Sean Douglas appeals to electors to vote UWP

Sean Douglas dancing with Linton and Francis on stage after exposing the UWP T-shirt he was wearing underneath a white shirt

A former Press Secretary in the Roosevelt Skerrit administration, Sean Douglas said he hopes to one day return to the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) but for now he’s throwing his full support behind the United Workers Party (UWP).

Douglas said at the recent presentation of United Workers Party’s (UWP) election candidates, that he will return to the DLP only when the party is purged of its currently elected members.

“I hope one day to return to the DLP but I will only return when there is a purge of the people who have infiltrated and corrupted this party,” said Douglas who’s the nephew of late prime minister Rosie Douglas and cousin of current DLP Portsmouth MP, Ian Douglas. “The labour party of today,” he added,”is not the party of the founding fathers of the labour party. The Dominica labour party today does not represent the ideals of honesty, integrity, decency and good governance.”

Douglas said after 20 years of being in power, the DLP has squandered the opportunity of transforming the country.

“Following the heavy defeat suffered by labour in the 1980 elections it was Mike and Rosie Douglas who kept labour together, it was Rosie and Pero (Pierre Charles) against all odds was able to win the election in 2000.  The death of Prime Minister Pierre Charles in 2004, began a dawn of a new era with appointment of Roosevelt Skerrit as Prime Minister. Despite his relative inexperience I was hopeful that this young, vibrant, photogenic and telegenic man would help our country realize the vision that Rosie had while in opposition,” he said.

He continued, “Sadly, after 20 years in government, it is clear that the Roosevelt Skerrit government has squandered a once in a generation opportunity to transform this country. They had billions of dollars of grand funding, billions of dollars in passport money. He (Skerrit) had the love, adulation and the blind loyalty of thousands of us to do the job of transforming this country; he didn’t. Today we have an economy in the throes of a major economic crisis, a crisis for the most part created by the corrupt and incompetent regime. I say to you Dominicans, please open your eyes. After 20 years in power can you honestly say that this regime deserves another 5 years?”

Douglas urged Dominicans from all parties to vote for the UWP in order to see real change and to save Dominica from its economic situation.

Douglas gained a lot of traction with supporters of the United Workers Party after making remarks which were highly critical of the Skerrit-led DLP administration, during the declaration of the UWP candidates for Petite Savanne and Vieille Case.

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  1. Go Ahead Make My Day
    May 27, 2019

    UWP supporters should not get their hopes up to high. Linton acts, looks and sounds underwhelming. He will be chewed up and spit out by the Big Red Machine on Election Day.

    There is no doubt that Big Blue has several formidable and impressive candidates who would make a valuable public service contribution, if given a chance; however, there is real vulnerability at the top of the ticket.

    I anticipate a slew of dislikes will be generated by this post. I am cool and at peace with that as I always make it a practice of calling it as I see it, even when unpopular.

  2. Joseph John
    May 27, 2019

    the three blind mice. Extreme right wing demonstrator in chief, Child molester in chief and traitor back stabber in chief. The troika leaders of the gang bangers group.
    They have no family loyalty and no patriotism. They will say and do anything to lay their greedy hands on the CBI money. The traitor in chief will sell his own family for revenge on Skerrit. His grudge speech contained nothing but spite. Those haters only have one thing in mind….to turn Dominica into a hateful and violent country. The question is why.

    • viewsexpressed
      May 28, 2019

      Joseph John, you appear to be scared and fearful that this corrupt labour regime will democratically be kicked out of office, due to their failure over 19 years, incompetent, childish behaviour, immature failed Prime Odd) Minister and failed Labour government.. It is a well known fact that this ailing outdated heavy corrupted Labour Government will be gone gone to make way for decency in Politics and good governance for our nation Dominica. Skerrit is a big failure, his Corrupt incompetent Labour government has failed us the people of Dominica. It is time for this failed highly corrupted Labour Government and failed Skerrit to go, as we are fed up with the dirty scheme of things and questionable Bobols over the years. There is no investment going on in our country, it is a tou cho tou flam run here & there with concrete blocks while our people have no jobs created other than Skerrit abusing our poor families he and his corrupt govt has created.
      UWP will clean up Skerrit’s mess. UWP

    • viewsexpressed
      May 28, 2019

      My God, this is hypocritical nonsense response. The failure of this corrupt labour Government and its failed incompetent Odd Minister is hitting hard because they have crippled this Domininca of ours and they seem so rich and clueless of development !9 weird minister and after 19 long wasted years in government have failed us miserable. This is a comical labour party to be laughed at. They are clueless, insensitive, clueless, blind, ignorant to anything of concept of socio-economic development. That failed nonsense Labour government must go. Up her where \i sit, where we sit, we know that this is a very incompetent Flailed Labour Governemnt.
      Skerrit must Go, Corrupt Labour must Go. We welcome incoming Prime Minister, The decent Hon. Lennox Linton and his professional trusted UWP Team.

