UWP protest pulls some 100 people

Green with his placard

Some 100 persons came out in support of a protest by the United Workers Party (UWP).

UWP members and party supporters held placards outside the Fort Young Hotel on Thursday afternoon, the venue for the 21st intercessional conference of heads of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) is underway.

The UWP sought to get the attention of the CARICOM heads of governments regarding their concerns on alleged irregularities in the general elections.

“That is the main message that Caricom should, since they are here in Dominica, be aware of; the issues that are facing Dominicans; be aware of the fraudulent elections on the 18th of December 2009 and be aware that the people of Dominica are extremely concerned that democracy is under threat,” UWP Leader Ron Green said outside of Fort Young Hotel.

Some protesters

Green said he was satisfied with the outcome of the peaceful picket.

The opposition members also want the CARICOM leaders to place electoral reform on their agenda.

Parliament-elect for the Salisbury constituency Hector John said he is fulfilling the voice of his constituents by boycotting parliament.

Like Green, he too was satisfied with the outcome, as long as they proved their point.

John speaking with a local media worker
Hector John with his placard

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  1. What The F- - k, Ron ?!.
    March 16, 2010

    Ron, LaPlaine was a united village. Your coming changed things.
    Where there was love is hate. You brain washed us with your face value talks PRETENDING U cared.
    Sorry to say, but your contribution to La Plaine is mere chaos. I remember when this village was known as the capital of the East. Today, the people are so divided.
    You had your chance and U did nothing for us. Give another a chance and stop your power hungry attitude. Hope after the Court has given its verdict you will take your final political rest.
    Educacion se par lespwee…

  2. Anonymous
    March 15, 2010

    dont worry uwp people has more people that care then 100 voters the paper has it all wrong at this point we need to build more speed.!

  3. black Man's plight
    March 15, 2010


    not because the message went over your head or your ability to understand does not mean it’s “babbling”
    see for yourself

    “The witness, who told the court he was a fisherman, said he left Venezuela on January 9, 2010 at 6 a.m. for Bird Island, to bring fuel for another boat. He said the nine-hour trip resulted in his arrest by Dominican police.

    The defence witness said that his boat – a Venezuelan pirogue – had no lights on board, and on January 10 at about 8 p.m. they found themselves out at sea, without any clue of their location.

    He has been making trips out at sea for the past seven to eight years, he told the court. He also added that the sea was in perfect condition at the time of his trip.”

    read the news

    keep in touch with what’s happening and just maybe you will catch up with what is truely at stake.
    See what other concious Dominican people are concerned about and the risk they are being put through when they have to bring home food:


    March 13, 2010 • 5:15 am .How many Dominican fishermen have disappeared?

    How many square miles of territorial sea have we lost ?

    Now we can only fish up to 20 miles west (becuase of a French man giving away our Bird island in exchange for ???? we were able to be in our water 270miles west.
    what is the economicvalue of the fishery?
    what is the economic value of the massive oil and Gas found around bird island?
    (see: TREASON ACT 10:01

    now we only have ~2 miles north and ~5 south of our coast.
    east is less than 30 miles as the french waters form a cone to the east.
    Our fishing banks are fisehed every night by the French who set traps and return the next night for it.

    How many of my fellow Caricom fisherfolk have been held at gun point, killed and disapeared after encounters with French and Venezuelan fishermen and Drug runners?





    How many nuclear powers are now flexing nuclear and military force in the “peaceful ” caribbean sea becuase of the bird island issue?

    Are not fuel storage and airports the prime / 1st targets to be bombed in any conflict.




  4. March 15, 2010

    It’s unfortuneate that we Dominicans suffer from ‘amnesia of convenience’.

    If we did not suffer from this disease, we would remember that the UWP initiated the trend of ‘do as you will’ politics….

    Isnt that why Dominicans voted them out wholesale in 2000? For large scale corruption? I dont see much difference with the allegations made against the DLP administration and how the UWP behaved during its 1995-2000 term. Plus, Edison ran the country with his haughty and arrogant attitude that so many Dominicans did not appreciate. The UWP is yet to win back a large portion of its voters. Why???

