are not and that he must be accorded due respect.
    Are those questions which Ron Green wants the PM to respond to warranted? If the questions do not deserve an answer, then they should not be answered.
    Lastly but by no means least The Speaker, Mrs. Alix Boyd-Knights should not be criticized. Having seen the questions and screened them, she is within her right to decide what questions should be presented in the House. She stated that they are uncalled for. If I were in her position I would have made the identical observation. In other words what questions are acceptable and what ones are not acceptable to quiz the Prime Minister about.
    There are times that politicians of all ask questions not in good faith but to demean the other Party or persons. This is a political tactic which the public must be aware of.
    If you, Ron Green disagree, please post “The Rules of Parliament” according to those questions and if the Speaker should allow them in the House and is obligated to do so.
    In addition, please also let DON readers/users know if the PM is obligated to respond to your inquisitive questions such as why he was out of Dominica, utilizing a private plane and the property that he owns. Keep in mind that you are addressing the Prime Minister and address him appropriately.
    My final view is, treat him with due courtesy as you expect him to treat you – The Golden Rule. The PM does not appear to be receiving this from the opposition. Use a different approach and not a disagreeable one. In so doing, you will receive a likewise response if it is necessary.
    When people act indifferently towards others, they depict that they do not possess love in their heart. God is displeased with this. Keep in mind Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”
    As St. Paul said: “If you go on fighting/arguing with each other, you will consume each other.”
    God bless all of you and grace you with His virtues, one of which is patience, a Fruit and Gift of the Holy Spirit. God bless Dominica and its other nationals.

  25. Chief
    November 23, 2010

    @Time is the reveler: LOL……..did not read your long post but got the essence of it in the first paragraph.

    My view is that as an ELECTED member of parliament and leader of the opposition, it would make more sense if Hector John addresses matters pertaining to parliament. Of course Mr. Green has all the right in the world to speak on the behalf of the UWP, nothing is wrong with that.

    I see absolutely no reason for the long tirade of yours.

  26. hmm
    November 23, 2010

    Dominica is just too damm dull period everyday sucks in dominica…

    Labour Power is so damm corrupted that everyone is confused…when will it end…

    Petitions alone wont shake this corrupted regime…
    this is a big monster over the island its going to require imense pressure from even the dead and all to shake the DA loose from the evil spell that Labour has cast upon Dominica…

  27. looking in from the outside
    November 23, 2010

    @Hey just giving my two cents: why don’t you shut up? You make absolutely no sense.
    This country Dominica is heading nowhere, and is ignorance like yours that have it so
    The entire opposition should just resign and leave people like you in misery….waste of a comment.
    Time will tell….told you all that long time ago.

  28. I Like De New Design
    November 23, 2010

    Ron Green asks questions to Mr. Skerrit seeking answers regarding:
    • his frequent travels out of State since December of last year
    • his public announcement of a chartered plane at Melville Hall Airport directly from the United States

    From Office of PM delivered through Speaker of The House:

    Mr. Green, what a delight to be able to address you today. Please know that the madness you now suffer from stems from a sycophant attitude that has been festering for years. I caution you to seek some medical attention and take some time off to enable you to maintain your mental faculties and assist in the rebuilding of your party.

    1. I have traveled to many countries for various reasons too numerous to mention and many of them were top secret.Ron, the people of new Jersey said hi and while I was there, I visited your hometown, had to even get Secret Service Protection to go there.

    2. I Chattered a plane, so what? You jealous! When you come big man, you can do it too! I run tings, not you Lennox or Eddo.

    3. Why are you so fixated on my travels….? Why are you asking so many questions? Let me ask you a question, why did you lose the last election 18-3 seats?

  29. Martin de Porres
    November 23, 2010

    @ask bubbles:

    You are in a Dilemma created by inept politicians devoid of Ideas/Finance or a leader.

    Every week someone else speaks for the UWP – I guess is leadership by Committee.

    The DLP has 1 leader, Skerrit.

    Who leads UWP…. is it Lennox/Edison/Hector/Ezekiel/Ron/Norris

    You voted for the losing party, you are experiencing the effects of a bad decision.

    This feeling you have, Labourites had it from 1980 to 2000.

    Freedomrites have it as well right now (1995-Present)…either you jump ship or hold strong..

    Good luck man!

  30. Martin de Porres
    November 23, 2010

    @Rubber Stamp:

    Your points will not matter to those who oppose the Government.

    So as long as you do not support the UWP or their Positions, your valid points will fall by the wayside.

