UWP lacks testicular fortitude, is useless and a waste of time – Kelver Darroux


Parliamentary Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister with responsibly for Information Technology and Parliamentary Representative for St Joseph Kelver Darroux said he is disappointed by the Opposition’s decision to boycott Parliament.

Darroux told Parliament on Tuesday that members of his government expected to Opposition to participate in parliament but “as expected, they lack the testicular fortitude to take up any leadership role in this country”.

He said the people of Dominica need to understand that the “Opposition is useless and they are simply a waste of time”.

According to him, it is a great atrocity for the Opposition to come into parliament “to clock in and clock out and say they are representing the people,”

Darroux said, “What are they representing? What are they standing for? What are their principles? These are the questions that they need to answer. What we saw this morning is an Opposition-who at all cost-wants to take the country into the gutter. They do not want to see the single an average man in this country improve his life, instead they want to see this country remain poor. That is what they want but this government will not stand for it.”

Members of the UWP walked out Parliament yesterday shortly after the appointment of Danny Lugay as an opposition senator.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 27, 2011

    Hmm. I guess testicular fortitude is saying that tour guides got money from the government to help with the off season when in actuality the got nothing.

  2. Dr. Lee
    October 27, 2011

    What does Kelvar know about testicular fortitude? Are these guys comedians?

  3. FuturePolitician
    October 27, 2011

    Like seriously Kelvar you are the one talking about the lack of testicular fortitude. Sigh if this is what politics has come to Kelvar best you go back to preschool

  4. soukouyant
    October 26, 2011

    Throw them out of the house (u remember Ghadafi and Sadam Palace) so throw them out and then bring plane loads to run in marigot and salisbury and Roseau. Make the conglomerate of Mahaut spearhead that and satan will come in the form of flood for his payment again. Then when all u take the seats it will goflay all u and all u will end up in drain like rat dat well swollen. and the same Mahaut Flood will flush all u out of the drains and culverts. What all u looking for is not for all u alone.

  5. R- TRUTH
    October 26, 2011

    kelver d. is simple looking for attention.behave yr little self boy.

  6. Waitukubuli
    October 26, 2011

    Kelvar,if u were an honest and a man with the testicular fortitude u talk about,u would not be affiliated to this illegal government.It’s a shame to see who the people of St.Joe elected and to add insult to injury he is even sitting in the prime mistake office.I find it hard to digest that this is the man put in charge of my coutry,it’s a big shame.

  7. Ted lewis
    October 26, 2011

    somebody or DNO please tell me what was mr. Darroux contribution towards the debate of these bills that were tabled before parliament today.

    So you’ll mean , DNO had nothing meaningful to report that darroux said with regards to those bills or is it that he said nothing other than bashing the UWP. It’s a blessing in disguissed for people like darroux then ,when ever the UWP walked out.

  8. ?????
    October 26, 2011

    GO AND CONCENTRATE ON STJOE Kelver..Under your watch it has become the poorest community in Dominica..Do you have shame glands?

    October 26, 2011


    1. do you have any interest in our nation’s constitution? Why isn’t there anyone on the DLP Administration fighting for its defense?…..or is that a fight for the official OPPOSITION? …….i refer to the dual-citizenship case – i notice that the AG is not defending the people…..are u in support of the AG’s action? i need to know where you stand on that issue

    2. Do you think that electoral reform is good or bad for the country? before you answer bear in mind the requests made by the electoral commission….and the PM indicating that he will make money available for a National I.D. card but not an OFFICIAL VOTER I.D CARD……i am not clear what he means by this but it would seem that the PM is also leaning that way a little…..although it is clear he doesn’t want to go all they way…..hence my confusion.


    October 26, 2011


  11. mouth of the south
    October 26, 2011

    the term testicular fortitude is over-used and shouldn’t be used in politics…. if i may say… only in d/ca politics u hear such uttered by politrixians… why would one concern themselves of the ‘testicular’ fortitude of another… do they have an assignment for such person to exercise with a female of their choosing????? let’s up the ante of our public discussions… these politrixians are a joke… and i think it’s time the u.w.p get in the house… i think the supporters got the clear message.. let’s fight from within

    • October 26, 2011


      I do not like to comment on politic, but I am seeing that the term “testicular fortitude” is used here as a “figure of speech” not literally meaning the term itself. but something that is like it.

