Six Covid-related deaths so far says Dr. Ahmed, all unvaccinated

Dominica has recorded 6 Covid-19 associated deaths since the surge which began in July this year.

According to National Epidemiologist, Dr. Shallaudin Ahmed who made the disclosure during a press briefing on Wednesday night, all 6 individuals were unvaccinated.

The epidemiologist also presented some more information about the island’s 1st Covid-related death which occurred on August 14th, 2021.

According to Dr. Ahmed, the victim was a 46-year-old female with comorbid conditions of diabetes, who had been diagnosed on August 11th, 2021.

He said that first case was peculiar in that the victim did not present any flu-like illness during her admission and most of her stay at the quarantine facility.

He added, “On the day that she died her blood sugar was very high and it was told that she did not adhere to diabetic medication.”

Dr. Ahmed also provided some details about of the 2nd and the 3rd deaths which occurred on August 26th, 2021.

“One of them is a 78-years-old male; he was diabetic and hypertensive. He was unvaccinated and diagnosed on August 15th,” he stated. “The second individual was a 70-year-old male; he was diabetic as well, unvaccinated and diagnosed on August 7th.”

He a PCR test for the 70 year-old was repeated on August 16th before he died, and it was negative.

“Case number 4 died on August 27th 2021. She was 74-years-old.  She was also diabetic and hypertensive. She was unvaccinated and diagnosed on August 20th,” Dr. Ahmed continued, adding that the 5th and oldest Covid-related victim, a 95 year-old hypertensive and unvaccinated woman, died on September 2nd, 2021.

“Our 6th case died on September 5th 2021. He was a 93-year-old, he was diabetic and hypertensive and unvaccinated,” Dr. Ahmed noted..

The 6 deaths which have occurred so far include 3 males and 3 females between the ages of 46 and 95 years with a median age of 76 years.

“Comorbid conditions 1, only diabetic; 2 of them were only hypertensive and 3 were both diabetic and hypertensive,” Dr. Ahmed explained.

The total number of Covid cases for the period of July 28th to September 7th, according to the National Epidemiologist, is about 1965 cases.

“On average, we have had 55 new cases per day for the past week as compared to 66 cases in the previous week,” he said, adding that as of August 7, 2021, the total number of new Covid-19 cases is 68 and total active cases 494.

“Of these 494, 15 are PCR positive cases and 479 are rapid antigen positive cases,” Dr. Ahmed revealed.  “Total recovered cases 1675, total COVID-associated deaths 6 , total number of people tested 56,462, of those, 25,248 PCR tests [completed] and 31, 214 rapid antigen tests completed.

In terms of vaccine coverage, he said 49% of the adult population have taken at least one dose of the vaccine and 44% of the target population is now fully vaccinated.

On Tuesday 7th September, the total number of cases was 33% less than the previous day.

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  1. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    September 12, 2021

    Ahmad, you need to cut the bull!

    You seem to be in denial, and using hyperglycemic; people (diabetes) for the reason these people die from COVID-19; there are diabetics in the same age group all over the world, who contracted the virus, and recovered!

    It would be a much better thing if you would simple shut you mouth; if you do not know, and follow the protocols as decided by the WHO; and American CDC.

    You are no expert, on the disease; the medical establishment in Dominica, does not have any research facilities where you do research on such viruses, which brought you to your conclusions.

    I am a diabetic, and if I was an ignorant person, reading such hogwash might cause me to jump out of my skin!

    Perhaps, if your kind did not exaggerate your and Dominica government success, of keeping the virous out of Dominica; these older people would be alive today. If you all were not talking fart, about antigen; and warn of the real virus.

    And advise masks they would be alive…

  2. The Truth Whole truth
    September 12, 2021

    He added, “On the day that she died her blood sugar was very high and it was told that she did not adhere to diabetic medication.”
    So Dr. Ahmed I quote you above. So how can you say she died of Covid? She probably did not even have her diabetes medication being so far from home. Also she was asymptomatic and she should have been quarantined at her home. Those that they should allow to home quarantine, they do not but some they send home. I am sure she would have adhered the kind of person she was. And also fright too must have killed her.
    So in my opinion she died of diabetic complications and not covid. Retract that. She must have gone into a diabetic coma so is not covid but diabetic!

  3. The Truth Whole truth
    September 10, 2021

    Dr. Ahmed, we need new data and this is the vaccinated who have passed with stroke, blood clots, and heart attacks. There was a most recent one a vaccinated person who passed with PE. Also, the young lady was fully vaccinated. And also the one who had the underlying kidney issues – she was also fully vaccinated.

    Be truthful and let us have the statistics. An also do not just emphasize that it is only unvaccinated persons who have passed for you know this is not the truth, the whole truth. We need the truth. How many more vaccinated will have to die of those PE, Stroke, Clots, etc before we speak the truth. Do not just say the truth (VAERS) adverse effects and deaths after vaccination are conspiracy reports.

