Prime Minister Skerrit’s letter to RUSM President & CEO

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit & Lisa Wardell President and CEO of Adtalem

There’s been a firestorm of controversy surrounding the decision, announced on August 3, 2018, by Adtalem Global Education, the owners of Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), to permanently relocate RUSM from its 40 year-old home in Dominica to the sister CARICOM country of Barbados.

One of the major talking points has been the role of the government in negotiations prior to Adtalem’s decision. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has come in for some scathing criticism from the official opposition and other members of the public for not doing enough to prevent the medical school, which was a major contributor to Dominica’s economy, from leaving.

In rejecting this criticism, defenders of the prime minister have circulated a letter which, it appears, was sent by Mr. Skerrit to the President and CEO of Adtalem, Lisa Wardell, in July.

The entire letter is posted below.

Download (PDF, 712KB)

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  1. August 13, 2018

    Skerrit boy (Punjab PhD) you can write all the letters you want and cry and lie as much as you want; what did you think when you all around the world calling the USA all kinds of names and insulting them; you in bed with Chavez and other despots around the world; did you not expect that one of these days the USA was going to kick you in the butt where it hurts. Dominicans wake up smell the coffee and look at the bigger picture.

  2. August 13, 2018

    This was a business decision by Ross and not a personal attack. Stop all that foolish noise.

  3. Still Lamenting over Broken eggs
    August 13, 2018

    Ross and its people are gone. Breakdown the building and build a theme park, museum, a mini-mall, restaurants. Arcade, learning center, DO SOMETHING !!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

    How long is LP and UWP equals DOMINICANS going to fight backwards.

    Look for future developments…PEOPLE

  4. Pearl
    August 12, 2018

    July 9th, 2018? What about the months in between? By July the PM knew Ross was leaving. This letter is nothing more than a smokescreen in an attempt to avoid responsibility because He knew the Public would be asking questions.

  5. Nacinimod
    August 12, 2018

    As this July 20 video suggests everybody in Portsmouth knew that Ross was moving to Barbados, except the Government in power, UWP notwithstanding. With leadership like that it is no wonder the island is a basket case.

  6. Same old same old
    August 12, 2018

    Clearly this letter shows that Ross did not buy any of the lies of Skerrit’. They waited until the budget debate ended to see if it would include plans for an international airport that was suppose to start next year and when they saw is the same old same old lies of Skerrit’they must have said they will not be like Ian Douglas that said Skerrit fooled him many times but for love of party he taking some more blows. So based on all of the above Ross said we love Dominica alright but we have no confidence in Skerrit and it’s time to run out.

  7. Desmond
    August 12, 2018

    Human beings always like evidence especially in the realm of politics, well isn’t Skerrits letter proof enough? I honestly think, Motley is under pressure because of her overwhelming mandate at the polls and she is desperate even at the point of undermining her neighbors to mileage.
    The evidence shows all parties on the ground worked overtime to ensure Ross was being encouraged, but not having pity on the devastation done by Maria, Motley grew selfish and decided every man for himself. What goes around, comes around. But for 40 yrs of being home grown, Ross was very unethical and unconscionable to just turn away from Dominica knowing how hard they were working to restore the university. To me, its heartless. God is good all the time. Have faith, there must be better than Ross.

  8. that is it
    August 12, 2018

    the man had how much money hidden away he say he was saving for airport and instead of using that money to quickly rebuild the island and help the people on the island he run around playing brokes begging for aid and relief . then budget come u miraculously saying u had how much millions saved up for international airport that going to take 2 years to build and used shipping container for terminal . instead of telling him go leave for all the good that you have done “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go!”

  9. outside looking in
    August 12, 2018

    For the hour has now come when we are to be put to the test, as the innocent people of Dominica are being tested already. And you and I must rally behind a new leader, and with our united strength, and with unshakeable courage fight, and work until this wild beast, which has sprung out of his lair upon us, has been finally disarmed and overthrown

  10. LifeandDeath
    August 12, 2018

    Soooo, like he wrote Ross and tell them everything nice and Dandy so come back soon and on the other hand Motley is saying the same Gov’t officials in Dominica tells her Dominica woud NOT be ready even by January, 2019…and now Skerrit also write his Citizens to say don’t bash Motley or Barbados..but the real question is who is Lying, Motley or Skerrit?
    If this is not the last straw to break the camel back, that means Dominica has no proverbial camel again..Skerrit is a sample politician of all what a real caring and dedicated Prime Minister should NOT do.. Lies, Lies and more Lies, too bad they couldn’t work with Ross as well as they work with Dominicans.

