Jamaica PM to step down

Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – Bruce Golding yesterday stunned the country and his ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) when he made public his decision to give up his positions as party leader and, following that, prime minister after the JLP’s annual conference in November.

The finality of Golding’s announcement was reinforced by Information Minister Daryl Vaz who, in response to the unanimous rejection of the JLP leader’s decision by the party’s Central Executive, said that Golding was not about to change his mind.


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  1. hard core dominican
    September 26, 2011

    jamaica is not a easy country to rull, I being jamaica and i can say when i pass throw the town and see how those people live, first thing that come in my mind, i dont want to see haiti.

      September 26, 2011

      Nah sah..that a fool fool comment uno a mek ehh.

    • Andy
      September 26, 2011

      Hard Core Dominican you need to focus more on your spelling and grammar. Just which town did you pass through in Jamaica? There are several cities in Jamaica with populations much larger than the population of Dominica and while there are pockets of extreme poverty none remind me of Haiti. I assume that if in fact you went to Jamaica as you profess, the “town’ you are probably referring to would be Kingston. Kingston covers well over 100 square miles with a population of close to 700,000; therefore passing through Kingston does not exactly make you an expert on the city. The urban sprawl continues across the harbour to the cities of Portmore (170, 000) and Spanish Town (166, 000), the latter, unfortunately has become gritty and hard core therefore your pen name might work well for you there. The link below should help you to identify places in the “town’ you visited. The Google search is entitled “Kingston Jamaica skyscraper city”


      • hard core dominican
        September 27, 2011

        sir i travel from kingston to may pen, and all i can tell u jamaican dont have time for god only after money from sunday to sunday. kingston is scary the town of maypen is man i run out of words for that so call town. sorry if u are a jamaican but that my opinion.
        i can tell u more @ the exchang rat with the dollar i sorry for my brother in that country.

  2. + move
    September 26, 2011

    I see Hon. Golding as a states man and man of the highest integrity and noble character. I think anyone who holds any high office whether in church or state and that position is marred by allegations or corruption, misappropriation, nepotism or any situation that brings his or her leadership “into question” should act in a similar manner. I have the deepest respect for men who in the public’s interest and that of their organization would act in a similar fashion if their actions and association are tainted, bringing their reign and office in disrepute. It allows the position to “breathe a breath of fresh air”, whilst at the same time makes way for providing clarity into the alleged misconduct. In this case it speaks well of the man and the party he leads, it is clear that no man is ABOVE THE LAW or INDISPENSABLE and neither does ANY ONE MAN HAVE A MONOPOLY ON GOVERNANCE. Congratulations Hon. GENTLEMAN SIR PM GOLDING and I wish you and your people well. From a professional perspective I always contend that it is “better to resign than to be fired/rejected” especially in the unceremonial that follows unscrupulous deeds ……….

    • + move
      September 26, 2011

      *unceremonial manner that follows……..

  3. Justice and Truth
    September 26, 2011

    Politics is not all. I would not criticize him. The manner in which I view his time in office and resignation as PM, he did what he had to do and for the people. A PM cannot ever please all national residents. Period!
    I do hope that he is healthy. I suppose that he wants to spend the rest of his life doing something else or just plain taking it easy. If this is his decision, consider that life is short and we must spend time doing what we love doing and what which is less stressful. Being in politics is no easy matter specifically in this era. It is also time-consuming and not having personal time to oneself and privacy.
    Politicians are people too and do get fed-up as well. They should be more appreciated. Who can take the consistent and overly criticism and lambasting especially in West Indian politics? It is enough to make a person go insane. One has to be strong to be in politics. This is why I am not vying to be a politician of any sort; not that I am not a strong person.
    Someone told me at the weekend of someone in Toronto who was enthusiastic about politics and of being elected. She wanted to do a lot but there were obstacles. She got disillusioned that she did not run for another term. Hats off to her before she became more frustrated and insane.
    A Toronto politician who was the Leader of his Party, for the first time he got many votes and became the opposition, was obviously elated and hoping one day to become PM, died a few months ago. The Federal election was held in May. He died in July. He was not well but it appeared that he had recovered to the extent of traveling throughout Canada to lobby for himself and his Party, hoping to be elected as PM. This proved too much for him. A few weeks later he held a News Conference and also on TV informing Canadians that he is taking time off to treat another form of cancer which surfaced. He did not look well at all. He said that he will be back in September for the opening of Parliament. I thought “you think so?” Well, it was not meant to be. He was 61 years of age. He did his best for his constituents.
    I have no idea where his soul is. It was apparent that he was “a practicing nothing.” He wrote a letter to Canadians and did not even say “God bless you.” That is what they call politically correct, not mentioning the name of God in politics and to anyone. I pray God had mercy on his soul. So I hope.
    Politics or not, live well, eat well, drink well – nutritious foods/drinks, rest and sleep well. If at all possible, avoid stressful conditions. Live in peace and with others and hopefully we will live long enough, healthily, to a good old ripe retirement age.
    Having stated that, I wish PM Golding all the best in his future endeavors. May God bless him!