    I appreciate the lesson you gave us, it makes more sense now.

    In Dominica we speak first and then we double down on ignorance.

  31. Time is the reveler
    November 23, 2010

    @Chief: How absurd your comment sounds and those of your ilk. What is wrong with some of my fellow Dominicans. Ron is Political leader of the party. What is so wrong in he making a statement on behalf of the party? Come on my people. Amazing some people are upset that the Political leader of a party expressing a genuine concern and asking legitimate questions of the Govt. He is not committing any offense to ask questions of Govt. It is the opposite. It is the Govt. who is arrogant in not wanting legit questions to be asked of them and refusing to inform the people on matters of national concerns by their elected parliamentarians.

    Chief, Who gave you the role of determining who should make comments on behalf of the party? So right now in Dominica no body has the right to exercise his freedom to speak or write anything, once it is not libelous or cursing anybody? Our CONSTITUTION and the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS stipulate clearly that citizens have the freedom to speak, to freedom of expression, the right to seek or access or impart information and as well as the right to receive information.

    Have you ever sought psychiatric help? Do you all want to experiment with dictatorial way of life. Is that what you all want in Dominica? For a leader or group of politicians ordering its citizens what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, when to wear what one wants to wear, where to go to shop with ones own money, not to talk, not to express any concerns even when wrongs are being committed?

    So Some criminal is attacking another citizen with a cutlass, just stay there? Say nothing? Do nothing? Let the criminal chop off your neck? Or just allow a thief to enter your home, steal your kitchen utensils, and just stand there say nothing? Let him steal everything and even give the thief your money for stealing your things? What kind of life is that? What have we come to in Dominica?

    Isn’t Ron Green a Dominican citizen, a tax payer, a human being just like you and me? He and the others have no right to ask any questions, at no time? You all have fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason. It is extremely absurd to try to prevent someone from speaking or writing or expressing his views and to think that is the path Dominica should take. We are in the 21st. century. Such thinking is downright stupidity.

    People all over the world are clamoring for and protesting for their voices to be heard, to speak, to write, to be part of the process of their country’s development, to know and be informed of what is taking place in their country. So Only the Speaker has the knowledge about how to ask a question? She will live forever? She will never die? She will always have the ‘power’ she thinks she has and the House of Assembly will be buried with her? Those present Govt. officials will live forever? They will rule people forever?

    Papa Doc and Baby doc, the dictators of Haiti, where are they, still in ‘power’? Their dictatorship style ruined Haiti, but they could not rule Haiti forever. The Speaker cannot protect her colleagues from being questioned for the rest of her life.

    Those Public Officials, who do wrong and engage in all sorts of corrupt practices, who refuse to answer those burning questions, could RUN but cannot HIDE from those QUESTIONS. The Dominican people need to know. They must get to know.

    The RUBBISH BIN BOBOL was done in secret. Didn’t people get to know until those involved began paying little by little the money that was defrauded from our Treasury? Those involved are still BOLD enough not to admit that some wrong was done. The VILLAS was a BIG secret. Didn’t people get to know? The Trafalgar land deal was a secret. Didn’t people get to know. Susan Olde and the US$400,000.00 matter and those other secret matters must come to light. The TRUTH MUST be known.

    So many secret deals happening, hide them? Dominica is GOING DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, and people’s standard of living declining, still say NOTHING? Those secret deals MUST come to LIGHT. Those activities of corruption and Bad Governance must be questioned and one day TRUST ME my people, those must come to light.. TIME IS THE REVELER.

  32. Martin de Porres
    November 23, 2010

    @Nathaniel Peltier:

    Natty How you doing man?

  33. ask bubbles
    November 23, 2010

    The last time the opposition boycotted the house but they now need to boycott the country and leave DA for skerrit and his labourites so they could feel the real fury of Skerrit. Then we will know if it is LABOUR POWER or LOOK MISERY!! That’s the only thing that will cause labourites to see the delema we are in.

  34. follower
    November 23, 2010

    I think the next step is for all Dominicans that are not suppoting Skerrit and the labour party find a way to leave the country and leave DA for Skerrit and his labourites to do whatever they want. Dominica has become one heck od a country that if you don’t support Skerrit, you going to be victimized and if you oppose him you will pay for it. Those of you that are leaving abroad and only visit DA during election time, will not understand what we have to deal with. Skerrit has changed Dominica completely and only he would get away with those things he has been doing to us.