  11. Truth Be Told
    August 12, 2018

    This is the most shameful and mediocre public attempt at a coverup that I have ever read from a Government, since Richard Nixon! A letter written after Ross decision, for this Government to save face, still does not tell us what you negotiated to attempt to keep Ross. What did Ross ask for, and when? And when did you tell Ross what they could have and could not have? And you could not have waited until 9th July to tell them in this foolish letter which says nothing! What were Ross demands? And what was your offer? And when did you negotiate?

    August 12, 2018

    More nonsense and crazyness from this backward DLP “Evil Dr Supremo” cabal< one would think for the leader of a nation. dealing with a company/ university, that has been there for 40 years, he would have a direct phone number to Ms wardell, and call her. Or on one of his many trip to america, he could have taken time from the cocktail parties and go the the offices of Ross/Adtalem. Not once has he said he has ever met or schedule a meeting with anyone from Ross. And mostly likely this crazy letter was never mailed.

  13. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 12, 2018

    I keep insisting that the main reason Ross left Dominica is because if the absent of an International Airport,; there is nothing in that letter letter that was not dictated and written by Roosevelt that Ross had not heard before.

    “I can share with you that our plans for building an International Airport is proceeding smoothly” (Roosevelt Skerrit). this is a idiot who was on Radio a few short weeks ago talking crap about he is does not have to build a terminal building he can stack three cargo containers together, clear some land,  for a runway, and passenger jets will come landing on his dirt runway in Dominica

    Going on Radio talking that sort of crap was all it took  to conclude Roosevelt is liar and a joke, so they left!

    “Our plans for building International Airport.” Roosevelt is a the joke of the Caribbean as they say with the most plans for doing everything, by the time he stop talking nothing gets started or  done.

    Lesson taught!

  14. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 12, 2018

    A letter is simply words written on paper, even if such stupid words were written in stone, if it  made any sense, anything new was said that Ross authorities had not heard before maybe it might influence Ross University to stay.

    Roosevelt is a pathological liar, who has been lying to, everybody about what he is going to do in Dominica to improve on the nation backwardness; ” I am going to take Dominica to the next level.”

    “I am going to transform Dominica.”  The term transforming, and taking Dominica to the next level is one of the same! The rest of the Caribbean is going to use Dominica as a model to develop their country, when they all are more developed than Dominica, they all have International Airports which we do not have making it difficult for Ross students which are all foreign getting to Dominica.

    Now they are in Barbados They can get direct International flights directly to Barbados!

    Your letter is hogwash;  written by Bajan Hartley!

  15. August 12, 2018

    Skerrit you so full of it that I can take the smell in your letter. Like Joseph Issac would say “reel and come again”.

  16. Perfect idiot
    August 12, 2018

    The attack on Ms. Mottley was carefully planned I believe. It’s an evil team and team mates I supposed came with their game plan before an announcement about Ross departure was made. Here is what their game plan is like 1. Reggie runs ahead and blame UWP 2 Skerrit runs ahead of Ross not only to announce their departure but most importantly, to clear Ross of any fault and instead blame it on Maria. 2. Knowing it will not hold water Skerrit attack dog Herbert Volney, blames Barbados 4. Somehow they brought Vince down and Tony and Vince joined Volney in a more clever way to blame Barbados . I guess they were hoping the uwp would join them in their attack of Barbados so they could accuse uwp later of attacking Barbados and Ms. Mottley. Also, they were hoping uwp would get distracted and not raise the questions they have been raising about an inquiry and the failure of Skerrit to save Ross. But they failed miserably as UWP did not take their bate and remained focused on the real issue.

  17. August 11, 2018

    I don’t like what’s going on in DA I think the Prime Minister Roosevelt skerrit driving the bus too slow .we need a faster driver. To drive us to the international airport. He driving slow an he still end up crushing Ross given Barbados a road map on the 31 of may.And Roosevelt skerrit on the 7th of August, I’m sorry prime minister Roosevelt skerrit I think you sitting in the driver’s seat too long you driving too slow it’s time to give another driver to drive.we need an international airport to take us where we need to go

  18. Randolph Joseph
    August 11, 2018

    Roseau River, I agree with you. Its easier said than done, but we need to get over Ross and move on. We have survived a number of devastating hurricanes and managed to bounce back. We are a tough, resilient people. We can handle this. Personally, I see an upside to Ross living. We need that location for a jet airport. I am just hoping that Skerritt and his cabinet take advantage of the opportunity.