      September 26, 2011

      Jstice and Truth, I liked Golding very much. I think he should have been made leader of the JLP in 1997 when the JLP and Seaga was overwhelming beaten by PJ Patterson.

      Not to digress here, but Seaga was born in in Boston,MA to Jamaican parents of Lebanese and Scottish descent. So it seems this dual citizenship stuff has roots from way back.

      I think that Golding became a victim of circumstances, a good man by all accounts and plays fair. But this is politics and I hope he lands firmly on his two feet and continue doing good for JA and West Kingston.

      BTW, I see the CIA Plant (Seaga) all of a sudden talking…wat a mon ehh??

      • 1979 has NO country
        September 27, 2011

        I believe you… once it is politics…you would know…

      • Justice and Truth
        September 28, 2011

        @ WIKILEAKS

        PM Golding looks like a nice man. It shows on his face and in his smile. It is stated the face is the mirror of our heart and reflects what is imbedded in it.
        No matter what I heard or read about him, this is one man I have absolutely nothing bad to say about him. I do think that he conducted himself as PM in an appropriate manner to the best of his ability. I hope he lives long enough to enjoy his life and whatever he undertakes to do.

  4. ...!
    September 26, 2011

    I do wish that a certain PM would take a page out of Golding’s book and do likewise..There are simply too many questions,not enough answers and the whole bag of controversies continues….
    It will be the right thing to do….indeed.
    But alas!…a little birdie is saying to me,that will never happen……

    Prudence my friend,prudence…….

    • Anonymous
      September 26, 2011


      • 1979 has NO country
        September 27, 2011

        SMH you people are something else… if you are reading the comments you will understand that there is nothing admirable about your “god” and his actions or inactions….. and likewise you fall into the same category as your “god”… LMAO… “in your face???” SMH I seriously think some of you get and orgasm when you hear the name RMS.

    • nightanddayvision
      September 26, 2011


  5. Marcel
    September 26, 2011

    Skerrit should take a page from Bruce Golding’s book! Would serve Dominica well.

  6. its time
    September 26, 2011

    Golding knows that his role in the Dudas Coke fiasco is detrimental to his party in the next elections. If he goes up for elections as the leader the party will lose and if he steps down as leader now then that is the only way the party may stand a chance of winning if ever. The people will never forget the fatal situation he put them in. too much blood was shed and too many lives lost.

      September 26, 2011


      August 4th, 2010
      Will Christopher “Dudus” Coke sing?

      William Reed

      By William Reed
      Christopher “Dudus” Coke is a man worth watching. Coke is a Kingston, Jamaica resident who caused a state of emergency and got the leader of the country’s ruling party to put his political career and reputation on the line to keep him out of American courts. The arrest of Christopher Coke was an urban spectacle, and his trial has the potential to revel a lot about American and Jamaican officials’ drug trade dealings. If Coke sings much may be told about Jamaican and American officials’ involvement in illegal activities from the Caribbean to North America to England.

      The case is an example of the “strong arm” of the United States government and its practices in the drug trade. The US justice department had the alleged leader of the notorious Shower Posse gang on a “world’s most dangerous” list, while a former Jamaican national security minister describes him as “probably the country’s most powerful man”. The role and record of “Dudus” is result of alliances between U.S. imperialism and the predominately-Black island’s governing bourgeoisie. Coke gained his mythical status as a linkage between Jamaica’s working class elements and the political ruling class elite that comprises the: Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP).

      Many Jamaicans say that “if Christopher Coke is a criminal, then so are the Jamaican ruling parties and the U.S. government” who introduced drugs and gun violence in poor community districts of Jamaica during the 1970s and 80s. Dudicus Coke’s trial threatens to expose corruption that has been intrinsic to Jamaican politics for decades and bring to light the length to which criminal gangs and both local parties are linked.

