Dominica among countries with high rate of migration among tertiary grads

Jamaica has one of the highest rates of migration of persons with tertiary education among Commonwealth countries, according to figures made public yesterday at a conference in Kingston looking at the effects of migration.

Dr Cyrus Rustomjee, director of economic affairs at the Commonwealth Secretariat, told the conference that data from a 2007 study showed that 85 per cent of Jamaicans who have migrated are tertiary graduates. The data also showed high rates from other countries in the region, including Guyana at 89 per cent, Grenada 85 per cent, Trinidad and Tobago 79 per cent, Belize 67 per cent and Dominica 64 per cent.


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  1. Setup
    July 5, 2012

    There are many parents remain hungry, and send their children to school, and then take loans to send them to study, sruggle to pay the loans and yet some of these chidren never returned to thank them, nor help them to pay back this loan. Some don’t even send money to their parents, and onlycome down here when the mother dies.

    There are some that don’t even remember where they used to live.

    We keep saying that Dominica don’t have nothing..ok… How come Haitiand, Spanish, and other foreigners come to Dominica, and open business, even those that used to work as taylors, now own their taylor shop. Have you seen those barber shop, restaurents, beauty parlor. Even drivinf school, and security firm.

    At the Roseau market, the Haitians are always well stoked, and they even buy land and own homes, some even lease land, the same land some of us claim to be useless. Now we have some driving buses, and working as mechanics.

    We have African doctors as we know there is an african doctor with his own hospital… HOW DID HE DO IT? We have spanish doctors hers with their on practice, and big homes, I mean big homes. How come foreigners can make it here and some of us cannot make it here. I passed buy the Goodwill school, and the best looking snackette belongs to haitnans, and now I saw a white woman and her Local man have a bar by the Goowdill school. How come we could not do that.

    We have to sacrifice, and build a futire for our children, because Dominica is full of foreigners, and they are making children, and some have sent for their children, and they are here doing all what we cannot do. Now we locals cannot get a house to rent…WHY? Because those foreigners are always one step ahead of us.

    • CHA
      July 5, 2012

      stepup i would like to know who u are. if u have traveled ?thats a positive comment and all u have said is true

  2. Bella
    July 5, 2012

    wat do u expect when people come back with their degrees and there r no jobs, or persons in high positions squeezing their balls or they go back to the same positions help previously for the same pay! what do u expect when their is not plan, nor record of who is out, what they are studying and when are they due to return? What do u expect when the priority list in the Ministry has no bearing on the current and future needs of the country and is hardly updated? What do u expect when they are not respected upon their return?

  3. Setup
    July 5, 2012

    We always criticize everythin somebody says on this discussion, but how many ofus will think of a way to make a positive contribution to out country.

    As long as I remember people have been migratint to the more developed countries, and always promise to return to help develop Dominica, but alsa it is a MYTH, because when they settle down a,d get comfortavble, some of them forgot their mother, that raised them and spend her las dollar working servant, to get them where they are today.

    Foreigners come from every walk of life, and they contribute to our economy. We all know this for a fact.

    During the summer holidays people sent their children on holidays, and most of them never came back. This has been going on for years.

    Now I se that people are blaming a government for this. We must admit that we want to enjoy what the bigger countries are enjoying, and stop playinging politics. There is no governmen that can stop people from migrating. We all want to get ahead in life, and if this means migrating then we migrate.

  4. Ali
    July 5, 2012

    The opportunities in Dominica and many of the Caribbean Islands are scarse. Amoung many America and Canada afford us the opportunity to go to school with little or no money. I personnaly got a free scholarship from a school in America to go to School in America. After completing my bachelors, it was my choice to either continue or return to Dominica. I choose to continue and now I am gainfully employed in the US and living confortably. Many of my friends in similar situations are doing the same.