  19. Ibo France
    August 11, 2018

    The DLP leader, ministers and diehards are out in full force trying their utmost best to mislead and confuse the country. They have used letters, voodoo mathematics, talk shows , social media to convince Dominicans that they are not to be blamed for the present saga. Government’s delinquency, negligence, ineptitude, folly, procrastination and lack of vision are directly responsible for the dark cloud hovering over the country. Sweep them out next election. Not one seat for them.

  20. Shaka Zulu
    August 11, 2018

    Mr. Skerrit sounds like he is responding to some request.. I would like to see what Wardell requested on behalf of Ross and when. That letter sure sounds like it had nothing to do with Moria.

    • LifeandDeath
      August 12, 2018

      my point exactly, why he feels that he can publish his letter and not show what Ross responded. If Skerrit ain’t missing a part of his brain idk why he not using it..because apparently he thinks that half of his brain is smart enough to fool all Dominicans..

  21. Channel 1
    August 11, 2018

    Very interesting. Folks, there are a few things which can be deciphered from that letter:

    1. Ross indeed made requests to the government to improve certain things in Dominica – requests which may have been existing for a number of years – which would help the school remain an attractive option for medical studies.

    Ross has to compete with an increase in the number of onshore US medical schools plus SGU in Grenada, AUC in St Maarten and the one is Saba. SGU, Ross, AUC and the Saba school are considered the “Big 4” medical schools in the Caribbean.

    Skerrit & his government through incompetence extraordinaire failed to live up to Ross requests.

    2. There MAY be a chance that Ross could be brought back to Dominica

    Moving forward:
    1. Skerrit & his government should resign forthwith or call elections NOW

    2. The new UWP government need to send a very high level, serious delegation to Adtalem to negotiate a complete or partial return of the university to Dominica

  22. Patriot
    August 11, 2018

    When the government was offering Ross the piece of land to expand, Portsmouth people demonstrated. And they demonstrated because of politics. Now Ross is gone and they are complaining..

  23. Pioneer
    August 11, 2018

    It occurs to me that each of the points brought up in the letter are requirements Ross made long before the hurricane and Skerritt chose to ignore them thinking that Ross would never leave. He gambled Dominica’s economy and lost big time. That letter, if legitimate, was an act of desperation. Maybe that’s when he got wind that Ross is really leaving and he shot this off hoping to appease them. Too late wonder boy. You gambled wrong this time. I think that Ross woman finally got fed up of your ass. How is it that Skerritt didn’t know of the Barbados deal from the inception? His people let him down.
    Just wait till Ross gives their version, wait till they have to defend their reputation. Heads should definitely roll but Dominicans are a totally different breed of people. That’s the only people who stand and look while their destiny is pulled from under their feet. Hurricane Ross will be far more painful than Erica and Maria…

  24. NEWBIE
    August 11, 2018

    That letter is damage control. It also shows how concerned you were about investors who contribute significantly to your country.
    Two months after Ross met with Barbados, and Mia message you on your watsup and told you they met with her government, two months later you circulating a pretence letter. talking about updates???? Strupesss… Skerrit you can only fool those who as stupid as you.
    You only circulating this fake letter now, because your incompetence and that of your Government is blatant.
    Boss.. you failed… you drop the ball big time.
    We now see you for what you really are.. a failure.

  25. Lash
    August 11, 2018

    What is the point of this letter? Ian Douglas as well ask the PM already knew Ross was gone. why would you send a letter on JULY 9th. Ross had already discussed and ENDED their agreements and partnership with the Prime Minister atleast 3 months before that letter was made. This looks like an attempt to continue fooling tell people.of Dominica. This is very sad. I am a Labourite and shame and fedup of this disrespect and incompetence. Stop abusing Dominicans to fatten your pockets Skerrit. Ian Douglas you need to step down. You are a disgrace to your father’s legacy. Get out! Get out. Portsmouth is tired of your laziness. Let somebody else represent the people. You haven’t been doing anything at all to enrich your town. Your uncle is probably rolling in his grave. that man Roosevelt Douglas is why we had Ross here. You helped destroy that. Get Out! Portsmouth voted Labour wishing it wasn’t a vote for you.