    His attitude has only destroyed the party and breed division internally. But right now, the UWP has the most honest men of integrity and the best thing that ever happened to Dominica?

    Why do these polititians think Dominicans are fools? The UWP refuses to take heed to what the Dominican people are saying and to believe that they really have some hard convincing to do. They are in total denial that following their 2000 defeat are laden with a hard rocky road. But they do not heed to the voice of the very electorate who they depend on for votes, and so do not offer a better alternative to Dominicans.

    As for me, Mr. James and Ron, you have some hard convincing to do if you are to sway my vote in your direction.

    In the meantime many of us Dominicans can conveniently delve in our amnesia of convenience and continue with the party politics in total denial of this reality and the work demanded from the UWP, the DLP too. And it goes way beyond allegations because we are not fools.

  5. March 15, 2010

    I have no choice but 2 cross over 2 the DLP, Im so ASHAME, i cant even look at the UWP supporters in laplaine. Mr Green, u really put us down. BIG, BIG, BIG- SHAME.from now on Labour all d way. SHAME-shame- SHAME.

  6. March 15, 2010

    2 DE ANCHOR, i support u a 100% .your statement is so true.

  7. D/can to the bone( foregin)
    March 15, 2010

    Sonconcern for Dominica ,if you cant make meaningful contribution here, stop writing rubbish. It seems you area party Bum bum fly. what dictator you talking about? People like you and others exercise their write to vote. I am not party bum bum fly , I am above that party petty politics,their were observers here to oversee the voting process and they gave the all clear . The thing we need now is for the government to introduce ID cards.
    I will write to the government on this matter , remember ids are international requirement these days

  8. leave pm alne
    March 14, 2010

    haha ron please give it a rest ……. u accept the election being far wen u thought u won because u found out u lost u having a demonstration an tlkin rubbish …………..; labbbboooooooooooooorr power !!!!!!!! stop dividing the ppl of d’a

  9. dominican over the sea
    March 14, 2010

    to beedee i agree with u ,it is high time sprags leave thse people in their nonescence . i am preety sure the people of salisbury seeing that but they are just too ashame to tell him ,or maybe they have already mention that to him ,seeing that he have already say so much and to go in parliment he is kind of shame to go .
    if i was in his place i would take my little tale put it in my butt and move away go represent my people
    ….thats why tthey say education is not all is common scence .

  10. Ha Ha Labour Power
    March 14, 2010

    Which 100 people 10 LOSERS that was there …… recount pls

  11. Ashamed
    March 14, 2010

    Save this page!! It may be needed in a history class in the future.

  12. Eric Cartman
    March 14, 2010

    I’m thinking that as a former PM Edison James probably mingled with some of the CARICOM officials on a diplomatic level. Must be pretty humiliating to go from such status to standing outside a hotel like a nuisance holding a placard. So if he actually showed he has some guts

  13. Sout Man
    March 14, 2010

    Next door, you forgot to mention that Dominicans turned their backs on the UWP government after one term in office, 1995 -2000. How can you forget that Prime Minister Patrick R. John unleashed the military on the civil servants, killing Phillip Timothy in the process. Prime Minister Skerrit has learnt from that experience; or he better learn from that. He must govern with a majority concensus from his cabinet because we will not tolerate otherwise. Dominica has a maturing electorate and that’s good for our democracy. Despite all the bum rap from the Skerrit haters, Dominica has a resilient and pretty smart bunch of people.

  14. Observer
    March 14, 2010


  15. Anonymous
    March 14, 2010

    @ soncern for DA learn how to spell jed. and what fuk dictator? dictators doesn’t get work done. Is people like you that does give out lookers a bad name n look 4 Dominica talking that crap. When is the gum flapping ever gonna stop

  16. dkengi
    March 14, 2010


  17. Barzey
    March 13, 2010

    UWP the once strong political party has metamorphised into a pressure group?? That is a total disgrace. Ron and others must look from within to find out what has happened to this once very well organised party,

  18. Ibn Gabrioli
    March 13, 2010

    Jean Coulibistrie, you make my point. I used to meet John at a said lolo in NYC, on Whitle Plains Road in the Bronx. I was impressed with his awareness and his take on world events in general. In an atmosphere of nightly and weekend rum-drinking, his was one of the few voices of reason and common sense. I could count on Hector John to engage in meaningful (though not always convincing) dialogue and discussions.