  35. concern
    November 23, 2010

    @Hey just giving my two cents: Partner you a the one that need to stop this ridiculous excuse of someone who really care about doing the right thing you should ask yourself the question why is it the speaker and the opposition always at odds with each other and if you dont understand I will try to lift up your heard from out of the sand.
    There is a pattern to block every question or concern put forward because our GOVT refues to make the public wise because if they do they will start to loose the control they have over the likes of you and others, one way to have control over the people is to keep them dependant and beholding on them and I must say out PM is a pro at that but GOD never gives us more than we can bear and the day will come when my people will set themselves free from such dangerous control untill then folks like you will continue with their heads in the sand and it doesnt matter who speaks out they will be accepted as an emeny of the PM and his party which include the speaker of the house and yourself. At sometime in your thought you must believe their must be justice in the house for everyone and not just for some and that is what democracy is all about.

  36. Sout Man
    November 23, 2010

    “We call again on Speaker Knights to cease the frustration of the oversight functions of the Members of Parliament and to promote the adherence to the democratic principles needed in conduct of the people’s affairs”.

    Well, well, well, the Speaker has the boys frustrated! Why not take the theatrics to the People’s Parliament? It is about time that the UWP present its alternative plan / strategy to solve the economic crisis and to create jobs for all Dominicans. The questions presented by Hon. Green has nothing to do with job creation. He is tapping into the anger of his friends Matt, Lennox and Jerry. Why not change your strategy and present some substance on job creation? Stop the “bef” and grow up or step aside and let Prevost be the Political Leader and Opposition Leader. He is the only one proposing something although he has not taken it to Parliament in accordance with the Standing Orders of the House of Assembly.

  37. just facts
    November 23, 2010

    @Hey just giving my two cents: You need to go and read up on the parliamentary procedures.

  38. just facts
    November 23, 2010

    One thing that is very clear is that the Speaker is not going to give the opposition a free or easy pass. For those people who like to refer to Mr Simms ruling you give the impression that it was wrong. The matter was dealt with Mr Simms was proven wrong so what makes this lady right?

    Too many times we deal right and wrong based on who does what. whether the oposition is present in the house or not the question has a right to be answered. I guess the opposition should now write a letter to somebody and then there will be calls of treason. This speaker’s action is disgraceful and should be condemed as such.

    You see that 18-3 victory is going to turn this country on its head. Personally though, I feel that Mr Green is wasting his time trying to appeal to the decency of this speaker. She like Mr Savarin has none left and is only doing her master’s or maybe servant’s will.

  39. simple mind
    November 23, 2010

    mrs knights is passing biased judgement in the highest house of the land ……but skero and his laboue like it so.

  40. STUPES
    November 23, 2010

    @Hey just giving my two cents: If you were concerned about the house before the boycott you would have realized that this is an issue that the opposition has had for years. This is one of the reasons that I supported their boycott.. it’s like it makes no sense to enter that house of assembly anyway. She has been dropping all their concerns… on top of that we have an illegal leader of the house.. what a commess in little Dominica and some of all you still defending it. STUPES

  41. John Brown
    November 23, 2010

    @Chief: so true my friend so true

  42. Natalia
    November 23, 2010

    they can take the matter to court…get a team of good lawyers from de region dat eh fraid backlash…but den again ….dat cud be like playing dice if de judges fraid dem politicians..

  43. Hey just giving my two cents
    November 23, 2010

    Wht happened? You all were boycotting parliament isn’t that so? How could your question not reach the destination when you all were not even the house? It is only recently that you all start going back to the house.

    Please Mr Opposition Leader and the others, stop this nonesense and start acting mature and responsible . Boycoitt and now attacking the Speaker. When will you all stop with that foolishness and start taliking about real issues that will be affecting national growth. Men please get worknig, put on your boots and look for some tangible work to do in your community. Be the Leaders in your villages and tackle some things that need to be done. Too much talking.. No action. Time to stop this foolishness of blame game and start to work.

  44. Octopus
    November 23, 2010

    Just too many leaders…I do not know who is who and who should I listen to.
    Ron I hear you complaining but does that remind you of the Speaker who through out Sabroach from the Praliament and did a Pontius Pilate and “washed his hand ” on the affair.You were right there seated and did and say nothing……What goes around comes around

  45. texas boy
    November 23, 2010

    Democracy is never perfect, it is just slightly a little on the right, however if the goverment is being influlenced by countries that are not even democratic, maybe we are getting a bird’s eye view of what a totalitarian regime is all about? maybe? but then again we hold elections every five years and as far as we were told they were free and fair, right? There is a book aI read entitled mentored by a bad regime you all should read it.