  26. Diogenes
    August 11, 2018

    When writing anything, one a should consider the background of the person who one is addressing. Judge for yourself how the Honorable PM’s text may be perceived.
    Lisa Wardell is President/CEO of Adtalem Global Education, a 2 billion US$ company listed at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). To be CEO of a NYSE company, one has to be somebody. When appointed, the Chairman commented “the Board believes that Lisa provides a strategic vision and roadmap for the rapid acceleration” Lisa is proud of the progress she has made in her career, and as the only African-American female CEO in the Fortune 1000. She was named to Savoy Magazine’s Power 300 most Influential Black Corporate Directors list of 300 influential African-American directors serving on the boards of companies, highlighting success and achievement.
    Lisa holds a Juris Doctor. A Master’s of Business Administration (major in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management) and a Bachelor’s in Political Science (minor in African Studies).

  27. Suelee
    August 11, 2018

    Let us see the response to this letter

  28. JBaptiste
    August 11, 2018

    Sorry Mr PM,but if that’s your attempt to put our minds at ease come again. It’s actually embarrassing. It’s not enough that you promise your very gullible supporters an international airport you trying to con Ross too. After all they have been here for 40 years and they sure have heard of the promises. You and your team need to face reality. You lack the capacity to lead Dominica anywhere, and I am simply paraphrasing what the CEO of Adtalem said. She sure seems bright.

  29. Child of Itassi
    August 11, 2018

    Coming from the leader of a country, this is such a disgraceful piece of crap! Lisa Wardell and her staff must still be laughing.

    “We have been advised that the airpot could be completed two years after the contract has been signed.”

    What in God’s name is an airpot? Boy go and give that doctorate back. You don’t deserve it.
    Dr. Punjab has become addicted to his Red Ants believing his lies and promises that he thinks it works on everybody.

    As a little boy in Vieille Case did you forget the saying:
    Bèf ka soté là bayè ba.
    (Cows jump where the fence is lowest)
    Ross jumped, but your list of promises was too high.

    • Man bites dogs
      August 12, 2018

      @ Child of whatever that’s, What the hell you on about? Shut your crap and get back to your cage with a bottle of Vodka, OH and don’t forget the donkey!!!!

  30. Provide the Other Documents and The Contract
    August 11, 2018

    Good to see the Skerrit regime is responding by releasing some documents. Now, release the governing Ross contract and email which show us the timeline. You still have a chance to be honest and transparent. No more lies, spin and sending attack dogs behind the patriots. Time draweth nigh as Dominica is in the ICU with this craven style of governance. Dominica cannot take more of this rot.

  31. viewsexpressed
    August 11, 2018

    This is obvious a fake and last minute rush of a letter by this clown PM of Domininca. Shame ….shame….shame…..shame. this inept PM has no respect for us Dominicans and appears t be extremely immature and childish in his works. It appears that his diapers must be change regular by so called close compatriots and comrades who are not qualified enough to advise and guide him on the bigger picture of how best to address to the matters of Ross departure. Now we seeing a rush letter that makes no sense but better sent to a youth group in Vielle Case where he belongs. Domininca has been shamed and reduce to poverty by this failed Skerrit and comical Bunch f Labour minister and blind supporters.
    Skerrit must Go and corrupt labour must go Now…now…now.. We need peace and better trusted people to run our island. We have a decent leader and a decent party to take over government. They will perform.

  32. %
    August 11, 2018

    I am still confused… Didn’t you tell Mis Motley that the school,RUSM would not be ready for classes by January 2019.Your discussions with Ross and Mis Motley don’t see to be the same thing as pertains to RUSM.Come clean brother,Come Clean!!!
    You Need To Go
    You Need To Go
    You Need To GoNow
    Too Many Egregious Lies

    • %
      August 12, 2018

      Mia Motley,,, seem.

  33. Iamanidiot
    August 11, 2018

    Letter was dated July 9th, Ross approached Barbados May 31st, was this letter written as a reaction to learning that Ross contacted Barbados? Where was the letter written in January, February, March , April , May To let Ross know these things happening?

  34. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    August 11, 2018

    we have the best media people ever created going back ant forth bout a letter. not one of them is asking if there was a reply

  35. letter?
    August 11, 2018

    Which letter? The one that was made up to deceit?

  36. Making Millions Selling passports
    August 11, 2018

    Dominicans check that letter carefully. All Gov’t letter heads have a REFERENCE No. ( REF. then the number.) where is it?