    Upon learning that John had finished his studies, moved back home and intent on contesting the elections, for me, that was a fait acompli. I expected no less. Here was a still maturing brain, full of potential aiming to throw his hat in the ring and do good things for Dominica.

    Disappointed though I was that John had taken sides, as it were, in our politics, riven with corruption lies, distortions and sheer ideological bankruptcy, I hoped that John would still emerge a winner, if only as a beacon of good things to come from our youths.

    I watch today in genuine frustration and hopelessness for our country after witnessing John’s entrenchment with this spectacle. How a young man with so much promise could embed and enmesh himself with old, anachronistic, divisive politics is beyond my wildest expectations.

    John would do well if he would say thanks to the UWP for helping make his a household name in Dominican politics. But the sky is the limit if he simply and graciously cut ties with the UWP and its vengeful backward views and begin charting his own course politically.

    Little does he reckon, Hector John does not need the UWP. It’s the other way around – the UWP would all but be dead without Hector John. He needs to get out and get out now and start building his own party with a futuristic brand. And by all means, use the experience and knowledge of the elder statesmen to create his own political hybrid in time for the elections of 2015.

    Hector John, instead of wasting his time, should know that every politician’s days are numbered. The political pendulum can swing fast in his direction. He should embark on a mission of making himself a credible, viable and ready alternative were things to change. Politics, in the end is about being in the right place at the right time.

    Go ask Mr. Skeritt.

  19. Anonymous
    March 13, 2010

    Next Door I with you all the way

  20. March 13, 2010

    Dominican on a whole a ungrateful. The reason why am saying this is base on their comment . Majority are labourite who in the end is going to treat Skerrit like Leblanc and Patrick John. This is the kind of people they are which is sad for Dominica.Martin luther king was minority in america but in the end he was recognize. Frederik douglas was minority in the slave time in end he all so was recognize.Nelson Mandela was minority in the end he was recognize.So if Ron Green is minority and he foLlow in there footstep, in the end he will be recognize.So labourites keep up the the remarks in the end u all U will recognize Mr green. It is never to late to give a person there flowers, Fight Ron Fight for the cause, democracy will be the winner.

  21. March 13, 2010

    alas poor ron,a big an educated man like dat letin the likes of sam,eddie, lenox an the rest use him.
    ron go back to the drawin board and see where u went wrong and try to fix it befor 2015 or befor.

  22. Nhom Bawie
    March 13, 2010

    ‘Wait A Minute’ I wish that I could have a drink of Johnny Walker Whiskey with you my friend. (Lol)

  23. Anonymous
    March 13, 2010

    Dominica needs an international airport soon

  24. Sout Man
    March 13, 2010

    Hold up!! Stop press!! Was this demonstration held in the Roseau Central constituency? Did Roseau Central vote for the UWP? Signs of the time are getting clearer…….Babylon! I am only ticked off when Salisbury, Marigot and Roseau are compared to Grand Bay, Portsmouth and Cottage. None can compare to Grand Bay. Not even Portsmouth and Cottage, We stood with Premier E. O. Leblanc and Hon. St. Luce when we had to. We supported Premier P. R. John when he campaigned for Dominica’s independence because it was the right and historical thing to do, We opposed Prime Ministre P. R. John and his Dread Act and his false imprisonment of Desmond Trotter. We gave the DLP life during the DFP and UWP regimes. All the time we were called brain-washed and stupid. Today, others want to compare. How misguided !! We didn’t just oppose for opposing sake. We also gave life to the Freedom Party in the 70’s when only Grand Bay, Roseau Central and Soufriere voted for DFP. So we’ve been ahead of the curve. Stop that comparism. Your battle is different. Your cause is party politics,

  25. Eric Cartman
    March 13, 2010

    Ron McCain looking like he need to pack it up seriously and chill out in his golden days.

