UWP political leader condemns fire-bombing of senior police officer’s home

UWP Political Leader Ron Green

The United Workers Party (UWP) firmly condemns the actions that saw the fire-bombing of a senior police officer’s home this weekend.

Once again, we  call on the relevant authorities of this country, especially the government, to act swiftly to put a stop to such criminal behavior.  We see this as an attack on justice – just when justice is seeming to be done, that is, investigations on money laundering  advancing, we see attacks.

All of us can recall the Christmas morning fire-bombing at the home of lawyer G.O.N. Emmanuel.

We sympathize with the police investigator attacked and also urge the police to avoid being misdirected in their role as the independent security and law enforcement agency of the State. The criminal elements in our society, perhaps comforted by the now notorious “No law, no constitution”  statement of Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit and the laizzez-faire approach of  the top leadership of the Dominica Labour Party and the government of Dominica, continue to demonstrate the country’s slippage into lawlessness.

Our government’s attitude is totally unacceptable, and cannot in anyway be condoned or excused.  Why have the UWP proposals for a National Symposium on Crime been crudely dismissed?  Why have Cabinet ministers refused invitations to the Peace Conference at Wesley?

Without clear, vigorous, and   creative actions to stem crime, Skeritt’s government must agree they are bankrupt of new ideas.

Once again we call for a genuinely inclusive national approach to examining and proposing solutions to this crime surge in Dominica.

Certainly the Peace Conference initiative in the northeast is a promising and creative approach towards pointing the way forward.

Ronald Green, Political Leader

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  1. Just giving my two cents
    January 27, 2011

    Did any of the UWP head denounce the plot of attempted assasination of EDO?

    I’m not sure that i heard any comment from the UWP camp on this? Did i somehow miss, or by pass such an important media worthy event/story?

    For such an important matter, i’d have expected to hear more about it….since we are talking about an “important character” in Dominica, a former PM….

  2. Hatred breeds CRIMES
    January 26, 2011

    If one follows some of the comments on DNO, it must be concluded that some Dominicans harbor a lot of HATE in their HEARTS and are bold enough to even write about their hatred for other human beings like themselves. One may have concerns with another persons statements. criticize the contents of persons opinions, but to have such expressed HATRED irrespective of colour, religious belief, race, political affiliation is dangerous, and criminal.

    Hatred breeds crimes, violence, wars. Should Dominicans continue to express so much hatred to their fellow men and women? STOP the HATRED for each other. Don’t you all learn any lessons from what is taking place all over the world because of deep hatred for other persons? Once you hate another person like the expressions tell on DNO, you will tend to want to KILL, MAIM, FIREBOMB homes, CRIPPLE, SHOOT, STAB, etc., etc.

    How could Dominicans profess to want to prevent or stop crimes when such comments of HATRED for people are written without first thinking of the effect of that written word? You all will CRY BLOOD to see the impact of the continuous spewing of HATRED. STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP THAT NONSENSICAL HATRED FOR OTHERS. Begin to cleanse you all hearts. TURN A NEW LEAF.

    Dominica is so SPIRITUALLY and CULTURALLY DEAD that HATRED FILLS the HEARTS OF MANY in our SOCIETY. Look at our mountains, rivers, birds, plants, forests, fish. Do you all see HATRED on their faces. Do those show us HATRED. Do those teach us to HATE our fellow men? But Human beings who have BRAINS, who have the capacity to think and utter words always want to DESTROY, DEMONISE, DEMOLISH, TEAR APART other Human Beings. Seek to be as beautiful and peaceful as the lofty mountain and life will surely have more MEANING.

  3. Playboy
    January 26, 2011

    Just to clarify, my reply was to Anti-hate.

  4. Poule Coutouni
    January 26, 2011

    Fair commment Ron. Nevermind the detractors. All CRIMES MUST be denounced and INVESTIGATED in a TIMELY manner. No citizen’s plight should be addressed with greater urgency than the other. What about EMANUEL! Good for you Ron.

    • Anti-hate
      January 26, 2011

      I notice that ‘what about Emanuel!’ has become a rallying cry on all DNO posts by UWPites, and every in UWP press release!

      Such hypocrisy!! Y’all can’t say ‘what about Emanuel’ and criticize the police and the gov’t if Emanuel refuses to co-operate with the police investigations. How does that make any sense? Someone help me to understand this because I’m lost.

      I have my own theory as to why he refuses to co-operate. Because he fully well knows that the fire was set by UWP agents, with his agreement! I bring to the attention of the people again the fact that the only thing significantly damaged was an insured vehicle.