    Mia Motley confirmed that since May, 2018, her Barbados Gov’t was approached, things was happening re. RUSM putting plans in place to move RUSM to Barbados. Who approached Motley? Who knew what? when?, then comes that letter from Skerritt? The horse (RUSM) had already bolted out of the barn. LETTER?

    If that letter ever existed, was sent to the Barbados Gov’t, why didn’t journalists in Dominica do their research to verify? Many believe that letter was a concoction, a further excuse. DECEIT. They care not whether the people of Portsmouth and Dominica make a decent living through their own initiatives or businesses. Their strategy is to get citizens to come to them to BEG. Where is the money for SMALL BUSINESS Skerritt and DLP boast about and was available?

    TOTAL FAILURE Skerritt and his DLP GOV’T. They making MILLIONS selling our…

  37. FBI Agent
    August 11, 2018

    This letter really stripped Skerrit and the DLP administration naked. Before reading the letter I felt they were lying to us but not that I read it is clear that a something more than a lie may have happened which to me requires an independent investigation. I mean Skerrit rushed to inform us that Ross was going to close down but before Ross said a thing PM Skerrit told us that Ross did everything that they could have done and that Ross is not at fault. So if according to the letter, Ross was assured that works were ahead of schedule to the point that reopening of school could even be earlier than previous agreed, why 3 weeks later Ross decided to quit and Skerrit is not holding them responsible for breaching the 25 year agreement he said was renewed just 3 years ago? Why not post letter b4 and after the one above so we could see the truth? Why Skerrit cleared Ross and Barbados of any fault? That letter opened a CAN of WORMS and we shall block our nose to inspect the can of worms

  38. Roy Williams
    August 11, 2018

    This letter appears to be honest or genuine. My concern is, why wasn’t that letter taken full stage during Skeritt’s address the nation. Why have we not heard of any legal actions being taken against RUSM. I wrote on social media, Skeritt had no interest in Ross returning to Dominica. I further wrote, Skeritt, because of his connection with Barbados, for instance, his political advisor, communication director and economic advisor, it is alleged, are working for the government of Barbados, their was a kind of behind the scene action by him, for Mottley to win favor with RUSM. It is alleged, Trinidad and Tobago and at least three other Caribbean Countries were interested.

  39. The Evangelist?
    August 11, 2018

    After reading the letter I am forced to remember a warning Matt gives every morning before he opens his lines for his Hot Seat. “It is better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Well quite clearly whoever put out this letter of Skerrit did not take Matt advise because they did the opposite of what they should not have done and I now have NO doubt whatsoever that something went very wrong to the point that I have to start to wonder, if secret money can talk.
    First, why post the July 9 letter of Skerrit without putting out letters wrote before and then the response of Ross? Quite clearly there was a letter from Ross stating what they wanted to see from Skerrit so we could see if Skerrit delivered or not. This letter reminds me of the story of king Saul in 1 Sam. 15: 3-23, where Saul disobeyed God and then lied thinking he would escape. Also, if this letter is to be believed why was Skerrit defending both Ross and Barbados instead of suing them?

  40. August 11, 2018

    My fellow citizens, brothers and sisters, patriots, after reading this letter, I have come to the conclusion that this letter is nothing more than a hodgepodge of empty words that tells the country absolutely nothing. To come clean, the prime minister must publish the official list of the requirements that the government had to meet in order for RUSM to remain in Dominica. Written garbage on government letterhead does not make it official. This is nothing more than a stupidity defense by the prime minister in order to appease his supporters. Skerrit F***ed up and there is no question. He did not tell the CEO of RUSM how he had met the requirements. It was not about FLOW or DIGICEL. They did their part. What did the Government do? Was the government’s requirements met? The government’s incompetence is telling even in this letter and if I were Skerrit I would not have made this pile of B**LS**T public. I think this government has failed Dominica and it should resign. The entire CABAL.

  41. Neville
    August 11, 2018

    The same lies he dishes out to the Citizens of Dominica he tried to sell to the CEO. Problem for him is, this woman is not as gulible. She probably heard it all before in particular the pie in the sky Airport.
    Skerrit, stop clutching on straws. We all know your time is over. You overstepped the mark too many times.