    ADMIN: VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is co-managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    • Ibo France
      September 11, 2021

      People have serious doubt believing all the ministries of the present Dominican government and the top civil servants. Why you may ask. They lie about EVERYTHING to fit their script. They would even lie and say the sun rises in the evening if it fits their narrative.

      There is not even a scintilla of doubt that the Ministry of Health withholds relevant information from the public that doesn’t cast a rosy picture of the corrupt and queer ruling regime..

      * Why don’ t the ministry give the unadulterated truth about the vaccination status of all those who die as a consequence of contracting the COVID-19 virus?
      * Why when one contracts the virus and succumbs to it, the medical staff declares that it’s underlying conditions and not the virus. This is so ridiculous. Is like a speeding car hits a man and he dies. Just because he had diabetes and hypertension, those were the cause of death. Ludicrous!

  4. No vac
    September 10, 2021

    How many people did the Aids virus kill globally? Is the aids virus a pandemic? Was there are vaccine available or made for aids patients? How many people die daily from cancer? Is there a vaccine for cancer? Live me alone, tan. There seems to be something mysterious about this Covid business that 99.9 % of the world’s population knows nothing about. Give me $5,000.000.00 and come prick me. Plus another $5,000.000.00 in case of any side effects.

  5. Bwa-Banday
    September 10, 2021

    Can we have the names and village these folks came from?
    Just maybe that will help those in the villages take this thing more seriously.

  6. If we knew better
    September 10, 2021

    Trying to inferr that if they were vaccinated they would have lived. Sure. I know too many people who have gotten it and lived. IF you have underlying health conditions then maybe yes. Otherwise, i not taking that vaccine if dont have to. Nope! All of all you can say what all you want. Call me all kind of name. I do not care! i am not taking that. The job can fire me if they want. Too bad for them.

    • September 10, 2021

      @If I we knew better, the “If” speaks volumes in that post of yours above. You said: “i not taking that vaccine if dont have to” So right here, you are saying that you don’t know if you must take the vaccine, but have chosen not to do so for some foolish reason. Your choice is the reason so many have died, killed by this vicious pandemic.

      Some of them who died spoke with the same sentiment as yours; but when they got infected, they pleaded with the people they were discouraging from taking the vaccine to decide to take it. Unfortunately, it was too late for themselves

      • ????????????????
        September 10, 2021

        elizabethlxavier many also died who were vaccinated with heart attacks, strokes, PE, and adverse effects like paralysis. Even right here. The vaccine for the bird flu was discontinued after 48 persons died. Why not this one where over 6,000 persons have died, many were paralyzed and became sicker after this “jab”. Jab is jumbie too. Why such an urge to have persons worldwide vaccinated? This is the setup for what the bible speaks of the mark of the beast on the forehead or hand and which be required for trading and doing business. One must be aware of the wiles of the evil one. My punch line is ” Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses. Choose this way whom you may serve? Is it man, or is it a vaccine that is questionable?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        September 12, 2021

        Elizabeth, don’t try to convince a Dominican whom has made up their mind about anything; you see our people go to bed at night, where while they are asleep little green and gray men imprint any kind of information that the need you know.

        Many of those people know more about the vaccine than the medical scienttists who are involved in the research of such viruses.

        The fact is these scientist took the vaccine they created in broad daylight on national Television in America so that all could see; and here you have some smart phone people pretending to know more than scientifically trained people.

        The woman nurse from Jamaica who took the first shot of the Modorna vaccine is still alive; I took it and is still alive; I took it the first week they began vaccinating without any side effect!

  7. Lin clown
    September 10, 2021

    Dominicans are very simple people,all those big words,multiplication,addition etc mean nothing.The question is should we or should we not take the vaccine?

    • September 10, 2021

      @Lin clown, who are you asking? The Ministry of Health has advised everyone to take the vaccine, just as the rest of the Nations of the World are doing.

      Wherever we read about the deaths through corvid-19 almost everyone was unvaccinated.

      You are reading that the 6 people who died were unvaccinated, so why that question?

    • Pipo
      September 10, 2021

      Yes we should but that is an individual decision, not to be mandated by the State. We are still a democracy and not a one party state like N.Korea.

  8. Anson Pantz
    September 10, 2021

    Duh. Unvaccinated. How stupid. How religious.

  9. Lin clown
    September 10, 2021

    44% of the targeted population in Dominica is now fully vaccinated.The government should make vaccination MANDATORY.The 44% who are vaccinated should not protect the jobs of the unvaccinated.Fully vaccinated you have a job,if you are not vaccinated you’re FIRED.