    Doesn’t look vibrant at all, just check his body language he looks like he’d prefer be at home watching Judge Joe Brown or Fox News or something lol

  26. Eric Cartman
    March 13, 2010

    Nice play on words there “Wait A Minute”

    That was clever. Don’t know how much peeps even caught it completely

  27. somesense sometimes
    March 13, 2010

    The irony of the entire situation is that their ability to hold that demonstration disproved the very point they are trying to make! Olah would one ever be able to hold a demonstration RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE of a hotel in a country where democracy did not exist?

  28. Jude
    March 13, 2010

    Something is very wrong with this protest. I smell a big RAT.

    Where were Sam Raphael, Eddison James, Lennox Linton. Norris Prevost, Judith Pestaina(by the way her hotel was filled to capacity), Swanton Carbon and all the other vocal minority who call the radio all the time?

    What a Shame and embarassment for the UWP

  29. Just wondering
    March 13, 2010

    JESUS died so that ALL of mankind, ALL OF MANKIND could have salvation.
    Do what you doing Ron. One day we will thank you for it.
    When a few sacrifice for the greater good of all, the reward is more gratifying..
    Dominicans are like that . They all complain about the pressure but when they
    are called out to show solidarity, they do not come. Instead, they stay at home
    and hope that you are successful so that they can benefit. Just look at our public servants.

  30. dreams
    March 13, 2010

    @black man’s plight we did not care did we..he can hve 1000 passport dat sure aint ure business..as pm say nothing cannot hold him dwn..n if somebody try…..dca on fire so bring d water

  31. Jean Coulibistrie
    March 13, 2010

    If one would go back to before and even during the campaigning of the December 18th elections, one would clearly see where I appealed to Hector John to run as an independent candidate so to use his popularity, youthfulness, hard-working capabilities and likabilities to help bring the people of the Bawi constituency together. I reminded Hector that village unity has been destroyed by years of partisan politics and this was a one in a life-time chance to build back our patriotism and work together to develop our individual villages.

    Mr. John and his cronies rejected my appeal and instead employed the same old politics of the 70’s and 80’s. John was supposed to be fresh young blood, a person who had just been educated in the modern ways, a “savior”! But since the dawn of Election Day, what have we seen from Hector John but the same old politics. Hector has disappointed everyone! He has failed all expectations. This young blood was brainwashed with old politics. Our already weakened village unity has been shattered even further. With John at the helm of the Bawi constituency, opponents’ character has been attacked, the peoples representation is non existence, and village work is 100% partisan with political-driven censorship occurring at all levels: village council level, getting aid level, community service project level, gossip level, even what shop to patronize level.

    Hector John, SHAME ON YOU!!! Shame on you for not listening to the will of the people. Could you please realize that the elections are over and that you are the person unfortunately chosen to represent us in the Bawi constituency? Flogging a dead horse about your party’s lost at the poles does not help us the people of your constituency. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, we beg, do the job that you was elected to do and represent us within the government of the land!! PLEASE drop all this stupid partisan politics and help us, the hard working villagers of your constituency, to glue our patriotism together and develop our villages for love of each other and country!

  32. soncern for DA
    March 13, 2010

    you people are so DUMDUM cant u see that your PM is training to br a DICTATOR
    wake up and smell the .. you all are stepping in.

    PM you must goooooooooooooooo..

  33. Anonymous
    March 13, 2010

    U WP FOR LIFE! We democratic right to protest against skerrits tyrannical rule.its all about personal gain and by partisan rule.blind leaders of the blind that is what they are.Dominica,s develop is like a short shower of rain a nuisance.young people stop wasting time in dominica, no jobs no money .after 10 years that so called crime disaster cannot start building an international airport.time will tell. we will never give up, one day these under developer will be remover.THEY CAH RUN DE COUNTRY GIVE IT TO WORKERS PARTY.THIS GOVERNMENT MUST FALL DE HANDWRITING IS ON THE WALL..ANXIOUS FOR CHANGE

  34. March 13, 2010

    Black Man’s Plight has even Lost it.He seems to be Babbling incohorently.You People have to understand you cannot keep a good Man down.Let the Country move on,

  35. Fairplay
    March 13, 2010

    Ron Green is a US citizen who served in the United States Peace Corps(which is like serving in the military).He has sworn allegiance to the USA.