  42. August 11, 2018

    My fellow citizens, brothers and sisters, patriots, after reading this letter, I have come to the conclusion that this letter is nothing more than a hodgepodge of empty words that tells the country absolutely nothing. To come clean, the prime minister must publish the official list of the requirements that the government had to meet in order for RUSM to remain in Dominica. Written garbage on government letterhead does not make it official. This is nothing more than a stupidity defense by the prime minister in order to appease his supporters. Skerrit F***ed up and there is no question. He did not tell the CEO of RUSM how he had met the requirements. It was not about FLOW or DIGICEL. They did their part. What did the Government do? Was the government’s requirements met? The government’s incompetence is telling even in this letter and if I were Skerrit I would not have made this pile of B**LS**T public. I think this government has failed Dominica and it should resign. The entire CABAL.

  43. jus cool
    August 11, 2018

    “RUSM had concerns about air access, and was also familiar with promises before each of the last three or so elections, of plans for an international airport”bdos news article… doesn’t take a blind man to see these ppl were fed up with empty promises :wink:

  44. Charlie Rose
    August 11, 2018

    I didn’t even read the whole letter as it begins by sounding very impersonal, hind sight and sincerely fake. Who is the genius that wrote this? The whole fiasco should have been facilitated by constant communication, over the years, point by point, assigned to people both on gov’t side and at the company to oversee smooth running and completion of one assignment after another; in order to ensure a CHUNK OF YOUR ECONOMY (as Vince puts it 7%) is taken care of and NOT LEFT TO CHANCE and personal opinion when dealing with business people of this magnitude. As the saying goes – Hind-sight is 20/20…You Snooze … You Loose!
    What an expensive lesson to learn.

  45. LaPlaine Observer
    August 11, 2018

    This letter is ladened with flaws, misinformation and promises but never addresses the actual requests and concerns of Ross. For 40 years Ross University endured mediocre air access and deplorable road conditions to and from the Airport. This incompetent administration after 18 years in power, failed miserably.

  46. Pondering
    August 11, 2018

    So what went wrong? Was Ross still disatisfied with the conditions? Did the pm take too long to respond or they figured Dominica is too often affected by our weather patterns?

  47. Jacinta
    August 11, 2018

    Ok, so why people are pointing fingers at him, he tried his best to prepare everything to accommodate them. So as far as u can see and read Ross did not want to stay. ?

  48. Ibo France
    August 11, 2018

    Perusing Mr. Skerrit’s letter to Ms. Waddell, I can reasonably conclude that there was a multiplicity of problems that should have been addressed pre Maria. These included but not limited to difficulties with Air Access to Dominica, the deplorable network of roads, issues of accreditation. Prevarication and procrastination on these three critically important issues precipitated the departure of Ross U from D/ca. This goes to prove that ministers of government personally giving out hurricane relief to curry favor with the electorate, cursing opposition members and hard working civil servants in parliament, do nothing to improve the standard of living. They should focus on the things that truly matter, international airport, new infrastructure, creation of good paying jobs, state of the art hospital and healthcare system among others. An injection of new vigor, energy and hope is needed to resurrect Dominica from the jaws of nothingness.

    August 11, 2018

    I did not know that liat goes to Miami where passengers from the USA and Britain can get to Dominica plus when members of the opposition mention international airport the members on the other side laugh and make a mockery and use words like ”all they can talk about is international airport ”. On the letter to Ross he says the international airport is in negotiations with a company which promises to have it completed in two years . Does the prime minister think that the promises he made about airport like Chinese company then American company and what ever over the years were missed by ROSS ? in fact reading that letter it looks more like I know we failed you and will try to do better please come back we have three new hotels coming we will fix the roads just tell me what you need

    • Channel 1
      August 12, 2018

      @MR DOMINICA – Garcon, same thing I dere wondering. Folks, please check out the first paragraph of Page 3 of “De letter of Skerrit”:

      “LIAT, our regional airline, which provides daily services between the islands in the region, continues to provide same day connections to Dominica from the United Kingdom and the United States via Miami”

      I have read this phrase a few times over and I am somewhat confused. Do I have just reason to be confused? Someone can sort out my confusion here.

      And Skerrit said he has been advised it could take 2 years to build an international airport after contract signing. How comes Skerrit’s international airport going to take nearly the same amount of time as it would take to build……uummmm the Kempinski Hotel? Any construction engineer around?

      Skerrit’s letter is confusing me.