    I miss Dominica dearly and would love to return, but I constantly evaluate my options for employment. I love the way of living and the people but how am I suppose to come back to a place where people are stuck in the ways and change is like a plague. Being gone for you long has also broaden my thinking and whenever I am in Dominica I feel like I am in a box. People treat you like you begging even when you spending your money and what not… anyways thats a different topic.
    I think if the government valued their young educated people, they would make it more conducive for us to return. They would not look upon us and critize us when we want to implement change and do somthing to move the country forward…..

  5. Big-Bannan
    July 5, 2012

    I think we need to re-do this survey because I strongly believe our percentage is much higher.

  6. July 5, 2012

    Look we must understand that America, England ,Canada and France has always drained the most important resource of the Caribbean. The educated people by promising them a better life style and giving them Visas.

    • hmm
      July 5, 2012

      It is then in the interest of the country to provide better incentives than giving scholarships just to return to be teachers and police officers. Encourage small business.
      Even while there is a lot of migration and like you stated the invitation to a better life, many fall prey to bad habits and do not all make the best of it. They however, will not return because of the simple fact “no opportunity” for anything-advancement, education.
      We then are faced with the issue of young men and women resorting to what I have referred to as insane- getting married for documents and then being threatened with domestic violence and other criminally involved activities.
      Not saying that there are those who have not been fortunate to have met genuine care- just something for us as Dominicans to think about.
      The main point of every news report we read can be linked directly to each other.

      Just my two cents

  7. dom
    July 4, 2012

    When expats take over I’ll come back till then zoh bon la.

  8. dom
    July 4, 2012

    Why the hell would we stay in Dominica and make 1200 EC a month? I am sorry but ones full potential is not being harnessed in Dominica therefore those who have the ability to move abroad will. Sorry

    • ONLY IN DA
      July 5, 2012

      I support your statement 500%……$1200 can’t pay the mortgage, electric, insurance, cars, clothes etc… & we haven’t even begin to discuss retirement benefits and healthcare……..I love Dominica….I am proud of my heritage always have always will…..I love promoting my country to the people I meet everyday because there are many people who still have no idea where Dominica is located…..however, it baffles me how folks back home survive on these meager salaries….

  9. legit
    July 4, 2012

    Good !! when alu will come together as one to work for a dominica things will change..internet and technology exposing alu badge of honour every day.

  10. CHA
    July 4, 2012

    99.9 % of u dominicans who comment about how dominica should be and how much u would like to return are just hypocrites. u have not learned to be true to yoursels. for most of u the hard working tax payers of dominica have payed for your education because the government have given some of aid to send u to study but u take your service and give to other countrys who have purpose to rape us in the caribbean . u sit back and blame the government and others as your excuse for not serving your country. but stop blaming government .why have we not found ways in which to help develoup our country instead of blaming others. many of us with all our masters go to the us / canada/ europe and other countrys and we have to work 3 and 4 jods sunday to sunday to pay bills ion these countrys.with our masters we clean toilets make hotel beds work as gardeners,bar man waiters kitchen help and more but we try to make people belive that we are so better off than if we were in da.we pay 300euro light bills per month for 2 bulbs a tv and a fridge.we pay water bills of 150 per month for a tap in our kitchen and a pipe in our bathrooms some of us have to take water from wells to flush our toilets so that our bills wont be higher. we pay rents of $600 us for one bed room apts with the kitchen na drawing rooms together. everything we need we must buy. we get old b4 time because of the long hours we have to work. we cant afford to pay hospital bills so we give fals adress and names when we go to the hospitals. for some we cant recive medical care bcause some of the hospitals wont treat u if u cant show money up front. and theres much more i can say. thats the truth that we dont addmit but we critisize da. live da alone for me please live the government and the true patriots of da who have never gone out of da to work but havemade life better for themsels and their familys and help da to be what it is 2d. live da for people like me who are overseas but wont let a year pass without going home and whose heart is realy to see da become a better da and i know that it can only be a better da when u guys will stop critize and place blame on government weather is labour freedom or workers and seek ways to help develoup our country. and remember a country can never never develoup to be what it should be without a proper population and thats what da is lacking .a population . the more people the more business the more business the more work the more work the better the life the more compitition the better prices

    • Anthony P. Ismael
      July 4, 2012

      You made some excellent points. I talk to people who return home after completing speciality training.
      The main issue is not the lack of opportunity, but do you have what it takes to modify your training to fit your environment? Are you skilled enough that you can sell new ideas to people who otherwise deire to maintain the status co? These are the true challenges that returning grads must confront.