  3. Down in the Trenches
    May 25, 2019

    Sean my boy, dinnertime in the Douglas household must be a very interesting experience. I would like to be a fly on the wall during what is sure to a pretty contentious time.

    In boxing parlance, the conversation probably goes like this: Left hook to the jaw by the upstart UWP challenger who in turn is rocked by a hard blow to the mid-section by the incumbent Laborite.

    All the best to you in your public service pursuits. Remember blood is always thicker than water and never let politrix put a wedge between you and your family members.

    • viewsexpressed
      May 27, 2019

      Go down to your trenches and be that fly that you are you. It appears you are buzzing so much that you appear to be out of touch of the political reality taking lace in our nature island, being corrupted by the Leader of that failed labour party government. Skerrit must go, he is a failure. Sean smell the sail and he dismissed himself from these failed hooligans so called Labour Party government.
      Skerrit get lost, and please take that Melissa with you. You have damaged our nature isle Dominica and is enough to have Melisa wanting to hang about with you in our states business. You and Melisa better just go, go on , Go away. Go mind all you Funky Business.

    • Joseph John
      May 27, 2019

      This is the not the first time that the UWP has tried its duplicity to divide the Douglas family with its negative type of politics. Sean is being blinded by hatred and revenge. Linton has no love for anyone and is just using him just like he tried to use Ian Douglas before the last election.

  4. Dominican to the bone
    May 24, 2019

    Just my thoughts: Please ask UWP when they were in power what did they do? They left Dominica in a very shape (debt, debt, debt).

    • RealChange
      May 24, 2019

      Dear. If you go back in the history and stop listening to Kairi and DBS you will understand what was done by the UWP…in a mere 4 Years.

      Agriculture – vibrant well organized industry – there was a bona fide farmers data (acreage, tonnage and export per year was recorded). Farmers got duty-free on their vehicles. There were serious extension officers for livestock as well as produce farmers.
      Tourism – Don’t have the figures….but the world heritage site at Emerald Pool was commissioned. The biggest Cruise Ship (Queen Mary docked at the Bayfront)
      Creole Festival was created and implemented two years after taking office. It is still a mainstay in Dominica
      Two functional schools (Still the most resilient schools on island) were built – One in Grand Bay and the Other in Castle Bruce
      We had a vibrant skills training program
      The Werner Road was cut, and built..
      The Petite Savanne Road was cut and built.
      (We are talking about only four years in Office.
      Land was purchased…

      • viewsexpressed
        May 27, 2019

        For sure the UWP delivered, World Creole Festival, agriculture, etc …etc. Etc….Skerrit and his corrupt Labour government have not and will not come close to what the UWP achieved in just 4years. Labour after 20 long years have killed our economy, bought is a very highly incompetent Pm called Skerrit and he also has endless bind loyalists flowing like flies for cash and que up at Financial Centre, as we struggle to pass through to go upstairs to work. Skerrit`s has created a mess as one attempts to pass through to go work, is kept back at the Financial Foyer as Skerrit has encouraged mothers to come receive some cash from this failed Skerrit. This is forgery, voleur and an abuse of states resources. Skerrit, please, just get ost. Go away.

      • Joseph John
        May 27, 2019

        So what happened after that successful report card. They have had almost 20 years in opposition but has only been the voice of violence. Remember you do not have to be in Cabinet to make a positive contribution to your country. Presently they have become a group of gang bangers operating as blackmailers and mobsters. I give them 0 credibility. They know they will lose the next election that is why they are using electoral reform as a movement to scare people into voting for them. Their weapons are fear, shame, guilt, duplicity and straight up lies. They have nothing to offer but talk, talk and more talk.

    • Joseph John
      May 27, 2019

      UWP have not demonstrated that they have any idea of how to make Dominica a better place. That is what DLP is all about….PROGRESS. uwp on the other hand is al about violence and revenge and degrading Dominicans. Just see their response since Maria . M.I.A . They are still missing in action. In fact the were missing in action since Erica and Mathew . That means that they had 3 chances to do good, to showcase their ability to deal with crisis. They were a no show. They still are.