      He is a lawyer, he knows that to lie to the police about what happened is a criminal offense, so it’s in his best interest to not say anything at all rather than lie to them about what happened.

      I guess villas and bin bobol have gotten quite stale so the UWP needed to instigate a new incident to talk about and use as a rallying cry, just like how they went on Bubbles property and instigated the unfortunate gun incident.

      • follower
        January 26, 2011

        Anti-Hate, yo seem to know a lot about the Emanuel fire and as a caring Dominican, why don’t you give the police the information you have and let them deal with that person (s)? This crime is very troublesome to me and I would really like to know who did it. From day one you have been saying that Emanuel is refusing to co-operate with the police and now you said that as a lawyer, he knows that lying to the police is a criminal offence. This tells me you know a lot about this incident and sice according to you, Emanuel does not want to step out, I am calling on you to take the step and give the police any information you may have and let them arrest this person or these “UWP agents.” Also, I don’t quite understand what yopu mean by “Emanuel refuses to co-operate with the police investigations,” because according to DNO, the fire occured around 3:am on Christmas day and both mr and mrs. Emanuel were asleep. If they were asleep, how would they know who did it? Also, the only piece of evidence that was found was a plastic bottle of gas, which was given to the police. So I just did’nt get it! I expect the police to finger print the bottle and track down the person. They have a piece of evidence to work with, don’t they?

        • Anti-hate
          January 26, 2011

          Are you really that simple-minded? Haven’t u ever heard of gloves? Because there was a bottle doesn’t mean that there are prints on the bottle! And do you think that police in D/a have the fingerprints of every Dominican? What if they have prints but it doesn’t match anyone in their database?

          Prints don’t even mean that you are guilty because someone could actually go to your home and steal a bottle you had laying around in your yard or something and use it if they want to frame you.

          FYI, co-operating with the police doesn’t mean you saw who did it. It means discussing with them stuff like if you have noticed any strangers on your property recently, who are the persons with motives to commit such a crime, etc etc..

      • Playboy
        January 26, 2011

        Bravo!!!!! Finally, somebody making sense laid it out.

        A thousand times, BRAVO!!!!!

  5. King ghetto
    January 26, 2011

    This man love the spotlight.Hector your lights are getting dim.

  6. No Dog Bark
    January 26, 2011

    Well lets hope the criminals get caught re George fire. The reference to Emanuel fire is playing politics.By the way is that Emanuel guy the same magistrate they use to call U Follow? Well if is No that’s another story. If is yes well is KARMA because dat man persecute poor people children in Dominica with sentences they did not deserve beyond the limits of the law, he abused his power as magistrate & it coming back to hunt him. If is no then that is another case & scenario. I want the answer.

    • John Brown
      January 26, 2011

      Yes it’s Follow

  7. this is a spiritual battle alliegning DA on the wrong side
    January 26, 2011

    What primary allegiance does SC have?
    Lebanese and Lebanon or descendants of slaves in Dominica/ Caribbean?

    Is not Hezbulla funded by iran? ??

    Is not Scaredrat permitting (secret agreement) Venezuela, Russia and Iranian revolutionary guard to encroach on and use our territory to bypass the UN sanctions on Iran?
    Iran ballistic missiles in Venezuelan territory.

    To promote the preparation of the war of Armageddon

    War of Gog and Madgog

    Pray that Dominica and by extension the Caribbean will not
    Allign against but Rather be on the side of God

  8. OMG
    January 26, 2011

    now tell me are we for real in Dominica, or we really become a joker in the pack of cards, because am seeing some writing there or better yet comments and am asking myself if these people are true Dominicans because if they are true Dominicans now i can really say we in deep trouble in dominica, my god how do we get like that in this country we take everything for a joke and comment only nonesence talk in here Mr green is talking about one of ur citizen who almost get killed and look at the stupidness going in here OMG dominicans wake up and smell the coffee befor it to late , my people stop this thing about Red, green, yellow or blue is not about party anymore is about who will be next including our own families, so befor we in here making a fool of ourselves please come together and help solves these crime that is going on at home worst than ever in all my life living first time i ever see or hear my little country being so dangerous my people am pleaing and begging stop it, stop it the almight is watching us and giving us a chance to repent from all these things please, please come together as we once was and rebuild our sweet dominica , don’t let one man take us down with him like that is not about a man is about our island that the good lord bless us with we trying to save now, when i have to hear about such a great event which take place in wesley to help us with crime and Gloia choose not to go because she is so red and forgetting is all about her own little village wesley tell me where we going, but i pray that God come down and crash them into peices and save his people and our sweet dominica where we once was, i thank you for reading and understanding my pain for my country.