    • budman
      July 5, 2012

      and after writing this long sermon we find out that you are also living overseas. so why you not in DA fighting the good fight too? damn hypocrite

      • CHA
        July 5, 2012

        u sure aint worth answering but for your info while u tend to think am overseas;i am in process of completing my home .i am a business owner who has persons employed in my business and i am a proud dominican who knows that we can make it in da.the shame is on u

  11. Anthony P. Ismael
    July 4, 2012

    There is a vast difference between earning a tertiary education and being able to motivate people and help bring them along.
    It is not a fore gone conclusion that employees and subordinates will suddenly see the light and follow your lead because you have graduated from the academy.
    When I earned my present job, I quickly had to learn how to communicate with my coworkers and present ideas as a manger because they are not college educated. Most of my ideas had to be stripped down to bare bones and it took some time and tremendous fights to accompish simple tasks because “Change” is very difficult to impliment.
    Additionally, the majority of jobs in the developed countries still only require a high school diploma for employment, minus speciality fields such as law, medicine, finance, engineering and so on. It is not uncommon to find leaders of industry with a high school diploma or BS Degree in many American corporations, while you hold your Masters and beyond, earning less salary than they do.
    So this glorified response that people are posting is not always the case.

    • Sisserou
      July 5, 2012

      Mr. Ishmael should do his research before writing such nonsense. Very few individuals without a college degree will advance in the corporate world in developed countries. In today’s job market an associate or bachelors degree is absolutely essential to get started or make viable progress in one’s chosen field. Obviously there are exceptions.

  12. Correction
    July 4, 2012

    Who benefits more from the nonimmigrant visas?? It cost me over EC$6k whenever i visit families in the USA, i am not allowed to work so all i do is spend spend spend, so what is in it for me really??

    I will vacation in the ‘MIDDLE EAST’ from now on, spend for spend i will spend in non traditional holiday spots!!!

    Tell America hold their damn visas and shove it where the sun never shines

    • budman
      July 5, 2012

      but yet you still have an American visa and will probably renew it as well. yet another hypocrite among us.

  13. people voice
    July 4, 2012

    I see, when i finish UWI wif a masters degree as a public officer and they sending me back to a post i have been holding for the last 30 years and seeing people dat doh even have 5 o’levels because they can bring beff and bad talk sitting down in big chair like with public service commission what for me to do, stay there? zor bel la, i go US boy, is there i can get to show my skills, i will go… let dem stay with their square pegs in wrong holes, is so they like it

    • Peeping Tom
      July 5, 2012

      People voice, you want us to believe that you can “show” your “skills” in the US with your UWI ” masters degree as a public officer?!” :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      You have a point though when you claim that we have many “square pegs in wrong holes”. I have clamoured against this and i have been a victim of it myself. So, you have indeed highlighted one of the failings of our administrative structures.

      Is this why so many DSC grads left Dominica?

  14. Robin
    July 4, 2012

    For me Dominicans are the primary reason I won’t come to this place. The island it self is wonderful and I wish I was able to work here durin the 80s and 90s. But sadly I was born in the wrong era and now to go back home and work amongst the people in DA now would be suicide or send me to an insane asylum. I dont where this breed of DA people come out but they lack openness, can do attitudes, lack a genuine concern for the development of this country and many sound so ignorant. Actually many are ignorant. I would take a reduction in pay and return to DA if the people were ready for quality change and they stop having bad mind. Oh yeah DA always had religion but these days it seems to be filled with bible thumpers who believe that everything should be left to god to fix. Then all those useless politicians the parasites in ministry just complete seal the deal for me.

