“The game is up” – MRD Chairman thinks Government should negotiate with UWP

Sam Raphael. Photo credit: www.concierge.com

The Movement to Restore Democracy (MRD) wants Government to negotiate with the elected members of the United Workers Party  (UWP) to find a solution to the problem which exists in Parliament.

Chairman of the MRD Sam Raphael was speaking on the heels of a decision by Parliamentary representative of Roseau Central Norris Prevost to take the Oath of Allegiance at Parliament Thursday morning.

“We think out of everything there is an opportunity.  The game is up …  its over… this ratcheting up of the Parliament has failed and certainly the Government need to sit at the negotiating table with the Opposition [and] with the President of Dominica to find a solution so that people can adequately represent the people of Dominica and we can move forward,” he said.

Raphael said the issue of boycotting Parliament has taken precedence over the real issues affecting the country.

“The Government then can focus its attention on taking care of the economy, spiraling crime and everything that the people of the country are crying about,” Raphael stated.

According to him, of late, the issue at Parliament seems to be whether the UWP shows up or not.

– DNO Correspondent

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  1. Positive
    May 5, 2010

    Sam Raphiel fell into a deep sleep after elections and just woke to hear Prevo took his oath. Sam on u Sam i expected beter from a so called learned man.Talk to ur friends ask them to eat thier vomit and represent their people those whko trusted them

  2. moses bethelmie
    May 3, 2010

    who negociates with loosers.sam raphael … you are not even an elected offical.go do what you do best….

  3. Bagguyla
    May 2, 2010

    Mr. Raphael has a good point but he is addressing it to the wrong group. The Government is taking care of the issues of the people. They have not stopped because of UWP boycott of Parliament. UWP need to stop crying after their election defeat and concentrate on how they could present a credible alternative to the present regime and represent their constituents in Parliament. They are the ones trying to sidetrack the Government from their programme to listen to their complaints.

  4. da lover
    May 2, 2010

    Sam… shame on him for all what his doin to dominica the place he love so much!

  5. Liberated
    May 2, 2010

    Not sure what Sam Raphael want the Government to negotiate with the opposition for. Fact remains the Government was given a clear mandate by the citizens of this country to govern through the electoral process which is enshrined in our constitution and upon which our democratic values are based.. The opposition lost but their three elected individuals decided to boycott parliament because they disapprove of the people’s choice of party to lead them. What is there for government to negotiate about?
    Sam should stick to running his Jungle Bay Resort and ensure that it make enough money to repay the loan given to him by the government.

  6. Truth B Told
    May 1, 2010


    I totally agree – the opposition members should humble themselves and join the debate in Parliament. Which by the way is the perfect venue for them to discuss the people’s business with the Government.

    Prevost was well aware that if he had to face a by-election HE WOULD CERTAINLY LOSE. So, he humbled himself and entered the House of Assembly and took his oath. Now as the only sworn member of the opposition he should convenience his colleagues to follow his lead and DO THE JOB THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO.

    There is no need for a “special meeting” or conference to discuss what should be done to get the opposition to take their place in the honourable house to which they were elected by the voters of their constituencies. It is a simple process, even Prevost could do it.

    The Government representatives have certainly done their part in conducting the people’s business. The opposition should do their part and at the very least show up! That’s all Prevost did… see how easy it was, it just takes a little humility… and a bit of common sense.

  7. simple
    May 1, 2010

    i think after all thats a good move to restore our country and keep moving forwrd.too much of nonsence in that small little place.united it,s that what we need now.im gonna ay a prayer for dominica really and truely dominica need ‘s prayers.

  8. Dominican to the bone
    April 30, 2010

    Lord have Mercy. Am feeling sorry for my COUNTRY.

  9. Dominican lover
    April 30, 2010

    Sam is beginning to beleive his owm propaganda man. I am disappointed i really thought he was an intelligent politician, but he has just demonstrated that he is as clueless about government. Now will the UWP realise that THE People of Dominica are firmly behind their party of choice. Democratically elected, as opposition wil they do the intelligent thing of attending the house and representing the people who voted for them. They need to apologise to the Speaker of the house and go take their oath.