      • viewsexpressed
        May 28, 2019

        You are in denial and yo have said nothing of substance but t crow like a flying fowl in the yard. You will remain in denial that is your prerogative, but our eyes are open and we know that Skerrit and his failed immature crocket labour corrupt government has failed us big time. You can lift failed Skerrit how high you want but he just hit the ground for his corrupted failed leadership and incompetence. Skerrit must Go, he has killed all we had as revenue now our people have to que up for failed Skerrit bobol cash as hundreds wait at the Foyer of the Financial Centre, to receive their handouts, because that same failed Skerrit has not build our Domininca where our people can go to work, pay their taxes etc and not be a boom boom fly beggar at this failed idiotic Skerrit. Skerrit, go away, get lost. We welcome decent, honest professional Hon Lennox Linton and his professional Team

  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    May 24, 2019

    Thank you, patriot Sean. Glad that you displayed the courage to stand up and be counted, so the sacrifices of your ancestors won’t go in can’t for selfish gain but for the county you love. Thanks again, Sean Douglas

    • Joseph John
      May 27, 2019

      So patriot Sean Douglas is the great white hope that will that will lead UWP to victory. What is his tract record besides being fired by Skerrit for acting as a mole, a spy.
      You cannot trust a turncoat family back stabber. You cannot trust gang bangers. You cannot trust UWP. You cannot trust people who go M.I.A. in time of crisis.

  6. Ibo France
    May 24, 2019

    If a man takes flight from his house and tells you that jumbie in there believe him. No decent minded, morally upright persons want to have anything to do with the Skerrit-led DLP government. Only the ignorant, the beggarly, the greedy and the corrupt will gravitate towards this scandalous EXPERIMENT. Dominica, an island blessed with so many natural resources: fruit trees, medicinal plants, arable soil, 365 rivers, year round sunshine, surrounded by tranquil waters with copious amounts of fish, Dominica should be regarded as Heaven on earth. But, alas! Skerrit has managed to turn this gem into the biggest ghetto in the Caribbean. Every day, it’s such sorrow and grieve for the masses. There is nothing to smile about. Hardship is the people’s pillow and pain is their bed. The poor can take no more. Damn it man!

  7. Angel
    May 24, 2019

    Skerrit must goooooooo

  8. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    May 24, 2019

    Very courageous of Sean Douglas to lay out the facts and sad state of the country.. . He should be commended.. I repeat what I have often said you cannot built a country on foundation of exclamations, excuses and lies…

    • Joseph John
      May 27, 2019

      Foundation of explanation of exclamation, excuses and lies…..this fits the modus operandi of the uwp. The biggest lie of all is their excuse that they could not do anything re Maria (Erica and Mathew) because they were not in Cabinet. Many people were out there helping who had no government positions. So you guys with high education and high talk had no excuse. There are several instances of misbehavior and lies but later for them.
      You and Sean Douglas must be related because both of you have no empathy or family love. If my brother…….I would be seeking justice and closure. I would have left no stone unturned. Both of you, with your traitorous attributes have no credibility at all.

  9. TJ
    May 24, 2019

    Sean Douglas you have made my day support. Let all Dominicans put the country first. Let us go UWP.

  10. viewsexpressed
    May 24, 2019

    “Sean Douglas appeals to electors to vote UWP” So true Brother Sean, so true. We know well and understand what has ben happening within the inner circles of this failed corrupt waste of time Labour Party Government. Th DLP has steadfastly reduced our nature isle Domininca to the rubbles, with no jobs, no more agriculture, no account, lack of decency in politics, abuse of states funds, our damn tax payers money for the investment of our children, our elderly, our infrasturure , education etc, but what we see is a number of ole teeth people hoping here there and everywhere abusing our money while it may appears that their pockets and bank accounts must be over flowing with funds. This is a shame a sham and disgusting. This failed odd Minster Skerrit must Go, we really want him out. Please ignore Skerrit and that corrupt failed so called about government. Dan they Must. We therefore welcome Hon. Linton and his reputable professional UWP Team. welcome UP, we await you to take care of DA.

    • I see
      May 25, 2019

      Our infrastructure?😂😂😂 but what infrastructure we had here before ? U must be senile. Every building is labour, ur sot. Just run your mouth

  11. Braindamage
    May 24, 2019

    Skerrit knows that he is not a genuine Labourite.
    A former Young Freedom movement leader in co with his president, another top Freedomite with others in high places..
    The real Labour Party Roots are out there.

    It’s time for Dominicans to teach this Fake Labour Party leader, Roosevelt Skerrit and his cohorts a good lesson at the polls and vote the United Workers Party. Life is too rough in Dominica by this Skerrit goverment.

