Press Tour and U.S. Assistance to Dominica

U.S. Military personnel and USAID’s Caribbean Hurricanes Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) distribute relief supplies to local residents on Dominica.

Embassy Bridgetown arranged a press tour to Dominica for three prominent regional TV stations (Antigua’s ABS, Barbados’s CBC, and St Lucia’s HTS).  The journalists had the opportunity to see firsthand the range of USG efforts.  They were given a briefing by USAID regarding their work on the ground in Dominica, which highlighted how they coordinated closely with local officials to determine where to concentrate their relief efforts.  The press team then traveled to a village that belonged to the indigenous Kalinago people. 

 Soon after the team’s arrival, two Chinook helicopters landed in a cricket field where U.S. military, USAID’s Caribbean Hurricanes Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), and locals together unloaded flour, rice, and personal hygiene supplies for delivery.  The US Army Chinook also brought in a team from the World Health Organization/ Pan American Health Organization to participate in the relief efforts. Additionally, the press was able to interview the Chief of the Kalinago people and another representative of the Dominican government along with many locals who expressed their gratitude for U.S. relief efforts.

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  1. Massacre
    October 12, 2017

    Once again this reminds me of the times after hurricane David. Good to see that the U.S i h eloping out even in times when they themselves have so many natural disasters .
    Let us hope the relief is getting to the people on a timely basis. The Aid should be distributed by the local population AND NOT by Political Representatives who do not even reside in the constituency that they represent.
    Skerrro has to put pride and selfishness away and accept all opposition requests to join the relief effort. After everyone is fed and things are fully back to normal then we can go back on the political stage. That’s what we did after Hurricane David, Charles Saverin can attest to that .

  2. Justice Maria
    October 11, 2017

    I know many of you are upset and want me to shut up; but I shall not stop I shall not hold my peace because when concerned citizens saw the evils of Skerrit and warned us, we took no heed but instead you screamed crucify them, crucify them, give us the criminal instead, as it were! So we our police dressed in their army fatigue and their weapons of war to their homes at 5 oclock in the morning, to arrest them as though they were common criminals and we said nothing. So they arrested good people like Dr. Sam who is now nursing the wounds of the wounded for free; Dr. Fontaine and Joshua who, on the day of Maria on the radio warning people about the dangerous Maria; they arrested a men like Boso and Sandford who would not even harm a fly; arrested sam and threatened to arrest more and we said nothing as if these good people were common criminals; but Monfared the known wanted Iranian criminal, was housed right here in Dominica and we dinned with him and called him good man that love us.

    • Justice Maria
      October 11, 2017

      Maria confirmed to us that when man thinks he is in control and can do what he wants to whom he wants, God whose eyes run to and fro across the land, will one day visit us in his wrath and fury to let us know that NO man is in control and only He will judge at his time. Sorry we are all weeping and in tears today but we have to blame ourselves for not taking heed and for helping evil to prevail. I am in deed devastated especially for the good men and women that would cry against evil every day and to see them trapped in this wrath while Skerrit has protected his family in the US, Tony did the same and is on record saying his wife and son are safe in Florida, but the majority are trapped in DA and can’t even run to neiboring Guada.

      • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
        October 12, 2017

        People as you are too presumptuous. Do not put yourself on a pedestal and assume that you are so good and better than others. It is ignorance and hypocrisy. Stop judging for you are no different; maybe worst.

    • roseau
      October 12, 2017

      Get a life !!!! Concentrate on rebuilding DA

  3. The Evangelist
    October 11, 2017

    As the Evangelist expect me to ask the hard spiritual questions that led to our destruction. As I think of what Maria did to us I ask myself the following question:

    1. Why did God not spear us just as he speared Jerusalem from destruction after David yielded to the temptation of numbering God’s people in 1 Chronicles 21:1-17. For the sin of David, God had already sent pestilence that had already killed over 70,000 men. After David repented and took full responsibility, GOD sent stopped the angel from completely destroying Jerusalem. Is it that our government did not take responsibility for their evil?

    2. In Gen. 18, before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah , he assured Abraham that if he foun 10 righteous people in the land he would not destroy it. Unfortunately Abraham stopped pleading because maybe he thought there were 10 righteous people in the land. God did not fin 10, so the land was destroyed. DA did not have 10 righteous people because majority sold themselves to Skerrit?

    • The Evangelist
      October 11, 2017

      In Genesis 6, we again saw the destruction of not a city, country, or island but the destruction of the entire universe because the evil of man increased on the earth and more God warned is more they got corrupt. God destroyed the earth and ONLY 8 members of Noah’s family saved. Again, when evil is on the rise to the point where wrong is seen as good and good is judged as evil, to save future generations from accepting Evil instead of Good, God usually destroyed evil so others could learn.

      Could this be what happened to our beautiful country? I strongly believe so! To make things worse, the church supported all these evil things taking place to the point that one went on national radio to BLTANTLY LIE about villas he knew nothing about, instead of getting a rebuke from his pastor who knew he was lying, it was that same pastor that signed with him for an appeal.