  10. DVT
    April 30, 2010

    Sam Raphael should just keep his damn mouth shut. He continues to disappoint and sound more and more like a UWP poodle every time he opens his mouth

  11. Grand Bayrian
    April 30, 2010

    Sam my friend, you are right “the games is up”! The creole saying “Edikasion cest pas lespwi”. rings true today in Dominica political circles. I can’t see why a business man like Sam falling into the political trap of Dominica’s gutter politics. You have your business to take care of and you getting involve in that mess call politics, politicians are prostitutes, they will sell their soul to the devil to get elected. The mistake I have seen, time and again, is that they all think they own the right to govern Dominica. That is a dangerous game.

    Caribbean politicians on a whole, don’t know when to walk away from politics. if you look at the develop countries of the world, majority of the leaders serve 1-2 terms in office; and they bow out of politics, giving way to fresh new ideas, and a new generation of leadership. Not so in the Caribbean; we have some how hold on to the slavery mentality, believing we know better than anyone else. As one former dominican prime Minister use to say ” I am in charge”. The question I have is in charge of what?

    April 30, 2010

    The PM and his blind supporters should explain to the people of Dominica why with all the sittings of Parliament, nothing substantive to get the Dominican population out of poverty is being discussed.The ecomomy is in dire straights,the agricultural sector is in shambles,drug abuse,alcohol abuse is on the rise,crime is getting to the next level. The economy of the country is sick.Meanwhile the PM is after three more sits to confirm him as a total dictator.who can’t hear will feel.

    • Only Observing.
      May 1, 2010

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, nothing seems to be going on in the country. We are seeing nothing being done that is generating income. The PM is out of the country most of the time and when he is in he is having a two-hour sitting in the House to discuss non-bread and butter issues. What I see is the greedy getting richer and the rest of the country getting poorer.

      I want the learned Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan and the Speaker of the House to tell the nation what the implications (regionally and internationally) are for not having a elected Opposition in the House.

      Tax payers have to pay for the ton-load of advisers to the PM while the agricultural sector disappears before our very eyes. What is bring in money into Dominica? Tourism is seasonal and very fragile, it just takes one or two persons to attack a tourist and we will see how many ships will stop calling in our port.

      Crime is becoming a norm. I have lost all respect for the legal system in Dominica and the OECS Court of Appeal. History will hold them accountable for the spate of crimes which will occur later. It seems that criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. My motto is: You do the Crime , Do the time.

    • VC Girl
      May 1, 2010

      You sound so stupid. Think of what you are saying. The PM is not after any seats..he isn’t the one causing this mess. Edo and his clowns decided not to show up in parliment…how is that the PM’s fault? All this sh…t can be resolved if they just show up and take their oath. Stop blaming the PM for every thing.

  13. tired of all this crap
    April 30, 2010

    and in the mean time, some of us are still starving. starving before elections , starving now. And in the meantime, some poto whatever color waiting for this that or the other. and in the mean time OUR Country sinks further and further into trouble. All of all you sit there and play games. A reality show called “another day in the minds of the demented people in Dominica.” those of you that blue, vex, those of you that red, vex. everybody vex. Well stay vex and see if we have a country to call our own. Is a good thing space vacay going to start in a while. I going to take a loan at the NBD where money seems to be in abundance to go and a trip and never return.
    Alas, I crying for my country.

  14. de caribbean change
    April 30, 2010

    Sam – negotiate with UWP ABOUT WHAT? WHAT FOR, FOR WHAT Uncle Sam? Fair Elections were held, Labour won 18 seats and UWP won three, Freedom won none. That’s it, Uncle Sam. Negotiate for what? Stupid. Get a life, Uncle Sam. Can’t you tell that these three blind mice are hungry for power and money? Stupid. No UWP.

    • NegGwaTanse
      April 30, 2010

      You must be feeling very good about yourself. You must be proud. I guess Pierre Charles was watching you when he said that Dominicans use their ignorance like a badge of honor.

    • The Next Level
      April 30, 2010


    • xmxn
      April 30, 2010

      why are you insulting the man whats wrong with u skerro kiss a????? i.am sure he is smarter then u dumb as<<<<<<

  15. shoe
    April 30, 2010

    “Raphael said the issue of boycotting Parliament has taken precedence over the real issues affecting the country.”

  16. April 30, 2010

    Prevost was afraid that if a by elections is called then he would have lost his seat due to the ill actions of the United Wicked People’s Party.

    Hon Prevost is seeing the light at the end of the Blue Tunnel, it might just turn to Red God is speaking, there are problems in Blue House.