  46. Rubber Stamp
    November 23, 2010

    People making comments should always seek to get their facts straight before spouting out like they know so much. Mr. Green has made a statement. How many people have sought to find out why the opposition’s questions are constantly refused. Mr. Green, as well as all members of the House know that questions are subject to general rules which are contained in the standing orders of the House; in other words they must conform to those rules before they are allowed. In other words a member of the opposition cannot just decide to ask a minister to tell the people of Dominica what he was doing in such and such a place the night before and whom he was with, and believe that because he has a right to ask questions that such a question would be allowed. For the person who asked earlier, that question would be out of order.

    So please people! Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Go and check the standing rules and orders of the House and then you can make an informed contribution – not jump on the bandwagon that suits you – whether u for or against the “crapaud” (according to Dice) or the man who made the statement.

  47. Nathaniel Peltier
    November 23, 2010

    We have seem to have really forgotten what the Word and Rule of law means

  48. Papa Dom
    November 23, 2010

    @True Dominican:
    Are you a jack in the behind or what?

  49. Weh papa
    November 23, 2010

    What is wrong with that woman?

  50. true dat
    November 23, 2010

    @SUM FING WONG: I LOVE this comment.

  51. Anonymous
    November 23, 2010

    The sad story is that the gov is in majority. As far as my memory serves me the speaker is elected by the gov & the oposition. Now the gov is in majority do you really think that members of the gov, will move for an empeachment against the speaker, whether the speaker is doing her duties fairly. Hey let us face the hard truth, these are the politicians that we have allowed to thrive in our political arena. We don’t want the standard to change because alot of us are getting our own little kick backs one way or another. I stand corrected.

    November 23, 2010

    I am seeing and feeling the direction the country is going, i believe some thing must happen before four years if it continues like this and i dont and i will not feel sorry for any body,we all are to blame

  53. Chief
    November 23, 2010

    Where is Hector John? Is he a moo moo or what? Mr. John is the Leader of the Opposition and an ELECTED member of parliament, shouldn’t he be the one addressing these issues on his behalf and the behalf of his fellow elected parliamentarians?

  54. 365 RIVERS
    November 23, 2010

    The position of Speaker of the House is not a permanent post.Parliamentarians can elect to impeach her if she breaks certain House Rules.

    But again!!!?? First Dominicans were upset with the UWP elected members of parliament for not showing up in the House, now that they have shown up and are presenting themselves as a viable opposition, why aren’t Dominicans as mad as before as in this present case where the Speaker of the House has so blatantly violate the rules and hinder the progress of democracy in Dominica?

    “Mrs. Speaker, the House represents the fabric of democracy and if this is taken from the People then where else can they raise their voices in a civil manner?? ” This is not your House but the people’s. You have to allow the opposition to ask questions and allow a response.

    I want to see how far this Gov’t will go on violating Dominicans Rights before they stand-up and protest this slowly becoming dictatorship.

    For the record I am not a UWP member. I am a Dominican and It makes me sick to the core when such things are happening in my land.

    Rise up my people rise up!!!

  55. yout
    November 23, 2010


  56. doctor love
    November 23, 2010

    as soon as mr. brisbane is through with savern,that octopus should be the next.

  57. True Dominican
    November 23, 2010

    I wonder if the UWP will attend this sitting of the House! If they’re not then i’m not interested in their accusations!! They don’t practice what they preach!! Be more serious guys! You all chat too much!

  58. Sunday's child
    November 23, 2010

    What exactly does “Out of Order” mean here? Does it mean the questions are “not suitable for this forum”, or “rude and out of place”, or “cannot be answered here”? Can somebody please enlighten me?

  59. mouth of the south
    November 23, 2010

    i’d be more happy if that was signed by the opposition leader mr hector john,,,but later for that,,,,is the position of speaker of the house a permanent one,,,,,can someone please enlighten me,,,my memory on that issue can’t recall,,,,i mean i don’t want to tell people what to do but i think ms knight should gracefully bow out,,,,,she is there for how many terms now???? she don’t seem to be transparent by the court of public opinion n that is very bad since the public want answers to lots of questions,,,,why do the speaker n the opposition always knock heads,,,,,i mean lets b real the opposition can’t be wrong every single time,,,so it makes it look like mrs knight is passing biased judgement in the highest house of the land and that is unacceptable,,,,the public puts to much trust n too much depends on the judgement of the speaker of the house,,,,,,,

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