UWP has no problem serving as the Opposition – party members

UWP supporters at the Third People's Parliament in Salisbury

President of the United Workers Party (UWP) and former Prime Minister Edison James has accused Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of attempting to have a one party state.

James made the remarks while addressing the third People’s Parliament organised by the Movement to Restore Democracy this week at the Salisbury Government School.

“He (PM Skerrit) says that the UWP action is giving Dominica a bad name with respect to democracy. But if we are giving the country a bad name by staying out of the Parliament, you have 18 seats how much more will we have a bad name if there is no opposition in the Parliament for the next five years. What can Mr. Skerrit do with 21 seats that he cannot do with 18 seats except to have a one party state,” he said.

James said when there is Opposition, people look to the members to represent them, “but if there is no Opposition, each man is his own opposition, so there will be seventy thousand Opposition people…” James added.

In his turn at the mic, party leader Ron Green said the purpose of attending the People’s Parliament rather than the National Parliament forms part of their fight to obtain democracy.

“We are fighting for the restoration and maintenance of a healthy democracy, where we a free to exercise our rights- … our rights to engage in free and fair elections,” Green noted.

He noted that they have no problem being the Opposition party, once they got there because of a free and fair general election.

“Whenever there is free and fair elections we have no problem being the loyal opposition; we did so in 2000, we did so in 2005 even though we had concerns, and we tried to go to the court and technical problems prevented us from going to the court … we served the people of Dominica loyally in 2000 and 2005. We did the same in 2005 and 2009, even though there were severe attempts to prevent us from asking the questions of the people of Dominica [in Parliament]; so severe that we were brought to court … and we were subsequently charged $204,000, because we sought to ask the people’s question in the Parliament of Dominica,” Green explained.

– DNO Correspondent

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  1. April 28, 2010

    Hasn’t Ron Green lost his seat, so why is he the one on top of every decision. Edo its time that u realize that u need to take ur post as the UWP leader. For the people has spoken they do not want Ron Green as their Leader. How shameful that a leader of a party having to lost his seat. That means the party is dead . I recomend Ron Green that u take a holiday, go relax. But you urself Edo didn’t u realize that ur number of votes has gone down . A bi election in ur area and surely u will be out.. U all had ur chance u screwed it up… 18 to 3 with no dead people is clear to realize that the people have spoken to have skero take D.A to the next level. Give him a break he is no stranger to the world. He is a celeb. So if u all love D>A let Hon PM take care of it for u. Lets b one party state, u thre can hide ur pride and be senators lol.

  2. live up
    April 27, 2010

    the uwp said that their supporters ask them to boicot parliment .The anouncement of boicot came on the 21 day of dec not one meeting was held in any of there constituencies ,so when they got that mandate from their supporters.i am 50 years old so saw lot of elections,every one the looser cries fraud but after elections it is back to work.since 2000 when uwp lost d/ca has never been the same.dominica has been divided and is getting worst .when are we going to stop this none sence

  3. Speaker of Truth
    April 25, 2010

    Many Domincans don’t understand what’s going on. They already have a one party state because the three votes that the UWP has makes no difference in any decision the the government has chosen to take. This is even more true because the speaker has already made it known that she is extremely partial and biased (only in Dominica can she still manage to keep her job after the way she has behaved).

    So the UWP has every right to represent the thousands of people that have voted for honesty and integrity but not entering this so-called “parliament” to lend legitimacy to band of rogues!!

  4. April 24, 2010

    Dominicans why cant you move on it seems that you are all stock in what looks like useless bashing of each other what a wast of energy..