    • NegGwaTanse
      April 30, 2010

      Fair comment. I think that Prevost put self before country. I believe that he should have held out and even lose the seat if it came to it and let history judge him. I think that Dominica is now seeking statesmen who will stand for what is right but unfortunately this episode seems like only political gamesmanship.

      I am disappointed in the UWP and Mr. Prevost’s decision to return to parliament. They seem to be playing a political game. I was a fool to believe that finally, some people were prepared to stand for justice and truth. But this does not seem so. They have now proven to me that they are no different from Roosevelt Skerrit. This be the case, stop wasting Dominicans time, take your blows and wait till the next 5 years.

    • independent
      May 2, 2010

      Oh wishful thinking.

  17. Funny...
    April 30, 2010

    I don’t think that even Einstien could figure out what formula causes Parliament number 2 to function. These people are beyond amazing! The Royal Family no longer puts on airs and these people come with such a foolish attitude. It would have been better if this learned gentleman had never spoken the word “negotiate”. Lord have mercy!

  18. Funny...
    April 30, 2010

    Man! What a thing! I feel like I have just entered the Twilight Zone, but as it turns out they doing a comedy sketch tonight! Wa papa! I really cannot believe what I am reading. Talk about arrogant!

    Take a hike fellas. And I say this with a posh British accent. Lol!

  19. Focus on the economy
    April 30, 2010

    What serious issues concerning the development of the country took place in those three sittings of parliament? Nothing about improving our productive capacities. Nothing about the status of geothermal exploration and reduction of electricity by moving quickly with that geothermal project. Although it is agreed that our energy needs would be much better fulfilled and much cheaper with the production of energy through exploration of our geothermal resources, Dominicans are unaware of the present status of the project and the operations of the foreign owned company that was given the license by Govt . in preference of capable Dominicans, (electrical, mechanical and environment engineers and entrepreneurs) who have been advocating for a long time now for such initiatives to be taken. What about all the talk of selling energy to Guadeloupe and Martinique as a means for Dominica to make money?

    In the three sittings of Parliament, Nothing has been articulated about manufacturing, or agro-processing. Have we heard any serious debate on How can we make money from our natural resources? How can we add value to the raw materials we possess? What can we do to increase production and improve agriculture, which is in a state of limbo? What are the strategies to improve the standard of living of the people. Poverty is on the rise especially in the rural areas of Dominica. The poor state of agriculture, rising unemployment have made matters worse.

    What about talk of a boat for marketing agricultural goods to Barbados and the rest of the region?

    Imagine the DLP holding three sittings of the House of Assembly in record time (in SI PWIS) with the sole aim of ensuring the further absence of the opposition so that the Govt can quickly hold a bye-election to oust the three opposition members. Farmers are facing hell given the period of drought. Any significant subsidizing of anything or necessary injection of money into the industry to ease their plight?

    Strange that all those DLP people who did not want any opposition politician to win his seat, now vex that they boycotting parliament. Why did the DLP and its supporters go all out, $22 million dollars for a three week election campaign, free plane tickets for DLP overseas voters to come solely to vote for the party? What other material stuff, $$$$$ were dished out? Prominent lawyers and top Police officials deemed such activity as inducing persons and that is against the law as bribery. What about the PM and dual citizenship? Imagine a PM openly and boldly saying that no constitution or law could prevent him from being nominated. Did he not admit that he holds dual citizenship/? That he holds a French passport?

    Everything the DLP does is correct, OK. Even though the action is against the law, for some Dominicans they can do no wrong? It was said that the opposition was stupid, wicked, lacking love for Dominica when they filed petitions against the many irregularities that took place in the December elections, but the same DLP persons rejoiced when the Antigua Labour Party did the same thing of filing petitions against irregularities in the March 2009 elections there. They jumped up even higher when the Antiguan court ruled in favour of the ALP, agreeing that there were some things that were done against the rules or laws as far as the elections were concerned. It was not free and fair. it was right for the ALP to do, but wrong when the UWP goes through the same court process to ensure our democratic rights are protected. and that we in Dominica hold FREE and FAIR elections in the future.

    How many of you labourites would entice your leaders to take a look, just try to listen for once, at the Electoral Reform issues that a significant number of Dominicans are begging for. It will benefit everybody, the entire nation, not the opposition. Elections that are not conducted in a FREE and FAIR way have caused underdevelopment, strife, and created more poverty for the many in many countries all over the world, while the few get richer. It breeds dictatorship. Such elections disenfranchise people and takes away our rights to freely elect the person of our choice.