      • JA
        September 26, 2011

        Couldn’t have said it better. Well said.

      • Justice and Truth
        September 26, 2011

        @ Wikileaks

        You think you know everything? Are you a spy? This is what the real Wikileaks is – a spy.
        Every one has a different opinion on all matters. Leave U.S. Imperialism and pre-dominantly black-island governing bourgeoisies alone. I wonder if you were in the same position what would you do?
        Anyway, I read that Dudus is awaiting the verdict against him. His lawyer read a letter which stated that he helped many people in the area where he resided; that his mother recently passed away and his 8-year-old son is traumatized due to his arrest and being extradited to the U.S. He also asked for a lesser sentence of 20 years. His lawyer said that this shown the human side of Dudus. This is according to his lawyer and the one who no doubt assisted him to write the letter so that the judge and juries will be compassionate towards him.
        I do not support criminals – drug trafficking. However, in every man/woman there is some good and bad, even you, so-called Wikileaks who are no exception. :lol:
        After people have done what they have done, they should really keep their mouths shut. They should take their licks and grin and bear it.
        Dudus killed many people or ordered people to be killed and to protect his turf.
        They benefited from their illegal activities with the help of others, be it politicians and then turn around and expose those who assisted them. To be fair and just, this is being a traitor.
        If you are a prayerful person pray for Dudus and others who are involved in drug trafficking and who take drugs and also murder people.
        I am doing my utmost to do likewise, all with the help of God who needs our prayers and to aid him (yes! aid him) in the salvation of people through our prayers for them that we, too, might obtain eternal salvation. God wants our help through prayer, penance and sacrifice.
        According to a religious song, “Jesus Christ has no feet, arms and legs on this earth but our own.”
        One day this will be revealed to you as it will, to all of us and more.

      • Be aware
        September 27, 2011

        Certainly, that is the case in several caribbean countries, where Govt. Officials, political parties, engage in all kinds of deals with crooked people, drug dealers, money-launderers, criminal and God knows who. The case of Dudicus COKE in Jamaica reached the high point.

        Please come closer home. Reflect and think of the situation in Dominica. Almost daily some new allegations and irrefutable statements about secret deals, corrupt practices of all sorts by those in authority. Those immoral acts against the Constitution and Laws of the land; those secret engagements with unscrupulous, greedy, selfish, human beings have also put Dominica and the ruling DLP Party in Bad light.

        We are all aware of those issues. Several examples could be cited. But do we learn any lessons from those experiences of the people in other countries? That community in Jamaica was almost totally dependent on “COKE” for their livelihoods. He had money, assets, power influence. He enjoyed the friendships of those in Govt. “COKE” was in charge of several Govt. Projects. He was a faithful contributor to Goldings Labour Party, although Jamaicans knew of his dealings.

        Law enforcement knew about his dealings. He was protected big Time, since he was one of the “Big Boys” 70 + people died. They were protecting their perceived saviour with their lives. They refused to admit his wrongdoings and illegal activities. Those were poor, marginalised Jamaicans who did not care whether they died, but they would defend, protect, even give their lives for “COKE” Dominica, A STITCH in TIME SAVES NINE.

        October 3, 2011

        Admin, I want you to bring back this discussion. I just knew what I was talking about…Please read


      September 27, 2011

      Couldnt have expressed it better.

      He knows that his days are numbered as the people have lost confidence in him, and they have not forgotten/forgiven.

  7. Just asking
    September 26, 2011

    Are you implying the Edo and Ron not smart?

    • Dominican
      September 26, 2011

      It’s interesting who you assumed the person was referring to.

    • malatete
      September 26, 2011

      Ha, Ha….you are a “smart Aleck” or what?
      “Whomsoever fits the cap”, my friend!

  8. Lougaoo Mem
    September 26, 2011

    How much more prudent can such leader be? After taking all into consideration, he made up his mind months ago. I salute you sir! Now it’s time for a more fallible to follow this example, having been in the pits for so long.

  9. malatete
    September 26, 2011

    It’s smart people, who recognize when their time is up!

    • justiceand truth
      September 26, 2011

      Not just smart people but people who are genuinely honest. Way to go Mr. Golding.

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