  36. Loyal Opposition
    March 13, 2010

    In a democracy every legitimate government must have a loyal opposition. If there is none, then the government must appoint one to play devil’s advocate. So as pathetic as he may seem Sprags is the voice of the opposition. He can use that platform to become a powerful politician but he has to offer something more than the status quo.

    Unfortunately, Ron Green has past his prime and is stuck in 1970s-era politics. We are in a new millennium and as such need people with a clear vision for moving Dominica forward.

  37. black Man's plight
    March 13, 2010

    The DLP members dont even see the Simple Economic invasion strategy?

    Gone are the days of open agression as did the french 10 wars to get control of the Caribbean’s resources.

    Simply place an agent with a degree in psychology and a primary French/EU citizenship (and secondary Dominican/Caricom passport …kept a secret from those who voted him and the DLP for ~15 years?) as head of ECC and Caricom and ….

    let him negotiate on your behalf unknowing to them…

    when they come begging…to be released from the black list


  38. Liberated
    March 13, 2010

    Ron and his bunch of clowns will realise that democracy in D/ca is alive and kicking when their three elected members lose their seats in the bi-election coming up, since their constituents will realise that they made a mistake voting for them to represent them in parliament. The people from these three constituencies will turn to serious people who will turn up at parliament and represent their interests seriously. Serves them right for being such clowns.

  39. BLACKA
    March 13, 2010


  40. Wait A Minute
    March 13, 2010

    Too late for the party, Ron!!!!!!!
    You mean to tell me the party started at 21:00, you ended up coming at 3:18? Man stay out eh!!!!!
    All the blue and green label done already, only red label that remain. lol.

  41. gee
    March 13, 2010

    What is the population of Dominica 70 thousand plus? And UWP had 100 people demonstrating infront of Fort Young. Mr Green when you make such a fool out of youself and your followers doyou realy want people to take you seriously? The election is over why don’t you take the time and regroup and try to help the people that voted for your party. If the UWP supporters had any common sense they would have stopped messing with you a long time ago. Your own people of Laplaine did not vote for you as a leader of your party.

    And Mr Hector John as a man in the public eyes, was that the best outfit you could find to come and protest infront of international heads of states? Put that chain inside of your shirt you are not in the 80’s anymore. But again if you had put a one leg dog to run for Salsibury it would have won. That tells you the mind set of some of our ignorant people.

    I left Dominica 21 years ago and i must say some of the people are still acting like we are in the 70’s and 80’s. You have a PM that is changing the outlook of Dominica instead of taking that and run you guys are following idiots like Hector, James and Green.

    Good Bless Dominica.

  42. dreams
    March 12, 2010

    u love uwp! NO! ULL VOTE FOT UWP! hell no…WELL THANKYOU!

  43. Thoughtful
    March 12, 2010

    I must admit the photo posted by DNO of Ron Green holding his placard is classic. Has anyone owned a puppy and had to send him outside because he wet the floor? And there is this puppy sitting outside with this sad and sorry look on his face which conveys, “please I want to come back inside.” That is all I could think of when watching the photo. Lol.

    On a more serious note, 100 people makes this whole matter look like a poor joke. Couldn’t they get more supporters from the constituencies they won to participate? A large crowd would have sent a strong message indeed, not necessarily to the CARICOM leaders, but to Dominicans who are wondering whether this whole thing has any traction at all.

    Makes me wonder whether the organizational skills of these guys are really the best.

  44. Power to the People
    March 12, 2010

    Dem Workers looking tired and weary. Skerrit should give Ron Green a vacation. The man needs a rest. Sprags is no different. Birds of a feather, flock together. Dominicans are watching at the Pappy show taking place.