  12. Rebecca V. Musgrave
    May 23, 2019

    2 Chronicles 7:14


    Not 1 Chronicles 7:14

    Christ died for all
    Salvation gives us total freedom
    Let us Walk like Jesus
    Let us Talk like Jesus
    Let us Love like Jesus
    Jesus said I am the way and Jesus said I am the truth and Jesus said I am the life

  13. Shame!
    May 23, 2019

    June 1st is around the corner. Many people at Soufriere , Scott’s Head, Gallion whose homes had been damaged / destroyed by Maria are yet to receive any assistance to repair their homes. Parl Rep Denise Charles just keep on saying No Money! No Money ! No Money! Yet P.M. Skerrit keep on trying to fool the people in this community telling them they are close to his heart. YOU AREN’T GETTING OUR VOTES ANYMORE.

    • Anonymous
      May 27, 2019

      The labour party broke for true, that 70 million for campaine is just a cheap shot. More reason to vote their political carcass out.

  14. Ibo France
    May 23, 2019

    Here is a man who came out of the bowels of the Labour Party. He knows the present ruling party like the palm of his hands. He has jumped ship because of the abysmal leadership of the most corrupt and inept leader in the Caribbean probably in the world. What is there in Dominica to show for the billions of dollars that have passed through the country’s treasury? It has disappeared in thin air like the EC $ 270 000 000+ PetroCaribe money. He has presided over a relentlessly struggling economy while he and his minions hemorrhage the treasury. People, take the warnings of Sean Douglas seriously; he is an insider. Skerrit’s relentless lies and inadequacies have led to the moral and economic collapse of Dominica. His supporters have claimed that Skerrit is generous, caring and patriotic but the evidence of this is scarce.

  15. Labour King
    May 23, 2019

    As a laborer myself I call on my brothers and sisters of the DLP to reject Roosevelt Skerrit when the bells are rang. In fact I a call on my friends Dr. Daroux, Cassius Darroux, Kelver Darroux, Petter St. Jean, Dr. Colin McIntyre, Johnson Drigo, Ivor Stephenson since he is still parlrep Ian Douglasand Justina Charles to reject Skerrit and resign from his party before he even rings the Bell. Let me also call on the new comers like Edward Registe, Greta Roberts Cozier Frederick, Octavia Alfred, Dr. Irving MCIntyre, Marva Williams and even his wife Melissa (I hope she still is) to reject Skerrit and his money and instead become a hero by helping save Dominica and Chekira Hypolite. I call on Ian Douglas and Joseph Isaac to search their conscience again and please listen to the voice of their conscience and runaway from Roosvelt Skerrit. I call on laborites, Freedomites, uwpites and pappyites to do this for Dominica. Save DA please for our children’s sake!

  16. super
    May 23, 2019

    well sean its great that you got off the red train, you wanted a bigger salary and more breakfast, you scarifice rossie and pierre charles but that great like all back stabers they stay just were they are. The great thing about that you have NO POLITICAL INFLUENCE AT ALL. to show the facts try running for ports mouth like cabral and see the beating you will get.2014 election in bellvue chopin you told them this was the election of all time the turning point and you saw the red train leave uwp down, while you were in the bay front with a blue puff of a smoke crowd the masses were in castle bruce and soon it will be all over for the uwp 19 to labour an 2 to uwp.

  17. x poto labourite
    May 23, 2019

    I have taken your advise Sean, i will be voting workers for the first time.

  18. Dominica First
    May 23, 2019

    My eyes are so red that people asking me what happen to my eyes because they not seeing is labour I labour so. But alas, being labor doesn’t mean we don’t have a brain nou. Fellow laborites, this is not about labor or UWP but about DOMINICA. So people let’s go back 15 years to a week after we buried Piere Charles and let us answer these questions from a pure heart;
    1. Is Dominica better now than how we were when Skerrit became PM?
    2. Did Skerrit meet us selling our bananas or not? If so, when last we exported bananas to the EU?
    3. Did PM meet us with Ross University or not?
    4. Did PM meet Harris Paint or not?
    5. Did Skerrit meet Brezees Mart or not?
    6. Did PM meet DCP or not?
    7. Did PM meet Public works or not
    8. Did PM meet Bello or not?
    9. Did PM meet a strong church or not?
    10. Did PM meet strong village councils that were able to raise funs to build the community or not? If after searching your heart the answer to all the above is yes, then my question is, where are…

  19. Sacwe Sort
    May 23, 2019

    When I look at the current state of Dominica I have to as myself if those people that supporting Skerrit got paid to be blind or if they were born blind. I just cannot understand how people in their right mind be so blind man. How much money would you charge a person that wants to pay you to remove your eyes so you wont see? 5 Million? 10 million? 3 billion? 5 trillion? No amount of money should be able to pay for your eyes because God gave them to you. Sadly, most of you don’t even get $5000 for your stupidity. I can understand people like Burton, Francine, Christian, Mills and others doing what they do because they know they will have a lot of questions to answer. I guess they have no peace and at nights they must be taking sleeping tablets to help them forget how them forget the state of Dominica. Honestly speaking I have more hope in a better future for Haiti and Venezuela than I have for Dominica because we are where we are because of our stupidity and It’s clear we love it so