  15. natural dominican
    July 4, 2012

    as a tertiary level dominican who migrated i can say; yes; we do migrate because of the scarcity of jobs and the poor insentive provided to create jobs…as for the percentage of us who return it would be a joke to even look at that stat,because not many of us do…we would love to return but with the high prices of necessities,the low level of employment and rumors of VAT increase…i don’t think so…i know many dominicans and everyone of them would love to return to dominica but not under the present circumstances…and if we cannot blame the people we put to make it better tell me where do we point our finger?

    • Correction
      July 4, 2012

      So you prefer work as a gas attendant in the USA??

      We pay alot less tax than those in the USA for sure!!

      • ONLY IN DA
        July 5, 2012

        probably u do pay less taxes in DA than we do in the US, but what benefits do u have? will you be able to afford to retire when u reach the age of 65-67? what about healthcare? the majority of Dominicans do not have medical insurance that’s a fact……Can you afford to pay your own way to go to Barbados, Trinidad, Martinique or the US to seek specialized medical care for you and the members of your family? I don’t work in a gas station and there r some in the US that do & can boast they can…..

    • Reader
      July 5, 2012

      I really must “pooh-pooh” that comment Natural Dominica … utter rubbish. How do we expect the 12 people in Dominica to develop Dominica. As the blogger “CHA” above puts it, we need a proper population for businesses to thrive, for employment rates to decrease, etc. It is not rocket science.

      So many of us talk about wanting to come home but don’t want to work for $1200EC a month, blah, blah, blah. And of course, there those of us that think because we have a degree (regardless of the level) we should automatically be given some huge post. Hell, we resent that people who do not have degrees earn the same as we do notwithstanding that some of them actually knows how to do the job BETTER than us with our degrees (all they are lacking is the opportunity to get said degree). We long to be a big fish in a small pond when we are not even a ballaw. So, here is a suggestion: create your own opportunities. You do not have to wait for government or Digicel to hire you. You have a tertiary education and you are a know it all – so create your own job. But then, that unmasks another problem. So many of us are “book smart” but devoid of what it takes to truly succed. No creativity, no originality, no new ideas. So we stay and push paper and become stepping fetching clerical staff and we make time to come online and we blog and blog (throwing in the occasional jargon to make us look smart).

  16. Morihei Ueshiba
    July 4, 2012

    As long as Rossevelt Skerrit is pm of Dominica importing communism from Cuba & Venezuela people who don’t want to beg will continue to migrate to more friendly Governments. 8-O

    • kakarat
      July 4, 2012

      You forgot China. If we were not to get the level of aid we are getting from these countries, how would we supplement this level of assistance? For me, it is not a Skerritt thing, this has been going on as way back as I can remember. According to Peeping Tom yours was an “orgasmic response.”

    • hmmm
      July 5, 2012

      As long as this party ruling I will develop someone else’s country… They paying me better for my degrees.

  17. Peeping Tom
    July 4, 2012

    Assuming that this is a valid conclusion, based on the quality of the study undertaken, the news may not be so good for Dominica.

    However, before we do what i know many of us will do here….scream that «Skerrit» is killing the country and then rejoice because this study suddenly adds fuel to their cries for the end of the «Skerrit days», consider the following

    1. Many of our College grads leave Dominica, not necessarily because they cannot find or create job opportunities but to further their studies. Even with the explosion of long distance education, many DSC grads still prefer to leave D/ca for studies abroad. So, the term «migration» has to be understood within a certain context, which the linked-article does not describe. Consequently…do not be too rash in your conclusions.

    2. The article does not indicate what percentage of migrants return and at what stage after their studies they do. We therefore, must be careful about linking the 64% figure to emotive claims of “brain drain.”

    3. The article further, does not tell us if the absence of these college grads results in a systemic loss to D/ca. The impact of their absence may have been counterbalanced by government programmes. The absence of one, does not necessarily mean the absence of all and everything.