    In the next five years (4 3/4 to be precise), I hope the UWP will be ready for the next elections. They are just wasting their time playing like little children and want people to vote for them. Dominicans sot non???

    A warning to RON: Boy go and fix your tumble down party for the next elections in four and three quarter years and stop fooling around. Dominicans not listening to you. Your party is just a distraction.

  45. C.I.H
    March 12, 2010

    UWP are just showing there true colours. Bunch of idiots. I am so happy I did not vote for these jokers. They have no strategy and are being led by incompetents. I thought the matter was before the courts. What happen? They are Judge and jury and have already determined the outcome. That is the democracy they want for Dominica? No way!!! We are fully behind our government and NOTHING will stop Skerrit from doing what he has to do to bring Dominica to the next level. I am fedup of my country lagging behind all other countries in the Caribbean. Now we have the chance to move ahead and some selfish souls want to stop the progress again. NO WAY!!!

    If is demonstration they want, Labour will show them demonstration at the right time. Tell UWP do not mess with the Dominica Labour Party.

  46. De Anchor
    March 12, 2010


  47. March 12, 2010

    Ron Green has no more chance to become a leader so he will try anything, he don’t care because he is a old man he has nothing to lose.and here goes a bunch of soute, ignorant, brain washes, follows him
    These guys had plann too gripple this country,if they had won last election,The mighty is great.God Blessed Dominica.

  48. Wait A Minute
    March 12, 2010

    Sorry bunch of sore LOOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Neg Bawie
    March 12, 2010

    Ok!! Ron Green and Spaggs have had their fun and I think it is time to stop this foolishness and immaturity now. It is never good to stretch a joke too far. I honestly thought that they were both much more sober and sensible then the level which they are presently displaying.

    After all, I am not a believer in ‘one party state’ either but I think that if the Labour Party wooped them they should accept it, scrutinize, inspect, and modify their strategy where necessary for the next election and in the mean time go ahead and represent the people whom they are supposed to be representing in parliament.

  50. labourrrrrr power
    March 12, 2010

    there was not 50 people FARLESS for some 100

  51. met veye
    March 12, 2010

    dem man there doh tired make themselves joojoo…..give it a rest…..elections are over go and do the people’s business…..the ones who voted for u!!!! gosh man!!!

  52. dominican
    March 12, 2010

    UWP should accept the fact that they lost the elections . Go do something to help build your country

  53. March 12, 2010

    Now the Summit is over the UWP made their point regardless if we agreed or not now it’s up to the COURT to speak out so we as DOMINICANS can all move forward .
    I now call on all of us DOMINICANS especially the supporters of all Opporsiton Parties and the DLP to stop bashing each other and to continue educating the people on the CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRA if we truely love DOMINICA because that is all that matters at this point.
    As a Dominican I am very glad the demonstration was peacefull I also commend the Police offricers and the Media tjhat were present.

  54. nigel
    March 12, 2010


  55. March 12, 2010

    yea they went there to mop.A party without mopers in D.A is no party..what a shame..Skerrit was so official all he was missing was a whistle.

  56. Come better than that
    March 12, 2010

    Look at the placards. LOL ….. They look like they were made by children. Chupes!

  57. Grand Bayrian
    March 12, 2010

    A bunch of Jokers! Yes they Joking!

  58. lover
    March 12, 2010

    Was My vote unimportant. Did all the votes that UWP got was that fraud
    are you saying that all Dominicans who voted for the DLP was bought?

    March 12, 2010

    The police should have drove them out of the area, they had no right to display such especially at the CARICOM heads meeting, this is a message to show that our opposition is a bunch of spoil little children who cannot get over a loss. This will not allow them to get the better of DLP.



  60. Ron, if you are satisfied with your peacefully demonstration, which to me seem to be un- call for, perhaps you will find the guts to accept the result of the election. Perhaps, if you were not so incompetent the UWP which you led, would have won more than three seats.

    Your incompetence cost you your own seat!