  20. Lin clown
    May 23, 2019

    ROSE.You cannot be a Dominican ……………………………………..After Hurricane Maria there was no Dominica. Dominica was finished,where were you?Dominica is much better than it was before.Better roads,bigger and better stores,more jobs,more and better houses,more children attending school.Go to Canefield East,got to Jimmit and other places to see massive three and four bedroom houses owned by poor people.3000 plus people working with the NEP more than 1500 work at different jobs such schools,hospital,NGO’s,financial institution.There is no unemployment in Dominica.A large number of foreigners St.Lucians,Grenadians,Trinidadians Jamacians Haitians and others are working In Dominica there is a vehicle to every two people.More money is flowing,there are a lot more Public Service Vehicles than when you left.Only people walking with there eyes closed cannot see what is happening.Only lazy corrupt ,incompetent,UWP TRAITORS say nothing is happening

    • Ibo France
      May 24, 2019

      Dominica was in a huge economic hole Pre Maria. The country’s economy has been rapidly declining for well over a decade. The driver cannot drive. He’s driving the country into inextricable bankruptcy. The man at the apex of government is a congenital idiot, unscrupulous and conniving like a fox. Foxy MUST go! The country needs healing, unity, fairness, a man of wisdom and that man is Linton.

  21. Lin clown
    May 23, 2019

    Sean was crooked by a UWP undercover agent.He was recorded talking about the thousands and thousands of dollars he was making while travelling on government business overseas.He was making false claims.The recording was broadcast live on Q95.That is why the Prime Minister fired the man.Ask the man himself why he was fired.CORRUPTION.

    • Peace
      May 24, 2019

      Ha-ha! And there I thought I was the only person on here who remembered the breakfast man. Politics make strange bedfellows.

  22. J Prosper
    May 23, 2019

    That will not change Portsmouth’s voting decisions. Portsmouth is DLP. Im reading some comments indication that Sean as an insider will change voter minds. Not in Portsmouth. The question is, which is more damaging?. Sean as former Press Secretary of the Skerrit’s administration switching to UWP? or Joseph Issac a UWP parliamentarian jumping ship to DLP? The UWP are celebrating on thin ice. If Cabral Douglas did not change a thing for the UWP in Portsmouth last general election, Sean wont. Mediocre celebration.

  23. Dominica
    May 23, 2019

    Sean has seen the light and board the right ship . UWP will win the next election in Dominica. Lennox Linton will become the next Prime Minister of Dominica.

  24. Bob Denis
    May 23, 2019

    No Sean ! Rosie would have rebuked you for your stance , Rosie taught us the importance of seeking change within . Why not stay neutral, while at the same time creating an impact ? Dominica at this time really don’t need the divisiveness of Negativity . Is the DLP in power to long? SURE , depending on who you asked .

    • Possie
      May 23, 2019

      But Rosie would never agree with the ignorance that is going on with DLP leadership. I know he was close to Skerro and “had his back” but he would agree with Sean.

    • viewsexpressed
      May 24, 2019

      Bob Denis, Sean is a highly professional young man with sound knowledge, respect and obviously professionals’ do have standards that they aim to achieve and share. A role model and his actions are fair, honest and he put Dominica first not himself. The manner in which this corrupt Labour regime is going for the last 20 years is abominable and has reduced our people to begging, squatting, and quing up for handout cash at the Red Clinic within the foyer of the Financial Centre, and guess what, many civil servants like myself report to work with over 100 begging women que to meet this clown Skerrit for a piece of sliver. That is due to poverty, lack of jobs, deception created by failed incompetent, Skerrit. Skerrit knows nothing of development, has failed Dominicans, lacks any form of developmental focus and its Protocal. It is just a fast food, red clinic abusive programme he has deliberately created to promote himself and keep our poor people begging and in poverty that`s thievery.

    • Mark
      May 24, 2019

      Rob Denis
      No one can make an impact with Skeritt as this man believes that he is greater than God.

      Just look how he looks after himself and his family whilst shunning the majority.

      It is highly commendable that Sean has the balls to speak up now. Better late than at the point when we are completely doomed.

      How can you fail to acknowledge the current divisiveness in DA? Have you been to Scotts Head where the homeless are sleeping alfresco whilst our loving PM is building a castle?

      DNO, are you allowed to post a photo of the newly constructed castle of the PM?

      ADMIN: Which castle? We are aware that there is a building going up in Morne Daniel that is meant as the new compound for the Chinese Embassy.