  50. Picard apartment owner
    August 11, 2018

    While you were prepared to meet with Ross officials to discuss plans for reopening, a date was set and you choose to visit Dubai for a seminar to promote the sale of passport. As a loyal supporter of you and the Labour party, i hold you fully accountable for the departure of Ross university and their relocation to Barbados. I benefited directly from Ross university, you have failed me and many people in Portsmouth. You have lost a very loyal supporter. I now support a change.

    • Mickey m
      August 12, 2018

      Only now that you have been directly affected by skerrit gross incompetence he lost your support, before that you supported his destruction of Dominica.

    • Paul Rossnof
      August 12, 2018

      Well, better late then never. We need many more of his supporters to finally wake up in order for us to save our beautiful island from the clutches of these vultures.

  51. Bring brack the parrots
    August 11, 2018

    Maybe he wants a lifetime personal allowance from Ross for his outstanding work supporting Ross over the years and after the hurricane. Never mind, he may already have all those CBI monies, millions stashed away in his overseas bank account probably in Florida.

  52. jackarie
    August 11, 2018

    My boy you can fool some ppl sometimes but you cant fool all the ppl all the time. Ross university made its initial visit to Barbados on MAY 31st which clearly means that your government would have been fully aware before MAY 31st that Ross was considering other options. Now you present this letter dated JULY 9th with all this talk…after the fact that Ross had already decided and most likely already would have notified you that they were opting out of Dominica. Why wasnt this letter presented to Ross long before? Let me guess…the letter is full of bull! I pray for you bro. I have lost confidence in you as a leader.. I was once a full supporter of your administration but quite honestly now I question your leadership and your motives. This is no longer about Dominica but about absolute dominance and power and lately I have been led to believe that your ego has gotten the best of you.

  53. %
    August 11, 2018

    Ignoring the date when this letter was written,RUSM was obviously not impressed with this vague and vacuous letter with no time frame attached to anything. It seriously lacked conviction to RUSM officials,especially the international airport,since Ross has been hearing this egregious LIE for so long.The officisls of Ross must have said when someone has been lying so much,it is difficult to listen to anything he says.
    But this is what the CEO of Ross said: (Quote is not verbatim) “””We have got a government that is biassed be in getting things done”””. This means that Skerrit is slow and lazy, incompetent and listless in getting things do.So are his MISLEADERS.They must have all been engaged in sharing ration and building materials to ingratiate themselves with voters,and not is setting up policies to keep Ross.A gang of clowns and idiots,with Skerrit as Captain.
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go Now

    • Me
      August 12, 2018

      Who said Ross received this letter?

  54. Dj
    August 11, 2018

    Well… It’s a good thing the owners of Ross are not as stupid as Skerrit’s followers to belive this hogwash. They’ve been talking of international airport for years now… Plus that flight from Miami is equivalent to dogs dou dou… We’ve seen that before. Skerrit and his dumb followers don’t realize that power and internet access alone won’t cut it. Ross needs a modern country to operate in. Dominica is like a country stuck in the past. Not even a movie u can go watch here. All we getting are promises of hotels that will never come to fruition unless those visitors come over on a pwi=pwi or raft.

  55. DA Fails
    August 11, 2018

    “There’s been a firestorm of controversy surrounding the decision, announced on August 3, 2018, by Adtalem Global Education, the owners of Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), to permanently relocate from its 40 year-old home in Dominica to the sister CARICOM country of Barbados”

    I wish we had all that controversy and laylay for all the laborats that turn dieaspoorer, running from Dominica like refugee, our population was easily 80,000 strong back in the day now we looking at 30,000… Where everybody go? Is Dumbnicans alone to run? If Ross want to run too let them go in peace shait man. :roll:

  56. Roseau River
    August 11, 2018

    Letter is dated July 9th. How frequently was government providing updates to Ross? Seems to be government would be providing updates to Ross on a monthly basis considering Ross was 20-30% of the GDP of the country. In any case, Ross is now gone..we need to be talking about the action plan for replacing 20-30% of GDP.

  57. August 11, 2018

    Letter or not, the damage is done, Heads need roll NOW

    • JBaptiste
      August 11, 2018

      That you will never see in Dominica whether or not you kill, rape, steal, sweep money(inadvertently), forge birth certificate, sell parrots,sell diplomatic passports, dump relief supplies, write fake letter to Ross and so much more nothing punitive, just business as usual.Just wear red. However if you allow someone to go through customs with crab back even during hunting season you lose your job.

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