    April 24, 2010

    Greetings to you JA,

    I think that your comments directed at Birdie is rather unfortunate and it is safe to assume that you are a proud supporter of the UWP. It is obvious that you who claim to be able to spell need to learn to read because later in Birdie’s comment, the word rejected is correctly spelt, but I guess you were to bust being a proud Useless Worthless Prideless supporter you did not see that or maybe both your eyes are on the same side of your face, like thyat infamous fish, THE SAUL. Whatever the reason you should be ashamed of you. I chose to give you a piece of your medicine though thats not my style. You who wish that others respect your opinion should practice the same and you should make allowances for typo errors and other’s level of education, as not all or us DLP supporters attended a University as more of the UWP kids are benefiting from the DLP Scholarships. When you and others like you aquaint yoursleves with the Constitution of Dominica and you make mature and progressive comments without the gutter insults and unproven allegations we rejected your party for, I will consider engaging you, until that time I really wish you would be the best you can be and apologize to BIRDIE, or you will only continue to prove that you and your party do not know the meaning of the word intergrity. You lost thousands of votes becaue of that kind of behavior yet you have not learnt anything from the 18-3 defeat. You should assist your party in the rebuilding process and contribute to the procesds of reviving National Unity. Dont waste time and energy attacking me I am bullet, mepwi, bomb, and nuclear proof, and by the way, I am a supporter of the DLP. I hope I don’t have any spelling mistakes??????!!!!!!PEACE.

    April 24, 2010

    Greetings JA this personal attqack on Birdie is unfortunate. I think that you need to go learn to read becuase the word rejected was spelt correctly later in Birdie’s comments. You are I can safely assume, a proud supporter of the UWP and I do not have to know you to say so. Your venom is like that of a

  7. blackbread
    April 23, 2010

    I just can’t believe Dominicans, you all are so amazing. I think the UWP has every reason to stay out of Alex house. You people are none supporters of the party and are not being objective at all. Personally I think for me the biggest problem there is that speaker, she just not in line. If by staying out calls for a bar election then so be it , whatever the people want give to them. One thing for sure red clinic done, so some of you that are hopping that hope is burned out.

  8. Executive Member
    April 23, 2010

    My friends, why the fuss and fight? Let us wait and we go see how this will playout. You should know that there are rules to everything and what goes around comes around. I hope when it bounces back, the now supporters of the Almighty Skero will take the advise which they are now sharing? Time…

  9. Power to the People
    April 23, 2010

    What a sorry group of people. Its a shame!!! UWP still have time to eat their vomit.

    • barbieeee
      April 23, 2010

      i agree with u lol see d cou cou nah lol woyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye

  10. Birdie
    April 23, 2010

    The UWP is a defited … hungry for power. Ron Green was regected by the people and is furious …,so he trying to cause the other three to be out like him shame on the UWP{ you even want to steal the Vieille Case seat well we rejected Maynard Josep and we dont want him never so try what all you want but dont say Vieille Case people bad … try what all you want and you will see.Bunch of … greedy for power WUP’s not Vieille Case we waiting for all you …

    • JA!!!!
      April 23, 2010

      lol yess i “Birdie”….before you spend your time worrying about the UWP and Ron Green please please please learn to spell. Because the UWP were not DEFITED and RON Green was not REGECTED. Lol but you know you are the epitome of what makes a Dominican a “labourite”…same old ignorant folk

    • April 23, 2010

      learn to spell Ron Green can!!!!!!!!

  11. Power to the People
    April 23, 2010

    Three strikes and you are out!!! Eddie and Ron stop the crying now. There will be no sympathy votes for you all today.

  12. April 23, 2010

    How can the u.w.p talk about the future when they against uniting today.

    • April 23, 2010

      Your name said it all , just who you are . lmaoLAY OFF WORKERS MAN, SAKWAY SALOP

  13. Truth B Told
    April 23, 2010


    What really gets me vexed is the way the UWP keeps trying to imply that democracy is somehow under threat in Dominica just because they lost so badly in the December 2009 general elections. The fact of the matter is people voted for the Roosevelt Skerrit led Dominica Labour Party because that is their RIGHT IN A DEMOCRACY – to vote for the party of their choice. The elections were – BY ALL ACCOUNTS – FREE AND FAIR. International observers and the vast majority of Dominicans know this to be true. The “lunatic fringe” UWP implying otherwise doesn’t lessen the fact.

    “Ron Green said the purpose of attending the People’s Parliament rather than the National Parliament forms part of their fight to obtain democracy… He noted that they have no problem being the opposition party, once they got there because of a free and fair general election.”