    • viewsexpressed
      May 24, 2019

      Domininca comes first, all the time. Well done Sean Douglas, your Dad and family and friends will applaud and commend you for your stance, its all about saving Dominica, not this corrupt Skerrit`s failed labour government.
      Go fr it. We welcome fully Hon Lennox Linton and UWP Professional Team.

    • time has told
      May 24, 2019

      Because time is wasting and change is needed now. Negativity? The PM spews negativity from his pulpit. Divisiveness? The PM says there is no need for an opposition and they should join the DLP, he would never say DLP should join the opposition in their work. Its not a matter of who is in power too long. It is a matter of being there for that long and under performing. the people are still left wanting and the country is still in a complete mess. My take is that Dominica was so easy to fix back because it was already broken and lacking. Maria just finish what the DLP hasnt done. So yes Sean. Stand for what you believe in regardless of party color. Is this party nonsense that has the country so. Too many fools with voices being given authority to do nonsense in the country. Left to me Lennox might definitely be what we need. No nonsense.

  25. Dominica needs us!
    May 23, 2019

    Why the labourites want to jump on Sean? One would think if they don’t know better, it is Sean who cause ROSS to leave Portsmouth. The Bajans are boasting how well their businesses are doing because of ROSS. Doesnt that hurt the labourites hearts, magwe sa. This disaster of our economy has left so many people unemployed, the apartment buildings owners, bus drivers, the restaurants and snackets owners and employees, the janitors, the cleaners, the cooks, the security officers and the list goes on…, and you telling me people want to tell Sean who to support and where his vote should go. Why dont those people ask for the creation of jobs?

    You don’t have to get anything so no one will boast about how much they cause you to get rich. You have a clear conscience and think of it as a blessing. Sean it is better late than never and I know there are others who are making up their minds and will give their support to the UWP

  26. Jerry
    May 23, 2019

    Fellow citizens

    For me, the most contemptuous action of the Prime minister is that as most Dominicans are trying to recover from Maria, with many not being able to repair or rebuild our PM is building a castle to rival the Taj Mahal and he builds climate resilient plywood houses with outside latrines for our people.

    This man has had 15 years of amassing great wealth, it is time that he goes.

    How could anyone contemplate voting for this man?

    • talesofwoe
      May 24, 2019

      BOOOYYYY AMENNN!!!! meanwhile so many communities are left without proper shelters and health centers. They will say they are now looking at it. But that citadel the man building was being built right after Maria when all the free materials and NH and MMC had just reach. He put himself first. I say the elections will call after the house build, that way if he lose, he will still have the house and the acre of land the farm is on right in front of it.

  27. LaPlaine Observer
    May 23, 2019

    Given this scathing repudiation of the DLP by a former insider like Sean Douglas, let’s hope that other DLP loyalists follow suit, open their blinded eyes and vote country before party. Ask yourself, “For the past 19 years what has this government done to improve the quality of your life.”

  28. John hope
    May 23, 2019

    Its clear whom ever own dno supports uwp. Likee daaaaa.

    ADMIN: The opinion expressed in this article is from Sean Douglas not DNO.

    • Rabbit
      May 23, 2019

      I endorse your comment John Hope but thats no surprise DNO and MAT are the mouth piece for uw pwee

  29. John hope
    May 23, 2019

    Soute la, when uwp had their opportunity to transform d/ca guess what happen they could pay workers. I voted for uwp when they won election and voted against them when they lost. Sean they losing again.

    • Common man
      May 23, 2019

      so hope, you choose to do all that. please allow comrade Sean to do all that to. duuuh.

  30. Dominican Citizen
    May 23, 2019

    The only vision that the Roosevelt Skerrit led has for Dominica is to enrich themselves while impoverishing the masses.

    Many corrupt leaders, impoverish the masses in order to control them. Then they give some of the masses some crumbs while they eat the bread.

    Another 5 years of Roosevelt Sherrit led DLP Government will continue that trend. The economy will continue to stagnate, the infrastructure will continue to crumble, the people will continue to perish and the land which once belonged to us will be controlled by a few, including the Asiatic migrants…

    So continue to vote the DLP to lose your heritage or vote them out and save the land of our birth :wink:

  31. Cat
    May 23, 2019

    This sounds like a man in d ocean without life jacket….remember when u were malpalaying d pm…never bite d hand that feed you…what goes around comes…….

    • Common man
      May 23, 2019

      Cat i suppose the pm hand is all up somewhere because he feeding you. hahaha!

  32. PRO
    May 23, 2019

    First off ……. Throws* .

