UWP reiterates calls for electoral reform

Lugay makes a point at a UWP press conference on Tuesday

United Workers Party (UWP) Member of Parliament for Roseau North, Danny Lugay, has said that there will be no election in Dominica unless there is electoral reform.

The statement was made at a press conference organized by the UWP on Tuesday afternoon at the Prevost Cinemal.

Lugay outlined a number of components to be considered under the electoral reform process.

“The United Workers Party today renews its call for electoral reform in the following; an accurate register of voters by effecting a total re-registration, cleaning the list by removal of the dead and persons living outside Dominica for five years; issuing of voters identification card with picture ID to all eligible voters; enforcement of provisions in our electoral laws against bribery…illegal voting, and election offenses,” he said.

Also included in the UWP’s demand for electoral reform is the granting of media access for the party.

“The United Workers Party and the people of Dominica demand fair access of Opposition to the news and current affairs programs of all state-owned, state-operated or state-controlled media,” Lugay added.

As a form of support from the public, the Opposition Party has included the idea of “campaign finance reform” where voters would pay a sum of money to aid in either party’s campaign spending.

“The UWP calls for campaign finance reform, declaration of campaign contributors, and election campaign spending by any political party of no more than E.C. $30.00 per registered voter, per election,” Lugay remarked.

This is not the first instance in which the UWP has called for electoral reform in Dominica.

In 2011, former Leader of the Opposition, Hector John, made an appeal on behalf of the party to the Prime Minister for funds to be made available for an electoral reform, or else the party would not have participated in parliament.

“That is what we are asking the prime minister, to make available the $5.2-million requested by the electoral commission. We will participate in parliament. We want to participate in parliament but no one is asking the prime minister when he is going to make the money available,” he said back then.

His view at the time was that for any democracy to “work and thrive,” there must be an electoral process, hence the electoral reform.

“Why should this not be a reality? For any democracy to work and thrive, you must have an electoral process that is free and fair,” he said to the media at that time. “To have an electoral process that is free and fair in this day and age, you must have electoral reform meaning ID cards for voting and cleaning up of the list.”

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  1. Tj
    May 17, 2017

    Mu grandfather died before I was born and is still voting. I am sissy. Plus, and want to vote freely and fairly. Clean up the voting list before any more election.

    • Dominican
      May 18, 2017

      Then you party agent is a waste of time @Tj. Are the agents illiterate or are you for repeating such rubbish?

    May 17, 2017

    A bunch of JOKERS IN BLUE!

  3. %
    May 17, 2017

    Well based on what I am hearing from the common man on the street, it seem that the days of STOLEN ELECTIONS will soon end…I refuse to believe that we SHALL have another election in Dominica without electoral reform, to include ID Card and a cleaning of the VOTERS list. The important thing here is that the ruling CORUPT DLP REGIME cannot say they did not have time to do so.,,I am always willing to put my boots on the ground..I AM STILL READY TO DO SO AT A SECOND’s notice.
    Remember the famous/infamous e-mail informing Skerrit that ELECTORAL REFORM will undermine his re-election legacy..That’s why we have not been having fair elections on island from 2000 to 2014…
    ISNT IT POSSIBLE TO CIRCULATE THIE E-MAIL to the Dominican population???

  4. Miami
    May 17, 2017

    I fully support the call for electoral reforms. I for one will never go down to Da to vote because I have been outside from Da form more than 5 years. I know many of my friends who live in New Jersey , who constantly saying that they regret betraying the people of the Dominica , when they went down to vote. It will not happen again.

  5. jobe
    May 17, 2017

    Winning an election is maths, with or without outside interference its hardwork for UWP. Election finished so long and i think their made objection right after the elections would be fighting for new electoril list but they had all sorts of other issues now election righ around the corner you asking for a new list, ‘MADNESS’. Uwp members need to campagne more and opposition leader need to interact with the people more wether he believe they like him or not. And keep out of the court it costing your party hence no campagne money

    May 17, 2017

    This is not entirely in the interest of voters as not all voters are literate, have access to the ID requirements or are able to move around obtain required info to provide those docs. This is generally an election tactic used by the Republican party in the US to disenfranchise poor and poorly educated, handicapped, overly extended/busy voters as an attempt to reduce the amount of people voting for the winning party. Documenting and marking (paint/stain/marker) someone who has voted seems less restrictive than putting all the requirements on the voter who just wants to participate in their national elections. furthermore why is UWP still acting like its an election campaign season, they are just constantly creating a divisive environment when NORMALLY after election people go about their business and continue to work together.