    Too bad for Ron he lost his seat and now all he wants to do is cry and complain. He’s too old, too tired and too foolish to be in Parliament anyway.

    Let us stop this foolish and get on with building our beloved nation!

    • eyeonall
      April 23, 2010

      I quite agree with you, although I really do not want to get involved in this political waylaying. But I beg to say that had Dominica not been a DEMOCRACY, the people’s parliament would NOT have been an option. It would have been banned and quite possibly Mr. Green and his supporters would have been either jailed or as we had it in old English time: hung, dragged through the streets and quartered, possibly on Bayfront for ALL to see and be deterred from trying future types of these stunts. (thank God for modern times eh!)

    • Me
      April 23, 2010

      how can you say Ron is too old

  14. Dominican
    April 23, 2010

    Is the same parliament that we had in 1995? Is it the same constitution? is it the same electoral list? Wasn’t recommendation made in 1995after the elections? Am I dreaming? If they want to stay out of parliament the door is open , for the behaviour that was being displayed was not fitt for the airwaves and TV. UWP must now learn to behave in public. You all are helping the contry to become a one party state.

    • Dominican
      April 23, 2010

      Tell them again! They seem to think Dominicans stupid! Skerrit not asking for a one-party state! They giving it to him on a silver platter! They making the one-party state a reality with all their nonsense! Stop it man! Grow up! Gosh!

  15. eyeonall
    April 23, 2010

    Let us be quite clear on one thing since I am quite tired of the use of ‘one party state’ to scare Dominicans into believing what is in effect not true. There is a HUGE difference between a ONE PARTY STATE AND A DOMINANT PARTY STATE. I provide below the links to two websites that will explain these two very different entities. We must always read and educate ourselves and be wary that like the Germans during Hitler’s reign, that we do not fall victim to misleading and misconstrued information and in attempts of desperation and fear, feel and do what is absolutely wrong.

    The websites are:



    Read, evaluate and analyze our present situation for yourself, not on someone’s version of it or what they think it ought to be. For further perusal also visit the following site for an explanation of what constitutes DEMOCRACY. Again feel free to read, analyze and evaluate for yourself.


    • Thanks
      April 23, 2010

      Thanks, so the UWP and Co. need to stop misleading the public.

    • P!!!!
      April 23, 2010

      They are deliberately using the term “ONE PARTY STATE” as a scare tatic, they know damn well that DLP having 21 seats in parliament does not and will not make Dominica a ‘ONE PARTY STATE’ .

      They trying to use the techniques of the 50’s through the early 80’s where ppl was kept in the dark and influential persons would ride on their ignorance.

      But praise Jah!! We Dominicans have graduated from the dark ages and will not be so easily fooled by these worthless politicians!!!!

      I want them to stay out loose their seats and then come back to explain how Dominica has become a ‘ONE PARTY STATE’ even if they will be talk as the UNITED WORKERS PARTY!!!!!

  16. DVT
    April 23, 2010

    I like that caption, UWP supporters at the peoples’ parliament

  17. shame
    April 23, 2010

    Dominican’s went to the polls and they voted for the Labour Party as Government and it is time that the United Workers Party understand that, you are not helping Dominica dividing it in this way the parliament is where you should be shouting out your concerns not in the streets, you want Dominica to not be a one party state but you are the one’s who are allowing it to happen every time you stay away from the sitting of the house, because by law after three sittings there will be a by-elections and guess what you will lose again so stop this nonsense once and for all, and go represent the people who voted for you.

  18. alasss..
    April 23, 2010

    power to the people…we have to take a stand to restore democracy in this blessed land…the reasons for the boicot are clear for all those with or with out eyes to see…if we dont take a stand n a serious one, its sad to say, but our children might not kno the value of honor n principle…im in full support of the boicot, we need to make it fundamentaly clear that this is a democratic, hard woking, and blessed country n wont allow the likes of skerrit and his goons to take us to hell on the counts of greed and ignorance…..time will tell..

    bread of decit is sweet to man, but later his mouth shall be filled with gravel….