    Secondly – “Douglas said after 20 years of being in power, the DLP has squandered the opportunity of transforming the country”

    Where’s the lie? this government had 20 years to get …. going … and we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it…..

    my bad, we have a “stadium” – Thanks SKERRO :wink:

  33. Labour King
    May 23, 2019

    Thank you very much Sean for leading the way. Like you I have been Labor all of my life and have no other party but the DLP. Last Election I was even on the DLP campaign stage. But this time around both me, my wife and our four children are voting workers. Dominica is badly in need of change and even more than change Dominica is badly in need of Deliverance and therefore I am calling on all laborites to vote UWP next election. I cannot give my name or constituency at this time because of my previous engagement but people I can tell you I was deeply involved in the DLP camp.

    • viewsexpressed
      May 24, 2019

      So true, so true, same here with families and friends and neighbours. Thanks Sean, Skerrit got to go and we have to put Domininca first. After 20 years this corrupt failed incompetent Labour Governemnt has abused us for years and lies of deception and resulting in development has not taken place in Dominica, let alone in Vielle Case, Portsmouth and Roseau, now he has a clown Baptise talking about resilience and wanting to develop Roseau. Skerrit has no time nor resilience fo this, because he just that failure, incompetent to the bigger picture of development that is why poor people and mothers que up at the Financial Centre where they have been reduced to beggars. Shame on Skerrit, Shame on Tony Astaphan Shame on Parry Bellot, Shame on your blind Skerrit/Labour boom boom flies. The worse government and Prime 9Odd) Minister Domininca has witness. They must Go, Get Out, Get Lost G way, Go to Venezuela and leave to ind ur funky business. We await Hon Linton and professional Team UWP. Yes!

  34. May 23, 2019

    I don’t see any thing concrete that Rosie did for Dominica. That was a man who was always out overseas and returning empty handed. Even the late Pierre Charles was unhappy with Rosie. A lot of trips and nothing to show for it. What vision? Get a life, Sean. Things only started kicking in when Skerrit became Prime Minister. When you put all the past leaders together and what they achieved, Skerrit has done more and continues to do more than all put together. Sean, get a life – the grapes are sour. What vision? Man, give me a break. Lennox is more words than anything else.

    • Agirl
      May 23, 2019

      DS, I agree with you that when Skerrit came in it seemed like DA was destined for greatness. PM Skerrit had the love and support of almost the entire nation behind him. But somewhere along the way, the man lost his way. I mean no industries, no agriculture…have people begging in red clinic even those who can work and should work. Be honest with your self, things are not going right in DA. Roseau looks like a mess. Don’t talk about Portsmouth. Places like Grand Bay who consistently vote for DLP have nothing to show. Nothing!!! Not a factory. Not a company hiring. Nothing to entice foreign investors…ehn yehn.

      • viewsexpressed
        May 24, 2019

        Agirl, “But somewhere along the way, the man lost his way..” Girl, we know that, we saw it after six months, yes 6 months in office. He hang around a gang of worthless dividers, not advisors. he became distractions, because he was a young man about 28 (?) who just came into power as if it was this Soap Opera he is a champion of. The friends and weird deception friends of Skerrit must take the blame and possible person too fo this failed 20yrs that we had to endure under these clowns. They all know wh they are and they will be on their conscious for a while to come. Skerrit, just cannot get into the shoes of ho Linton and his rotten corrupt Labour government also cannot get into the shoes of this professional UWP team.
        Skerrit Go, get lost. Skerrit Go away, you have been this failure and immature Odd Minister. Let us have Team UWP, with a well devoted, honest, highly professional Leader, Hon Lennox Linton. We now need a mature , person in government, welcome Hon Linton, UWP…

    • Rose
      May 23, 2019


      I would be most grateful, if you could list Mr Skerrit’s achievements.

      Are you referring to:
      Ross University which he gave away
      The Agriculture industry which he pulverised
      Harris Paints which defected
      Palmolive which defected
      Colgate which defected
      Our beautiful international airport which he built
      Our youth employment record
      Our impressive GDP
      Our multi industries
      Or is it the immense wealth he has created for his cabal
      Please let us know what he has done.

      Please tell us

      • viewsexpressed
        May 24, 2019

        Rose, Dear Rode, Amen. Well put together for these blind Labour crooks to remember. Unemployment is low and we have no productivity, but these clowns out there waving this Red dirty outdated Flag/ Skerrit has been th biggest joker in government and he must He has failed us.
        Skerrit, this failed clown , Must Go,. Go, get out, get lost. Good Bye

    • J Prosper
      May 23, 2019

      @ ds, I agree with you 100%. And after all the set backs from natural disasters and with the devastating impact from Maria, Skerrit will still be written in Dominica’s political history as her best political leader ever. We have to give credit where its due.