    January 25, 2011

    So why UWP need the govt to organize a symposium?? Look how Tianny organized his stuff on his own ah? If they were interested in any symposium they would have just go ahead and organize it and would not worry whether invited Govt officials attend or not!!

    I tell you this is the worst opposition inn the history of Dominica!!!

    Now Mr. Green did Ezekiel Bazil present?? Were you there?? What about Spags or Eddo were they there?

    Behanzin didn’t want any political interference with is conference and it worked out just Great… so get your act together, you too wicked, devious and mischievous….

  10. Police Officer
    January 25, 2011

    Uwp criminal elements never want see peace in the country.Mr.James you are a megallomaniac and need of mental treatment because you are threat to yourself.The police will continue the fight against criminals in Dominica we know who they are.Brian Linton why are you hiding come show us if you really have burns on your body.Your brother not saying anything about you.Angell Toilet Mouth Alleyne one day you will be caught in the criminal acts you inciting.We know your potientials and what you can do you ball head rasta your day will come.The violence you and uwp inciting will turn back on you.UWP stop that nonsense all you tyring in Dominica let the place reamain tranquil.What all you doing to police will fall on all you.Mr.James ask your cronies to stop that nonesense.

  11. Police Officer
    January 25, 2011

    We don’t want sympathy from UWP continue spreading hate among our people that’s what you and James are good telling lies on police.Your leader Edison techenically implicated police in plot to kill him.After thoughts of UWP because of the response of the people.You radio station puke95fm never carried any program on the matter but when there was the other fire you were quick to blame police and others why now Mr.Green.You too late.We know your party doesn’t like police because of the statements your party always making about us.Tell us where Brian Linton is and wether he got burnt on christmas morning.Poor psychology Mr.Green I told you fire Henry Blessings Dyer as your psychology teacher he not doing a good job.Where is Mr.Prevost wanting to see the Roseau river turn red.Why don’t the uwp conduct themselves like men and stop trying chaos in the country.You mouth piece Angello Toilet Mouth Alleyne never spoke on the attack on the police why?

  12. LUCY
    January 25, 2011


  13. salop
    January 25, 2011

    Ron Green let the government take care of the situation.When your government was in power you could not open your mouth to put them straight.get off the young P.M and the pepperman back.you have become a pest and you need to go BY DE BAY for advice.

    • The Nature isle
      January 26, 2011

      Your name says it all!

  14. Jaime Lewis
    January 25, 2011

    Still waiting for the UWP to present us with a plan to curb violence and crime in our beautiful country. Why wait for the government of the day to do it? If the PM is bankrupt of new ideas,then this is a wonderful opportunity for the UWP, DFP, churches, schools, village councils, credit unions,banks, Diasporans and others to develop their plans. Why wait for a government that is bankrupt of ideas? Everyone else has ideas…come forward and present them to build our country. Talk..talk..talk.

    • follower
      January 26, 2011

      That’s an easy ask my dear and I can help you find a plan to curb violence; Let get rid of this lawless government that have no respect for our laws and life return to normal again. We have a government that lead that has no respect for laws and as a result, their followers simply follow them. We never had this sort of crime rate before but you need to understand that when you as a leader can do anything for money you are indirectly telling your supporters that it is alright to do anything since you are not caught. Unfortunately, they are caught in their attempt to follow their masters by doing anything,

      • Houston
        January 26, 2011

        Return to which normal? Ron Green was minister with dual citizenship. Peter Carbon represented Wesley/Woodfordhill by remote control. Giving plywood and galvanize from Antilles Cement was the other of the day. Domlec sold for 1/3 of its worth because ministers got paid off. Leaders knew how to “cover their tracks” Is that normalcy? Tell us

  15. PAT
    January 25, 2011


  16. Love Dominica
    January 25, 2011

    Let’s help save the tourism industry, Please forward this to all those in authority to fight crime in Dominica.



    You all may or may not have seen this video clip before but I think it is worth sharing.

    Subject : msnbc.com video: Caribbean crime threatens U.S. tourists

    An information piece!

    Several of the tropical islands have some of the highest reported murder rates
    in the world, creating a danger for the millions of U.S. tourists who flock to
    the area each year. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.


    January 25, 2011

    Was this the same Ron Green who so vehemtly opposed the police for doing a search of an acolyte of his in La Plaine who issued threats against the Parl Rep? Is this gross hypocrisy passing as just another statement?

