“We mean business” – Hector John

Re-elected Salisbury MP Hector John

United Workers Party candidate and newly re-elected parliamentary representative for the Salisbury constituency Hector John has said that his victory in the 2010 by-elections is an indication that the people of his constituency are an independent people.

Speaking to reporters after his victory in the July 9 by-elections, John said, “It shows a message… not only to the voting community but to the world what the people of Salisbury stand for, what they believe in.”

“I just want to commend the people of the Coulibistrie, Salisbury and Morne Rachette who turned out to send a message to everyone that we mean business when we support a cause…and we support genuinely. We are independent people,” he added.

John secured 772 votes while Dominica Labour Party Candidate Bentley Julien Royer got 415 at Friday’s polls. There were 11 rejected ballots.

John said, “We are sending a message right there to the world that we want independence in Dominica, we want a thriving democracy, and when the people of Dominica ask for something, you the government have to respond in a kind way because we elected you to represent us and not treat us like we are your servants.”

“The people of Salisbury Coulibistri and Morne Rachette are in solidarity with the people of Marigot, the people of Roseau Central and the people of Dominica by extension,” John stated.

John told reporters that “the people of Salisbury have spoken and we will continue to move forward in our quest to ensure that the government address our issues.”

He called on the Prime Minister to address the concerns that he and his supporters have been bringing to the fore front for some time.

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  1. Your Supporter
    July 20, 2010

    Sometimes people love to talk just to hear themselves speak. I congratulate my uncle for his passion for Dominica. You cannot find a more patriotic person to represent the people & great island of ours. Why do people like to criticize when they should be encouraging? I am proud to have an uncle who does not believe in the negative; would address the problematic situations and concentrate on the solutions. When those of you who criticize one can imagine what you are going through in life, something is not right! Why don’t these people have the intellect to realize that Dominica is on the world stage at this moment & we need to focus on what needs to be done? Take a moment & think…are you an intellectual, professional person? Uncle, I would like to remind you of your patriot speech you delivered in front of up to 5000 people at the Madison Square Garden where you received a standing ovation. Everyone was moved by your love for your family & country. When your speech is criticized, remember that moment when you made your family and Dominican’s proud. You have our support & I encourage you to continue to believe in your cause & our people. I thank you for making sure that I understand the importance of being a Dominican, for being empathetic to those in need, for making sure that I am aware of the importance of an education and for raising me with love & respect. Congratulations on your resent re-election! You are the right man to for the job, with God’s speed.

  2. July 17, 2010

    @YES: CONTINUATION: You claim that the Speaker of the House does not have the authority to declare your seat vacant, WHY, then did you contest a Bye Election with NO VOTERS ID, SAME VOTERS LIST AND TO CONTEST IN AN ATTEMPT TO WIN A SEAT YOU CLAIM THAT WAS NOT VACATED???? I have never heard Hon John quote any section of the Constitution or Rules of the house to his followers NEVER, HAVE YOU? PEACE!

  3. @Sout Man:

    Well, there are times when one can speak in terms of singular, and there times when we can use the plural, it depends in what context the word is used.

    Remember now I am not a linguistic major!

    Secondly, my ego can never be hurt.


    Because no one can destroy my self-esteem, I have too much of that. As for that one of the three divisions of my psyche the one we were taught about in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator, between me and reality, enabling me the functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality can’t be shaken.

    And that is simple in comparison to my ” ID ” my superego.

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  4. July 13, 2010

    wishing you well in all what you doing.

  5. One Love
    July 13, 2010

    2-love = 100% victory

  6. Sout Man
    July 13, 2010

    Francisco, read my post again. The errors are not in the headline. They are capitalized for everyone to see. eg, we do not say “problems extendS”, “people sufferS”, “substances causes”. I know your ego is hurt, but this is your game brother. By the way, do not say “I error” It’s I err’

  7. zammy
    July 12, 2010

    Imagine a football match where a team is playin against itself – well well dats no competition. imagine one party having all the seats in the house – dat would be a record for Dominica. we need a top classs opposotion so as to keep the government in check. Opp should always keep a check on the government- when they are doing fine applaud them but when they are out of order – please apply real pressure. Remember t defend the laws and constitution of Da

  8. @Sout Man:

    ” Go to the news item on Young Man to Magistrate: “When I drink my rum, I mad”. Your post has several errors”

    Okay challenge me if you wish, however be careful with what you use to challenge me, because here I am using the precise words expressed by this guy, in quotation, those are his words I used, nonetheless, I see you seem to determine that those are my words, therefore I error.