    • wow
      April 23, 2010

      support all away, thats what democracy is but the law will intervin and after three sitting in the house there will be a by-elections so support all the way, we will win in the end, Dominicans dont wont these …. running our Country. Edo and Ron deal with it.

    • rohan
      April 25, 2010

      Can somebody please educate me and tell me what “boicot”means?or did you mean “boycott”.

  19. April 23, 2010

    The United W… people can do us a favour by staying out of parliament, they are not relevant.

  20. Observer
    April 23, 2010

    A bunch of damn sour losers.

  21. Shut UP!
    April 23, 2010

    These arguments are no longer making any sense because the UWP is freely choosing to stay out of Parliament.
    Should the country stay on hold or be shut down for the next 18 months or until elections in the next 5 years?
    I would really like the UWP to say what it is that they expect because Skerritt is clearly not backing down, elections will not be called in the next 2 weeks or 3 or 4 months and parliament has to go on, whether in 1 week, 2 months or 6 months time. This is just the simple reality no matter how justified the UWP is in taking its stance.
    So, in the meanwhile they should just shut the &^*%^#$#+ up about one party state and threatened democracy because they are the ones making it possible.

  22. Political watcher
    April 23, 2010

    I have always said that mr. James when speaking on political platforms never says what he means and he never means what he says. Here again is another veil attempt at giving not so subtle support to the numerous instances of vivil strife.I am sure he wil say thathe did not mention “road blocks etc”.

    But the truth is. How can the UWP accuse Mr. Skerrit of working towards achieving a one pary state when they have the real opportunity now to prevent that. Its like a police seeing a burglar about to break into a house but sit back, do nothing, allow the burglar to break into the house and then say, I told you so. He was trying top break into the house. Mr. james you can prevent the “burglary of the democratic process” by going to the house and doing within the law, what is required to be done for the people who placed their trut in you. Stop crying wolf. Confront the wolf.

    I beleive that UWP’s strategy is to ferment unrest in the hope that soembody in authority would miscalculate, use high handed force etc and then they would get an issue. The only reason why the UWP has not attempted to bring people on the streets is simply beacuse they know that Mr. Skerit cvan bring three times thier number in support of him.

    Mr. Skerrit please be advised that since you do not have the support of the vast majority of the security forces, you have to be extra careful as to what instructions you give the police. They may jjust be waiting for a hint to unleash their well planned strategy in concert with the UWP. PM do not take any chances with the police. The UWP has 60 plus % support among the rank and file.

    If Mr. James do not wish to take his seat in parliament or contest the bye-election, it is simple. Let another group of individuals run for the seats. The Labour Party should stay out and see who are the next generation of opposition – perhaps Lennox may wish to consider Roseau since Mr. Prevost would also have lost out as well.

  23. Scorpion
    April 23, 2010

    What is it with the politicians in the caribbean? Why are they so obsessed with power? The people spoke loud and clear at the last general elections, they gave the PM additional seats in the house because they had confidence in his capabilities and that of the other MP’s.

    It is time for politicians to remember that country should always be above self. Stop thinking of ME or I and start thinking country, country, country. Maybe then we will understand the true meaning of the word DEMOCRACY.

    If the Members of the UWP was thinking about Dominica and us as the citizens then they would not be so blinded possession of power. You only have three (3) seats in the house, what does that tell you? Not many people had the confidence in you to give you charge over the country. REPRESENTATION that is what you were given the mandate for. Show up and make the necessary contributions for the next five years that you were given and stop hollowing like a kid who has lost his favourite toy. It is sickening.

    • alasss..
      April 23, 2010

      ALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……i feel sorry 4 u, u need a hug? its so sad..so so sad..i cant believe som ppl can be this naive..it wasnt the people who spoke clearly. it was their souls which was perchased relatively cheap….”Stop thinking of ME or I and start thinking country, country, country.” who more greedy than skerrit n his goons,..so what are u saying, the excess of a million dollars in assets skerrit owns, is through loans he perchased them?…..hahahah wel ebeh skerrit hav to die n still be in debt if dats the case…uwp is opperating in the interest of the ppl….if those who elected them did nt want them out of the house, persons would hav spoken out a long time ago…the opposition members were advised by those who elected them to remain out..therefore being the S.E.R.V.E.N.T of the ppl they did just that….so get ur facts straight b4 u jus com out n belch out bubbles..then again the main reason 4 the boycott is to maintain democracy….u hav a rite to voice ur opinion…id jus whis u open ur eyes n see fraud for what it realy is….

      bread of decit is sweet to men…but later his mouth shall be filled with gravel

  24. Nitara
    April 23, 2010

    Seventy thousand oppostion members…….really

  25. TripleA
    April 23, 2010

    Mr. James you are saying two things here..