      Hence, I hear Mr. Darroux saying that members of the “United Workers Party” are demonstrating the childish mentality–acting through the weakness of small boys, lacking the “guts” and the “strength” of grown men, who they are supposed to be.

      Fortitude means “strength”, “stamina”, “determination”,”endurance”–even “guts”, which is just like “testicular or intestine” Those are the virtues and characters that the men of United Workers Party are lacking.

      In other words they failed to demonstrate those virtues and characters to the people–a the weakness in them that caused them to lost the general election.

      And so they continue to demonstrate that weakness every time they walk out of parliament meetings– showing no guts to fight for what the believe is important and beneficial for Dominica.

      Those men show no strength, wisdom, and understanding, to prove their line of reasoning, that others might respect what they say.

      Those men show no determination, no stamina, no endurance, that people of Dominica might perceive the primary interest in them, for the welfare and development of our people and our Dominica.

      But what do you mean by “politixian” My spelling check do not accept that word, which means it is not a word, but you wrote it twice.

      • October 26, 2011

        Okay your word is “politrixion” but it is still not a word in any of my vocabulary lists

      • christian
        October 27, 2011

        u talk 2 much!! u could have said less in much fewer words!

      • October 28, 2011

        u talk 2 much!! u could have said less in much fewer words!

        I challenge you! Take what I wrote above, and what you wrote in your attack against me, for evaluation and see who gets the passing marks.

        Well I am a teacher and I would send you right back to rewrite what you wrote here. Because in the English language your expression do not stand as official writing.

        Does it disturb you that I write complete words, in sentences that are punctuated and forms paragraphs?

        I would advise you and the kinds like you who are always attacking me, to make sure that your write proper sentences with perfect vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation before you post.

        Otherwise you guys do not qualify to object to my work of writing. You Foooooooools!

  12. Ted
    October 26, 2011

    kelver i support you 100% they should stop the opposition salary for that behavior. All the opposition after is the salary.

  13. Channel 1
    October 26, 2011

    Obviously Kelver Darroux imagination is on overdrive and out of control…….whoiii!!

  14. Mujahardin
    October 26, 2011

    What is Kelvar talking about? His constituency has so many problem that he has failed to make proper representation in parliament. Feeder roads in his constituency are a mess. St. Joseph is the poorest constituency in Dominica. There is rampant unemployment in St. Joe. The youth in St. Joe are using drugs at every street corner.The schools in St.Joe are all under performing, and crime in St. Joe has been climbing for some time now. Gardarkan continues to poison the people of Layou with his toxic fumes from his asphalt plant. The Layou village continues to be endangered from flooding. If kelvar was doing his work in parliament why are there so many problems is St. Joe? Kelvar’s words are empty,since the only thing he can do for St.Joe is to organize Sewo and baccanal. It is Kelvar who lacks the testicular fortitude to be a good parliamentary representative.

  15. Jail-corrupt-leaders
    October 26, 2011

    U right, the opposition want too stamp out bobol in Govt,lol lol

  16. Jack-a-bat
    October 26, 2011

    It is hihg time that UWP stop there nonsense and return to the Parliament if they are to make meaningful and effective representation to the people who elected them. We need them to be in the house,enough is enough.Your point has been made time to return to the House.

    • October 26, 2011

      Jack-a-bat you have the perfect name because what you should be asking yourself why it is so important to the GOVT for the oppositon representatives to be in the HOUSE a you forgetting that they have “18” seats and others just have “3” seats if you have the brains work it out for yourself instead of allowing Skerrit and others to do it for you, I am not a supporter of either parties but I can think for myself, yes I agree that their salaries should be put in trust as someone mentioned before but they have decised to put the people of DOMINICA first they have to side with the people Skerrit have done more harm to the people of DOMINICA by making them believe he can give them what is good but what is good for my people are JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS once they have that they can and will be able to take care of their families but instead Skeritte keep giving hand outs so the lazy ones will keep coming to the RED Clinic those are his supporters and of cause those in higher places.
      It’s time that my people come to their senses we need to figure out things for ourselves enough is enough.
      Now Kalver Darroux your party have to be very disperate to be spending so much man power trying to convince the public that you all give a d—-m you and your party would like to withhold these guys salaries that is the bottom line and I can understand but I resent your actions by thinking the people of D’ica are stupid.
      Those in glass houses should not throw stones

      • ?????????????
        October 26, 2011

        So if they not going to the House, Why should they take part in Election. Excuses, Excuses to justify their non attendance at the House. How can some one clock in and clock out and persons like yourself support them. You all talking about corruption and yet you all supporting that nonesence of one not working and getting paid. Give me a break. People get serious. Too many excuses to justify wrong doing.