    It is no one’s right to steal any election through fraudulent means, but it is everyone’s right to fight for free and fair elections. It is our right to struggle consistently, peacefully just like Martin Luther King, Dorothy Heirst, Nelson Mandela, Edward Leblanc, Marcus Garvey, and many others. We owe it to our children and children to come because our democracy is at risk like it or not. Those who have eyes to see let them see. Who have ears to hear, Let them hear.

    • Anonymous
      April 30, 2010


  20. Salisbury
    April 30, 2010

    Mr Raphael why or what the Government should negotiate for? The Government did not have a problem with no body? The UWP has failed now they should negotiate with Government. Sad sorry people, just had to put their tail between there legs and now asking to neogotiate?

      April 30, 2010

      Sam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just can’t understand u,fellar where were u wen dominicans needed u ?????????????????????.negociate with who ? for wat? and even wen?man u must be joking ,u all are just a bunch of jokers in a basket greening all u teeth for each othe.man all i can tell u for a big man stop your foolish talk and go take care of your business and leave polikicks alone

      grown men like all u act like little boys crying for a piece of bread,.little boys would never act like the way u all are doing ,shame on grown men like u all.Wat i see in all u eyes and heart is ,not for love of country but for pocket greedy ass as u all are ,stop being crude and represent your people.


  21. why ?
    April 30, 2010

    why should the French man do that?

    By distracting the populace, spending the peoples money uselessly and politicing to distract all the Dominicans while signing over all the resources and projects to his fellow French agents he is achieving his mandate.
    so why should he stop.

    Why should he have open tender to allow locals who will be depositing the $ in local banks where the transferes can be traced easily…

    the oldest of corruption tricks that keep in the 3rd world 3rd

    • you need help "WHY"
      April 30, 2010

      Why , your point have no substance, do you really think that any one really is going to take this nonsense you write here serious is this suppose to help the UWP? why, you all are just a bunch of idiots.

  22. while we fight
    April 30, 2010

    All citizens of communist states are agents of the state!

    therefore chinese busnesses are not private sector
    but are
    Chinese state sponsored invasion and take over of commerce

    and soon population.


    Population change makes it easy to win elections

  23. Tribalism
    April 30, 2010

    While tribalism continues:

    Colas workers laid off then taken back but no pay…yet French man gets multimillion $ in colas jobs.

  24. Tribal Dominicans
    April 30, 2010

    While tribalism continues:

    Dominican managers Job at … quarry taken by a French man.

    Wake up and see what is happenning

  25. George Bush
    April 30, 2010

    We do not negotiate …!!!!!!!!!!

  26. distracted Dominicans
    April 30, 2010

    wake up
    D French distracting you all while taking care of his fellow men.

    April 30, 2010

    I think Sam is showing his true colours now .I have never respected his “genuienness”and it is now plain for all to see.The opposition takes a decision to boycott parliament and now they see that they are a TOTAL failure they have the nerve to ask Government to negotiate with them.The UWP should be the ones coming with their tails between their legs asking the Dominican people for forgiveness. The situation is simple .If you miss three sittings then you have automatically vacated your seat and a by election is called.
    It is just a pity Spraggs could not have seen through Eddison and Ron and they have taken him for a ride.
    Government you have been given a large majority to Govern the country and that is what you must continue to do….forget the UWP SHIRKERS and JOKERS

    • yout
      April 30, 2010

      have your respected your PM’s genius

      never knowing about land taxes

      lies hurled at other regional gov’t s

      lies to the general public on reimbursement of funds to the treasury

      • wow
        May 1, 2010

        put all your proof out on these matter you are talking about so that all can see, we are tied of you all the ” here say” if you are going to put out accusations then put out the proof for all to see, ok HELLO

  28. Eric Cartman
    April 30, 2010

    Wow I can’t believe some of these quotes!!

    “The game is up”
    Who was playing games if not the UWP? The DLP got elected and went about the business of governing the country.

    “the Government need to sit at the negotiating table with the Opposition”
    Doesn’t the UWP have cases pending in court claiming that the government is illegitimate? Why negotiate with an illegitimate government?

    “Raphael said the issue of boycotting Parliament has taken precedence over the real issues affecting the country.”
    Isn’t this justification of why the ‘ratcheting up of Parliament’ (his words!!) was necessary to bring this distraction to an end as quickly as possible?