    I would appreciate it if you would point out exactly what are my mistakes; in the event you would like to zero in on the following ” I doh can laugh,” or something like that; be informed that is deliberate you see.

    It is my way of being sarcastic, and humorous at the same time.

    If you are Dominican, let me remind you ” I doh can laugh” is broken English which means I cannot laugh, okay!

    The very old of our citizens who were uneducated in the English, language, who spoke patios fluently, and never mastered the English language would once in awhile use such terms in my presence when I was a kid, and that’s where I got that.

    Now if you plug me for missing words in a sentence, thus rendering the sentence incomplete, or not easy to interpret, that I will agree with you; however, the crap that most people write, I am way out of that class.

    Certain comments I read, I may become aware when the write make a silly mistake, however, when people write a sentences using phrases such as ” all you all, allu, and stupes, and that sort of nonsense repeatedly, and persons expressing themselves in all capital letters, you know that such comes form people who are not highly scholastically educated.

    In any event, I simply stated the people who involved in the criticism; critiquing each other were all sailing in the same boat, that’s all,

    I know that I am also capable of making mistakes.

    I am very much human also!

    I shall never become upset or angury if you or anyone constructively correct me grammatically, as a matter of fact; I would appreciate that, thus any help I can get to help me develop, and make me into a better person is welcome!

    Nevertheless, we need to remember that Dominicans are not the only people reading what we write, and though I am a humble man, when I boast to people that Dominica has produced some of the highest academic achievers in the Caribbean; I would hope that those I introduce to DNO when they log on, and read some of the crap that I read, I would not wish for them to get behind my back, and laugh.

    It does not have to be perfect English grammar all the time, nonetheless, it must be understood.

    July 12, 2010

    I saw the motorcade.Boy Spags you are a popular parl rep boy.!!But do not take it for granted..Stay close to the constituents and you will be a rock..I LIKE TO SEE THAT GARCON..The other thing to is that your people can’t be bribed.You have this working for you..!!

  10. Sout Man
    July 12, 2010

    @ Francisco Etienne Dods Telemaque: I hate to do this but it’s about time that someone challenges your nonsense.We all make mistakes and everyone does not have the same intellectual capacity and knowledge.People can be given constructive criticism and correction but they should not be the subject of your ridicule when your grammar is just as bad even if you claim to have 4 academic degrees.

    Go to the news item on Young Man to Magistrate: “When I drink my rum, I mad”. Your post has several errors. Your subject/verb agreement is apalling. eg:”….substances that causeS them to LOOSE their sanity”. The word, my friend is lose. LOOSE is LOOOOSE. That’s not your first usage of loose for lose. Here are two others: “this man has some underling (underlying- I’ll give you that typo) problems which extendS….”; “….people who sufferS”. The capital letters are used to highlight your errors.

    You have called me “an idiot and nobody” in relation to the advice given to Hon. Mathew Walter when travelling to the USA. Someone came to my defense and called you an incorrigible a$$hole. Since then you have used incorrigible 3 times in the same post to ridicule people in relation to the construction of international airport in D/A. You have repeatedly used “is been” for is being and “who’s” for whose. It would not matter to us if you were not the one calling us idiots and lecturing us on grammar and capitalization. Even during that lecture you erroneously said that all names werecapitalized without making a distinction between proper annd common names, except when the begin the sentence.

    You also said that it’s only stupid Dominicans who use “up and down’ (paraphrasing) in relation to travel and directions. Why do the smart folks in the USA refer the LOWER 48 states? Man, I’ve been reading your posts closely and I do not want to stoop to your level of arrogance. I won’t call it stupidity because I respect your scholastic achievement of 4 degrees. But I think it’s time that someone stands up to you in defense of all the folks you ridicule. I hope DNO allows this post because you say very demeaning things about their readers. Hey. Francisco, please correct my spelling and grammar. I will humbly accept correction.