    4. The article above, unfortunately, says little more than many of our grads leave D/ca for unknown reasons. I do not believe it is solely for work purposes. We have a history of migration; a history of daddy and uncle and pawen “sending for” relatives to join them abroad. My suspicion is that part of that 64% is largely for study purposes.

    So, to hose who love to read bad news about Dominica, do not get excited. Hold back on the orgasmic response.

    • Hola
      July 4, 2012

      Shall we sing joy to the world Peeping Tom is back or hail to the prince of spin welcome back. Peeping Tom did you go on a hiatus or you are simply to tired of lying and conniving?
      After reading what you wrote i strongly advise that you take some more time of wee papa cause it seems like you are still heavily sedated. When you are fully recuperated we will give you the data for Dominican youth who ran to Antigua, St Marteen, Anguilla,St kitts just within the last 7 years. The 64% suspicion value? All i can say is let us pray for the souls of people like Peeping Tom.I am not sure if pray can help guys like Tony , the former priest etc but peeping tom there is a chance. PROF WIKILEAKS seem to have migrated!!!!.
      No hard feelings Peeping Tom just concerned about your state of mind

      • Oh yes
        July 4, 2012

        Don’t forget the BVI and USVI too. And the funny thing is, we MAKE IT out here. We are afforded opportunities we would never get back home. I am one of those statistics: Tertiary Educated Individual living in the Caribbean in close proximity to my homeland, and faring much much better working a legal, good paying job!

      • LawieBawie
        July 4, 2012

        Hold on there!!! I am from Salisbury but I happen to live in Anguilla and work in a gov’t department which has close links with the Department of Statistics. I can therefore reassure you that the few Dominican youths who had initially come to Anguilla have all ran back home or have been sent back home simply because the state of the economy here is now far worse than Dominica has ever seen. If you think that the Labour Party is screwing you guys over, just check out what is happening in Anguilla.

    • Scare it
      July 4, 2012

      Boy that is taking spin and propaganda to a next level. Someone wrote all this crap just to defend a party and one man. Who need a statistician to tell us that the Dominican population has diminished most severely under this crooked administration. Today dominica population is dominated by senior citizens and paros.

    • Lilly
      July 4, 2012

      Dear Peeping Tom:
      I could only sigh when I read your comments. It is clear you can’t place what you read in a broader context. The literature consistently points to the consequences of migration from least (that includes Caribbean countries) to more industrialized countries, so the findings of this study is nothing new but simply supports existing research. Unfortunately, I won’t attempt to go into detail of how problematic and flawed your analysis/points are…it’s too exhausting.

      • Peeping Tom
        July 4, 2012

        Well, dear Lilly, nowhere in my post am i disputing that out migration negatively impacts Caribbean countries. In fact, i have pretty much avoided taking a position in the debate of positive versus negative impacts.

      • Peeping Tom
        July 5, 2012

        Oh, dear Lilly, i forgot to add….for every piece of “research” on the debate of out migration from the least developed countries, there is a counterweight. For example, you speak of “literature.” Well, i also know of literature that prove that remittances by migrants actually do more to help an economy than if those migrants had stayed home. We can look at the socio-economic and environmental impacts of growing populations on diminishing resources, for example, and we would get a better understanding of the issue. So, we should view “literature” with a critical eye rather than digest each piece of information that seems to fit with our conception of an issue.

  18. acer banton
    July 4, 2012

    so most of de 36 percnt that remain slaving by best buy, astaphans and de rest will become drug dealers…
    while roosevelt skerrit and ron green fighting for power, youngs girls making bomb for a dollar.. papa met papa met.

  19. NOTICE
    July 4, 2012

    What else to do victimization everywhere. You have role ambuity in all places especially the Government service. No promotion, putting wrong people for Permanent Secretaries and other people doing all the work – they not moving – no upward mobility for people- so when I leave and go get my degree and get job other places its a problem too

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