  7. Gullible
    May 17, 2017

    As far as I’m concerned, it is of the view that every chain has a weak link, just as every giant has a weak spot. Instead of the Opposition singing the same song that goes no where, do an analysis on your party and one one your opponentm. Do a SWOT analysis. Restructure your party if you have to, change candidates if you have to. Interview some persons, both labor and uwp personnel. If you can gather information from the labor party members themselves. Build a strategic plan based on your findings and aticl to the plan. You have no control of the labor party and their operations but you have control of yours. St. Kitts was faced with the same situation and they strategize and overcome. Put you last heads Together, think outside the box and come up with a legal plan to outside the government. From creation David beat Goliath, you can do the same. Make the necessary changes

    May 17, 2017

    RESUSRECTED! You want the same of Fontaine see %. Win or Lose to many pencils mark on Linton ,change him to give workers an overdue chance concur

  9. May 17, 2017

    Blah blah blah!

  10. My 2 Cents
    May 17, 2017

    Who that mad man think he is. Lugay go by Dr Benjamin and get your wayyyyyyy overdue medical attention.

  11. May 17, 2017

    Why don’t the the UWP have a referendum, put a new face in leadership and reset their position? Dominica needs political healing going forward, and every one of the populace including all institutions have a part to play , the level of edginess that exist in the discourses if there is any has left much to the imagination. we see that man to man meeting and having a tet-a-ret discussion, is left to the courts to decide,have we evolve as a people? if not, outside forces will dominate the intellect , we need reforming of the mind ,before advancing any further. The westminster system presently use to govern,is not conducive for any of the former slave colonies of the caribbean Dominica included , the winner take all form of politics/politrix, creates a lot of division and hate among people who otherwise would be living in a more amicable environment, in a winner take all, the winning party place their supporters to head all institutions regardless of qualifications.this cannot be right.

  12. Real recognize Real
    May 17, 2017

    Boi money Linton and dem doe have.

  13. Faceup
    May 17, 2017


    • Kermit
      May 17, 2017

      Glad all you know that! Honestly you guys are sinking and sinking bad. Everybody turning labour now even some die hard workers. Lennox not bigger than all you. Put down all you foot.

    • Rubbish!

      When you say we, who are we, when you are a fictitious piece of nothing with no name!

      Why can’t the UWP win an election whiles Lennox is the leader of the party. In our system the party willing the most seats form the government. Lennox seat is the must secured in the country. Marigot people will vote for him every time.

      Rather than you talking rubbish, you should try to educate yourself politically, and come to the realization, it is not the personality of the politician that matters, it how effective he may be in office. We know what Skerrit and the labor party is capable of doing.

      Roosevelt ruin the country, by basing our nations economy on the sale of diplomatic, and ordinary passports; which does not provide any employment for you. Look around you carefully, you will find only a chose few are prosperous. Take a close look at your circumstances, and that of those in the cabal, the passports salesmen, and women, notice how high they living, while you grovel…

    • May 17, 2017

      I’m not a supporter of UWP but I listen to that man very carefully and I will say he can do the job and I say so because he’s not a person who can be bought and he will surely do away with all the corruption that is killing us, I have been following both parties and there are a vast differences, look what is happening to voting during election time it’s the same old same old. I follow what is happening in the USA with Trump now they are talking about Impeachment one may say he is young in the Government but it’s all about the Constitution and the rule of law that rules, so tell us why are we accepting what the DLP is about to do to us Dominicans are we going to allow that.
      It’s not a fight for UWP or Freedom it’s for all of us Dominicans so lets get us and stand up.

    • Maascre
      May 17, 2017

      It does not matter who we put in as Leader of UWP, you hypocrites in DLP will have a problem with him or her. So guess what! we are staying with Lennox.

    • Observing
      May 18, 2017

      I said the same thing a few days ago. I really want to see the opposition do better and become stronger. I’m not for any color but for Dominica but with Linton at the helm of the party I don’t see anything getting better. UWP has the potential to be great but alot of things are hindering. And labour party needs to realize the voters list needs cleaning regardless what your party affiliation is thats just something that is needed.

  14. Is So
    May 17, 2017

    Trying to reactivate the dead horse will not work. Instead of brining relevant issues to the forefront you engage in a baseless meaningless., and smare demagogue campaign. That made a bunch of intelligent people like yourself look like headless horsemen. The faithful followers stood by you instead of helping elevate their concerns your interject your own political biases. People, by calling for the resignation of the DLP, you know that is your self interest, they were elected! That shook the very foundation of your party’s leadership. Now instead of working towards the people’s agenda you a threatening again ! How smart of you, Mr Lugay. It’s necessary now more than ever to listen.