  11. Righteous!
    July 12, 2010

    Just another case of “Voting Wrong Too Long, You Can’t Stop.” I hope they will not continue this BS….Soon the people will say that they are not paying taxes……”Taxation without Representation.” Hector and Eddy better represent their people.

  12. Sout Man
    July 12, 2010

    Sir, if you mean business and you stand up for what you believe in, why are you giving up your cause before achieving your objective? If you are so independent, whose idea was it to beg the Speaker of the House of Assembly to excuse you for being absent from the parliament against which you were protesting? Are you now giving legitimacy to the Speaker, the parliament and the government?

  13. Democratic lover
    July 12, 2010

    For a supposedly intelligent individual Hector John talking nonsense. What independence he talking about, does he not know that in 1978 england handed over soveringty to Dominica. Dominica is independent, that is why he could run for election called by the PM. Also two for 20 mean you are the minority not the majority. So just be humble and look ,listen and learn for the future.

  14. Democratic lover
    July 12, 2010

    What is the celebration for, nothing was gained, if anything the UWp should queston why less people turned out to vote. The UWP have a real problem which it is not addressing. the problem is internal. That party have to analyse and come again if it is to be effective as an alternative to the current government. Presently it is not.

  15. mainstay
    July 12, 2010

    It is amazing that when political parties lose the supporters always try to find consolation in crap talk. When UWP lose they lose When Labour lose tey lose.

  16. free up
    July 12, 2010

    It would be very amusing to see the members of the uwp atten the coming sitting of the house after such a grand uproar about democracy, voters id card and cleaning of voters list and all other rubbish and today none of this has not been regularised and the same uwp members are going to the house?? what clowns from cony island!! lol lol lol!!

  17. Galvenize
    July 12, 2010

    WHAT WAS THE GRAND CELEBRATION ABOUT?? a seat that has always been won by the uwp for the past 20 yrs.. That celebration was nothing more than a cry of relief becaus ewe the labourites had you all trembling. this victory has no impact on the plans to be implemented by the labour government and win or loose the situation remains pretty much the same.

  18. BD
    July 12, 2010

    If the Pal.Reps for Marigot and Salisbury are going to Paliament then they still haven’t make their point Skerit still have 18 sits i guess Mr James wanted Hector to lose in Salisbury so that he would become the Opposition Leader but HaHa i want to see who is going to be the Opposition Leader now Hector open your eyes you are smarter than Mr. James he maybe have a degree from god knows when but you got yours a few years so you are smarter than him don’t let him take you for a fool. Peace go to paliament and help out the people of Salisbury.

    July 12, 2010

    Congratulations to the candidate for the DLP in salisbury MR.Bentley Royer for his reverence, Humility and content that he reflected all through this by-election and even after his loss. He has really proven to be a man of class, statue and integrity and that is what makes him VERY different from the candidate for uwp. Keep your head up high and continue making we your supporters of the salisbury constituency very proud and remember always that “THE WORDS SPOKEN BY THE WISE BRINGS THEM FAVOR BUT THE LIPS PF FOOLS CONSUME THEM” and in a matter of time we will see this revelation will be fullfilled. HOLD on Mr.Royer and God Bless You!!

  20. observer
    July 12, 2010

    @Madam Speak It: your point about we are not independent because we are so dependent on Venezuela, China and Japan; to me says nothings. Look at the United States. Are they not independent? But yet still they depend on China for sooooo many things. What is the United States debt? Do you at least have an idea?
    We are not dependent on theses countries. We simply get assistance from them. my 2cents

  21. ” Setups, all you all; ” all you; words, that are not found in any dictionary, poor grammar!

    It would appear that all are sailing backwards up a creak without an engine, yet they are criticizing each other.

    So, let me add my bit here and say: ” I doh can laugh eh.”


  22. YES
    July 12, 2010

    Congratulations to you Mr John and the people of your constituency.It shows that the people understood the stance that you and mr James took, and they supported it.These people i must also admit seem to be politically mature, and will not depend on handout to vote.This is what it means when we are told to work hard and be independent.When you are independent, you cannot be bought,politicians are your servants and not your masters.They are your masters whenever they keep you in poverty,by giving you $50 when you go to them.
    By the way we are politically independent,but not economically independent.That ecomonic independence is a far fetched issue and may be i won’t see it in my lifetime.Not with the demise of agriculture in the way it is presently and the lack of pro active thinking by this regime headed by this arrogant man.SALISBURY YOU ALL LEAD THE WAY,AND CONTINUE TO DO SO!!!!!!