    • viewsexpressed
      May 24, 2019

      What a LOL..LOL “Things only started kicking in when Skerrit became Prime Minister.” What “Things is that? What can of open hypocritical statement is that without anything to substantiate and all you blind clown what to do is protect and defend Skerrit from his damn failure. We know that up here at the Financial Centre. We have the Bin Bool the Fertilizer Bobol, the Passport Bobol and the bool of killing our agriculture where our farmers no more make money. Our rural villagers are ugly and go ask your Skerrit if he lives comfortable and without debt. Our assessment up here at the Financial centre is that Dominica has not grown for twenty years because we have this Soap Opera fiddling in Dominica’s affairs with absolutely no results to show for it. Skerrit is a failure and he must Go. Too much silly talk of something is happening, but with our people, it is the big boys with the Skerrit camp? Is this true of our passports, abuse of states funds etc. Skerrit must go, he has failed…

      • May 24, 2019

        If it were not for Skerrit Dominicans would not have seen test cricket in their life in their own country. If Skerrit had been around in the days of PJ and Leblanc and Mamo, I would have seen Sobers and Khanhai in action at the stadium and even Dennis Lillee and Alan Knott and Lawrence Rowe. I probably would have seen Grayson in action with that beautiful, equine run up of his up to the wicket and that antelope delivery. Viewexpressed – you are nothing but a boom-boom fly.

    • May 27, 2019

      The present Administration is lacking visions they can’t see the field from the trees we need to move forward, look we are going into another hurricane season what is happening there are still people from the last hurricane Maria that haven been looked after as yet, so what is the administration doing and God forbid if we should go thru another bad hurricane who in the outside world will be helping us when what they gave before cant be seem, they gave us to take care of the people what happened so I think you should put a side your political ideas and start thinking about Dominica and the people which is much more important. So if we give UWP a chance and if they cannot do the job we will remove them too and that’s how democracy works Linton have never got a chance to rule so what do you expect him to do and what a you judging him with what standard do you have something for you to think about And do you remember it was the PM who invited him to jump in so give the man a brake.

  35. Roger
    May 23, 2019

    People of Dominica

    Please read and digest Mr Douglas’s commentary as it is the most compelling reason why the current regime must not be given another 5 years.
    Please consider the future of your children and the return to a United Dominica and show this government the contempt which it deserves.

  36. %
    May 23, 2019

    It is clear that lazy Skerrit has devastated the country, and has done that without regret..Skerrit, the 20 year old “buggy” parliamentarian, is still shamelessly begging for another 5years..Oh how wicked is this buggy!!
    Sean is such a good speaker. He had the 20 000 people totally engrossed, with every word he spoke .
    It’s clear that the wicked days of Skerrit’s rule is practically over, and he is clutching at straws. His imbecility shames the country. Imagine a PM addressing a rally found it necessary to refer to people as buggy and bad soup..Hallmark of an accomplished idiot,!! Good job Sean!
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

  37. Neville
    May 23, 2019

    The few good people that are left in the DLP are all defecting. Skerrit is left with the rubble. The DLP is finished!!

  38. I Still Red
    May 23, 2019

    I still Red but this time around I have my mind made and I won’t turn back is uwp I voting. I mean how can I vote for a party that is clearly on a mission to destroy my country? How can I continue to vote for a party that has caused more of our jobs and money to go to Barbados than what stayed in Dominica? You think it’s easy to drive around Picard everyday to see the Ross University Mike and Rosie fight so hard to bring to Portsmouth leave Dominica for Barbados, under a so called DLP administration? All you think it’s easy to see how Skerrit lied to us about the amount of Universities he has coming to replace Ross and instead is Haitians we seeing? When Ross management came here to talk to PM about the future of Ross and what they would like to see, PM saw it more necessary to spend money to buy Joseph Isaac than to meet with Ross. So am I that stupid to help him destroy Da than to vote him out? I am not a uwp and might never be but next election for the sake of Da I voting UWP

  39. Citizen
    May 23, 2019

    I cant get pass the first paragraph. :roll: :roll: :roll:

  40. Concerned
    May 23, 2019

    When sean was part of the corruption, where was his conscience to speak out? Things didnt go well for him, now he speaking. U were condoning it all along Sean.. u didnt get what u wanted?

    • Dominica needs us!
      May 23, 2019

      Well Sean it is a good thing you didn’t get anything count it as a blessing. At least now you have a clear conscience to speak out. Thank you Sean for speaking out. More people need to be empowered to do the same. Those who getting still not better than those who NOT getting. What does that tell us? So many victimisation going on and yet the supporters of the UWP are still getting there, while the others continue to beg.

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