      The church got so evil that they use to say adultery was wrong but when it was their boy, they said it was now right.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      October 12, 2017

      If you are in Dominica, you are fortunate you are still alive. It could have been worst.
      Leave God out of it. Despite what occurred during Hurricane Maria, He has been good to Dominica. He could have totally destroyed it and everyone in Dominica.
      You people should learn a lesson and be kind to one another. Note the comments of some of them. These think that others are responsible for Hurricane Maria when they very well contributed to it and its wrath by their words and actions; a punishment for them. The pot always calls the kettle black. Some have not yet learned that. It may take another disaster to wipe them out.

  4. Justice Maria
    October 11, 2017

    Where are those foreign Judges, those magistrates and police that were doing everything to ensure Skerrit stays for life? Where are those in the election commission that were on a mission to keep evil in power for good? Where are people like the Evangelist who use to go and knock houses to deliver corrupt packages during the election, as though they were FEDEX? Where are those Bishops and pastors that allowed Skerrit to silence them with corrupt gifts? Did the Church roofs survive the wrath of Maria? Are the air condition units still working? Where are those that would say “God has blessed Skerrit”? What about the one that referred to him as Jesus? Now they crying. Hope their so called jesus who could not deliver them from Maria, come to the their rescue.
    When God sent prophets to say what Skerrit was doing was wrong and Dominica would pay for that, we looked for ways to jail them just to keep wrong in power. Is there not a cause? When we cried we were crucified now all crying

  5. Justice Maria
    October 11, 2017

    We did not have to become a reproach of the caribbean. No, WE DID NOT have to be destroyed if ONLY we had listened to the prophets that kept warning us day after day. The once beautiful island, the envy of the world, the garden of Eden has been destroyed! Some blame this on hurricane Maria, but I see it God’s judgement on us.
    The walls of the once beautiful island was destroyed by PM Skerrit and his thugs. Because he knew he was loved, he used his love to destroy everything that made us strong from the church, the police, the village / town council, the laws and constitution, the judiciary, the unity, the politics and just about everything. To make things worse, the CHURCH that should be crying against what was happening, were either part of the decay or supported it. Issues the church should cry against like the alleged sexual abuse we all knew about they supported it and even ask for UWP leaders to be charged for saying it’ wrong. We got very bad so Maria speared none.

  6. Ave Maria
    October 11, 2017

    Upon hearing of Hurricane Irma to hit Florida, here are some quotes from governor Rick Scott’s warning: “I want everybody to understand the importance of this. This is bigger than Andrew” “We can rebuild your home. We can’t rebuild your life.” “Prepare and take care of your family.”

    Here is PM Skerrit:
    “This is not a system, based on advice, that will linger very long, therefore the goal must not be on stockpiling supplies but the mitigating damage caused by flying objects as well as fallen trees, shrubs etc.”

    Clearly one of these leaders was wise & the other was not. I will not give my opinion here but will allow the spin doctors like “Truth -Original” of Canada, Emile and others to tell us which one acted as a wise leader and who acted like the foolish virgins that did not prepare. Let me quote another passage: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; Jude 1:23
    What U think?

  7. Ave Maria
    October 11, 2017

    This years hurricane season especially Irma and Maria, reminds me of the parable Jesus (not Skero) spoke about in Matthew 25, where 5 were wise and five were foolish. The five wise ones prepared while the five foolish ones did not prepare. This years hurricane season so far, has revaled the wise leader from the not too wise leaders, for example:

    Upon hearing of Hurricane Irma to hit Florida, here are some quotes from governor Rick Scott warning residents: “I want everybody to understand the importance of this. This is bigger than Andrew” “We can rebuild your home. We can’t rebuild your life,” he said. “Prepare and take care of your family.” Here is PM Skerrit:
    “This is not a system, based on advice, that will linger very long, therefore the goal must not be on stockpiling supplies but the mitigating damage caused by flying objects as well as fallen trees, shrubs etc.”
    Is this wise?

  8. Leanda
    October 11, 2017

    hello, is there anyone who knows how it’s with rock bayers of sunset bay clus? i am fam. from Belgium thank you .. leanda

  9. Let The Truth Be Known - Original
    October 10, 2017

    A special thank you to the US and all other countries who are assisting Dominica. Note their goodness, kindness and generosity. These are not without compassion for Dominican residents who experienced the wrath of Hurricane Maria.
    God is blessing you and will continue to bless you for all you are doing for Dominica and its residents.
    Wherever Dominicans reside, we must all be appreciative and grateful to you.
    May God keep you safe while you are in Dominica, during your travels to, from, when returning and back to your respective countries. We know, if need be you will return again to help.
    A million thanks also on behalf of Dominicans who experienced Hurricane Maria. Due to their present circumstances, they may not be able to tell you but we who are abroad can do so on their behalf. We are all Dominicans, wherever we reside.

  10. barreiro
    October 10, 2017

    Solidaridad con la Comunidad Británica de Naciones-

    • UK Dominican
      October 12, 2017

      Gracias barreiro, yes it is better than Alba, I agree.

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