  23. July 12, 2010

    Mr. John, you are new in the game. Mr. ..s and other fellows begun the financial and political bobol trend in Dominica so they are well versed with all the tricks of the trade. They would also know how to conceptualize what went on in the 2009 elections because they were once there, been there done that; it’s nothing new really.

    It is therefore unfortuneate that we Dominicans allow ourselves to be brain washed whenever our party is either in or out of power, because we forget the reasons why we voted in one party and elected another.

    True independence will only come when these politicians stop treating us like fools, and when we stop ourselves from suffering from amnesia of convenience when our party is in or out of power. All of this cry for ‘independence’ is just foul for as far am I’m concerned, because NOT ONE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER.

  24. Madam Speak It
    July 12, 2010

    @Patat: Hi Patat we are not independent in the true sence of the word Independent. If we were why is our leader so DEPENDENT on venezuela, China and Japan. Why is it that what ever these 3 countries tells us to do wh got to do or else???? I believe its ur face that was turned away from the black board.

    How can we be independent when you all are a slave to the DLP. All of you were placed under a RED SPELL by drinking that RED COOL AID and what ever DLP says to do you all do without questioning. When Skerro say to jump all you all say is how High and jump. lol
    Way to go UWP. AM so proud of the people of Salisbury and Marigot they are the only set of people in Dominica that have morals

  25. I watching you
    July 12, 2010

    You stupid wee pappa. I wonder what language you did your civics, it cannot be in english!!!!. Nobody never whisper in your ears that Dominica have “INDEPENDENCE” on a peice of papa but not in their mind and actions.

    Stupes. i was going to give you some advice but you may yet again misunderstand. its clear you have the horse and river syndrom.

  26. Patat
    July 12, 2010

    We the people of Dominica want independence!!!

    Young man it is clear that your face was not to the blackboard at school and that you might have been born just yesterday and never did civics or social studies.

    A short man with a complex get Dominica Independence in 1978 November 3.

    Think before you talk at all times.

    If is so you talking in public , well papa is not when you in d August body that you will not be novoss!!! That house is not d improv – no comedy

    Alas Salisbury again!!! Another instrument in d making.

  27. July 12, 2010

    isn’t that the same electorial list come on politicians we are not stupid either all of you all are the same hah hah hah hah hah still in opposition.

  28. What now?
    July 12, 2010

    So what happens now? Are they going to boycott again? Because the last I heard, no electoral reform took place, the December election results still stands, absolutely nothing has changed, and they gave everybody a ticket to criticize and ridicule them. I know UWP really think they made a point, but the biggest point they managed to make was that they are weak against the DLP, they are ineffectual, and no one-except poto UWP followers has confidence in them to make anything happen now. This nonesense about their constituency wanted them to boycott was just that, nonesense. As a leader, you have to listen to your contituency yes, but you cannot just do whatever they want even if it is not the their best interest. If your contituency aksed you to take down on the speed bumps and stop signs in the village because it slowing them down too much and it taking longer to get to work, would you? Wouln’t you tell them that it is in the best interest to keep the village and the children safe to have speed bumps and stop signs? You have to guide people and make the best decisions for them too, not just anything they want you to do. I hope they do what they should have done in the first place before this zehzeh which is to sit in parliament and voice their opinions where it counts. It does not matter if they are shut out, but if they show they can stand up to government and they can make some strong points maybe they can show that UWP is still viable. Go there and be smart, meticulous, and calm.

  29. Anonymous
    July 12, 2010

    Please. With more than 50 percent of registered voters not voting? In a so-called UWP “stronghold” I expected a large voter turn out with the UWP getting at least 80 percent of the votes. With 2, 624 registered voters and Hector John receiving 772 votes is not a huge win really.

    One might argue that some of the people on the voters list might be dead or have migrated or whatever but it cannot be more than half.

    This means only die hard supporters voted while the majority stayed away. It is a referendum on the general leadership of the UWP when the majority of their supporters don’t vote.

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