    “The Government then can focus its attention on taking care of the economy, spiraling crime”
    Doesn’t that mean the UWP was irresponsible by attempting to distract the government from focusing on the development of the country?

    I would like one of the intelligent UWP supporters to answer these questions. (Stay Tuned don’t bother to try this is above your intelligence level don’t embarrass yourself further lol)

    • j
      April 30, 2010

      if i read correctly between the lines, he did agree that the UWP that was playing and lost

  29. Larry
    April 30, 2010

    How quick one can lost respect and love for an individual! I thought Sam Raphael was a bit of a gentleman, but he just prove me wrong, alas.

    • Delices Man!
      May 2, 2010

      Sam is just more eloquent version to Pappy!

  30. dancea
    April 30, 2010

    NOT TRUE. May be Sam was not following, but some important business has been achieved in Parliament. He should go and take a look. Everything was not focussed on whether UWP would show up or not. But then there would be some interest in that question, would there not? After all while the UWP managed only 34% of the popular vote, there are three constituencies that voted for them and those persons deserve representation, don’t they?

    When are we going to stop hearing the nonsense that spews from the mouths of the UWP, including its leader-in-waiting Sam Raphael? First, Skerrit is driving them from the Parliament, when THEY were the ones who said they were boycotting. If Skerrit is accelerating the process of finding representation for the three/two constituencies concerned, then surely he is doing the right thing. Get the people representation in the quickest possible time. Then Sam says Govt must “negotiate” with the UWP. Negotiate what, exactly? Before the Court hearings or after?

    The UWP should really be hiding their heads in shame after their performance in the last campaign — launching their manifesto “in a new way” and other such ineptness. The country was not given a choice in the last elections, and they did the right and rational thing. The country deserves much more than the UWP has on offer.

  31. Vex with them
    April 30, 2010

    What the hell would government have to negotiate with UWP for. Why don’t you tell UWP to negotiate with government. UWP started this whole fiasco. They are the ones with the problems of unfair elections so I do not see why government has to meet with them.

    If you figure Prevo’s move put you in bad light, distance yourself from the UWP and focus on MRD but don’t try to force the government to do things they are not responsible for.

    Get a life.

  32. Ron
    April 30, 2010

    The UWP seem to be playing games but one thing that I observe is that, in spite of the their side show, the government continues to do the people’s business. This can be seen on a day to day basis through the various activities that we hear of on the news. The UWP is trying to distract the government but Mr. Skeritt has chosen to remain focus, which seem to be frustrating the UWP. If the UWP was serious about the boycott of parliament, Mr. Prevot would never have sworn in. In fact, this move was simply to save his seat which he was guaranteed to lose in a by-election. To me this was just a coward act on Mr. Prevot since it only weakened their stance on the boycott. They would have been more credible if they had all showed up and walked out.

    I think it’s time that Mr. James et al stop their nonsense and get into parliament to represent the people rather than behaving like a bunch of little boys who have to run home with their cricket ball because they got out. The government has nothing to negociate with these guys but to continue taking care of the people’s business.

  33. Smurfy
    April 30, 2010

    Yee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee……………… set of jokers with all you ignorance, Haaaaaaa………

  34. Piper
    April 30, 2010

    Sam must be dreaming in technicolour. Why would the government negotiate with a party that has 3 seats in parliament? They may choose to reach an accommodation with them. Negotiation? Nothing of that sort. In a negotiation you give something to get something. What does UWP have to give? And what does DLP get when the negotiations are over?

  35. Anonymous
    April 30, 2010

    Hahahah, what a joke!!!

  36. Observer
    April 30, 2010

    Is it safe to say that you are one of those next in line to be leader of the United Workass Party. You people need to stop being cry babies and stop coming with a hidden agenda. We all know that you Sam is a Workasss party member. Dominica will not be our hands.

  37. April 30, 2010

    There is alot of mad people on the streets …All I gotta say.

  38. HELLO???
    April 30, 2010

    Sam now u wake up man? So you changing your song now? For your information the government has been very focused on all the issues which you identified. Its the opposition “little boys” who have been obsessed with playing hookey. Now their “plan” has unravelled because Prevost went to Parliament. they looking like D*m A***s so you want to come and talk about “negotiate”???? For What? DLP has nothing to lose. They have 18 seats!!! UWP dead!!!! Ron DEAD!!!! Eddie DEAD!!!!

    • May 3, 2010

      uncle sam you are a joke

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