    You are seventy years old man, it is time for your retirement, I am far from seventy years old and I am at home cooling out watching you with some dumb placard, poster whatever you call it, talking about parliament is illegitimate.

    How on earth can you even suggest that a government is illegitimate when the people voted unanimously in the last election, in the favor of the DLP.

    You need to learn to accept defeat:

    Time for you to retire!

    Since only one hundred people participated in your protest, that alone should give you a hint, that the majority of Dominicans no longer cares about you and the UWP.

    Can’t you take a hint.

    Go home man: Go home!

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  61. Honorable no trouble
    March 12, 2010

    Spaghetti lookin like a voleh ….lol

    thas 100 Dumbinicans or 100 people laughing at those political fools in krazy’s voice

    u mean when skerrit and his buddies in AC and drinkin Ace of Spades Eddie have an army of men outside


    dno put the pics up of those people who can go and protest against government but when is to go with CAHUR and demonstrate against DOMLEC and HIGH LIGHT BILL

    no one goes!

  62. March 12, 2010

    UWP one day you all will stop do sot. Bunch of laughing stock……….

  63. Analyst
    March 12, 2010

    The mere fact that just 100 people participated in the protest demonstrates that the average Dominican is not in support of the UWP’s agenda. Although I am not in support of what the UWP is doing, this was the opportune time for them to showcase their delima to the rest of the Caribbean but as indicated the majority of the populace is not in favor of their actions. I am of the opinion that the UWP and MRD by extension are not confident of the outcome of the court case which is scheduled for March 17. The judicial system has set a date to hear the grieviances of the UWP/MRD versus the Labour party but yet still actions which were not expected of grown and supposedly educated men are undertaken. I think that these actions indicate that these individuals do not have the welfare of Dominicans at heart but are more concerned with personal gratifications.

  64. ray
    March 12, 2010

    What a joke! lol just who were they hopeing to to wit them?

  65. wesleyman
    March 12, 2010

    Thats sad, Ron Green was a well respected man and now he is reduced to a heckler outside of a legitimate caricom meeting, if the concern is skeritts status as a french national, then that will be addressed but you cant fault the other 18 people who ran their campagns and were chose by their constituency. Time to let this nonsense go, this is not 1979 the whole world is watching, and these people can make better use of their time.

  66. vi massive
    March 12, 2010

    hey neg, you are my boy but i do not like your party stand…….please please think of your future……. personally i think you have a lot to offer…….do not let them man take you down
    love vi massive.

  67. Mac-Arthur Haughton
    March 12, 2010

    The shame of it, are you sure the one hundred where not mostly people going about their business along that road?

    How embarrassing, where were the rest of the U.W.P parliamentarians, or representatives that ran in the other constituencies? Are they some where else plotting to remove him?

    Mr Green looks like he is out on a limb, by himself. Who else is he leading, besides that new, young, loyal, green politician?

    What a sad sight, next you will hear the three U.W.P parliamentarians have decided to choose a new leader.

    Has he no shame? I feel embarrassed for the man, the U.W.P, Dominican politics and Dominica.

    Will someone please put him out of his misery!

  68. BIG MAN
    March 12, 2010

    What is wrong with skulls?

  69. Nitara
    March 12, 2010

    WOW. One hundred. What a lot of folks! Um… question….. What is the population of the marigot, salisbury, st.joseph, veille case ,layou, carib reserve,mahaut constituencies?
    Well at least the united workers party made their point. Caricom listened, acknowledged the protest action, and is working frantically to set matters right as to the fraudulent election results right? Right????

  70. BeeDee
    March 12, 2010

    Feel so sad to see my padna Sprags, allowing these guys to turn him into a laughting stock.
    Sprags, I doesn’t support your party, but when you told me that you was going to contest the elections, I encoraged you, but you are making me a shame of you now.
    Sprags, leave those foolish guys in their monsense. Please do what the people elected you to do . Represent them in the house. Please go to the house at the next sitting. Become the leader of the Opposition, normimate your term (Senetors) and do the peoples business. Make me proud of you again.

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