    • If we knew better
      September 10, 2021

      First of all my brother. Your medical records are a private matter. IF i have COVID..i go homoe. If i dont, everything else is none of your bloody business. Because i can be fully vaccinated, and STILL GET AND SPREAD COVID!!! YOU IDIOT! All the vaccine MIGHT DO is lessen the effect IF you catch it. But yet you out here spreading more nonsense and misconceptions. I guess it is so your Parl rep explained it to you. so is so alone you can think.

  10. UKDominican
    September 10, 2021

    Yesterday I made an appointment for my annual vaccination for the flue. In the UK this is routine and can be done trough any registered pharmacy at no cost.
    Flue is a viral infection, like Covid and has similar symptoms and also still kills thousands of people every year, if not directly then through pneumonia that develops because of weak immunity. My point is that we must learn to live with Covid, like the flue and that vaccination is a very useful tool to control it. No, it will not eliminate it but surely makes life a hell of a lot more liveable as normal. Take the vaccine people and if you don’t care about yourself do it for others, for those you love.

    • If we knew better
      September 10, 2021

      How long has the flu vaccine been around? How long have u been taking it for? Also, you dont need to take a flu shot. Ive lived in one of the coldest part of the US and i have never had to take any flu shots.

  11. Wakanda Forever
    September 9, 2021

    Please. Stop. Saying things. That appear to cast blame. On COVID patients. Vaccination status is fair to report, but why the “it is said” part? If you are going to cast aspersions in PUBLIC, at least be certain of what you’re saying. Infection can raise blood sugar with or without adherence to medication. And we wonder why so many Dominicans don’t trust or feel respected by the medical establishment?

  12. Ibo France
    September 9, 2021

    All persons in Dominica who die as a consequence of contracting the COVID-19 virus it’s either they were unvaccinated or they had pre-existing medical issues.

    I hope there would be no more deaths caused by the virus. But, if this were to happen tomorrow, the Health authorities would declare that the deceased was unvaccinated or had pre-existing conditions.

    No official.dares to deviate from the script handed to him/her.

    • ?????????????????????
      September 10, 2021

      Ibo France – ….. vaccinated people have died too even here in Dominica – But no one will say those things to prevent persons from having the jab. There are also some who have suffered adverse effects too. I know someone who has suffered two heart attacks after she took the vaccination. They were mild so she is on treatment and checking her blood clot levels. So the health authorities should also give those statistics as well so persons will make informed decisions. The aim is to get as many persons vaccinated so the strategy is to say those who died are unvaccinated. We need to be truthful at all times. Adverse effects should be also part of the exercise.

      • Ibo France
        September 11, 2021

        You are 1 000 000% correct.

    • Watching
      September 10, 2021

      Ibo France do you know that DNO does not post many of my comments?

  13. Channel 1
    September 9, 2021

    So in other words, based on Dominica’s COVID figures as of September 7, 2021, the Case Fatality Rate of COVID in Dominica at this time is as follows:

    6 deaths / 2175 confirmed cases x 100 = 0.28%

    Excluding the 494 active cases, the % of persons who have recovered at the moment (and dem like to claim, most of the cases are among the unvaccinated) is:

    1675 recovered / 2175 confirmed cases x 100 = 77.01%

    Praise the Lord for the workings of the natural immune system he pre-installed in the bodies of unvaccinated people.

    Why doesn’t Dr Ahmed/ the Ministry Health put out a press release hyping up the high COVID recovery rate among the unvaccinated? 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O

    There is a deafening silence re: the high COVID recovery rates and this is making ‘many of us’ INCREASINGLY SUSPICIOUS!!!

    DNO, could you help Doctor Ahmed & the Ministry of Health by releasing an article dedicated solely to highlighting the high COVID recovery rate amongst the unvaccinated. Tenks.

    • If we knew better
      September 10, 2021

      I fully support this. IT seems that many inclusive of your government leaders and even some major employers are strictly pushing for vaccine. As if someone is paying them to do this and they have never ever even considered the other side which has proven to be much more successful. So many cases and so many have recovered naturally. NONE is speaking about this. All they want to do is make sure you inject yourself with this chemical. Fools!

      • Channel 1
        September 10, 2021

        @If we knew better – :wink: :wink: :wink:

        I observe that you are one of the persons who is maintaining a good analytical surveillance on how this COVID & ‘vaccine’ situation is developing & being presented to the masses. Well done.

        A Covid-19 Vaccine Supremacist Agenda is in operation.

        THE TRUTH IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Stay tuned…


    • ????????????????????
      September 10, 2021

      Good observation. All statistics need to be given so persons can see for themselves other aspects like as you mentioned the high covid recovery percentage.

  14. Observer
    September 9, 2021

    Antigen showed positive :?: huh : P.C.R far more conclusive sure negative :?: (all you doh see all you frighten and frustrated those elderly to their untimely death!)

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