  15. KaliBud
    May 17, 2017

    I listened to part of Mr Linton’s presentation on the radio this morning, but he never explained what amendments the DLP is seeking that would unfairly favor them….it seemed to benefit all.

    I am in favor of the proposed election.reform, but $30 per voter is ridiculous to say the least. If every Dominican contribute the max u get less than a quarter million dollars to be shared amongst the parties. That can’t even facilitate a by-election. I think $500 is a more resonable figure. And it benefits all sides

    • Markey
      May 18, 2017

      I support you, the stated amount of $30.00 is much too low per voter.

  16. Laplaine Observer
    May 17, 2017

    I share these sentiments for electoral reform, but it is unlikely that the PM will accept these recommendations and follow through with them. By asking him to purge the voter list from overseas voters, you are actually denying him a large number of his voters who gets their free tickets to come down and vote. The Laborrats know that they can NEVER win an election without outside interference. I would be perplexed if we ever see electoral reform in Dominica.

    • Me Too
      May 17, 2017

      The observer, your prognosis is wrong, didn’t you hear or see the Portsmouth Rally? If you were hiding under a stone, reality will wake you up. If only the DLP had advertised that rally like the UWP, bro we would arrive by boat, donkey, horse, 747 jumbo just to be on the Red Carpet.

      May 18, 2017

      Keep on observing. You, observer will never ever be the Parl. Rep of Laplaine again! Your days are gone. This Is It!

  17. Ras Ju
    May 17, 2017

    Sounds fair enough to me.

  18. May 17, 2017

    The UWP has been singing the same tune since the 2005 general elections. If electoral reform was a top priority, why on earth then, would you all contest three general elections over the course of 10 or so years? Is it because you guys thought you had a shot of winning the past three general elections? And if that was the case, and you emerged victorious in at least one election, would you have accepted it? Would you guys say amen, and form the government or say, “we don’t accept this, the voters’ lists are bloated”? Please enlighten us!

    • hm
      May 17, 2017

      It was so refreshing login on to DNO for the past few days and not seeing any of this nonsense. Here we go again…

    • Lil Ms Sunshine
      May 17, 2017

      Are the present members of the UWP the same members when the party was in power? I am a young voter and I keep hearing all this nonsense of when one party was in power as if to justify what is being done in the present. NONSENSE. While the core values of a party does not really change over time, the people do change. Fresh ideas and different perspectives are brought forward. I just do not get this place. Politics has always been a dirty game but it is amazing how the electorate make such nonsensical excuses which neither encourages nor influences change not even when it is positive. And that goes for either party.

  19. Snowell
    May 17, 2017

    Says who. You are the opposition not the reigning Kings Shut up shut up shut up. For heaven sake grow up live and let live. The supremacy don’t suit none of you in the blues.

  20. zeebee charles
    May 17, 2017

    Lugay run way you are not in no position

  21. Dan is de man in de Van
    May 17, 2017

    No Election unless there is Electoral Reform and we stand by this. Clean up the list. There are persons on the list who have been dead and persons who do not own a Dominican Passport. Clean up the list and provide ID cards for every Dominican Individual. We are prepared to cause a Riot if it comes to that. No election unless this dirty list is cleaned up.

    • May 17, 2017

      Newsflash dummy, you do NOT need to own a Dominican passport to be able to vote here. As long as you are a citizen of the Commonwealth, over the age over 18 and you have resided in a constituency continuously for three months prior to your registration, you are fully eligible to vote here!

  22. bob
    May 17, 2017

    Lol :lol:

  23. Jonathan St jean
    May 17, 2017

    This frustrates and I must express it.The snake type government in Dominica has and is sneaking slymey legislation to corrupt the politics and norms of good governance in the country.The leader of the UWP is on record as saying that it is for the people to decide whether they are in agreement with the government decision and what they want to do about it.This has me screaming out for the resurrection of the late Rosie Douglas.As leader of the opposition party in the country Mr Linton has to lead from in front and mobilize people to want to do things to get Skerritt to change tracks.Linton go out to the people and inform them, irrespective of the crowd,be on record as opposing the government,like Rosie Douglas did.If you are not willing to do that then allow someone else to lead the party.I know you have legal issues to attend to but for crying out loud,let us see more Rosie in your leadership.Also you can do and say things to get the government to overreact thus helping your cause

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