    October 26, 2011

    Well,….say what you may about El Darroux,…you should give him some credit..at least he speaks his mind…He is showing that he has what he is accusing them of not having….Guts!…He stands up for what he believes in….

    Is he right?, is he being fair?…Well…let the People decide….(lol).


    • reader12
      October 26, 2011

      My boy how u get “GUTS” from that there?? The word is “BALLS”. lol.

      • KoKo Naughts
        October 26, 2011

        u check me… Guts is “Abdominal Fortitude” and Balls is “Testicular Fortitude”. Doh mix them up man. Shait!

        October 26, 2011

        Guts,..Balls..samething…But wait a minute,…how they let you say it, but not me?….

  18. polosim
    October 26, 2011

    my man u are correct!!! but you forget to state how stupid Ron looks holding this grade school sign. Ron starting to look like PAPI boy. please let me know who is paying for these fools to be able to do no work and have a meal and a roof over their heads. I want tap into that fund but my sign will read, DA love ya.

    • ?????
      October 26, 2011

      If only you were as brilliant as Ron, this piece of garbage would have stayed with you.Do you know hoe the doors of a school look like. Sure not.Your idiot!

      • ?????????????
        October 26, 2011

        Hey it is time to use another Name and not the ????????? marks I use. you are so insolent and rude and I do not want to mistaken as you. You there calling people idiot. Get another name to use.. Won’t call you any names. I am bigger than that!

  19. out of nowhere
    October 26, 2011

    The people who elected the opposition should vote them out of office because they are not doing what they were voted for.No employer will pay someone who did not work.Their salaries should be held back until they remain in parliament and take care of the peoples business.Even if the I’s will have it,their voices need to be heard.I am not on anyones side .To me ‘it is right if it is right’,The people of these constituencies should open their eyes and tell their pal reps’ you either stay in parliament and take care of business or gat out.’period.

    • him
      October 26, 2011

      We do not want them to sei next to you all and get corrupt also. We told them to walk out.

  20. KoKo Naughts
    October 26, 2011

    But when I look at them opposition man self self self, I’m not surprised they lack “testicular fortitude” eh…them man old!..should I say “Little Blue Pill”, somebody?..lol. BTW, Kelver one day ur Testicular Fortitude will go down to eh, so doh make fun of ur elders eh. OK!!

  21. cool
    October 26, 2011


  22. Wesley Man
    October 26, 2011

    I was a support of UWP, and right now I support no party. I think that UWP has used that strategy, and it is very ineffective right now. I agree that the Speaker of the House is very bias and makes it difficult for the UWP to bring anything across, but I am fed of of this type of strategy. Biasness and immaturity is those the political reality in Dominica right now; members of the majority don’t seems to have a mind of their own – they will support something even if they don’t believe in it. They hardly, if ever, talk the cons of any legislation that they want to pass, furthermore to oppose if they don’t agree in their hearts. So frankly speaking, I think none of D/ca politicians have the testicular fortitude (Don’t know what fortitude the women ministies lack – lol)

  23. ?
    October 26, 2011

    He’s starting to sound just like RMS. Hope you don’t start telling people to go to hell.

  24. Frank
    October 26, 2011

    I agree with Kelvin Darroux — they really lack that kind of fortitude. Well said

  25. mac
    October 26, 2011

    The opposition have every to protest in any way they feel DOMIONICA IS NOT CHIAN YET

  26. eastman
    October 26, 2011

    why don t they talk about charlie who is getting a minister salary and is sick will not attend parliament again and still getting a pension on

    • ..........
      October 26, 2011

      what is is ur [email protected] point? even in the private arena he would be compensated for incapacitation at work

  27. Real Truth
    October 26, 2011

    :mrgreen: UWP has no balls….

    what has Labour? Penis?

  28. mr p
    October 26, 2011

    Mr darroux it would be better u go back to churh and be an ay leader for those that do not no what ay leader is adventist youth

    • unknwn
      October 30, 2011

      mayb u shud do it.. dont u think??

  29. Jbfox
    October 26, 2011

    I agree with u bro many hard working Dominicans can’t clock in and clock out at the same time and get paid their full salary something nerds to be done about that.