    You all not going to Parliament is no fault of Mr. skerrit because you all took that decision. Mr. Skerrit and his Party has 18 seats and as long as you all attend house seatings he can’t get more, not attending parliament to me is contributing to Dominica becoming a one party state for atleast 5 yrs so accusing Mr. Skerrit of wanting a one party state is unfair. Personally i am not concerned about whatever you guys do. 1 because it’s 18-3 no one could fix an election like that, i believe that is what the people wanted. 2 whether or not I voted for the person that represents my constituency, they are in the house making representation on behalf of the constituency and that is where you go when you are elected by the people. I will say this though, If you all have no problem going to Parliament please go.. Remember Parliament is 3 strikes and you are out.

    Oh and Mr. Skerrit preparing for a Bi-election is 100% the fault of your party. The law says that if an elected member of the house misses 3 consecutive meetings of Parliament then a Bi-electon can or will be called in his/her constituency, so why blame Mr. Skerrit for following the law..


    We talk alot about demoracry these days. UWP got 3 seats aren’t you guys suppose to represent these constituencies in the Parliament of the Commonwealth Of Dominica? Remember you all aren’t elected to serve in no People’s Parliament. I think you all flip flop there because you all talking about democracry but yet this non representation continues. I honestly would like to see Parliament go on for a few more hours with you guys fighting to improve plans the Government bring forward as well as push programs that you all think will improve the lives of Dominicans..

    • Dominican
      April 23, 2010

      Smart!! But they don’t seem to be listening to the people! It’s time they put their tails between their legs and go back to the ONE PARLIAMENT which stands for anything in this land!

  26. Dominica's Future
    April 23, 2010

    Well if Skeritt wants a one party state they helping him by not going to parliament. Those old majee!!! Please use better discretion! It’s like wanting a job, not going to work and complaining when the boss man fires you!!!

    • K.B.B
      April 23, 2010

      i agree with you. sort they sort

    • sherlock holmes
      April 24, 2010

      the mere fact that labour has 18 seats out of 21,is not far from operating under a one state government, whether the opposition takes part in parliment or not.

      and even if the opposition takes part in parliment what say do they have? hmm. they are only 3 out of 18. that is joke! their voices will never be heard. they have no say! out of the house much less in it. so their presence is a non factor.

      if the government says yes and the 3/18 opposition says no- what is the effect? a good laugh from skirro himself. even the speaker of the house will bend double with laughter. so what you all talking bout.

      • Speaker of Truth
        April 25, 2010

        Many Domincans do understand what’s going on. They already have a one party state because the three votes that the UWP has makes no difference in any decision the the government has chosen to take. This is even more true because the speaker has already made it known that she is extremely partial and biased (only in Dominica can she still manage to keep her job after the way she has behaved).

        So the UWP has every rigth to represent the thousands of people that have voted for honesty and integrity but not entering this so-called “parliament” to lend legitimacy to band of rogues!!

  27. Fairplay
    April 23, 2010

    Some people want to turn Dominica it a crime ridden country.

  28. CHAMER
    April 23, 2010

    so if u refuse to go to paliament then u all allow da to be a 1 party state

    • Me2
      April 23, 2010

      I fully agree. The UWP must stop that nonsense and find themselves at work. they are not helping the country. What do those old brains think? if there is a bye-election they are going to win? Think again Ron and Eddo.

  29. April 23, 2010

    All this guys wants to do is devide Dominica and it’s people. my belove people . wake up thats the facts.

    • April 23, 2010


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