  18. Fairplay
    January 25, 2011

    I think Ron Green needs psychiatric treatment ,Poor Man. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  19. Country
    January 25, 2011

    S.A.M. permit me to say that you are the real here. I have seen Brian Linton as recent as yesterday and there and he has thus far sustain no burns to any of his visible body parts. I do not know what you are trying but please stop being so clearly malicious.

    • John Brown
      January 25, 2011

      Mr.James alluded that the PM and the Police may conspire to kill him, Mr. James and the UWP are insinuating that the DLP had something to do with the fire in goodwill. Isn’t that being MALICIOUS?

      • follower
        January 26, 2011

        That’s why the PM and government need to get foreign help in investigating this matter. The mare fact that they are doing nothing to get the person or persons arrested, really raises some serious questions

    • Red
      January 26, 2011


    • stand corrected...
      January 26, 2011

      to me s.a.m didnt mention any names… y do u point at brian linton… unless you know something that we dont…. hmmmmmm.. smoke doesnt go without fire..

  20. Anti-hate
    January 25, 2011

    Mr. Green you have made some valid points in the midst of cheap political jabs and point-scoring. I agree with your call for a “genuinely inclusive national approach to examining and proposing solutions to this crime surge in Dominica.” However Mr. Green I have a couple of questions that maybe you could address in your next press release.

    1. What are your views on your affiliate Julius Sampson offering a bribe to Charles Maynard in exchange for denouncing Skerrit?

    2. What are your views on Edison James implying that the PM wants to provide him with security so that the security (police officers) can kill Edison for Skerrit?

    3. Is it true that a well-known UWP agent was burned under mysterious circumstances the same morning of the fire at the home of Mano, and has been keeping a low-profile since?

    4. What exactly did Norris Prevost mean when he alluded to the Roseau River turning red?

    There are other qts I have but I’m sure boycotting parliament, and keeping tabs on all the court cases have been keeping you busy, so answers to these few will do for now.

    • LAW
      January 25, 2011

      The information you have re the burnt man, a kindergarten child would tell you that you should take it to the police, and not Mr Green..You must return to pre school sir/madam..

      • John Brown
        January 25, 2011

        The information Mr.James have re an assassination attempts on him, a kindergartn child would tell him he should take it to the police, not to a public meeting or the media… Does he need to return to pre school too? sir/madam

        • Anonymous
          January 26, 2011

          What is the level of public trust in the police. I guess not very high. Police violating judicial and constitutional procedures cannot give one much confidence

        January 26, 2011

        LAW, you are upset with the questions asked by Anti-Hate, specifically question Number 3.

        These men are trying their best and are resorting to some nefarious actions.

        There is a Man, whom I shall refer to as ‘BRUNS’, – that is currently in hiding. He suffered burns on his body on or about the same time the GON house was set ablaze.

        How did this man get burned.

        Mr. Green knows this man, so does Lennox and Eddison among a host of others.

        You follow?

  21. diaspora/domionican
    January 25, 2011

    I am very disappointed that Gloria Shillingford ( ppl for Wesley) choose not to attend the Peace Conference on CRIME organized by magistrate Tiyani Behanzin and his team in the village of WESLEY she is the ppl for that constituency I would believe also that she would welcome any help in bringing changes in the riding because of the high level of crime there.
    The people of Wesley should demand an explanation from her because something so important she should be part of it it’s life and death situation in Wesley I just hope she have a good reason for not attending.

    • not sure
      January 25, 2011

      I dont now if I misunderstood, but to me I heard that politicians were not invited am i wrong or what. Behanzin said that politicians were not needed and I agree

  22. S.A.M.
    January 25, 2011

    This guy is an idiot.

    He knows who did this, he knows who firebombed Emmanuel’s house.

    Look for the Man with the burns on his body who is in hiding now.

    • Bunch of Idiots
      January 25, 2011

      hahahahahaha. look jokes we. Who that burn and hiding there? Allu wicked too we

  23. Azu AzuwAy Shou SHOT JAUN SORT
    January 25, 2011

    Well Mr green, you are on top of all things. Its seems to me you a playing alot of attention to the business of the government than that of yours.

  24. LAW
    January 25, 2011

    Mr Green you should have gone further and ask what has become of the fire bombing of Emmanuel’s home.. DOMINICANS ARE STILL WAITING FOR AN ANSWER…Is commissioner Carrette a politician or a police chief?

    • S.A.M.
      January 26, 2011

      Green knows who did it. He, Lennox and Eddison should tell the Police the following: Look for the Man with the burns on his body who is in hiding now.

      • Anonymous
        January 26, 2011

        The sadistict twisting of information by Skeritt follower is Goebellian in scope. Goebels and his henchmen of the Reich would be proud

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