  30. Sweet Mama
    October 26, 2011

    I don’t understand the hoop la with UWP not attending parliament. Who cares !!!!. The government do what the heck they want anyway. While in opposition Rosie Douglas had a terrible attendance record since he was traveling all over from Libya to wherever. I guess to some people that was not a problem. I’m sure Rosie knew that attending parliament is just “ Wind and no Rain”. Let UWP make fools of themselves but Laborites should not pretend that parliamentary attendance is the reason why this government is very ineffective. I’ve been to parliament on several occasions and believe me it’s all joke – who sleeping , who is not paying attention, there are those giggling.

    In order for Dominica to develop there must be a mentality revolution – the people , the politicians , professionals. Academic Education seem to be making very little impact on our society. Maybe it is time to re-introduce Civics back into school curriculum.

  31. We the People
    October 26, 2011

    Skerrit do us all a favor and hide this guy. He is too low class to be a mouthpiece for your party and worse yet Dominica.

    When are we going to elevate the standards of our politics? Is that what young people should aspire to?

    I am not in support of the tatics of UWP, but he can use much better language to describe the action of the UWP.

    The people of St. Jposeph should replace this guy with someone who has a bit more class. I dont care whether they replace him with another DLP parl rep. Get rid of THIS guy.

    • No Identity
      October 26, 2011

      But Skerrit is not any better than Kelver so I’m not sure that Skerrit wants to make that move. The first time I heard Skerrit spoke in NYC I bow my head in shame.

    • VECTOR
      October 26, 2011


  32. north man
    October 26, 2011

    why don t you tell your pm to do what the opposition wants….like electoral reform etc and them you can complaint

  33. Amazing 1
    October 26, 2011

    Honestly UWP really forming the *$$ now. I mean u guys have supporters and this is the kind of childish and ridiculous conduct u are subjecting them too. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!.i followed u guys at one point in time but now i have completely gone the other direction.That was my decision. U guys have no plan or vision for this country. I am sick of these fouls. ..Pure A$$$$$$$$$$$$ and i know him personally. Hector is time u stop let these fools take u for a ride. Kelver is right continuing to boycott parliament what does that show?? what does that prove??? U would be amazed by the amount of people i personally know that used to support this party and are not. why should we follow u when u guys are forming the fool

  34. Bull Crap
    October 26, 2011

    They are a waste of time. Am from Salisbury and i don’t care about party. fact is fact you cant represent the people in this crap all the peoples parliament. you the opposition its your duty to make sure the government has checks and balances. the constitution makes room for you to be as effective as the government. Enough is enough. this is why the government can do as they please cause you have a opposition thats just a waste of time.

    its time we in this country stand up for whats right no matter what party. cause they all bringing this country down. one by their action and the other by the lack off any.

    • LawieBawie
      October 26, 2011

      My sentiments exactly!!!!!

    October 26, 2011


  36. Positive
    October 26, 2011

    WoW!Strong words my boy…you telling it to them in a very dignified way eh (lol) :mrgreen:

  37. Silent Watcher
    October 26, 2011

    True true. Maybe their salary should be contingent on participating in Parliament (doing something other than clocking in and out).

  38. gaynproud
    October 26, 2011

    Those are some bold statements from a rather feeble looking man. But I have to agree ! Those guys forming de fool now. It is a big joke and they are eroding the peoples trust in them!

  39. CIA on the watch
    October 26, 2011

    Mr Daroux, you are new to the politics, you are still in the learning process and you are politically imature, Opposition parties due have different strategies to bring their messages across to the people/supporters; the politically biasness of the speaker of parliament does not give the opposition any advantage to freely express themselves even within the rules of parliament, and you have witness to this many times, as you speak the opposition still have an outstanding court bill that amounts to thousands of dollars, parliament walkouts are nothiong new to Dominicas parliament, consult Dr honeychurch he was part of that during the independence debate that persons like him oppose and are now enjoying today, Hon Daroux you need to know your history.

    • J Henderson
      October 26, 2011

      CIA what you can chose an ID like flounce.get a job to help your family if have one

    • ?????????????
      October 26, 2011

      Yes walk out once or in protest of something at the time. But not all the time so for one thing. One walks forward not backward.

  40. Is dert
    October 26, 2011

    Ay ay, I find you come out. 8-O 8-O :lol: :lol:

  41. Buwo
    October 26, 2011



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